Clark Bates
Ryan Rose (2)
Ryan Rose


Falcon Studios Man of the Year 2013

ALIAS: Pierce
SITES: Falcon Studios, Hot House, NakedSword, Raging Stallion Studios, Sean Cody

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BARE: Hookups And Fuckdowns, Scene 2 Featuring Draven Navarro and Ryan Rose

BARE: Hookups And Fuckdowns, Scene 2

Featuring Draven Navarro and Ryan Rose
NakedSword Originals

November 28, 2019

"Bound and blindfolded, muscle-stud Draven Navarro is led to an isolated area in the desert by 6’ 3” former Marine, Ryan Rose. Once there, Ryan pins down Draven and rips his shorts just enough to get access to his hole. Using spit as lube, Ryan shoves his fat, raw cock deep into a panting and moaning Draven. After brutally drilling his bare cock hard into Draven’s ass, Ryan stands up to feed Draven his big dick. Desperate to please, Draven submits to the all-out reaming of his throat that Ryan is doling out. After a rough and relentless face-fuck, Ryan takes positions once more on top of his sub to pound his hole bareback until he pulls out and dumps his load all over Draven’s sore ass. Making sure Draven knows who is boss, Ryan shoves his cock back into Draven’s ass before leaving Draven stranded in the desert. Instructed by Ryan not to leave until he cums, Draven uses his bound hands to start stroking his hard cock alone in the dirt. Draven struggles to release his hands from the rope but finally accomplishes it and strokes his dick until thick ropes cover his rock-hard abs. Naked and alone in the middle of nowhere, Draven gathers himself and sets off to find his way home."



















NakedSword The Last Rose, Episode 4: The Last Rose Featuring Alam Wernik and Ryan Rose


The Last Rose, Episode 4: The Last Rose

Featuring Falcon Exclusives Ryan Rose and Alam Wernik
NakedSword Originals

October 31, 2018

"After months of stalking, traveling thousands of miles, and taking hundreds of secret photos, Ryan Rose follows a trail of roses to the apartment of his internet obsession Alam Wernik. He walks around the empty room, smelling Alam’s underwear, his anticipation growing like the rock hard cock in his pants. Alam sneaks up behind Ryan, strips him naked, and their lips meet. Ryan can’t get enough of Alam’s huge brown eyes, chiseled hairless muscles, and giant, round bubble-butt. He spreads Alam’s cheeks and dives in tongue first, prepping him for the ass-pounding to come. Alam is equally in love with Ryan’s Hollywood good looks, perfect body and fat curved cock. Alam sucks Ryan deep but it’s clear that is not the hole he wants filled. Ryan flips Alam over and fucks him hard until they end up in a wild reverse cowboy. The rigorous and athletic fuck-fest leaves both men drained and Alam passes out on the bed. Now that his infatuation has been satisfied Ryan is left alone to wonder what’s next? Could Alam truly have been The Last Rose?"









NakedSword The Last Rose, Episode 3: The Rose Is Key Featuring Andrei Karenin, Joaquin Arrenas, Jon Kael, and Ryan Rose

The Last Rose, Episode 3: The Rose Is Key

Featuring Andrei Karenin, Joaquin Arrenas, Jon Kael, and Ryan Rose
NakedSword Originals

October 24, 2018

"Hot on Alam Wernik’s trail, Ryan Rose follows the young blond as he meets up with some of his hot Euro fuck buddies, Andrei Karenin, Joaquin Arrenis, and Jon Kael (BelAmi). Ryan follows the Czech ‘white rabbits', shooting more photos as they dodge into a historic cemetery, running wild through the ancient burial ground. Distracted by the chase, Ryan hits his head, knocking him out cold. When he finally comes to, Ryan thinks he may be dreaming; there are three naked men standing over him, shaking their giant cocks in his face. Ryan opens his mouth and sucks on a nearby pair of low-hangars and sure enough - he’s in middle of a euro gang bang! Andrei, Joaquin, and Jon line up on all fours in the 360 degree glass room with their asses in the air and Ryan feasts on each pretty pink hole. A cock-sucking train, rock hard cocks and hungry bottoms assure that no hole goes unfilled. When the last drop of cum is shot in the air or swallowed deep, Ryan notices a rose resting on a side table. Next to the rose is a key and under the key is a note addressed to Ryan that reads “You know where to find me.” Signed Alam."










MXXX: The Hardest Ride, Scene 2

Featuring Pheonix Fellington and Ryan Rose
NakedSword Originals

June 28, 2017

"MXXX: The Hardest Ride, Scene 2: "Layin'It Down" Away from the pack Pheonix Fellington confides to Brent Corrigan that Brent and Tom’s uncle JJ gives him the creeps and he thinks Ryan Rose is a spoiled pretty boy who gets everything handed to him on a silver platter. Brent defends uncle JJ but agrees 100% about Ryan. They head back to the gang where Ryan Challenges Pheonix to a race, cockily offering him the good bike. Mid-race Pheonix dumps Ryan's bike, pissing off Ryan who obviously cares more about his $10,000 bike then his teammate. The argument heats up until Pheonix calls out Ryan for being a punk bitch and Ryan moves in. He grabs Pheonix and shoves his tongue down his throat, followed by this big hard dick. Pheonix crawls up on a picnic table and and opens his big juicy ass for Ryan’s hot mouth and raging boner. The 10K grudge fuck goes on until Ryan cums all over Pheonix’s twitching hole. Looks like Ryan really does get everything he wants."

WATCH MXXX: The Hardest Ride, Scene 2 Featuring Pheonix Fellington and Ryan Rose























Kiss And Tel Aviv: "Cock By The Ocean"

Starring Kayden Gray and Ryan Rose
NakedSword Originals

May 16, 2017

"Glorious clear blue skies and crashing waves are the perfect backdrops for Ryan Rose and Kayden Gray who decide that this Tel Aviv beach is clothing optional. After briefly sunning themselves they start to explore and find the perfect place out on the rocks to deep-throat each other’s cocks. Kayden bends Ryan over to eat his ass then slams his cock inside and pounds him hard. Ryan pushed Kayden back into the surf so he can ride his cock until he cums. Ready to bust, Kayden stands up and jerks off, shooting his load into the Mediterranean."

WATCH Kiss And Tel Aviv, Scene 1: "Cock By The Ocean" Starring Kayden Gray and Ryan Rose

NSV051_sc1_RyanRose_KaydenGray_1 NSV051_sc1_RyanRose_KaydenGray_AffilV_2

NSV051_sc1_RyanRose_KaydenGray_5 NSV051_sc1_RyanRose_KaydenGray_6











Fuck You I'm Infamous, Scene 1

Featuring Draven Torres and Ryan Rose
NakedSword Originals

June 1, 2016

"Handsome blue-eyed Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose is no stranger to controversy. He loves hard and he parties hard which proved to be a dangerous combination when his volatile relationship with another porn star did not end well. Since that time he's learned his lesson and his infamy currently stems from his Twitter wars, party-boy antics, and over-the-top Amazon wish list. We've paired him with sexy fetish star Draven Torres who takes pride in his bad-boy reputation as one of the filthiest pups on the circuit. Draven immediately bows down before his master and licks Ryan's boots. Ryan feeds Draven his rock-hard bone then rolls him over to get a taste of his ass. The two bad boys fuck like dogs until they both shoot hot loads proving that there's no rest for the wicked!"



















American Lovers in Prague

American Lovers in Prague Scene 4

Featuring Christian Lundgren and Ryan Rose

November 11, 2018

"This is the finale of our quartet of American Lovers scenes this season, and there could not be a better way to go out than with our own Christian Lundgren and NakedSword's Ryan Rose. While our American Lovers here may not have been everyone's cup of tea, there is no denying that Ryan is one hell of a top and the perfect scene partner for someone like Christian, who loves to get fucked. We start the scene with Christian showing Ryan some of his favorite places in Prague before we head back to the bedroom and Christian gets to experience his very first American Lover."

Lundgren_Rose (4)

Lundgren_Rose (5)

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Lundgren_Rose (32)

Oily Buddy

Featuring Diego Sans and Ryan Rose
Drill My Hole at

December 26, 2020

"Dr. Ryan is using some of his healing oils on himself, lubing up his hands and stroking his cock, when his patient Diego Sans arrives for his therapy appointment. The "Magic Lube" treatment last week helped Diego a lot, so he wants to do it again. Diego quickly undresses as Ryan selects just the right oil, then gently anoints Diego's chest, abs, and thighs, before pulling off his briefs to oil up his cock, back, and ass. Diego also experiences therapeutic benefits from spreading oil all over the Doc's muscular body before the guys 69. Diego finds his confidence as he fucks the sexy doctor superman and piledriver, enjoying the slippery sensations, then penetrates him mish till he pulls out and cums!"

WATCH Oily Buddy Featuring Diego Sans and Ryan Rose on MALE ACCESS

Oily Buddy Featuring Diego Sans and Ryan Rose
William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback

June 2, 2012

William (Cooper Reed) and Pierce were comparing the same "USMC" tattoo that they both had on their right triceps.

Of course, Pierce's was bigger.

"How much do you weigh now?" I asked. Every time I see him he has more muscle.

"206," he replied.

"And how about you?" I asked William.

"About 145," he said.

Wow, that's a weight difference of over 60 pounds!

But William was going to show that he was in charge: "I just made sergeant," he said proudly. "I just got my certificate in the mail."

"So you can pull rank on him?"

We weren't sure so we asked Pierce. When he found out that William was a sergeant he said, shyly, "corporal."

William had a huge smile on his face. But I don't think the rank mattered to Pierce, who has confessed that he is becoming more and more of a power bottom! He had his ass up the air without having to be told!

William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback William & Pierce: Bareback

William & Pierce: Bareback
Sean Cody Pierce, Liev & Jamie: Bareback

Pierce, Liev & Jamie: Bareback

January 10, 2012

"I am really excited about this!"

Jamie had never fucked bareback before, and he was ready. He was open to doing all kinds of stuff, but he did have one particular request...

"I want to be in the middle of a fuck sandwich!" he said.

Liev laughed. He was a little bit nervous.

Jamie and Pierce had him on the sofa face down. They were going to give him a back rub to loosen him up.

Before I knew it, though, Pierce was on his back and Jamie and Liev were all over his cock and balls, working them aggressively.

You could tell that Pierce was ready. Jamie started teasing his hole with his cock and then just stuck in right in. Pierce loved it!

Jamie started pounding him and Pierce's legs were straight up in the air. Pierce was going down on Liev's cock and Liev was sucking Pierce's toes! There was something for everyone.

These guys were all over each other! There was a lot of hot fucking going on, with lots of laughing and sweating... I especially liked it when Pierce and Liev took turns fucking Jamie!

And as for the fuck sandwich, Jamie got his wish!"

Sean Cody Brandon & Pierce

Brandon & Pierce Unwrapped

December 25, 2011

"Fuck, he's perfect!"

Brandon was off doing something else (probably eating something) and I was keeping Pierce company.

They'd had a chance to get to know each other and Pierce was definitely impressed with Brandon.

"I know," I agreed. "Quite the body, huh?"

So hot ex-Marine Pierce was going to get fucked by muscle stud Brandon. Pierce was excited about that... but there was also another reason he was excited.

They weren't going to use condoms.

This was something totally new for us. But both of our guys had been through a strict testing protocol.

So we were all excited... and when Brandon's naked cock went into Pierce's hole, we agreed it was the hottest thing we've ever seen!

Brandon really came out of his shell and gave it to Pierce. There was a real intensity that ended with Brandon spraying a big load all over the place... and then going back in for a few more thrusts!

"It was awesome," Pierce said afterward. "There was no friction at all... I could really feel him inside me!"

Sean Cody Pierce


December 19, 2011

"Pierce recently got out of the Marines. He had done his four year stint and decided it was time for something new.

"It was the best and worst time of my life," he said.

"Did people know you were gay when you were in there?"

"A couple did, yes," he said.

He had already told us he is gay... bisexual, actually. He said he is still seeing girls here and there, but...

"More guys than girls, probably," he confessed.

"What do you like more about guys than girls?"

"They're easy to read," he said. "Easy to please. We think on the same level."

He knows what he wants!

We had him soap up in the shower and he told us about his gym locker room fantasy — meeting a hot guy in the shower and getting 'rough!'"

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