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ALIAS: Lukas Festa
SITES: MuscleGallery, William Higgins


Lukas Osladil (2)

Miami, 2010

"Lukas Osladil was the Overall IFBB European Champion in 2005. Hailing from the Czech Republic, Lukas is 5'9" and competes at a contest weight of 200 pounds. Our first shoot in 2008 with Lukas was in the Canary Islands on Tenerife; in late winter 2010 we shot Lukas as one of our very first models in our new Miami studios. Lukas is now a top Elite IFBB Amateur Competitor, currently working as a personal trainer in Prague."


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Lukas Festa

May 23, 2004

"Hopefully you know by now, but if not I'll repeat it: Two weeks ago Saturday our own Lukas Festa won the Czech National Bodybuilding Competition, beating out all comers. He is now 'Mr. Czech Republic.' We're all so proud of Lukas who can been regularly on Prague Buddies and Flirt for Free. About a week before the contest, while his body was at its very best condition for the contest, we talked Lukas into doing a shoot for us. We're very happy we were able to memorialize Lukas body in its prime shape.

Lukas has been working with us for a very long time. He did a couple of shoots with his brother Carlo. We were able to shoot Lukas just a couple of times before he was drafted. Then it was nearly a year before we could work with him again. Alas, Lukas was in the Army when we filmed Carlo and Friends. Lukas is a very loyal and popular model. We're proud he's on our team."





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Lukas Festa and Zdeno Reif

October 3, 2004

Model Name: Lukas Festa (age 23)
Home City: ---
Height: 173cm / 5'8"
Weight: 82kg / 182lbs
Foot Size: 8
Penis Size: 17cm / 6.7"

Model Name: Zdeno Reif (age 20)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Home City: Prague
Height: 186cm / 6'1"
Weight: 86kg / 191lbs
Foot Size: 45
Penis Size: 18cm / 7.1"
Student of: -
Hobbies: Cars, Sex
Favorite Sports: All
Active Sports: Fitness
Visited Countries: Europe
Want To Visit Countries: USA
Life-Dream: Visit L.A.

"Zdeno and Lukas look just great together, and it certainly seems as though they enjoyed the shoot. William has often commented how easy it is to work with Zdeno as he doesn’t need much direction, being a natural in front of the camera. I think it was like that on this shoot too. The guys appear to be very comfortable with each other, I particularly like the big smile on Lukas’ face as he accommodates Zdeno’s ample qualification. It is certainly a pleasure to see them both together, two hot bodies and two great pop shots. I hope that Zdeno is soon back to full fitness and ready for some more work. Lukas did a photoshoot right about the time he won the Czech championship so that is available to view for anyone who missed it."

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CONTEST HISTORY 2020 Europa Pro Championships Men's Bodybuilding (2nd)


2019 IFBB Yamamoto Cup Pro Men's Bodybuilding (3rd)


2019 IFBB Mr. Olympia Men's Open Bodybuilding (8th) 2019 IFBB Portugal Pro IFBB Pro Bodybuilding (2nd)


2019 IFBB Tampa Pro IFBB Pro Men's Bodybuilding (4th)


2018 IFBB Vancouver Pro Men's Bodybuilding (1st Place)


2019 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Men's Bodybuilding (4th)


2019 IFBB Vancouver Pro Men's Bodybuilding (3rd)