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ALIASES: Amador, Jacob Biendino, Jacob Jake, Jacob Lucha
SITES: Badpuppy, Chaosmen, College Boy Physicals, Drill My Hole, Extra Big Dicks, Pride Studios, Straight Rent Boys

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Amador: Solo

October 27, 2015

"Amador is another hot Cuban dude!

He came to the U.S. when he was about 11 and still has a very thick (and sexy) Cuban accent.

That's not the only thing thick on him. He has an 8.5 to 9 inch uncut cock, that takes him no time in getting hard. Ok so maybe he is longer than thicker, but would you say "No" to his amazing meat?

He has a couple of black belts in jiu-jitsu and other martial arts. Not only does he hit the gym, but he hits the fighting ring as well. He has a few cuts on his knuckles from a recent fight. He also got in a motorcycle accident, damaging the other hand, and we had to wait a month for him to recover. This also allowed for us to get some nice bush on him. Yep he was shaved bald when I first got his photos.

With his fighting prowess, he may sound like wild child, But Amador is actually VERY quiet. He readily admits he doesn't is not much of a talker. He always looks very serious, and that goes with his personality. Though, we did get some nice photos of him smiling.

Amador has a girlfriend who knows what he is doing, though he himself is not so sure he can get it on with a guy.

We sure will try next week, but for now, this is a rock solid solo, and since he is so turned on, we get to see his hard boomerang flopping and waving around for us!"

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Jacob Biendino and Dr Jizzerman

August 9, 2012

"The good old Doctor Dick referred Jacob to me, Dr Jizzerman (Cameron Kincade). Jacob needed to come in for another endurance test, which I was all too happy to administer to Jacob. I went through the usual routine with this stud. I checked his senses, reflexes, and checked his heart. Now I was ready to get down to the fun stuff. I had him remove the rest of his clothing while I watched. My dick began to twitch in my pants as I fought to contain my growing erection. I told him it was now time to begin the endurance test so I had him lay on the examination table while I started to work his dick with my hands. I had him quivering on the table and within minutes I had him shooting in my hands. I brought my mouth to his cock and licked his dick clean. I looked him in the eyes and told him he had to repay the favor. I took his place on the exam table and he began to jerk me off and switched off between that and taking my dick into his mouth. He really knew how to suck some mean dick. My body was tingling as he formed a suction around my cock with his lips and slid his tongue on the under side of my cock head. I told him I was close so he started to give me a handjob and I came one stress-relieving load."












Jacob Biendino and Dr Jizzerman

April 5, 2012

"I, Dr Jizzerman (Cameron Kincade), was so happy to finally be able to close up shop and get home for some badly needed R&R. My hopes shattered immediately when I heard the clinic door open. A muscular wrestler by the name of Jacob had walked in asking for a badly needed last minute physical requested by his coach. How could I say no to the kid, anyway I guess my me time would have to wait. I began the physical testing out his heart and his glands then had him removed the top portion of his singlet while I had him weighed. This guy was built with an amazing chest and nipples I could tease for days. I had him get off the scale and then asked him to remove his entire singlet so I could check for hernias. He had a beautiful uncut cock and a cute little ass. I was actually pretty happy I had decided to take in this last minute patient. I had him get on the exam table while I examined his cock. Barely touching him he began to fire off a hot white load all over himself, personally I was in heaven as I kept reassuring the embarrassed, flushed, apologetic Jacob that that sort of thing happened all the time. I took that opportunity to bring my face down to his crotch to lick off the fresh warm cum while a shocked but yet extremely turned on Jacob moaned and just went with it. I began to undress and switched spots with the young wrestler as he began to service my cock. This kid was not only a wrestling star but one hell of a cocksucker too. He brought me to a pretty awesome and badly needed climax but I wasn't through with this guy yet. I checked his heart beat once more and then began to worship his cock with my mouth. Sucking nice and hard while licking the underside of his foreskin, it was too much for Jacob to take and he began shooting another intense load which I was all to happy to clean up. I gave him my thumbs up and asked him to come back for a potentially exciting experiment I had in mind for the sexy geyser."













The Rosetta Bone

Featuring Jacob Lucha and Kyle Quinn
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

April 18, 2012

"This week we have a blast from the past as we welcome back Kyle Quinn. It's been a while since we've see Kyle who is now 27, originally from Washington D.C. and is keeping busy helping out with the family business. Making his debut this week is a hot Hispano from the Pearl of the Caribbean, Cuba that goes by the name of Jacob Lucha. Jacob is 18 and obviously packin' which is why he's here. We asked these studs to tell us of all the places they've been which their favorite city would be. Exotic Fiji is Kyle's answer while Jacob, who may not necessarily be a 'friend of Dorothy', knows there's no place like home. Miami is the only place this hung, uncut hottie wants to be. Both of these studs started exploring their sexuality in middle school; and while both broke the ice with girls their age only one stuck to that dietary menu. 'Some' men can not live on fish alone. (evil grin) So to wrap things up we asked these studs to tell us what the biggest dick they'd ever seen was. Kyle saw one that was 10' long. He would've taken it too if only his hole was more accommodating. For Jacob, it would have to be his own dick. He's not being cocky, it's just, being straight; he doesn't make checking out other guys' junk a habit.

Kyle and Jacob are hangin' out when Kyle asks Jacob where his accent is from. Jacob tells him he's Cuban. Kyle admits he's a sucker for a foreign accent and wonders if girls respond to it as well. Jacob assures him they do with a smile. Kyle then turns up the heat when he coyly asks Jacob how do you say 'Put your dick in my mouth' in Spanish. Jacob stands up and decides to just show him instead as he hauls out his growing uncut cock. Kyle swallows it to the hilt as he nurses on it. Jacob's cock arches south and it easily glides down Kyle's willing throat as he starts to fuck it. Kyle licks at Jacob's smooth balls before going back to worshiping that Cuban 'pingon'. He strips Jacob as he asks him how to say blowjob in Spanish. 'Mamar pinga' Jacob replies as he grins and then straddles Kyle's face as he slides his dick down his throat for more. As Jacob fucks that mouth we get our first glimpse at that str8 boy ass as it humps away into Kyle's mouth. Kyle can't get enough of that uncut dick and he's nursing on every inch. Kyle then gets up and lets Jacob return the favor. Jacob slides Kyle's thick cock into his mouth and does his best but soon realizes he's better at eating ass than he is at sucking cock.

Kyle moans as he gets Jacob's tongue shoved up his tight hole making him squirm with anticipation. Something about Island men and eating ass, they just can't get enough of it. He eats that ass like a pro making Kyle so horny for dick he's practically begging for it. Kyle slides a rubber on Jacob's dick and sits right down on it. That wet hole is overdue as it takes every inch. He starts to ride on that cock as Jacob helps bounce him on his hard cock. Jacob lays back and just watches Kyle who is caught up in the ecstasy he's feeling taking that big Cuban dick. He then changes position by turning around while still sitting on that dick so that he's in a reverse cowgirl. Jacob starts to pound that ass hard in this position as Kyle leans back and takes it. Jacob then wants more control of that ass as he bends Kyle over against the wall and shoves that meat back inside. Jacob's smooth balls slap away at that hungry ass as he fucks him harder and deeper. That Cuban dick sends Kyle over the edge as Jacob pulls out so Kyle can lay back and bust all over himself. Jacob then kneels over Kyle's head as Kyle sucks his cock until Jacob shoots that fat load all over Kyle's face."













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