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Consulting Cock Part 2

Featuring Andy Star and Diego Lauzen
The Gay Office at

October 9, 2017

"Diego Lauzen takes what he’s learned from Theo and entices Andy Star to be the next participant in these not so private office meetings. Diego takes Andy’s tight behind, as Theo is trying to figure out why Andy is falling behind."

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19 25














Consulting Cock Part 1

Featuring Diego Lauzen and Theo Ford
The Gay Office at

October 2, 2017

"Theo Ford takes office management to the next level when he starts a chain of command beginning with Diego Lauzen’s hole. Their leadership leads the other muscled men in the office to service each other to a sweaty semen explosion."

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Room in Madrid Part 2

Featuring Diego Lauzen and Gabriel Cross
Men of UK at

October 20, 2015

"Gabriel Cross takes every inch of Diego Lauzen’s rock hard cock, getting pounded balls deep until the two bust their hot loads."

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Going Down Part 2

Featuring Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria
The Gay Office at

January 15, 2014

"Going Down part 2 is the latest scene from MEN.COM's "The Gay Office" subsite. Real life boyfriends Diego Lauzen & Wagner Vittoria fuck in the office where Diego fucked Leo Domenico in Part 1 of the series!"

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Going Down Part 1

Featuring Diego Lauzen and Leo Domenico
The Gay Office at

January 3, 2014

"Diego Lauzen has the good fortune of getting stuck in an elevator with the (very hot!) man who can hire him for the job he's applying for. Leo Domenico gets his ass serviced by Diego's hot mouth and big dick!"

GoingDownTGO03 GoingDownTGO04

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GoingDownTGO01 GoingDownTGO02










Flex, Diego and Wagner

Flex, Diego and Wagner

October 2, 2014

Comments from Timtales:

"Today we have an erotic highlight for you. We spent one of our most wonderful afternoons this year with Flex and Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria on a terrace above the rooftops of Barcelona. We drank Champagne, the boys had fun and well, i (Grobes) shot some Videos and Photos, but believe me that was fun too! When i edited this video i could not get enough watching the three divine hunks even when they were just kissing in the jacuzzi. And watch out for the double penetration of Flex later on the bed. There is more to come from this afternoon, but for now please enjoy this amazing first video."

Flex, Diego and Wagner

Flex, Diego and Wagner

Flex, Diego and Wagner

Flex, Diego and Wagner

Rogan Richards fucks Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria

November 14, 2013

Comments from Timtales:

"If you like big muscle guys than this video will fullfill all of your dreams, as we bring you not one or two, we give you 3 big hot muscleguys fucking like crazy in our newest sweaty and hot episode.

Pornstar Rogan Richards from Australia was in town and wanted to play with some other musclehunks so we got him Diego & Wagner Vittoria and as you can see in the video, this was the best idea we could have had.

The three were a great match, we all had a lot of fun in that afternoon. And we caught everything on camera for you."

Rogan Richards fucks Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria

Rogan Richards fucks Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria

Rogan Richards fucks Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria

Rogan Richards fucks Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria

Rogan Richards fucks Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria

Rogan Richards fucks Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria

Rogan Richards fucks Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria

Rogan Richards fucks Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria

Rogan Richards fucks Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria
Paddy O'Brian Ravages Diego Lauzen

Lovers in Paradise, Scene 1

Paddy O'Brian Ravages Diego Lauzen
Featuring Diego Lauzen and Paddy O'Brian
Lucas Entertainment

June 3, 2013

"Sometimes men love each other with the softest touch and other times its rough and heated. Paddy O’Brian doesn’t know anything other than rough, so when he and Diego Lauzen run away together into the tropics of Costa Rica their love is lustfully deep. They hike to a waterfall for some long tongue kissing by the running waters; their hands do all of the talking as they caress and rub their muscles. Paddy leans against a tree branch so Diego can pull down his red speedo and swallow Paddy’s famous cock; his mushroom head looks particular delicious on this special occasion. Paddy then bends his furry ass over so a hungry lathering from Diego; this leads to Paddy entering his lover and showing him all the strength he has in his body as he has sex with his man!"

Paddy O'Brian Ravages Diego Lauzen


Paddy O'Brian Ravages Diego Lauzen

Paddy O'Brian Ravages Diego Lauzen


Paddy O'Brian Ravages Diego Lauzen

Paddy O'Brian Ravages Diego Lauzen

Paddy O'Brian Ravages Diego Lauzen

Paddy O'Brian Ravages Diego Lauzen

Paddy O'Brian Ravages Diego Lauzen


Original Sinners, Scene 4 Adam Killian and Wagner Vittoria Double-Penetrate Diego Lauzen

Original Sinners, Scene 4

Adam and Wagner Double-Penetrate Diego
Featuring Adam Killian, Diego Lauzen, and Wagner Vittoria
Lucas Entertainment

May 24, 2013

"In order to conquer jealously and strengthen their relationship, Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen hail Adam Killian for him to join them in a threesome on the rocks and shallow waters of a Costa Rican oasis. The guys make out and take turns sucking cock; their muscled bodies compete against one another to determine just who the hottest really is! It is especially hot to see Diego and Wagner have sex with each other: Diego swallows Wagner’s entire erect cock while Adam goes to town on Diego’s hole! While Diego is worshipping Wagner’s cock Adam pounds him hard from behind. Wagner then gets on his back so Adam can pound him while he sucks his boyfriend’s cock. But Wagner wants to see Diego go even further, so Adam and Wagner double-penetrate Diego’s meaty ass! The question is this: can he handle it?"














Original Sinners, Scene 1 D.O., Diego Lauzen, Tiziano Fuentes Flip-Fuck


Original Sinners, Scene 1

D.O., Tiziano, and Diego Flip-Fuck
Featuring D.O., Diego Lauzen, Tiziano Fuentes
Lucas Entertainment

May 3, 2013

"Tiziano Fuentes and Diego Lauzen sneak away into the Costa Rican jungle with D.O., and it’s Tiziano and Diego who are on the menu! Tiziano is a handsome, lean, and seductive son of a bitch, and he makes it his sole mission to give both D.O. and Diego as much pleasure as possible. Diego bends over and gives D.O. a deep-swallowing blowjob as Tiziano eats out the plump ass that Diego constantly shows off; he certainly makes a meal of it! D.O. wants to know what he’s missing out on so everyone switches spots so Diego is sucking Tiziano and getting his ass eaten by D.O.! Diego is the first to fuck Tiziano deep in his hungry ass, and the Latin king doesn’t hold back before D.O. rolls on a condom and gets in on the hard-pounding action!"













Stretch My Hole, Scene 4

D.O. and Diego Lauzen's Hardcore Ass Play
Lucas Raunch

June 6, 2013

"D.O. struts into the scene like he owns the place, and that includes Diego Lauzen’s huge Latin ass; it’s a piece of meat D.O. grabs with total ownership! The guys start making out ad sucking dick at the beginning, as all guys in heat do, but as soon as Diego turns around is game over for D.O. -- he needs that ass and he needs it as soon as possible! There is a lot of hole-stretching anal penetration here, and it’s not just D.O. doing the ass slamming. Diego Lauzen stuffs his dick deep inside D.O. quite a bit too!"



LVP153_04_DO_Diego_Lauzen_04 LVP153_04_DO_Diego_Lauzen_06

Men in the City 2 - The Temple

Starring Denis Vega, Diego Lauzen, and Wagner Vittoria

November 30, 2014

"On a cool autumn day Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria are enjoying the views of the reflecting pools when they spot a very handsome and virile man. They follow Denis Vega back to his place and place him in the center of all attention. No matter which way Denis turns there is a handsome man, an incredible body, a huge cock and a hot ass. Denis Vega starts out by tasting the delights of Wagner and Diego’s luscious lips and then moves onto their throbbing and hungry cocks. Working his way from one cock to the other, Denis revels in the succulents of the huge man meat that fills his mouth and his senses. Denis finds that his desires continue to escalate with all this hot cock sucking. Diego and Wagner position themselves so that they can both lick and taste the delectable ass positioned above them. Wagner then slips his hard cock inside of Denis as he sucks on the pleasures of his lovers cock. Diego and Wagner flip positions so that Denis can feel the sensation of both lovers cocks. The guys then move into a train of treasure as Wagner rams his cock into Denis and Diego plants his cock up Wagner’s hungry hole. Diego sprays his lover’s ass with his cum and shoves the last of his dripping load back into his love canal. Wagner then rips off a hot and creamy load all over Denis’ ass and Denis in turn shares the pleasure and shoots his thick load all over Wagner’s face and lips."

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1413799186035 1413799203047

























Men in the City 2 - Urban Jungle

Starring Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria and William Bravo

October 5, 2014

"Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen are enjoying the local arboretum when they notice they are being heavily cruised by William. We find out why William cruises the arboretum when we see his opulent apartment that he has invited Wagner and Diego to. They release the anaconda that has been confined in William’s jeans and immediately begin worshiping it with their hungry mouths. Wagner and Diego switch up on servicing William’s Bravo monster piece of meat as the other services his lover’s cock. Wagner and Diego then climb onto William as he tag teams both of their holes with his probing tongue. Wagner is the first to feel the splitting sensation of William’s fat cock plunging deep into his tight hole. Diego sucks on Wagner’s throbbing cock as he gets fucked. William flips the guys and now goes deep inside of Diego. William then flips Wagner onto his back and drives his cock even deep into his hungry hole while Diego feeds him his cock down his throat. William pounds Wagner so hard that he shoots his thick load and dumps his own load all over Wagner’s balls as Diego feeds his load down Wagner’s throat."

1409753463001 1409753481002

1409753466005 1409753473006

1409753475009 1409753483010

1409753464013 1409753479015

1409753469019 1409753482021

1409753459023 1409753480025

1409753479028 1409753472039














Men in the City – Skyline

Starring Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria, Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech

September 10, 2014

"Viewing the city from far atop the highest buildings can give you some of the most incredible views, as with everything the best views are always the most prized. Mario Domenech and Antonio Miracle invite Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria back to their flat after exchanging lured glances at each other. The couples divide and conquer the other with probing tongues, swinging cocks and levels of testosterone shooting through the roof. Antonio gets the party started by sucking on each of the men’s huge, fat cocks. The guys then flip Antonio onto his head and begin sucking his straining cock as Diego and Wagner kneel down and fuck Antonio’s face with their fat cocks. The guys then switch things up and Diego plows Wagner’s hot ass with his raw cock and Antonio dives into Mario’s raw ass as well. Time to flip and Antonio squats down onto Mario’s raw, pierced and hairy cock as Diego squats down on Wagner’s fat cock. Huge cocks are flopping everywhere as the raw ass pounding intensifies. Antonio is the first to blow his huge load with Mario’s hard, raw, hairy cock still pumping away at his ass. Diego is the next in the line up to rip off a huge load of cum and Wagner is unable to resist any longer with those tight ass muscles milking his cock, he shoots his first shot and then shoves the remainder inside of Diego’s hungry hole. Mario coats Antonio’s pucker hole with his creamy load before thrusting his cock back into his lover."


















Strangers in Prague 2, Scene 5

Starring Diego Lauzen, Marco Rubi, Tomas Friedel, and Wagner Vittoria

April 20, 2014

"Tomas Friedel spots the guys walking down the street and decides to entice them into his place. The guys are intrigued and join him. Diego Lauzen and Friedel pair up as do Wagner Vittoria and Marco Rubi to swap some hot cock sucking. Each being challenged by the other’s huge, fat cocks, which then leads to a hot suck chain with Wagner eating Marco’s perfect pink hole. Tomas bends Marco over and shoves his big, raw cock deep into his tight ass, while Diego squats down on Wagner’s cock and go skin on skin with each other. Diego flips Wagner and plows his raw cock deep into Wagner’s ass as Tomas flips Marco over, spreads him open and plunges deep inside that amazing ass. Diego is the first to shoot his hot load all over Wagner’s balls before re-inserting his cum slicked cock back into his lover then felches his load from Wagner. Tomas showers Marco with his hot load and then continues to fuck Marco as he squeezes out his thick creamy load. The streets of Prague continued to prove to be the hottest place on the planet to meet men."

















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1390999575004 1390999615006

1390999577001 1390999604007

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Diesel O'Green

Headhunting, Scene 5

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Diesel O'Green

"Diego and Wagner are having a playful afternoon running around the house naked and sporting magnificent erections. Wagner turns his ass to Diego in a teasing way, but Diego is not teasing and rams his hard cock deep and raw into Wagner’s ravenousness hole. Diego pummels his lover’s hole with his huge cock and all the pleasure he can drive deep inside of him. Wagner then flips Diego and hurls his cock into his partners love canal. For this couple fucking or being fucked ai an equal level of pleasure. Both of their cocks remain as rigid as a steel pole while being fucked. Their pleasure is not only visual but verbal and an ecstatic experience to be a part of.

Diesel can hear all the fun in the distance and is frustrated that he is unable to reach his lover by phone. So he decides to join the fun. Diesel immediately thrusts his cock inside of Diego’s already moist hole. Wagner feeds his hot cock to Diesel as he continues fucking away at Diego’s ass. Diego and Wagner trade up as Wagner squats down on Diesel’s fat cock. Wagner pummels his own hole with Diesel’s cock as Diego fucks Wagner’s mouth. As Wagner continues grinding away at Diesel’s cock, Diego erupts his milky load and feeds it to Wagner. Wagner is so stimulated with the huge cock in his ass and with his face and tongue being coated with his lovers cum that he reaches his eruption that Diego is ready and eager to lap up every drop that spews from his heaving cock. As Diesel sucks Wagner’s cock dry, Wagner continues to ride Diesel’s cock until he sucks the cum out of his cock with his ass."

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Diesel O'Green

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Diesel O'Green

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Diesel O'Green

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Diesel O'Green

Headhunting, Scene 3

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Diesel O'Green

November 14, 2013

"Diesel’s boyfriend is a HeadHunter and seems to have no time for Diesel. Trying to keep his frustration under control during a photo shoot, Diesel finds it very difficult when Diego and Wagner let their hard cocks spring free from their swimsuits. Wagner and Diego taunt and tease Diesel, unable to control their sexual desire for each other. Forgetting that they are on a fashion shoot, Diego and Wagner devour each other’s succulent cocks pool side. Diesel does what any good photographer would do and starts shooting the hot sex scene unfolding in front of him. Before he knows it he has been drawn in and his fat cock is being serviced by Diego and Wagner. Diesel’s fat cock slips from one hungry mouth to the other. As one sucks on Diesel’s throbbing cock the other lavishes his balls with their tongue and pleasure. Diesel then jumps into the mix and goes all the way down on Diego while Wagner fucks Diesel’s pink hole with his tongue. The guys work each other up into a frenzy of pleasure that Wagner rips off a huge load into the pool. Diesel follows suit with his creamy load and Diego unleashing a geyser of a load that lands half way across the pool. Has that quelled Diesel’s frustration and will the fashion shoot be completed?"


Strangers in Prague, Scene 5

Starring Angelo, Diego Lauzen, and Wagner Vittoria

September 10, 2013

"Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen are truly enjoying their holiday in Prague. While out seeing the sights they spot a hot guy on the street and exchange extended glances with this hot guy. Trying to find their way on the map Angelo offers some assistance and directs them straight to his apartment. How convenient. Soon the jeans are undone and the massive pieces of meat are set free. Wagner is the first to taste the musk of Angelo’s 9 inch uncut cock and is very eager to share this monster cock with his partner. Both men devour and swallow Angelo’s cock as it fills their throats and mouths completely. Sucking away at Angelo’s huge cock individually and together, Wagner and Diego worship this huge cock as an idol of great pleasure. Angelo then takes pleasure in sucking on his guests huge, uncut cocks, each eager to feed their host with all that they have. Wagner climbs onto the bed on his hands and knees as his partner Diego mounts him from on top with his hard cock grinding against his hungry hole. Angelo jumps at the opportunity and begins fucking Diego’s hole with his wet tongue. He works his way from Diego’s tight hole to his cock and back to his awaiting hole. Angelo then mounts Wagner and pounds his huge cock deep inside of Wagner as Wagner moans in approval. Diego is then treated to the mammoth cock penetrating his hole and filling his ass with total pleasure. Angelo goes back and forth from one lover to the other, filling each with the same passion and pleasure. Wagner lays Diego on his side and takes him from behind as the lovers share the pleasures of sucking on Angelo’s throbbing cock. Angelo spews his huge load all over Diego’s face and lips and then feeds his juicy cock to Angelo. Wagner explodes his hot load all over Diego’s tight balls as Angelo continues sucking away at his cock. Wagner then takes his cum drenched cock and penetrates Diego again as Diego shoots his load all over Angelo’s face. A 3-way we all pray to have!"














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1378453248034 1378453321041
Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Ivo Kerk, Milos Zambo

Strangers in Prague, Scene 3

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Ivo Kerk, Milos Zambo

July 25, 2013

"Prague is a city that offers its visitors a 1,000 and 1 things to experience. Wagner and Diego get caught out in the rain when they spot Ivo in the window, who warmly welcomes them in from out of the rain. No sooner are they in the door that the shirts are off and the kissing and groping begins. Jeans are dropped, hard cocks are released and the next Prague adventure begins. Wagner begins by sucking on Milos’ hard cock as Diego works over Ivo’s perfect, uncut cock. Milos is no match for the talents of Wagner’s’ talented mouth. Milos releases his hot load into Wagner’s hungry and awaiting mouth. The guys switch up positions as Milos begins working on Wagner’s fat cock and Ivo services Diego’s hard cock. Diego lubricates Ivo’s cock with his saliva then slides it into Milos’ awaiting hole. Ivo is in need of more lubricant and Diego applies more saliva to Ivo’s cock by pulling it out and sucking on it then pushing it back into Milos. Finding himself in a great position of having a mouth and ass to fuck and a hot cock to suck at the same time, is this a dream? Wagner then moves into position as Diego squats down on his cock all the way to his balls. Ivo moves in and sucks on Diego’s cock as Wagner continues to pound away at his ass. Wagner then positions himself on his back and Diego penetrates his hot ass with the full length of his cock. Wagner moans with complete desire as Diego fucks away at his ass and he sucks on Ivo’s cock. Diego delivers his hot creamy load all over Wagner’s balls and then fucks the rest of his load into Wagner as he releases his hot load in unison with his partners pumping. Ivo has become so turned on by this sight that he erupts his load all over Wagner’s chest and then feeds the remainder of his load into his mouth. How do you spend your rainy days?"

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Ivo Kerk, Milos Zambo

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Ivo Kerk, Milos Zambo

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Ivo Kerk, Milos Zambo

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Ivo Kerk, Milos Zambo
Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Radim Hajek, Lukas Pribyl

Strangers in Prague, Scene 1

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Radim Hajek, Lukas Pribyl

June 27, 2013

"Wagner and Diego are playing tourists in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague. Meanwhile, Radim and Lukas are at home enjoying some intimate time together watching one of Wagner and Diego’s films. Radim suggests that they invite Wagner and Diego over so that his lover, Lukas can “try other cocks” and “keep sucking”. Wagner and Diego receive a text invitation and head over to their hosts apartment. Wagner and Diego strip down and Lukas quickly begins trying other cocks. As Lukas flips back and forth between Wagner and Diego’s hot cocks, Radim positions himself so that Wagner can suck on his huge cock. Diego wants a piece of that huge cock as well and moves in and deep throats Radim as Lukas continues sucking on his raging hard cock. Radim opens up Lukas’ perfect pink hole so that Diego and Wagner can tag team his lover’s ass with their rock hard cocks. Diego and Radim sit down on the sofa so that their perspective partners can sit down raw on their hungry cocks. Lukas and Wagner ride their lover’s cocks with grinding pleasure; cocks flopping as each thrust drives deeper. Lukas rides the full length of Radim’s straining cock, allowing his cock to exit his ass as he keeps his ass open and Radim penetrates him deeper and harder every time his cock is presented with that open hole. Radim is unable to resist the teasing any longer and bangs away at Lukas’s open hole as his cock releases his hot load; Lukas redirects his cock back into his ass for greater pleasure. Wagner takes control and fucks his ass hard with Diego’s throbbing cock. Diego quickly erupts his heaving load and then re-enters Wagner’s hot hole. Lukas stands up and feeds Wagner his huge load as it drips from Wagner’s lips, tongue and chin. Wagner loves the taste and sensation of Lukas’s hot load that he unleashes his creamy load as well. Pack your bags and book your flight, we are heading to Prague!"

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Radim Hajek, Lukas Pribyl

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Radim Hajek, Lukas Pribyl

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Radim Hajek, Lukas Pribyl

Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Radim Hajek, Lukas Pribyl

Lovers Lane #11 (Condomless)

Diego Lauzen & Wagner Vittoria

November 2, 2012

"Diego & Wagner invite us into their home to see how a really hot couple spend the evening. There is always something different when you watch a couple in love as opposed to watching a couple of hot guys having sex. There is a magic and sparkle that occurs between the two. Diego & Wagner and perfectly matched, both have perfectly sculpted muscular bodies, handsome faces, piercing eyes, big round asses and huge cocks. When we see Diego & Wagner they are already in their underwear and semi-erect. Things quickly change as the two begin to orally pleasure each other. Both are equally gifted when it comes to sucking each other’s cock, you can tell they have done this before, many times! Diego helps his partner to relax by penetrating him with 2 fingers, then 4, then his big fat cock. Wagner loves to be fucked in many positions, he quickly flips himself over so that Diego can take him from behind. To see Wagner’s huge muscular ass being penetrated by his lovers huge cock is a sight to behold, poetry in motion. Lovers know exactly what buttons will push their lover over the edge and Wagner does exactly that and has Diego blowing his huge load all over Wagner’s muscular ass just to tease us. Diego continues to fuck Wagner, then pulls out and wipes up the cum with his cock and then penetrates his lover again. Wagner then takes Diego’s dripping cock in his mouth and licks up all the love juice. Diego has worked up an appetite for his ass to be pleasured as well. He squats down over Wagner’s handsome face and fucks himself on his lovers hot tongue. Diego slides up next to Wagner and has his lovers fat cock penetrating him deeply up impact. Wagner then takes Diego’s legs and spreads them wide open for us to have a perfect view of him penetrating Diego’s beautiful hole. He teases us by pulling his super hard cock out and flexing it for us before diving deep within Diego again and again. Wagner’s cock is on overload with pleasure from his lovers hot ass and erupts his creamy load on Diego’s hole for our viewing pleasure before he shoves his load and cock back into Diego. There is a certain magic in the air when lovers have this type of amazing sex."

1351611152004 1351611153001

1351611162002 1351611146012

1351611147011 1351611150018

1351611167017 1351611168016

1351611154009 1351611161010

1351611163007 1351611170006

1351611171008 1351611148019

1351611151020 1351611166021











Diego & Wagner Part 2

Diego & Wagner Part 2

"You've seen real-life lovers Diego and Wagner in part 1: big cocks, steel muscles, wet, sloppy kisses... Watch them play HARDER in part 2: Diego blows Wagner. Wagner hungrily eats Diego's ass, then drills it long and hard. More muscles, more sweat, more action!"

Diego & Wagner Part 2

Diego & Wagner Part 2

Diego & Wagner Part 2 Diego & Wagner Part 2
Diego & Wagner Part 1

Diego & Wagner Part 1

"Wagner is lucky when it comes to... boyfriends. You first met pretty Leo on LucasKazan. Then muscle man Thomas. It's now Diego's turn and --in Wagner's own words-- "he's the one!". Wagner has bulked up at the gym to match Diego's muscular build. Both are strikingly handsome, hung, athletic. And yes, madly in love with each other. The sex?, you ask: passionate!"

Diego & Wagner Part 1 Diego & Wagner Part 1
Diego & Wagner Part 1 Diego & Wagner Part 1
Diego Lauzen and Goran


Diego Lauzen and Goran
Stag Homme Studios

December 3, 2013

"Wanna get rid of those icy winter blues? Stag Homme has exactly what you need: passion and romance in a flip-flop sex-flick thats warmed up with a touch of ambient warm pink light. Starring two very important gosotosos of the industry for the first time together: Brazilian sex-god Diego Lauzen for his very first time on Stag Homme alongside uber-hot Bulgarian SH Discovery Goran. The romance is unscripted, its just that these two have a burning chemistry between each other. Everything about this film is versatile (blow jobs, fucking, facials, rimming) so you get all you can from this heavenly pairing in what is without a doubt the hottest experience you're gonna get from the porn world this winter."

Diego Lauzen and Goran

Diego Lauzen and Goran

Diego Lauzen and Goran

Diego Lauzen and Goran

Diego Lauzen and Goran
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