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ALIAS: Sebastian
SITES: Circle Jerk Boys, Cockyboys, Dominic Ford, Drill My Hole, Jizz Orgy, Lucas Entertainment, Men at Play, Men of UK, Men Over 30, Pride Studios, Raging Stallion, Stag Homme Studios, Super Gay Hero, The Gay Office, TitanMen

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Dillon Rossi Fucks Damien Crosse


March 22, 2016
"A weekend in the big city is just the ticket to strip away those small town inhibitions and Damien and Dillon barely made it into the hotel room before their animal desire took control. Sightseeing in the Big Apple will have to wait!

Damien grabs Dillon and kisses him fiercely on the face as these two dig in for an afternoon fuck to remember. They make out for a couple minutes before Dillon pushes Damien to his knees and stuffs his big cock in his mouth. Damien is normally a bottom but he's not going to stop until he fucks Dillon's ass with the New York skyline in the background. These two have total chemistry and you can tell from the start that this one is going to be hot.

Dillon enjoys a passionate blowjob from Damien before pulling him to his feet and saying "I want to face fuck you!" He lays him back on the table and slides his thick cock all the way down Damien's throat with one aggressive thrust. Damien gags a little bit but hangs in there to continue servicing his buddy's tool. Turns out Damien's got a thing for big dicks and he bends over backwards to service Dillon's sizeable manhood.

Dillon spins him around and dives on that asshole. Rimming Damien's ass and making him moan so loud the neighbors called the front desk! He darts his tongue in and out of his asshole as he feasts on his buddy's butt before standing up and stuffing his rock hard cock up there. Dillon has got a big one and it takes Damien a couple of seconds to get used to the size of that thing but he's a quick study and before you know it he's moaning and grinding his hips into Dillon's cock like a good little bottom.

Dillon pounds his ass relentlessly and Damien moans in approval with every deep thrust. The two end up on the bed for some furious fucking before Dillon looks Damien in the eyes and says "Fuck, you're going to make me cum!" Damien grunts, "Give it to me!" and a couple of thrusts later Dillon is squirting a thick load of cum into Damien's open mouth. Did I mention Damien is a total cum pig? Ya, he's a cum pig alright.

The last drops are barely out of Dillon's dick when Damien wraps his lips around that rock hard shaft and shoots his load of cum. Painting his belly with splash after splash of piping hot jizz. Shuddering as the jolts of pleasure course through his body and leave him a quivering mess on the bed.

The two take a second to recover then start making out again. Passion appreciation exchanged between their mouths as their still hard cocks poke at each other on the bed. The two finally collapse in a heap on the bed and just hold each other. A tender finish to their primal fuck session in New York City. Damn!"







IMG_8283 IMG_8299

IMG_8335 IMG_8339

IMG_8394 IMG_8461

IMG_8566 IMG_8581
Img_0003 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse

Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse


February 16, 2016

"Kris Karr is a young New Yorker originally from Jamaica and he decided to join the CockyBoys team to live out some fantasies. We paired him up with Damien Crosse since he’s pretty much everyone’s fantasy and told Kris he can pick any fantasy he wants. He told us how one time he met this stranger by the water and how he followed him to his hotel room and had one of the best sexual encounters of his life so of course he wanted to relive the fantasy of having a complete stranger take control of him. Damien was the perfect match for that since he’s a big, strong, passionate top and he gave Kris not only the thrill of being dominated but also a lot of passionate moments that Kris is sure to remember for a long time.

Kris really didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he walked into that hotel room but he knew he was in for a good time. Damien slowly starts to undress him before spitting in his mouth and forcing him down on his big cock. After lots of gagging and spitting, Kris is finally ready to have his ass owned. Damien puts him on the bed and dives right in between Kris’ smooth asscheeks as he spreads them apart to expose Kris’ hungry hole. Without any further delay, Damien begins to ram his monster cock into Kris’ tight hole and the sounds and facial expressions that Kris makes clearly show he’s having a moment of pure bliss. With 8 inches of big thick cockmeat shoved balls deep up his ass - repeatedly - it’s only understandable. After riding Damien’s cock for a while Kris is overwhelmed by the sensation so he gets up off the bed to take a moment and recover but what he really wants is to have Damien fuck him by the window for all of NYC to watch. After a while - it’s back to riding Damien on the bed and boy does he ride him! He shoots a massive load down Damien’s throat followed by Damien covering his chest with his load. Talk about a sex fantasy!"

Img_0650 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse

Img_0118 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse

Img_0174 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse

Img_0247 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse

Img_0258 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse

Img_0297 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse

Img_0322 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse

Img_0378 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse

Img_0282 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse Img_0308 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse

Img_0363 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse Img_0498 Newcomer Kris Karr & Damien Crosse


Damien Crosse & Angel Cruz Flip-Fuck


November 12, 2015

"Angel Cruz and Damien Crosse both live in Spain and every once in a while they like to fuck each other's brains out. In fact, their sex is so animalistic and passionate at the same time that we decided to fly across the ocean and capture it on camera. Both Angel and Damien are extremely comfortable with themselves and are not shy about showing if off. They start out by making out on the balcony for all of Valencia to see and then the shirts and the pants start to come off. No part on their bodies is left unexplored. Angel and Damien suck, kiss, and lick each other like they just can't get enough. After a lot of aggressive cock-sucking outside it's time to get the real action started.

First, Damien gets Angel's hole ready for the fuck of its life by fingering it hard and spitting on it until it's wet and ready for it. No need to warm up really since Angel is a pro so they just start with hardcore pounding and a lot of moaning. Watching Damien fuck Angel would make anyone think he's a total top who's been practicing his craft for many years. But it's not until Angel flips him and starts pounding him just as hard that one realizes Damien is just as amazing at both giving and taking cock. The fuck fest ends with both Damien and Angel shooting massive loads - one on Damien's chest and one down his throat." PREVIEW This Scene










IMG_8304 IMG_8371

IMG_8391 IMG_8428

IMG_8565 IMG_8908

IMG_8970 IMG_9127
Rikk York and Damien Crosse

"Love & Lather"

Rikk York and Damien Crosse
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

July 22, 2014

"Rikk York has a surprise waiting for Damien and he has no clue as to what it is except that it requires him to wear a robe. Rikk has spent a good amount of time setting up a nice warm intimate bath with Champagne and strawberries. Rikk has Damien's eyes covered as they slowly walk up to the bath. Damien is eager to see what the surprise is and finally Rikk reveals it to him. He takes a couple steps back and can't believe his eyes. Damien begins to passionately make out with Rikk in amazement as they both let their robes drop to the ground. They slowly get into the bath and begin feeding one another strawberries while sipping on some bubbly. The intimacy is through the roof with these two as Damien takes Rikk's hard throbbing cock into his mouth. Both of them eager to please and lathered up in soap with champagne dripping down their chests they take turns pouring the bubbly all over their hard dicks and sucking them clean. Damien is ready for desert and dives his face deep into Rikk's smooth hairy hole licking and sucking every part of his round ass. The heat is on as these two suck and fuck each other to the fullest extent. Eventually Damien is on top of the counter laid out on his back while Rikk pounds deep inside him. Lots of water, suds, fruit, kissing and some hot intimate fucking that will spark your imagination to do the same for your loved one. Enjoy!"

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

I'm The Bottom?

Featuring Mario Costa and Damien Crosse
Pride Studios / Extra Big Dicks

July 2, 2014

"You never know what kinds of surprises are lurking around a porno set and both of these sexy hunks find out firsthand. They both think they are topping until the director tells them otherwise. They both take their huge cocks out and measure them up to size to see who is going to bottom. Damien is rocking an uncut 8.5 sexy hard cock and Mario Costa has a juicy 9.5 thick uncut monster of a cock. When Damien sees that beast he knows instantly that Mario is going to be the bottom cause there is no way that thick meat is going to fit inside of him. With some hesitation Mario agrees to it and the hot sucking and fucking action begins. These two dark meat men have been aching to work together for some time now and finally they get to rip each other's clothes off. Mario takes it like a champ as Damien pounds his ass hard and fast. The intimate kissing and seducing makes the connection between these two men extremely hot to see. Lots of heart pounding sweaty action to take in as they lick, gag and cum. Enjoy!"

WATCH I'm The Bottom? Featuring Mario Costa and Damien Crosse











50406_07 50406_08

50406_09 50406_15

Sebastian's Encore

Featuring Sebastian
Pride Studios | Circle Jerk Boys

March 4, 2006

"Very few guys have ever caused an avalanche in our email box like the debut Sebastian a couple of months back. This 21 year old heart breaker is impossibly handsome, incredibly buff, and incomparably hung with just the kind of fat, eight inch slab of straight meat that wet dreams are made of. What is not to fall in love with in a stud like this! He is truly a super man who had no shame in showing us what was under his tights. If Sebastian was any more edible, he would be an adult sized happy meal but make no mistake about it...he is way too fine for fast food. This buffet of all things breeding and bountiful is a meal you want to savor slowly and in the end, make sure you are royally stuffed! Ever the strong and silent type, one tasty tidbit Sebastian did reveal at the end of his first biography chat is that he works out 6 days a week to and yes, it has gotten him so horned, he had rubbed off a load in gym late at night when it was deserted and he had some privacy. We knew that would be a great place to start this episode, only this time, he would not be alone for long! We took him outside the studio for a run to get him all hot and sweaty, then giving him a quick rinse off in our showers, and letting him handle the rest. It was not long before he reminded us there were two fistfuls to handle and then some.The elastic of his jock was stretched to the breaking point as his cock lead the way to the shower and back to the bed, where be grabs the baby oil and rubs that ultra fine body until he glistens like a living statute. The head peeking out and starting to leak, the smooth bull sized sack, so heavy with a load pent up for too long, you could literally feel the sheer weight of his balls just by looking at them. Even more confident that before and riding the crest of an endorphin high, he rolls over and humps the mattress slowly, deliberately, putting that magnificent ass on display. Seeing the sweat follow the cuts of his six pack, the vein in his biceps twitch and the his pecs dance as he worked that huge meat was as close to masculine perfection as we have ever seen. The intensity and determination on his face as he hammered that meat was electrifying. This was not a man that just wanted to get off; Sebastian had reached the point of no return where his only choice was to surrender to a primal need to spill his seed. The first rope of cum sprays so far forward, it lands on his on his triceps and there were a few more good blasts to follow. When we watched the tape closely afterwards, right before that tremendous nut, seems our boy gave his own ass more then just a causal fly over and got us to wondering if our Super Man is keeping a secret? Just like Lois Lane, and apparently his own fingers, we intend to dig deep. Stay tuned boys...we'll let you know what we can turn up!!!"








Smooth Operator

Featuring Sebastian
Pride Studios | Circle Jerk Boys

January 28, 2006

"We all had a guy like Sebastian in high school; incredibly handsome with the ripped body of an Olympic athlete, a slightly distant, brooding demeanor that made you hang on the few words he spoke and a basket in his pants you could not take your eyes off of. This is the guy we all had a crush on back then but this time, we get to see him strip down, bone up, stoke off and shoot his load. We get one other great addition, in reality his dick isn't the size you thought it was it your fantasies at all; Sebastian's eight inch, salami thick joystick is bigger then you ever dreamed!!!The biceps spilling out of his shirt are not just rippling, but down right undulating the a ship's flag on a choppy sea, with a telltale line of ink on the underside that reveals that this shy guy has a hidden freakier side too. All of this and more soon comes into view along with the rest of that incredible body as his ripped, lean abs and ridged obliges come into view along with Sequoia sized quads to match. And smack dab in the middle of all of this magnificence is a one pouch, packed to the breaking points, that sits like the gates to the promised land where your wet dreams are born!Sebastian seems to love being in front of the camera and at the same time, he was seemingly unaware of it; not so much putting on a show allowing his body to be bathed by the lens and captured in all its glory. He dripped with an almost primal sexuality while being totally devoid of one drop of conceit. The sight of the arc of that perfect ass as he humped the mattress only got better as his strong hand reached around and in between, seemingly brushing the hidden center before rolling over and working that shaft. The head, well above his navel, was glistening with its own juice as his nut sack bulged a little bigger with every stroke. When he could no longer stand the pressure, and quite frankly, neither could we, he stood up and fired off a load that dripped down the mirror and puddled on the floor while the last few drops continued to steadily drip off the tip of that still hard, fat pole. We could think of no better explosion to ring in the New Year with! Have a great 2006 from all of us at CircleJerkBoys and oh yes...Sebastian will be back!"

Sebastian1__32 Sebastian1__41

Sebastian1__42 Sebastian1__43



Damien Crosse & Logan Vaughn: Massage Fuck


May 29, 2014

"In a recent interview, Damien said this scene was one of the hottest he has ever seen. And when you see it, you'll understand why. It's sensual, erotic, and insanely hot. Damien Crosse and Logan Vaughn clearly have a lot of sexual tension and chemistry, and they have an intense massage and fuck session that you will not soon forget! Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com"

Hot Property (11)

Hot Property

Starring Damien Crosse and Goran

October 18, 2012

Hot Property Starring Damien Crosse and Goran


Hot Property (1)

Hot Property (2)

Hot Property (3)

Hot Property (4)

Hot Property (5)

Hot Property (6)

Hot Property (7)

Hot Property (8)

Hot Property (9)

Hot Property (10)

Hot Property (21)

Hot Property (12) Hot Property (13)

Hot Property (14) Hot Property (15)

Hot Property (16) Hot Property (17)

Hot Property (18) Hot Property (19)

Hot Property (20) Hot Property

Glove Love

Starring Damien Crosse

March 8, 2012

"Damien Crosse turns up the fetish dial a few notches this week, with this steaming solo video. Dressed up impeccably in a light grey suit and dark blue tie, he completes the look to perfection with sheer OTC socks, and a pair of leather driving gloves which feel amazing against his hard cock. And the thing about Damien is that you can see from his face that he gets completely into anything we throw at him (we love him for that) and this week its no exception. To see him working his cock with his gloved hands is just too hot for words, especially when he gives us a rear view of his jock-strapped ass playing with his dicks and cheeks. It'll have you wishing you were there to push your face right between his cheeks. A hot reminder why this bad boy is still one of our favourite MAP Men."

















Golden Payback

Starring Damien Crosse and Samson Stone

January 20, 2012

"In Golden Handshake we saw Damien Crosse use and abuse former employee Alec Hills, but in this sleazy sequel Damien gets a nasty surprise in the form of hot shot lawyer Samson Stone who gives him a taste of his own medicine. Armed with CCTV footage which shows Damien overpowering Alec in the men's bathroom and using him like a human urinal, Samson threatens the arrogant boss with a hefty lawsuit. But when Samson sees for himself the disregard Damian has for other people, he is not satisfied with simply pressing charges and instead decides to turn the tables on him and show him how it feels to be treated like a worthless piece of meat, and have someone piss all over your expensive, tailored suit. A power struggle which turns into a hot and wet, fuck session but as we know Damien always gets what he wants and gains the upper hand over the cocky lawyer, showing him who the real man is."

















Golden Handshake

Starring Alec Hills and Damien Crosse

October 21, 2011

"Menatplay revisit their filthy, kinkier side with their first watersports movie in over 6 years. Directed by Matt Jordan, Golden Handshake stars Damien Crosse as the arrogant boss who has just fired half his staff following a downturn in profits. But disgruntled employee Alec is not happy and when he comes across his boss in the mensroon his anger pushes his to take revenge on his boss by purposefully missing the urinal and pissing on his expensive designer shows. But clearly Damien is not about to stand back and take it lightly, instead he teaches Alec who's boss, and pushes him to the floor to piss all over his suit, face and mouth, drenching him before giving him a hard pounding that he's not likely to forget for the remainder of his time at the firm. Menatplay at its finest and dirtiest!"









Golden_HandS_09 Golden_HandS_16

Golden_HandS_08 Golden_HandS_23

Golden_HandS_11 Golden_HandS_17

Golden_HandS_18 Golden_HandS_12

Golden_HandS_19 Golden_HandS_20

Golden_HandS_21 Golden_HandS_22

Golden_HandS_13 Golden_HandS_24

Golden_HandS_14 Golden_HandS_15



Double Crossed

Starring Ben Brown and Damien Crosse

March 18, 2011

"Damien Crosse makes his long awaited return to Menatplay in this sizzling scene with our current top rated model Ben Brown. When Ben attends Damien's photographic studio for a test shoot all dressed up in his smartest suit, Damien has little clue of this handsome stranger's true identity, but a quick tip-off by phone informs him that he's a dangerous and highly wanted criminal. And with the police on their way Damien is told to keep him busy whilst they arrive. So he has no choice but to give in to Ben's come ons and let him do whatever he wants with him for the next 20 minutes even it means having to fuck him over his office desk in order to keep him distracted."


DoubleCrossed_Aff2 DoubleCrossed_Aff1

DoubleCrossed_Aff4 DoubleCrossed_Aff7

DoubleCrossed_Aff8 DoubleCrossed_Aff14

DoubleCrossed_Aff15 DoubleCrossed_Aff16







Doctor Stevens Examines Damien Crosse

Starring Neil Stevens & Damien Crosse

January 22, 2010

"Menatplay favourite Damien Crosse visits the Doc hoping to get his hands on some blue pills and ends up getting much more than he bargained for. After a quick initial examination Doctor Neil Stevens tries to prove he doesn't need the pills and inserts a prostate massager into him and his low moans and rock hard cock indicate his approval. The pleasure is almost too intense and he quickly explodes a huge load of cum!

And although its clear that he doesn't need any pills, the Doctor still gives him one and Damien's cock is instantly ready for more! This time the Doc works a huge dildo into Damien’s ass but becomes so horny himself that he uses his own tool to help his patient along fucking him hard against the examination bed. Damien’s moans of pleasure intensify and he cums again followed by the gorgeous Doctor Stevens. A double whammy by Damien – HOT!"









DocandDamien_aff09 DocandDamien_13

DocandDamien_01 DocandDamien_aff02

DocandDamien_aff03 DocandDamien_aff10

Damien's Gift

Starring Damien Crosse and Eddie Diaz

December 25, 2009

"Menatplay would like to welcome hottie Eddie Diaz to its ever growing gallery of mouth watering, finger licking, gorgeous men. Eddie is simply stunning with his sculptured body, gorgeous ass and come to bed eyes. He teams up with one of MAP's favourites Damien Crosse for a double festive fuck! And at this special time of year there is nothing better then sitting down with loved ones and exchanging gifts. Damien receives a special gift in the form of a kilt from lover Eddie Diaz which leads to both boys getting rampant with each other. The guys are feeling festive and a fuck fest is all they have on their mind as Eddie teases Damien's asshole with his tongue, fingers and then gives Damien a special Christmas gift! Damien not wanting to be selfish shares his special gift with Eddie and we get to see some mind blowing fucking action from two very sexy men who know how to pleasure each other - smoking hot!"







Xmasgift17 Xmasgift6

Xmasgift11 Xmasgift14

Xmasgift9 Xmasgift10

Xmasgift7 Xmasgift4

Xmasgift8 Xmasgift5

Xmasgift3 Xmasgift13
Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse

"The Gangster Shoot"

Starring Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse

October 9, 2009

"Behind the scenes of "The Gangster" photoshoot with Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse."

Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse

Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse

Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Beware The Dog

Starring Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho and Jean Franko

April 30, 2009

"When news gets to Francesco D'Macho that a competing restaurant has opened in his patch, he is not pleased and forcefully "invites" Damien Crosse, his rival, to dinner to teach him a few lessons in proper business practice. And with the help if his personal aide Jean Franko, they succeed in getting cocky Damien down on his knees and show him who is top dog in this city."

Beware_Dog2 Beware_Dog1

Beware_Dog19 Beware_Dog20

Beware_Dog7 Beware_Dog5

Beware_Dog13 Beware_Dog8

Beware_Dog14 Beware_Dog9

Beware_Dog11 Beware_Dog6

Beware_Dog12 Beware_Dog10

Beware_Dog3 Beware_Dog4

Beware_Dog15 Beware_Dog16

Beware_Dog17 Beware_Dog18

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho

Jean Franko, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho
Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

"The Mechanic"

Starring Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse

April 29, 2009

"He's got a broken down car and a wallet full of cash, but still this won't persuade the mechanic to fix the car any faster, and with an important business meeting in less than two hours, Damien starts to get desperate. But after suggesting that he is willing to perform sexual favours, straight guy Brocky Brown gets angry and decides to teach him a lesson in how men do business in this part of town."

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic

Brocky Brown and Damien Crosse in The Mechanic


"The Gallery"

Starring Francesco D'Macho, Damien Crosse & Thierry Lamasse

April 11, 2009

"We learnt in The Deal that Francesco has a fine eye for antiques, but what we didn't know was that his tastes extended to expensive modern art, however evidently not as strong as his taste for big cocks. As within minutes he is sucking hard on both the gallery owner and the security guards big uncut dicks. And just to make sure he gets the very best price, they give the gallery owner the best double fucking of his life."


















"In Bed With Part 2"

Starring Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse

April 10, 2009

"Here's our exclusive behind the scenes 'prequel' to this week's update. We've seen them get hot and dirty, now here we see another more tender side to them whilst they get each other ready for the shoot and chat about their relationship, working with MAP and their forthcoming wedding. A fascinating, and hilarious, insight into the personal life of two very high profile porn stars."



In Bed With Franceso & Damien

Starring Francesco D'Macho & Damien Crosse

April 9, 2009

"This week we celebrate the return of Francesco D'Macho to MenatPlay in a special two part update, except this time he brings along his new boyfriend and future husband Damien Crosse for an explosive comeback. Francesco and Damien were kind enough to allow us an exclusive fly on the wall look at their relationship. No script, no direction, just two real life boyfriends who are clearly deep into each other and have an a scorching hot and VERY kinky sex life. And luckily for you its all here on film. Stay tuned for part 2 coming later this week."

Inbed15 Inbed14

Inbed13 Inbed12

Inbed11 Inbed10

Inbed09 Inbed08

Inbed07 Inbed06












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