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Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

"My Old Jersey"

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

July 10, 2015

"Landon Conrad and Cameron are catching up on old times talking about the good ol days when they use to hook up all the time. Cameron shows Landon his jersey that he has kept over the years after they broke up so he could use it to have his smell with him at all times. Landon was very surprised that he had it and had forgotten all about it. Cameron starts to smell Landon and pulls him in close as they begin to kiss and rekindle the fire between them. You can see the excitement on Cameron's face as Landon sucks his cock and ball like back in the day. Cameron repays the favor with his deep throating skills that he uses only on Landon. They both are just too excited to keep sucking cock so Landon fucks him just like he remembers it and Cameron loves the dick deep inside him as he grinds Landon. He can't hold it in no longer so Landon releases his warm load over Cameron's sexy chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH My Old Jersey Featuring Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad Cameron Kincade and Landon Conrad

Trophy Husband

Featuring Cameron Kincade and Trenton Ducati
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

September 16, 2014

"Trenton Ducati is enjoying the good life while his hubby works all day long. During the days Trenton likes to bask in the sun and hang out by the pool. Cameron on the other hand is at work throughout the day and when he arrives he notices that Trenton is nowhere to be found but Cameron has a good idea where he is. Cameron heads to the backyard where Trenton is laid out in swim trunks taking in the sun. Cameron's mad at first considering he is the bread winner and, well Trenton, he's just the trophy. Trenton calms him down and begins to kiss him and they take the action inside where Trenton treats his sugar daddy to some nice ass and cock sucking. Cameron is all about that ass and mouth and it's all his to do with as he pleases. Trenton bends his sweet ass over and lets Cameron fuck him deep and hard. The two lovers make every second count as they suck and fuck until both their loads are dumped onto Trenton - he eats his own and Cameron repays the favor by licking up his load as well. Enjoy!"

WATCH Trophy Husband Featuring Cameron Kincade and Trenton Ducati















A Bottom In Need

Featuring Cameron Kincade and Mike Gaite
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

August 19, 2014

"Cameron Kincade is passed out in his bed after some long hours at his demanding job. Mike Gaite has just finished his shower and was hoping to get laid considering it has been weeks since Cameron coughed up any dick. Mike begins to wake up Cameron complaining about the lack of sex and the much needed loving that needs to happen. Cameron who is still shaking the sand out of his eyes tells Mike not to worry and lets him know that he's naked under the covers and ready for a nice blow. Mike horny and very eager pushes the blankets down and wraps his mouth around the cock he's been fantasizing about for so long. These two hairy sexy chested men are amazing kissers with an appetite for pleasing one another. Mike rides that dick to the bitter end clinching his fine ass as he rides the cock up and down. Cameron gives his lover the much needed attention he's been craving all week long and in the end the hot creamy cum makes it all worth the wait. Enjoy!"

WATCH A Bottom In Need Featuring Cameron Kincade and Mike Gaite















An Intimate Thank You

Cameron Kincade and Matt Stevens
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

October 29, 2013

"Beefy tasty Matt is back with us getting his grove on with sexy stud Cameron. Cameron has a major foot fetish and just can't get enough of Matt's sexy feet. He licks, sucks and basically makes some sweet love to them manly feet. Alpha male Matt takes full control of this man and uses every available hole to his bidding. Cum watch some hot sexy feet action with a dab of rimming and some sexy fucking to top it all off. Enjoy!"

WATCH An Intimate Thank You Featuring Cameron Kincade and Matt Stevens

Taking a Load Off

Featuring Isaac Hardy and Cameron Kincade
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

July 16, 2013

"Isaac Hardy & Cameron Kincade have been working hard all day, moving Cameron's stuff into his new place. They're almost done, but fatigue is kicking both their asses. Isaac suggests they rest for a while, maybe take a nap. Cameron's tired too, but he has a different idea to perk them up!

When Isaac hears Cameron say he's horny, Isaac decides some sexy fun is just the thing to revitalize them. He pulls his big, fat dick out for Cameron's sucking pleasure. Cameron loves getting to bob deep on large cocks. Isaac is happy to accommodate. He's even taking time to smack that hard boner on Cameron's happy face. Then Isaac is returning the favor by slurping passionately on Cameron's thick rod. Then he's bending Cameron over to have a few licks of his tender ass before fucking it. Watch Isaac pound Cameron's tight hole with his enormous dong in this incredibly hot, midday encounter. Enjoy!"

WATCH Taking a Load Off Featuring Isaac Hardy and Cameron Kincade

The Interview

Featuring Cameron Kincade and Brian Bonds
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

January 17, 2013

"Brian Bonds is here this week on and he is gonna be one happy camper as we welcome him to the MenOver30-by-injection club. We've paired this sexy 24yo ginger from Arkansas with hottie Cameron Kincade. Brian has come in for an interview and when Cameron comes out to greet him he realizes Brian's shown up in shorts, flip-flops and a cut off tee. "Is this how you normally dress for interviews" Cameron muses as Brian assures him it just shows "character". As Cameron shows Brian how he's dressed and how slacks and a dress shirt are more appropriate, Brian spots a bulge in his pants. That's all he needs as he goes in for the kiss as his hands grab his cock. They start to make out as Brian goes south to ace the oral portion of this interview. He undoes those pants and soon has Cameron's cock buried down his throat. Brian works that cock with ease as Cameron just revels in the sensation. Brian then gets up and drops his shorts giving Cameron something to work on as Cameron eagerly returns the favor. Brian gladly fucks his handsome face as Cameron slobbers all over that hard cock. Brian then turns around and gives Cameron's tongue something else to work on. Cameron slips that tongue deep inside that ass as he works Brian's boner. Brian bucks that ass back onto Cameron's face wanting that tongue as deep as he can get it. "You wanna fuck that ass?" Brian teases as Cameron works that hole. Cameron then gets Brian on his back and slides that cock into that wet hole, missionary. He slams in easily as he starts to fuck that ass as Brian begs for more. More is what he'll get as Cameron gets him on his feet so he can bend him over the chaise and slam that cock back up that ass for some doggy. Brian's ass is getting a work out but his won't be the only one as Brian turns the tables and gets Cameron on his back. He slides his cock into that ass as he sucks and licks his toes sending Cameron into orbit. Missionary has Brian's cock pounding Cameron just right and soon both are busting their thick loads all over Cameron's delicious cock and abs. Well, someone's getting hired!"

WATCH The Interview Featuring Cameron Kincade and Brian Bonds


Featuring Cameron Kincade
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

January 3, 2013

"Cameron Kincade is back on after a while and looking better than ever. It's bright and early as the smell of coffee wakes Cameron. He heads to the kitchen in his boxers to grab a cup as his morning wood reaches the counter before he does. Coffee in hand, Cameron slips his hand inside his boxers to give his cock a good morning hello. Soon the coffee is on the counter and both hands are on dick. He rubs his wood through his boxers as the head peaks out of his fly. He pulls it out and wraps his fist around it as he starts to jack his cock off dry. His cock is at grateful as it proudly stands at attention. He pulls on the shaft and releases it watching it spring back up. He pulls his smooth balls out of his fly next not wanting to leave them out as he gives them some love as well. The boxers soon hug his ankles as he gets serious about that hard on. He sighs softly as his hand strokes his cock and the other rubs his hairy chest and abs. Cameron has a sexy hairy chest and you can tell he takes really good care of his body. He watches that cock as he lubes it up and continues to give it the attention it's been wanting all morning. Cameron then goes to the couch and bends over it to give his cock some more stimulation. He pulls apart his hairy cheeks and shows off that hot ass as his finger slips inside. He fingers that hot hole as he continues milking his cock. There aren't any bad angles on this chiseled stud. He sits back and continues jerking off his hard cock and soon those balls are ready to blow. He stands up and busts his thick nut all over the leather below. His orgasm sends shivers up his spine as he braces and milks his cock dry. 2013 is looking amazing already!"

WATCH Kincum Featuring Cameron Kincade


Wel-Cum Wagon

Featuring Cameron Kincade & Brock Russell
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

January 26, 2012

"Brock Russell is back on and here to help us welcome a new member by the name of Cameron Kincade. Cameron is on his laptop when Brock comes in and introduces himself as his new neighbor. They chit chat a bit before Cameron asks him if he's living alone or has a Mrs. Russell. Brock assures him he lives alone because he liked sucking dick better than his x-fiancee. Cameron tells Brock that he's single as well because he hasn't found anyone that can suck good dick. Brock's suddenly happy he stopped by as he goes in for a kiss. Brock's tongue explores Cameron's smooth chest on his way south as Cam stands to give him full access to that growing dick of his. Brock hauls it out and gets his lips around it as he starts to service his new neighbor. He swallows that dick to the hilt as he runs his tongue along the shaft and smooth balls. Cameron then pulls Brock to his feet so he can make out some more then head south to return the favor. Brock's ! cock is rock hard by the time Cameron wraps his lips around it. Brock fucks that sexy face as his balls slap away at Cameron's chin. Brock lies on the floor as Cameron sits on his hard cock. It takes a few seconds to get that cock inside; but once it feels right Cameron starts to ride it. He leans back and braces himself on the floor as he starts to bounce that hole on Brock's hard cock. Brock then sits up and helps bounce Cameron on his meat before pulling out and getting on his back to give Cameron some ass of his own. Cameron suits up and slides his hard cock deep into Brock's bubble but as he starts to fuck that ass missionary. Cameron then gets Brock on his knees and pushes him over the chair and goes at that ass doggy style. Cameron pulls out and shoots his load all over Brock's smooth ass. Brock starts to beat his hard cock off as Cameron gets on the floor wanting a front row seat to the cream works. Cameron rubs his face all over Brock's knob as Brock unloads his thick nut all over Cameron's face. Apparently this welcome package came with a piping hot facial. Ooooh, Gooody!"


What's UP, Doc?

Featuring Doc Rock & Cameron Kincade
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

October 20, 2011

"Is there a Doctor in the house? This week on we welcome back Doc Rock and introduce Cameron Kincade! Doc is flexing for Cameron who is admiring his guns and ripped abs. Admiration turns to appreciation as Cameron starts to lick on Doc's pecs and nips. They start to make out as their hands explore the other. Cameron slips south as he pulls Doc's cock out of his briefs and goes to work on it. Cameron is totally into Doc's defined body and he does his best to make that dick feel good as he kneels to work it some more. They stand as they continue to make out, rubbing their cocks together for a bit before Doc gets on his knees to return the favor. Cameron then bends Doc over and gets that ass wet as he shoves his tongue inside. He spreads that beefy ass wide as he tongue fucks him deep. Once that hole is nice and wet, Cameron stands and slides his hard cock inside. He starts fucking that ass doggy style as Doc moans in ecstasy. Cameron then gets Doc in position so h! e can pile drive that ass. He gets in position as Doc holds his massive legs in the air and bounces up and down into that tight hole. As they get closer, Cameron moves them over to the chair where he pounds Doc's ass missionary making him shoot all over himself. Cameron pulls out and blows his load all over Doc's cum soaked abs."

Dante Colle's New Worshiper

January 20, 2018

"Dante Colle is a very busy professional and he is hiring a personal assistant to take care of his schedule - and to worship his socks and feet. Cameron is very eager for the job because he loves servicing smelly socks and sweaty feet. Dante lets Cameron worship his socks before putting his own nose on Cameron's socks. Then Dante's stunning bare feet are serviced and pampered by his new assistant."





















Cameron's Feet Worshiped

July 8, 2017

"Cameron Kincade hasn't been serviced in a while, and he has no trouble at all telling Dev what he needs when it comes to a hot foot worship. He owned Dev as he adored Cameron's size 10 feet. Cameron was very specific about what he desired and made sure Dev followed every order and worshiped his masculine feet the right way. Dev finished things off, sucking on Cameron's toes the best way he knows how, but even a seasoned toe-sucker like him has trouble pleasing Cameron."





















Hunter Page and Cameron Worship Each Others Feet

June 20, 2015

"Cameron Kincade has been driving me crazy with how much he wants to worship Hunter Page's sexy size 10 feet, so I started setting things up for a worship scene. Hunter was certainly up for it because he is totally into foot and sock worship! This time he knew as soon as Cameron started sniffing his dress socks that it was going to be an experience he will never forget. Evidence of that is when he strips down completely naked and begins stroking his big, rock hard cock. And lo and behold, Hunter starts sucking on Cameron's feet right back until they both explode in a kinky climax!"

















Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

June 6, 2015

Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"Ever since I've had Aspen hanging around my place Cameron Kincade has had his eye on him. When he's into a guy he bothers me relentlessly about worshiping him. Aspen loves to be worshiped and Cameron did it until the hunk was jerking off here. Aspen got pretty serious in this scene, really getting into Cameron sniffing his black dress socks and licking his bare feet. It wasn't long before Aspen was totally naked and stroking his big cock until he came!"

Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

Cameron Worships Aspen's Feet and Makes Him Cum

Cameron Worships & Fucks Cole Money's Size 12 Feet

December 8, 2014

"Cameron Kincade once again lucked out at MyFriendsFeet by getting to worship the gorgeous size 12 feet of stud Cole Money. Cameron has one of the best jobs in the gay porn biz and he certainly had an enjoyable task in worshiping Cole Money's spectacular feet. Cole kicks back in some nice threads, his sweaty dress socks in Cameron's face. Cameron sniffs them and revels in their aroma before stripping them off and licking Cole's peds completely clean. The video finishes off with Cole fucking Cameron's socked feet and soaking them with his cum!"





















Jessie Colter Gives Cameron A Footjob

February 8, 2014

"How could any erotic man-on-man video shoot go wrong with the likes of HOT porn stud Jessie Colter on the set? Especially when he's got a pair of very sexy feet belonging to MyFriendsFeet's good friend Cameron Kincade to play with? Jessie seems to know a thing or 100 about turning a dude on by playing with his feet and toes!"













Matt Stevens & Cameron Kincade Get Off On Foot Worship

December 5, 2013

"Matt Stevens and Cameron finally hooked up and Cameron heard a rumor that Matt was into feet and socks, so he went right for Matt's socks. Soon Matt was worshiping Cameron's dress socks too. It wasn't long before the socks and the clothes were off. Cameron sucked Matt's toes to get him off and then Matt offered his amazing soles for Cameron to fuck. He blew a big load all over Matt's bare feet."
















Eddie Cambio Is Taught The Joys Of Foot Sex & Sock Worship By Cameron...

March 23, 2013

"We at MyFriendsFeet have known Cameron Kincade for many years and if there's one thing he knows how to do it's worship feet. He goes mad over the feet of studs like Eddie Cambio. And who could ever blame him for that' Eddie has had a lot of sex in his life but nothing like he experiences in this MyFriendsFeet video. The way Cameron massaged his socked feet had him grabbing his crotch and kicking back to enjoy it all immediately. That was only the beginning though. By the time Cameron was sucking on Eddie's luscious toes it was all the Italian hunk could do to keep from stroking his hard cock and cumming on the spot!"































Sleeping Clark Worshiped & Foot-Fucked

January 27, 2013

Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"Clark is such a stunning hunk that Cameron Kincade and I couldn't resist worshiping his perfect size 11 feet on video at MyFriendsFeet. Clark loves to be adored and Cameron and I certainly gave him what he loves. With a pair of size 11 feet on him you have to know that he is a big target. Especially since he was sleeping. He He. Clark is our version of the perfect man and we felt he deserved the perfect foot worshiping. Cameron finishes off this superb shoot by fucking Clark's feet and cumming on them!"































Brenden Worship (2)

Brenden and Cameron Enjoy Foot Jobs and Sock Sex

September 30, 2012

"Brenden Cage is definitely Cameron Kincade's kind of man. The two gorgeous hunks get into some very erotic sock sex and foot worship in this MyFriendsFeet video. Brenden is no stranger to the porn camera, but foot sex was a bit new to him. It was ok though, as Cameron was there to lead him along. Cameron sure loved sniffing and licking Brenden's smelly dress socks before peeling them off and licking his feet clean. Both men proceed to jerk off until they both shot climactic loads of cum together!"

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07 08 09

Cameron Tickled By Two Guys!

July 28, 2012

Comment from MyFriendsFeet:

"Link and I decided we were going to get back at Cameron Kincade in this MyFriendsFeet shoot for thinking he has the right to tickle torture others but not endure it himself every so often. It wasn't long before Cameron lost the upper hand, that's for sure. Cameron knows all too well how I can tickle, as I'm the one who taught him the art. So Cameron had to endure probably the most intense tickling session I've ever dished out and Link and I found out that Cameron is one super ticklish dude!"

Cameron Tickled By Two Guys! Cameron Tickled By Two Guys! Cameron Tickled By Two Guys!
Cameron Tickled By Two Guys! Cameron Tickled By Two Guys! Cameron Tickled By Two Guys!
Cameron Tickled By Two Guys! Cameron Tickled By Two Guys! Cameron Tickled By Two Guys!
My Friends Feet Cameron Kincade

Cameron's Size 11 Feet & Dress Socks

July 4, 2012

"When I posted the hot scene of Cameron & Link having foot sex in the VIP section last week I was flooded with emails about Cameron. Who is this guy? Why haven't we seen him before? So here's a set of photos of him, his dress socks and size 11 bare feet so you can get to know him better. I think you're going to love what you see. Be sure to check out the foot sex scene too - it's HOT! Enjoy!"

My Friends Feet Cameron Kincade

My Friends Feet Cameron Kincade

My Friends Feet Cameron Kincade

Link & Cameron Foot Sex

July 1, 2012

"Link (Lance Hart) and Cameron were still new to worshiping feet on video in this MyFriendsFeet video. It was a while ago. But there's no doubt these two hunks have a serious craving for each other and their sexy feet. Between their 69 foot sucking and jerking off they were sure to get each other off to some very nice orgasms. They look SO good together!"

Link & Cameron Have Their First Taste Of Foot & Sock Sex Play Link & Cameron Have Their First Taste Of Foot & Sock Sex Play Link & Cameron Have Their First Taste Of Foot & Sock Sex Play
Link & Cameron Have Their First Taste Of Foot & Sock Sex Play Link & Cameron Have Their First Taste Of Foot & Sock Sex Play Link & Cameron Have Their First Taste Of Foot & Sock Sex Play
Cameron Kincade Barebacks Andrew Collins

Cameron Kincade Barebacks Andrew Collins

October 4, 2013

"Andrew Collins is in for a great awakening because Cameron Kincade has morning wood. Cameron playfully wakes Andrew up with hugs and tender kisses. He jacks Andrew's stiff cock before deep throating it to the base. Cameron moves up to the headboard so Andrew can suck his sweet dick. Cameron lifts Andrew's legs in the air and eats his hairy ass. He plays with Andrew's tight hole, getting it wet and ready for his raw cock. Cameron enters Andrew in one thrust and plows his tight hole bareback. Andrew teases Cameron's dick by slowly sliding all the way up and then pushing the bare cock back in. They lay on their side so Cameron can slam Andrew with his raw meat. The two smile at each other playfully. Andrew strokes his cock and rides on top, spewing a thick load across Cameron's hairy abs. Andrew feeds Cameron his cum and he swallows it all. Cameron barebacks Andrew doggy style, filling his hole perfectly with his raw dick. Cameron Kincade pounds Andrew Collins' manhole bareback before pulling out to shoot his load. Cameron licks his own cum off of Andrew's ass and the two hop in the shower to rinse off."

Cameron Kincade Barebacks Andrew Collins

Cameron Kincade Barebacks Andrew Collins

Cameron Kincade Barebacks Andrew Collins

Cameron Kincade Barebacks Andrew Collins

Cameron Kincade Barebacks Andrew Collins

Cameron Kincade Barebacks Andrew Collins

Cameron Kincade and Kacey

February 2, 2017

"Cameron Kincade is super hot and popular and that's why he's back in the studio once again. Well, that and the fact that he loves having sex with straight men. Cameron just keeps getting better looking and he keeps his body hard and tight! He's also totally versatile so that makes him a perfect choice for a bait guy.

Kacey is our new straight hunk! He's tall, dark, and handsome, and since he works out 6 days a week, his body is wonderful! He loves having sex and can't wait to fuck a chick today!

Caruso tells the guys to watch the porn he has playing and to get their cocks hard while he steps out to check on the female talent. He hasn't been gone but a couple of minutes and both guys are rock hard and ready to fuck. Sorry guys, but today it's not going to happen. Caruso returns to deliver the bad news that the girl was a no call no show. It's not the end of the World though because if both guys will have sex with each other then Caruso will pay them double the money.

Kacey finally agrees and Cameron takes over and grabs his cock. It's always nice to help a buddy out, so Caruso tells Kacey to return the favor and stroke Cameron's cock! Before you know it, both guys are sucking each other's cocks and flip fucking on the couch!"











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Cameron Kincade and Devin Tyson

"The Pansexuals"

Cameron Kincade and Devin Tyson

August 29, 2013

"Wikipedia defines ''pansexuality'' as is sexual attraction, sexual desire, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward people of all gender identities and biological sexes. Self-identified pansexuals may consider pansexuality a sexual orientation, and refer to themselves as gender-blind, asserting that gender and sex are insignificant or irrelevant in determining whether they will be sexually attracted to others. The Oxford English Dictionary defines pansexuality as, ''not limited or inhibited in sexual choice with regard to gender or activity''. Cameron Kincade, our returning Bait guy, tells Caruso that he credits for opening him up to his pansexual nature. He talks about guys and girls in the same terms when it comes to sex and he's very excited after seeing our new sexy straight boy, Devin, out in the lobby. Devin is just 21, handsome, built and hung - that is if you think 9 thick inches fits that bill. This is Devin's very first time on a porn set and is he ever nervous. You can see it in his eyes and his movements. He doesn't know what to expect... and at Caruso's place, you can be sure it's not what he thinks. After the introductions are made, Caruso has the boys strip down, watch pussy porn and stroke their cocks to ''make sure'' they can get hard. Once he sees that Devin is good, he goes to retrieve the ''girl''. Of course Cameron, who's been through this three times before (the first time he was as clueless as Devin is today), knows that the ''girl'' won't show. So, after Caruso delivers the news and Devin hears that he has to have sex with Cameron if he wants to go home with a check, he's basically up on his feet and on his way out the door. He was nervous enough to start with and now you can see he's jumping out of his skin. But, maybe in the back of his mind he's always wanted to try something like this as we are able to calm him down after several minutes and he finally sits back down. But, he doesn't seem to want to give in easy or too fast at first. Watch as he cock blocks Cameron with his left hand while he strokes his monster cock with his right. Cameron has to move past the block to get to stroke the boy's big schlong. Devin gets hard pretty fast and Cameron has him stand up and tries to get Devin concentrating on some mutual cock rubbing and frot while he dives in for some kissing action. Devin finally gives in to some light kissing, but Cameron is never fully successful at getting him to take and return the full tongue experience. So, Cameron moves in for some cock sucking which he's now an expert at (especially after 3 times on and lots of home practice) and deep throats all of Devin's 9 inches. When Caruso asks Devin how many girls can do that, he answers in amazement ''just a handful''. Next it's Devin's turn to suck cock for the first time and he seems much less apprehensive when swallowing and slobbering all over Cameron's pretty penis. As a matter of fact, we never hear one ''teeth'' complaint from Cameron. Now, on to the fucking. Devin really appreciates a hot ass and he can see that Cameron's fits that description, so he's anxious to get lubed up - and Cameron makes sure it's REAL lubed up - before he shoves all nine inches of his fuck stick up Cameron's ass. Cameron is loving the fuck as he takes a pummeling from Devin doggy style. Then without removing his cock, Devin lays back on the couch and pulls Cameron's hot bod on top of him, skin to skin, and lets the boy ride his huge tool. Before long, Cameron can't take any more and shoots a big load of hot, delicious cum all over Devin's thigh. He then gets between Devin's legs and licks the stud's balls until his fucker shoots his own load. When Caruso asks Devin how much he enjoyed it on a scale of 1 to 10, he responds with a surprisingly high score of 8 and said he would do it again. And when asked which celebrity, if he had a choice, would he like to fuck, he answers ''guy or girl''. We think we turned out yet another pansexual. Enjoy!"

Cameron Kincade and Devin Tyson

Cameron Kincade and Devin Tyson

Cameron Kincade and Devin Tyson

Cameron Kincade and Devin Tyson

Cameron Kincade and Devin Tyson

Cameron Kincade and Devin Tyson
Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long

"Beasting Out"

Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long

March 7, 2013

"Lorrenzo Long is a straight Italian Stallion, he's a bit older than we usually have on, but once you see his bodybuilder muscles, big bubble butt and fat 9'' cock, the last thing you'll be thinking about is his age. Lorrenzo answered our ad for male models wanting to earn cash making porn with beautiful women. Caruso paired him up with a favorite of his, our bait man, Cameron Kincade, a sexy good looking dude with a hot athletic body who started out as the straight man in Caruso's videos, but has been exploring his bi side even outside of Caruso is more than a little nervous about baiting Lorrenzo after he finds out that this massive hunk is an MMA fighter, kick boxer, wrestler and holds multi-state championship titles in Brazilian jiu jitsu. So, first he has the guys strip down to show off their stuff...and they look fantastic from the front and back - enough to make a gay man drool. Caruso leaves them to jack to some straight porn while he goes to 'get the girl'. Of course the girl can't make it because of the heavy rain storm and the only possibility of the guys making money is for them to have sex with each other. Lorrenzo reacts strongly and tells Caruso he's not into that shit. But, as is with most guys, when you get them in the 'porn bubble' inside a porn studio, with porn playing, the smell of sex, their dicks hard and their hormones flowing, a little fuzzy Caruso logic goes a long way, and for double the money, Lorrenzo is up for the job! To get things going, Cameron walks over to Lorrenzo and grabs his cock and starts stroking it - notice that Cameron's cock just gets harder and harder now that he's touching this big muscle hunk's hot junk. When it's Lorrenzo's turn to return a helping hand, he's a bit reluctant, but like the man he is, he won't turn down the challenge and jacks the first dick other than his own. Next Cameron swoops in and engulfs Lorrenzo's 9'' bodybuilder special and slurps hungrily away at it. Again, Lorrenzo is a bit horrified that he has to return the favor and suck Cameron's cock. Cameron has to instruct him a bit, especially when it comes to using teeth - LOL - what can you expect from a straight man? Next is the fucking and that has to be the best part of this video. Once Cameron gets on his back and Lorrenzo slips his 9 inches into him, he starts getting verbal - the dirty talk and all, and he just goes for it. All we can see is 224lbs of rock hard MMA fighting muscle pounding Cameron's cute bubble butt like a beast while Cameron groans and moans in almost disbelieving ecstasy. He fucked him non-stop like this and finally he says ''Caruso, can I make him cum!'' he wasn't asking a question - he was declaring what he was doing. And, boy he fucked the cum right of Cameron. After all said and done, Cameron tells us about how he gets into the zone and 'Beasts Out' while fucking girls and the same thing happened to him with Cameron. He said he held back, put the brakes on, because he didn't want to hurt the man. Hearing this, Cameron went wide-eyed - we guess at the thought of even a rougher and harder fuck. But, don't be surprised when you see Lorrenzo back "Beasting Out" on our bait man without the brakes on!"

Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long

Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long

Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long

Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long

Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long

Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long

Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long

Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long

Cameron Kincade and Lorrenzo Long
Bait Buddies Justin Cage and Cameron Kincade

In like a lion, out like a lamb

Featuring Justin Cage and Cameron Kincade

July 19, 2012

"'In like a lion, out like a lamb' normally refers to the change of seasons. However, in our video we're describing the transition that took place with a rough, tough MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter named Justin Cage. Justin is a straight 38 year old hunk with muscles, tattoos and a matching tough attitude - like a lion. He's here to do his first pussy porn video...he thinks, but of course Caruso has other plans for him. Justin is paired up with Cameron Kincade. He also started out as a very straight dude on many months ago when his girlfriend, a fan of the site, contacted Caruso and asked if her boyfriend Cameron could have his first gay sex experience in one of Caruso's videos. Well, he did and he liked it. He went on to make several more gay4pay videos. Now, at the behest of his girlfriend - he's back for more. This time as a bait boy, and she wants to see him get fucked. The first thing you'll notice is that he's bulked up, he's gone from slender to muscle stud and he's also been prepared for anal action by his girlfriend who has been regularly using a strap on on him.

Now that you know the background it's time for cameras and action. The brooding Justin is brought onto the set to meet Cameron. Both men are instructed to strip down and work themselves up. What a treat! Cameron is handsome and built with a cute bubble butt while Justin is a total hunk of a man, big chest, big meaty bubble butt, muscles everywhere and huge rock hard thighs - all the result of his workouts and cage fights. They're cocks are both rock hard and ready to fuck, but there's a problem, 'Karen' isn't coming and the only alternative is for the guys to have sex with each other if they want to get paid. Cameron is squirming in his seat, inching closer to Justin and ready to go. Justin is clueless, but knows one thing - he isn't gay and he's not going to do it. That's until Caruso works his magic and the logic and money overrides Justin's fear of touching another dude. What happens next is one of the fastest conversions of a rough and tumble straight dude into a seemingly sensitive, but very hot, gay lover. We quickly go from a mutual jack off session, to kissing and swapping blow jobs to one of the hottest fuck scenes we've shot to date. We also learned that when a big hunk of MMA fighter fucks you hard, you cum and cum quick and cum twice! That's just what happened to Cameron. And we were shocked when right after Cameron is fucked and cums, big rough, manly Justin bends forward to kiss his new lover. BaitBuddies took him in like a lion and sent him out like a lamb. Just the way we like it!"

Bait Buddies Justin Cage and Cameron Kincade

Bait Buddies Justin Cage and Cameron Kincade

Bait Buddies Justin Cage and Cameron Kincade

Bait Buddies Justin Cage and Cameron Kincade

Bait Buddies Justin Cage and Cameron Kincade

Bait Buddies Justin Cage and Cameron Kincade Bait Buddies Justin Cage and Cameron Kincade

I Kissed a Man

Featuring Ty Tucker and Cameron Kincade

November 24, 2011

"He kissed a man and we think he really liked it even though our straight guy Cameron was hesitant to say it. Anyway, who wouldn't love kissing our hot Bait man, Ty, with his handsome face, beautiful chest, great butt and legs and perfect 7" cock? Here's how it all happened. About three weeks ago Caruso gets a call from a young woman who claims to be a fan of the site (we check our records and sure enough she is). She says she really gets off on straight guys having sex with another dude and goes on to tell Caruso that her boyfriend always wanted to do porn and the only way she'll let him do it is if it's with another guy. She sends her boyfriend Cameron to meet with Caruso. He's good looking, a little on the slender side, but for sure very straight and very sincere and of course sexy. He was hesitant, but agreed for his "wild sex crazed" girlfriend's sake to have his first sexual experience with another guy on video for

Both guys are ready to go and Caruso tells our Bait man Ty to take the lead. Ty slowly strips Cameron's shirt, jeans and underwear, gets on his knees and engulfs Cameron's very nice cock to the root. Cameron throws his head back and we know he's on the way. Ty stands up and pulls Cameron in for a kiss, he's a bit repulsed and pulls back, Ty won't have it and goes back in. Next thing you know they're making out like high school sweethearts - Ty had let himself go and was totally in the experience - you just had to look at his still hard cock for the proof. It's now Cameron's time to suck Ty's fat 7 incher and he's not doing so great at the start. He needs some pointers - no teeth - suck and use your tongue on the head, etc. In the end he does a decent job, but you could tell sucking cock wasn't anything he was thrilled with. Then we give Cameron a go at Tyler's gorgeous, firm, bubble butt. And once he penetrates that beauty he's in like Flynn. You can tell by his expression and words that he's loving this part and could go on forever except for that fact that he tells us he needs to cum - and he does as Ty strokes his cock with his big manly hand until the man shoots his load. Then Ty jacks himself off and he can see Tyler is watching intently and he says "so straight man, you like watching me jack of" to which Cameron just mumbles something like "it's OK". We think this experience was much more than OK for Cameron, we think he fucked a man and liked it...and we know his girlfriend didn't mind."










Kink Men


Captured Baseball Stud gets Edged in the Locker Room

Featuring Cameron Kincade

February 26, 2013

"It's after hours at the gym as Van and Sebastian lurk through the dark locker room. Hidden away in the dirty laundry hamper is a bound baseball stud, Cameron Kincade. Cameron is tied to the lockers with duct tape around his head while his clothes are torn and his cock is edged. His hard cock is pointing straight up at the ceiling. Cameron starts to get pissed off when the guys deny him a load, so they suspend him upside down and flog Cameron's athletic body. After having both holes filled with dildos, Cameron is tied down to the bench where his cock is edged, and his balls are squeezed just before he blows his load all over his chest and is made to eat his own cum. The hairy stud then endures the post orgasm torment and screams for mercy when they tickle the hell out of him."












Jacob Biendino and Dr Jizzerman

August 9, 2012

"The good old Doctor Dick referred Jacob to me. Jacob needed to come in for another endurance test, which I was all too happy to administer to Jacob. I went through the usual routine with this stud. I checked his senses, reflexes, and checked his heart. Now I was ready to get down to the fun stuff. I had him remove the rest of his clothing while I watched. My dick began to twitch in my pants as I fought to contain my growing erection. I told him it was now time to begin the endurance test so I had him lay on the examination table while I started to work his dick with my hands. I had him quivering on the table and within minutes I had him shooting in my hands. I brought my mouth to his cock and licked his dick clean. I looked him in the eyes and told him he had to repay the favor. I took his place on the exam table and he began to jerk me off and switched off between that and taking my dick into his mouth. He really knew how to suck some mean dick. My body was tingling as he formed a suction around my cock with his lips and slid his tongue on the under side of my cock head. I told him I was close so he started to give me a handjob and I came one stress-relieving load."












Jacob Biendino and Dr Jizzerman

April 5, 2012

"I was so happy to finally be able to close up shop and get home for some badly needed R&R. My hopes shattered immediately when I heard the clinic door open. A muscular wrestler by the name of Jacob had walked in asking for a badly needed last minute physical requested by his coach. How could I say no to the kid, anyway I guess my me time would have to wait. I began the physical testing out his heart and his glands then had him removed the top portion of his singlet while I had him weighed. This guy was built with an amazing chest and nipples I could tease for days. I had him get off the scale and then asked him to remove his entire singlet so I could check for hernias. He had a beautiful uncut cock and a cute little ass. I was actually pretty happy I had decided to take in this last minute patient. I had him get on the exam table while I examined his cock. Barely touching him he began to fire off a hot white load all over himself, personally I was in heaven as I kept reassuring the embarrassed, flushed, apologetic Jacob that that sort of thing happened all the time. I took that opportunity to bring my face down to his crotch to lick off the fresh warm cum while a shocked but yet extremely turned on Jacob moaned and just went with it. I began to undress and switched spots with the young wrestler as he began to service my cock. This kid was not only a wrestling star but one hell of a cocksucker too. He brought me to a pretty awesome and badly needed climax but I wasn't through with this guy yet. I checked his heart beat once more and then began to worship his cock with my mouth. Sucking nice and hard while licking the underside of his foreskin, it was too much for Jacob to take and he began shooting another intense load which I was all to happy to clean up. I gave him my thumbs up and asked him to come back for a potentially exciting experiment I had in mind for the sexy geyser."












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