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Angel Diablo


ALIASES: Boxxy, Dante, Fabricio
SITES: Butch Dixon, Jimmy Z Productions, My Friends Feet, Paragon Men, Powermen, Randy Blue, Thunder TV Wrestling

Powermen More Than A Jock Featuring Angel Diablo

More Than a Jock

Featuring Angel Diablo

March 21, 2022

"We're guessing that with a name like 'Angel Diablo', you're expecting a Latin muscleman with some bitchin' tats and a dash of mischief in his siesta-dreamy eyes? Well, you're right about the tats, but that's it! You'd never expect to see some big, super-built guy who looks for all the world like a pro baseball player playing hooky for the afternoon, when he should either be at practice or in the batter's box, right? Well - that's Angel Diablo, looking for all the world like the big jock he really is, just hanging in his Vegas hotel room and banging his big, muscular meat! So play ball!"

PowerMen Angel Diablo

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PowerMen Angel Diablo

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Angel's Manly Size 12 Feet

October 20, 2015

"Angel is gorgeous! Angel is quite a confident stud and he surely loves showing off his fantastic and ticklish size 12 feet. This is a damn good thing for us foot and muscle freaks. Speaking of muscle, Angel has it in spades. While I definitely love to ogle and lust over his big arms and perfect abs of course, I was concentrating on getting my camera as close to Angel's size 12 feet as possible. I succeeded!"





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Ticklish 6-3 Muscle Stud Angel Gets Humbled Big Time

Ticklish 6'3" Muscle Stud Angel Gets Humbled Big Time

November 13, 2011

"Ticklish 6'3" muscle stud Angel needed to be humbled and it just happens that I was the one to be able to do it by tying him to the MyFriendsFeet tickle table and driving him crazy with tickle torture. Angel is huge and I mean, huge. He's got muscles on his muscles and with his size comes the sensitivity. There aren't many places on his massive body and size 12 feet that aren't ticklish. He didn't think he could be humbled and didn't know how ticklish he was until he was bound and tormented by a true tickle Master!"

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Angel Worshiped

October 8, 2011

"Cocky 6'3" Italian Angel loves to taunt his foot slaves with his size 12 feet and that's exactly did to me in this MyFriendsFeet shoot. Angel is the kind of stud I would get down on my knees for any time. He was very glad to hear that when I first mentioned it, too. Angel takes control, wherever he is. And he didn't hold much back here as he smothers me with his glorious size 12s!"

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Angel's Size 12 Feet & Black Socks

October 23, 2011

"Angel had done some modeling before this shoot and I think that is very obvious. He's absolutely stunning to look at! And his personality belies his great looks. He's very nice! His size 12 feet are just as nice, too. He is the ultimate Italian to me. Classic sculptured face, wonderful body and he's more than open minded enough to show off his pride and joy feet. Angel loves his feet and we love them just as much!"




Jimmy Z Productions Angel Diablo


Angel vs Angel

Featuring Angel Diablo

February 23, 2014

"It's Angel vs Angel, one in black and the other in white. Each wearing tight clothes that hug their sexy bodies. They have a pose down, flexing to see who has the better abs, biceps and back. This battle gets serious as they show more skin and stripping off their clothes. The two fuse into one powerful Angel giving us one hot bodybuilder that shows off all of his muscles including his beefy ass and sweet cock."



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A Typical Day - Part 3

Featuring Angel Diablo

September 9, 2012

"In Part 3, Angel Diablo is back from his night out and ready to take his clothes off. He undresses and begins to touch his smooth skin all over his body. Getting his cock hard he thinks about the day he had from waking up, going to the beach and to his night out. His rock hard cock can't hold it in any longer as he shoots his big load and gives us one big muscle orgasm."



A Typical Day - Part 2

Featuring Angel Diablo

July 15, 2012

"In Part 2, Angel Diablo heads to the beach to give his muscles some fun in the sun. Some jogging and some resistance exercises gets his body pumped and ready. Then a quick shower back at home and Angel is ready to decide what to wear for a night out. Which outfit shows off that hot body best?"




A Typical Day - Part 1

Featuring Angel Diablo

June 3, 2012

"In Part 1, Angel Diablo wakes up in bed and has some fun with his muscles to start his day. Feeling his body and flexing he gets his blood pumping and his body ready for some breakfast. He cooks and eats in his sexy white briefs as his daily routine continues. Then he is ready for his shower to wash his hard muscles and his beautiful bubble butt."

Angel Diablo

Angel Diablo


February 2014

Check out his inferno...

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Angel Diablo

Angel Diablo

January 18, 2012

"Angel Diablo stools past you in the gym. He's enough to inspire you to add a few more weights to your workout or to give up and head to the steam room to find some sweaty stud to fuck. He's ruggedly handsome with biceps as big as your head. As far as hung bodybuilders go, he's at the top of the list. He runs his hands over his smooth muscles, inviting you to take in all of his beauty. He flips over and gives you a close up look at his tight hairless hole. He gets off on you fantasizing about all the things you like to do to him. And with a body like his that list has to be long. He works his thick cock and you can see all the huge muscles of his arm flexing as he pounds his meat. He finally shoots a nice thick load that cascades down over his hand, puddling on his tight, firm stomach."

Angel Diablo Angel Diablo

Angel Diablo Angel Diablo

Angel Diablo Angel Diablo


August 30, 2011

"Straight personal trainer Fabricio has been sculpting his body since he was 15. Now 29, he has that perfectly proportioned torso that only the truly dedicated achieve and as I let my camera roam over every inch, I'm very impressed. He's friendly and relaxed - more than me even, and we're soon talking about all kinds of things, while he gently strokes his uncut cock, rolling the foreskin back and forth over the swelling head as it rises to attention. Talking sex and getting off with another guy watching can be a pretty strange experience for a straight guy who's only posed for a few photos before, and Fabricio was worried he might find it difficult, but before long he's relaxed right into it (and ok, I'm massaging his ego a little...) and his rock hard cock is twitching and throbbing as he stares into my lens and his breathing gets louder... he looks almost surprised to have shot an impressive load and a big, sexy smile breaks accross his face. Pure man, pure sex."


Fabricio Fabricio

Fabricio Fabricio

Fabricio Fabricio

Fabricio Fabricio

Fabricio Fabricio
Thunders Arena Boxxy

Boxxy_vs_Rex_IMG_7517 65

Boxxy vs Rex

Battle of the Body Scissors

"Watch two bodybuilders battle it out to see who has the most powerful thighs and can get the most submissions by head scissors and most submission by body scissors.

Meet Boxxy, our new European muscle bound warrior. He is 6' 4" tall and 240lbs of pure power! Who better to put the new guy through his paces and see if he has the skills to back up those massive muscles than Rex! The egos are just about more than the room can handle with these two muscle beasts. Boxxy is a European champion kickboxer and gives as good as he gets! Rex knows that a body has to be in shape to survive here. Watch his pecs bounce as he has a flexes off against Rex showing off his broad back and powerful thighs. Boxxy claims the body scissors as his best move and teases Rex his thighs are too small to make someone submit in a body scissors. Not terribly impressed, Rex shows him how it's done! Rex lifts Boxxy right off the ground without even breaking a sweat in a powerful bearhug! They punish each other with head scissors and body scissors and bearhugs, while flexing and showing off their "guns" to each other. Let's see if this European Powerhouse can bring the pain to Rex! The first ever scissor challenge at Thunder's Arena is ON!"

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Johnny Bravo vs Boxxy

Bodybuilder Battle 50

"After some serious flexing, posing and showing off some incredibly massive muscles, Johnny Bravo challenges Boxxy to a body slam off. Boxxy seems to have trouble getting Johnny Bravo off the ground, while Johnny fully lifts Boxxy with ease twice, before finally getting the first body slam. Boxxy is not out for the count, quite yet, as he makes an attempt to get Johnny in a few holds. However Johnny is more experienced than Boxxy realizes and he ends up countering all his attempts. This lands boxxy in a lot of pain and punishment. Johnny Bravo twists Boxxy into head locks, sleeper holds, arm locks, head scissors, and ab stretches. He also tortures Boxxy with body slams, camel clutches, body scissors, head scissors, bear hugs, pec claws, and even a gorilla press. The torture goes on and on for Boxxy, but he's one wrestler who can take a beating and keep on going. Watch and see if bulging Boxxy can overcome Johnny Bravo's powerful attacks, or will Boxxy gain the upper hand?"