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Powerman Priest


ALIASES: Andrew, Anthony, Muscle Dom, Tad
SITES: Buff and Bound, Captured Guys, Mission 4 Muscle, My Friends Feet, Straight Muscle Guys, Straight Up Guys, Thunder TV Wrestling

Tad's Dress Socks and Feet

Tad's Dress Socks and Feet

September 22, 2015

"Tad looks better every time I see him, especially when he shows up in a suit and is wearing black dress socks. Tad knows me well enough to tease me that way. He may look shy and all, but Tad just loves to show off. He makes a perfect foot model. Dressed in a suit it's hard to tell that Tad is built very nicely, but once he gets his shirt off I breathed a sigh of lust. What a hunk! As if his body wasn't enough of a turn on though, Tad's ticklish size 12 feet are the kind that foot lovers fantasize about consistently. I had the sheer pleasure of worshiping Tad's feet at one time. Don't miss out on that video and the video of him getting tickled too."

Tad's Dress Socks and Feet

Tad's Dress Socks and Feet

Tad's Dress Socks and Feet

Tad's Dress Socks and Feet

Tad's Dress Socks and Feet Tad's Dress Socks and Feet

Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet and White Socks

"The last time I saw Tad was this past summer when he came to visit Florida from New Jersey. One day during that week we went outside and I got these photos of his wide and ticklish size 12 feet. It was a really hot day and Tad had just come home from his workout. He didn't want to do much besides just laying back. That was no problem though - I let him rest his tired muscles and sweaty feet and hot these photos for you guys. If you haven't seen the video of Tad being tickled naked be sure to check that out."

Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet and White Socks 032


Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet and White Socks 061

Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet and White Socks 081

08 Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet and White Socks 011
21 Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet and White Socks 037

Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet and White Socks 055 65

Tad's Soccer Slides & Size 12 Bare Feet

November 27, 2009

"I love the fact that soccer slides have become so popular in the last few years. Mainly because we get to see smoking hot studs like Tad showing off his size 12 in them. Tad is dark and handsome, with a body that leaves very little to be desired and a fantastic pair of size 12 feet that no foot freak can resist!"

Tad's Soccer Slides & Size 12 Bare Feet 004


Tad's Soccer Slides & Size 12 Bare Feet 042

Tad's Soccer Slides & Size 12 Bare Feet 006 Tad's Soccer Slides & Size 12 Bare Feet 009

36 Tad's Soccer Slides & Size 12 Bare Feet 053

Tad's Soccer Slides & Size 12 Bare Feet 061 Tad's Soccer Slides & Size 12 Bare Feet 069
Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet 001

Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet

August 20, 2009

"If there was a picture to represent the word 'Hunk' in the dictionary, Tad would be the guy in the picture. Damn, this dude is HOT. He came by so we could snap pics of his perfectly sexy feet. It was a hot day, so Tad came dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. And not many men pull that attire off better than Tad. I SO want to worship his size 12 feet!"

Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet 016 Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet 034

Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet 038 Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet 041

Tad's Size 12 Bare Feet 053
Muscle Jock Tad Worshiped

Muscle Jock Tad Worshiped

September 6, 2009

"When a gorgeous muscle jock like Tad comes along at MyFriendsFeet it sure doesn't take me long to talk him into getting foot worshiped. Tad has a pair of size 12 feet that are to die for and I certainly did my best to worship them here. Tad showed up on the set in a nice suit, looking SO handsome. He kicked back as I took off is dress shoes, smelled his socks, then massaged and licked his perfect feet like there was no tomorrow!






























Muscle Jock Tad Tickle-Tortured

Muscle Jock Tad Tickle-Tortured Naked

August 29, 2009

"Muscle jock Tad is just about as good looking as you can get when it comes to jocks. His body is something most of us have wet cum dreams over and he's super ticklish. I found that out after I tied Tad to the MyFriendsFeet tickle table. Tad had no idea he was so ticklish when I started on his sides and the inside of his muscular thighs. But it was his feet that were really sensitive. He went crazy!"

Muscle Jock Tad Tickle-Tortured Muscle Jock Tad Tickle-Tortured Muscle Jock Tad Tickle-Tortured Muscle Jock Tad Tickle-Tortured

Muscle Jock Tad Tickle-Tortured Muscle Jock Tad Tickle-Tortured Muscle Jock Tad Tickle-Tortured Muscle Jock Tad Tickle-Tortured
Powerman Priest


Powerman Priest

"Behind The Scenes - Texas Nude Photo Shoot"

"A behind the scenes look at Powerman Priest recent nude photo shoot in Texas. Come watch as the camera follows this young muscle hunk flex, posing and stroking his big cock."

001 003

Powerman Priest

"Muscle Stud Service"

"Powerman Priest is back in 2011 with a new look and the same attitude. Watch this handsome muscle hunk flex his muscles and strip off his clothes jerking his big cock as he commands you to watch and feel him rubbing body oil before hitting the shower to wash it all off."


Powerman Priest

"Morning Jack Off"

"Nothing is hotter than waking up next to hot muscle hunk like Powerman and watching him feels and flex his muscle body. Then watching him stroke his big cock until he cum a huge load."


Powerman Priest

Bound and Tickled 2

February 7, 2011

"Muscle stud Powerman Priest is back again for another round of tickling bondage. He hates being tickled but we convinced him to do another one for his fans. Powerman strips off his clothes naked and is strapped down on the bed. Wasting no time Frank The Tank proceed to work on his feet, inner thigh, and his waist with his big muscle hands. Watch as Powerman screams and laugh hysterically trying to catch a breath."



Frank DeFeo and Powerman Priest Bound

August 9, 2009

"Frank DeFeo and Powerman Priest took a modeling assignment from a local amateur photographer. During the photo shoot the two muscle hunks got thirsty and the photographer offer them a cold drink. Not knowing that the drink was spiked Frank and Powerman drank the whole juice. Minutes later they began to feel nauseated and pass out on the floor before waking up tied and handcuffed to each other. Will they break free?"


Powerman Priest

Bound and Tickled

July 19, 2009

"Powerman Priest came to see Frank The Tank for a full body massage. During the muscle rub down Frank had mention to Powerman about a previous muscle worshipping session he had with a rich client who has fetish for big muscular man being tied up and tickled. Being a good friend that he his Frank contacts the client and set up Powerman for the same bound and tickled session."


Powerman Priest

HEIGHT: 5' 9"
WAIST: 32"
QUADS: 24 1/2"
CHEST: 32"
ARMS: 17 1/2"

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039 049

Powerman Priest

"Morning Jerk Off"

May 8, 2009

"Nothing is hotter than waking up next to a hot young muscle hunk like Powerman Priest as he flex his muscle body next to you and then watch him stroke his big cock until he shoots a huge cum load all over himself. Powerman then steams up the screen as he showers up and caress his bulging muscles and flexes for the viewers as we are voyeurs to his daily grooming and appreciate all of his formidable physique."


Powerman Priest

"Power Tool"

February 1, 2011

"Power Tool marks the return of Powerman Priest in another solo video you won't forget. Watch as the muscle stud flex, strip down and oil up his muscle body before lying on the bed stroking his big cock until he shoot a cum load for your mouth to enjoy!"


Powerman Priest


May 1, 2011

"When the hot, handsome, hung and perpetually horny Powerman is left unexpectedly on his own there is bound to be a little friction. Powerman takes matters into his own hands and sparks will fly in this hot new solo adventure by Powerman with a huge explosive ending. By the time Powerman shoots his massive load from his horse dick you will be cumming too."


Frank The Tank and Powerman Priest

"Dual Muscle Worship"

October 8, 2009

"Get twice the pleasure this week with a dual muscle worship session from these two hot Italian Stallions. Come see Frank The Tank and Powerman Priest get hot and oiled during a LIVE muscle worship performance for a high paying client name Paul. These two muscle gods are not afraid to show off their chiseled body and stroking their big cock for a performance that Paul will never forget."


Frank The Tank and Powerman Priest

"Clean and Jerk"

July 11, 2009

"Frank The Tank and Powerman Priest have each inspired many a fantasy, each has individually taken our fantasy of a handsome muscular man showering before us to new levels of thrill and excitement. We've shot these two incredibly handsome musclemen and got them BOTH to shower before you. Watch as they help each other lather up those muscular contours, flexing off and stroking their cocks as they get ready to go out clubbing with a private muscle worship session to follow."


Frank The Tank and Powerman Priest

"Bound: The Betrayal"

May 15, 2009

"After a long hard workout at the gym, Frank Defeo calls his friend Powerman Priest, a young and upcoming bodybuilder, for a quick massage. When he arrives Frank strips down nude and hop on the table with no hesistation for his full body massage. With his powerful hands Powerman applies oil and begins rubbing and massaging Frank's huge magnificent musculature body including his bubble glutes to the delight of the viewer. Getting a massage wasn't the only intention Frank went to see his friend. Frank surprises Powerman and told him that he is going to compete in the same contest. Unhappy about Frank's decision and fearing that he is going to lose at the contest, Powerman betrays his friend and attacks and gags Frank from behind with a towel. With Frank unsconscious, Powerman ties the muscle hunk to the massage table. The unconsicous Frank awakens and realizes he is tied up and begins to struggle and strain against his restraints. Flexing his thick veined muscle arms will this muscle hunk break free?"


Powerman Priest and Frank The Tank

"The Massage (Series)"

February 5, 2009

"Frank The Tank and Powerman Priest return in another feast of muscular display and prowess. This time the fantasy of an after workout muscle rub down, with a masseur every bit as sexy and muscular as the recipient. Back, Glutes, Quads, Calves, Pecs, Abs, all get kneaded as the viewer's needs get massaged as well. Following the massage Powerman has to shower down after that torpid rubdown. As the water cascades down the glistening muscle, jaws will drop!!! This is muscle you would just love to get your hands on, a hot video only at Mission4Muscle!!"

Powerman Priest

"Muscle Fantasy"

December 26, 2008

"Have you ever wondered if a bodybuilder's preoccupation with muscle could spill over into an erotic obsession. The desire to build muscle becoming an overwhelming fascination, drawing the bodybuilder into a bold new realm of fantasy and desire? Powerman Priest brings this frequently requested fantasy simulation alive for us as he watches the beauty of the physical perfection of Giovanni Volta and begins to explore and stimulate his own physical attributes. Quickly the lines between obsession and obsessed seem blurred to the viewer as fantasy begets fantasy in this journey into the inner psyche of compelling muscle worship."



Powerman Priest

"The Stroke"

October 12, 2008

"Back by popular demand in this solo hot performance video entitled "The Stroke". After waking up from an erotic dream Powerman Priest goes straight to work and wasting no time. As always Powerman Priest is ready to show off to the camera what muscle worship is about ending with a full cum load splash."

The Stroke

Powerman Priest and Sharif

"Sons of Beach"

September 11, 2008

"Sons of a Beach is a surf and turf adventure set at the Jersey Shore featuring Sharif and Powerman Priest. These two testosterone jacked muscle hunks get into a little turf tussle and are soon engaged in a battle to see who is the King of the Beach. As their muscles bulge and strain in this competition of brawn, the battle for topdog turns into a fun frolic of flexing and good natured wrestling fun. The pair who start as adversaries grow to respect one another through the venue of athletic contest. It is a must see for those who like to see muscle in action."

041 042

044 100


Powerman Priest

"Draining The Pipe"

June 7, 2008

"So you have a leaky faucet, and you call a plumber. Only this time the guy that comes isn't your regular guy. Instead a handsome young muscle stud shows up as your blue collar hero, Powerman Priest. This is a guy who loves his job, and you can't help secretly spying on him while he works. There is a surprise for you as Powerman Priest works not only on your pipes but his as well. Away goes your troubles down the drain as this is one plumber who knows the ins and outs of his snake. Muscle makes a house call in this latest video from Mission4muscle."


Powerman Priest

"Awakened Desires"

April 5, 2008

"Powerman Priest sleeps restlessly, dreaming about his workouts, pushing his muscles to their absolute limits. Watch as he awakens from his dreams by a supernatural awareness of your obsessive craving for his muscular physique. From then on, Powerman Priest seeks to please both his and your awakened desires in this flexing and jerk off video surely to satisfy your mission for muscle."

Thunders Arena Powerman

Johnny Bravo vs Powerman

Bodybuilder Battle 11

"Powerman had a crazy match up against Tony in Mat Rats 16 and he NEVER wanted to be put in that situation again. So he asked Johnny Bravo to teach him some new moves. Bravo seems to really respect the kid for his bodybuilding and gives him a lot of compliments. They do some flexing to show off there muscles to each other but Johnny Bravo wants to teach the rookie kid how to wrestle better. He shows him how he does his powerful bearhugs and full nelson's to crush and put an opponent in pain. Powerman, our newest rookie, tries to return the power moves on Bravo with bearhugs and full nelsons that really are quite comical to watch. They start to do a little live wrestling around and Johnny puts him in his world famous bodyscissors and starts to rough the kid up and shows off by flexing. You can just see the wheels turning in the kids head as he starts to wonder if his teacher needs to be humbled. This ending shown on download and DVD was not featured in our Thunder TV match now showing. We cut it short and you can watch the full match all 27 minutes of it that you never saw on Thunder TV. All I'm going to say is if you love sleeper holds this is your kinda match because Powerman learned a lot from Tony on how to sneak attack someone and get them down. You won't beleive this new ending."






Straight Muscle Guys


Muscle Dom

"Muscle DOMination"

"Muscle DOM, a 21 year old Italian stud from South Jersey who has aspirations of being a straight porn super stud. Dom has no problem showing off what he has, and in fact loves to show off his powerful body and huge tool. He wanted to be the first straight alpha stud on SMG to push the envelope further than ever before. SMG number fan and sponsor Lance special requested a video of this sexy straight stud pushing cocky straight alpha dominance to the very edge. In this video Muscle DOM towers over you flexing his dominance and superiority treating you like the groveling worshipful slave you are! Talking directly to the camera DOM verbally abuses you, making you lick and caress his big black boots. Right in your face, cursing, spitting and spewing verbal abuse. Menacing you with his belt and big fat Italian tool he beats you down into submission. Grabbing his big bulge and whipping it out, taunting you with it telling you how unworthy you are to receive such a gift. This is Muscle Worship at its most extreme. (WARNING:This video contains language and slurs which some viewers may find offensive therefore you may wish to turn down the volume.)"


Muscle Dom

"Muscle DOM Strips"

"Muscle DOM, a 21 year old Italian stud from South Jersey who has aspirations of being a straight porn super stud. Dom has no problem showing off what he has, and in fact loves to show off his powerful body and huge tool. He wanted to be the first straight alpha stud on SMG to push the envelope further than ever before."


Muscle Dom

"Live Muscle Worship"

"How does a 21 yr old stud from a small town in Pennsylvania go from being a landscaper by day into an internet Muscle DOM? You will see how Dom transforms into being a young dominant muscle Master, as he is trained by the best there is. Groomed and taught how to make money with his powerful body and attitude, DOM evolves right before your eyes. He already is learning how to bring men to their knees on webcam. Here you'll see how DOM does a LIVE muscle worship session."

Note: The above description is purely for entertainment purposes only and does not reflect the real life actions of the model nor does it imply, permit or condone any acts of an illegal nature. This is a fictional portrayal for entertainment purposes only.


Muscle Dom

"Size Matters"

"Dom returns and shows off his huge power tool. Any guy that thinks size doesn't matter aint got a huge "monster dick" as DOM so proudly calls it. Dom has been doing quite well for himself on webcam since coming to SMG. You'll see why the crowds just love this handsome young Italian stud! You will feel quite in awe after seeing DOM'S big meat and you will realize SIZE MATTERS!"

Muscle Dom

"DOM Gone Wild"

"Muscle DOM, is back as the ultimate STUD in Bad Boy Stripper. No one loves showing off and stripping for a hot sexy babe more than DOM. In this video series our resident Bad Boy DOM shows his adoring worshipful fan more than she ever imagined. Of course DOM couldn't just strip down to a poser, he had another type of shoot in mind and took total control. This is some of the hottest most provocative video shot to date."

DOMAC0531 DOMvidpage102408

MuscleDOM200 MuscleDOM227

MuscleDOM250 MuscleDOM254


Age: 20
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 190
Hair: Brown
Waist: 33
Inseam: 32
Shoe Size: 11 1/2
Neck: 17

"This totally ripped athlete has been an all around jock in a number of sports. He still plays basketball regular in addition to his weight lifting. He time in the gym has definitely paid off as you will see in his photo shoots. In addition to basketball he played short-stop on his baseball team. He also boxes and wrestles regularly."

Red_bb-(01) Red_bb-(07)

Red_bb-(09) Red_bb-(12)

Red_bb-(21) Red_bb-(34)