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Dark Matter

Dark Matter, Scene 2

Starring Chris Bines and Johnny V
Hot House

August 31, 2017

"Pure and innocent Johnny V is mystical as he stands in his white jock in the darkness when hedonistic Chris Bines comes up behind him and starts turning the stud on with lots of licking and kissing all over his body. As the corruption story continues, Chris works his way around to the front where the two muscle hunks start a session of heavy petting. Johnny is the first to give into his desires and unleashes Chris' big cock before wrapping his full pink lips around the shaft. Johnny works every inch of the hairy dick and balls knowing that his mouth is providing the ultimate pleasure for Chris. The more Johnny sucks dick, the harder his own grows. When Chris sees Johnny's dick straining against the fabric of his jock strap, he wants to lend a helping hand. Chris returns the sucking favor and drops to his knees to suck Johnny off. Chris needs to take it to the next level and bends the blonde stud over to lick his throbbing hole. Johnny loves every flick of Chris' tongue and soon he's begging for more than just a face buried in his ass. Chris hears Johnny loud and clear and slides his thick pole all the way into Johnny's tight asshole. Chris pounds the muscle stud hard, making Johnny moan out in ecstasy. Johnny begs for Chris to go harder and deeper and just when Chris hits the right spot, Johnny sprays a massive load all over the floor. When Chris sees that he's done his job with pleasing the hunk, he pulls out and slathers Johnny's back with a heavy load of cream."

WATCH Dark Matter, Scene 2 Starring Chris Bines and Johnny V

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90482_04 90482_05











One Night At The Ready


One Night At The Ready, Scene 4

Starring Dakota Rivers, Jack Vidra and Johnny V
Hot House

August 17, 2017

"Jack Vidra is the bartender at the Ready Bar and he's seen a lot of action come and go on his watch. He never gets to join in on the action and usually has to live vicariously through all the other patrons. When he has to kick Johnny V out at closing time, Johnny wants to give something special back to Jack for all his hard work. His surprise is Dakota Rivers, a hunky stud with a body full of muscles who's ready to please the bartender and his friend. Jack is riled up and ready for fun and can hardly peel off his apron fast enough as he and Johnny worship every inch of Dakota's bulging body. Jack is horny after watching everyone else get action all night and is the first to take a taste of Dakota's raging boner. Johnny doesn't like to be left out and takes turns with Jack sucking on the stud's hard cock. Jack needs a bit more to satisfy his cravings and bends Johnny over to lick his ass. As Johnny keeps sucking Dakota, Jack slips his cock inside Johnny and pounds away. Johnny gets spit roasted until Dakota decides he wants to have a go at Jack. Jack is happy to please the stud and hops on for the ride of his life. The threesome can't get enough different cocks and asses and they switch it up until they've all had a taste of each other. Johnny is the first to let loose when he sprays Jack's face with his massive load. The sight of Jack getting doused with jizz is all it takes for Dakota to go with the flow and give the lucky bartender a second load of fun. With his mouth full and his face dripping, Jack gives himself permission to unleash the day and sprays his own hairy body with his bartender's special blend."

WATCH One Night At The Ready, Scene 4 Starring Dakota Rivers, Jack Vidra and Johnny V

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90239_03 90239_04

90239_05 90239_06









The Trainer: No Excuses, Scene 3

Starring Austin Wolf, Jeremy Spreadmus and Johnny V
Hot House

July 6, 2017

"Austin Wolf is training Johnny V and Jeremy Spreadums at the gym. He has them doing all the regular things to stay in shape like climbing rope, doing chin-ups and lifting weights. Austin pats them on the ass with every good rep. All the physical contact and exposed muscles gets the threesome ready for fun and they peel off their shirts as they kiss and feel each other's boners through their gym shorts. Jeremy can't take the suspense of what the other cocks must taste like and he gets on his knees to suck off his two gym buddies. He takes turns slurping on each of their growing cocks and gets the guys ready for more action. Austin is horny as hell and wants to explore more of what Jeremy has to offer. Austin has Jeremy bend over, and like a true trainer, tells Jeremy what to do as he fingers and licks his client's fuzzy hole. Jeremy gets on the ground and spreads his legs wide open to let both Johnny and Austin rim his ass. Once the guys have Jeremy's hole nice and opened up with their tongues and fingers, Austin crams his thick cock inside Jeremy's back door. Johnny doesn't want to be left out of the fun and takes his turn with Jeremy when Austin steps aside to let him have a turn. The muscle studs tag team Jeremy's asshole as they pile drive the young jock. Johnny hops in the middle of the sandwich to fuck Jeremy as he gets his hole plunged from his trainer. The three horndogs form a chain with Johnny in the middle getting the best of both worlds until all three are ready to blow. Jeremy lies on the ground with the two other studs above him. Johnny lets loose and drains his balls all over his buddy, slathering his nipples with cum. The trainer is the next to go and lets loose all over Jeremy's face before Jeremy finally gives himself the go ahead to get the relief he needs all over his own muscled-up body. The three spent hunks writhe on the floor with their cocks dripping as they kiss and bask in the afterglow of the benefits of a healthy workout."

WATCH The Trainer: No Excuses, Scene 3 Starring Austin Wolf, Jeremy Spreadmus and Johnny V













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Blindfolded, Scene 4

Starring Johnny V and Skyy Knox
Hot House

May 18, 2017

"Skyy Knox and Johnny V make out passionately until Skyy takes control and throws Johnny in a sling with a blindfold on. Johnny hoists his legs in the straps with the help from Skyy giving him easy access to Johnny's awaiting hole. Finger, tongue, finger, tongue is the tease for this unknowing bottom. After a rigorous bow and rimjob, Skyy instantly shoves his thick tool deep inside Johnny. Moans and screams echo from Johnny as Skyy's thrusts get faster and harder. Skyy wants more so he rips Johnny from the sling and ball gags him before bending him over and slamming Johnny's lossened fuck hole. Unable to see or speak, Johnny jacks and shoots thick ropes of hard earned cum. Skyy empties his balls all over Johnny's face and chest and licks it off. Eventually, Johnny's blindfold and gag are removed and the two share a sweaty, cummy kiss."

WATCH Blindfolded, Scene 4 Starring Johnny V and Skyy Knox

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88721_14 88721_15








Bathhouse Ballers, Scene 3

Starring Johnny V and Woody Fox
Hot House

February 16, 2017

"With beads of sweat across their chests, things are heating up with Woody Fox and Johnny V in the sauna. Pulling the towel off his hairy, muscled body, Woody Fox reveals his enormous, throbbing boner. Eager to show himself off, ginger-haired muscle man Johnny V reveals his own enormous manhood as he leans over to swallow Woody's cock.

As Woody's cock massages the back of Johnny's throat, Johnny's cock starts leaking precum in a long, dangling strand. Eager to get a taste of that, Woody goes down and wraps his lips around Johnny's cock while stroking himself. Thick spit lubes the shaft of Johnny's thick cock as Woody sucks, and Woody uses some of that spit to lube up Johnny's ass. Bending over, Johnny gives Woody full access for a slobbering rim job as even more precum drips out of Johnny's cock. Sitting down on the bench, Woody invites Johnny to go for a ride on his cock, and Johnny uses his thick, muscular legs to raise and lower himself on Woody's enormous dick. Switching to doggy style let's Woody show off his athletic thrusting as Johnny's hard meat swings through the air. As Woody fucks faster and faster, Johnny strokes his cock and shoots a massive, spurting load. Woody grabs his cock and blasts an enormous cumshot onto Johnny's firm ass cheek. With their session complete, Johnny heads off to hit the showers as Woody catches his breath in the sauna."

WATCH Bathhouse Ballers, Scene 3 Starring Johnny V and Woody Fox

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Depths Of Focus, Scene 4

Starring Johnny V and Micah Brandt
Hot House Video

January 26, 2017

"The photographer shoots action shots of muscle hunks Johnny V and Micah Brandt as they pose together on set. After the photographer calls 'that's a wrap', Johnny and Micah head back to wardrobe and get undressed. While stripping down, the two sneak glances at one another until they're both naked and rock hard, running their hands around each other's bodies. Micah is first to sink to his knees and slurp on Johnny's swollen member. When it comes time for Johnny to return the favor, he's left gagging and hurling strings of spit onto Micah's cock and balls. With Johnny's cock at attention, Micah switches his focus to Johnny's hairless hole. Slinking his tongue in and around Johnny's eager ass, lubing it up for the pounding to come. Once Johnny's hole is primed with spit, Micah mounts him from behind and pummels Johnny's butt while they're leaning against a mirror. Things get hotter when Micah throws Johnny on his back and pounds his prostate hard. Johnny takes every last thrust from Micah until he blows a massive wad all over his ripped physique. Micah whips his tool out of Johnny and adds his spunk to the collection of cum on Johnny."

WATCH Depths Of Focus, Scene 4 Starring Johnny V and Micah Brandt
















Skuff: Rough Trade 2, Scene 2

Adam Bryant and Johnny V
Hot House Video

November 10, 2016

"Muscly barber Johnny V is strapped in leather, and he's shaving tatted hunk, Adam Bryant's head as he strokes his cock in the barber chair. Adam's cock and balls bulge through his cock ring during the shave. Johnny checks his work, ditches his jock and hits his knees to polish Adam's boots and dick. Johnny lowers his wet mouth onto Adam's hard cock as he shines his boots. Once Adam's cock and nutsack are coated in Johnny's spit, Adam bends Johnny over and spreads his ass open wide to slink his tongue into Johnny's hole. Licking from the tip of Johnny's cock, all the way up to his eager ass, Adam buries his face in between Johnny's cheeks. With Johnny's hole lubed up in spit, Adam glides his meat into Johnny's pink center with one swift thrust. Pounding from behind, Adam holds Johnny in place by his leather harness. Johnny switches to his back and gives Adam direct access to drill his prostate. Johnny's screams intensify until he loses control and explodes thick ropes of pearly white cum onto his washboard abs. Seeing Johnny climax sends Adam over the edge and he bursts his hot load all over the inside of Johnny's thigh."
















The Trainer, Scene 4

Johnny V, Sean Zevran, Jacob Taylor
Hot House Video

September 29, 2016

"Sean Zevran and Johnny V endure a rigorous joint training session coached by Jacob Taylor. Afterwards, Johnny cools down by stripping off his shirt and pouring the contents of his water bottle down his shredded torso. The three ripped muscle studs can't keep their hands off each other, and they start to make out while groping each other's ripped bodies. Getting down on his knees, Johnny alternates between sucking off Jacob and Sean's cocks. Bending over a platform, Johnny puts his ass in the air for rimming. First Sean, then Jacob take turns at eating the blond stud's perfect bubble butt. The spit roasting begins with Jacob fucking Johnny's ass as Johnny sucks Sean's huge meat. Trading places, Sean takes his turn on Johnny's ass while Jacob gets his dick worshiped. From every angle, these three muscle studs show off their bulging muscles. Using battle ropes, the trio create a makeshift sling for Johnny to get his ass pummeled. Sean takes the reigns, giving Johnny an incredible pounding. The deep anal penetration gets Johnny V off, and he sprays his torso with thick ropes of cum. Pulling out, Sean works his cock until he oozes forth a massive load that he deposits right on Johnny's cock and balls. The sight makes Jacob blow his load, arching across Johnny's pecs. Rising from the sling, Johnny stands and the three muscle gods press their faces together to share a three-way kiss."















On The Market, Scene 1

Johnny V and Wesley Woods
Hot House Video

August 4, 2016

"It takes balls to negotiate a good deal, and confident, muscled hunk Wesley Woods has some of the biggest balls around. As Wesley counsels his client on the phone, Johnny V enters the office with a special delivery, but the only package that Wesley cares about is the one between his legs. Guiding Johnny's hand to his hard cock, Wesley unleashes his thick meat to get sucked. Johnny works Wesley's cock from tip to base, also sucking on his huge nuts. Wesley pushes down on Johnny's neck, urging the stud to swallow even deeper. Stripping off his shirt and shorts, Johnny reveals his perfect bodybuilder physique: bulging pecs, thick arms, washboard abs, and a firm ass. Wesley slobbers on Johnny's cock, slicking up the shaft all the way down to Johnny's ginger bush. Putting a leg up on the desk, Johnny presents himself for rimming, and Wesley dives in. Saliva rolls down Johnny's crack as Wesley licks and fingers the tight pink center. Wesley slaps his cock against Johnny's ass before thrusting inside, and Johnny submits control. With his big nuts slapping against Johnny's ass, Wesley cockily dominates the ripped muscle stud. Johnny flips on his back and jerks his cock as Wesley fucks him, spewing his semen all over his rippling stomach. With his balls drained, Johnny sinks to his knees and opens his mouth to catch Wesley's massive load: thick ropes of pearly white cum that splatter across Johnny's lips and dribble off his chin. Now that Wesley's package has been serviced, he's ready for his next conquest!"







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Hot House: Stiff Sentence

Stiff Sentence, Scene 3

Brian Bonds and Johnny V
Hot House

February 4, 2016

"While on the late-night shift, horned up officers Johnny V and Brian Bonds take some down time to watch some porn on the job. As Officer Johnny starts to stroke his cock, Officer Bonds takes notice and wraps his warm mouth around Johnny's swollen member. The sex-hungry cops take turns gagging and choking on each other's meat. Officer Bonds bends over his desk and spreads his ass wide open for Johnny. Wasting no time, Johnny loosens up Brian's hole with his talented tongue. Officer Bonds desires something thicker, so Officer Johnny stiffs him with his rod. After pounding Officer Bonds' hole, Johnny's wants the same treatment. He positions himself to have his colleague eat his hot hole and fuck his ass with the same intensity. Officer Johnny rockets his spunk all over his ripped abs and Office Bonds adds his creamy load to the mix."

WATCH Stiff Sentence, Scene 3 Starring Brian Bonds and Johnny V

















60929_04 Jimmy Durano and Johnny V in The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4

The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4

Jimmy Durano and Johnny V (2)
Hot House

August 6, 2015

"Big-dicked Jimmy Durano paces the fence clenching his cock and biting his lip while he stares at blond, beefy Johnny V who is teasing his nipples and anxiously awaiting a playmate. Johnny abandons his lookout and rushes over to suck on Jimmy's thick uncut meat through the holes of the metal fence. Jimmy feeds Johnny his cock until it is sopping wet with spit. After Johnny is finished choking on Jimmy's dick, he bends over to let Jimmy finger his smooth, muscled ass. Jimmy pries Johnny's hole open and licks his fingers to get a taste. Eager to fuck, Jimmy gets behind Johnny and plows him doggy style shoving his cock in deep making Johnny scream 'fuck yeah' repeatedly. Jimmy spanks Johnny's perfect muscle ass as he thrusts harder and harder with each pump. To gain more leverage, Jimmy hooks his leg over Johnny's and digs balls deep. Johnny flips on his back and holds his legs in the air while Jimmy pounds away. Johnny finally releases his cock out of his jock and strokes it vigorously until he cums so hard he shoots his load on his face leaving Jimmy to spurt his load onto Johnny's flexing six pack."







60929_06 Jimmy Durano and Johnny V in The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4

60929_07 Jimmy Durano and Johnny V in The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4


60929_09 Jimmy Durano and Johnny V in The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4

60929_10 Jimmy Durano and Johnny V in The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4

60929_11 Jimmy Durano and Johnny V in The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4

60929_12 Jimmy Durano and Johnny V in The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4

60929_13 Jimmy Durano and Johnny V in The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4

60929_14 Jimmy Durano and Johnny V in The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4

60929_15 Jimmy Durano and Johnny V in The URGE - Huntin For Ass, Scene 4
Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

After Glow, Scene 3

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler
Hot House Video

February 19, 2015

"With his godlike physique and his tight, willing hole, Johnny V is one of the hottest power bottoms ever, and he's giving top stud Tyson Tyler full access! With a giant yellow dildo -- ribbed for his pleasure! -- Tyson makes sure that Johnny's hole gets a good workout. If there's anything Johnny likes as much as bottoming, it's sucking dick, and he gives Tyson a blowjob for the ages! Tyson returns the favor, and spit drips like a waterfall off Johnny's huge cock and balls. The foreplay has both of them craving the ultimate sexual satisfaction, and Tyson delivers his ramrod to Johnny's clenching hole for a pummeling doggy style fuck. Sweat shines on Tyson's washboard abs and his muscular pecs as he delivers his spectacular cock to Johnny's ass. Craving even deeper penetration, Johnny squats down and rides Tyson's big, meaty cock while jerking himself off. Johnny shoots his huge load while he's still getting fucked, and after Tyson empties his balls they exchange a final, passionate kiss."

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Dirty Fuckers, Scene 2

Jimmy Durano and Johnny V
Hot House Video

September 11, 2014

"Hot House loves Jimmy Durano not just because of his ripped body, but because he is a sexual powerhouse. Pair him with the hottest newcomer in porn, exclusive Johnny V and you have a pairing that will go down as one of the best of the year. Johnny is a superstar in the making, and this scene shows off his best attributes--a fine face, a muscle butt like no other, a great cock, and a torso from a Roman statue. Watch as Jimmy eats Johnny's ass and sucks his throbbing cock. Then you will be amazed by one of the hottest fuck sessions of the year. At the end, when Jimmy blows a load all over Johnny's quivering ass, you know you have seen it all!"

WATCH Dirty Fuckers, Scene 2 Starring Jimmy Durano and Johnny V




52066_005 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1















Hot House Dirty Fuckers

Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

Johnny V and Sean Zevran
Hot House Video

August 28, 2014

"Exclusives Sean Zevran and Johnny V have what are arguably the best muscle physiques in porn today. Giant pecs, bulging biceps, ripped abs, rock hard cocks and asses--these guys are prime specimens of the male form. And they are nasty fuckers who live lives focused on sexual pleasure! Johnny is the bottom in this scene, and gives Sean a blow job that must be seen to be believed. Next Sean delivers a rim job that has Johnny writhing in ecstasy. If you are a fan of muscle butt, then this rim job is for you. But the best part of the scene is a two position fuck that makes this scene a sure award contender! Watch as two of the hottest men alive have uninhibited sex, just for you."

WATCH Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1 Starring Johnny V and Sean Zevran

52065_001 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

52065_002 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

52065_003 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

52065_004 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

52065_005 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1


52065_007 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

52065_008 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

52065_009 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

52065_010 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

52065_011 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

52065_012 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1

52065_013 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1


52065_015 Johnny V and Sean Zevran in Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1
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