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Falcon Studios Route 69r

Route 69, Scene 1

Starring Johnny V and Nate Stetson
Falcon Studios

August 4, 2017

"Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway have been riding on fumes, luckily the happen upon and lone gas station in the middle of the desert on Route 66. The smoking hot gas attendant equipped with his very own 70s handle bar mustache, Nate Stetson offers to fill them up, the pair eagerly agree. When Nate notices that the car is running a little hot, he has the guys pop the hood where he and the mechanic, Johnny V, take a look at what's wrong. After discovering that the dip stick is missing, Johnny drives the car into the garage where all the suggestive car talk gets Nate revved up. The two studs start making out and getting naked as Fane and Dustin look on in amazement. Nate is hard as a rock and can't wait to get some full service from Johnny's eager mouth. Johnny is hungry for what Nate has to offer and gets down on his knees to suck on the thick stick in front of him. Nate loves all the attention he's getting but doesn't want to be left out of the dick licking action. After sucking on the nice hard dick, Nate throws down the hood and bends Johnny over to give him a rim. When Nate senses that Johnny is ready to take him on, Nate shifts gears and pops his crank shaft deep inside Johnny's tight cylinder. It's a perfect fit and Johnny moans out in approval with every thrust that Nate doles out. After throttling Johnny over the car, Nate decides to go a little deeper inside Johnny's trunk and lays him out on the garage floor. Nate slips his dick deep inside and pumps away until Johnny blows a gasket and leaks a load all over his rock-hard body. That's all it takes for Nate to go with the flow as he pulls out and covers Johnny's ripped abs with a load of fresh, warm fluid."

WATCH Route 69, Scene 1 Starring Johnny V and Nate Stetson

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Earthbound - Heaven to Hell 2


Earthbound - Heaven to Hell 2, Scene 5

Starring Andre Donovan and Johnny V
Falcon Studios

May 26, 2017

"The Devil's Dark Angels have been sent to a sinful nightclub to capture and return Rogue who abandoned their master. In his quest for information, one of the Devil's Dark Angels, Andre Donovan, encounters a bar patron, Barfly. After learning what he needs to know, Andre decides to have some fun with Barfly. A single kiss snowballs into writhing and groping, which then turns into Barfly sucking Andre's massive cock. Moistening his fingers with spit, Andre probes Barfly's hungry hole, eager to sample its pleasures. Spreading Barfly's ass wide, Andre dives in tongue first and delivers a frantic rim job. Removing all his clothing, Andre slaps his huge cock across Barfly's ass, then presses it inside. As sweat glistens on their bodies, Andre picks up speed, pounding the hell out of Barfly. After doing it doggy style, Andre positions Johnny in a seated position, using gravity to bounce him up and down. Barfly's huge balls flop up and down as he rides Andre's thick fuck stick. When he climaxes, Barfly shoots a hot, white load across Andre's muscular thighs. Kneeling before Andre, Barfly eagerly licks the Dark Angel's cock and balls. His reward is a blast of cum to the face, and he gratefully uses his tongue to clean Andre's throbbing cock."

WATCH Earthbound - Heaven to Hell 2, Scene 5 Starring Andre Donovan and Johnny V


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Falcon Studios Amped

Amped, Scene 4

Johnny V and Fabio Acconi
Falcon Studios

April 1, 2016

"Mounds of muscle meet at the lips when Johnny V and Fabio Acconi make out feverishly. Fabio can't keep his hand out of Johnny's jock and whips his cock out for a taste. Johnny moans as Fabio goes balls-deep on his pulsating cock. Returning the favor, Johnny goes down and gags on Fabio's hefty endowment. In order to give his jaw a rest, Johnny bends over for a sublime rimming with Fabio drilling his tongue deep into Johnny's eager fuck hole. When Johnny's ass is lubed up from his tongue bath, Fabio rams his cock in and pounds Johnny doggie-style. Laying back to feel every 'Amped' thrust jolt his body and his prostate, Johnny takes Fabio's unrelenting and ferocious pounding. Fabio kneels next to Johnny and bursts his wad on Johnny's chest and mouth. Johnny follows up with a hot load smeared on his abs."

WATCH Amped, Scene 4 Starring Johnny V and Fabio Acconi

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Surge, Scene 2

Featuring Austin Wolf and Johnny V
Falcon Studios

December 18, 2015

"With cocks tip-to-tip, Johnny V and Austin Wolf lean forward to kiss. Johnny quickly busies his lips on Austin's chiseled anatomy: nipples, mouth, armpits, before he kneels to suck. Austin pinches the nipples on his massive chest and guides Johnny's mouth to his balls. Johnny slobbers and chokes on Austin's thick endowment. Giving his jaw a rest, Johnny squats over Austin's face as Austin maneuvers his tongue and works it deep, savoring the whole hole. He pulls Johnny's rump closer and inserts a finger as Johnny tips forward and resumes sucking Austin's fat dick. When Austin's cock is fully stiff, Johnny leaps aboard for a bucking sit-fuck. Exhausting his thighs, Johnny lies back for Austin to fuck him missionary style. Johnny's fully edging now, and to finish him off, Austin rolls him into a shoulder stand, drilling his freshly-fucked hole with a thumb while Johnny shoots a big, wet wad into his own mouth. Austin follows-up by giving Johnny a second load to swallow, and shares it with him."

WATCH Surge, Scene 2 Starring Austin Wolf and Johnny V

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Falcon Studios VIP - After Hours

VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

Starring Alex Mecum and Johnny V
Falcon Studios

December 11, 2015

"Accusations fly between Johnny V and Alex Mecum about business problems, stolen boyfriends, and sexual power games at the club which quickly escalates to a brawl. Usually, the outcome would be sex, but Alex's unexpected declaration of love gives the connection a different vibe: this is something they've both wanted. The need for flesh to touch flesh competes with the need to get naked. Muscular torsos emerge as shirts are discarded -- Johnny smooth and blond, Alex dark and furry. Alex grabs Johnny's cock and sucks it, gripping his balls in the opposite hand. Johnny reaches for Alex's cock, a fat, straight, 9-inch cut cylinder of meat. His mouth fits it like a glove, but Johnny's muscle-butt is more to Alex's liking. Alex's tongue worships his hole; his fingers pry the crack open wider and he drives his cock in. He leans forward to plant kisses all over Johnny's back while he fucks him, then tells Johnny to flip onto his back so he can watch him cum. Johnny's load is hefty, coating his chest and ridged abs. Alex cums in hard pursuit, spraying his load all the way across the room."

WATCH VIP - After Hours, Scene 4 Starring Alex Mecum and Johnny V

81753_007 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4 81753_008 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_009 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_010 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_011 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_012 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_013 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_014 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_015 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_016 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_017 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_018 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_019 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

81753_020 Alex Mecum and Johnny V in VIP - After Hours, Scene 4

VIP - The Hustle, Scene 4

Featuring Johnny V and Scott Riley
Falcon Studios

November 2, 2015

"Johnny V, a stripper and bartender, is turned on by the new dancer, Scott Riley. Warned to keep 'hands off,' Johnny jokes that he'll just use the rest of his body. He propositions Scott in the dressing room, grabbing him by the wrist and guiding Scott's hand onto his cock. They are both smooth and muscular, both blond, and both glistening with perspiration from the dance floor. Johnny yanks Scott's trunks off and sucks him in deep, hungry swallows, paying full attention to Scott's plum-sized balls. He pushes Scott backwards onto the counter and slams his tongue into Scott's twitching hole. Scott is breathless and temporarily immobilized with ecstasy. He kneels to suck Johnny's fat cock, alternately pumping it with his hand and face-fucking himself with it. Johnny shouts and whitewashes Scott's chest and chin with a warm wad. Scott licks Johnny's pulsating cock clean, then aims his own erection at Johnny's face and sprays his load."

WATCH VIP - The Hustle, Scene 4 Starring Johnny V and Scott Riley

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Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 4

Featuring Billy Santoro and Johnny V
Falcon Studios

July 31, 2015

"That look in Billy Santoro's eyes is part jealousy, part lust, as he watches Johnny V and Sebastian Kross making out in the hot tub. Fate intervenes when Sebastian leaves to take a phone call. Fully aware he was being watched, Johnny stands to show off his stunning perfect body with a sexy bump-and-grind. Billy's cock juts out of the fly of his flannel bottoms as Johnny steps out of the hot tub and slowly approaches, crawling inch by inch up the bed until their lips and cocks meet. The tension is electric. Straddling Billy's waist, Johnny gives him a tongue bath and lap dance all-in-one, then slides backward and adds a blow job, until Billy is practically hyperventilating. Billy pushes Johnny onto his back and dives between his legs. He can't decide what he wants more: to suck Johnny's cock or eat his ass. Each wants everything the other wants so only a flip-fuck will satisfy their lust. They flip, and flip again, one furry, one smooth. They break out in a sweat that makes their muscles gleam, erupting in a crossfire of cum that leaves them scalded and drained."

WATCH Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 4 Featuring Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Tahoe - Keep Me Warm, Scene 1

Featuring Johnny V and Sebastian Kross
Falcon Studios

June 5, 2015

"Boasting about their core strength, Johnny V and Sebastian Kross challenge each other to a sit-up duel. Many crunches later, Sebastian concedes with a kiss. They're naked from the waist up, so it's easy to slip a hand into the other's pants. Sebastian gets hard first, so Johnny grabs his dick and sucks it, gurgling in delight through his cock-plugged mouth until a reverse crunch puts Sebastian's hole where Johnny's nose is. With expertise, Johnny puts his tongue to work, making Sebastian's ass tingle. Sebastian kicks into action, helping Johnny out of his pants, then wrapping his lips around his cock. Swallowing deeply, he pushes his face forward until his nose hits Johnny's pubes, then his tongue snakes out to give Johnny's nuts a swirl. Sebastian preps Johnny's ass for fucking with a vigorous tongue basting and finger probing, then he presses the head of his cock against the hole and doesn't let up until his shaft is sunk to its full extent. They fuck noisily in two positions, Johnny cumming first and scattering jism in every direction. Sebastian stacks his nuts against Johnny's and matches him drop for drop."

WATCH Tahoe - Keep Me Warm, Scene 1 Featuring Johnny V and Sebastian Kross
















Cockstar, Scene 5

Featuring Johnny V and Lance Luciano
Falcon Studios

May 15, 2015

"Lance Luciano is lounging in bed when his sexual desire walks into the room. Lance commands him to stop and strip, all the way down to his huge boner. Lance brings out his own manhood to stroke. Only then is Johnny V's face finally revealed. Their hot throats envelope each other's hard cocks. Johnny throws a leg across Lance's body like he's mounting a horse and lowers his hole onto Lance's fat waiting cock. Lance bucks and thrusts. Then he flips Johnny on his shoulders stand and plows him from above, his cock plunging vertically all the way in and out. When Lance finds the perfect angle and depth, Johnny's cock spurts thick ropes of jizz across his washboard abs, causing Lance to add his own giant load to Johnny's cum-spattered torso."

WATCH Cockstar, Scene 5 Featuring Johnny V and Lance Luciano

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Falcon Studios Naughty Pines 2

Naughty Pines 2, Scene 1

Featuring Johnny V and Ryan Rose
Falcon Studios

December 12, 2014

"Johnny V is green-eyed, strawberry blond, and solid, with hard-edged muscle definition. One glimpse of him walking naked to the outdoor shower turns Ryan Rose's cock hard as a rock, and he quickly follows after Johnny. Johnny soaps his ass. Ryan soaps his dick. They lock eyes, confident in knowing that what each has to offer is exactly what the other wants. Johnny's tongue sends so much pleasure coursing through Ryan's hole that Ryan needs to grab onto the plumbing to avoid collapsing. Ryan's mouth gives Johnny's cock the same hedonistic bliss; then Ryan turns his attention to Johnny's ass. No matter how hard Ryan slaps or squeezes, Johnny's ass is unyielding muscle -- except for the deep center, which invites tongue and cock. Ryan fucks Johnny harder, faster, deeper. Ryan barely contains his orgasm until Johnny unloads all over his washboard abs, then Ryan adds his own massive discharge to the collection pooling on Johnny's stomach."

WATCH Naughty Pines 2, Scene 1 Featuring Johnny V and Ryan Rose

















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