Marcus Rezende
Joe Barkley
Ian McLeod


ALIASES: Big Max, Max
SITES: Buff and Bound, Jimmy Z Productions, Live Muscle Show, Mission 4 Muscle, Repetrope Productions


BBJAM #35 Finale

Featuring Andre Thompson, Apollo, Big Max, and Joey Van Damme with Jackson Gunn and Xavier
Jimmy Z Productions

September 16, 2015

"BBJAM #35 closes with an amazing finale. Each bodybuilder (Andre Thompson, Apollo, Joey van Damme, Big Max) is announced by Matt from Adonis Lounge and soon the stage is full of muscle. As a special treat Jimmy Z favorites Jackson Gunn and Xavier also make an appearance. The stage can barely hold all this muscle as each of the guys work the crowd letting them feel every muscle."


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Jimmy Z Productions Big Max

Contest Muscle Part 1

Featuring Big Max
Jimmy Z Productions

July 2, 2015

"In Part 1, Big Max had just competed in a national level contest and we caught him the day after. His muscles are in peak condition and his veins are popping out as he shows us all the hard work he's put into his powerful body. This is a big handsome man that will drive muscle worshipers wild as flexes and oils up. He teases us by changing from some posers to a very skimpy black thong, leaving us wanting more."

Jimmy Z Productions Big Max

Jimmy Z Productions Big Max

Jimmy Z Productions Big Max

Jimmy Z Productions Big Max Jimmy Z Productions Big Max

Jimmy Z Productions Big Max Jimmy Z Productions Big Max

Jimmy Z Productions Big Max Jimmy Z Productions Big Max

Big Max BBJAM 35 Solo

BBJAM #35 Solo Performance

Featuring Big Max
Jimmy Z Productions

January 12, 2015

"Our headliner for the epic BBJAM #35 is BIG MAX. One of the biggest bodybuilders to hit our stage, this handsome hunk came out as a construction worker in some sexy daisy dukes. Max knows how to work the crowd as he strips down to a tiny white thong while hands are all over his pumped up muscles. Max commands the crowd to worship every inch of his muscles."

Big Max BBJAM 35 Solo

Big Max BBJAM 35 Solo Big Max BBJAM 35 Solo

Big Max BBJAM 35 Solo Big Max BBJAM 35 Solo

Big Max BBJAM 35 Solo Big Max BBJAM 35 Solo

Big Max BBJAM 35 Solo Big Max BBJAM 35 Solo


Age: 27
Weight: 280 lbs
Height: 6'2 ft
Chest: 52 in
Waist: 34 in
Bicep: 21 in
Thigh: 30 in

"Come watch this up and coming competitive bodybuilder flex and grow right before your eyes! Standing at a true 6'2 and now weighing 285lbs in a lean bulk mode, it's a sight to see. Imagine the large yet hard arms and legs flex and pose all while you watch and stare in amazement and joy, just waiting to touch to feel the true size and crisp texture to the glistening muscle."







Muscle in Trouble

Featuring Big Max

September 20, 2014

"Big Max is once again captured and bound by his muscle master Frank The Tank. Frank waste no time and cuts away Big Max's clothes leaving only his tight blue jockstrap. Frank treats Big Max like his science project and makes him flex as he pour body oil and caress Max's massive muscle body."

Chair Bound and Stripped

Featuring Big Max

"Beefy bodybuilder Big Max finds himself bound and stripped by the mask muscle hunk Frank The Tank (Frank Defeo). Frank pours water on the helpless bodybuilder to wake him up. With the water glistening down Big Max's muscle body Frank forces his muscle victim to flex and pump his muscles while being touched and worked on for his own pleasure."







Rippling Muscle Shower

Featuring Big Max

January 11, 2015

"Every bodybuilder needs some help scrubbing all the that muscles in the shower. After applying a little too much oil on himself Big Max is in need of a shower. Watch in awe as he scrubs every inch of muscle from head to toe with the soap and water running down his rippling massive muscles."


Merry Muscle Christmas

Featuring Big Max

December 21, 2014

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Look who's been good this year. One lucky fan got the biggest surprise present under the tree. 6'2 300lbs Big Max lay down covered only by a bow ready for you to worship all his muscles. Watch as the beefy muscle hunk oil and flex his huge muscles. You never seen anything bigger than Big Max towering in front of you putting his big feet on your face and doing squats wishing your tongue was licking his muscle ass clean. Be sure to be good this holiday season and you too can have the biggest present under your tree. Have a Merry Muscle Christmas!"

Big Max in Merry Muscle Christmas

Muscle Battle: Big Max vs Vic Scorp

Featuring Big Max and Vic Scorp

June 20, 2014

"Big Max takes on Vic Scorp aka Scorpio in this latest muscle battle series known as David vs Goliath. Watch as these muscle hunks exchange hits, slams, leg locks and bear hugs in a wrestling match to see who comes out the strongest."







Fresh Jersey Beef

Featuring Big Max

June 20, 2014

"Big Max is at a construction work site doing what he does best and that is putting his big muscle to work. Watch this fresh Jersey beef bodybuilder turn heads as he flex and oil his buff body. All 6'5" 330lbs of pure hardworking muscles."







Ian McLeod

2013 NPC Junior Nationals Men's Bodybuilding Pump Room Part 2

"Every year, the NPC Junior National Championships delivers an incredible array of new and up-and-coming bodybuilding talent from across the nation to the Windy City, Chicago. The Pump Room Part 2 video features heavyweight and super-heavyweight bodybuilders pumping up, prepping their competition color and oil as well as practicing their poses before hitting the stage. Filled with mind-blowing close-ups of some of the country's finest physiques, this exclusive video is your all-access pass to all the muscle action! 2 hours 2 minutes"