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Dirk Caber


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Dale Cooper and Dirk Caber

"I'll show you fucking leather!" - Two punks taken down in the gym

February 4, 2016

"Hot leather daddy Dirk Caber heads into the local gym to relax in the sauna when two curious punks, Dale Cooper and Zach Clemens, sneak into Dirk's locker to play with his leather. Before long they realize they've bitten off more than they can chew as Dirk grabs them from behind and drags them off to the sauna. Zach has no choice but to watch his buddy tormented with a riding crop while the muscled leather stud slams his cock deep in the boy's ass. Back in the locker room, bound in belts with a deprivation hood on, Dale awaits as his new master approaches with flog in hand. The sting of the whip tormenting Dale's sensitive balls as he screams in pain. Medical clamps drive the boy wild as Dirk adds more pain with the electric zapper. Biting down on his spider gag, Dale take's more cock in his ass before shooting a load onto his own chest."












30MinutesOfTorment Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber

August 12, 2014

"The Pit: House dom, Dirk Caber starts off his first challenge in the pit, balancing on wooden blocks with his hands bound behind his back. Dirk's balls are squeezed before Van warms him up with punches to the torso. Clover clamps are then clipped onto his nipples while he's tormented with the electric zapper, followed by an intense flogging. The Water Chamber: Chained to the wall, Dirk has clothespins clamped all across his torso and even up and down his rock hard cock. The muscled dom screams at the top of his lungs as water blasts his tender skin and rips the clothespins off one by one. The Gimp Room: Bound in a hogtie, Dirk's meaty ass is beaten with the cane before feeling the gimp's hard cock rammed up Dirk's hole. Dirk's beaten with the flogger while enduring his intense fucking before finally spraying his load all over himself."

30MinutesOfTorment Dirk Caber

30MinutesOfTorment Dirk Caber

30MinutesOfTorment Dirk Caber

30MinutesOfTorment Dirk Caber

30MinutesOfTorment Dirk Caber

30MinutesOfTorment Dirk Caber

30MinutesOfTorment Dirk Caber

30MinutesOfTorment Dirk Caber
Jeremy Stevens and Dirk Caber Jeremy Stevens and Dirk Caber
"A Struggle for Power"

November 1, 2012

"Two muscle studs roam the halls of the dungeon late at night. Horny and without a slave the two men start making out and rubbing each others leather, each one trying to gain the upper hand. Jeremy Stevens eventually wins out and makes Dirk Caber suck his cock. With his arms up Dirk is given a hard flogging while Jeremy yanks on his balls. Spread eagle and tied to a suspended rack Dirk is given a shower of hot wax all over his hairy chest and his cock. Jeremy takes him to the fuck room and hogties Dirk. Jeremy fucks his ass in the hogtie then flips him over and fucks the cum out of him with wax still on his chest. Dirk promises that next time he'll be the one on top."
Jeremy Stevens and Dirk Caber

Jeremy Stevens and Dirk Caber

Jeremy Stevens and Dirk Caber

Jeremy Stevens and Dirk Caber
Dirk Caber and Morgan Black
"Men On The Prowl"

June 14, 2012

"Morgan Black is cruising the dungeon, horny, and looking to play. He finds Dirk Caber working out and admiring his muscle alone near the creek. The two Doms make out, sniff each other's pits, and grope each other but Morgan has ideas to take control. He puts up Dirk's arms and flogs him while getting his cock sucked. He strips Dirk of his leather and beats his ass red while weights swing from his balls. Suspended 10 feet high in a crucifixion pose Morgan edges the Dom, clips clothes pins up and down his body and blasts him with the hose. He throws Dirk in a sling, cock still hard, and fucks the hell out of him making Dirk blow his load."
Dirk Caber and Morgan Black

Dirk Caber and Morgan Black
Dirk Caber and Blake Goodwin

March 22, 2012

"After an intense one-on-one football practice Coach Dirk Caber and quarterback Blake Goodwin head to the locker room. It's the weekend and they're the only ones in the locker room. Dirk can't help but spy on the boy as he showers and the temptation proves to be too much. Blake finds himself tied to the coach's desk with the spider gag and take electricity on his cock and in his ass. The surge of the device arches his back as the coach strokes the athlete's hard dick. Blake is then strung up to the ceiling. Coach has taken away the privilege of being erect by jamming him into a chastity device. Coach shoves his cock in his mouth and flogs him into submission. They return to the shower where Blake is gagged and tied head to toe. Dirk fucks his ass, then fists the stud, and then fucks a load out of him before giving the boy his own."
Dirk Caber and Blake Goodwin
Josh West and Dirk Caber Josh West, Derek Pain and Dirk Caber

October 21, 2011

"It's the weekend of Folsom Street Fair and the men are all horned up about it. Josh West takes Dirk Caber into the ballroom and have him ties to the wooden cross. The horny partygoers stroke Dirk and tease his hard cock. They rip off his clothes and use him. Josh West and his slave boys take Dirk around to service hot horny studs. Derek Pain and Leo Forte show up and the party begins. We suspend Derek and torment his nipples because he hates that. Leo Forte flogs Derek and Dirk until their muscles turn red. They both endure the full body zipper. Dirk receives loads after loads of cum throughout the party. Josh tosses Dirk on the bed and the feeding frenzy begins. Everyone takes turns fucking him and coming on his face. They all piss on him before they leave the party."
Josh West and Dirk Caber

Josh West and Dirk Caber

Josh West and Dirk Caber

Josh West and Dirk Caber

Daddy Want

Starring Dirk Caber and Ricky Blue

August 4, 2017

"What does a horny young stud do when his best friend’s dad offers to service his stiff cock? Unzip and stuff daddy’s holes, of course!

Dirk Caber, the best daddy working in porn today, is back at Menatplay, and he’s playing his part to the hilt. You’ll start dripping precum from the start of this flick: Sexy boy toy Ricky Blue stops by Dirk’s house to visit his school chum, and daddy Dirk invites him to wait in his boy’s bedroom. There, Ricky finds a girly mag under his mate’s pillow and, horned up, starts jacking his thick rod. When Dirk finds his son’s friend jacking off with gusto on his own son’s bed, the horned-up daddy, dressed in slim-fitting business wear, steps in. You’ll have to watch Daddy Want to see what happens next. But these two blazing hot men do not disappoint.

What daddy wants, daddy gets. And Dirk Caber is not a man to take no for an answer. Suave, silver-tongued, and classically attired in braces and trousers that hug his plump ass, Dirk can persuade any young gun to slick up his snug hole and pound his butt like a demon. Ricky doesn’t disappoint: watch him smack and thrust Dirk’s taut daddy ass like the boss he is. But remember, it’s a secret—don’t tell anyone!"

Daddy Want














Daddywant_8 Daddywant_9

Daddywant_11 Daddywant_14

Daddywant_17 Daddywant_20

3XMan Sling

Starring Dirk Caber, Logan Rogue & Christopher Daniels

September 27, 2013

"After his last visit to the sex club, it seems that Logan Rogue's appetite for sleazy sex has been awakened. And this week he makes a return to the dark dungeon in search for some hot, sleazy men to get used and abused by. He soon comes across leather clad, muscle daddy Dirk caber who pushes him to his knees to service his hard cock. Logan sucks obediently, swallowing every inch of that delicious, thick meat. Dirk then throws him on the sling, restraining his arms, blindfolding him and ripping open the back of his suit trousers to expose his smooth, hungry hole which he rims and eats, getting it nice and moist for a seriously hard sling fucking. Much to Logan's pleasure, as well as that of a sexy stranger (Christopher Daniels) standing by, stroking his hard dick and enjoying the sleazy show. Dirk invites the suited stranger to fuck Logan's ass, both of them now taking turns to tag fuck their suited sex slave who has no idea who's fucking him or even how many dicks are fucking him, till they remove his blindfold and surprise him with a double cum shower all over his body and face."



















3mansling_18 3mansling_20

3mansling_21 3mansling_22

3mansling_23 3mansling_24

Boy Been Bad

Starring Darius Ferdynand, Dirk Caber and Tomas Brand

August 30, 2013

"Boy Been Bad, sees sexy young college boy Darius Ferdynand called in to the Principal's office over some very serious allegations of spying on professor Tomas Brand while in the shower ( who wouldn’t! ) Not only that Darius has been taking pics of the Swedish hunk naked in the shower and posting them all around the campus much to the embarrassment of his tutor. Principal Dirk Caber’s suggestion is that Darius has a thing for his tutor and to teach him a lesson he goads Darius in to making physical contact with Tomas. When I say physical I mean, making him suck Tomas’ huge thick cock. That is what he wanted after all right? To further the humiliation Darius is asked to strip naked in front of his professors and continue to fulfill his fantasies. And as leverage Dirk Caber photographs Darius as he goes down on Tomas before joining in himself. The two tutors play with their young college stud getting off on his tight ripped body , spit roasting him, and taking their turns over and over to fuck his sexy tight ass. Darius far from being humiliated or taught a lesson seems to be enjoying the attention and eagerly awaits the cum shower over his face from his horny muscled teachers. Now if Id had lessons like that at college Id have enjoyed education a whole lot more."



















BoyBad_aff19 BoyBad_aff05

BoyBad_aff06 BoyBad_aff23

BoyBad_aff08 BoyBad_aff07
Dolan Wolf Milks Dirk Caber

September 13, 2013

"We finally turn the tables on Coach Dirk Caber at IML! Not knowing who the top is going to be, Dirk is blindfolded and strung up in our BoundJocks' booth while everyone is watching. Hunky Dolan Wolf sneaks in behind him and starts to play with the bound coach. With one leg lashed to his thigh, Dirk struggles to maintain his balance as Dolan milks his captive's throbbing, hard cock for the crowd to see. Not able to control himself any longer, Dirk blows a massive load for the crowd of eager and horny eyes!"

Dirk Caber Tops Dean Monroe

October 26, 2012

"Coach Dirk Caber is training his boy Dean Monroe how to be the perfect jock and that all starts with some personal attention to the coach’s cock! After sucking the coach like a pro, Dean is tied to a weight bench with his ankles also tied in the air. This gives coach the perfect opening to ram his rock-hard cock into Dean's eager hole. After a hard pounding coach Dirk rewards the jock with a creamy load!"

Dirk Caber Coaches Dean MonroeDirk Caber Coaches Dean Monroe

October 12, 2012

"Coach Dirk Caber is disappointed in Dean Monroe’s performance so he thinks a little private training is in order. First he ties Dean’s arms behind his back and makes the jock run in place. Not feeling the performance, Dirk strips the jock’s pants off and ties his balls up so Dean’s cock flops against his belly as he continues to run. Next there are forced push-ups and then sit-ups for the boy. But they both seem to get side tracked by Coach’s big dick getting visibly hard in his shorts. Coach decides it’s time for another type of training."

Dirk Caber Coaches Dean Monroe Dirk Caber Coaches Dean Monroe

Bound Jocks Dirk CaberDirk Caber

August 10, 2012

"Dirk Caber has really sensitive nipples so we thought we’d use them and abuse them. We start off light with some vibrating grips that gently tease the tied up hunk and bring him nearly to laughter. We then put some heavy clamps on his now hard nipples and tie them off to the boots while his legs are spread wide open. As if that weren’t enough, we also hang a 10lb weight from his balls while he struggles to get free from the tight ropes. Obviously, Dirk enjoys all of the sensations happening to his bound, muscled body… So much so, that his cock suddenly erupts without even being touched!"

Beef N' Briefs, Scene 5

Starring Dirk Caber and Tony Orion
Colt Studios

February 13, 2014

"Anticipation makes what we desire all the more satisfying when we finally get what we want. Sitting in opposite chairs and stripped down to their COLT Collection underwear, Muscled Stud Dirk Caber and Latin-Pup Tony Orion tease each other with intense eye contact, showing off for each other and eventually whipping out their rock hard cocks to see who breaks first. Dirk seems to know what Tony wants most and teases him by taking a taste of his own sweet pre-cum. Tony can't resist and is soon on his knees swallowing Dirk's white-gold oozing dick.

After all that anticipation, these guys really let loose on each other. Sucking and rimming leads to hard-core fucking as Dirk takes a good hard pounding from behind, enjoying Tony's uncut cock drilling his man-hungry muscle-butt. Tony flips onto his back and spreads his legs wide, taking every throbbing inch and slowly milking his cock to completion as Dirk fucks his hot butt-hole. Seeing Tony erupt with a cock in his ass is all the inspiration Dirk needs to fire off a drenching thick load, spilling his seed all over Tony's sweat soaked body."

46580_001 46580_011

46580_015 46580_016

46581_001 46581_002

46581_016 46581_022

46581_019 46581_025
























Beef N' Briefs, Scene 2

Starring Dirk Caber and Sebastian Rossi
Colt Studios

December 26, 2013

"Lookin' sexy in their new COLT Collection Tees, super studs Dirk Caber and Sebastian Rossi can't keep their hands off each other. With deep kissing and wandering hands Dirk and Sebastian slowly strip each other down to nothing but their smokin' hot COLT Collection Jockstraps, Dirk in a black Signature Jockstrap and Sebastian in a bright, spanking-white Logo Jockstrap.

Popping out of all over the place, Dirk's thick rod and Sebastian's long uncut monster play very well together as these big boys get each other's impressive cocks nice and wet. With lots of intense contact and rough playfulness, Dirk and Sebastian work each other up to a boiling point. Standing face to face and lip-locked, these sexy beasts moan and stroke and shoot big, man-sized loads together."























29543_016 Dirk Caber

Armour, Scene 4

Bob Hager and Dirk Caber
Colt Studios

January 17, 2013

"Working in the shop, COLT Man Bob Hager is in his leather mechanic’s suit and working hard on a peculiar piece of metal headgear. Hunky assistant Dirk Caber is searching his toolbox for the right tool. When he gets a look at the erotic headgear Bob is working on, Dirk starts thinking of a more manly tool for this job. Sliding his hands into Bob’s suit, Dirk leans in for a deep and hungry lip-lock.

Taking a little play break, Bob pulls out his power sander and uses it against Dirk’s bulging COLT Basics jockstrap. The intense vibrations of the padded sander have Dirk’s hard cock throbbing. After enjoying the intense stimulation, Dirk shows his gratitude by hitting his knees. Bob unzips his leather suit and unleashes his big meaty tool for Dirk to enjoy.

After plenty of give-and-take cock slobbering, Bob bends Dirk over and give’s that furry jock strapped ass a deep and generous lube job. Probing with his tongue and finger, Bob has Dirk’s man-butt ready for some drilling. Taking it from behind, Dirk grunts and groans as he takes a hard fuck. Splitting that hot ass Bob drills, pounds and hammers away. Dirk lets Bob know he is loving every inch of his cock as he flips over and lifts his legs to take it deeper.

Bob grabs Dirk’s meaty dick and jerks him to the edge. As he fucks hard and strokes faster, Bob has Dirk blowing his load in gushes as he continues to take a hard pounding. When Bob is finished draining Dirk’s cock he unleashes a massive eruption of hot cum, shooting far and covering Dirk in his man-sized load."

Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

29535_002 Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

29535_008 Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

29535_009 Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

29535_011 Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

29535_013 Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

29535_016 Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

29535_020 Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

29535_023 Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

29535_027 Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

29535_031 Bob Hager and Dirk Caber

Armour, Scene 2

Dirk Caber and Jessy Ares
Colt Studios

December 27, 2012

"After football practice, big man quarterback Dirk Caber hits the locker-room, stripped down to just his basic football gear. Teammate Jessy Ares clad in his shoulder pads and leather jock, comes over for a post-game slap on the butt just as Dirk bends over to strip off his shorts. Dirk smiles and backs his bare ass into Jessy's bulging jock. Ready for a little one-on-one with his sexy teammate, Dirk turns around, reaches in Jessy's jock and pulls out his big and thick uncut cock. Instantly hard, these guys are ready for a little post-game play.

As Dirk and Jessy lock lips, their cocks fight like dueling swords, two big hard dicks grinding up against each other. On his knees, Dirk goes down deep on Jessy's uncut monster as Jessy grabs him by the back of the head for a good ole face pounding. Jessy gets up on the locker room bench and feeds Dirk his big tool. Turning Jessy around, Dirk wants some of that ass. Spreading those muscled cheeks Dirk buries his face in that beefy butt. Without even touching his own cock Dirk is gushing a thick and steady flow of dick juice. Steams of pre-cum dangle from the head of his cock as he devours Jessy's sweet ass. Then Dirk lays back on the bench, his thick cock stands tall as Jessy licks and strokes him to the edge.

With lots of ball handling these guys head down the home stretch for one big final play. Dirk hits his knees as Jessy unloads his gushing, white load, sending thick streams of cum down Dirks fury chest. Once Jessy gets his he reaches down under Dirk's balls and probes a finger in the end zone giving Dirk the extra motivation to finish BIG. A white steamy load does the job, draining Dirks balls and leaving both guys ready to hit the showers together."

Dirk Caber and Jessy Ares

Wet Strokes - Minute Man 39, Scene 3

Starring Dirk Caber
Colt Studios

October 11, 2012

"As the heat wave continues, Dirk Caber emerges from the pool with rippling wet muscles and a bulging package. Cooled down and ready for some sun Dirk applies a healthy layer of suntan lotion all over his furry and muscled body. Concerned for his most sensitive body parts, Dirk lowers his suit gives his hot ass an extra thorough layer of protection, giving us a hot show to boot. Reclining back on a patio lounger Dirk turns his attention to the stiff wood busting from his tight bathing-suit. Pulling out his meaty cock he slowly milks a steady stream of sweet pre-cum. The head of his throbbing cock glistens as he gathers up dick juice for a finger-licking taste. Stripping away his suit Dirk gives in to his pleasures and fully explores his body. Spreading his legs apart Dirk exposes his fur rimmed man-hole. With his moistened fingers he explores, probing gently and spreading his hole open as his cock and balls swell with pleasure.Laying back and using both hands to clamp down hard on his nipples, Dirk’s cock pulsates, throbbing in the hot sun, just begging to be stroked. Unable to resist Dirk gives his thick cock the attention it needs. With long hard strokes, from base to tip Dirk works his man-meat. His groans get deeper and the stroking gets harder as Dirk’s cock explodes with cum. A hot white load sizzles as it erupts from his cock. Gathering up that hot load Dirk licks his fingers clean of every juicy drop of cum."

Scene 3

24743_001 24743_003

24743_009 24743_011

24743_013 24743_017

24743_020 24743_024










Fur Mountain, Scene 3

Starring Dirk Caber and Trent Locke
Colt Studios

August 16, 2012

"Out by the barn and resting on a bale of hay, burly Dirk Caber has his furry buddy Trent Locke in his muscular arms, passionately kissing and enjoying the feel of his hairy body and his growing bulge. Finding a hole in Trent’s jean, Dirk tears open a hole, exposing Trent’s thick swollen cock. Dirk lets his lips explore and finds his way down to take a taste of Trent’s meaty pole. Slowly undressing each other, Dirk pulls down his jeans as Trent goes down to slurp on Dirk’s thick cock and big man-sized balls. It’s a slow and sensual give-and-take as these men enjoy the feel and the taste of each other’s furry bodies and hard and juicy cocks. Dirk loses himself in the pleasure of sucking Trent’s big dick. Dirk sucks and strokes Trent to the edge before taking a white-hot load on his chest. Then with fresh cum dripping down his hairy chest Dirk strokes himself to a gushing climax as thick gobs of dick juice ooze from his swollen cock."

23429_005 23429_007

23429_010 23429_013

23425_007 23425_017






















Fur Mountain, Scene 1

Starring Dirk Caber and Spencer Reed
Colt Studios

July 12, 2012

"Sprawled out under a pick-up truck, Spencer Reed is busy with his mechanic's tools in hand. Dirk Caber watches from above, patting his bulging jeans as he watches Spencer on his back under the truck. Spencer looks up from under the truck and asks, "You think that works"? Dirk looks at Spencer's hairy chest, gives his hard tool a squeeze and says,"It works for me". Spencer rises up toward Dirks bulge and laps his tongue on that thick juicy cock. Slowly stripping each other out of their clothes, these guys enjoy sucking and slurping on their hard cocks in the hot, blazing sun.

Dirk bends over the grill of the pick-up and offers his hairy, beefy ass, offering it up for Spencer to do as he will. Spencer buries his face in that hot muscle butt as he strokes his meaty cock. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Spencer drills his meaty dick deep into Dirks hungry manhole, giving him a hard and deep pounding. Riding wild, Dirk get son top and takes Spencer's throbbing cock to the hilt. Ramming his hole on Spencer's thick meat, Dirk unleashes a gusher, draining his balls of sweet, hot cum. Spencer rises to his feet as Dirk drops to his knees to take Spencer's thick, drenching load."

23423_003 23423_009

23423_015 23423_030

23423_019 23423_028

23424_005 23424_017

23424_015 23424_014




















The Trustees, Scene 8

Featuring Dirk Caber and Race Cooper

March 13, 2014

"At a detention facility called The Center, Race Cooper is being interrogated by uniformed guard Dirk Caber, looking very hot with a salt-and-pepper beard and mustache. Race is naked and chained to a chair. His muscles glisten with nervous sweat. There's a collar around his neck that delivers electrical shocks. Dirk uses his nightstick to prod Race's balls, to choke him, to press against his erect nipples. When Dirk's smooth talking fails to elicit the information he wants, he turns on the juice. Race's body flinches against his restraints. Dirk adds more punishment by clamping Race's nipples until he screams. Sensing a different way to get what he wants Dirk offers Race his cock. Race sucks it hungrily, as if Dirk's hard cock in his mouth will banish the pain. Dirk removes the handcuffs so Race can service him better, cumming in Race's face while Race unloads his own cum and the information Dirk wanted."

WATCH The Trustees, Scene 8 Featuring Dirk Caber and Race Cooper

The Trustees, Scene 6
Dirk Caber and Jessie Colter
Fetish Force

February 13, 2014

"Prisoner Jessie Colter has bonded with his captor, Dirk Caber, and now Dirk is reaping the carnal benefits. Jessie, who is naked except for an electric collar, begins with a sweeping tongue bath, pausing to suck and bite Dirk's hairy nipples, inhale his male scent and rim his armpits. Dirk revels in the physical attention and body adoration, which has caused the veins to pop out across his muscular chest and produced a huge boner in his pants. Jessie bends low to suck it, giving special attention to Dirk's balls which are encased in a leather cinch. Worked up to a fever pitch, Dirk spins Jessie around and penetrates him from behind. Jessie grunts like an animal in heat, his lean muscles flexing, tugging all the time at his cock but not daring to cum. Knowing that his role is to serve, he wants that cock up his ass non-stop. Dirk's passion triggers a climax in short order, creaming Jessie's buns and the small of his back."

The Trustees, Scene 4
Dirk Caber and Race Cooper
Fetish Force

January 16, 2014

"Suspected of plots against the state, Race Cooper has been arrested and targeted for a body search. Interrogator Dirk Caber orders Race to strip and bend over an examining table. Caber's hands leave no square inch of Race's flawless, muscled torso unexplored. Grabbing a pair of black latex gloves, he says there will be a cavity search. Race submits as Dirk's finger breaches his sphincter. When the number of fingers increases, along with the depth of penetration, Race begins to cry out in distress. Dirk praises, 'good boy,' as the anal intrusion progresses beyond a cavity search to a full alternating left hand right hand fist-fuck. Race gets no mercy; Dirk dips his gloved hand into the waste container where lube is kept and continues the search. After Dirk pronounces 'all clear,' he hands Race a jar, ordering him to produce a cum sample. While Race masturbates for his captor, Dirk plays with his nipples and punches him, waiting for the inevitable ejaculation, then grabbing Race's throbbing cock to collect the sample."

The Trustees, Scene 2
Dirk Caber and Jessie Colter
Fetish Force

December 19, 2013

"Jessie Colter hangs from the ceiling by his ankles, like a side a beef. He's erect, naked below the waist but encased in a straitjacket above. Uniformed interrogator Dirk Caber calls him a malefactor. Caber looks sizzling with a full beard flecked with gray. He approaches his helpless prisoner and drives his fists into him like a human punching bag. Then Dirk fondles the exposed flesh, running his hands along Jessie's thighs, squeezing his buns and spanking him. Jessie cries out but his cock gets harder. Dirk grabs an instrument that delivers electric shocks and runs it over Jessie's bare skin -- even his cock and balls -- until Jessie's loud lament echoes through the room. Dirk takes off the straitjacket and sets Jessie on his feet, tickling him and using other instruments that deliver sensations of pain mixed with pleasure. Satisfied there's nothing to learn from Jessie for now, Dirk rewards him by sucking his cock and jacking him off to orgasm, making sure to delay the climax as one final bit of erotic torture."

Rascal Video Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale

Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale

Rascal Video

Cast: Christopher Daniels, CJ Madison, Dirk Caber, Johnny Hazzard, Josh Long, Trey Turner, Alessandro Del Toro, and Brad Kalvo

"The Hairy Tale begins with Christopher Daniels hankering for what his hot daddy roommate Dirk Caber is getting, lots of hung cub Alessandro Del Toro's uncut meaty cock. Everywhere he looks guys are pairing up! Scene 2 hairy muscle man Brad Kalvo uses every hole that Trey Turner has to offer and covers him in white hot cum. C1R Superstar Johnny Hazzard is getting his rocks off with the insanely sexy hairy pool boy, Josh Long. Johnny uses every inch of Josh's huge massive cock and fills his hungry mouth full of furry Butt crack in scene 3. Finally, Christopher gets his wish when Teddy comes to life and the Cybersocket Award worthy flip flop scene with C.J Madison is one for the record books. The fur really flies and you'll be heading to the toy store to get your very own Teddy Bear but clean the cum off of Teddy's face before it stains...Perv!"

Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale

Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale

Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale
Rascal Video Teddy BearTeddy Bear
Rascal Video

Starring Christopher Daniels, CJ Madison, Alessandro Del Toro, Dirk Caber, Johnny Hazzard, Josh Long, Trey Turner, and Brad Kalvo

"Rascal Video is proud to announce the release of Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale from award winning director Chi Chi LaRue. Already an 2014 Cybersocket Award nominee for Best Scene, Teddy Bear stars Some of the hottest most amazing performers working in gay porn films today. Superstar Christopher Daniels leads the all star cast of Fur Balls into the wacky, sexy world of sweaty man sex. For you furry fans of kink and fetish, don't miss the Plushy action! Chi Chi throws Christopher Daniel's into a teddy pumping solo that will surely be nominated for an award or 2. Starring as Teddy is Mountain man C.J. Maddison, the man of everyone's dreams. Hairy ass licking, foreskin action and huge ramming cocks of this outstanding cast will leave you spent. The Hairy Tale begins with Christopher Daniels hankering for what his hot daddy roommate Dirk Caber is getting, lots of hung cub Alessandro Del Toro's uncut meaty cock. Everywhere he looks guys are pairing up! Scene 2 hairy muscle man Brad Kalvo uses every hole that Trey Turner has to offer and covers him in white hot cum. C1R Superstar Johnny Hazzard is getting his rocks off with the insanely sexy hairy pool boy, Josh Long. Johnny uses every inch of Josh's huge massive cock and fills his hungry mouth full of furry Butt crack in scene 3. Finally, Christopher gets his wish when Teddy comes to life and the Cybersocket Award worthy flip flop scene with C.J Madison is one for the record books. The fur really flies and you'll be heading to the toy store to get your very own Teddy Bear but clean the cum off of Teddy's face before it stains...Perv!"
Rascal Video Teddy Bear

Pound Puppy
Rascal Video

Starring Allen Silver, Brian Bonds, Christopher Daniels, CJ Madison, Dirk Caber, Draven Torres, Jessie Colter, Josh Long, and Will Swagger

"We've gone to the dogs! Chi Chi LaRue's all-new feature brings you to all fours with this playful and furry fetish flick dedicated to pups and their handlers. With a sampling of domination, role-play and daddies, Pound Puppy is guaranteed to get your tail wagging and begging for more."
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