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Fuck You I'm Infamous, Scene 4

Featuring Cameron Diggs and Colton Grey
NakedSword Originals

June 22, 2016

"NakedSword discovery Cameron Diggs not only looks like a bad boy, he has the swagger and the police record to back it up. The viral video of his “shark dick” shows what you do when you’re bored serving a 5-year prison term. The unapologetic stud paid his dues, fights for the legalization of marijuana, and is enjoying his new rise to stardom as one of the most infamous stars in gay porn. It only seemed fitting that we should put him with the adorable, angelic, Colton Grey. Watching Cameron tear up Colton’s pristine hole just seems to perfect. Of course, Colton is not as innocent as he looks. He tell us that he likes to have fun which often involves breaking the law. Thankfully there is no law against him gagging on Cameron’s great white shark dick! Colton makes a pig of himself then rolls over to be skewered in a sling. These tattooed bad boys deliver a scene guaranteed to go down in infamy!"



















Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Brothers, Scene 4

Starring Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

June 9, 2015

"Colton Grey is relaxing in bed, reading a book that Connor Maguire lent him. Connor enters to see what his younger brother is up to; but after he realizes Colton is ignoring him, he pulls rank and makes Colton give him his book back. Colton passive aggressively throws the book on the ground towards Connor without saying a word. This angers Connor and he makes Colton get out of bed to pick it up. Begrudgingly, Colton does as he's told, but pugnaciously pushes the book into Connor's chest in a final act of defiance. Connor can't take it anymore and asks Colton what his problem is, to which Colton replies that Connor is his problem.

Connor pushes Colton down on the bed, but soon his hands realize that they don't want to hurt Colton. He finds himself starting to massage Colton's chest instead. As his hands move on Colton's chest, Connor can see that his step-brother is clearly into it. And after a few moments of palpable electricity, they break into a make-out session backed by weeks of lustful tension. After stripping each other of their clothes, Connor leans forward to slowly take Colton's big cock into his mouth. Colton gasps in pleasure, and pushes Connor's head further down onto his swollen member. Connor ramps up the intensity going harder and harder before flipping Colton over and licking his tight ass. Colton pushes his hips back towards Connor in ecstasy, as Connor continues his awesome rimjob.

Getting up off the bed, Colton pulls Connor in for a slow kiss which turns into sensual make-out. After which Connor sits back against the headboard, and Colton sucks his cock which is jumping with anticipation of the pleasure of Colton's warm, wet mouth. After wetting down Connor's rod, Colton climbs on top of his bigger brother and starts to ride his big dick. After working his hole, Connor lifts up his little brother and starts fucking his sweet ass from below.

Connor wants Colton every way he can, and starts fucking him sideways while they are making out. After flipping Colton 6 ways to Sunday, they end in a passionate missionary. Colton is getting everything he could possibly want, Connor's cock hitting all of the right places. Watching Colton fuck him is turning him on, and Colton can't hold it any more! Finishing first, he explodes all over his stomach. The sight of Connor's ropes of jism landing on his stomach brings Connor to the edge, blowing his load all over Colton's slightly hairy stomach."

Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Connor Maguire and Colton Grey

Connor Maguire and Colton Grey
Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Daddy's Big Boy, Scene 4

Starring Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

June 4, 2015

"Billy Santoro has hired his college buddy's son, sexy bad boy Colton Grey, to do some work around the house. When the rain starts pouring down, Billy invites Colton in to warm up. He offers Colton some dry clothes to change into but he's shocked when Colton drops his jeans in front of him and Billy can't keep his eyes of Colton's bulging package. Billy has known Colton since he was a little kid but it's clear to him that Colton is a big boy now. Colton grabs Billy's hand and places it on his crotch and they let their mutual attraction take over as they start to make out passionately.

Billy leads Colton into the bedroom where he quickly tears off Colton's clothes, to reveal his hard, throbbing cock. Taking it fully into his mouth, he sucks on it slowly before flipping him over for an enthusiastic rimjob. Colton loves it, and turns over displaying his huge erection. Billy climbs on top of Colton and grinds himself onto Colton's stiff cock. Billy pulls out his own dick and they both jerk themselves until Billy shoots his load all over his belly and Colton releases his seed not far behind. Moving closer they kiss each other, satisfied and content."

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey

Billy Santoro and Colton Grey
Colton Grey and Theo Ford

Brothers, Scene 3

Colton Grey and Theo Ford

June 2, 2015

"Colton Grey is relaxing on his bed and thinking about a particularly hot memory. He's thinking about that crazy night he spent with Theo Ford, which started off innocently enough, with the two boys making out. But Theo wasn't satisfied with just a bit of kissing, and soon Colton is pinned down on the bed in just some tight black briefs. Colton kicks off his underwear and puts his cute ass in Theo's face. Theo fingers Colton's tight butthole while Colton sucks Theo's big, uncut dick. Theo wraps his arms around Colton, pulling the boy in tight while fucking him into the mattress. Theo drives into his friend until his shaft completely disappears in Colton's ass. Colton shoots his creamy load all over Theo's chest."

Colton Grey and Theo Ford

Colton Grey and Theo Ford

Colton Grey and Theo Ford

Colton Grey and Theo Ford

Colton Grey and Theo Ford

Colton Grey and Theo Ford

Colton Grey and Theo Ford

Colton Grey and Theo Ford
Colton Grey and Dirk Caber

Daddy's Big Boy, Scene 2

Colton Grey and Dirk Caber

May 21, 2015

"Dirk Caber is plotting something devious in his room one day. He calls his stepson, Colton Grey, into the room to talk about something that had happened a week ago. Colton was suspended because he was caught fooling around with another boy in the bathroom. Dirk says he'll keep Colton's secret if his stepson does something for him. He calls him over onto the bed and starts fingering Colton's tie, telling him that his school uniform is cute, but it must be uncomfortable. Dirk makes his stepson slowly strip off his shirt. Then he takes off his pants and Dirk says 'Come to daddy.' Colton hops onto Dirk's lap and starts unbuttoning his shirt. Dirk slips off Colton's underwear, exposing his rock-hard erection. Soon the guys are both completely naked and rolling around on the bed. Then Dirk buries his face in his stepson's asshole, loving the taste, while Colton moans in pleasure. Colton was probably not expecting to be fucked by his stepdad, but he loves every second of it."

Colton Grey and Dirk Caber Colton Grey and Dirk Caber

Colton Grey and Dirk Caber Colton Grey and Dirk Caber

Colton Grey and Dirk Caber Colton Grey and Dirk Caber

Colton Grey and Dirk Caber

Colton Grey and Dirk Caber Colton Grey and Dirk Caber

His Son's Best Friend, Scene 4

Adam Russo and Colton Grey

April 14, 2015

"Colton Grey is packing up his few meager possessions from the closet in the room that Adam Russo lent him while he was homeless.As he's about to leave, Adam walks in the house and asks him what's up. Colton admits that his dad has found a new place and he asked his son to move in with him. Adam is concerned about his decision to leave, and admits that he's worried about the boy. Colton grabs Adam and pushes him against the wall into a passionate kiss. The two quickly find themselves locking lips in the bedroom and ripping off their clothes until Colton is fully naked. Adam latches on to Colton's dick until it's rock hard and Colton teases Adam until his cock is matching. Adam's tongue is all over Colton, driving him crazy. He licks the boy's balls and rims him before deepthroating his cock. Adam slips inside Colton and pounds him until he's pressed deep into the mattress. Colton blows a massive load onto himself and Adam quickly slips out to paint the boy in his cum."

Nick Capra and Colton Grey

His Son's Best Friend, Scene 1

Nick Capra and Colton Grey

March 24, 2015

"Nick Capra passes his former student, Colton Grey, as he's driving down the road. Colton is hitchhiking into town, looking for work, because his dad got evicted from his house. Nick can't resist Colton's puppy dog eyes and he lets the boy stay in his guest room while he gets back on his feet. Nick starts talking about how in the school days he wasn't able to talk to Colton about his feelings for ethical reasons. Colton is confused by what Nick is saying, until his former teacher leans in a starts kissing him, promising him a place to stay if he cooperates. Nick and Colton start making out, and Nick pushes the smaller boy down on the guest room bed. The guys start taking off their clothes and Nick starts playing with Colton's nipple and kissing down his chest. He sucks on the boys toes while his raging boner presses against his jeans. Nick takes Colton's thick man meat into his mouth.Then Nick fucks Colton hard on the bed, shoving him into the mattress. The two guys finish in a screaming orgasm, and while Nick sleeps it off, Colton sneaks out."

Nick Capra and Colton Grey

Nick Capra and Colton Grey

Nick Capra and Colton Grey

Nick Capra and Colton Grey

State of Arousal, Scene 3

Starring Bruno Bernal and Colton Grey
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

January 27, 2017

"Their tongues intertwined, Colton Grey and Bruno Bernal let go of their inhibitions and submit to the pull of their heightened sexual arousal. Colton's huge cock and heavy balls are irresistible to Bruno, who falls on his knees and inhales Colton's throbbing member. Colton leans back, savoring the sensation and showing off his six pack abs and colorful tattoo. Reaching for Bruno's ass, Colton works a finger into Bruno's hole, foreshadowing what is to come. Colton repositions himself behind Bruno and shoves his face into Bruno's ass. As he works his spit into Bruno's hole, he tugs on Bruno's balls to increase the sensations. With Bruno's hole lubed up, it's time for them to raise the stakes. Bruno sits on Colton's cock and goes for a hell of a ride, using his thick, muscular legs to raise and lower himself on Colton's girthy tool. As he starts thrusting up into Bruno from below, Colton's big balls bounce and slap against Bruno's ass. Moving to missionary position, Bruno puts his left leg up in the air so Colton can pummel his hole with maximum penetration. The intensity of their sexual chemistry increases as their fucking becomes more and more energetic. With Colton pounding his g-spot, Bruno strokes out a viscous load that splashes across his leg. Grabbing his cock, Colton lets loose with a massive stream of cum that saturates Bruno's torso."

WATCH State of Arousal, Scene 3 Starring Bruno Bernal and Colton Grey
















Blindfolded, Scene 3

Starring Austin Wolf and Colton Grey
Hot House

May 11, 2017

"Blue-eyed bottom Colton Grey is hoisted up in a sling as Austin Wolf aggressively makes out with him and covers his eyes with a blindfold. At the total mercy of Austin, Colton throws his arms up and lets Austin drill his tongue and finger deep into his tasty ass. It doesn't take long for Austin to work his fat meat into Colton's slick, lubed asshole. The sling sways and rattles with each vigorous pump. Austin gets kinky and switches it up by putting an a few ice cubes into Colton's warm hole to cool it down a bit and keep fucking him silly. Colton loves the combination of the ice with Austin's cock and suspends himself out of the sling to be impaled by Austin's hole stretcher. They switch it up and move to a leather sawhorse where Austin stuffs Colton from behind. Colton turns on his back on the padded fuck bench and takes all of Austin's powerful thrusts deep inside him until he blows a massive load onto his chiseled abs. Austin finishes with an oozing load into Colton's hungry mouth."

WATCH Blindfolded, Scene 3 Starring Austin Wolf and Colton Grey

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Ride It, Scene 3

Brayden Allen and Colton Grey
Hot House

May 12, 2016

"Stud mechanic Brayden Allen is finishing work for the day, and all co-worker Colton Grey wants to do is close up shop, head home and get out of his work clothes. Brayden has other plans for Colton. He makes a move, undresses Colton right in the middle of the shop and gets to slurping on Colton's fat cock. Brayden's so into delivering the hottest blow job ever that his eyes tear up from taking Colton's cock deep into his throat. Brayden wants to experience Colton in every way, so he bends over and exposes his hairless hole. Colton immediately drives his hungry tongue deep into Brayden's welcoming hole, and then drives his manhood at full speed into Brayden. After getting pounded doggy-style, Brayden wants a taste of ass and throws Colton's legs back and smash's his face between Colton's cheeks. With Colton's tight hole lubed with spit, Brayden dives in with his cock, stretching Colton wide open. After getting drilled missionary by Brayden, Colton stands and shoots his load, covering Brayden's face while Brayden erupts, coating the head of his cock with cum."

WATCH Ride It, Scene 3 Starring Brayden Allen and Colton Grey

















Hard Medicine, Scene 3

Gavin Waters and Colton Grey
Hot House Video

June 4, 2015

"Colton Grey is waiting to see his doctor, and it's clear he'd like him to examine the hard dick under his shorts. Sexy blond Dr. Gavin Waters comes in to deal with Colton's groin 'pain,' which the doctor can clearly see. As he begins his examination, Dr. Gavin can see that Colton's cock is swollen and tender, and Dr. Gavin spends a lot of time wrapping his hands around it. He lets Colton know that he thinks he has a solution to it being swollen all day, and he pulls his shorts down to take a closer look...and a taste. Dr. Gavin has Colton lay back on the examination table and goes down on Colton to help him take care of the issue. Colton's dick is sensitive and swelling even more, but he knows this is going cure what ails him -- the need to get off. Dr. Gavin then puts some digits in Colton's warm hole to see if that helps the situation, and it's clear that Colton's eager ass needs some attention, so Dr. Gavin puts Colton on all fours and services Colton's butt deep and hard. Colton lays back on the table and Gavin sucks on his cock some more while he jerks off his uncut dick. To really cure his patient Dr. Gavin offers up his face as a target for Colton to blow his wad. Colton shoots on Dr. Gavin's face, which sends the doctor over the edge spraying jizz on Colton's cock and balls."

WATCH Hard Medicine, Scene 3 Starring Gavin Waters and Colton Grey















Cruising For Ass, Scene 5

Colton Grey and Marko Carbo
Hot House

May 11, 2015

"Tatted stud Colton Grey has gone down town in the dark alleys to cruise for ass, and he's going down on the dark and handsome Marko Carbo. Sitting on a park bench, Marko's enjoying Colton's cock sucking skills while he peers at Colton's exposed ass. Swallowing every inch of Marko's curved cock, Colton gets Marko extra hard. It's not long before they're totally naked and Marko is servicing Colton's prime butt that he presents straddling the bench to give Marko deep access. Loosening the willing hole with his tongue and fingers and lubing it with his spit, Marko probes deep. Colton's hefty cock is hard and inviting and Marko gives Colton a blow job he'll never forget as Colton lies back on the bench. Colton shoots a load up into Marko's mouth and Marko sucks every last drop out before Colton leaves him with a final 'fuck, that was hot' kiss."

WATCH Cruising For Ass, Scene 5 Starring Colton Grey and Marko Carbo












Cruising For Ass, Scene 2

Colton Grey and Dylan Knight
Hot House

April 23, 2015

"Handsome Colton Grey is relaxed, smoking a cig in a dark alley, hoping that someone might service his butt. Lucky for him, Dylan Knight is cruising for ass and likes what he sees. Jock Dylan approaches, starts kissing Colton and goes for the goods right away, mouthing Colton's cock through his pants and then pulling them down to suck on Colton's instant hard on. Colton's cock is meaty and his hot, toned body writhes with pleasure every time Dylan swallows his meat. Colton's quickly bent over and Dylan is going to town on Colton's hot hole with his tongue. Colton spreads his butt cheeks and moves into different positions so Dylan can get deep inside with his tongue. Colton's bent over the hood of a muscle car, and Dylan shows him why he's a master of ass -- now with his cock. With leg up, Colton's ass is taking it from behind like a trooper and Dylan's balls are slapping his taint with every stroke. With Colton on his back, Dylan delivers long deep strokes to his butt while stroking his pole and stretching his hole. Colton jerks his meat until shoots out a wad, and Dylan sprays cum all over Colton's balls."

WATCH Cruising For Ass, Scene 2 Starring Colton Grey and Dylan Knight















After Glow, Scene 2

Luke Adams and Colton Grey
Hot House Video

February 5, 2015

"Colton Grey has edgy tattoos, a lithe, defined body, and a big thick dick: it's an irresistible package for Luke Adams, who eagerly services Colton's thick meat in preparation for fucking. These two young studs want each other bad! Colton knows how to give Luke what he wants: he presses his thick cock into Luke's hole from behind, pauses to deliver a wet, slurpy blowjob, and then resumes fucking with even greater intensity. Luke jerks his cock while he's getting fucked and pumps out a load onto his abs. Luke catches Colton's load in his mouth, savoring every drop."

WATCH After Glow, Scene 2 Starring Luke Adams and Colton Grey















Wild Weekend Part 2, Scene 2

Colton Grey and Paul Canon
Falcon Studios

September 30, 2016

"It's the day of the San Francisco Pride parade, and the guys are out having fun all over the city. Paul Canon makes eyes with a hot stud on the street, Colton Grey, and gives him some beads. They hit it off instantly, and they seize the moment to have some sexy fun. They beat it back to the hotel room and kiss passionately, burying their tongues in each other's mouths. Colton quickly moves down to service Paul's rock hard dick. Colton fucks Paul's face, his balls swinging into Paul's chin. With plenty of spit, Paul services Colton's cock, then focuses on Colton's hot, hairy ass. He spreads Colton's cheeks and uses his tongue to reach deep down Colton's hole. Mounting Colton doggy style, Paul thrusts his meat inside with firm, vigorous strokes. His nuts slap against Colton's ass as they pick up speed and intensity. Flipping on his back, Colton jerks his cock as Paul pummels his hole. A sheen of sweat glistens across their hard bodies as things heat up. Reaching the edge, Colton unleashes massive spurts of cum that arc over his body, and Paul immediately ads his own thick, juicy load. They kiss, reveling in their afterglow, as their cum and sweat mix."












Krossfire, Scene 4

Ryan Rose and Colton Grey
Falcon Edge | Falcon Studios

May 8, 2015

"Colton Grey is whispering in Ryan Rose's ear, telling him how much he wants Ryan's cock in his ass. Colton's hand is wrapped around Ryan's huge meat; he bends down to suck it, and Ryan spits into his mouth to lubricate the swallowing. Ryan grips Colton by the hairs on his head to impel him to suck deeper. Colton steps onto a bench, his ass framed by the straps of his jock. He grabs his ankles as Ryan runs his tongue along the full length of Colton's crack, focusing on the hole he's about to fuck. Ryan enters him with deep, forceful thrusts that make Colton's cock surge and his balls swing. Facing each other, they fuck in a sitting position. Colton's muscled ass clenches down on Ryan's cock, and shivers of pleasure course through his torso. Their hot, hard bodies break out in sweat as their cocks explode with cum, and Ryan feeds Colton his last few drops by face-fucking him."

Krossfire, Scene 1

Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey
Falcon Edge / Falcon Studios

January 26, 2015

"Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey are gearing up to fuck. Their tongues and lips explore each other's writhing bodies. Colton's assless briefs make it obvious he's here to get fucked. Stripping off Sebastian's shorts, Colton helps himself to a face full of hard cock. As Colton starts sucking on Sebastian's tool, Sebastian's hips buck reflexively and Colton clenches his sphincter muscles in anticipation. Sebastian plays with Colton's ass before fucking him. Bending Colton over a table, Sebastian enters him from behind and drills him with an unrestrained pounding. Sebastian flips him over so Colton can enjoy stroking himself as they both build to orgasm. Colton uses his mouth to summon Sebastian's massive load, and Colton swallows hungrily as his own cum shoots on his ripped abs."

Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey in Krossfire, Scene 1

Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey in Krossfire, Scene 1

Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey in Krossfire, Scene 1

Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey in Krossfire, Scene 1

Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey in Krossfire, Scene 1

Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey in Krossfire, Scene 1

Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey in Krossfire, Scene 1

Daddy's Forbidden Lust, Scene 3

Tomas Brands Breeds Colton Grey’s Hole
Featuring Colton Grey and Tomas Brand
Lucas Entertainment

June 28, 2019

"Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, returns for a second round. His uncut cock is hard and relentless, and when he first looked into Colton Grey’s icy blue eyes he had to have him. Combined with his full lips and build of a little beefcake stud, Colton turned into a fast infatuation for Tomas. And the King of All Muscle Daddies sure enjoys using Colton to work out another load!"





























Justin Cruise Takes Colton Grey's Big Cock Up His Ass

Cruising For Colton Grey, Scene 4

Justin Cruise Takes Colton Grey's Big Cock Up His Ass
Lucas Entertainment

June 5, 2014

"Looking for some twink action? Well, you don’t have to look far today because we’re pairing up Justin Cruise with Colton Grey. And while Colton isn’t a twink necessarily, there’s no denying that he’s young and boyish in his appearance, though he gives off a punk vibe that tells us he’s good in the sack. Ask Justin Cruise, who likes to pretend he’s a top in charge, but the minute he sees a big dick he turns into a bottom bitch without hesitation. Colton has him suck his big fat cock before he gets Justin on the bed and slips his dick inside. It’s warm and wet up in Justin’s ass, so Colton takes his time when fucking him!"



Cruising For Colton Grey, Scene 1

Adam Killian and Colton Grey Flip-Fuck
Lucas Entertainment

April 28, 2014

"We’ve already seen Colton Grey have sex, and it’s obvious how good he is at it. He’s a young punk with white skin and a beautiful cock between his legs, and while he bottoms he’s really good at pounding with all the energy of a top. Bring in Adam Killian, a porn legend, and he’ll give Colton his true test. Adam gives his fat hard cock to Colton, but even better, he takes a fucking from the young porn star too!"

Adam Killian and Colton Grey Flip-Fuck

Adam Killian and Colton Grey Flip-Fuck

Adam Killian and Colton Grey Flip-Fuck

Adam Killian and Colton Grey Flip-Fuck

Adam Killian and Colton Grey Flip-Fuck Adam Killian and Colton Grey Flip-Fuck

Adam Killian and Colton Grey Flip-Fuck Adam Killian and Colton Grey Flip-Fuck
Addison Graham and Colton Grey Fuck Each Other

Cruising for Colton Grey, Scene 2

Addison Graham and Colton Grey Fuck Each Other
Lucas Entertainment

April 21, 2014

"It won’t take much for Colton Grey to admit what he loves about being in New York City: it’s all of the cruising, baby, and when you look like Colton you have guys lined up around the block to get in your pants! Addison Graham knows a stud when he sees one, and that’s why he’s taken with Colton when they see each other in Manhattan. Addison is a clean-cut preppy boy, and Colton is a little bit of a punk. They head back to Colton’s apartment where Addison strips his prize of his clothes, slips his big hard cock in his mouth for a sensual sucking, and gets ready to fuck like he’s never fucked before with one of the hottest porn stars around!"

Addison Graham and Colton Grey Fuck Each Other

Addison Graham and Colton Grey Fuck Each Other
Colton Grey Takes Turns With Jake Andrews and Anthony Verruso

Cruising for Colton Grey, Scene 5

Colton Grey Takes Turns With Jake Andrews and Anthony Verruso
Lucas Entertainment

April 19, 2014

"Anthony Verruso asks Jake Andrews for some help at the gym: he’s unfamiliar with some of the equipment, and Jake (who is more experienced working out his gorgeous body) is more than happy to give the cutie some pointers. Afterwards Anthony meets his fuck buddy, Colton Grey, outside of the gym and tells him about the encounter he had with Jake. What’s Colton’s response? Why not bring him home! The three meet up outside and Jake heads home with the young couple. When there Jake Andrews shows the guys some stretching techniques, but it’s just an excuse to take clothing off! Anthony and Colton pull Jake’s cock out of his underwear and suck his big fat cock. Everyone looses their clothes and they all suck each other off before everyone takes a turn fucking some ass!"

Colton Grey Takes Turns With Jake Andrews and Anthony Verruso

Colton Grey Takes Turns With Jake Andrews and Anthony Verruso

Colton Grey Takes Turns With Jake Andrews and Anthony Verruso

Colton Grey Takes Turns With Jake Andrews and Anthony Verruso Colton Grey Takes Turns With Jake Andrews and Anthony Verruso
Colton Grey Debuts Riding Michael Lucas' Uncut Cock

Exclusive Fuckers, Scene 3

L.E. Exclusive Colton Grey Debuts Riding Michael Lucas' Uncut Cock
Lucas Entertainment

November 18, 2013 "Colton Grey is a hot one fresh off the proverbial farm -- there’s no doubt about that. He’s one of the newest and cutest faces seen on Lucas Entertainment in a long time, and who could resist him? But if he’s going to have sex on camera for the studio, he’s going to have to learn how it’s done, and who better to take on that job than Michael Lucas? Colton is a versatile guy in bed, but by having a romp with Michael he has to be on the bottom, which is a great place for him since he’s so good at it. Watch as Colton hops on Michael’s 10-inch uncut Russian cock: the bottom’s own fat eight-inch cock flops and bounces with every erection injection. If its fresh meat you crave, then feast on Colton Grey!"
Colton Grey Debuts Riding Michael Lucas' Uncut Cock

Colton Grey Debuts Riding Michael Lucas' Uncut Cock

Colton Grey Debuts Riding Michael Lucas' Uncut Cock

Colton Grey Debuts Riding Michael Lucas' Uncut Cock
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