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Christian Power and Emiliano

Shower and Suck - Part 2-003

Shower and Suck - Part 2

Featuring Christian Power and Emiliano
Jimmy Z Productions

September 3, 2015

"In Part 2, Christian Power and Emiliano are done with their shower. They oil each other up and worship each other's bulging muscles. On the bed they suck each other off. Emiliano fingers Christian's beefy hole but its very tight. Both men lie back and shoot their loads with Emiliano's load coating is abs."

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Shower and Suck - Part 2-035

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Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano

Shower and Suck - Part 1

Featuring Christian Power and Emiliano
Jimmy Z Productions

March 20, 2015

"In Part 1, Christian Power and Emiliano meet and the chemistry is instant. They kiss passionately and are impressed by the other's muscles. Christian is a giant of a man with his big beefy muscles while Emiliano is an athletic jock with his hard chiseled body. They pose and flex and worship each other. Taking the action to the shower they enjoy their bodies further and take special attention to their cocks."

Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano Christian Power and Emiliano

Christian Power and Emiliano Christian Power and Emiliano
Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Clash of The Titans, version 1 -- Director's Cut

Featuring Christian Power & Max Chevalier

February 10, 2015

"A little known fact is that the Titans... Christian Power and Max Chevalier, actually did two scenes together for Men of Montreal. The first one was never released because the guy's finale was a bust. It was also during Christian's tentative first steps in gay sex and porn. He had only shot one scene before, and that was with Marko Lebeau. So to mark our second anniversary (Yes, 2 years already!), and since Christian is on a porn hiatus right now, we decided to release the original Clash of The Titans, which was shot a few weeks prior to the one already released a while back.

What you will be viewing is actually what we could call the Director's Cut. In fact, there is very little cut in this release. You are getting the raw footage assembled for your viewing pleasure. It allows you to peek into how a scene is shot and how Christian was taking his very first steps in porn. In fact, you'll notice Max, the more experienced guy, guide our newbie along several times during the shoot.

We won't say much about this scene as the footage speaks for itself. We will say this. The guys were into it... And, there are some little gems that will make you laugh. And, let's just say that it can sometimes be a challenge for two bodybuilders to give us good angle to shoot as the muscles can get in the way. Even though Christian was finding things a bit difficult at the beginning, you see him congratulating Max at one point for his talented fucking. And, by then, Max was just gliding his fat cock easily in and out of Christian's expanded hole.

And, sometimes guy aren't quite in sync when it comes time for them to deliver their cum shots. This was the case with both muscle dudes here. So the decision was taken to shoot another scene with them both.... Aw! Aren't you disappointed!

So, sit back and unzip your pants. And, peek into this hot & spicy romp."

Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier Christian Power & Max Chevalier
Christian Power and Mario Torrez

Power Top Meets Cock Hungry Bottom

Featuring Christian Power and Mario Torrez

May 16, 2014

"This was a pairing we were looking forward to. Handsome and hunky top man Mario Torrez pops massive bodybuilder Christian Power's ass. What more can you hope for? Tanned Christian showed up on set in the mood that day and ready for action. He was all horned up and ready to take on Mario's impressive tool.

It was interesting to see these two side by side. Alone, Mario is tall and hunky, but next to Christian, his build, albeit chiseled and ripped, seems small. He is anything but small, but then again, everybody who stands next to Christian appears small. Mario was definitely impressed by his partner's stature, but he certainly was not intimidated.

After some initial bonding and kissing, Christian plunged into Mario's lap and took our Italian stud's 8 incher out of his jeans and shoved it in his mouth and down his throat. Christian sucked with eagerness and devotion, while playing with his own 8 incher. Mario was enjoying this attention, and so was his dick. Yet, Mario was more interested in Christian's ass. So, once our 265 lbs bodybuilder spun around, his newfound friend dove right in for his ass with his tongue. We all knew that this was only a prelude to the fucking that Mario was eager to give. And Christian appeared more than pleased to take it, first from behind, then riding Mario with definite resolve.

Our Italian Stallion is one assertive top, but he definitely knows how to make his partners feel good with his talented lips and tongue. So, after a good pounding, Christian was rewarded with a great blow job. The intensity between the two was visible and Mario decided that one last fucking was needed for him to pop his load. And Christian was more than happy to oblige. Both guys were ready to rip and soon enough they shot their loads in succession. Mario was first to fire, smearing Christian's lower abs with his sticky white elixir. Lying on his back, Christian then popped his load next, sending it up to his chest.

This was a memorable encounter. Mario is a real sex machine, always horny and hungry for action. On this day, Christian was hankering for a fuck like we have rarely seen. And he got it!"

Christian Power and Mario Torrez

Christian Power and Mario Torrez

Christian Power and Mario Torrez

Christian Power and Mario Torrez

Christian Power and Mario Torrez

Christian Power and Mario Torrez

Christian Power and Mario Torrez

Christian Power and Mario Torrez

Christian Power and Mario Torrez Christian Power and Mario Torrez
Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

David Does Goliath

Featuring Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

January 24, 2014

"Gabriel Clark arrived for his shoot with Christian Power admitting that this was the biggest guy ever that he had performed with. He was a bit intimidated by fucking a mountain of muscle that weighs 100 lbs more than he does. For his part, Christian knew that Gabriel was well equipped and a forceful top. He hadn't bottomed in a while so he was clearly jittery. But, both were in good spirits and you can see during their opening conversation that sex was the main focus of their attention. Gabriel was describing in detail how he wanted to eat out Christian's ass and Christian was telling Gabriel the positions he wanted to try out. Coincidentally, he wanted to try pile driving, Gabriel's favorite position... This was promising. Then, Gabriel wanted to get into some muscle worship and so he sat behind Christian on the back of the couch and worked away on his upper chest and biceps... He even pounced on his bottom's pecs, but nothing moved it was so hard!

From idle chit-chat the guys then started kissing, but with all the sex talk they had, it wasn't long before Gabriel pushed Christian onto his back and dove for his cock. Pretty quickly they stripped off their clothes, Gabriel then stood on the couch while Christian sat down and in went Gabriel's cock to Christian's mouth.

Both guys have similar sized dicks. And both were sporting some pretty stiff boners. Gabriel was fixated on eating out Christian's ass before shoving his cock into it, so they got up and kissed for a bit before Gabriel asserted his top man position and pushed Christian onto his knees on the couch. Christian remarked that Gabriel 'wanted to play rough'... And, in dove Gabriel with his tongue. When it came time for shove his stiff cock up Christian's ass, it was obvious that our bodybuilder was finding this painful. He actually said 'Oh Fuck' when his ass lips were pierced by our top's 8.5 incher. It took a while for Christian to feel more comfortable and, actually, every time Gabriel and he changed fucking positions it seemed that he was wincing and squirming. He admitted afterwards that he needed to give his ass more attention in the future.

You'll notice during the shoot that some background noise made its way into the shoot. There were kids in the hotel corridor that were playing not far from the room. It distracted the guys, and at one point Christian got up, went to the room's door entrance, opened it, poked outside the door in the buff with a boner and hollered 'Hey! Pipe it down!' Then... Dead silence in the room and from the kids ensued. He shut the door and we all suddenly laughed and got back to the action. The kids were only momentarily destabilized by this mountain of muscle in the nude hollering at them, as they got back to their horseplay about two minutes later...

Gabriel was kinda enjoying finding himself in the position of topping such a massive piece of man. And, it isn't always easy finding positions where we get a good shot of Christian getting fucked. His ass cheeks are so big!! But Gabriel's dick size more than made up. So, for the finale, we got a clear view as the guys got into a spooning position. Gabriel was pumping and he soon shot all over Christian's butt cheek. He then moved into position lying down to get what he loves best... cum! Gabriel was on his back, Christian hovering above. Gabe started sucking the big guy as he got ready to unload into Gabe's waiting mouth. Gabriel lapped it up, got up and kissed Christian. As they wrapped things up, Gabriel suggested they do a repeat at some point. To which Christian stated that he would be the one in the driver's seat. Gabriel's 'Yeah right' answer didn't seem to indicate that such a thing would happen... We'll eventually find out."

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

A New Year's Party for Two

Featuring Christian Power and Mickelo Evans

December 31, 2013

"Happy New Year All!

In this week's installment, Marko Lebeau joins Christian Power and Mickelo Evans for a toast to ring in the New Year. Once the champagne has popped and the guys toasted 2014, Marko exits and the guys get down to business.

As they enter the room, Christian firmly moves Mickelo against the wall and the two lock lips. But Mickelo has other things on his mind and he moves Christian against the wall, gets down on his knees and start sucking Christian to hardness. Mickelo is clearly enjoying giving Christian an intense blow job and goes at it for quite a while. In fact, Mickelo was eagerly looking forward to shooting with Christian. He loves giving head and it shows.

Christian is a bit leaner these days and looking mighty fine. With little effort he propels Mickelo onto the bed, strips him of his pants and returns the blow job favor. Sucking his partner's cock, flickering his tongue on his balls and cock head, Christian's attention is making a happy camper out of our Mediterranean stud.

Christian finally moves away from Mickelo's stiff boner, raises his ass and firmly grips his ass cheeks so he can tongue and finger that dude's hole. It's kinda hot to see Christian thumbing his spit into his partner's lubed hole. This action was prep work as Christian readied his cock into Mickelo's ass. You can see our Muscle Man's round bubble butt moving rhythmically back and forth as Mickelo moans and groans from every pounding our Titan is giving him. From above, from below, Christian's 8.5' uncut cock moves breathlessly in and out of that grateful butthole.

The guys then move onto the bed for some more cock sucking as they sixty-nine one another. Next, Christian lies on his back and starts machine-gun pounding Mickelo who is now sitting on his partner's cock, and moaning like a dude in heat. This fucking really worked him into a frenzy as he gets off Christian's cock to shoot his load all over our bodybuilder's stomach. Christian follows suit and places Mickelo's left cheek in his own cum. Christian ramps up and shoots his load on his buddy's other cheek. Mickelo's face and lips are now covered in jizz as he moves up for a parting cum-covered kiss."










45913_001 45913_002

45913_005 45913_011

45913_032 45913_036

Revenge of the Titan

Featuring Alec Leduc and Christian Power

November 19, 2013

"Well, Christian Power, the Titan, is back and he is looking pretty good with a bit of a leaner shape on him. He's been away traveling in Canada, taking time off and doing club shows. He was in quite the joking mood, jabbing both Alec Leduc and Marko Lebeau with hints of sexual revenge. He was indeed in a playful mood as one joke after the other would spur out of his mouth during every break in shooting that day.

While chatting it up with Marko, we find out that Christian would love to park himself in Miami for a spell, seduced by its beach atmosphere and all. Winter is coming here in Montreal and the idea of heading south appeals to this hulk's search for sun and sand. And when Alec told Marko that he was pretty chill for today's scene, Christian menacingly said 'Not for long', intent on shoving his dick deep down Alec's now welcoming ass. Remember last spring when these two shot a scene together? Alec was supposed to bottom for the first time, but he ended up choking on us... so to speak. So Christian had to deliver his ass up for service. Christian also hinted at Marko that he would want to have his revenge on our short hairy cub also, as it was Marko who broke in Christian for the very first time.

Once Marko declined an offer from Alec to join them, the two studs started fornicating, kissing and feeling each other up. Shape-wise Alec is no slouch, with a 200 lb. solid frame. But next to the towering Christian with his 260 lbs. of pure muscle he paled in comparison. Once our Titan took off his top, Alec got into some nice muscle worshipping. But it wasn't long before he was on his knees and sucking his buddy's cock. This sucking action gave way to a bit of a cock fight and a bit more of muscle admiration, and you could see the guys smiling and having fun.

Alec then instructed Christian to eat his ass out, which our bodybuilder did, using abundant amounts of saliva to lube up Alec's butthole. Christian then pulled out a couple of dildos to prep Alec's ass for his fucking. Alec definitely prefers the feel of the real thing, so after his hole got stretched out with the toys, he moved up to the couch, got on his knees and prepared to welcome Christian's bone hard cock up his ass. Alec was enjoying this ass work. Christian's rhythm was firm and Alec was even pressing his ass down on the Titan's cock.

Alec then moved up on his knees on the couch's armrest and pulled out his cock so Christian could press his lips on the meaty cock and shove it down his throat. After some extend cock-sucking action, Alec moved onto his back, again giving Christian easy access to his butthole. Alec was getting it hard and he was begging for more.

Christian was the first to unleash his load onto Alec's balls and cock and was soon followed by Alec's four-day accumulation of jizz. Alec has gotten us used to hefty loads, and this was no exception, sending up in jets in several spurts.

The guys were quite chill once they had finished. They hung out together for a while before heading out. These two are comfortable together and they definitely enjoyed getting re-acquainted."









45164_007 45164_009

45164_011 45164_015

45164_016 45164_019

Gagging on The Lumberjack

Featuring Archer Quan and Christian Power

October 22, 2013

"There is no stronger symbol of the Canadian Man than that of the Lumberjack. So what better guy than Christian Power to epitomize this Northern icon. So we got him and Archer Quan to team up for a bit of fun and play out in the Canadian Wilderness. After the guys spent a bit of time with their axes and chain saw in hand, hacking away at some dead tree trunks to later build a fire, they headed back to their tents for some down time.

In Christian's mind, getting some down time in fact means boning up and having some fun. So when Archer surprised him as he was jerking off in his tent, our hospitable body-builder invited his buddy in with open arms or should we say 'open legs'. Archer was a happy camper!

In fact, he loves to suck cock and he particularly enjoys deep throating and gagging on a nice big dick. So he was well served by Christian's uncut 8 incher. And boy, did he ever deep throat his partner, choking loudly as he was mouthing that cock with purpose. But, being in the Canadian deep woods one always has to deal with the not so friendly presence of blood thirsty mosquitoes. They were out in full force on this day and, admittedly, Archer was not the only one sucking Christian that day. Christian referred to them as 'uninvited guests', and to free themselves from their voracious bite, he suggested to Archer that they leave the tent and head to the picnic table to continue their romp. There was no escaping the pesky little insects however. Undeterred, our two dudes just kept going at it.

If Archer loves deep-throating, he enjoys even more getting fucked by some muscular cock. So, his moaning and groaning, and ever stiff boner while getting fucked was clearly showing just how happy he was with Christian's cock up his ass. In fact, he held back from playing with his own cock, fearful that he would shoot too quickly if he did. Even as we could hear Christian's stiff cock and balls banging against his bottom boy's ass cheeks, Archer was begging for more and harder.

After fucking in different positions on the picnic table, Christian was first to ramp up and shoot his load. We have certainly seen Christian deliver more substantial loads than the one he did this day, but his efforts spurred Archer on to spill his own seed alongside his sizable PA. Now that things were cooling down in the forest and on the picnic table, it was definitely time to get that campfire going... "






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44518_004 44518_005

44518_006 44518_007

44518_013 44518_014

44518_016 44518_022

Muscle To Muscle

Featuring Christian Power and Ivan Lenko

September 10, 2013

"This was one of the three scenes that we shot last month at a friend's house in the Mauricie region of Quebec, 1.5 hour east of Montreal. We combined muscles and brawn in this one, as Ivan Lenko, our hunky Ukrainian Canadian, and Zeus-size Christian Power squared off.

We were shooting on the huge patio deck, so the guys were able to take in the sun's unobstructed rays. Next door, we could occasionally hear the neighbours talking, oblivious to the shenanigans going on in our side. The roar of transport trucks on the nearby uphill highway helped to muffle the heavy breathing and panting that we were generating on set. As the morning started off nice and sunny, clouds moved in progressively and the scene's finale was actually shot under a huge patio parasol, covering the guys from the intense showers suddenly rushing down on us. So if the guys look a bit awestruck or distracted, the tight surroundings under the parasol didn't help matters.Our two bodybuilders' engines were revved up that day and they quickly started playing with themselves as they were chatting. It wasn't long before Ivan moved into position next to Christian and began admiring and worshiping his rock hard chest, abs and arms. Christian was anxious to see how Ivan's mouth would feel with a lip ring wrapped around his cock; so he gladly served it up when Ivan asked if he could go down on him.

The heat was getting the better of Ivan, so his lips left Christian's cock as he got up and went to cool off under a shower head. Once under the jet though, Ivan was stunned as the water turned suddenly and brutally cold. There was no hot water coming from the shower head, so we had to give him a break while shooting to let him warm up under the daytime sun. Ivan returned to shower, holding back his body shivering and teeth chatter from the cameras' glare... What a champ!!

Once he rejoined Christian, they both stood up and got into some intense muscle worshiping and fondling. Christian eventually went onto his knees and gave his fellow bodybuilder a boner-inducing blow job. After some hot kissing and a lot of attention to Ivan's nipples and arm pits, Christian placed his partner in an inclined lounge chair and continued to blow his hot dick. Ivan was clearly enjoying all the attention.

As they both got back up, Ivan went for a second round on Christian's cock. He then moved the bulky muscle hunk up against the deck's wooden fence and dove his tongue into the very deeply hidden asshole. Getting to Christian's hole is always a challenge for guys because his ass cheeks are so massive and tight. But Ivan made it through and got his partner's ring all wet and ready for a fuck. Christian then moved back onto another lounge chair, giving Ivan better access as he went back to fucking his bigger partner.The guys were getting all hot and heavy when the rain started to fall. We quickly placed a parasol over their heads and bodies, letting them quickly get back to jacking their uncut dicks. Christian was distracted by the falling rain, but he still managed to be the first to announce that he would cum. After saying 'me too', Ivan actually beat him to it and was the first to shoot his huge load of cum on the face of a surprised-looking Christian. His surprised and awkward look was hilarious. Christian did pause from his own cum shot to let Ivan empty his balls, but quickly resumed his jacking off when his partner finished; seconds later, he shot his load on his abs.

Thunder and lightning had been forewarning us of a deluge that ultimately came about 15 seconds after the guys shot. With the wind now swirling, the parasol was of no more use in covering us from the rain. Things turned quickly into a mad dash for cover to prevent the equipment from getting soaked."










43687_012 43687_015

43687_016 43687_026

43687_036 43687_042
Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Bigger Is Definitely Better

Featuring Christian Power and Tyson Tyler

July 16, 2013

"This time around Tyson Tyler hooks up with Christian Power who has been preparing for competition. They meet in the washroom as Tyson is taking a relaxing bath and Christian is anxious for his post-workout shower. Once under the shower-head, Christian’s intense training of late really shows. His abs are rippling and he is more cut than ever, as his physique exposes every bulging muscle. What a site!

It isn’t long before the guys are playing with their own cocks. A few strokes later, Tyson joins Christian in the shower and gets on his knees to give our bodybuilder an eager blow job. Christian wanted to reciprocate, so they move into the living space where our big guy takes on Tyson’s challenging 10” uncut cock. During the photo shoot that preceded the actual taping of the scene, daylight provided us with an amazing backdrop. Christian is on his knees, in a praying position, as he sucks on Tyson boner. In the background there’s a nearby church steeple, one of many in Montreal, which gives this shoot a heavenly feel. You almost feel there will be a godly descent. During the actual videotaping, darkness had however set in.

The guys then moved onto the bed where they continued sucking on each other’s cocks in a 69 position. Christian was first to get at Tyson’s ass, as our British visitor moved into position to ride his partner’s cock. Tyson can take a mean fucking from a guy who has a huge dick of his own. But Christian’s 8” tool pales in comparison to Tyson hefty 10 incher.

Our bodybuilder likes things big. And in this case, it was only natural for him to give up his ass next. Set on all fours on a living room armchair, Christian took Tyson’s cock like a champ. He was nervous at first and kept pretty still to minimize the shock, but he soon got into the groove and Tyson gave him a pretty intense fucking. From this position, they then moved onto the edge of the couch, where Christian stood tall, bending only his upper body, to take it up the ass again. Tyson was really enjoying this position and he was pretty revved up by fucking a guy certainly as tall as him, but twice his body size. This turned him on and it didn’t take him long to pull out, strip off the condom and spread his load all over Christian’s ass. He then sat down on the couch to watch Christian shoot his load on its armrest.

Tyson then grinned and bent down to lick up Christian’s bright white load off the dark leather piece of furniture. This was Tyson’s last blast during his Montreal stay. He headed out of the town the next day, and by his own admission, hopes to make his way back here to get a larger sampling of the hot guys this City offers."

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

A Muscular Pounding

Featuring Christian Power and Felix Brazeau

June 28, 2013

"Christian Power and Félix Brazeau wanted to take advantage of the nice late spring weather, so they decided to take a walk together in a park near the Gay Village in Montreal, chatting it up and sharing pics on their mobile phones. The guys have known each other for a couple of months, so they were quite comfortable with each other, even though this was the first time they would be actually having sex together. Neither one seemed intimated by the idea, but Félix was definitely overwhelmed by Christian’s size.

Félix has really gotten into the groove quickly since joining the team of Men of Montréal (MoM) and is really getting off on taking some solid sized dicks up his ass. So, we are more than happy to indulge this new found passion of his! While Christian started out in porn by being an awesome bottom, he does love to top, and a fierce top he is, pounding his partner’s ass with all the might that you expect from such a massive muscle hunk.

Félix was the first to suggest they go back to the house and get in on, clearly showing his eagerness to get at Christian’s dick. Heading right for the bedroom, it was only seconds before our 6’1” bottom boy was all over Christian’s 8” uncut tool. After some artful cocksucking, the guys moved into a sixty-nine position with Félix on top. They burst out laughing when the underwear was obviously getting in the way. That’s when Christian cried out “Let’s get naked!” Our Titan, Christian, then instructed Félix into a doggy style position so he could rim and finger his prey in preparation for a good fucking. The guys were comfortable together and having a lot of fun. When he was ready to fuck, Christian hollered out “Go, it’s Rodeo time!” To which Félix responded with a hearty “Ye Haw!” They were clearly having a good time together.

After taunting Félix’s ass with his cock, Christian got on his back and Félix just sat right back onto his top’s firm dick. Even when lying down, Christian can fuck a guy silly. But to really give a solid pounding, he motioned Félix onto his back so he could pound him seriously. Félix loves a good fuck and his loud moaning and groaning is always a good indicator of his pleasure. He was really into this wrecking machine. It was also amazing to see Christian’s abs flex back and forth while fucking… Fiercely hot!!

Félix wanted to take Christian’s cum in his face. So that is exactly what our body-builder did, shooting on his forehead, eyelid and cheek, and then spreading it in Félix’s face. He even shot a bit in his eye, giving Félix a light burning sensation. Like a trooper, he kept on going and was quickly next at shooting a load. For his release, he wanted to spread his seed on Christian’s solid bubble butt. So, Christian got on his stomach and let him have his way. Félix delivered a sizeable load and went on to spread in around that big butt with his cock. Sweet!"

41821_015 41821_026

41821_030 41821_034



The Gentle Giant Gets Bossy

Featuring Ben Rose and Christian Power

June 14, 2013

"We get to see a different side to Christian Power in this scene. A bit more assertive, definitely domineering and somewhat bossy towards the much smaller Ben Rose who, in this scene, services our bodybuilder and then gets his ass pummelled by him. This is a scene of contrasts, big vs. small, tanned vs. white, bossy vs. submissive. Prior to the interview, Ben & Christian got to know each other and it was clear while chatting with Marko Lebeau that they had hit it off… joking and laughing throughout the interview. Yet, Ben was still a bit intimidated by Christian’s claim to want revenge in this scene and his massive stature. “He’s 3 times my size!”…

Starting the scene with some mutual fondling, Christian barks off a succession of instructions to the submissive Ben that endure throughout the scene. “Move there”, “Suck man”, “Come here”… The Titan reveals a dominant side that we have never seen before.

Ben starts off by sucking Christian’s cock to get him hard; and he does a fine job of it! In fact, Ben has become quite a well-rounded and talented actor that really gets off on having sex with guys and performing for the camera.

Once Christian is all worked up from the cock-sucking he got, the Beefy man then moves his smaller sized partner onto his back to give him a blow job of his own. Ben strikes a boner in no time, but Christian quickly has other plans. He wants his ass eaten out - a job that Ben takes on with delight and talent. His tongue makes its way past Christian’s massive butt cheeks and darts right into the waiting hole. Our dominating top is clearly enjoying Ben’s attention, jacking off a constantly hard dick. Christian’s cock is still hankering for some sucking so Ben goes back to Christian’s cock. Our 265 lb. bodybuilder is clearly in command as he moves Ben into position for some rimming. This tongue work is warming the Rose’s butthole for the fucking he’s going to get next.

Ben was really turned on by Christian’s powerful ass fucking; first in a sideways position then in a reverse Cowboy. It had been several days since Ben had shot a load, and he kept telling us that he was close to shooting a load. So, it wasn’t long before he needed to fire off a hefty amount of spunk… while still riding Christian’s cock. Hot!

Christian then moved Ben to the edge of the bed so he could fuck him again, this time doggy style, gearing up for his own cum shot. Quickly Christian takes the condom off and jerks out a load of his own all over Ben’s butt. Spent, the guys wrapped it up with a kiss and kudos from Christian for a 'Good Job!'"







Pushing Back One's Limits

Featuring Alec Leduc and Christian Power

April 23, 2013

"An episode of firsts, twists and turns… Sometimes your best plans for a shoot are thrown off the rails by the spontaneous and unexpected. This scene, as you will see, has a succession of these. We have been testing the waters recently with Alec Leduc about bottoming, but he has never put anything up his ass before and has been quite nervous about the idea.

Our first surprise of the day occurred when he arrived for the shoot. He told us that he wanted to take his first steps with anal play. So Christian, being the gentle giant that he is, offered to help out and, suddenly, being the good bottom he is, he became the mentor. He volunteered to do some anal play with toys and see where that would lead Alec.

After some initial petting and stripping on the bed, both guys had their turn at sucking some cock. Alec started by nibbling at Christian's big dick through his underwear before prying them off of our Titan. Then Christian reciprocated. This is when Christian offered to pry Alec’s butthole open with a string of anal beads. Alec was both excited and horrified at the prospect as you can see in his facial expressions. Christian started gently inserting the string of beads, making his way down to the larger ones that we could hear pop in and out of Alec’s ass one by one. You could tell that Alec was struggling with the larger ones. He shook his head from side to side at one point and this guy, whose dick is usually always hard while having sex, went limp.

Try as he may, he couldn’t take it further on that day. So from there, Alec went into familiar territory and started eating out Christian’s ass before standing and rubbing his bone-hard dick along that massive ass crack. He then started poking his dick at Christian’s hole before wrapping it in a rubber and plunging in for a good slow fuck.

Christian was clearly enjoying this attention. But it is always a challenge for the guy fucking him to get in deep as his massive butt cheeks can limit the depth of penetration from his top. Note to the Casting Director: Find long-dicked hunks to fuck Christian’s ass!!

After a good fucking, the guys positioned themselves for their cum shots. This is where the unexpected again occurred. Christian was the first to shoot his load when he stood up above Alec’s head and dropped a sizeable load on his partner’s face. Alec then took the cock in his mouth, swallowing cum and sucking a spent dick for the first time ever. Maybe it was an effort at compensating for his inability to take a cock up his ass, or maybe not. Regardless, he definitely did a bang up job of lapping up Christian’s hot cum. Then Christian went on to suck Alec to bring him to climax. What happened next was also quite unexpected. Alec was getting close to cumming when Christian shoved his face sideways in Alec’s cock range receiving long streams of white cum in his face when Alec shot his load. Monkey see, monkey do; he also went on to suck his partner’s spent cock, mouthing cum for his first time.

Needless to say we were pleased. And, by the looks of things, Alec’s first fuck is only a matter of time. He left the set with a 9” dildo in hand… Stay tuned."

Alec Leduc and Christian Power










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35646_021 35646_022

35646_031 35646_033
Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Clash of the Titans

Featuring Christian Power and Max Chevalier

March 26, 2013

"500 lbs. of pure muscles and 16 inches of powerful cocks!! Like an aircraft carrier, Max Chevalier and Christian Power, together, displace a lot of water. Christian blames his size on eating all his vegetables when he was a kid. And, when Max observed during the interview with Marko Lebeau that “I thought I was a big guy, but I just discovered I’m nothing…” it was clear that next to Christian’s 6’3” towering stature, he kinda dwarfs in comparison.

Nonetheless, as the top in this scene, Max still ends up being the one in charge. Christian however was, in this scene, more comfortable than we’ve ever seen him yet. He appeared comfortable, even when taking his largest cock yet up the ass!

Christian’s size can sometimes be a problem for guys who are fucking him… even when they have big dicks. With his huge bubble butt, there aren’t a lot of positions that allow for clear and deep penetration from him partners. Max did his best when fucking Christian sideways, but he really got into his element when he got our Men of Montréal exclusive on all fours. Even when they did a 69, Christian’s sheer size hid Max from our cameras.

After lapping each other’s cocks generously, Max rammed Christian’s ass and started calling our Zeus his “baby”. Try as I may, I can’t recall ever seeing a 275 lbs. “baby” being pummelled from behind. Max went from 0 to 60 within minutes and being so turned on, he pulled out, removed his condom and came on Christian’s butt, then rubbing his cock around his ass and on his bottom’s hole. Christian then ramped up himself and shot his load on Max’s chest. Max sucked the remainder of Christian’s cum of his dick and being the horny dude he is then got up and topped everything off seductively French kissing Christian… All in all, a pretty good time!"

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier and Christian Power Max Chevalier and Christian Power
Christian Power and Hayden Colby

Worshipping Zeus

Featuring Christian Power and Hayden Colby

March 8, 2013

"Since Christian started with us by jumping right into the frying pan (bottoming in his first 2 scenes), we decided to give him a bit of a break for this one and teamed him up with veteran bottom boy Hayden Colby. Even though his size may intimidate, Christian is a down to earth, friendly and engaging guy. Put him in front of a videographer and camera to shoot some sex and he stiffens up, not only in the groin… His comfort level is improving with each shoot and for this scene he delivers his first blow job.

After the initial massage, Hayden starts by servicing this Zeus-like colossus, performing an awesome rim job before turning him around and blowing him masterfully. You can tell Christian is enjoying all this attention with his facial expressions and groaning. But, being the kind-hearted guy he is, he interrupts Hayden to reciprocate with his own blow job… his first! What Christian was really eager for (and Hayden also), was to give his partner a good fucking. Once he motions Hayden into position, Christian starts by fucking him missionary style, before moving him into a position for a back-end fucking. He pumps Hayden mercilessly, just like Hayden likes it, loudly banging his dick and balls into his bottom’s ass.

Hayden loves to have his nipples played with to reach orgasm. So, Christian stops fucking and obliges by nibbling at them attentively. It isn’t long before Hayden shoots, covering his chest and Christian’s hand with his cum. Christian then rubs Hayden’s cum into his chest before ramping up to shoot his own load next to Hayden’s mouth.

The irony of this scene was Marko Lebeau’s comment in the opening segment, wondering if the massage table would hold out. Well, in fact, during the photo shoot prior to the video work, the table did crack from Christian’s weight when he knelt on the table to the photographer’s instructions. Throughout the whole scene everyone was on edge hoping it wouldn’t collapse in mid-shoot. As you can see, it held up!"

Christian Power and Hayden Colby

Christian Power and Hayden Colby

Christian Power and Hayden Colby

Christian Power and Hayden Colby Christian Power and Hayden Colby
Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

"Initiating Christian – Round 2"

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

February 22, 2013

"This scene could almost be called Men in Black as Alexy Tyler, Christian Power and our host Marko Lebeau are all wearing black T’s for the opening interview.Christian has launched on a path of discovery, a discovery of gay sex. Although in his first interview, we got the impression he has had sex with guys in the past, we could see that this wasn’t necessarily an environment he was all that familiar with. So today, our bodybuilder is moving forward on the road to bulkier and more endowed guys. After Marko Lebeau and Alexy Tyler, this leaves you wondering who his next scene partner will be…For Alexy, a veteran porn star from Germany who has made Montreal his home for the time being, he was more than willing to help our muscle man get better acquainted with dicks and ass. In fact he was rather excited at the prospect of taking on this massive, yet gentle hunk. But don’t call Alexy cute! He’s hot, handsome, and no puppy… Hehe!! Master of several languages this guy will show Christian some pretty hot tongue action. Christian is certainly progressing, but still queasy about some things with guys, like sucking a dick or getting a cum facial. Funny that he will bottom though… Even if it hurts. The line between pain and pleasure is often a fine one. And, that big 8 incher of his will bone up in no time. I guess he loves all that attention. In fact, you’ll notice just as he is starting to kiss Alexy that the top of his boner has popped out of his boxers. Yet, you can see that he still is nervous and easily distracted by the presence of cameras, lights and crew. Alexy does a masterful job at deep-throating our incredible hulk, going all the way down on his big cock again and again. He then flips Christian over to give him one hell of good ass tonguing, before launching a full-on dick assault of his ass. What a tight squeeze that was as we hear Christian groaning and we see him squinting. After a good fuck, Christian is first to shoot, covering his abs and Alexy’s face and shoulder in cock juice. Alexy follows shortly after adding to the juice on his partner’s stomach. After the scene, Christian told us that he was getting more and more comfortable. So let’s see where that lands him in his next scene."

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler Christian Power and Alexy Tyler

Christian Power and Alexy Tyler Christian Power and Alexy Tyler
Marko Lebeau and Christian Power

"David Fucks Goliath"

Marko Lebeau and Christian Power

February 8, 2013

"Christian Power casually states during his interview with Marko Lebeau that he is nervous for this scene, as this is his first time in front of a camera. He is indeed and it shows sometimes during the shoot, even though he appeared to be quite relaxed during his conversation with our host. There are times throughout the scene when he looks overwhelmed and distracted by the presence of cameras and the crew.At 6' and 265 lbs. of solid muscle, this body-builder/personal trainer's massive frame can come across as intimidating, even to Marko as he sometimes doesn't seem to know quite how to handle a guy 100 lbs. pounds heavier than him. But our host seems appreciative and after he starts kissing Christian and caressing his body, he quickly plunges for his cock.Moving back and forth from his cock to his nipples and abs, Marko goes down so deep on him that he shed’s a tear! After a rimming that Christian appeared to clearly enjoy, Marko rams his bulky bottom’s ass mercilessly! Even though Christian worked his ass with a dildo prior to Marko’s attack, we aren’t sure he enjoyed the fucking as much as the rim job he got. Yet, he’s lucky it was Marko’s 6.5-7 inch cock and not an 8 or 9 incher that initiated him to the art of bottoming.After fucking Christian in a few positions Marko lays him on his back on the edge of the bed and fucks him again until he shoots, unloading on Christian’s balls and abs, then rubbing his seed over the bodybuilders’ abs. Then, Christian ramps up to unload his own juice to Marko’s chant of Good Boy!!All in all, a job well done! Christian was a real trooper. It was obvious that he was overwhelmed at times, but he carried through and is now committed to doing more. Next time up, he will be teamed with veteran actor Alexy Tyler!"

Marko Lebeau and Christian Power

Marko Lebeau and Christian Power

Marko Lebeau and Christian Power

Marko Lebeau and Christian Power

Marko Lebeau and Christian Power

Marko Lebeau and Christian Power

Marko Lebeau and Christian Power Marko Lebeau and Christian Power

David Mitchell

2013 NPC Southern States Championships

"For over two decades the NPC Southern States Championships drew scores of competitors from the southern regions of the country to Ft. Lauderdale for one weekend of incredible muscular competition. Repetrope is pleased to bring you our signature contest coverage of this legendary contest which produced many notable pros who compete within the sport today. This Evening Show Finals video features bodybuilding and physique athletes from the Teenage, Novice, and Open Divisions."