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SITES: Drill My Hole, Falcon Studios, Hot House, Jizz Orgy, Raging Stallion Studios, Randy Blue, The Gay Office

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Dark Matter

Dark Matter, Scene 2

Starring Chris Bines and Johnny V
Hot House

August 31, 2017

"Pure and innocent Johnny V is mystical as he stands in his white jock in the darkness when hedonistic Chris Bines comes up behind him and starts turning the stud on with lots of licking and kissing all over his body. As the corruption story continues, Chris works his way around to the front where the two muscle hunks start a session of heavy petting. Johnny is the first to give into his desires and unleashes Chris' big cock before wrapping his full pink lips around the shaft. Johnny works every inch of the hairy dick and balls knowing that his mouth is providing the ultimate pleasure for Chris. The more Johnny sucks dick, the harder his own grows. When Chris sees Johnny's dick straining against the fabric of his jock strap, he wants to lend a helping hand. Chris returns the sucking favor and drops to his knees to suck Johnny off. Chris needs to take it to the next level and bends the blonde stud over to lick his throbbing hole. Johnny loves every flick of Chris' tongue and soon he's begging for more than just a face buried in his ass. Chris hears Johnny loud and clear and slides his thick pole all the way into Johnny's tight asshole. Chris pounds the muscle stud hard, making Johnny moan out in ecstasy. Johnny begs for Chris to go harder and deeper and just when Chris hits the right spot, Johnny sprays a massive load all over the floor. When Chris sees that he's done his job with pleasing the hunk, he pulls out and slathers Johnny's back with a heavy load of cream."

WATCH Dark Matter, Scene 2 Starring Chris Bines and Johnny V

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Dirty Work, Scene 2

Starring Chris Bines and Gabriel Cross
Hot House

March 9, 2017

"Painting is a boring-as-hell job, so to make things more interesting, Chris Bines tags his boyfriend Gabriel Cross with the roller. Gabriel retaliates, and things escalate quickly. After a quick tussle, Chris grabs the back of Gabriel's head and gives him a deep kiss. A bulge shows in Gabriel's white shorts, and Chris heads straight for it, shoving Gabriel's cock down his throat. Gabriel plays with Chris' nipples and rubs his hands through Chris' hairy chest. Leaning against a couch, Chris feeds his cock to Gabriel's thirsty mouth. Gabriel sucks Chris' cock using plenty of spit, and the intense oral pleasure makes Chris shoot a huge load all over Gabriel's face. But Chris isn't done with Gabriel yet; bending him over the couch, Chris spreads Gabriel's ass and pushes his tongue into the tight pink center. With spit for lube, Chris uses his finger to feel inside Gabriel's sweet hole, and he can't resist putting his dick inside. With a hot body like Gabriel's in front of him, it's no surprise that Chris is already ready for round two. Gabriel flips over and puts a leg over Chris' shoulder, enjoying the sensation of Chris' big, hard cock pushing deep inside him. Sitting down on the couch, Chris invites Gabriel to sit on his cock, and Gabriel's uncut meat slices through the air as he rides Chris. Jerking his cock with Chris still inside him, Gabriel shoots a massive load, then massages Chris' hairy body while he jerks out a second huge cum shot."

WATCH Dirty Work, Scene 2 Starring Chris Bines and Gabriel Cross

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Cruising Grounds, Scene 3

Chris Bines and Bruce Beckham
Hot House

June 23, 2016

"Officer Bruce Beckham patrols the warehouse after dark, looking to catch trespassing cruisers in the act. Bruce comes across Chris Bines; suspecting that Chris is looking for sex, Bruce threatens him with a 'stiff sentence.' To avoid another mark on his record, Chris asks if they can work something out. 'Get down on your knees,' says Bruce, and Chris knows what to do. Opening Bruce's fly, Chris wraps his lips around Bruce's thick, meaty cock. Saliva drips as Chris chokes down on Bruce's huge endowment. Bending Chris over, Bruce spreads Chris' cheeks and plants his face deep into the hairy crack. Spitting on Chris' hole, Bruce laps at it and prepares to get what he wants: his entire throbbing shaft inside Chris' ass. With powerful thrusts, Bruce gives Chris a major pounding. But Bruce wants more than just a fuck; he wants cock in his ass too. Raising his legs in the air, Bruce gives up his hole to Chris' giant cock. Bruce's muscled body ripples as Chris pummels his hole. Chris then lays on his back for Bruce to hop on for a cowboy-style ride, and Bruce's hole stretches with the friction of Chris' thrusting. As he rides Chris' cock, Bruce jerks out a massive white load, spilling it all over Chris' chest. Standing upright, Chris finishes himself off by blasting his cum onto Bruce's big, muscled chest."

WATCH Cruising Grounds, Scene 3 Starring Chris Bines and Bruce Beckham











82580_01 Cruising Grounds, Scene 1: Chris Bines and JJ Knight

Cruising Grounds, Scene 1

Chris Bines and JJ Knight
Hot House Video

May 19, 2016

"Bearded hunk Chris Bines glances through the warehouse door and catches sight of clean shaven JJ Knight, who is rubbing his impressive bulge invitingly. A rip in JJ's jeans gives Chris a glimpse of massive cock, and when JJ whips it out, Chris moves in and gets down to business. Wrapping his thick lips around JJ's tool, Chris unleashes an epic blowjob with tons of saliva and deep throating. JJ pushes down on the back of Chris' neck, impaling him even deeper on his thick meat, and pulls off his clothes to reveal washboard abs and a smooth, toned physique. Chris ditches his jeans and points his jockstrapped ass in JJ's face for a rim job. Parting Chris' fuzzy cheeks, JJ drives his tongue deep into the juicy pink hole. Saliva drenches Chris' fur and smears JJ's face. After teasing Chris' hole with the tip of his cock, JJ pounds his pile driver into the depths of Chris' muscular ass. Chris uses his doggy style stance to ride JJ's dick with intense fervor. Flipping on his back, JJ pounds away in missionary position while Chris strokes his hard cock. His load explodes over his furry stomach, which drives JJ over the edge too. Pulling out of Chris' tight ass, JJ shoots massive spurts of cum all over Chris' face and in his beard."

WATCH Cruising Grounds, Scene 1 Starring Chris Bines and JJ Knight















Ass Fiends, Scene 4

Chris Bines and Micah Brandt
Hot House

May 5, 2016

"Tatted and bearded stud, Chris Bines catches Micah Brandt fucking himself with a giant dildo. After admiring from a distance, Chris decides to give Micah a hand and fuck him with the hefty faux dong. Chris wants more and he's certain that Micah wants the real thing. So, Chris offers it up, and Micah's on his knees in no time, with Chris shoving his cock down Micah's gagging throat. Like a true 'Ass Fiend', Chris bends Micah over and eats and fingers his inviting hole. With both studs at maximum hardness, Micah says, 'I want that fat cock!' Who is Chris to say no? He slides his rod into Micah's overly eager asshole. Screams, growls and cries can be heard for miles as Chris raids Micah's butt fast and hard. Chris pounds away until the orgasm can't wait any longer, and he shoots his cum all over Micah's thigh. Wanting to take Micah over the edge, Chris heads back in and energetically rims Micah's hole until he erupts a load onto his abs. Micah wipes up Chris' cum from his thigh, eats it and finishes off with a cum."

WATCH Ass Fiends, Scene 4 Starring Chris Bines and Micah Brandt












Ride It, Scene 1

Armond Rizzo and Chris Bines
Hot House

April 14, 2016

"Armond Rizzo is sitting in the bike shop while on the clock scrolling through a hook-up app. When his boss, Chris Bines, catches Armond slacking on the job and trolling for dick, he demands he suck his meaty cock as punishment. Totally down with this punishment, Armond says, 'I'm ok with that' and gets to gagging on Chris' hefty member. Chris reaches back and sticks his fingers in Armond's hole saying, 'this hole is next'. Once Armond is finished slurping on the boss's meat, he bends over and exposes his hole for Chris to drive his tongue into. With Armond bent over, Chris reaches into his toolbox and whips out steel beads to cram in Armond's hairless hole. Shifting things into overdrive, Chris lubes up his fat hog and power-pumps it into Armond's eager ass. With the action in high gear, they switch to an intense sit-fuck making Armond's cock bounce side to side as he rides Chris' tool until he explodes all over the floor. Chris jerks his cock until he blows his load onto Armond's used hole. When they're done, Chris pulls up his pants and says, 'get back to work,' leaving Armond with a swift smack on the ass."

WATCH Ride It, Scene 1 Starring Armond Rizzo and Chris Bines















Fire and Ice, Scene 4

Chris Bines and Sean Zevran
Hot House

November 26, 2015

"A-Team Exclusives Chris Bines and Sean Zevran start to heat things up with some heavy spit swapping. It's not long before the make out session leads to throat poundings and intense rimming in a fiery 69. Chris is on top stroking and sucking Sean's uncut cock to its base repeatedly. Below, Sean can't stop devouring Chris' hole, prepping it for a proper pounding. Sean bends Chris over and slides his cock all the way into Chris' willing ass making sure he's as deep as he can go. Chris is a champion bottom, taking everything Sean can throw his way in multiple positions to ensure that his hole is stretched in every possible way. Ending up on his back with one leg in the air, Chris oozes his creamy load onto his hand. He looks into Sean eyes and urges 'shoot that load,' sending Sean over the edge - his hot cum busting all over Chris' cock and balls."

WATCH Fire and Ice, Scene 4 Starring Chris Bines and Sean Zevran
















Hot House: Deep Examination

Deep Examination, Scene 1

Chris Bines and Alex Mecum
Hot House

October 8, 2015

"Senior Medical Assistant, Chris Bines arrives to work, horned up over the new handsome staffer, Alex Mecum. Chris makes a point of seducing and fucking all the hot new guys at the office, so he brings Alex a cup of coffee to break the ice and butter him up. Little does Chris know that Alex is aware of his reputation for initiating the new guy. Alex is into Chris, but he decides turn the tables on Chris and make him the bottom. When Alex's humongous cock is out, Chris is quickly on his knees where he's met face-to-face with the monster. After a throat banging hummer, Alex bends over to expose his hairless ass for Chris to rim with abandon. When it's time for Chris' ass to get eaten, Alex makes his co-worker squirm and moan with pleasure. Taking things up a notch, Chris bends over to take Alex's hole-stretching rod. Fucking in multiple, prostate-pounding positions, Alex keeps thrusting until Chris unloads his spunk onto his furry abs. To finish, Alex bends Chris over and explodes a massive hot load across his entire backside."

WATCH Deep Examination, Scene 1 Starring Chris Bines and Alex Mecum

62205_01 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

62205_02 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

62205_03 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

62205_04 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

62205_05 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

62205_06 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

62205_07 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

62205_08 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1


62205_10 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1


62205_12 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

62205_13 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

62205_14 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

62205_15 Chris Bines and Alex Mecum in Deep Examination, Scene 1

Monumental Ass, Scene 3

Chris Bines and Jimmie Slater
Hot House

September 24, 2015

"Whether it's Jimmie Slater's firm hairy chest, rock hard abs or mouthwatering cock, Chris Bines can't keep his hands off of him. Chris' focus is drawn to Jimmie's meat, giving him a warm and wet blowjob. While going downtown, Chris glides a few fingers across Jimmie's hole to add to the sexual excitement. As Chris lays on his back, Jimmie climbs on top of him in an acrobatic 69 ass eating session full of hairy holes and fingering. Things heat up when Jimmie gets on his back, and Chris' hides the length of his thick shaft inside of him. Switching positions, Jimmie is on top of Chris again riding him reverse cowboy. Chris pulls his reaming rod out of Jimmie's ass, bends him over and oozes his hot load onto his ass cheek. Jimmie shoots his cum onto his gleaming abs leaving them both spent and drained."

WATCH Monumental Ass, Scene 3: Chris Bines and Jimmie Slater












Monumental Ass, Scene 1

Austin Wolf and Chris Bines
Hot House

September 10, 2015

"Big, beefy, handsome top Austin Wolf swaps spit with inked-up Chris Bines. Austin reaches back to Chris' furry hole and sticks a finger in while Chris sucks Austin's fat cock. Probing him from both ends, Chris gags on Austin's girth and is ready for that cock fill him from every angle. Austin definitely wants more of this hot, hungry stud, and he puts Chris on his backside and switches between sucking his cock to rimming his eager hole. Chris shows off his flexibility when Austin pulls his legs up and eats his ass while Chris chokes on his meat. Primed, ready and wanting more, Chris is practically begging for Austin to fuck him hard. From missionary to doggie style, Austin pummels Chris' hole, using it as his tool to get off. As Austin keeps pumping, Chris moans 'I'm gonna cum' and shoots a load. Austin slowly slides out of Chris' stretched ass and covers his cheeks and hole with a hot, creamy load."

WATCH Monumental Ass, Scene 1 Starring Austin Wolf and Chris Bines















Fine Tuned Ass, Scene 2

Chris Bines and Armando De Armas
Hot House Video

June 25, 2015

"No time is wasted when stunning Armando De Armas walks in on athletic Chris Bines cleaning his hot rod. Chris immediately falls to his knees and enthusiastically sucks Armando's thick beefy cock while he spreads Armando's cheeks far apart playing with his hole. Unable to contain himself, Armando bends Chris over so he can get at Chris' hairy ass and hot hole. Armando continues to tease and heat it up, as if he was daring Chris to beg for his dick. It's not long before Armando is deeply probing his cock in Chris' ass, and Chris is loving it. Greedily willing to take every last inch of Armando's hard, uncut cock, Chris wants more. Armando vigorously fucks Chris' tight ass all over the shop until Chris oozes his juices out onto the floor, which revs up Armando to shoot his load onto Chris' bare and stretched hole."

WATCH Fine Tuned Ass, Scene 2 Starring Chris Bines and Armando De Armas















Hard Medicine, Scene 2

Dylan Knight and Chris Bines
Hot House Video

May 28, 2015

"Handsome medical ASSistant Dylan Knight is dressed in his scrubs reviewing the patient load for the day when his co-worker, Chris Bines shows up early at the office. Chris brings their coffees and hints that there's an hour before any patients arrive. An expert cock sucker, Dylan gets Chris super hard and gets a woody in the process. He jerks on it while he deep throats Chris, and it's not long before they're both naked making out and stroking each other's cocks. Dylan's cock is equally sizable and tasty for Chris to savor, but what he really wants is a taste of that hot hole. Chris gets Dylan up on the desk and his legs in the air so he can rim Dylan deeply and savor his eager asshole. This is an award winning ass and Chris wants every bit of it to eat and fuck, so once it's prepped and ready Chris dives in with is meaty thick cock. And Dylan takes it like a pro. The desk provides the perfect angle for Chris to plow his butt deep and hard. As Dylan takes a pounding with his leg up on Chris's shoulder, Chris rams and jams, then bends Dylan over the desk and takes him from behind, punishing Dylan's hot hole and stunning ass until Chris pulls out and leaves a load on Dylan's lower back and Dylan jerks out a load onto Chris face and mouth, which Chris eats up."

WATCH Hard Medicine, Scene 2 Starring Dylan Knight and Chris Bines














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