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Valentin Petrov & Vander RAW

August 21, 2015

Comments from Bryan:

"Valentin Petrov approached me about doing a video, and I considered putting him with one of my professional guys, namely Vander.

Valentin has a large body of work, and has been with a lot of the big names in the professional side of the industry. I still consider myself an amateur site, but I do have a few of my own professionals that I count on to help with the newbies.

I think Valentin said he had mostly bottomed, but was down to fuck Vander also. Vander does bottom great, while Topping he really needs someone who is really into bottoming. The two were a match, and it was instant chemistry, as evidenced by the aggressive kissing at the beginning.

It's a long video as these guys take their time pleasing each other. They actually get down to fucking fairly quickly as eating Valentin's ass turned Vander on so much, he couldn't help but fuck his ass.

Ass to mouth action was something both guys were into, and if you love watching a boy clean a cock, you won't be disappointed.

Valentin does a great job Topping, which turned Vander on even more. They almost grudge fuck other, trying to one up the other!

With Valentin able to take Vander's cock so readily, I do believe this is one the few instances where he cums from fucking. He pulls out to spew some seed on his hole, but then plunges it deep inside Valentin!

They swap places so that Valentin can ramp and juice Vander's hole!

A double cream pie ending!"









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Morning Arousal

Featuring Luke Hass and Valentin Petrov

March 14, 2012

"Valentin Petrov woke up in a great mood today. He was very excited to see his partner's (Luke Hass) hard thick cock. Valentin had his morning coffee and was now ready to start to work on that cock!"


























Guest Athlete

Featuring John Magnum and Valentin Petrov
Big Dicks at School at

January 16, 2013

"It's been a rough day for Valentin Petrov, but his luck quickly changes when John Magnum enters the school shower. The guys make out, trade bjs, rim jobs and then flip flop fuck!"

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DayLaborerSTGphotos (2)

Day Laborer

Featuring Johnny Rapid and Valentin Petrov
Str8 to Gay at

April 25, 2012

"Johnny Rapid hires day laborer Valentin Petrov to do "a little screwing" for him. When Valentin arrives at the work site, he find out the screwing Johnny had in mind was ass screwing and a hot flip flop fuck session begins!"

0006 DayLaborerSTGphotos (3)

DayLaborerSTGphotos (5) 0023

DayLaborerSTGphotos (10) 0054

DayLaborerSTGphotos (4)

DayLaborerSTGphotos (6)

DayLaborerSTGphotos (7)

DayLaborerSTGphotos (8)

DayLaborerSTGphotos (9)

DayLaborerSTGphotos (11)

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DayLaborerSTGphotos (1)

The Doctor's Office

Featuring Jessie Colter and Valentin Petrov
The Gay Office at

December 12, 2011

"Valentin Petrov has a problem, his dick is just too perfect and it should be studied for the sake of medical knowledge. Lucky for all of us nurse Jessie Colter is a professional and more than qualified to handle this sort of situation."






























Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

Trenton Ducati and Valentin Petrov

February 1, 2013

"Word has been getting around that Valentin Petrov has a big dick. Trenton Ducati is here to confirm the rumors. Well, the rumors prove to be false. Valentin doesn't have a big dick...he has a REALLY big dick! After sucking on Valentin's pole Trenton blurts out "I have a big dick too! You like big dicks?" And with that, big cocks are flopping about everywhere! The studs take turns sucking cock and preparing Trenton's hole for Valentin's massive rod. Valentin roughly fingers Trenton's ass until he can't stand another moment without a thick, long dick inside it. Valentin mounts Trenton from behind, thrusting every inch of his ram-rod cock as deep as he can go. The harder Valentin Petrov pounds him the more Trenton begs. Trenton Ducati works his hard, stiff prick while getting slammed by Valentin until he cums all over his ripped abs. Valentin adds to the mess with a creamy load of his own."

Dante Sabel and Valentin Petrov

Impulsive, Scene 3

Dante Sabel and Valentin Petrov
Buckshot Productions | Colt Studios

October 13, 2011

"What is it about barns that are so darn sexy? Is it all the hay? Is it the big tools hanging on the wall? Or is it the sweaty work and the manly men that one usually associates with a barn? Who knows. All we know is that when we stumble into this barn we are happy to find two very sexy young men taking the proverbial “roll in the hay”. Chiseled and hunky Valentin Petrov along with sexy black stud Dante Sabel are going at it. Their hands and mouths are a frenzy of intense kissing, heavy groping, hurried stripping and hard cocks stroking. Valentin eats up a big mouthful of sweet dark meat, devouring Dante’s rock hard cock. As Dante enjoys those wet lips around his cock he reaches around and slips his hand down the back of Valentin’s tight jeans. Wanting more, Dante helps Valentin out of those jeans then greedily gobbles up every inch of Valentin’s big dick.

Before long the urge to fuck takes hold. Valentin lowers his hot ass on Dante’s throbbing hard cock. Taking a ride on that juicy cock Valentin moans and groans as he grinds his ass hard and deep. Fucking the daylights out of that ass Dante gets in position behind Valentin and plows it hard until his dark dick is ready to explode white cum. After all that hard fuckin’ they lay side by side in the hay ready to take a load off together. Valentin moans “I’m gonna cum” as the juice starts to fly. Dante is right there with him as his swollen balls are drained."

Dylan Roberts & Valentin Petrov

Hard Drive, Scene 1

Dylan Roberts & Valentin Petrov
Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios

June 30, 2011

"On the computer screen Habib enjoys a dreamy sequence of naked young studs, Dylan Roberts and Valentin Petrov as they come together with hard cocks and eager open mouths.

Dylan worships Valentin’s big beautiful uncut cock, deep throating and slurping, lovingly cupping those balls in his hand as he swallows every inch. Valentin also gets a tasty mouthful of Dylan’s uncut cock with a heaping serving of ass on the side. Slipping around back Valentin slips his tongue deep in Dylan’s hot round ass. Straddling his chest, Valentin feeds Dylan more of his big juicy cock. Already in a good position, Valentin leans back and slides his ass down onto Dylan’s rock hard tool, taking that cock for a ride while stroking his own thick monster cock.

After he’s enjoyed a ride with that cock up his ass Valentin turns the tables, bending Dylan over a chair and shoving his thick cock all the way in. Dylan spreads his ass wide and takes a hard power-fuck from behind. Pounding and pumping, Valentin pulls out and unleashes a thick load all over that beautiful ass. Leaning back Dylan unleashes his load, gushing and squirting as the cum flies."

Hole Busters 1, Scene 4
Valentin Petrov
Club Inferno Dungeon

May 1, 2011

"Valentin Petrov may be a chiseled stud with a horse-cock but in this Hole Busters' Exclusive he shows us how much he loves a big dildo up his ass! He selects an arsenal of huge toys and sets them up in order of size. The first one goes in pretty easily so he moves on to something a little thicker - a shocking 10' fake cock as big around as a baseball bat. He lubes up and bounces on the latex whopper until it disappears deep in his hole."
Cabin Fever - Part 2Cabin Fever - Part 2, Scene 1
Valentin Petrov and Spencer Fox
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

November 28, 2012

"Valentin Petrov towels himself off, feeling hot and clean after his steamy shower. He is quickly aroused when he sees Spencer Fox soaking in the tub. Stewing in the warm water, Spencer and his equally giant cock get Valentin fired up. Spencer invites his friend over, and Valentin gets busy lapping up his thick hard dick, hefty balls and juicy manhole. The mad Russian’s tongue darts all around and deep inside the Spencer’s chute. Spencer gets so excited that he quickly takes his turn to suck cock. He buries his face in Valentin’s crotch and nurses on his swollen 9+ inches. Valentin is wanting more and he positions himself on Spencer’s thick dick and bucks up and down, his hard cock swinging madly. The two friends switch roles again in this exchange of huge dicks, flipping so Valentin can plow Spencer aggressively in the ass. Ready to explode, the guys beat their meat together, stroking hard and fast until Spencer and Valentin blast their loads."
Right Here Right NowRight Here Right Now, Scene 1
Marc Dylan and Valentin Petrov
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

October 17, 2012

"Valentin Petrov and Marc Dylan are weary after lugging a heavy ice chest. With all their muscles straining, they stop to rest. Valentin kneads his buddy's neck and shoulders, but Marc needs a lot more. Before long, he's got Valentin's balls cupped in his hand as he sucks his gigantic, thick, uncut cock. The horny Russian pulls off his sweatshirt to reveal his perfectly muscled body and Marc eagerly bathes the ripped torso with his tongue. The men switch positions and Valentin works his oral magic on Marc's swollen dick, making the big man's big pecs and washboard abs bulge. Then he rims Marc's ass, licking the hole and juicing it up. Marc braces himself against the tree and Valentin fucks him up the ass charging in and out non-stop. Encouraged by his partner's pleas for more, Valentin continues plugging away as Marc lays back on the ice chest. Finally standing side by side the jocks jerk themselves off. Valentin is the first to cum and Marc quickly follows, blasting a hefty wad."
Dominic Pacifico and Valentin Petrov

Right Here Right Now, Scene 4

Dominic Pacifico and Valentin Petrov
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

December 22, 2011

"It's splendor in the grass for Dominic Pacifico as he reaches inside Valentin Petrov's pants to free his swollen cock and suck it up. The feel of that hefty horsedick swimming inside his mouth has Dominic reeling with excitement. Valentin then takes his turn to service his buddy and he goes to town going down on Dominic. The guys twist into a 69-ing position so both can share the sensation of sucking and being sucked as they picnic on each other's bounty. The guys kiss and then Dominic spreads his lover's legs open to fuck his manhole. Valentin grunts with every jab and his body glistens with sweat. Dominic pulls out and then mounts Valentin's pole, screwing himself down onto the erect cock so he can ride. He bobs up and down, his own swollen dick slapping Valentin's stomach with every bounce. They take turns bottoming for each other until Valentin gets Dominic down on his back and he fucks him hard. Dominic jacks off and cums and Valentin pulls out to finish by shooting his load all over."

Hot House: The URGE - Pound That Butt

The URGE - Pound That Butt, Scene 1

Sean Zevran and Valentin Petrov
Hot House

August 13, 2015

"Sean Zevran is on his knees blindfolded and locked in a cage hidden in the shadows of the seedy sex club. Super hung Valentin Petrov takes advantage of Sean's vulnerability and thrusts his hefty bulge into Sean's face. Not knowing who's on the other side of the cage, Sean caresses and appreciates Valentin's ripped physique before taking his fat uncut cock down his throat. Sean swallows Valentin's cock whole and gives him a sopping wet hummer. Still locked in the cage, Sean surrenders the key that releases him to Valentin. Valentin opens the cage door and pulls Sean out by his harness only so Sean can worship his massive meat even more. Valentin returns the favor and goes down on Sean's uncut cock then pushes his legs back to eat his scruffy hole. Once Sean's hole is lubed up and relaxed, he gets on all fours while Valentin eases his hole-stretching dick into Sean's muscle butt. Switching positions, Sean is on his back again with Valentin going full force drilling into Sean's asshole. Valentin keeps pounding until Sean shoots his warm thick load all over his burly abs and chest. Valentin pulls out and unloads on Sean leaving him completely covered in both of their cum."

WATCH The URGE - Pound That Butt, Scene 1 Starring Sean Zevran and Valentin Petrov
















Score! Game 1, Scene 4

Logan Scott and Valentin Petrov
Hot House Video

April 18, 2011

"Logan Scott and Valentin Petrov show off, flexing their muscles with the free-weights. Logan gets distracted by the enormous bulge in Valentin's singlet and goes over to investigate; could his cock really be that big? Logan licks and spits on Valentin's dick before attempting to swallow the monster whole. When Valentin sees Logan's thick, beefy cock he gets on all fours and opens his puckering hole. Logan steps up and plows the hungry bottom like a pile-driver then kicks back so Valentin can ride his cock until he shoots a big juicy load."

Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston

Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston

Closing the Deal, Scene 1

Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston
Lucas Entertainment

July 26, 2013

"Seth Treston has traveled all the way from Seattle, Washington to New York City for the internship of his life at a large law firm located in Midtown Manhattan. He’s interning for the big boss, Valentin Petrov, and is assigned as many menial tasks as possible. At lunchtime Seth brings Mr. Petrov menus for him to select his lunch, but it’s actually Seth who is on the menu. Mr. Petrov pulls down his pants so Seth and eat up his massive, throbbing uncut cock as an appetizer. It’s Mr. Petrov’s libido that’s hungry, not his stomach, so he bends Seth over to eat out his ass before slipping on a condom and fucks the sexy intern deep in his ass!"

Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston

Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston

Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston

Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston

Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston

Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston

Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston Valentin Petrov Tops Seth Treston

Auditions 44: Hung for Hung, Scene 5

Power-Top Valentin Petrov Slams Edin Sol with His Uncut Dick
Lucas Entertainment

February 6, 2012

"Edin Sol and Valentin Petrov return to the cameras in this sizzling bonus scene that can only be found in ‘Auditions 44: Hung for Hung.’ There’s not talking here: Lucas Entertainment’s hot guys are too horny for each other to use their lips for words. Valentine and Edin are kissing and lapping from the beginning with their hands all over each other. Valentin strips Edin down first, licking his body and teasing his hard uncut cock through his white briefs. When Edin’s dick is out, Valentin slowly sucks on it, paying close attention to his foreskin and smooth balls. But when Valentin lays his eyes on Edin’s tight hole, he can’t stop licking and playing with it. Edin is a bottom boy ready to please, so he sucks on Valentin’s big, uncut cock to get it hard and ready before bending over the arm of the sofa and opening up. Valentin says he’s versatile, but it’s clear he prefers to top, and certainly has the equipment to do so! He thrusts and pounds Edin, who grips the sofa arm with each hammering he takes! The boys flip into different positions before Edin blows his load while getting fucked on his back!"

Power-Top Valentin Petrov Slams Edin Sol with His Uncut Dick

Power-Top Valentin Petrov Slams Edin Sol with His Uncut Dick

Power-Top Valentin Petrov Slams Edin Sol with His Uncut Dick

Power-Top Valentin Petrov Slams Edin Sol with His Uncut Dick
Ridge Michaels Services Valentin Petrov's Thick, Uncut Cock

Top Service, Scene 1

Ridge Michaels Services Valentin Petrov's Thick, Uncut Cock
Lucas Entertainment

November 25, 2011

"Pampered blond playboy Ridge Michaels loves nothing more than laying around in bed, having his every need taken care of -- including having his pool cared for at all hours of the day. Foreign pool boy Valentin Petrov is a working stiff with a hot body and sweet face -- Ridge doesn't hesitate rolling out of bed and strutting around on the deck watching his servant labor away. Enticed, Valentin follows Ridge back inside his bedroom where be drops to his knees and starts sucking on his beautiful, thick, fair-skinned cock. Valentin is hard himself at the thought of servicing his employer, so Ridge helps him out by sucking on his big uncut cock. Valentin needs to prove how hard a worker he is: Ridge's ass needs to get fucked deep and hard, and it's Valentin's new assignment to see that through to completion. First he wets down Ridge's hole with his hungry tongue and then sits down on the bed for Ridge to hop on. This hot, blond guy has a lean body that easily fits down onto Valentin's cock, and he rhythmically gyrates and maneuvers his body like a dancer as he accepts Valentin into his body. Valentin completes a job well done, as he and Ridge squirt loads of cum!"

Ridge Michaels Services Valentin Petrov's Thick, Uncut Cock

Ridge Michaels Services Valentin Petrov's Thick, Uncut Cock

Ridge Michaels Services Valentin Petrov's Thick, Uncut Cock

Ridge Michaels Services Valentin Petrov's Thick, Uncut Cock
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