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Shower Show-Off

Featuring Sean Duran and Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

December 24, 2015

"Valentin is enjoying a nice warm shower all to himself when he notices Sean Duran staring at him from the locker room. The two lock eyes and begin to tease one another stroking their massive cocks slowly and sensually waiting for the other to make a move. Sean can't resist that thick cock of Valentin's so he dresses down and joins in the shower fun. He is down on his knees worshiping that fat uncut cock licking and stroking it with the biggest grin on his face. Valentin loves the attention and it leads to him pushing Sean up against the wall and slowly squeezing in his sexy veiny cock deep inside Sean's smooth bottom. Take a deep breath Sean opens up balls deep as Valentin sensually fucks him in the shower. They move the fun into the locker room where Valentin switches things up and takes a ride on Sean's sexy cock for a while until they both cum on each other in a sensual delight."

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Neighborhood Cock Part 4

Featuring Derek Reed, Fernando Del Rio and Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

November 12, 2015

"Zeke has a surprise for his longtime boyfriend Valentin who is dreaming of cocks and balls. Zeke has brought in the next door neighbors landscaper Fernando to help out in the bedroom. Valentin gets him up and sees that they are checking out his extremely big uncut cock and Fernando wants to take a test drive on that bad boy. They all get into bed with Valentin and begin to share that sexy big dick of his. The girth is too much for one man to handle so they have to switch back and forth from one mouth to the other. Valentin's cock is hard and ready to squeeze inside Fernando's eager small ass. Valentin is kink as Zeke and Fernando share his cock and nobody is left out. There's lots of intense touching, kissing and of course lots of dick sucking in this steamy scene. This is one hot threeway with one big ass cock that needs constant attention. Enjoy!"

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Neighborhood Cock Part 3

Featuring Derek Reed and Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

October 8, 2015

"Zeke has been checking out his neighbors backyard and what him and his sexy Latino helper are up too. Hes getting horny just spying on them through the window so he calls over his BF Valentin to check it out. They both stare as the neighbors work on the yard and then disappear into the garage. Knowing that the neighbors probably went to go hook up Valentin and Zeke get down to business in their kitchen. What ensues is some very hot passionate sex on the counter top and next to the window for all to see. Both of these sexy men are voyeurs and it makes them explode knowing that someone might be watching. Enjoy!"

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Thirsty For It

Featuring Patrick Ridge and Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

July 16, 2015

"Valentin has just made the sale of his life and is extremely ecstatic over it and can hardly contain himself. He has a big chunk of money coming his way once all the paperwork is done and said. He starts calling some friends to let them know about his success and a party that he will have to celebrate the sale. Fired up and swinging around in his office chair he suddenly sees his ex-boyfriend standing at the door and his smile has turned into a frown. Valentin is really upset as he is trying to figure out what Patrick is doing in his office. Patrick wants that big sexy uncut cock but Valentin doesn't want to give it up yet but considering he just finalized the sale he decides on a quick fuck. Patrick gets down on his knees and pulls the massive dick out and begins to worship every inch of the thick tasty cock. Patrick looks up into Valentin eyes with a mouthful hoping that he can seduce him back into the relationship but before long Valentin flips Patrick over on the desk and starts to fuck him. Valentin doesn't want anything to do with Patrick so he gives him one last vigorous deep pounding. Patrick is spread wide so wide that he can't hold his hot load anymore and cums all over himself as Valentin pumps deep into him and once he sees all that cum he pulls out and unleashes his creamy load. Enjoy!"

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Neighborhood Cock

Featuring Derek Scott and Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

May 7, 2015

"Derek Scott has is binoculars out spying on his sexy neighbor, Valentin Petrov. He's blown away when Valentin drops his shorts revealing a huge package underneath. What happens next changes everything up - Valentin catches him. Derek hides and hopes it all blows over, but Valentin is right over upset he was being spied on, but also willing to offer up his cock. Derek can't pass it up and drops to his knees before bending over the couch to take every inch of it up his ass. Enjoy!"

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Relax and Release

Featuring Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

March 5, 2015

"It's been a very long day for Valentin and all he can think about is relaxing in his warm tub and playing with his big uncut cock. He gets the water to the exact temperature he wants and then disrobes entering the warm soapy water. He then proceeds to bathe himself rubbing his hands all over his soaked body stroking his cock and using his wand to drip water all over himself. He's enjoying himself so much that he stands up in the water with a huge boner and strokes his cock until he blows his daily load all into the bath water. Enjoy!"

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Competitive Fucking

Featuring Drake Jaden and Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

February 25, 2015

"Drake Jaden and Valentin are arguing over who is the better top and the only way to settle it is with a game of rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first. Valentin gets the first draw and he thinks he will be able to make Drake cry with his big dick pounding his big ass. He tries his hardest to make him cry but it never happens yet he still feeds him his fat uncut cock and he pumps his tight hole until he gives up and it's Drake's turn to fuck. Drake is a little sore but it won't stop him from showing Valentin who the real power top is. Drake dives right in and Valentin rides that cock like a pro taking it all in with no problems at all. Drake ends up fucking the cum right out of Valentin yet neither one wants to acknowledge who lost the bet. Enjoy!"

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Fuck Buddies

Featuring Chris Cox and Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

December 5, 2012

"This week we have a special treat as we welcome back Valentin Petrov to remind us what we've been missing. Out of temporary retirement, Valentin is back, 34 years young and our hottest Russian import. We're glad to have him back and we decided to pair him up with some local flavor, Mr. Chris Cox. Chris is 27 years young and another Miami boy with Cuban heritage. Living in the tropics has it's privileges. Both of these studs have larger than average cocks so we wondered what the cut off would be. Chris says if it gets larger than 9' it gets to be too big. Valentin also agrees that 9' is the cut off. 'Ten inches' Valentin says, 'it probably doesn't exist.' Hmm. Out of the mouths of babes... lol Well, here at ExtraBigDicks we know better so we won't be the one to tell him there are much larger pythons waiting to be had. We asked these two when the last time they were with someone that surprised them when they whipped out their dicks. Well, both of them agree they are usually the ones that shock other guys when everything gets hauled out. Luckily these boys are the exception to the rule and are both perfectly happy with their huge, cocks as they are and wouldn't want to change them in any way. Well, we couldn't agree, lets get these two naked!By the time we start the cameras these two are going at it. They kiss as their hands start to roam exploring each other. Valentin isn't waiting to see what's waiting for him in Chris' pants as he undoes those jeans and pulls out that massive cock. Chris moans as Valentin swallows that meat. Chris is rock hard as Valentin gets that mouth all over it and shoves it as far down his throat as he can. Chris is looking better than ever and his abs are ripped. Valentin goes back for more as he shoves his tongue into Chris' mouth and undoes his own pants. His dick could use some attention and Chris is more than willing to return the favor. Valentin's uncut cock is soon fucking Chris' face as Chris struggles to take his massive meat. It's not every day we get two true ExtraBigDicks on set and there is plenty of cock to go around. The chemistry between these two is obvious as they continue to make out. 'Lemme eat that ass' Chris teases as he starts to finger Valentin's tight hole while still making out. He slips his finger inside as Valentin moans with pleasure. That finger is soon followed by Chris' tongue as it darts deep into that hairy hole. Valentin knows what's next and he can hardly contain his excitement.Chris suits up and slaps that fat cock on Valentin's hole. He starts to shove it inside taking his time as Valentin's hole slowly concedes. His fat cock stretches that hole wide open as Valentin groans. Once Chris' balls meet that ass he starts to fuck that ass. Valentin struggles to accommodate Chris' fat Cuban cock as he rails it in deep. He holds Valentin's tight waist as he rams that ass doggy style. Valentin is in heaven as he gets that hungry hole stuffed. Chris then gets Valentin on his back on the chair and slides back inside missionary. He holds his leg up over his shoulder and pounds that ass hard and deep. They can't get enough of each other as they fuck themselves silly. Valentin's cock is rock hard as he gets that ass drilled. Chris then sits back on the chair and orders Valentin to sit on his dick. Valentin straddles that cock and sits right down on it as he bounces up and down on that fat cock. Chris holds him steady as he slams that dick up into Valentin as it hits his prostate making Valentin's balls start to tingle. It isn't long before he's ready to blow his load with Chris' cock stuffed up that ass. He moans as his cock explodes sending his load all over his abs and uncut cock. Chris isn't far behind and jacks his own thick load all over himself as he makes out with his sexy comrade."


Welcum Back

Featuring Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

November 28, 2012

"It's been over a year since we've had our favorite comrade here in the studio, so it is with great pleasure that we welcome back Valentin Petrov. Valentin is now 34 years old and this hung, uncut Russian can definitely heat up any chilly winter's eve. No blanket needed. Valentin took a break from the industry and he admits he missed shooting scenes and all the fun he had on set. He admits he doesn't make a lot of friends when he shoots. He likes to keep work, work. He's single at the moment and admits he's open to the right guy preferably a smooth guy with a big ass and a big dick. Here on our set he's been mostly a bottom but he assures us that in his personal life he's completely versatile. He's very affectionate and likes to kiss and cuddle if the chemistry is there. He's traveled extensively and he thinks Miami has the hottest men. The mixed hotties, Brazilians, & Latin boys keep him on point. Valentin is fortunate to be packing more than the average guy and admits it comes in handy when he wants to fuck a nice ass. Ultimately though chemistry always dictates what goes in where.Valentin is flipping through a mag admiring a hot blonde twink with a big dick when his own dick starts to stir. He starts to rub his cock through his denim shorts as it slowly comes to life. He peels his shirt off and as he does its obvious someone's been hitting the gym. Valentin's abs are ripped and his body is more defined. He undoes his shorts and starts to play with his cock that is now straining to be set free. He stands and drops his jeans giving us a show with his cock now fully engorged and demanding attention. He finally lets his tight briefs hug his ankles as he starts to pull on his massive dick. He strokes it and watches as his thick foreskin runs up and down his shaft. His balls are smooth and his chest is smooth as well to showcase his ripples. Valentin sits back; spreads those thighs apart and makes himself at home stroking his fat cock. He slows his stroking down and toys with his knob making it leak precum as he rolls it around in his foreskin. He takes his rigid cock and slaps it against his palm making it get even harder. He then takes the party south as he lies on the floor and goes to work stroking that dick off the way he likes to so he can cum. He runs his hand along his defined abs and chest as his right hand becomes a blur beating his Russian rod. It doesn't take too long before his abs tighten up and he lets out a grunt and sends hot load shooting out all over his hairy abs and navel pooling into a creamy mess. Clean up, anyone?"

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Construction D-Lay

Featuring Alexander Greene and Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

January 25, 2012

"Two titans of cock shall meet this week as we bring together Alexander Greene and Valentin Petrov. Alexander is 20 and originally from New Jersey. This Jersey Boy's about to go international, as he takes on this sexy, 33 year old comrade of Russian descent. We asked these two what kind of music they both enjoy. Valentin likes classical music when he's in a bad mood but most of all he loves house music. Alexander agrees and says he's a house junkie. So it's house music all night long for these two. We then wondered if money was no object where they would take a vacation. Alexander would want to fly off to Dubai for a week or two while Valentin would just park that fine ass of his right here on our gorgeous beaches. We can't blame him since there can't be too many of those back in the Soviet Republic. Both of these boys are packing more than average and Alexander admits when the playing field is even it makes it that much hotter. Valentin agrees that bigger is better. We then wrapped it up by asking which they prefer between a handsome man vs. a hung one. Luckily they both ace that question and go with handsome. Fortunately today we have the perfect combination of hung and handsome. ...Shall we?nAlexander is complaining to Valentin that the construction upstairs kept him 'up' all night long and he didn't even have anyone to play with. Valentin notices the bulge in Alexander's pants and moves in to help. They start to make out a bit before Alexander stands to give Valentin better access to the heavy machinery. Valentin's pleasantly surprised as he hauls out Alexander's massive uncut meat. He opens wide and starts to suck on that cock as he runs his tongue along Alexander's fat shaft and balls. Alexander moans as he watches his big dick disappear into his bud's mouth as Valentin worships his dick. He holds Valentin's head still as he starts to pump that throat with as much of his knob as he can down. Valentin then stands to make out some more as he drops his drawers and shows Alexander how they grow them in Russia. Valentin's cock is about as thick as Alexander's 8.5' cock but a bit longer at 9 rock solid inches. Alexander gets in position as he starts to return the favor. He sucks on Valentin's fat dick as Valentin strokes his hair and moans in appreciation. Alexander is rock hard as he swallows that dick and they take turns milking each other's cocks before Alexander's tongue finds its way to Valentin's hot hole. That does the trick as Valentin wants more than just his tongue.Alexander sits back on the chair and watches his fat dick disappear into Valentin's hot ass. Valentin starts to ride that meat like a pro as he bounces up and down on that rod. Alexander just sits back and lets Valentin do all the work as he revels in the sensation of that tight ass wrapped around his meat. Alexander reaches around and strokes Valentin's fat cock as he rides him faster and harder. Valentin's boner is bouncing like a trampoline as he bobs up and down. Alexander then gets Valentin to bend over and touch his toes as he slides his fat dick in for more. Valentin braces himself on his finger tips as he gets that ass railed hard. Alexander's smooth nuts slap away at that hole as he buries it to the hilt making Valentin grunt and groan with every deep thrust. Alexander then gets on his back on the floor as Valentin straddles his dick and goes back to riding him. Alexander helps bounce him on that meat as they both get closer and closer to climax. Alexander's thick cock is hitting Valentin's prostate just right and as Alexander pounds that dick up into him it sends him over the edge. He shoots his load all over Alexander's smooth chest. Alexander then jerks his own aching cock off as he plays with Valentin's shooting his huge load all over his cum covered abs."


Featuring Chris Cox and Valentin Petrov
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

October 26, 2011

"Valentin Petrov made his debut with us on our brother site; but after seeing all that this sexy 33 year old hung, Russian import had to offer-we knew exactly where he belonged. We have a feeling his costar won't mind welcoming him seeing as he is packing a thick 9' Cuban cock to match Valentin's own uncut counterpart. Chris Cox is back with us and this local 26 year old Miami stud is in for a real treat. We asked these studs to tell us on a scale of 1 to 10 how clean and tidy they were at home. Both claim to be 10s in that department. We then wondered what they'd always wanted to do but hadn't had a chance to do. Chris wanted to be a gymnast while Valentin wanted to be a trainer. These guys are both packing big dicks and admit they have been with guys bigger than them but that doesn't happen often. They both agree that when they find guys with bigger equipment the roles often change. Bigger, after all, is better. You heard it here first, folks! Sexually they are both open to all the possibilities, versatile and willing to try new things. We couldn't ask for a better match up. The chemistry is on high as these two go at it even before we hit record. They start making out as they slowly strip each other. Both of these studs are naturally smooth and have sculpted physiques. Valentin licks his way south on Chris' chest as he kneels before him. He takes out Chris' Cuban cock which by now is throbbing for attention. He takes it in his mouth and starts to work on it as Chris moans. Valentin worships that dick getting it nice and wet as he savors every inch. Valentin strokes Chris' meat and looks up at him as he sucks on Chris' low hanging balls. Chris then pulls Valentin onto his feet and as they make out Chris undoes Valentin's pants to free his uncut comrade's meat. They stroke each other's cocks together before Valentin gets on the couch to let Chris get some cock of his own. Chris grabs Valentin's balls as he aims that meat home. He opens wide as Valentin starts to fuck his face. Valentin pulls his thick foreskin forward so that Chris can suck on it before shoving it back down his throat. They can't get enough of each other as they end up in a steamy 69 on the floor. That gets so hot that Chris' tongue moves further south and explores Valentin's tight ass. He munches on that ass getting it ready for more.Once that hot ass is nice and wet, Chris takes aim and slides his thick cock home missionary style. Valentin moans as Chris' cock slowly slides inside. Chris is soon fucking that ass deep as Valentin grunts trying to accommodate the thick cock he's taking. Chris fucks him good shoving his thick meat and out, kissing him as his balls slap away at that ass. 'You like that?' he moans as he continues to fuck ass. Chris then moves the party to the couch as he sits back and has Valentin sit on his dick. Valentin takes it like a champ as Chris bounces him on his meat. Valentin knows exactly what to do with that oversized meat and Chris loves every second of it. Chris then moves to the side as he lays Valentin in front of him. He holds Valentin's leg up and slides that cock in for more. He pounds that ass faster and harder as Valentin starts to jack off. It isn't long before that ass makes Chris want to explode as he pulls out and shoots a huge wad all over Valentin's face and chest. Valentin then blows his wad all over his cum-soaked navel."

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