Jose Quevedo
Alexander Gustavo (1)


ALIAS: Hooper
SITES: My Friends Feet, Thunder TV Wrestling


In Bed With Koi

June 24, 2019

"I will always think of Koi first as Bodhi's brother. He's grown a lot since I first met him. He was a shy and skinnier guy then, but throughout college he put on muscle and confidence. He's the hot boy-next-door who doesn't mind modeling his size 9 1/2 bare feet and underwear while he winds down for bed..."








Koi's Feet In Dress Socks and Bare

March 7, 2017

"It's always a pleasure to hang out into Koi. His size 9 1/2 feet always look hot and they're so wide, too. He looks fantastic in a suit, which means his masculine feet look wonderful in dress socks. He wore black ones for me this time. I made sure to get up really close to them while I snapped pictures. Koi likes it when I do that because he loves showing off. He also likes taking his time when taking off his socks because he knows it drives me crazy. And when those 9 1/2's of his are bare, wow!"

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Mffhq1380_koi_023 Mffhq1380_koi_028

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Koi's Size 9 1/2 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare

Koi's Size 9 1/2 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare

August 25, 2015

"It was great to see gorgeous hunk Koi again. He's a pretty quiet guy, but we always have a lot of fun, he and I. He showed up looking fantastic in a suit for this shoot and before long I was on my knees snapping picks of his black and gold socks. Koi has enough modeling experience at this point now that he is very comfortable with it. And he's a total natural because all he has to do is sit there and slowly take off his shoes and socks. But he pauses before taking off his socks, which drove me crazy!"

Koi's Size 9 1/2 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare

Koi's Size 9 1/2 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare

Koi's Size 9 1/2 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare

Koi's Size 9 1/2 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare Koi's Size 9 1/2 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare

Koi's Size 9 1/2 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare Koi's Size 9 1/2 Feet In Dress Socks and Bare

Koi's Flip Flops & Size 9 1/2 Bare Feet

November 12, 2014

Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"It amazes me how a guy as hot as Koi can be so shy and reserved. He's got everything going for him - good grades in his college major of Math, a great body and a stunning girlfriend. Still he is very humble and quiet. It's very sexy actually! Koi still has two years left in college, so hopefully he will keep coming back so I can keep taking photos of those hot size 9 1/2 feet."

01 Koi Flip Flops & Size 9 1/2 Bare Feet

14 Koi Flip Flops & Size 9 1/2 Bare Feet


39 Koi Flip Flops & Size 9 1/2 Bare Feet

15 Koi Flip Flops & Size 9 1/2 Bare Feet 24

33 40 Koi Flip Flops & Size 9 1/2 Bare Feet
01 Koi Bare Feet & White Ankle Socks

Koi's Bare Feet & White Ankle Socks

March 19, 2013

Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"I haven't seen too much of Koi lately - or his older brother Bodhi - but Koi took some time out from his studies over his spring break to take some shots of him in white ankle socks and barefoot. He looks great. His socks were a few days worn and they had a nice smell to them. He knows I like them that way - and he actually left them behind for me to enjoy after he left. Koi has been busy working out a lot and trying to get into his college. He's a math major, which is very difficult. He's a sexy and smart guy and I love those feet!"

04 07 Koi Bare Feet & White Ankle Socks

22 Koi Bare Feet & White Ankle Socks 27

34 Koi Bare Feet & White Ankle Socks 47 Koi Bare Feet & White Ankle Socks





42 Koi Bare Feet & White Ankle Socks

Bodhi's Brother Koi In Soccer Slides & Barefoot

September 5, 2012

"Bodhi sent his little brother Koi over to me to be on the site. Koi was also born in Hawaii and moved to the mainland to go to school. He's a college freshman. Bodhi had to talk him into coming to do the shoot because Koi is pretty shy and had never done any kind of modeling before. We hit it off right away though and I think he had a good time. I love his feet - they are size 9 1/2."




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Koi Worshiped In His Sleep

May 3, 2013

"Dev lives out one of his biggest fantasies by getting to worship Koi's socks and sexy feet while he sleeps at MyFriendsFeet. Dev has had a serious crush on Koi ever since he first came to MFF, so being able to touch his sport socked feet and worship them bare is a serious dream cum true for him. He took his time and was sure not to miss one bit of Koi's size 9 1/2s with his mouth and tongue!"

Dev Acts On His Long-time Fantasy Of Worshiping Koi's Socks & Bare Feet!

Dev Acts On His Long-time Fantasy Of Worshiping Koi's Socks & Bare Feet!

Dev Acts On His Long-time Fantasy Of Worshiping Koi's Socks & Bare Feet!

Dev Acts On His Long-time Fantasy Of Worshiping Koi's Socks & Bare Feet!

Dev Acts On His Long-time Fantasy Of Worshiping Koi's Socks & Bare Feet!
Koi Dominates Cameron With His Bare & Socked Feet

Koi Dominates Cameron With His Bare & Socked Feet

October 27, 2012

"Cameron Kincade gratefully submits his mouth to Koi's sexy size 9 1/2 feet at MyFriendsFeet. Koi plays the dominant role very well and being that he'd downright gorgeous and confident, that isn't very hard. Cameron couldn't believe his luck when he got to sniff his sweaty socks and be able to strip them off so he get smothered with Koi's perfect peds. This is some hot, kinky stuff right here!"


















Cameron Worships Koi Bare Feet

Cameron Worships Koi's Bare Feet

September 21, 2012

"Koi is your typical All-American hunk, but way better looking than most. At least, we think so at MyFriendsFeet. Cameron Kincade had to get at his size 9 1/2 feet to worship them. I was ok with it, just kicking back with a camera to make sure I got it all captured properly. Dudes like Koi cannot be underrated. I don't think Koi had ever been treated so good before, judging by the expressions that came across his gorgeous face. He loved the way Cameron adored his peds!"




















Wrestler Hooper


Xavier vs Hooper

Mat Rats 27

"Hooper may mean it when he says, “I ain’t skeered of you.” but he might want to think before he rushes to the mat against a hairy muscle monster like Xavier. Initially, the two trade the expected putdowns of each other’s biceps, abs, and tats, but the true test will be what happens when these guys throw down. Out-muscled by fifty pounds or so, Hooper aims to make a name for himself by targeting Thunder’s most popular and biggest competitors. He started against a hardly amused Bulldog in Mat Rats 26, which some of us worried he would not survive. Hooper wants the fans the big dudes draw, and the way to these fans’ hearts, he reckons, is to test himself against tough competition and come out on top.

Xavier thinks Hooper is a twelve-, thirteen-, maybe fourteen-year-old mama’s boy who’s got way out of his depth at the Arena. “What are you even doing here?” asks X, stomping his bare foot on the kid’s chest. “Waiting for a fight,” Hooper shoots back, without taking a breath. He has come to the right place, then, and Xavier is raring to give the newcomer a spanking and a kick in the ass that sends him flying back to his mother’s apron strings. When Hooper attempts to bind Xavier in a full nelson, he can’t even reach the back of the burly man’s neck. Things do not look promising for the kid. Xavier smirks contemptuously as he gets ready to tear this “86-pound” upstart limb from limb. Expect twenty minutes of bearhugs, crab holds, abdominal stretches, headscissors, and backbreakers, as “big” crunches down on “little” as Hooper’s harsh initiation to the Arena roster continues."








Xavier_vs_Hooper_IMG_3475 Xavier_vs_Hooper_IMG_3500

Xavier_vs_Hooper_IMG_3526 Xavier_vs_Hooper_IMG_3616
Specimen vs Hooper

Specimen vs Hooper

Mat Rats 40

"Hooper is notorious for biting off more than he can chew and shooting off his big mouth. Hooper's reputation and big mouth reach out to Specimen (Jackson Gunn) who is more than happy to pound the little guy into a pulp. Hooper is small but he may have some hidden strength we didn't know about when, during the match, he picks up Specimen and carries him around, before body slamming him to the ground. Filled with bear hugs, camel clutchs, choke lifts, choke holds, body slams, gut punches, and a tombstone piledriver this is one epic match you don't want to miss."

Specimen vs Hooper

Specimen vs Hooper

Specimen vs Hooper