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Jaxton Wheeler


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Hangin' Hardcore, Scene 4

Alexander Gustavo and Jaxton Wheeler

July 21, 2016

"Athletic Alexander Gustavo's wrist restraints are bound to a spreader bar hanging above his head. Beefcake Jaxton Wheeler, dressed in a full rubber uniform, spanks Alexander's ass, leaving his ass cheeks with a pink tinge. Grabbing an anal massager, Jaxton stimulates Alexander's prostate. Alexander moans with pleasure, and his cock swells inside his rubber jockstrap. Looking for a new way to use his sub, Jaxton grabs a metal ass hook and slides it in Alexander's hole. Rigging the hook to the spreader bar creates constant tension, and Jaxton uses the massager to make the hook vibrate inside Alexander's ass. With Alexander immobilized, Jaxton then pummels his ass with the open palms of his hands, reddening Alexander's cheeks even more. Climbing atop a chair, Jaxton unleashes his massive cock and gets a wet, slurping blowjob from Alexander. Jaxton removes the metal hook for an intense doggy style fuck that brings him to the edge. Jaxton releases Alexander from his bondage and showers his face with cum."

WATCH Alexander Gustavo and Jaxton Wheeler in Hangin' Hardcore, Scene 4

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83694_03 83694_04

83694_05 83694_06

83694_07 83694_08

83694_09 83694_12

83694_13 83694_14



24 Hour Boner

24 Hour Boner, Scene 3

Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Lorenzo Flexx
Raging Stallion Studios

December 22, 2017

"Jaxton Wheeler and Lorenzo Flexx are buying food at the convenience store when they hear some guys fucking in the back room. They raid the place and take all the food they want when Jaxton gets an idea. With all the fucking going on around him, there's no reason he shouldn't be getting some action too. Lorenzo says he's down and gets between Jaxton's legs to suck his thick dick. Jaxton continues feeding Lorenzo as Lorenzo keeps sucking dick and licking off everything that Jaxton throws down between his legs. When Jaxton is at full capacity, both in stomach and cock size, he sits back and let's Lorenzo sit on his big hairy cock. The eager stud rides his buddy up and down and moans out the further the dick slides into his asshole. Jaxton wants more control and bends Lorenzo over a food wrack to fuck him even deeper. He pounds away, building to a frenzied pace as he spanks Lorenzo's bubble butt and drills as deep as he possibly can. Jaxton rolls him over onto the check-out counter to keep up the steady pace. Jaxton fucks the cum out of Lorenzo next to the cash register until he pulls out and blows his own massive load that leaves Lorenzo drenched with cum."

WATCH 24 Hour Boner, Scene 3 Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Lorenzo Flexx

92260_01 92260_002

92260_02 92260_03

92260_04 92260_05

92260_06 92260_09










Gun Show

Gun Show, Scene 5

Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Julian Knowles
Raging Stallion Studios

August 4, 2017

"The 'Gun Show' is winding down from a long and successful weekend of gun sales. Julian Knowles is packing up his booth when he hears something unusual. He walks over to investigate and finds Jaxton Wheeler jacking off to a rack of semi-automatic rifles and pistols. When Julian questions Jaxton about what's going on, he commands Jaxton to put his hands on his head. Jaxton explains that guns turn him on and when Julian sees how excited Jaxton is, he walks over to lend his mouth to the action. Julian sucks on Jaxton's thick knob and forces him to keep his hands on his head every time he tries to lower his arms. The cock sucking puts Julian in the mood to have his bubble butt serviced and he tells Jaxton that he wants him to eat and fuck his ass. To avoid any problems, Jaxton obliges and gets down to munch on Julian's crack and big balls. He slips his fingers inside the tight pink hole to loosen it up before he slams his cock all the way in. His big pole makes Julian sweat as it goes in and out before Julian gives his ass a slap and has his new butt buddy hop on to take a ride. Jaxton gives the ass a jackhammer pounding and gives the go ahead for Julian to let loose. Julian does as he's told and within seconds of seeing him pump his cum all over himself, Jaxton allows himself the pleasure of doing the same. He covers Julian's fuzzy crotch with gun-inspired load and scrambles out the door as Julian tells him to get the fuck out."

WATCH Gun Show, Scene 5 Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Julian Knowles

90099_04 90099_06

90100_05 90100_07











Gun Show

Gun Show, Scene 4

Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran
Raging Stallion Studios

July 31, 2017

"Good ol' boy gun lovers Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran, pull up to the gun show and park in the parking lot. Sean is excited to head in to see all the automatic and semi-automatic weapons but Jaxton is a little reluctant saying he'll catch up with Sean later. Sean discovers that Jaxton has a boner and needs to take care of it before they can head into the show. Sean reveals that he's got a hard-on too, so to avoid getting arrested for beating off in the car, the two head into the building to find a private spot to rub one out. This 'Gun Show' has the studs so turned on that they enter a storage room and take to their own corners to jack their raging boners. Sean keeps edging closer to Jaxton, who protests with every step closer that Sean takes. Sean won't shut up and wants to finish as fast as possible so they can head in to see the gun demonstrations. 'Dude, you take too fucking long,'' Sean says as he gets on his knees to service his buddy. Jaxton is reluctant at first and responds with: 'What the fuck are you doing, ya faggot?'. But once he feels Sean's lips wrapped around his thick cock, Jaxton relents and lets the tatted hick take his cock down his throat. Jaxton fucks Sean's face as Sean jacks his own big hairy cock. After sucking Jaxton's dick for what seems like forever, he stands up and once again tells Jaxton that he's taking too long. 'It's your turn now,' Sean declares. After a bit of protest from Jaxton on account of not knowing how to suck a dick, Jaxton finally agrees to give it a try. It's a rocky start on Sean's pulsing shaft, but Jaxton gets the hang of it and is able to service his buddy without another hitch. It's almost as if Jaxton was born to suck cock. He doesn't miss and inch and even gets in to suck on Sean's big low hanging balls and fuzzy taint. When Sean is close, he pulls out and paints Jaxton's black hairy beard white. With all of Sean's sticky jizz clinging to his face, Jaxton returns the favor and sprays his muscled-up buddy with his own brand of relief. Once they're done, the party is over and they immediately search for a cum rag to wipe down and clean up before they head back out the door to join the masses of gun-loving patriots."

WATCH Gun Show, Scene 4 Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran

90099_01 90099_02

90099_03 90099_04

90099_06 90099_09












Erectus, Scene 3

Starring Bruno Bernal, Ian Greene and Jaxton Wheeler
Raging Stallion Studios

April 7, 2017

"Tattooed warriors Bruno Bernal and Ian Greene sit and make out while stroking their hard cocks. From the doorway, Jaxton Wheeler observes them and strokes his own meat. So turned on, Jaxton lets his lust take over and joins them. Laying on his back, Jaxton gives head to Ian while Bruno rides Jaxton's cock. Jaxton's massive, muscular chest heaves as Ian fucks his face. Sweat reflects the golden light as it hits their tan, hairy bodies. Ian grabs Jaxton's muscular pec before resuming fucking Jaxton's face. Faster and faster, Jaxton pounds Bruno's ass by thrusting upward. Switching things up, Jaxton gives it to Bruno doggy style. Grabbing Bruno by the hair, Jaxton pulls him backwards, impaling him ever deeper on Jaxton's monster cock. Bruno takes a break and lets Ian have a turn riding Jaxton's tool. Ian's frantic moans rise as Jaxton delivers the full power of his incredible physique to Ian's ass. His thick cock slides in and out of Ian's tight hole, stretching the muscle ring more and more. Laying on his back again, Jaxton pummels Ian's hole from below as Bruno caresses Jaxton's hairy chest. Turning around, Bruno lowers his ass onto Jaxton's fearsome, bearded face, and Jaxton rims Bruno with intense vigor. For the grand finale, all three men stand together. Ian bends down to suck Jaxton's cock, and Bruno sucks on Jaxton's nipple. Pressing Ian's face into his crotch, Jaxton unleashes a massive load across Ian's cheek. Bruno strokes his uncut cock, dripping his hot, white load onto the floor. On his knees, Ian jerks out his thick, creamy load, then stands to exchange a slow, passionate, three-way kiss with Jaxton and Bruno."

WATCH Erectus, Scene 3 Starring Bruno Bernal, Ian Greene and Jaxton Wheeler

88045_01 88045_02

88045_003 88045_03

88045_04 88045_05

88045_06 88045_008

88045_009 88045_11










Erectus, Scene 1

Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres
Raging Stallion Studios

March 24, 2017

"Wearing nothing but threadbare rags tied around their waists, Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres face off in a Roman gladiatorial wrestling match. After several sweaty rounds of combat, Jaxton succeeds in putting Teddy in a headlock and rips off his the rag encircling Teddy's waist, revealing Teddy's hairy bubble butt. Jaxton claims his prize by burying his bearded face deep into Teddy's furry crack. Knowing his place, Teddy kneels down on the floor to orally service Jaxson's massive cock. Jaxton's huge legs bulge as he thrusts his hips, face fucking Teddy's endless throat. With his cock hard as a rock, Jaxton bends Teddy over and starts giving him a rough, doggy style fuck. As Jaxton rams his meat into Teddy's hairy ass, Ace Era peeps on them from just outside the door to the chamber, enhancing the excitement of voyeurism by stroking his cock. Moving on from doggy style, Teddy lies on his back and lifts his leg over Jaxton's shoulder. Jaxton delivers deep, powerful thrusts, pulling his cock all the way out and shoving it all the way in each time. The thick, dark fur covering Teddy's body is slick with sweat, spit, and lube. From across the room, Ace continues watching the action while working his thick shaft. Teddy punches Jaxton in the chest, urging him to fuck even faster and harder. The scorching hot action makes Ace shoot his wad, ejaculating a giant rope of white cum across his thigh. As Jaxton buries his tool inside Teddy, Teddy jerks his cock and shoots a huge jet of cum onto his hairy stomach. Jaxton pulls on and strokes out his hot, white load, which lands right on Teddy's hairy taint."

WATCH Erectus, Scene 1 Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres

87957_01 87957_02

87957_03 87957_04

87957_06 87957_007

87957_08 87957_013








Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko

Auto Erotic Part 2, Scene 5

Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko
Raging Stallion Studios

May 15, 2015

"Jaxton Wheeler is a burly greasemonkey with a Herculean physique, and he clenches his pecs as young otter Mike De Marko worships his body. Jaxton offers Mike his fat, erect cock, reaching over at the same time to grab Mike's meat and rub the heads of their cocks together. Mike kneels and sucks until his eyes water, and Jaxton responds with a vigorous face fucking. Eager to have Jaxton's fat cock inside him, Mike bends over and offers his hairy hole for penetration. Mike's body quivers with the impact of all Jaxton's muscle and bulk slamming deep and hard against him. Flipping Mike on his back, Jaxton puts the pedal to the metal and gives him a full speed fucking. The urgency of orgasm builds within both of them until they erupt simultaneously across Mike's washboard abs."

Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko

Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko

Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko

Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko

Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko

Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko

Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko
Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler

Bang On!, Scene 1

Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler
Raging Stallion Studios

April 13, 2015

"Johnny V is a blond musclebound bottom hunk who can't wait to get fucked. Jaxton Wheeler is a hairy mountain of a man with a thick cock that makes Johnny's hole quiver with excitement. They start with a passionate make out session, their tongues reaching deep into each other's mouths. Dropping to his knees, Jaxton eagerly swallows up Johnny's juicy cock, and Johnny reciprocates the oral service. Jaxton presses the head of his monster cock against the opening of Johnny's hole, which slowly loosens to welcome him in. The two studs lock into an intense pattern of thrusting and counterthrusting as Johnny's hard muscle-butt clamps around Jaxton's enormous tool. Rolling onto his back, Johnny unloads his hot white cum all over his washboard abs, then opens his mouth to welcome Jaxton's warm load."

Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler

Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler

Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler

Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler

Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler

Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler
55612_004 Jaxton Wheeler and Jaxon Colt

Ass To Grind, Scene 4

Jaxton Wheeler and Jaxon Colt
Raging Stallion Studios

December 19, 2014

"Jaxton Wheeler is an overwhelming column of muscle. His hair hangs in thick ebony curls, a heavy beard encircles his face, and thick, dark fur covers much of his body. Blond, tattooed Jaxon Colt watches, licking his lips in anticipation. Colt is already naked; Wheeler massages his hard on through a towel. Colt approaches to massage Wheeler's still-flexing muscles. They kiss. Colt's hard cock is long and heavy as he presses his lips to Wheeler's nipples. Wheeler drops his towel and pushes Colt's head down. Lying down on a table, Colt spreads his legs and offers himself to Wheeler's cock. Wheeler caresses Colt's flesh, then leans over to suck. Colt's breath comes in gasps, and he eagerly lowers himself onto Wheeler's waiting pole. Their intense fucking drives Wheeler's cock further and further inside Colt, until they can't stop themselves from unleashing huge loads."

55610_003 Jaxton Wheeler and Jaxon Colt 55610_015 Jaxton Wheeler and Jaxon Colt

55610_008 Jaxton Wheeler and Jaxon Colt

55610_010 Jaxton Wheeler and Jaxon Colt

55610_011 Jaxton Wheeler and Jaxon Colt
Kink Men

The Rat Catcher

Featuring Jack Hunter and Jaxton Wheeler
Kink | Bound Gods

June 15, 2017

"After a botched mission, ripped marine Jack Hunter finds himself trapped in a dirty, underground bunker. Jack can only struggle in his bondage as a masked assailant approaches. Turns out there's a rat amongst the ranks, and after that botched mission, Jaxton Wheeler is determined to sniff out the rat. Jaxton exposes the marine's huge cock and wails on him with the riding crop. Unwilling to give up any information, Jack is then hooded, shackled and bent over a cold metal table as Jaxton unleashes the flogger against his backside. Since Jack refuses to talk, the Rat Catcher whips out his fat cock and fucks the boy's mouth for the correct answer. The bound marine screams that he's innocent, but Jaxton can't be too sure. The electric ball crusher torments Jack's giant package, his 9 inch cock throbbing from the current as his screams fill the bunker. Jaxton gives him a rough fucking before pulling out his raging hard cock and showering the bound marine with cum."
















House dom Takes His First Machine Deep in His Hairy Hole!

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler

April 21, 2017

"House dom Jaxton Wheeler is tidying up his whips when he decides to have a little alone time. He strokes his big hard cock while sucking on a cock ring-plug, lubing it up with his spit before sliding it up his hole. The plug fills him inside as the cock ring squeezes on his hard cock, Jaxton edging himself over and over until he removes the plug and inserts a long dildo. Next Jaxton slides down on the sybian, cranking up the machine higher and higher as it vibrates furiously in his hole. The muscled leather dom moans in ecstasy, his hard cock bouncing back and forth as the machine revs up to full blast. Finally, Jaxton's ready for a real fucking machine now that he's properly opened up his tight ass. Lying on his back, he spreads his muscled legs as the fucking machine plunges into his hungry hole. With the fucking machine hitting his prostate just right, Jaxton's unable to contain himself any longer and erupts a monstrous load of cum all over himself."
















Training Day - Dom in training gets to break in a ripped, new slave

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler, Lance Hart, and Pierce Paris
Kink | Bound Gods

March 30, 2017

"Training day is upon us here at Bound Gods and not only do we have a new muscle sub, Pierce Hartman (Pierce Paris), but house dom Jaxton Wheeler has his protege, Lance Hart by his side to help break in the new boy. After educating their new sub on proper etiquette, Jaxton uses Pierce's mouth to show Mr. Hart the oral portion of their training. Lance jams his hard cock down his slave's mouth, looking down on the boy's hungry eyes as he swallows it to the hilt. Next begins the ass training; sliding up and down on a huge dragon cock, Pierce must endure a brutal flogging from all directions as Mr. Hart learns the way of the whip. The muscled slave licks the juices off the Bad Dragon dildo before he's blindfolded, bound in rope as he's mounted on top of Jaxton's hard cock. The dragon dick was only the beginning for Pierce as Lance slides in from behind, DP'ing the bound hunk as he moans in ecstasy. Finally Pierce worships his new master's foot before blowing his load all over it and licking up every drop."















Kink Men


Loudmouth bodybuilder with a fat cock gets edged 'against his will'

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler

June 3, 2014

"Sebastian is working out at the gym when loudmouth, muscled stud Jaxton Wheeler gives him a hard time, taunting him with his huge muscles. Despite his attitude, Van and Sebastian agree Jaxton is one hot stud, so they pounce on him and tie him up against his will. The two tear away Jaxton's clothes and get his cock hard. As much as Jaxton fights it, his cock can't help but get close to cumming. The muscled stud is then tied up with a gag in his mouth as he's edged some more. His hard cock is jacked off with the fleshjack before the two pervs tickle the hell out of Jaxton. He's then made to ride the stationary bike with a dildo shoved up his ass as he's ordered to pedal faster and faster. Finally as he fucks himself in the ass, Sebastian milks a load out of Jaxton's cock before he and Van finish the muscled stud off with some post-orgasmic torment."



















Lust for Latex

Featuring Alex Mecum and Jaxton Wheeler

March 23, 2017

"A bronzed, muscular slave (Alex Mecum) stands clad in latex and bound in rope, awaiting the ministrations of his master. First, his large cock is unzipped from his tight rubber shorts and his chest, cock and balls are cropped mercilessly before his well-hung master decides it is time to fuck his sub's face with his hefty dick. Next our hot latex slave is suspended and subjected to intense ball stretching and flogging, his screams echoing as he struggles helplessly at the mercy of his master. A harsh metal electrostim butt plug is inserted in the slave's hungry asshole and his hard cock bounces as his prostate is shocked again and again, though nothing could prepare his hole for the hard, fast fucking he receives from his master's huge cock - while being shocked and fucked the slave can't contain himself any longer and blows a huge load all over himself, only to get even messier with his master's thick hot cum."















Sex Club Owner Fucks and Torments an Obnoxious Party Goer

Featuring Eli Hunter and Jaxton Wheeler
Kink | Bound Gods

September 29, 2016

"Eli Hunter is at the hottest sex club in town looking for some action. He keeps on hounding the ladies, asking for some good lovin' but the only attention he ends up getting is from the club owner, Jaxton Wheeler. Jaxton's been hearing a lot of complaints about Eli, so he tracks him to the alleyway and shows him a night he will never forget. Jaxton rips away Eli's clothes, and lets him know he is in for a wild ride. Before they can really play, Jaxton makes sure to get rid of Eli's messy chin beard with the help of some clover clamps, ball weights, and an electric shaver. Eli's torment continues with some more corporal and hard fucking. Eli is then brought inside the club, away from the cold night air, and duct taped in a horizontal suspension. Jaxton stands over Eli and flogs him mercilessly. He then fills Eli's screaming mouth with hard cock to shut him up. Eli is relieved to be strapped to a sex swing instead of taped up against the wall, until he notices Jaxton dangling a cattle prod in front of him. The cattle prod zaps his body repeatedly until he furiously shakes and tries to break free from the fuck swing. Eli runs out of energy and accepts whatever comes next, which happens to be round 2 of Jaxton's hard cock. The vicious fucking makes Eli's cock harder as his hole is filled and stretched to the limit. Eli releases a cum eruption across his chest, and then lies in wait to receive Jaxton's hot load. Jaxton strokes his cock until cum blasts all over Eli's ass and balls."
















Onyx Recruit - The Onyx & The Redz Series

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler and Connor Halsted

November 27, 2014

"Onyx recruit Connor Halsted awaits on his knees as Jaxton Wheeler enters with crop in hand. Painful clover clamps clamp down tight on Connor's nipples, squeezing harder the more he jerks from the crop beating against his flesh. After receiving a flogging, the recruit finds himself strapped down on the table as Jaxton shoves his hard cock down his throat. Connor's then bent over, his hands and feet locked in chains, as Jaxton rams him from behind. On his backside, with bit gag tightly in his mouth, Connor receives a final fuck before Jaxton blows his hot load all over the recruit's face."
















The Onyx Converter - The Onyx vs The Redz Series

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler and Lucas Knight

August 14, 2014

"Redz member Lucas Knight has his hands and feet chained to the wall as his Onyx captor, Jaxton Wheeler approaches with flogger in hand. Jaxton works the hung stud over with the flogger before pulling him down and making him suck Jaxton's rock hard cock. Bound in the Onyx Converter, Lucas has an electric butt plug shoved up his ass as he's shocked and tormented. To complete his transformation, Lucas is made to worship Jaxton's feet before receiving his hot load of cum all over his face and sucking off every drop."
















New dom Jaxton Wheeler brutally throat fucks new sub Jett Jax

Jett Jax and Jaxton Wheeler

May 8, 2014

"New dom of the house Jaxton Wheeler awaits on his throne as his sub Jett Jax crawls in on his hands and knees, ready to serve. He removes his master's leather jock and swallows the huge cock that awaits him before he's relentlessly beaten with the crop. His cock locked in chastity, Jett is made to swallow Jaxton's huge cock until he's flogged from front to back. Suspended in the air, Jett opens his hole for a vigorous fuck until Jaxton brings him to the ground. After a final fuck, Jaxton rewards his sub with a face full of cum and has him lick up every drop."

35312_0 New dom Jaxton Wheeler brutally throat fucks new sub Jett Jax

35312_1 New dom Jaxton Wheeler brutally throat fucks new sub Jett Jax





35312_12 New dom Jaxton Wheeler brutally throat fucks new sub Jett Jax

35312_13 New dom Jaxton Wheeler brutally throat fucks new sub Jett Jax

35312_16 New dom Jaxton Wheeler brutally throat fucks new sub Jett Jax

Popping Bruiser's Cherry

Featuring Aaron Bruiser and Jaxton Wheeler

October 26, 2013

"Bruiser has admitted he's had sex with men before but always as a top. He does like to bottom but until now, it was always with his wife using a strap on. I was thinking it might be best to ease him into bottoming but it just didn't happen. Jaxton fucked him like a machine. He's probably the best top I've seen. Bruiser took it like a champ and I think it's the best action scene I've filmed."

TGS353_024 TGS353_045










Sex Machine

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler

October 4, 2013

"Jaxton Wheeler has done a bit of work in this business. For about a year, he's taken off from it to pursue bigger and better things. In the meantime, he's looking to achieve a slimmer, more cut physique. One thing that hasn't changed is his readiness to jerk his dick and stay rock hard for the camera till he cums. He did another scene the day before this one where he popped the anal cherry and gave quite a pounding to one of the more popular guys on here recently. Incredibly, he afterward met up with a chick he met on line and fucked her in front of her friends. Sounds to me like two great shows in one night. You'll get to see the all male version here soon."

TGS350_013 TGS350_014

TGS350_032 TGS350_035







Braden Charron and Jaxton Wheeler

October 19, 2012

"Something happens when men watch sports. Every time your team scores there is a surge of testosterone, a flood of adrenaline and a quickening of the pulse. If that sounds familiar its because that is exactly what happens when you have sex. When Braden Charron and Jaxton Wheeler sat down to watch a football game little did they know that terms like tight end and touchdown would play a lot more into the afternoon then they had planned. Once the excitement started to rise the beer and musky scent of two horny muscled studs kicked in the next thing you know Braden is looking for more than beer and chips to feed his hunger. He gets a mouthful of cock and that really gets things rolling. Then Jaxton goes down on Braden, savoring every inch of his delicious dick. There is something about sucking a nice firm cock that drives Jaxton wild and he just had to tap that hole. He lays Braden out on the couch and starts fucking his ass like there is no tomorrow. But Braden started this whole thing and he was not about to leave without his piece of ass, so he laid Jaxton down and went to town. All that muscle and sweat and cum. Nobody really cared how the game ended."








Jaxton Wheeler

February 1, 2012

"Jaxton Wheeler is one hot fucker. He's a well trimmed hairy muscular jock from head to toe. If he let his body hair grow it would probably be a total forest but there's something about his impeccable manscaping that drives us wild. He loves playing football and the mental image of this naked muscle hunk coming at you on the football field hoping to tackle you to the ground and work you over should give you fodder for lots of fantasy jerk off sessions. But for now you get to watch the real thing, playfully rubbing the nipples that sit atop his massive chest. Gliding his meaty paw up and down his beautifully erect cock then letting it wander around to the round globes of his perfect bubble butt, teasing his hole just enough to make him hungry for a good pounding. And you can tell that he cums as hard as he works out because when he does he shoots a think gooey load all over his rock hard stomach."



JaxtonWheeler-12 JaxtonWheeler-16

JaxtonWheeler-23 JaxtonWheeler-26

Jaxton Tickled

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler

October 5, 2023

"Jaxton is back! I was just remastering a video from ten plus years ago and heard he was in town so it definitely worked out! Jaxton is just as ticklish as he was before, if not more so! He gorgeous, hairy chest, his pits, and his sides are still sensitive and his size 12 feet in those sheers hold no match for my flittering fingers. Then the socks come off to reveal just how soft and smooth his feet have become! Always happy to have you, Jaxton!"





















Jaxton Trains His Foot Boy

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler and Thom

September 2, 2023

"Jaxton does not play around when it comes to training new foot slaves. Ordering his slave Thom to come in and do his job, Jaxton receives the foot treatment he deserves. Thom is learning the hard way that he needs to multitask quickly in order to please this verbal dom! Fortunately, Thom is a fast learner. Jaxton's worship feels so good that he whips out his cock and strokes it while ordering his slave to continue worshiping his size 12 feet. Jaxton grunts to an orgasmic finish. Good job, slave!"





















Spy on Jaxton's Feet

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler

August 22, 2023

"Jaxton has returned to MyFriendsFeet! His wide size 12 feet easily slide out of Jaxton's flip flops and rest on the edge of the couch while he reads to unwind from the day. Just seeing him scrunch up his toes and rub his feet from side to side is enough to send any foot fetishist into a tizzy. Who wants to suck on those toes first?"





















Jaxton's Size 12 Feet

Featuring Jaxton Wheeler

December 7, 2021

"Thick, muscular, sturdy Jaxton has some big meaty feet. In fact, the industry term I use for feet like his are "hamsteaks" or maybe "pork chops." Those wide feet are ticklish too, so be sure to watch his tickling video too. Today Jaxton was just hanging out in his soccer slides and I convinced him to do a quick set of photos. He has big manly feet that made me drool."







Jaxton Jerked Off & Tickled Naked

Jaxton Jerked Off & Tickled Naked

June 11, 2011

"Give me a hot, muscled up, bearded stud to tickle and I'll show you one of the best tickle torment scenes at MyFriendsFeet. Gorgeous hunk Jaxton was my tickle toy by the time I was done with him here. The man has it all. He's tall, confident and carries a quiet demeanor about him. His looks say it all though and so does his ticklishness. I drove him crazy from his head right down to his size 12 feet with my fingers and tickle toys!"

01 Jaxton Jerked Off & Tickled Naked 02 Jaxton Jerked Off & Tickled Naked 03 Jaxton Jerked Off & Tickled Naked 04 Jaxton Jerked Off & Tickled Naked

05 Jaxton Jerked Off & Tickled Naked 06 Jaxton Jerked Off & Tickled Naked 07 Jaxton Jerked Off & Tickled Naked 08 Jaxton Jerked Off & Tickled Naked
Jaxton Gets His Size 12 Feet & Socks Worshiped

Jaxton Gets His Size 12 Feet & Socks Worshiped

June 8, 2011

"Jaxton is a really quiet guy, but he's certainly more than sexy enough to have at MyFriendsFeet. He's got a super sexy beard, body and one hell of a tasty pair of size 12 feet. He had never had his feet worshiped before and didn't know what to think of it at first. That was until I had my mouth clamped over top of his perfect peds, of course!"

01 Jaxton Gets His Size 12 Feet & Socks Worshiped 02 Jaxton Gets His Size 12 Feet & Socks Worshiped 03 Jaxton Gets His Size 12 Feet & Socks Worshiped 04 Jaxton Gets His Size 12 Feet & Socks Worshiped

05 Jaxton Gets His Size 12 Feet & Socks Worshiped 06 Jaxton Gets His Size 12 Feet & Socks Worshiped 07 Jaxton Gets His Size 12 Feet & Socks Worshiped 08 Jaxton Gets His Size 12 Feet & Socks Worshiped

Jaxton Asher

May 2011

"Saddle up for our prized bull Jaxton! All he wanted was some more exposure. What could we do but help him out? Jaxton Asher is one hunk to watch - with the brawny beard, giant frame - and the most powerful giant legs we've ever photographed. He's full grown and home blown!

After filing his XXX video for our Penthouse, we're sure Jaxton's bound for erotic superstardom. He's the life of the party - and the bedroom is a source of constant adventure - like the time he lost a vibrating bullet inside his girlfriend's pussy. Whoops! His fantasy is to be dominated by a woman; chained like Spartacus in a dungeon and forced to eat her out for hours.

Though he may be up north now, Jaxton's a southern boy. He prefers to be in a climate where he can show off those unbeatable thighs and the giant crotch hog that gets pumped between them. Sometimes, perfection just comes/explodes naturally.

Watch and learn!"


10 11

IMG_6175 IMG_6196

Darius & Valentino: RAW

May 11, 2012

"It seems like anytime I have Darius or Valentino in a video, the length of the movie seems to creep above the 30 minute mark. As usual, there were so many delicious moments during the video, I found it hard to edit it down to below 30 minutes. So while it may take some time to download, I kind of left in a lot of great moments.

The two start by kissing, and rubbing their cocks together through their underwear, something I don't get too often. Both their dicks wake up from the rubbing action and Valentino dives in first to suck some uncut cock. Darius then blows Valentino, and just from that moment, you can tell who is going to be in charge - Valentino gets bossy, and Darius gets um..aggressively passive.

Darius loves to sit on a cock or have a toy in his ass. It is the secret to keeping him hard and nutting. But even blowing a guy he seems to enjoy. Valentino, well, he usually does it, but with Darius, he actually seems hungry for his cock.

Valentino then takes a toy to Darius's ass, getting it primed and eager for his fat cock. Darius loves the anal play and is pretty much begging for Valentino to fuck him.

What I enjoy most about this video is Valentino loves to have someone take his cock, and with Darius so eager to get fucked, they both take their time, varying speed and cock teasing each other. Valentino plays with Darius's cock and as usual, Darius has to get him to stop or risk nutting too soon. Someday I am just gonna let it happen.

Lot of great footage in this as Valentino really gives Darius a pounding.

Valentino literally fucks the cum out of of Darius and man, I just about missed Valentino's cum shot as I quickly try to move my cameras around. He was ready to bust!

His aim is a little high, but he takes plenty of time to juice him and coat his cock with his cum and push his seed inside of Darius.

Darius always leaves the studio with such a satisfied look on his face. He still identifies as straight, but I think he gets to receive what he can't get from a woman during these shoots, and the dude leaves the studio spent and completely satisfied!"




















Chip & Valentino: RAW

April 13, 2012

"Valentino is back and he is big and bulky in this video! Very manly!

I guess I have been filming Chip as a twink bottom. He may not stay hard for the fucking, but he says it works for him, and with his build next to Valentino, the Daddy/Boy thing is really in evidence and well-played.

Valentino IS naturally bossy, and I think Chip can be fairly passive. These two fit very well together. Valentino is telling him what to do and Chip eagerly sucks on his muscle daddy's fat stiff cock.

His cock IS stiff too. He penetrates Chip with no mercy, plunging in and out with no hands. He even buries his cock deep and rolls it around, making Chip feel all of his girth.

Chip eventually ends up riding Valentino's cock, feeling certain that he could nut while controlling Valentino's depth. It takes a bit, but we get him nutting while being fucked.

Valentino jerks his cock and most of his load lands on his stomach, but he tries to shove the last remaining drop inside of Chip. I think the orgasm was too strong to control. Chip, realizing that he missed out on a load, starts lubing up Valentino's cock with the cum and shoving it in- even fingering himself with his jizz!"


















Valentino & Van: RAW

December 2, 2011

"Van has become such a power bottom.

Valentino was ready to fuck and I knew he would like Van's smooth skin.

The two "clicked" and I think Valentino's favorite part was having Van ride on his cock. Not saying he is a lazy top, but I think Van was squirming around on his cock in just the right way.

Actually Valentino is a great when he is upright too. He just drills slow.

We get to see Van's open hole too as it braces for another impact. Something I rarely get to film. Valentino is clearly confident with his cock and at what angle he is going in. No hands guiding it in. He just aims his missile and fires.

Speaking of firing, Valentino's nut shot is ballistic, and the cum play after is amazing!

Van was spent and we gave him a break and let him jerk-off while laying in Valentino's arms. And by the amount of Van's load, clearly he was ready to nut too!

Geez that's a lotta jizz!"

Chaosmen_valentino_van_hires_01 Chaosmen_valentino_van_hires_04

Chaosmen_valentino_van_hires_09 Chaosmen_valentino_van_hires_11

Chaosmen_valentino_van_hires_21 Chaosmen_valentino_van_hires_31

Chaosmen_valentino_van_hires_38 Chaosmen_valentino_van_hires_43














Eli Hunter & Valentino: RAW

October 14, 2011

"I just love working with Eli Hunter. He is always down for anything and really doesn't have too many limits.

Valentino loves to top and he was telling me he loves having women ride his cock reverse cowgirl style.

I found it hard to believe because he has one of those cocks that stands straight up and doesn't seem to bend down much. So I tossed out the challenge.

First Eli shows off his oral skills and I think it set the tone for the entire video. Valentino knew he was in for a sex ride!

Eventually Eli mounts him reverse "cowboy" style and sure enough Valentino's cock is embedded perfectly. Eli really works it and WOW, we get to see some awesome penetration.

Valentino barely moves from his spot while Eli hops off Valentino's dick and begins to fuck him. Valentino is a tough dude 'cuz he barely flinches when Eli sticks his huge dick inside of him. His dick doesn't even wilt, so my guess is, he was enjoying it!

The highlight of this video has got to be the cream pie. It is one of the best on the site! Valentino comes a lot, and Eli is awesome at providing a perfect target. Valentino stays hard after nutting and we get lots of cum-plunging action!

Valentino said he would try a facial, but it is one of those close-eyed, closed mouth ones. Not anyone's favorite, but maybe we can get him to up at a later time!

The energy in this video is sizzling!"

















Taylor & Valentino: RAW DC

September 9, 2011

"Director's Cut with all the action!

These two really hit it off. It took hours to film this video. NOT the actual filming, but the two guys pretty much like all the same things - sports, motorcycles, and of course, girls. The two kept trading fuck stories, basically trying to one-up each other.

I totally wanted to get these two together. Both big muscular guys, one hairy, one naturally smooth.

Taylor was in the trading mood. In order to get out of bottoming, he said he would take a load to his mouth. I wasn't about to pass up his first facial - mouth open no less!

I got them all gussied up in bright underwear, and the two just went at it like animals. Both of them got-off to the oral, and they even handled the 69-action with ease.

Valentino did get a bit worried when he saw how fat Taylor's cock was getting, so that's when he started bargaining with sex-acts. "Would I have to get fucked less if we we did some pissing?"

"Suuuuuuure!" I would say, knowing full-well that the minute or two of pissing wouldn't cover much time. Thankfully, once Valentino got out of doggy position he was actually starting to enjoy it, demanding Taylor to fuck him harder! I do believe while I was filming the undershot, he actually bitch-slapped Taylor to make him more aggressive.

As for the ending, Taylor delivers one of his biggest loads yet, and as I mentioned earlier, he does a good job cleaning him off.

True to his word, Taylor took a load to the face and it actually went inside his mouth. He is a bit frozen, but he was choking back a little bit on the taste of another dude's sperm.

This is one very hot video, with very hot chemistry, and a nuclear ending!"
























Tobin & Valentino: RAW

June 17, 2011

"Valentino does massage on the side (no I'm not going to hook you up), so I thought he would be in his element for his first full-on sex film if I put him in a location he is familiar with. Of course, I didn't want to spend too much time on the actual massage, as we are limited to download time and file size. But Tobin was enjoying the rub, and suits his passive nature.

Valentino oils up Tobin"s hot body, and both guys look hot together with all that muscle mass sliding up against each other.

Valentino explores Tobin's ample ass cheeks, getting it lubed up for some fucking, and then makes him suck his cock.

To warm him up even more for the fucking, Valentino shoves a small toy into his ass, then makes him suck his cock some more. Its so hot to see the young muscleboy with a butt toy up his and sucking on Valentino's cock. (I am thinking maybe Tobin needs to be TagTeamed!)

Valentino flips him on over and massages Tobin's cock.

The table height was a bit of an issue with both guys on the shorter side. Valentino struggles to fuck Tobin Doggie-style but eventually they hit a groove.

We finally get Tobin laying sideways and that was just the right height for some ass-ramming.

Valentino then fucks him on his back and unloads all over and in Tobin's hole.

Tobin is left on his own to rub one off, but it is a massive nut."















Kristopher & Valentino: Serviced

May 11, 2011

"Valentino is pretty easy going when thinking about working with a guy. He is straight but has done the whole gay-for-pay thing.

He was willing to get ONLY his dick sucked this time- just to see how the video goes down. Sometimes I think they put limits on what they will do, only to test me to see if I will honor them as other people have not respected their limits.

We usually map everything that is going to happen, and occasionally the model or models will push their limits. Those are always fun, but I try to stick to the plan.

I think Valentino was looking forward to just kicking back and getting a really good cock sucking!

And DAAAAMNNN...Kristopher's dirty talk always gets me going! He is so into it, and every time there is fat cock, he is doing his best to deep throat it!

We even get some nice rimming out of Kristopher who then later takes on the challenge of jerking Valentino's plump cock to ejaculatory victory!"











Valentino: Solo

April 11, 2011

"Valentino does a little bit of everything. Mostly he is a fitness trainer, and obviously spends a lot of quality time in the gym. But he dances and does massage, and basically puts his body to work for him.

So it was natural for him to turn to photography and video work.

He is about 5'7" and must weigh over 200pds of beefy muscle. He is "bulking-up" right now so is extra thick. His quads and biceps are massive.

He is smart and quick-witted, and easy to talk too.

Valentino likes showing off for anyone. He is very very gay-friendly, but prefers the bigger girls (no skinny minnies for him!) with voluptuous asses.

This is a high quality video with a dude not afraid of the camera and getting-off to showing you his body, hoping you will get off.

Pretty sure he will do an oral video, and I think I will have Kristopher take-on this muscle boy. Beyond that, I am not sure. We will just have to wait and see."






Chaosmen_valentino_hires_07 Chaosmen_valentino_hires_10

Chaosmen_valentino_hires_26 Chaosmen_valentino_hires_27

Boxxy_vs_Rex_IMG_7517 65

Boxxy vs Rex

Battle of the Body Scissors

"Watch two bodybuilders battle it out to see who has the most powerful thighs and can get the most submissions by head scissors and most submission by body scissors.

Meet Boxxy (Angel Diablo), our new European muscle bound warrior. He is 6' 4" tall and 240lbs of pure power! Who better to put the new guy through his paces and see if he has the skills to back up those massive muscles than Rex! The egos are just about more than the room can handle with these two muscle beasts. Boxxy is a European champion kickboxer and gives as good as he gets! Rex knows that a body has to be in shape to survive here. Watch his pecs bounce as he has a flexes off against Rex showing off his broad back and powerful thighs. Boxxy claims the body scissors as his best move and teases Rex his thighs are too small to make someone submit in a body scissors. Not terribly impressed, Rex shows him how it's done! Rex lifts Boxxy right off the ground without even breaking a sweat in a powerful bearhug! They punish each other with head scissors and body scissors and bearhugs, while flexing and showing off their "guns" to each other. Let's see if this European Powerhouse can bring the pain to Rex! The first ever scissor challenge at Thunder's Arena is ON!"

Boxxy_vs_Rex_IMG_7477 46

Boxxy_vs_Rex_IMG_7491 55

Boxxy_vs_Rex_IMG_7480 48 Boxxy_vs_Rex_IMG_7514 64
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