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62532_05 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose
Raging Stallion Studios

October 30, 2015

"Two stunning studs, Ryan Rose and Andrew Stark share a bottle of whiskey at sundown and sneak away to the barn for some privacy. After their final swigs, Ryan makes a move and locks lips and tongues with Andrew. Wasting no time, they rip each other's clothes off and Ryan hunkers down to swallow Andrews cock. After slobbering all over Andrew's cock, Ryan wipes his face with it, and taunts Andrew with his crack hanging out of the top of his jeans. Andrew knows he needs to possess Ryan's ass. Tongue, finger and cock in quick succession: Ryan's hole is skewered. But Andrew needs more. He needs to get fucked. Things heat up tremendously when Andrew lies on his back to let Ryan plow into him. Their smooth, ripped bodies collide in the dark quiet of the barn. They swap again, with Ryan now in a shoulder stand. When neither of them can hold back, they both release their loads in shooting bursts."

62532_06 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8 62532_07 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

62532_08 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

62532_09 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

62532_10 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

62532_11 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

62532_12 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

62532_13 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

62532_14 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

62532_15 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose in Total Exposure 2, Scene 8

Total Exposure 2, Scene 5

Nick Sterling, Andrew Stark, Brian Bonds
Raging Stallion Studios

October 23, 2015

"Beefy Nick Sterling and dreamboat Andrew Stark spot Brian Bonds sunning near the old Native American ruin. They're both horned up and Brian is always up for a hot three way, so the hunks jump straight into the fun and slide their tongues into each other's mouth. Andrew's dick is so hard, his jeans are ready to burst, but Nick solves that by letting the cock out of its cage, having no choice then but to suck it. Andrew is a giant man, standing well over 6 feet, with the rest of his body parts in equal proportion. Nick tackles Brian's cock next, but his head continues to whiplash back and forth from Brian to Andrew. Nick and Brian entangle themselves in a sixty-nine, while Andrew bastes Brian's hole with his tongue and explores them more deeply with two fingers. When Brian lifts his ass into a shoulder-stand, it's a free-for-all on his hole, but Andrew's thick cock is first into the breach. Brian nurses on Nick's cock while Andrew fucks him. It's a super-hot change-up when Brian fucks Nick. Andrew's raging cock finds its new home in Nick's mouth. Climax for this trio finds Brian on his knees, swallowing two hot loads and drenching the thirsty ground with his seed." Andrew Stark Interview


America's Finest, Scene 1

Andrew Stark and Brent Corrigan
Raging Stallion Studios

January 16, 2015

"Brent Corrigan is all man: his lean body is packed with defined muscle. Andrew Stark towers over Brent, with a toned swimmer's build and an epic, meaty boner. Brent swallows Andrew's cock in an impressive display of deep throating, and it comes out even thicker and harder than it went in. Brent gasps and drools, exclaiming, 'Big!' and switches to Andrew's enormous balls. Andrew's craving for Brent's hole is so intense, he literally rips Brent's jeans off his body. With sexual fervor, Andrew drives his tongue, then his thumb, into Brent's eager hole. On his hands and knees, Brent arches his back, offering direct access to his bubble butt. Andrew drives his cock home. They work together to find the deepest, most pleasurable angles of penetration. Sweat begins pouring down Brent's smooth, hard torso. Cum bursts out of Brent's cock like fireworks, as he swivels to capture Andrew's load in his mouth." WATCH America's Finest, Scene 1 featuring Andrew Stark and Brent Corrigan

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55871_03 55871_04

55871_07 55871_11

55871_13 55871_14








Ass To Grind, Scene 3

Andrew Stark and Brendan Patrick
Raging Stallion Studios

December 8, 2014

"Brendan Patrick sinks to his knees, eager to suck Andrew Stark's stunning huge dick. Brendan's eyes roll back when Andrew clasps him under the chin pushes his cock past Brendan's lips. With long, smooth strokes, Andrew fucks Brendan's face, causing thick rivers of spit to run down Brendan's cheeks. Brendan lies on a table and locks his forearms behind his knees as Andrew's tongue explores Brendan's entire body. After deep throating Brendan's cock, Andrew re-positions and jams his huge cock into Brendan's ass. The sounds of sex reverberate around the room. Brendan explodes with ropes of white cum while Andrew is still fucking him. At the last moment, Andrew's pulls out and shoots multiple streams of cum across Brendan's face and into his mouth."

Balls Deep, Scene 1

Starring Andrew Stark and Landon Conrad
Hard Friction | Raging Stallion Studios

September 8, 2014

"Landon Conrad and Andrew Stark are two huge-dicked alpha males eager to see what the other's packing. The muscles are packed on to Landon's incredible body, dense stubble covers his chin and chest, and he projects total sexual confidence. Andrew is an eager stud, with a tall, lean frame and a ravenous eagerness for fucking. They start with back-and-forth blowjobs, each trying to outdo the other. Landon bends Andrew over and fucks him doggy style. Andrew teases his nipples as sweat drips from his face--his hole has never been stretched like this before--but Landon's not going to pass up an opportunity to get fucked by Andrew and his choice cock. By wrapping his legs around Andrew's tall, muscular body, Landon pushes Andrew's dick deeper and deeper inside. Every muscle in Landon's powerful body flexes with the rhythm of fucking, and he jerks his cock until his load explodes onto his chest. Jumping above Landon, Andrew pumps out his own load right onto Landon's chin."

WATCH Balls Deep, Scene 1 Starring Andrew Stark and Landon Conrad

















Tahoe - Keep Me Warm, Scene 4

Andrew Stark, Billy Santoro, and Brenner Bolton
Falcon Studios

September 7, 2015

"Andrew Stark springs a boner in his pants while describing his most recent tryst to boyfriend Billy Santoro. Billy adds encouragement by massaging Andrew's thickening cock through his pants, then taking it out and sucking it noisily. Brenner Bolton lurks by the fireplace, unseen, stroking his own cock while he watches. Growing bolder by degrees, he catches Andrew's attention and is beckoned over. Brenner and Billy take turns with Andrew's monster cock, each holding it while the other sucks it. Then they put their lips and tongues together to give the shaft a thorough and juicy basting that leaves Andrew gasping for breath. Deciding it's his turn, Billy strips, massages his hairy chest and shoves his cock deep in Andrew's mouth. Brenner strips, then seizes the chance to suck two big cocks at once, getting rewarded when Andrew and Billy shoot extra big gooey loads on his face that he gobbles up while it's still hot. After his double mouthful of creamy jism, Brenner jacks out his own load onto the carpet." WATCH Tahoe - Keep Me Warm, Scene 4 Starring Andrew Stark, Billy Santoro, and Brenner Bolton











Tahoe - Keep Me Warm, Scene 3

Andrew Stark and Sean Zevran
Falcon Studios

August 21, 2015

"Smooth Sean Zevran brushes his teeth while Andrew Stark barges in to take a shower. Andrew knows exactly what he's doing when he tempts him by stroking his monster cock and slapping it against the shower door until Sean drops the toothbrush and drops the pretense that he doesn't notice what Andrew is up to. Then, he drops the towel around his waist. They face each other directly, separated by glass that's become steamed with the heat generated by the shower and by their lust. Their hard ons rise to meet each other as Andrew slides the door open. Sean stoops to suck him, easily swallowing the full length of the shaft and cupping his balls in his hand. Aroused by the promise of things to come, Andrew lets himself be pulled along by his cock to the bedroom. After returning the blow job, he aims his tongue at Sean's brown buns, navigating his crack so deeply that he barely comes up for air. Sean arches his back in invitation. His muscle butt looks terrific as he grinds his cock into the sheets, and it looks even better when Andrew plows it. The air fills with groans and the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Every muscle in their bodies clenches and contracts as their balls pump out awesome volumes of cum." WATCH Tahoe - Keep Me Warm, Scene 3 Starring Andrew Stark and Sean Zevran















Double Kross, Scene 4

Adrian Hart and Andrew Stark
Falcon Studios | Falcon Edge

July 3, 2015

"Huge in every way, Andrew Stark towers over tight-bodied Adrian Hart, whose satiny chocolate skin contrasts with his brilliant white jock strap. Adrian's 8 1/2-inch cock juts out like a ramrod from his jock, rubbing hard against Andrew's equally long but fatter meat. Adrian kneels, using his lips and tongue to work the top of Andrew's dick and nuzzle his nuts, while his hand strokes the shaft. They swivel into a 69. Andrew spreads Adrian's buns to probe the soft center with his tongue and fingers. The breaching of Adrian's tight hole is smooth and easy, accompanied by soft moans. Andrew kneads Adrian's glutes while he fucks him from behind, clasping Adrian tightly in his arms and running his hands through the scant fur on Adrian's chest. Adrian's cries grow louder as Andrew's thrusts gather speed and intensity. Bouncing Adrian on his cock, Andrew lifts him off the ground. Release leaves Adrian with a mustache of creamy cum on his upper lip and a gooey mass of his own spooge dripping through his fingers." WATCH Double Kross, Scene 4 Starring Adrian Hart and Andrew Stark
















Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark
Falcon Studios

May 1, 2015

"Andrew Stark claims that a midnight tryst in the kitchen will cure Ricky Decker's insomnia. Ricky's dubious, but when Andrew pulls out a hard, fat cock, Ricky figures it's better than a glass of warm milk and he agrees to 'give it a shot.' He kneels and sucks Andrew's veiny member with long swallows, stroking the shaft and squeezing his nuts. Ricky has an olive complexion, hairy legs and a toned, V-shaped torso. The granite countertop makes a chilly bed, but sexual heat quickly warms it. Laying back, Ricky spreads his legs to give Andrew access to his hairy hole. Andrew finally shucks his clothes. His muscular body is smooth and his cock is raging. Ricky's ass is ready to be fucked and Andrew drives his cock in letting Ricky experience all 8 thick inches. Andrew flips Ricky over so he can watch him cum. Ricky's jism overflows his navel and dribbles down his flanks as Andrew pulls his cock out and is shaken by an orgasm that makes him tremble from head to toe."

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1 Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Poolside 2, Scene 1

Andrew Stark and Josh Conners
Falcon Studios

March 13, 2015

"Sunbathing on a hot afternoon beside a sparkling pool, Andrew Stark and Josh Conners can't resist getting naked and passionate with each other. Their smooth, muscled bodies make contact on a lounge chair, and Josh eagerly swallows Andrew's massive cock. Spit and sweat coat Andrew's cock as he moans ecstatically from Josh's oral skills. Unable to contain his desires any longer, Josh straddles Andrew at the waist and lowers his hole onto the fat cock he just sucked. Alternating thrust and counterthrust, they give Josh's smooth, round ass a workout, then break for Andrew to stimulate Josh's hard-pounded hole with his tongue. They go for a second round, doggy style, on the steps of the pool, and the action heats up even more until they cover each other with cum." WATCH Poolside 2, Scene 1 Starring Andrew Stark and Josh Conners
















Stunners, Scene 2

Andrew Stark and Colt Rivers
Falcon Studios | Falcon Edge

September 22, 2014

"Colt Rivers coyly licks his finger and teases his own hole. Andrew Stark--tall, toned, a hint of ginger in his dark beard--is getting his cock sucked and loving it. It's obvious how much chemistry Colt and Andrew have together; they're both rock hard and can't help smiling as they play with each other. Andrew is sexually intoxicated from a deep whiff of his musky jockstrap, then uses it to smother Colt's face. Colt's low-hanging balls swing as he gives Andrew head. Andrew bends down to eat Colt's ass, then uses his huge tool and every bit of his athletic strength to split Colt's ass open. Colt moans with blissful agony as he cums on himself. Andrew pauses to lube up his own cock with Colt's load, then resumes plowing Colt's tight ass. Finally, Andrew's load explodes into Colt's mouth, who laps it up like a good, eager pup should." WATCH Stunners, Scene 2 Starring Andrew Stark and Colt Rivers
















Intensity - Part 2, Scene 1

Andrew Stark and Ludo Sander
Falcon Studios

August 22, 2014

"Touch: it's the most primal means of communication, and from the moment Andrew Stark and Ludo Sander embrace, it's clear they're both ready to fuck. Andrew's body is tall, smooth and muscled. His rock-hard cock pushes deep in Ludo's mouth, but the blowjob is just the warmup round. Andrew spears Ludo from behind, eliciting a gasp of pleasure. 'Oh, like that, slap that harder,' says Ludo, and Andrew responds with gusto; he grabs Ludo's wrists and pushes him face-first into the bed with powerful thrusts. Andrew pulls his cock out of Ludo's ass to flip him over. It seems impossible that Andrew's monstrous cock can fit inside Ludo's slender body, but Ludo takes it hard until cum flies everywhere, with Andrew shooting his load directly into Ludo's mouth." WATCH Intensity - Part 2, Scene 1 Starring Andrew Stark and Ludo Sander
















Intensity - Part 1, Scene 1

Andrew Stark and Chris Bines
Falcon Studios

July 18, 2014

"Andrew Stark kneels on the stairwell and grasps at Chris Bines' entire body as they kiss with serious passion. They make out and rub their beards together in an urgent expression of manly desire. Then they exchange blow jobs, each man tasting himself via his partner. Andrew reaches to fondle Chris' hole and slides in a teasing finger. Chris grasps the bannisters on either side as he lowers himself down on Andrew's eager tongue for a deep rimming. Then he slides down and lands on Andrew's thick, rock hard cock. Their bodies intertwine as they both experience the rush of unrestrained erotic energy. Chris leans over the railing for support and shoots multiple huge spurts of cum while Andrew fucks him from behind. Andrew pulls himself at the brink of orgasm and shoots his own giant load onto Chris' ass. They make eye contact, dazed and exhilarated, and kiss one last time in a passionate display of erotic intensity." WATCH Intensity - Part 1, Scene 1 Starring Andrew Stark and Chris Bines
















Stark Raving Wilde

Featuring Austin Wilde and Andrew Stark
Next Door Studios | Austin Wilde

October 6, 2012

"Join Austin Wilde as he fires up some extremely hot, very sensual action, with the incredibly sexy Andrew Stark. They're hanging out on the couch, getting to know each other a little better. Andrew is a body painter by trade, so he definitely knows how to work his way around Austin's super-tight physique. And once you see the hard, fat cock on Andrew, you'll understand why Austin's been so excited to get a piece of this man. First you'll see Andrew get a taste of Austin's throbbing dick, then Austin goes for a taste of Andrew's meaty ass. Austin is enjoying every part of this hunk, as he sucks him from underneath. Then it's time for Andrew to fuck Austin's eager hole. Andrew's pounding him hard, grabbing his arms and unleashing all his power. Then see Andrew jack Austin's bulging cock to an extra-explosive finish, while still slamming his tight hole! Enjoy!"

WATCH Stark Raving Wilde Featuring Austin Wilde and Andrew Stark












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27516_04 27516_07

27516_036 27516_11

27516_12 27516_13
Rod Daily and Andrew Stark

"Paid in Full"

Rod Daily and Andrew Stark
NextDoorWorld | RodDaily

September 14, 2012

"Rod Daily has always been this way; he's broke again and has been avoiding calls, texts, and emails from his apartment's building manager, handsome Andrew Stark. He doesn't have the cash, the credits, or even the sweet talk skills to pull himself out this time. But he DOES have a sweet, tight asshole. When Andrew shows up at Rod's door, Rod's caught off guard, with no excuses. Andrew comes in, PISSED. He's liked the look of Rod's body since the day Rod moved in. In fact, Andrew's been waiting for the right time to come over and pressure poor Rod into giving up his tender hole in lieu of rent money. Now he's got him. Rod's pretty easy going about the whole thing. In fact, Rod's wanted a taste of Andrew's cock from the day Rod signed the lease agreement. Watch Andrew enjoy Rod's hard-sucking mouth on his stiff boner, just before the two get into some hot 69ing. Then check out Andrew as he stuffs that eager ass very hard. This should buy Rod at LEAST a couple more weeks! Enjoy!"

Rod Daily, Tyler Torro, Andrew Stark

"The Long Cock of the Law"

Rod Daily, Tyler Torro, Andrew Stark
NextDoorWorld | RodDaily

August 17, 2012

"Rod Daily thought he had committed the perfect crime. Absconding with Andrew Stark’s bag, Rod suspects that he’s made a clean getaway until Andrew and cop friend Officer Tyler Torro roll up and discover him walking the side of the road. Caught red-handed, Rod is at the mercy of Officer Torro, who is clearly prepared to handle things in a somewhat unorthodox manner. Rather than taking him downtown, Tyler has decided on a little bit of payback- so he shoves Rod into his trunk and transports him back to his private garage. Once there, Tyler lays out the rundown for a confused Rod and Andrew. Rod can either take his punishment here in the garage or he can take his chances downtown. Rod chooses the former, and so Andrew shoves his dick down Rod’s throat as Tyler undresses and strokes his cock. Bending Rod over, Andrew first wets his hole with a little ass eating, then plunges his cock deep into Rod’s waiting ass as Tyler chokes Rod with his dick. Sucking Tyler off as Andrew pounds him from behind, Rod’s own dick is growing rock hard. Moving down to the floor, Rod rides Tyler’s night stick as he sucks on Andrew, jacking his dick and spraying a load in the process. The whole sight is too much for Tyler to take, and almost immediately he rips off his condom and explodes as well, which is shortly followed by Andrew showering Rod with his own load. Guess it’s just like they say: A couple loads to the face beats some jail time any day. Enjoy!"

Rod Daily, Tyler Torro, Andrew Stark

Rod Daily, Tyler Torro, Andrew Stark

Rod Daily, Tyler Torro, Andrew Stark

Rod Daily, Tyler Torro, Andrew Stark



"Usually, I get to say that a guy discovers so much of themselves, sexually, after arriving at CF. They experience new things here they never thought they might have experienced before, do things they'd hardly even imagined before, and realize that they like it. Their horizons are expanded and have all sorts of fun!

I don't really get to say that with Ty, however! This young man is so aware of himself sexually and is so adventurous when it comes to sex that he showed up ready for just about anything we could throw at him! He is so comfortable in front of the cameras - and so comfortable getting naked, showing off, and even talking about sex and chatting it up in front of the cameras - that I found myself having a wonderfully fun time filming him!

Beyond being an adventurous guy, he's also quite the artist. When not taking pics or filming his solo video when he first came out to shoot with us, he spent his free time sketching some pretty cool things into the sketchbook that was never far from his side.

When it comes to the goods, he's tall, has a lean and defined build, and has himself a hot and thick cock! I admit, I tend to expect a nice, hot dick when a tall and lean guy starts stripping down for us and Ty didn't disappoint! He loves putting that dick to work, as well, and loves doing what he can to get off!

While he shoots a big load, he also oozes sex appeal from every pore. I genuinely think he's just one of those guys that enjoys sex even more than most others, does what he can to pursue that enjoyment, and it certainly shows when he blows his load here!"




Jed Athens and Andrew Stark

Kings of New York (Season 2), Scene 4

Jed Athens and Andrew Stark Fire Off Three Explosive Cum Shots
Lucas Entertainment

October 11, 2013

"Attitude is the defining trait of a King of New York, and Andrew Stark has plenty of it. Let’s face it, he’s a diva in and out, but photographer Reichen Lehmkuhl isn’t in the mood for his nonsense and decides to knock him down a few pegs by using his assistant, Jed Athens, to show him how it’s done. The insult turns Andrew on, so he pulls Jed into a private room and shows him all of the presence he has in and out of his clothes. Andrew has a handsome natural body without tattoos, and he is also a dominant top who doesn’t take it easy on Jed. They suck each other’s cocks before Andrew takes Jed by his ass and slips his dick deep inside. Watch and see if Jed can handle the fucking Andrew gives him."

Jed Athens and Andrew Stark

Jed Athens and Andrew Stark

Jed Athens and Andrew Stark

Jed Athens and Andrew Stark

Jed Athens and Andrew Stark Jed Athens and Andrew Stark

Jed Athens and Andrew Stark Jed Athens and Andrew Stark
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