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Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt BAREBACK

July 9, 2015

"Real life lovers Vic Rocco and Jon Galt fuck bareback in their bedroom. The rock hard pair kiss passionately on their bed. These muscular daddies are lovers for a reason. The passion is hot and very present. They take turns sucking their dicks and balls. Jon eats Vic’s ass and Vic loves every lap of the tongue. Vic and Jon get on their knees and Vic pounds Jon’s hole bareback. They lay next to each other, spooning, and Vic drives his raw cock deep inside his lover. Vic lays on his back and Jon takes a raw ride. Vic gets so hot he shoots his load early. Jon gets up a bit as Vic’s cum streams down his pole. Jon sits back on the sticky, wet cock and rides again, seeding his hole. Jon lays Vic on the bed as he stands next to him. He pumps his raw cock deep into Vic’s ass bareback. Jon pulls out and shoots his wad onto Vic’s cock and abs. Vic strokes and cums a second time with a dry orgasm, having shot all of his spunk the first time. Vic pulls Jon on top of him to kiss and embrace."

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback Vic Rocco and Jon Galt Bareback

Alpha Training

Featuring Drake Jaden, Vic Rocco, Jon Galt
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

July 25, 2014

"While at the club, Drake is given a strange playing card with an address on it. Feeling adventurous, he heads to the address after leaving the bar. He knocks on the door and is instantly intimidated when Jon and Vic open the door, sporting leather and staring at Drake. Drake is too scared to move so he shows them the card. Jon and Vic know what the card means and pull Drake into their dungeon where they plan to test his sexual limits. Shouting orders, they dominate him and make him their sub as they make use of both of his holes, rimming him on one end and face fucking him on the other. When they're good and ready they take turns pounding his hole but the training doesn't end there. Just when Drake doesn't think he can handle anymore, they push him further forcing both of their dicks inside his ass, giving him the double penetration of a life time. Drake cries out but he can't deny that he's enjoying being dominated by these two alphas."

Pheromonal Behavior

Featuring Vic Rocco and Jon Galt
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

July 1, 2014

"Vic's in the gym changing after a long hard work out when his buddy Jon comes walking in. Vic didn't know Jon went to this gym as well but now he knows and now he can't keep his eyes off him. They both dress down watching when the other turns their back. Looking each other up and down they can't bear it any longer and Vic can smell Jon's manly smell hovering all over the locker room. Vic goes straight for Jon's smelly armpit licking it up and down, rubbing his face all over the hairy stinky pit. Jon grabs Vic's head and presses it against his hairy chest rubbing his face up and down. Jon bends Vic over and licks his ass clean rubbing his furry head along the hole and sticking his fingers deep inside prepping that ass for a hard pounding. Vic's ass is all lubed up and Jon goes balls deep pumping and moaning as he thrusts in and out. The smells are gravitating and neither one of these hot gym-toned men can hold their animal urges back. Enjoy!"

Men Over 30 Vic Rocco


Featuring Vic Rocco
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

June 10, 2014

"Vic has had a long day at the gym but it's not fully over just yet. He's back at the locker room checking out the aftermath from the rigorous workout and he begins to take some pics of just how well he's doing. Pose after pose, he shows off for the camera sending the pics to his twitter. He loves to see his bulging muscles in all their glory as the sweat drips from them. Finally he is turned on from all the posing and he reveals his tight jock-strap hugging his throbbing hard on. Vic begins to bend over in front of the mirror so he can see his ass while his fingers go in and out of his tight smooth hole. Vic's precum is oozing all over the place and he frequently uses it as lube. Come check this hunk out while he poses, bends, and cums all over the mirror. Enjoy!"

Men Over 30 Vic Rocco Men Over 30 Vic Rocco

Men Over 30 Vic Rocco Men Over 30 Vic Rocco

Men Over 30 Vic Rocco Men Over 30 Vic Rocco

Men Over 30 Vic Rocco

Men Over 30 Vic Rocco

Men Over 30 Vic Rocco

Men Over 30 Vic Rocco

Passionate Couple

Featuring Vic Rocco and Jon Galt
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

May 2, 2014

"HighPerformanceMen is pleased to be the 1st to present Porn Legend Jon Galt and his life partner Vic Rocco in their initial return to porn performance. These two men are the epitome of what a High Performance Man is all about! Masculine, Confident and Sexy as Hell! The two embrace in a deep passionate kiss as their hands explore each other's hard bodies. Soon their tank-tops are off revealing their ripped physiques as each explores the other with his tongue. They bury their tongues into each other's ripe arm pits which intensifies their desire for each other. Soon their jeans are down around their knees and their cocks are struggling to break free from the confines of their jock-straps. Jon is the first on his knees as he does his best to take all of Vic's enormously long and thick cock down his throat. Vic then returns the favor by deep throating every inch of Jon's big cock. Vic then bends Jon over and drives his tongue deep into Jon's eager hole. Jon begs for more as Vic begins to finger his hole deep and hard. He then spins Jon around and sucks his cock some more getting him all worked up before fucking him. The two then grind against each other as they spit on each other's cocks and stroke each other. Vic then bends Jon over and drives his massive cock deep inside Jon's muscular ass. At first the rhythm is slow and steady and then he drives his cock harder and deeper as Jon begs for more. Next Jon is laid out on his back as Vic pounds his hole long and deep. Unable to hold back any longer, Jon shoots a thick load all over his hairy stomach as Vic bends over and sucks out the last few drips of cum which is causing Jon to squirm in joy and laughter as he is very sensitive. Jon then drops to his knees as Vic shoots a thick creamy load all over Jon's chest and then Jon sucks out the last remaining drops of Vic's cum. Enjoy!"

WATCH Passionate Couple Featuring Vic Rocco and Jon Galt!










48700_02 48700_06

48700_08 48700_15

Manpower, Scene 3

Starring Aaron Cage and Vic Rocco
Colt Studios

January 5, 2012

"Working in the vineyard, a very hot and shirtless Vic Rocco takes a moment to rest and enjoy a handful of ripe juicy grapes. He also enjoys a handful of his thick juicy bulge. The intoxicating heat has Rocco reeling with pleasure. Hairy Co-worker, COLT Man Aaron Cage takes notice and moves in for a full on open mouth kiss. Aaron reaches into Vic’s shorts and grabs ahold of that man-sized cock. That extra-thick piece of meat has Aaron hitting his knees to enjoy a mouthful. As the heat intensifies the clothes come off, both guys taking turns enjoying the pleasures of sucking cock.

Vic turns Aaron around and bends him over a wine barrel as he buries his face in Aaron’s hot furry butt, spreading those hairy mounds to get a taste of that hot man-hole. Probing with his fingers and his tongue, Vic opens up that hole and gets it ready for his thick and juicy pole. Burying his cock deep in Aaron’s ass, Vic starts with a slow deep thrust then quickly picks up the rhythm. Aaron takes it like a man as Vic power fucks his ass. Jacking his hard cock as his ass gets punished, Aaron feels the fire in his balls cumming to the surface. With Vic’s cock deep in his ass Aaron shoots, gushing cum as load manly groans fill the vineyard. With his cock in hand Vic is ready to blow within seconds. Stroking the long length of his cock Vic milks every drop of hot white cum, Spilling his seed on the ground and giving the vine some extra MANPOWER fertilization."


16696_015 16696_016

16696_017 16696_018




















Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco
Colt Studios

September 29, 2009

"Hangin’ Out on a balcony over looking a busy city street, a shirtless and muscular Vic Rocco gives the neighbors an eyeful as he shows off his hot body and strokes that growing bulge in his pants. Getting all worked up and hard as a rock, Vic takes the action indoors where he can gives us an even bigger eyeful.

Slowly he strips his way out of his jeans, showing of his thick muscled leg and tight round butt. Just as that bulge threatens to rip its way out of those tight red boxers, Vic unleashes that thick piece of meat and gives us the show we’ve been waiting for. With an intense glare directly into the camera eye, Vic connects with his audience, stroking slowly, showing us his best angles and getting himself off."

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1 Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1 Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1 Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1 Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1

Vic Rocco in Hangin' Out - Minute Man 31, Scene 1
Manifest Men Vic Rocco


Vic Rocco

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Chest: 50"
Waist: 32"
Biceps: 18"
Quads: 29"
Body Hair: Hairy

"Intensely masculine Vic Rocco is steel hard ripped muscle from head to toe, from back to front and is among the most symmetrical models you'll find here. He is also hung long and thick. Vic knows how use his muscles and his meaty cock to seduce anyone with who looks his way. When you separate the men from the boys you'll find Vic Rocco at the top of the list."

Manifest Men Vic Rocco in Studio 1010


Vic Rocco

"Studio 1010"
Video Gallery Update

January 10, 2010

"Vic Rocco is featured in Manifest Men's latest video showing the Behind the Scenes action of a recent photo shoot complete with explosive finale. Ripped muscle and a huge tool are two of this hairy muscle studs attributes!

VicRoccoTerrace_14 VicRoccoTerrace_33

VicRoccoTerrace_18 VicRoccoTerrace_21

VicRoccoTerrace_24 VicRoccoTerrace_26
Manifest Men Vic Rocco and Vin Marco

Vin Marco & Vic Rocco

"Behind The Scenes"
Video Gallery Update

"Vin Marco directs Vic Rocco through is first Manifest photo shoot in this Behind the Scenes video. Shot on a nude beach in Southern California, Vin decides that clothing would be too restrictive and joins in the nude sunset fun."

"Here's a "behind the scenes" video like no other---where the photographer is nude too! See the first spectacular Vic Rocco photo shoot as it happened with Vic & photographer Vin Marco. You'll see Vin Marco nude from beginning to end as he shoots muscular & hung Vic Rocco. Watch as the camera focuses on two hot muscle men at work until both are naked.

You'll see & hear as Vin Marco & Vic Rocco create some of the hottest photos on the site and you'll see how they did it--always in perfect sync. For those who've waited and demanded to see Vin Marco again with his amazing body this is it. AND you get a view of Vic Rocco you won't even see in his gallery."

Manifest Men Vic Rocco

Vic Rocco

"Studio 1010"
Video Gallery Update

"Unbelievably rock hard & ripped Vic Rocco goes inside the Manifest Loft for a close-up look as he pumps up his biceps and shoulders. As he works his biceps you won't to imagine what Vic Rocco's body looks like under his t-shirt because he soon takes it off and flexes. After pumping up some more he stops to flex and feel up his growing body. Almost instantaneously the touch of his steel-hard muscles gives him a barely concealed hard-on. Soon he's got the top of his engorged cockhead poking out above the waist of his jeans.

The jeans come off & Vic Rooco strokes his massive muscle cock with one hand (barely) as his other feels every inch of steel muscle. His heavy breathing gets more intense as he strokes faster & faster until Vic Rocco turns very vocal & he shoots a heavy load and flexes in triumph. Shot and direct by Alex Sulaco of Manifest Men."


Vic Rocco

"Ocean View"
Video Gallery Update

"On a seemingly deserted beach the muscular figure of Vic Rocco appears. Stripping away his t-shirt & revealing his ripped muscular body he strides towards to shore, wading in slightly. Standing at the shore, his big hard muscle cock visible through his wet white pants Vic Rocco begins to rub it until it grows so big and hard he has to take it out and stroke it.

Vic Rocco tugs his pants down more, feeling every inch of his rock hard body before he lays back nude on the sandy shore and really strokes his cock. His entire body flexed and muscles rippling, Vic Rocco's cock mushrooms out and he shoots coating his hands with muscle cum."

Vic Rocco

• 5'11"
• 212 Pounds
• 39 years old
• 18-inch biceps
• 46-inch chest

"Adorable musclejock Vic absolutely loves his jockstraps!"

Vicrocco1 Vicrocco3

Vicrocco7 Vicrocco9


Vic Rocco

"Vic Rocco has everything we love in the male form: big muscle and prizewinning cock. Does that sound superficial? He’s also a warmhearted Midwesterner who enjoys dinners with friends, jock-straps, and helping others. Though Vic tends to intimidate people because he is so very godly, he is very easy to talk to. His funniest sexual experience was the time his partner actually fainted on him during sex. Our sympathy is genuine. Did we mention he has a thing for jock straps? Vic inspires a hot coach fantasy, which is exactly why we dressed him up in (and mercifully soon removed, in the Penthouse) all the baseball gear? If you strip it, they will come. Pitcher and catcher—batter’s up!"

Vicrocco10 IMG_7021

IMG_6915 IMG_6809
Legend Men Vic Rocco

Vic Rocco

HEIGHT 6', 182.9 cm
WEIGHT 210 lbs., 95.5 kg
EYES Brown
HAIR Military
LENGTH 8.5 inches, 21.6 cm
GIRTH 7 inches, 17.8 cm
SMOOTH Sometimes
SIGN Gemini
BRIEFS Yes and jocks too
CHEST 48.5 in, 123.2 cm
BICEP 18.5 in, 47.0 cm
QUADS 26 in, 66.0 cm
CALVES 17 in, 43.2 cm

LETS See if you can handle it
MEN Always
WOMEN Not for me
BLOW JOB You betcha!
INTO Muscle worship

SPORT College Football
FAST FOOD Sometimes I cheat
BEST FEATURE Chest, legs of cock?


Barback, Scene 3

Starring Vic Rocco
Raging Stallion Studios

"Vic Rocco must have passed out the night before because he wakes up alone in an empty bar with his pants open and his dick rock hard.As he wakes he reaches for his huge cock buried in his underwear.Vic has a massive dick and it only compliments his rock hard, built body. He strips and jerks, worshipping his muscles and showing off his huge, round ass, spilling seed all over."

P2023244 P2023309

P2023325 P2023353

P2023357 P2023385

Dino Rossi

Dino-rossi-060 Dino-rossi-064

Dino-rossi-106 Dino-rossi-113
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