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Patrick's Ass Pounded By Rico

August 17, 2017

"As Rico Romero and Patrick Ridge make out, Rico drops his clothes and gets naked first, but Patrick isn’t too far behind him, dropping his pants and rubbing his cock against Rico’s as they kiss. Patrick drops to his knees and takes Rico’s huge dick in his mouth, sucking on that sweet cock and then lying back on the bed and letting Rico get a mouthful of his prick next.

Rico gets Patrick’s cock deep down his throat and then flips him over and warms that ass up, rimming and licking Patrick’s tight hole before pulling his ass into the air and sticking his dick in it! Rico fucks Patrick hard, pumping him full of his throbbing shaft, making Patrick’s supple ass bounce with each deep thrust and stretching that hole with his thick cock. Patrick moans as he takes Rico’s dick, turning onto his back and spreading his legs to let Rico in deeper as Patrick runs his hand over his own cock. As Rico drives his dick into Patrick’s ass, Patrick shoots a huge load and then gets sprayed with Rico’s cum as he pulls out and nuts hard!"

Rico Takes Damian's Fat Prick

July 27, 2017

"Rico Romero warms up his mouth with some kisses from Damian Price before going down on him, wrapping his soft lips around Damian’s cock and getting it hard. Rico strokes that fat dick with his hand and tongue, that cock looking extra big in his mouth as he sucks on it and then lies back and lets Damian get a taste of his meat next. Damien gets Rico’s cock down his throat but it’s not long until he’s ready for that ass instead, bending Rico over on the bed and entering that tight hole from behind, pumping him full of his huge dick as Rico takes every inch of that thick shaft.

They fuck side by side next, Damien dominating Rico’s sore ass as he thrusts his hard cock in and out, trying another position with Rico on his back, legs spread and getting pounded. Rico jerks his own dick while Damian fucks him, running his hand up and down his cock until he shoots his load and then lies back to take Damian’s cum all over him too!"

Rico & Javier Kiss Then Fuck Hard

July 6, 2017

"Javier Cruz and Rico Romero lock lips and make out hard, breaking only to get a good taste of those big dicks as Javier gets on his knees to give Rico some amazing oral. Rico’s long shaft looks extra thick as Javier tries to fit that meat in his mouth, and when he’s got Rico rock hard he lets Rico go down on him next. Rico drools all over Javier’s sweet cock as he sucks it and then bends Javier over the bed and eats his ass out, rimming his tight hairy hole and then filling it with his throbbing prick as Javier takes that dick and moans with every thrust.

Rico’s balls slap against Javier’s ass as they fuck, making his sexy rear bounce with each deep thrust as Rico shoves his hard cock deeper and deeper. Javier gets on his back and strokes his own prick while Rico pumps him full of dick, spreading Javier’s legs wide open and getting balls deep in that ass until Javier finishes with an amazing cumshot, spraying himself with his jizz and then letting Rico unload his cum all over him too!"


Dimitri Kane Fucks Rico Romero

August 31, 2015

"Rico Romero and Dimitri Kane, two toned and tattooed studs, are in the mood for a good fuck today, and get each other going with some deep kisses, locking lips and making out passionately as they undress. Dimitri can’t resist Rico’s big uncut cock and he goes in for some oral, massaging Rico’s member with his mouth, pulling back the foreskin so that Rico can feel every lick of Dimitri’s tongue.

Rico returns the favor, sucking Dimitri’s thick prick and letting him jam that cock down his throat before Dimitri rims his tight hole, licking Rico’s ass and burying his face between those delicious cheeks before he spreads them apart and fucks Rico hard! Dimitri arranges his sexy bottom however he wants and whichever ways will get him in deeper, making Rico moan as he gets his ass pounded and stretched by Dimitri.

While Dimitri’s pulsing cock is buried deep inside of him, Rico yanks on his own meat and strokes it until he busts a nut, letting Dimitri get in a few more good thrusts before he pulls out and fills Rico’s mouth with hot cum!"












Danny Moore And Rico Romero

July 23, 2015

"Danny Moore is already reaching for Rico Romero’s goods at the start of the scene, and while their lips are locked and their making out, they lose their clothes piece by piece until they’re both stripped down to their boxers. After a few more kisses, those come off too and Rico and Danny are stroking each other’s cocks…until Rico decides he wants to stroke Danny’s cock with his mouth instead!

Rico kneels down in front of Danny and sucks that sweet dick, loving the taste of Danny’s meat as he shoves it down his throat. Danny’s up next to give Rico oral, and he shows him a thing or two about deepthroating as he goes balls deep! When they move over to the bed they 69, each guy with a cock in his mouth as they each give and receive some amazing oral! But when it comes time to fuck and Danny is putting his hard prick into Rico, they take it a little slower as Rico warms up to the feeling of Danny’s giant cock in his ass.

Once Rico’s ass has stretched, Danny picks up the pace and fucks that tattooed stud hard and fast, getting deep inside of Rico as he takes that ass! They flip and Rico’s fucking Danny next, making the bed shake as he pounds him while Danny strokes his own dick and busts a nut, then Rico pulls out and gets off too!"

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Aspen And Rico Romero

July 16, 2015

"Aspen and Rico Romero like to multitask, undressing while they make out and get each other hot, and then Rico gets on his knees and takes Aspen’s fat dick into his warm mouth, sucking it and working it with his hands and mouth. Aspen pushes his cock farther down Rico’s throat, but he just can’t fit it all in, so Aspen gives him a break and lets him lie back on the bed while he gives him some amazing oral.

Rico watches as Aspen goes down on him, making his uncut cock stand up, and when they’re both hard and horny, Rico bends over the bed and lets Aspen finger his tight little hole. Aspen shoves his finger deep into Rico’s ass, giving him a taste of what’s to come, but when he’s had enough of teasing him he lubes up and shoves his big dick into Rico, going balls deep and fucking him hard!

Aspen lets Rico straddle him next, riding his cock up and down, jerking his own dick while he bounces on Aspen’s. When they switch positions, Aspen holds Rico’s legs apart and spreads that ass wide until Rico shoots his load, then Aspen adds his own hot jizz to the mix!"

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Kory Houston And Rico Romero

July 9, 2015

"Kory Houston and Rico Romero go at it hot and heavy, getting warmed up with some intense kisses before Rico is going down on Kory, releasing his big cock from his pants then sucking on that sweet cock until it’s even harder than before…if that’s even possible! Kory pushes Rico back onto the bed, kissing him on the lips before moving down to Rico’s prick and giving that some oral attention too!

He pulls Rico’s dick in and out of his mouth before they stand up and rub their rock hard cocks together then 69, getting the best of both worlds as they each suck cock and get their cock sucked! Kory’s got a taste for something else, though, and he bends Rico over and buries his face between Rico’s ass cheeks, rimming Rico’s tight hole as he gets it wet with spit and lube before very slowly filling up Rico’s ass with his cock.

After Rico’s had a few seconds to adjust to Kory’s big cock in him, Kory starts to fuck him, going in and out harder, faster and deeper as Rico enjoys the feeling of Kory filling him up inside. A few more good thrusts and Kory is making Rico explode all over, and Kory isn’t far behind as he busts a nut and covers Rico in cum!"

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