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ALIAS: Arthur
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Ricky Decker


December 14, 2015

Comments from Bryan:

"Ricky Decker hit me up to do some scenes, so I was thrilled to have a hot beefy and experienced model to come on in.

We did a solo with a FleshJack, but next week you will see him getting fucked raw. I thought we could skip the oral video, but I wanted to get some photos and a basic solo for his online profile. His look has changed over the years to scruffy with natural body hair.

He tends to like to bottom for video work, mainly because he worries about staying hard to Top. He does escort work, and plenty of gay porn, but he does identify as straight.

He even brought his own porn on a tablet, as well as his own lube. Now that is a professional!

The silicone lube does fly about, and some got on one of the lenses near the end. Sorry about that. It is one of the reasons I try to stick to petroleum jelly for shoots. It doesn't splatter everywhere. He needed regular lube anyway to use the FleshJack, so it was bound to happen anyway.

Ricky has a hot 8 inch cock, and it is great to have him pop a nut for a guest appearance or two!"









Pacific Coast, Scene 2

Starring Eric Nero and Ricky Decker

February 25, 2015

"Ricky Decker knocks on a door nestled in a winery. “You’re late,” says Eric Nero, a baseball cap atop his handsome face. “We don’t have a lot of time.” They kiss, stripping their shirts off as their bristly chins meet. Ricky rubs Eric’s clipped, toned chest, taking out the lean stud’s huge cock. Ricky sucks it deep as Eric holds his head. They kiss, Eric stroking their cocks together before getting on his knees. “Play with that big dick while you do it,” says Ricky, Eric stroking his own beast as he sucks. Ricky’s boner is caught in a beautiful side shot as his muscle bod is pressed against the wall, his hairy hole soon eaten by Eric. Ricky fucks Eric from behind, the bottom then sitting down on him as his monster cock bounces. “Look at that big dick floppin’ around!” marvels Ricky, the two kissing as Eric arches back. The bottom gets on his back as Ricky slams him: “Wanna fuck that cum outta you!” moans the top, Eric’s hairy bod soon covered in cream."


Pcst_scene02_Ricky_Decker_001 Pcst_scene02_Eric_Nero_001

















Bad Cop, Scene 2

Starring Donnie Dean and Ricky Decker

December 24, 2014

"'You've gotta stop coming here on my security shifts!' smiles Donnie Dean, who catches fellow cop Ricky Decker stroking his big dick in a resident's garage. They kiss, their scruffy skins grazing before Donnie opens wide to swallow the dark-haired stud's thick meat, the sucker’s own boner grazing Ricky’s leg. Donnie feeds him back, whipping the side of Ricky's mouth with it as they both smile. Ricky spits on it, the two soon kissing as their cocks meet in a hot swordplay sequence. They eat each other out, Ricky then fucking Donnie’s rippling jock ass from behind—the top's muscular, hairy legs slamming the bottom's ass. Donnie sits down on Ricky, his big dick bobbing as his ass grinds on Ricky’s root. On his back, Donnie grips Ricky's big pec as he gets fucked—whipping his boner against the top’s abs as the intensity builds, the two staring at each other. Ricky goes deep, his smooth groin slamming the bottom's smooth sac. Ricky strokes his bud to release as he fucks him, then comes on Donnie’s cock as the scorching scene ends."


Bcop_scene02_Donnie_Dean_001 Bcop_scene02_Ricky_Decker_001


















NextDoorMale Ricky Decker

Ricky Decker

Next Door World | Next Door Male

December 8, 2014

"Ricky Decker is a versatile, athletic heart-throb from back east. Originally Colombian born, this DC resident is ready to please and willing to do whatever it takes. Packing more than just a mouthful, Ricky spreads his legs on a bench in the weight room after a solid work-out, pulling his gym shorts down and removing his gloves to expose his already hard cock. Ricky shows off and teases his cock before wrapping one hand around the shaft while the other plays with his balls. Standing up, he straddle steps the bench, putting a leg up and fingering his asshole while he continues to stroke himself off, and as the afternoon sun bleeds into the gym, Ricky launches his load down, letting it splash on the mat as he kicks his head back and exhales from the day's labors. Enjoy!"

NextDoorMale Ricky Decker

NextDoorMale Ricky Decker

NextDoorMale Ricky Decker

NextDoorMale Ricky Decker

NextDoorMale Ricky Decker

NextDoorMale Ricky Decker

NextDoorMale Ricky Decker

Doc's Orders, Scene 4

Ricky Decker and Jacob Taylor
Hot House Video

July 21, 2016

"Sexy Dr. Ricky Decker calls Jacob Taylor into his office for a stern discussion. Jacob stands accused of having sex with a fellow employee, and Dr. Decker is furious! In response, Jacob simply slides off his scrubs, revealing his massive cock. As if hypnotized, Dr. Decker grasps Jacob's junk with his hands, then falls to his knees. Wrapping his lips around the head of Jacob's cock, Dr. Decker sucks deeply to the base of Jacob's shaft. Sliding back to the tip, he wraps his hand around Jacob's meat and starts jerking him off. Returning the favor, Jacob uses his tongue to deliver supple licks to the sensitive underside of Dr. Decker's cock. Laying down on his desk, Dr. Decker spreads his legs in the air and gives Jacob access to his tight hole. Going in tongue first, Jacob rims Dr. Decker's ass with plenty of tongue and spit. Standing up to remove their shirts gives them the opportunity to kiss, and then Dr. Decker gives up his ass to Jacob's monster meat. With one leg up on his desk, Dr. Decker gets pummeled by Jacob's powerful thrusts. A switch to missionary gets Dr. Decker close to the edge, and he jerks his cock until cum explodes all over his ripped abs. Pulling out, Jacob explodes his load onto Dr. Decker's chest and abs."

83696_01 83696_02

83696_03 83696_04

83696_05 83696_06










Saddle Up, Scene 6

Angelo and Ricky Decker
Hot House Video

November 27, 2014

"Angelo's supposed to be watering the field, but he turns his hose on Ricky Decker instead. Soaking wet, they fondle each other's hard bodies. Ricky pulls Angelo's thick cock out and starts sucking, his lips stretching to their limit. Angelo sinks to his knees and gives Ricky an intense deep-throating, which really gets Ricky wanting more. Leaning against the wooden fence for support, Ricky presents his inviting ass to Angelo. Without missing a beat, Angelo gets right to work on Ricky's eager hole, and the two horny men fuck energetically, first on the fence, then with Ricky reclining on a giant tire. Thick white rivers of cum explode from both their hoses when they reach a scorching climax."

WATCH Saddle Up, Scene 6 Starring Angelo and Ricky Decker










Saddle Up, Scene 4

Brian Bonds and Ricky Decker
Hot House Video

November 13, 2014

"Brian Bonds is the farm hand who is always hungry for more cock, and Ricky Decker's huge manhood is exactly what Brian craves. Inside the barn to escape the hot sun outside, Brian eagerly goes down on Ricky's thick meat all the way to the balls. Ricky's muscles ripple underneath his close-cropped chest hair, and Brian's hair and beard are the same shade as the golden hay that covers the ground. Brian's spit flows down Ricky's dick and drips from his balls, and thick strands hang in the air whenever Brian takes a breath. Focusing on Ricky's sensitive mushroom head, Brian uses his agile tongue and wet, pink lips to make Ricky cum, and it explodes all over Brian's cheek. Excited by the load on his face, Brian cums while kneeling on the ground, and it rains down on Ricky's leather work boots."

WATCH Saddle Up, Scene 4 Starring Brian Bonds and Ricky Decker














Hot House: Saddle Up

Saddle Up, Scene 1

Derek Atlas and Ricky Decker
Hot House Video

October 9, 2014

"Ricky Decker is a totally ripped muscle stud whose bulging arms are busy pitching hay in the barn--until Derek Atlas shows up. With giant, hairy pecs, massive biceps, and legs like tree trunks, Derek's physique is literally jaw-dropping: Ricky sinks to his knees and inhales Derek's big, veiny cock all the way down to the massive, low hanging balls. The sun glistens on the spit coating Derek's cock as he facefucks Ricky, who can't resist whipping out his own dick to stroke. Reclining on the golden hay, Ricky points his stiff pole at Derek, who goes in for a deep-throating, spit-dripping blowjob. When he can't bear to wait another second, Derek throws Ricky's legs up into the air and thrusts his cock in Ricky's hole with ball-slapping intensity. Sweat drips from their bodies in the scorching sun. Ricky takes Derek's hard cock doggy style and it brings them both to the point of no return: Derek shoots a massive, multi-spurting load across Ricky's abs, and Ricky jerks out thick, white ropes of cum."

WATCH Saddle Up, Scene 1 Starring Derek Atlas and Ricky Decker






















Tahoe - Keep Me Warm, Scene 2

Ricky Decker and Jason Maddox
Falcon Studios

July 13, 2015

"When Ricky Decker borrows thermal underwear from Jason Maddox, Jason insists that Ricky ditch the tighty whities and go commando. The thermals are ultra-snug, clinging provocatively to Ricky's tree-trunk thighs and high, plump ass. Jason can't tear his eyes away, then he can't tear his hands away. That's just fine with Ricky, who guides Jason's exploration of his muscular body, encouraging him to use his mouth as well as his hands. Soon the pants are back off and Ricky is getting a deep blow job. Ricky's hairy buns are next on Jason's sexual agenda. They get a deep rimming, then Jason is ready to lodge his pole in Ricky's hole. Just when you think it's going to happen, Ricky turns around and sucks Jason. Jason has a smooth, broad chest and low-hanging balls that Ricky tugs and squeezes while he sucks. Then the fucking commences, with Jason finally claiming Ricky's hole. Four breathless positions later, they spurt simultaneous loads of hot cum onto Ricky's abs." WATCH Tahoe - Keep Me Warm, Scene 2 Starring Jason Maddox and Ricky Decker










Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark
Falcon Studios

May 1, 2015

"Andrew Stark claims that a midnight tryst in the kitchen will cure Ricky Decker's insomnia. Ricky's dubious, but when Andrew pulls out a hard, fat cock, Ricky figures it's better than a glass of warm milk and he agrees to 'give it a shot.' He kneels and sucks Andrew's veiny member with long swallows, stroking the shaft and squeezing his nuts. Ricky has an olive complexion, hairy legs and a toned, V-shaped torso. The granite countertop makes a chilly bed, but sexual heat quickly warms it. Laying back, Ricky spreads his legs to give Andrew access to his hairy hole. Andrew finally shucks his clothes. His muscular body is smooth and his cock is raging. Ricky's ass is ready to be fucked and Andrew drives his cock in letting Ricky experience all 8 thick inches. Andrew flips Ricky over so he can watch him cum. Ricky's jism overflows his navel and dribbles down his flanks as Andrew pulls his cock out and is shaken by an orgasm that makes him tremble from head to toe."

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1 Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark in Tahoe - Cozy Up, Scene 1
51199_03 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

Turn It Up, Scene 1

Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker
Falcon Edge | Falcon Studios

July 28, 2014

"Naked, hard and hungry, Ricky Decker and Jimmy Durano eye each other across the room. They are separated by little more than the length of their cocks. Jimmy is slip-sliding his heavily veined foreskin across his thick shaft as he moves closer, not stopping until Ricky's cock is lodged deeply in his throat. Ricky basks in the attention before returning it, wetly challenging his gag reflex as he deep-throats Jimmy. Jimmy's lust is focused on Ricky's hard ass and its tasty center. He explores the hairy crack with his tongue and makes sure it's well lubricated with spit for the moment when he sinks his cock in the hole. Ricky has enough muscle mass to take a fierce and fast pounding from equally massive Jimmy, both on his knees and on his back. Jimmy plants his seed in Ricky's open mouth while Ricky's load gushes out like an oil well that just hit pay dirt."

51199_04 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_05 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_06 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_07 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_08 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_09 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_10 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_11 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_12 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_13 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_14 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1

51199_15 Jimmy Durano and Ricky Decker in Turn It Up, Scene 1
FVP241 Alpine Wood

Alpine Wood - Part 1, Scene 2

Landon Conrad and Ricky Decker
Falcon Studios

June 2, 2014

"Being last to leave the breakfast table pays off for Ricky Decker. When Landon Conrad comes in, looking for something good to eat, he finds Ricky's tan, muscular buns perfect. With a squeeze and a slap, Landon yanks Ricky's sweatpants down and drives his tongue into the hole. Ricky rocks like he's about to scud across the table, if it weren't for Landon's firm grasp on his balls. Ricky's already had his breakfast, but he's happy to choke down a bonus serving of hard cock sausage. All naked, and skin-to-skin, these hunks would make anyone salivate. Landon's hairy pecs have never looked more hard or pumped, and Ricky's smooth, meaty ass practically dares Landon to fuck it. One long, smooth stroke and Ricky is fully impaled! The aromas of breakfast give way to the pungency of sweat and passion. Cries of 'oh, fuck' and 'oh my god' permeate the air. Landon jumps onto a bench and pile-drives Ricky's ass like a jackhammer, then he flips him over and drills him on his back. Ricky's belly is slick with lube and pre-cum. They separate, grabbing their cocks and dousing themselves with cum." WATCH Alpine Wood - Part 1, Scene 2 Starring Landon Conrad and Ricky Decker
















Drive Shaft, Scene 2

Ricky Decker and Johnny V
Raging Stallion Studios

June 17, 2016

"Beefy Italian stallion Johnny V enters the body shop and walks in on Ricky Decker greasing his crankshaft. Johnny's willing to lend more than a helping hand: in this case, his mouth. He gulps down Ricky's thick tool. Ricky rips off his muscle tank, revealing bulging pecs and nipples. Johnny strips off his jeans, exposing his jockstrapped ass for Ricky's mouth to rim. Ricky gives Johnny's ass a lube injection with an oil can from the shop, and then revs up for a full-throttle fucking. They brace themselves against an all-American muscle car, but these grease monkeys are looking for even bigger thrills. Johnny perches on a monster truck tire, which lifts his ass to the level of Ricky's monster cock for a seriously deep dicking. They shift gears when Ricky sits down in a chair, and Johnny lowers himself down onto Ricky's cock for a joyride. Johnny's huge meat swings through the air as he fucks himself on Ricky's dipstick. The full throttle sex culminates as Johnny shoots his load across the shop floor, and Ricky unloads his cum on Johnny's meaty ass cheeks."






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83002_13 83002_15
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