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ALIASES: Felix, Juan Lopez, Nico Diaz, Rocco Diaz
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December 14, 2015

Felix surprised us a bit when he took off his pants and showed us his huge uncut dick.

“That’s a pretty big cock!”

“Thanks. It gets lots of compliments from the guys and girls.”

Felix is openly bisexual and says he really likes a top to have a nice uncut dick just like himself.

“I never used to like men until recently.” He admitted.

He grew up in Cuba and has been living in the states for a few years.

“I’m slowly getting better at English, I think in a couple more months I’ll speak more fluently.”

Felix had some fun teaching the crew some dirty words and goofing off in between takes.

“Its fun to just run around naked and joke, I don’t get to do this at home.”






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Not Brothers Yet Part 8

Featuring Jimmy Durano and Jorge Fusco
Str8 to Gay at Men.com

July 7, 2015

"Jimmy Durano and Jorge Fusco are soon to be stepbrothers. Their parents are getting married the next day so time is running out. Jimmy offers to show his soon to be stepbrother, Jorge, how good it feels to be with a man. After a little convincing Jorge agrees, and Jimmy gets to sucking his cock, and priming his tight virgin hole before sliding his cock deep inside Jorge."













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Sex Phone

Featuring Jorge Fusco and Mike De Marko
Drill My Hole at Men.com

September 17, 2013

"Jorge Fusco lucks onto a cellphone full of Mike De Marko's dirty pics! When Mike shows up to collect his phone, Jorge knows that by being hard and ready to fuck he's got a good afternoon ahead. Mike plays hard to get at first but soon is sucking Jorge's huge dick and taking it deep in his ass!"

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SexPhoneDMH06 SexPhoneDMH12
















Johnny In A Box: The Escape

Featuring Issac Hardy, Johnny Rapid, Jorge Fusco, and Ricky Larkin
Jizz Orgy at Men.com

August 9, 2013

"Johnny 2000 (Johnny Rapid) has gone rogue and runs off into the woods where he happens upon an empty cabin. Issac Hardy, Jorge Fusco and Ricky Larkin return to find the life like sex doll. Ricky knows what it is, and what to do and an orgy ensues! Johnny 2000 gets penetrated and pounded by three hot guys in the woods!"

JohnnyInABoxTheEscapeJO01 JohnnyInABoxTheEscapeJO02


















Jorge Fusco and Romeo Alfonso


January 11, 2013

"Jorge Fusco and Romeo Alfonso were destined to do a scene together. Not just because they are two of the hottest Latino models around but because each of them possess such a fiery passion that the idea of putting them together was a given. From the day that Romeo caught a glimpse of Jorge and his sexy furry ass he just had to have him. It was his first scene with another Randy Blue model and we wanted it to be something really special. And knowing full well that Romeo was going to fuck him like crazy, Jorge turned up the heat and got him going with a blowjob to end all blowjobs. Romero loves sex and getting to fuck someone with such amazing sexual energy like Jorge had him all boned up before he even got to the set. He enjoyed every second of it, from Jorge engulfing every inch of his cock with his soft, warm mouth to fucking his nice tight hole. And Jorge was all about the hardcore ass action. And when we were done the two of them were considering going back for a second round. It was just too hot." WATCH Jorge Fusco and Romeo Alfonso







Caleb Strong and Jorge Fusco

Caleb Strong and Jorge Fusco


June 29, 2012

"Caleb Strong gets bigger and more cut every time we see him. And Jorge Fusco has such a fiery sexual energy that anyone getting within a five mile radius will get an automatic boner. We started off planning to have Caleb nail Jorge because we could just tell that having that big muscular body pressed up against his sexy ass would be too hot but then Caleb threw us a curve ball. He figured it would be cool to mix things up a bit and get his own ass plowed by the raging, dripping, throbbing hard on of Jorge. But first they start off with mutual blowjobs, which is just so damn hot. Then Jorge dives into that beautiful bubble butt and gives Caleb one fuck of a rim job. Then once they flip flop fuck Jorge ends up giving Caleb a face full of spunk for a job well done."

Caleb Strong and Jorge Fusco Caleb Strong and Jorge Fusco
Caleb Strong and Jorge Fusco Caleb Strong and Jorge Fusco

5 Guys, 1 Bed - Part 2

Diego Sans, Raphael Cedano, Dante Ferraro, Jorge Fusco and Nicco Sky

December 2, 2011

"In Five Guys One Bed part one, Diego Sans, Raphael Cedano, Dante Ferraro, Jorge Fusco and Nicco Sky all got a taste of some hot Latino cock. A blowjob is nice, especially when you have so many cocks at your disposal you don't know where to start. But nothing beats good old fashioned gay group sex. An with five guys who are this fuckin hot, this was going to be an orgy of the highest magnitude. Dante and Jorge make out while both are getting their asses rammed by Raphael and Nicco. And there's something so hot about seeing Jorge and Nicco each getting plowed and face fucked at the same time. And you can tell they love it. Diego is having the time of his life while getting serviced all around and Raphael just keeps fucking and feeding his cock to Jorge, like he was his own personal fuck toy. The whole thing builds to such a fevered pitch with the smell of lube and sweat heavy in the air until finally five cocks erupt and the cum flows freely."









Orgy-2317 Orgy-2384

Orgy-2473 Orgy-2509

5 Guys, 1 Bed - Part 1

Diego Sans, Raphael Cedano, Dante Ferraro, Jorge Fusco and Nicco Sky

November 28, 2011

"What do you get when you put five of our hottest Latino models together in one room, on one bed. You get the hottest Latino orgy this year, possibly this decade. A lot of these guys have worked together in the past but not all at once. Diego Sans hit the ground running on Randy Blue, easily holding his own with our established models like Chris Rockway and Malachi Marx. His sparkling personality and humorous outlook are only outweighed by his ravenous sexual appetite and amazing bottoms skills. Raphael Cedano would fuck twenty four hours a day if he could. He's as sexual as he is hot, and is amazing as a top or a bottom. Dante Ferraro is the newest of the group, and he went from his first RB solo right into the fire, and loved every second of it. Jorge Fusco may not speak a lot of English but who needs to speak when you can fuck like he does. And Nicco, who's been with us the longest. It was his birthday the day we filmed this and he commented that it was like one huge Randy Blue birthday present. This shoot was so hot we could't settle for just one video. Expect lots of cocksucking and rimming as these guys let things get wild. And one lucky guy gets to be hot Latino cum dump. And if you like what you see, check back later in the week for Five Guys, One Bed pt 2."




Jorge Fusco and Lucky Daniels

Jorge Fusco and Lucky Daniels


May 20, 2011

"Jorge Fusco loves ass. He loves to look at it. He loves to fuck it. And he really loves to eat it out. And when he got a look at Lucky Daniels and that hot bubble butt, his big uncut cock got so hard he could hardly stand it. Lucky has been really working his physique lately and is so ripped that you could see the definition of his big hard muscle even in a dark nightclub. And while their skin tones are similar, their bodies are quite different. Where Lucky keeps his chest hair at a minimum, either shaving or trimming very close, Jorge loves how hairy his body is. And so many of our Randy Blue models love running their hands through it. Jorge loved Lucky's muscular body but it was his sexy ass that he was all about. He took a good long time rimming it, smacking it, working it with his fingers and tongue, even teasing it with his big uncut dick. Then he finally dove his cock deep inside causing Lucky to let out some really hot deep husky moans. Jorge went hardcore on Lucky's ass and rode him for all he's worth. And the rougher he got the more Lucky got off on it. Lucky is such a hungry bottom and he's always up for seeing what our other guys can throw at him. And once he had a taste of what Jorge had to offer, he couldn't get enough."

Jorge Fusco and Lucky Daniels Jorge Fusco and Lucky Daniels

Jorge Fusco and Lucky Daniels Jorge Fusco and Lucky Daniels

"Caught By My Stepbrother"

Trent Ferris and Juan Lopez
NextDoorWorld | NextDoorTwink

February 25, 2015

"As young, handsome Trent Ferris studies for his Geometry exam, he hears a curious noise coming from the hallway outside his room. He investigates and finds the peculiar moaning sounds are coming from his new stepbrother, Juan Lopez's, room.He cracks the door open slowly to discover Juan jerking his swollen cock while watching a video of two men having sex. Trent is surprised to find he himself is very turned on by this entire witnessing. Just as his mouth begins to water while gazing upon his stepbrother's fat meat being stroked, Juan catches Trent watching! Trent dashes back to his room and hides under his covers. Juan comes right in after him and, in his thick accent, tells his new stepbrother that he'd better not tell anyone what he had just seen. Trent reassures him, but lets him know that it made him curious. This gives Juan a naughty idea. He offers to show Trent what it's like to be intimate with a guy. Trent doesn't hesitate to dive in, pulling out Juan's dick and sucking it until it becomes very firm. Juan then reciprocates by wrapping his lips around Trent's big dong. After some deep slurping, Juan positions himself behind Trent and rims his sweet, tender hole. Finally, when it's ready, Juan slides his massive cock into his stepbrother's ass and fucks him hard. Watch Trent get fucked for the first time, by his own stepbrother, right in the comfort of his bedroom. Enjoy!"


Buddies Casting: Juan Lopez

Featuring Juan Lopez and Markie More
Next Door Studios | Next Door Casting

February 6, 2015

"Bespectacled Markie More is looking studious today as he leads the Casting cameras to meet Juan Lopez, a Latino stud with a hard cock and a penchant for passion. Juan is anxious and eager to show what he's got, and just as excited about taking Markie's sweet ass to PoundTown.

Both guys strip down, as Juan convinces Markie to deep throat him, pushing his head down further and further onto his shaft until Markie chokes, then letting him catch his breath before repeating the process. Next, Juan shows off his ass eating skills, pushing Markie onto the bed and going all in, getting a face full of Markie's sweet meat as he tongues the hole and smacks the cheeks, and Markie realizes this is no average encounter.

Juan then mounts Markie from behind, punishing him with a constant thrust, grabbing Markie by his hips and pulling him closer, then pounding him even harder. As Markie shoots his load all over himself, Juan pulls out and does the same, blasting Markie with a hot batch that wets Markie's glistening chest. Is it enough to keep the fiery Juan around? You decide. Enjoy!"

WATCH Buddies Casting: Juan Lopez Featuring Juan Lopez and Markie More

Buddies Casting: Juan Lopez Featuring Juan Lopez and Markie More

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Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez

Erector, Scene 4

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez
Hot House Video

January 22, 2015

"Derek Atlas' jockstrapped ass fills the screen as he bends over to slurp and swallow Juan Lopez' cock. Juan's muscled torso is dusted with hair, as is Derek's hot hole. Turning around, Derek reveals his hole to Juan and receives a wet and juicy rimming. Derek is a total muscle stud who also knows how to take a pounding, and Juan slides his thick cock into Derek's fuck hole. When Juan slaps Derek's ass to show him who's boss, it leaves a pink handprint and makes Derek even more cock hungry! The intensity and the energy of their fucking has Derek on the edge, and his massive load spurts up into the air. Juan works his uncut meat until he blows his white cum right on Derek's furry hole, and he rubs it in with his cock and foreskin."

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez
Alex Adams and Nico Diaz

"Gettin Any?"

Starring Alex Adams and Nico Diaz
Prid Studios | ExtraBigDicks

July 3, 2013

"When two delicious guys find themselves at a mutual friend's house with some time to kill, chemistry happens! Nico Diaz is on vacation, visiting a buddy. Nico shows up while his friend is at the grocery store, so he decides to chill out for a while. Alex Adams drops by the house to say hi to the same friend, but finds Nico instead. A little small talk leads to some extremely hot action involving two humungous dicks!

Nico is a Latin boy who loves the feeling of warm lips wrapped around his anaconda. Alex has a passion for taking huge cocks deep. Nico's fat erection slides nicely down Alex's throat. After some passionate sucking, Nico goes in for a taste of Alex's throbbing dong. Watch him slurp hard on Alex's pulsating boner while jacking his own meat at the same time. Then Nico's burying his face, tongue first, into Alex's sexy ass. He's priming that tight hole for what comes next. Watch Nico's enormous dick slide into Alex and then deliver a proper, Extra Big pounding! Enjoy!"

Nico Diaz

"Make My Diaz"

Starring Nico Diaz
Pride Studios | ExtraBigDicks

June 26, 2013

"His name is Nico Diaz. His game...basketball. Nico is a hot, Latin boy from Chicago who grew up shooting hoops with some serious talent. He had to learn his way around a court pretty young. It's been a while since he's put the old moves to use, but he's showing off a little bit today.

The warm sun makes Nico want to be outside, soaking up the sounds and smells of the city. As he enjoys the beautiful day, his cock begins to harden. Nico stops to squeeze his fattening meat. He decides to go inside for a nice cock stroking session. Join him as he unleashes his massive meat and jerks it without reservation. Nico was blessed with an enormous dick and loves to know you're getting off on salivating over it. He's keeping it well oiled and super stiff for this incredible session. Watch him rub his gorgeous dickhead on his tight, warm asshole. It's an amazing tug time with an extremely sexy guy. Enjoy!"



Shag, Scene 3

Starring Dario Beck and Rocco Diaz

December 24, 2013

"Dario Beck heads to the patio, speaking Spanish to fellow dark-haired stud Rocco Diaz—the two soon engaged in a passionate kiss. Rocco feasts on Dario’s lip, then licks down his toned, hairy bod. The bulge in Dario’s briefs flies out in Rocco’s face, his eager mouth immediately engulfing it in an impressive sucking sequence—his nose frequently buried in Dario’s bush. Rocco nibbles on his foreskin, teasing the shaft before deep-throating it again. Rocco releases his beast, Dario opening wide to take the thick, uncut beauty in his mouth—teasing the head as Rocco moans “Si! Si!” He fucks Dario’s face, whipping his meat on the sucker’s mouth before a big strand of spit drips to the ground. The two head inside for a sultry 69 session, Rocco soon fucking his bud from behind. Dario turns over and takes it deep, the top’s sizable shaft completely disappearing. Rocco jacks the bottom as he fucks him, the pair soon stroking side by side as they squirt."


Shag_scene03_005 Shag_scene03_006

Shag_scene03_007 Shag_scene03_008