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Jimmy Durano Fucks Alessandro Haddad

Featuring Alessandro Haddad & Jimmy Durano

March 7, 2017

"Alessandro Haddad is already making quite a splash here at CockyBoys. After getting properly initiated by Jack Hunter, Alessandro is ready to put those bottoming skills to use again. With those dark features, that irresistible accent, and that cute face full of expression... there's so much more to him than meets the eye.

Raised in a small town without many gay people, Alessandro describes what it was like for him to finally embrace his sexuality. Now 24, he's built up so much confidence that he's a natural pro at fucking on camera, eager to share with the world his most intimate abilities. He says he's always had a thing for older, bigger guys because they "know what they are doing." And if there's one guy who fits that description, it's Jimmy Durano.

The chemistry between the two is immediate and extremely hot -- Alessandro certainly knows what he likes! After flirting in their underwear, Jimmy invites Alessandro over to the bed where he strips off his underwear and gets a good grip on that perfectly round ass. Jimmy loves taking the reigns, especially on younger, smaller guys like Alessandro. He instructs Alessandro to suck him off and then get on top of him so he can eat his ass. Already very turned on, Alessandro scoots forward and begins riding Jimmy's cock gently at first and then harder and harder. He lays back on Jimmy's torso where Jimmy happily does the thrusting. The wall-to-wall-to-ceiling mirrors only makes the guys more passionate, loving the feeling of total exposure.

Eventually, Jimmy leads Alessandro to a nearby couch allowing him to pound him even deeper. Jimmy pulls Alessandro close to him so he can see his face contort while picking up the pace. After almost pushing Alessandro over the edge, Jimmy decides he wants Alessandro to see for himself how rough he's taking it and brings him directly to the mirror. Drilling him from behind with lots of dirty talk and little mercy, Jimmy quickly makes Alessandro shoot his load only inches away from the full-body mirror. But Jimmy isn't done yet -- he turns Alessandro around and pulls him back to the bed to help him get off by licking his balls. It doesn't take long before Jimmy explodes too, looking deep into Alessandro's eyes staring up from his crotch."













Dg1a0812 Dg1a0869

Jimmy Durano Fucks Will Wikle


January 24, 2017

"Following his much anticipated debut in CockyBoys' most recent feature film, The Stillest Hour, Will Wikle has returned for his first "official sex scene" at CockyBoys! Instead of taking on a fictional role that emphasizes the sexy "psycho" in psychotherapist, Will is excited to finally let loose and be himself getting fucked on camera. As he so adequately admits during his first interview, "It's like I'm back in the Big Brother house!" -- a throwback to his past career aligning with CockyBoys' signature documentary-style approach. The only difference, of course, is that he's eager to get drilled and filled by his ultimate fantasy porn crush, Jimmy Durano, and wants his audience to "watch it play out in real time" -- something you're not likely to see on any network reality TV show anytime soon!

A curious porn consumer growing up, Will had always been transfixed by Jimmy's tall and muscular body, his thick cock, and the aggressive way he takes control when he pounds an eager bottom. Seeing an opportunity to live out his ultimate sex fantasy, Will took Jimmy to a remote location on the shores of Fire Island -- a laid back and judgment-free "gay paradise" where the guys got to explore the beaches, soak in a romantic sunset, and get naked as soon as possible. After some passionate kissing back at their cabana, Will was ready to knock Jimmy's socks off with a toe-curling blowjob. With Jimmy now rock hard, Will took him to the shower outside (obscured only by a glass wall and some bamboo stalks) and allowed Jimmy to rim him as the water dripped down both their bodies. Will possesses the rare talent of being both very verbal and very submissive when he's getting fucked, but it didn't take much for Jimmy to understand how badly Will wanted to get pounded right there and then. Judging by Jimmy's quick thrusts and the hard sounds of his lower abs slapping against Will's butt, it's pretty clear how much Jimmy wanted to jack-hammer Will into oblivion as well.

After their romp in the shower, the guys dried off on a nearby deck chair and continued fucking in the heat of the moment. Will laid back and opened his legs wide so Jimmy could go as deep as possible -- the sounds Will can make are indescribable! With his dick still hard as ever, Will climbed on top of Jimmy and rode his cock until he reached the point of no return, blowing a huge load with Jimmy's cock still firmly planted inside. Will wanted to be as close as possible to Jimmy's cock for his grand finale, and his eyes were literally inches away from Jimmy's long and satisfying cumshot. Whatever expectations Will may have had playing out his ultimate sex fantasy with Jimmy, it's pretty safe to say they were met on Fire Island!"























Jimmy Durano Fucks Ricky Roman


September 21, 2016

"Jimmy Durano and Ricky Roman enjoy a day at the beach on Fire Island before returning to the house to heat things up on the back patio. The rinse the sand off their feet then strip down for the main event. Fucking!

Ricky pulls Jimmy's thick uncut cock out of his pants and wraps his mouth around the swollen head. Bobbing his head back and forth and riving Jimmy insane with his talented mouth. Jimmy strips off Ricky's pants and spreads his cheeks to get a good look at his butt hole. Fingering Ricky's butt and getting it ready for his cock.

Jimmy moves the action over to the day bed so he can slide his tongue in Ricky's hole. Treats him to a first class rim job before flipping over so Ricky can sit on his thick cock. Ricky is right there and slides that pole all the way in his ass in one go. Slowly settling on that thick stick before bouncing his hips up and down in a perfect fucking motion that has both of them moaning.

Jimmy changes position so he can fuck ricky doggy style and Ricky loves it! Driving his hips back against Jimmy's rock hard cock as Jimmy pounds that hole like there'e no tomorrow. Ricky is moaning loud enough to alarm the neighbors but that doesn't stop Jimmy for one second!

The two switch positions one more time so Jimmy can fuck Ricky on his back. Ricky's rock hard cock is straining against his tight belly when Jimmy reaches down to grab that dick. Ricky tells him he's close but Jimmy just says, "I wanna see you cum!" And in a couple of strokes Ricky is shooting a thick load all over his belly. Bucking and quivering as the last shots of jizz fly out of his dick.

Jimmy is right behind him and pulls out just in time to deliver his own load on top of Ricky's puddle of cum. He takes a second to catch his breath before leaning over and kissing Ricky one more time. It's been a long day but it's time to clean up and get going."













Just Love: Carter Dane & Jimmy Durano

Featuring Carter Dane & Jimmy Durano

August 5, 2016

"Jimmy Durano and Carter Dane are back and this time they are ready to share with us a piece of themselves that no one has ever seen. They come from completely different backgrounds but they both had a similar goal in life - to learn how to love themselves. Jimmy grew up Catholic and he admits that he had a really hard time accepting the fact that he is gay but it was even harder for him to come out to his family. Fast forward to today, Jimmy has finally found the strength to tell everyone and to be the person he always knew he was meant to be. Carter also found himself in a difficult situation at one point in his life when he had to make the decision to change and learn how to be happy. As they each talk about how they got to their place of happiness we see the pure raw emotion behind their tears and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the both of them. But it’s not all tears and hard times for these two! Finally alone on a beautiful island, surrounded by nature, Carter and Jimmy have a moment to open up to each other and find out what makes the other one happy. They share their expertise on being a good top or bottom and what they’ve found has worked for them in their sexual explorations. As they enjoy each others’ company the kissing turns into touching and the touching turns into licking… which turns into sucking… The passion is real and raw and watching their emotions and sexual desires take over them is nothing short of a gift.

They first start out by slowly undressing and caressing every part of their bodies but once Carter sees Jimmy’s rock hard cock he wastes no time and begs him to fuck his throat. Jimmy of course is more than happy to do that and as he’s pumping his thick massive piece into Carter’s hungry mouth he also sucks his dick and fingers his hole. After Carter’s throat has been extensively worked over, Jimmy flips Carter over so he can really get into his hole with his tongue and fingers. Apparently Jimmy is real good with his fingers because at one point Carter is practically begging to be fucked and admits he just can’t wait anymore. Assuming the doggy position on the chair by the pool, Carter arches his back to let Jimmy take him from behind. After a couple of minutes of going slow though Jimmy is ready to really start pounding Carter’s hole so he starts plowing into Carter until he begs him to slow down and let him ride his dick. After riding it for a while Carter lays on his back to let Jimmy fuck him to completion. “I want you to fuck the cum out of me”, says Carter as Jimmy pumps his cock into his tight hole. Sure enough, it’s not long before Carter is spraying his load all over himself which makes Jimmy eager to shoot his load all over Carter as well. When they’re done, Carter is completely covered in cum as the sun sets behind them and they’re both out of breath. This really should be the next textbook on how to love yourself and others!"













Jimmy Durano & Danny Montero


April 22, 2016

"It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon in usually sunny SoCal. Danny Montero is back and seems quite excited to play in the rain but Jimmy Durano prefers to stay inside where it’s warm and dry. But how can you resist a smile like Danny’s? Jimmy is curious to watch Danny play in the rain but what he doesn’t realize is that watching the sexy cockyboy get wet only makes him even hornier than he already is. Jimmy manages to convince Danny to come play with him and this time it involves a different kind of rain. More on that later.

As Jimmy and Danny make out outside Jimmy can’t help but want to play with Danny’s perfect bubble butt. He turns him around to get a good look at it and immediately spits on it and plunges his head in between Danny’s ass cheeks. Jimmy is clearly hungry for it and it shows as he spits, licks, and fingers Danny’s ass. No sucking required. Jimmy just puts a condom on and starts pounding Danny right then and there. Danny takes a second to get used to the big cock inside his tight hole but quickly opens up and starts pushing himself back onto Jimmy’s cock as if he can’t get enough of it.

After playing outside for a while the guys decide to go inside where it’s a little more private and definitely not as wet. This time Danny and Jimmy swap blowjobs since they didn’t get a chance to do that earlier while being all caught up in the moment. At this point it’s obvious that Danny just can’t get enough of Jimmy’s massive cock. He pushes as much of it as he can down his throat before it’s time to put it back in his ass. As Danny rides Jimmy’s cock on the table he tells him “You’re gonna make me cum if you keep fucking me like that!” Sure enough, Danny starts to cum all over Jimmy’s chest which only makes Jimmy want to fuck him even harder before he shoots his load all over his chest as well. It may have been raining outside but these guys sure made it rain inside too!"










Colt Studios

Embrace, Scene 4

Starring Armond Rizzo and Jimmy Durano
Colt Studios | Buckshot Productions

July 31, 2014

"And now for some good clean fun. Big-boy Jimmy Durano and young, athletic hottie Armond Rizzo join each other for a sensual bath. Coming together in the warm sudsy water of a tub built for two, Armond leans in for a deep kiss as he washes Jimmy's muscular chest. Excitement rises with more deep kissing, wandering hands and big throbbing uncut cocks emerging from the water. Armond and Jimmy take turns enjoying the juicy foreskin of each other's oversized man tools, sucking and slurping every inch of each other. And what fun is bath time without some toys? Jimmy reaches over for the COLT Gear Waterproof Anal T, applies a generous amount of COLT Slick lube and zeroes in Armond's cute tight butt. With one leg up on the edge of the tub, Armond leans over and takes the feel good vibes as Jimmy gently inserts the probe deep into his clean wet hole. The intense vibrations to his sphincter sets Armond's cock on fire as Jimmy strokes his own cock while enjoying the view. Sitting on either edge of the tub they watch each other stroke with searing hot eye contact as the jacking gets faster and faster while loads start flowing."

51145_002 51145_007

51145_011 51145_019

51144_003 51144_011

51144_015 51144_016















Colt Studios

Embrace, Scene 2

Starring Connor Maguire and Jimmy Durano
Colt Studios | Buckshot Productions

July 17, 2014

"Most men wake up in the morning with one thing on their minds. When two men wake up together in the same bed - well that's just a win⁄win.

Connor Maguire and Jimmy Durano know how to give each other what they really desire in the morning. Stripping away the covers they passionately kiss and reach for each other's bulging cocks. Jimmy kisses his way down Connor's muscled torso, drawing closer to Connor's throbbing piece of meat he's been stroking in his hand. Sucking and slurping, Jimmy gets Connor's morning off to a hummer of a start. Connor reciprocates with pleasure as he greedily gobbles down on Jimmy's thick monster. Jimmy enjoys the view as he reaches over to play with Connor's furry round butt."

50566_002 50566_009

50566_012 50566_015

50567_003 50567_011

50567_015 50567_018



















Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Kings of New York Season 2, Scene 3

Jimmy Durano’s Thick Uncut Cock Tests Angelo Marconi’s Limits
Lucas Entertainment

October 4, 2013

"Michael Musto may be down after being let go from the Village Voice, but he’s certainly not out! He’s looking for a comeback, and he’s going to find it by writing a story about a nightclub that made his career when he was still a budding wordsmith. Hardcore gay porn stars Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi have since taken the club over, and their reopening turns into an opportunity for Michael and a huge success for the power couple. They celebrate the next morning from their high-rise apartment bedroom after sipping coffee on the balcony. Though Angelo is a hulking wall of man, he’s a submissive lover who yearns for nothing more than feeling his boyfriend deep inside his huge bubble butt. He gets Jimmy’s uncut Latin cock nice and hard by massaging the shaft and foreskin with his lips and tongue. Angelo proves his bottoming nature by hopping up and down on Jimmy’s cock before rolling over onto his stomach. In his favorite position, Jimmy pounds and jackhammers Angelo without mercy!"

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2
Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Gentlemen 05: Business & Pleasure, Scene 1

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock
Lucas Entertainment

October 5, 2012

"Mitchell Rock brings a lot of experience to the table during his interview with Jimmy Durano, but it’s more than just bullet points on his resume that Jimmy is interested in learning about. If there’s something special Mitchell can bring to Jimmy’s team that all the other candidates can’t, he’s going to have to prove it. Mitchell first shows off his kissing skills, which quickly turns into an oral demonstration; the foreskin on Jimmy’s cock rolls up and down as Mitchell sucks and slurps on the meat between his potential boss’ legs. Mitchell stops working on Jimmy and stands up to take his own pants off; Jimmy follows the lead and falls to his knees to taste the prospective employee’s cock, making him moan with pleasure. Jimmy then bends Mitchell over and plays with his asshole before wrapping his dick up in a condom and sucking the subordinate as he’s bent over the desk. Mitchell must prove that he’s up to handling any challenge, no matter how big it is, if he’s going to succeed at the job. Jimmy’s cock is a great place to start, and when he buries it deep inside Mitchell, the muscular bottom truly shines!"

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock Jimmy Durano Interviews Hot Bottom Mitchell Rock

Working Stiffs, Scene 2

Starring Jimmy Durano and Justin Beal

July 2, 2013

"As they finish cleaning up the room they’re renovating, Jimmy Durano can’t keep his eyes off Justin Beal’s ass. They kiss, Justin dropping to his knees and releasing the big bulge from Jimmy’s jockstrap—opening wide to take the thick, uncut beauty in his mouth. Jimmy kneels down for a kiss, the bulge in Justin’s briefs ready to burst—his dick head peeking out from the underside. It pops into Jimmy’s face, the stud soon breathless as he sucks. Jimmy spits on and eats Justin’s ass as the scruffy-faced hunk soon shows off his boner—which stays rock hard as he sits down on Jimmy’s rod. The bottom’s stiff shaft frantically bobs around in a hot sequence as he rides like a pro, the pleasured Jimmy looking on from behind in awe at the bottom’s skill. Jimmy then pumps him from below, soon fucking him from behind. Finally on his back, Justin lets out a monster load as he gets reamed—rubbing both of their loads onto his smooth bod."


Wstf_scene02_005 Wstf_scene02_006

Wstf_scene02_008 Wstf_scene02_009















Grind, Scene 2

Starring Cavin Knight and Jimmy Durano

March 19, 2013

"As he sketches a stunning body, Jimmy Durano is watched from behind by Cavin Knight—who realizes that he’s the subject of the artist’s passion. “Model for me,” says Jimmy, who is soon staring at Cavin’s chiseled chest and stomach. Cavin whips out his dick and strokes, Jimmy soon wrapping his warm mouth around it. Jimmy steps up to kiss Cavin, who then has his face buried in the hunk’s growing briefs’ bulge. Jimmy’s uncut beast pops out, Cavin working the shaft up nice and slick. The sucker gets on his back, his head titled over the podium edge as he gets face fucked—his own rock-hard cock frequently throbbing up on its own, the stunning visual caught in memorable aerial shots. Cavin eats Jimmy, munching sounds filling the room. Jimmy plants his tongue in Cavin’s smooth, tanlined jock ass. Jimmy fucks him doggie style before Cavin uses his muscular arms to support himself as he sits down on the top,--the bottom’s boner stiff as steel the entire time. Cavin gets on his back for more, his tattooed bod soon soaked in their loads."














Grnd_scene02_005 Grnd_scene02_006

Grnd_scene02_007 Grnd_scene02_008

Grnd_scene02_009 Grnd_scene02_010

Incubus, Scene 2

Starring Francois Sagat, Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati

February 3, 2012

"Waking up from a night-terror, Francois Sagat spots two studs kissing poolside. The voyeur strokes his huge meat as he watches, his image captured in the water below. The camera frequently captures his smooth, muscular backside as the action plays out in the background. Ripped and tattooed Trenton Ducati takes turns slurping with dark-haired Jimmy Durano, their stunning bodies bathed in shadows and moonlight. Their massive boners finally burst, the two sharing a kiss before silky-skinned Trenton bends over. Bracing himself against a tree, the handsome bottom gets his ass eaten and fucked (“Slap it!” he demands as Jimmy smacks his muscular ass). Francois’s wet body glistens as he watches Trenton getting fucked on his back, the trio soon shooting their loads."













Jimmy Durano Fucks Rob Ryder


January 14, 2010

"Jimmy Durano is looking better than ever fucking one of our most requested bottom boys, Rob Ryder. Jimmy knows how to jackhammer a hot tight butthole, and Rob is the recipient of an intense fucking. These two dudes start out with an incredibly passionate make-out session, and Jimmy and Rob trade blow jobs. The way Rob swallows Jimmys cock is a pre-cursor to how badly he seems to want it inside of him. Our favorite part of this vid is when Rob is squatting on a small stool while Jimmy goes to town on him. At the end, Rob takes a huge facial from Jimmy, and he really enjoys the warm cum oozing down his cheeks."










Jimmy-durano-fucks-rob-ryder-014a Jimmy-durano-fucks-rob-ryder-011a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-rob-ryder-025a Jimmy-durano-fucks-rob-ryder-026a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-rob-ryder-031a Jimmy-durano-fucks-rob-ryder-033a

Jimmy Durano Fucks Tucker Vaughn


October 15, 2009

"Tucker was itching to get pounded by Jimmy Durano - he loves having a thick cock deep in his ass. When we put these two together we knew it would be hot, but we got some big surprises! Tucker gives the most amazing blowjob of his life, even works on Jimmys entire cock before moving to suck his toes. But the best part of the vid is after Jimmy loosens up Tucker with his fingers - Jimmy then proceeds to plow Tucker every which way. After slamming Tucker into the dining room table for a while, Tucker rides Jimmy like the horny college dude that he is. Jimmy finishes off Tucker by dropping a huge load of warm jizz all over Tuckers chest."









Jimmy-durano-fucks-tucker-vaughn-005a Jimmy-durano-fucks-tucker-vaughn-014a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-tucker-vaughn-017a Jimmy-durano-fucks-tucker-vaughn-018a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-tucker-vaughn-030a Jimmy-durano-fucks-tucker-vaughn-033a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-tucker-vaughn-035a Jimmy-durano-fucks-tucker-vaughn-038a

Jimmy Durano Fucks Jack Griffin


September 10, 2009

"Jimmy Durano had been asking for a crack at Jack Griffin for a while, so when they both were in town we filmed this hot ass-pounding. Even though Jack is pretty new to bottoming, Jimmy, who has a rock hard dick and a rock hard body, knows how to fuck in style. After trading blow jobs, Jimmy eats Jack out, getting that tight asshole ready for a drilling. Jack rides Jimmy before Jimmy flips him over and fucks the shit out of him, finally flipping Jack over for a hot cumshot!"

Jimmy-durano-fucks-jack-griffin-001a Jimmy-durano-fucks-jack-griffin-003a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-jack-griffin-013a Jimmy-durano-fucks-jack-griffin-016a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-jack-griffin-022a Jimmy-durano-fucks-jack-griffin-026a








Jimmy-durano-fucks-beau-tucker-002a Jimmy Durano Fucks Beau Tucker


July 30, 2009

"Our resident muscle stud Jimmy Durano gets lucky enough to fuck one of our cutest power-bottoms, Beau Tucker. You can tell immediately that Beau is in love with Jimmy's cock as he tongues it and deep throats it before Jimmy lays into his ass. Jimmy fucks Beau like a stallion, and you can tell that he is almost out of breath from the marathon. Lots of hot passion and great fucking in this fuck vid!"

Jimmy-durano-fucks-beau-tucker-007a Jimmy-durano-fucks-beau-tucker-016a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-beau-tucker-017a Jimmy-durano-fucks-beau-tucker-027a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-beau-tucker-028a Jimmy-durano-fucks-beau-tucker-038a











Jimmy Durano Fucks Shane


June 25, 2009

"Jimmy Durano is our newest muscle stud, and he was eager to give a hot Dude a good pounding. Shane was visiting and took first dibs in what turned out to be some super-hot ass-pounding! After sucking off Jimmy's nice thick cock, Jimmy gets Shane's ass wet and goes to town. Jimmy fucked Shane long and hard, and really showed us what a hunk he is in bed! Shane loved it so much his cumsplosion was even bigger than usual!"

Jimmy-durano-fucks-shane-003a Jimmy-durano-fucks-shane-004a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-shane-005a Jimmy-durano-fucks-shane-010a

Jimmy-durano-fucks-shane-011a Jimmy-durano-fucks-shane-013a











Jimmy Durano Busts A Nut


June 8, 2009

"Jimmy Durano has a perfect body and shows off every inch of it in his first solo video. We are certain that people will be begging to see more of his thick, juicy, uncut cock! Jimmy starts off with some flexes ,and as he slowly rubs his hands over his muscles, he pops wood instantly. Once he brings out his big dick, he cannot keep his hands off of it. Jimmy cums all over himself after giving us all a great show, but we think you will agree that we all want more!"

Jimmy-durano-busts-a-nut-004a Jimmy-durano-busts-a-nut-015a

Jimmy-durano-busts-a-nut-016a Jimmy-durano-busts-a-nut-021a

Jimmy-durano-busts-a-nut-028a Jimmy-durano-busts-a-nut-030a








Channel 1 Signs Jimmy Durano To An Exclusive Contract

February 17, 2010

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Gay adult performer Jimmy Durano has signed an exclusive contract with Channel 1 Releasing, the studio announced Thursday. Durano debuts in C1R’s reality TV-inspired Steven Daigle XXXposed, expected to street in late February.

Born and raised in Seattle, where he is a popular erotic dancer, Durano was introduced to C1R co-founder and GAYVN Hall of Fame director Chi Chi LaRue by Sister Stella Standing, a member of the benevolent Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence organization.

“He’s Italian and Portuguese with a big, uncut cock, and we’ve never had anyone like that signed to C1R,” LaRue said. “He was a total natural in front of the camera. He loves being filmed, loves showing off, loves being watched—a total exhibitionist.

“He also fits the C1R mold perfectly because of how well our boys excel in the live-appearance arena,” LaRue continued. “He’s not only camera-ready, but he’s [also] stage-ready.”

According to LaRue, Durano’s scenes with Daigle and fellow C1R exclusive Jeremy Bilding in Steven Daigle XXXposed are standouts.

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