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Surge, Scene 3

Starring Derek Atlas and Jacob Peterson
Falcon Studios | Falcon Edge

December 25, 2015

"Retro jock straps with wide waist bands and narrow straps grip the buns of Derek Atlas and Jacob Peterson. They are standing abs to abs, exploring each other's lusting bodies with their hands. Both have toned and defined chests covered with dark hair. They mold their bodies together, kissing passionately and Jacob is eager to suck Derek's throbbing cock. As Derek's cock penetrates Jacob's throat, his fingers drill Jacob's ass. They swivel into a sixty-nine position. Derek sucks, spanks and rims all at once. Jacob uses the tip of his tongue to fuck Derek's dick-slit. Derek provides bulk and drive; his thrusts pound Jacob hard and deep as he holds him by the dick. They change position again and again, finding new ways for flesh to contact flesh, until Derek squirts a creamy puddle of spunk on Jacob's pale ass that drips to the floor as Jacob's load shoots across the table."

WATCH Surge, Scene 3 Featuring Derek Atlas and Jacob Peterson
















Magnitude, Scene 2

Starring Ryan Rose and Derek Atlas
Falcon Studios | Falcon Edge

July 16, 2015

"The swollen jock straps of Derek Atlas and Ryan Rose offer proof that one hard on deserves another. Derek is furry, broad-shouldered and massively muscular. Ryan is smooth with a muscled athletic build and a distinct five o'clock shadow on his angular jawline. Their lips and torsos press together to ensure maximum contact where it counts: tongues, nipples, and cocks. Ryan's face slides down Derek's body to find a hard cock and fat balls released from their pouch and waiting. There's plenty of eye contact, touching, caressing and stroking, and there's something in those kisses, because they keep returning for more. In turns, each stud fucks the other's face and eats his ass until their holes shudder. Spit provides lube for finger entry. Derek is first to flip onto his back and spread his legs, abandoning his hole to a deep drilling. Ryan wants some of what he's giving Derek, so they swap positions, with Ryan giving Derek a lap dance that makes their balls tingle. Separating, they grab their cocks and let their hot juices boil over."

WATCH Magnitude, Scene 2 Featuring Ryan Rose and Derek Atlas
















Poolside 2, Scene 4

Starring Darius Ferdynand and Derek Atlas
Falcon Studios

April 24, 2015

"The irresistible bodies of Darius Ferdynand and Derek Atlas have their rippling muscles, throbbing erections and willing holes on full display. Derek's muscular frame is meaty and furry. Darius is all smooth and slender. They smile as they make out passionately. Derek is eager to possess the hard flesh in Darius' swim trunks. In a single move, he strips away the fabric and engulfs Darius' cock with his mouth. Derek gives him a thorough oral workout, adding a finger in the ass for deeper satisfaction. Well-primed, Darius is more than ready for his hole to be speared. Darius uses his own hands to spread his cheeks wide, opening up so Derek's massive cock can probe deeply. After a heated plowing, they separate and, in a hot change-up, Derek offers up his hole. Dripping with desire, Darius relaxes Derek's hole with his tongue before penetrating it with his rock hard cock. Their mutual release comes in a climactic embrace as their dicks blast cum through the air."

WATCH Poolside 2, Scene 4 Starring Darius Ferdynand and Derek Atlas

57808_01 57808_02

57808_03 57808_04

57808_006 57808_007












Poolside 1, Scene 3

Featuring Derek Atlas and Josh Conners
Falcon Studios

February 6, 2015

"The bulging pouches of their swimsuits reveal the lust harbored by Josh Conners and Derek Atlas. Chewing each other's lips and nipples makes those bulges grow, until Josh is compelled to rip off Derek's suit. Derek's gravity-defying hard on leaps into Josh's mouth. Leaning backwards in his poolside chair, Derek guides Josh's head to deepen the intensity of the spit-lubed blowjob. Trading places, Derek gives oral pleasure to Josh's big cock and balls. The pool chair doubles as a fucking platform, Josh bending over it with a leg hooked across the back. Flesh slams hard into willing flesh as Derek plunges his cock into Josh's hole. When the intensity proves more than the chair can sustain, Josh braces his smooth body against the trunk of a palm tree while Derek continues his thrusting. At the edge of endurance, they separate and lock tongues while jerking out hot loads onto their hot bodies."

WATCH Poolside 1, Scene 3 Starring Derek Atlas and Josh Conners

56309_04 56309_05

56309_06 56309_07













Fuck Hole, Scene 4

Featuring Dario Beck and Derek Atlas
Raging Stallion Studios

May 22, 2015

"Dario Beck reclines, legs spread eagle, ready to be taken. He squeezes his balls with anticipation and his finger drifts erotically back and forth across his tight fuck hole. Derek Atlas emerges from behind a curtain of chains, holding his throbbing hard cock. Dario's hormones spur him to jump up and seductively greet him with a passionate kiss. Dario devours Derek's neck, armpit, and nipple with his moist lips. Then his tongue travels to Derek's meaty cock. Derek grasps the chains overhead and unleashes his sex drive by fucking Dario's face. After a juicy oral session, Dario offers his hungry hairy ass. Derek squeezes and parts Dario's furry cheeks so he can drive his nose and tongue into the center. Then he probes his cock deep into the crevice. The friction of fur on fur sets up a current of sexual electricity that makes them quiver and vocalize their ecstasy. Dario gets on his back so Derek can skewer his fuck hole even more deeply. They kiss, and Derek mounts him like a beast, with powerful, rapid strokes backed up by 200 pounds of muscle. Dario flips over and milky cum squirts from his cock. Derek bursts like a dam, shooting white clots of semen across Dario's ridged abs."

WATCH Fuck Hole, Scene 4 Featuring Dario Beck and Derek Atlas

59656_01 59656_02

59656_03 59656_04

59656_06 59656_11









Derek Atlas and Duncan Black

Clusterfuck! 1, Scene 2

Featuring Derek Atlas and Duncan Black
Raging Stallion Studios

April 10, 2015

"If the tattoo on sexy Duncan Black's left shoulder of an erect, life-sized cock and balls is any indication, cock is one of this stud's favorite pleasures in life. Derek Atlas has just the thing to satisfy Duncan's appetite, as he serves up his hard cock for Duncan to suck on. Derek's broad shoulders and muscular chest rock rhythmically as he pumps Duncan's face. Duncan's shaggy hair provides a perfect grip. But as good as Duncan's throat feels, you can tell by the look in Derek's eyes that Duncan's ass beckons. Derek pulls it towards his face with his muscular outstretched arms and buries his tongue and lips into Duncan's hole. Next, Derek pushes Duncan into a shoulder stand and splits the cheeks of his ass and bends low to steal a passionate kiss. Their cries pierce the air as Duncan drops onto his back and grabs his cock, which shoots milky streams of spunk across the treasure trail on his torso. Derek's hot cum erupts just in time for Duncan to catch it in his welcoming mouth."

WATCH Clusterfuck! 1, Scene 2 Featuring Derek Atlas and Duncan Black

Derek Atlas and Duncan Black

Derek Atlas and Duncan Black

Derek Atlas and Duncan Black

Derek Atlas and Duncan Black

Derek Atlas and Duncan Black

Derek Atlas and Duncan Black Derek Atlas and Duncan Black
Raging Stallion Studios Clusterfuck

Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross

Clusterfuck!, Scene 1

Featuring Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross
Raging Stallion Studios

March 20, 2015

"Four A-Team, World-Class studs in jock straps fill the air with moans and grunts and they suck each other's cocks. Derek Atlas face-fucks Dario Beck to the point that saliva and cock juice are running down Dario's stubbled chin. David Benjamin orders 'gimme that cock!' at Sebastian Kross, who is all-to happy to feed the demanding Benjamin with his meaty piece. The more aggressive Sebastian servers up his meat to David, the more David seems to like it. Sebastian slams David onto a mat where they can 69 each other's poles and fondle each other's holes. Derek and Dario get in line, Derek jamming his tongue in David's hole while Dario laps up Derek's, and the Clusterfuck! begins. The heat of the group builds and inspire Derek to plow Dario relentlessly, and it moves Sebastian to fill up David's hole with power. Trading thing up Sebastian gives it to versatile Derek while David and Dario swap sloppy blowjobs and make out. Then, as the entire group is edging, Derek gets up in David's ass hard before David gets bathed in everyone's warm and sticky cum."

WATCH Clusterfuck!, Scene 1 Featuring Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross

Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross

Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross

Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross

Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross

Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross

Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross

Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross

Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Sebastian Kross

Cockquest, Scene 4

Featuring Landon Conrad and Derek Atlas
Raging Stallion Studios

March 16, 2015

"Derek Atlas has a firm bubble butt that needs to get fucked hard, and Landon Conrad is the man for the job! Landon wraps one hand around Derek's cock and reaches around to slide a finger into Derek's perfect ass. They kiss passionately, displaying their solid muscle and coarse body hair. They exult in the freedom to be hard, horny and without inhibitions. Landon's cock stands stiffly at attention, and he offers it to Derek, who sucks until he manages to swallow the whole thing. Landon returns the favor for his buddy. Derek bends over and points his ass at Landon, and Landon spears Derek's hole like a bull seeing red. They fuck like animals and sweat covers Landon's abs. To fully satisfy their voracious sex drives, they switch places so that Derek can penetrate Landon's hole. Reaching the edge, their massive cocks spew their seed."

WATCH Cockquest, Scene 4 Featuring Landon Conrad and Derek Atlas
















Auto Erotic Part 1, Scene 2

Featuring Brian Bonds, Sean Zevran, Derek Atlas
Raging Stallion Studios

February 20, 2015

"Zooming on the back roads of the desert in his super charged convertible, Derek Atlas stops to find sexy Sean Zevran and Brian Bonds in need of a ride. Derek takes them to a motorcycle shop where they shift into a high gear three way. All three ripped studs are clad in white jocks, and Brian Bonds' ass is framed and ready for the rimming. In between intense kissing, Sean and Derek battle to service Brian's hot hole. They grease his hole with their tongues and probe it with their fingers. Besides the sucking and rimming, each stud feeds off the sexual fuel of the others. Switching to a divide-and-conquer strategy, Derek takes Brian's mouth while Sean fucks the well-lubed hole. Sean and Derek use their hard, furry muscle to provide the momentum for unrelenting oral and anal fucking. Sean and Derek swap ends; Brian wants it all and he takes it like a champ. Brian shoots his wad first, then Derek and Sean douse him with a double-barreled oral cum shot from both sides."

WATCH Auto Erotic Part 1, Scene 2 Featuring Brian Bonds, Sean Zevran, Derek Atlas















Derek Atlas and Brenner Bolton

Cockquest, Scene 3

Featuring Derek Atlas and Brenner Bolton
Raging Stallion Studios

February 16, 2015

"When Derek Atlas and Brenner Bolton meet, it's obvious how eager Derek is to fuck Brenner's ass. They start by tonguing each other's mouths and jacking their erect cocks. Brenner goes down and deep-throats Derek, who dribbles saliva into Brenner's mouth for an extra-slick suck. Derek uses his hairy forearms to guide Brenner's head, helping him swallow every inch. Eager to eat some ass, Derek makes Brenner get on his hands and knees, and the rimjob gets Brenner worked up and ready to get fucked! Brenner to give the 'ready' signal, and Derek drives his cock doggy-style into Brenner's hole. It's a wild, uninhibited sexual connection, and the two fuckstuds drive each other to the brink of orgasm. Brenner hooks an ankle over Derek's shoulder and sprays gobs of cum across his own ridged abs. Derek straddles Brenner's shoulders and shoots high-velocity jets of semen across his face and neck."

WATCH Cockquest, Scene 3 Featuring Derek Atlas and Brenner Bolton
















America's Finest, Scene 3

Starring Derek Atlas and Johnny V
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Video

January 30, 2015

"Facing each other on their knees, Johnny V and Derek Atlas bang their foreheads like bulls locking horns. Each man gropes the hard-muscled body confronting him. Derek's chest heaves; Johnny's abs ripple. They lock lips, and the bulging pouches of their jock straps swell. Derek's face slides across Johnny's pecs, down the midline of his torso and stops at his cock. Derek slurps and strokes on Johnny's massive tool. His saliva drips down the shaft of Johnny's cock and Johnny's sweat drips down his god-like physique. Derek's free hand squeezes Johnny's ass and probes his crack, and Johnny responds by romping up the blow job to a pulsing face-fuck. Squeezing Derek's balls in his fist, Johnny swings himself around, takes a quick taste of Derek's cock, then lowers his hole onto it. The room echoes with the sound of flesh slapping flesh and voices raised in primal urgency. Derek's cock probes the deep center of Johnny's rock-hard ass as they maneuver from position to position until their loads eject and coat Johnny's pecs. He steals a taste and Derek licks it out of his mouth."

WATCH America's Finest, Scene 3 Featuring Johnny V and Derek Atlas

56199_001 Johnny V and Derek Atlas

56199_002 Johnny V and Derek Atlas

56199_003 Johnny V and Derek Atlas

56199_004 Johnny V and Derek Atlas

56199_005 Johnny V and Derek Atlas

56199_006 Johnny V and Derek Atlas











Auto Erotic Part 2, Scene 2

Featuring Billy Santoro and Derek Atlas
Raging Stallion Studios

January 2, 2015

"Derek Atlas gets his heart pounding, speeding out on the deserted highway; now he has a need for some hole-pounding action! Back at the Auto Erotic Shop, beefy Billy Santoro has the hole Derek wants to fill. Billy drops to his knees to swallow Derek's hefty, thick cock and inhales the pungent smell coming from the bulging pouch of Derek's jock strap. Jumping on top of a dusty storage bin, Derek bends over and offers his hole to Billy, who tongues, fingers, and licks. They switch places and Derek eats Billy's hairy, pulsing hole. With Billy's tailpipe begging to be filled, Derek goes in for an unrelenting pounding. First Billy takes Derek's cock doggy style, then flips over and raises his black-booted feet to the ceiling. Sweat covers their bodies and Derek's huge balls slap against Billy's ass with every powerful thrust. Billy swallows Derek's load, then shoots his cum across his hairy abs."

WATCH Auto Erotic Part 2, Scene 2 Featuring Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro



Derek Atlas and Billy Santoro













Slam That Hole, Scene 4

Featuring Derek Atlas and Tegan Zayne
Hot House

December 24, 2015

"Revved-up Tegan Zayne and energized Derek Atlas can't keep their hands off each other. Things quickly escalate as Tegan is eager to get a mouthful of Derek's fat cock. Tegan holds Derek by the balls as his swallows his shaft down to the base. Tegan's cock is rock hard, and his hole is begging for service, so he bends over, and Derek tongue-fucks his furry hole completely. With a huge 'fuck me' grin on his face, Tegan gets plowed by Derek's thick fuck-stick. Penetrating hard and deep, they switch positions with Tegan's leg in the air so Derek can stretch his hole as Tegan jerks his cock. Tegan moans with each pump until his load is fucked out of him and onto his scruffy abs. Derek pulls out and adds his load all over Tegan leaving them both sweaty, and Tegan covered in warm cum."

WATCH Slam That Hole, Scene 4 Featuring Derek Atlas and Tegan Zayne
















Hard Medicine, Scene 1

Featuring Featuring Coby Mitchell and Derek Atlas
Hot House

May 21, 2015

"Sexy Dr. Derek Atlas has a hot patient, bald bad-ass Coby Mitchell, who's been having some challenges getting off. After checking his vitals, Dr. Derek takes advantage of the situation by suggesting that anal stimulation might be the answer to Coby's issues. Unsure of what the doctor has in mind, Coby questioningly gets on all fours on the examination table. Dr. Derek proceeds to dive into Coby's bubble butt for some serious rimming. Dr. Derek is a total ass man, and Coby's got plenty to get him stimulated. Dr. Derek rims him and sucks Coby's dick and then fingers his hole, getting to the root of the problem. With no further questions, Coby's got his legs up in the air, his cock rock hard, as Dr. Derek examines his hole with his finger and then smacks it with his hard cock. Dr. Derek knows what Coby really needs is his stiff prick up his ass and he quickly delivers it to Coby's willing and prepped hole, pounding Coby while he's fully spread wide open. Slamming deeper and deeper with Coby's leg in the air, Dr. Derek bends Coby over to give him rapid fire thrusts that stimulate Coby's asshole in a major way, and Coby's ass can take everything that Dr. Derek throws its way. Dr. Derek pulls out and jerks out a hot load. Then, Dr. Derek makes Coby cum without touching himself by jerking huge globs of jizz out of Coby while he fingers his fine hole."

WATCH Hard Medicine, Scene 1 Starring Derek Atlas and Coby Mitchell
















Erector, Scene 4

Featuring Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez
Hot House

January 22, 2015

"Derek Atlas' jockstrapped ass fills the screen as he bends over to slurp and swallow Juan Lopez' cock. Juan's muscled torso is dusted with hair, as is Derek's hot hole. Turning around, Derek reveals his hole to Juan and receives a wet and juicy rimming. Derek is a total muscle stud who also knows how to take a pounding, and Juan slides his thick cock into Derek's fuck hole. When Juan slaps Derek's ass to show him who's boss, it leaves a pink handprint and makes Derek even more cock hungry! The intensity and the energy of their fucking has Derek on the edge, and his massive load spurts up into the air. Juan works his uncut meat until he blows his white cum right on Derek's furry hole, and he rubs it in with his cock and foreskin."

WATCH >Erector, Scene 4 Featuring Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez

Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez













Hot House: Saddle Up

Saddle Up, Scene 1

Featuring Derek Atlas and Ricky Decker
Hot House

October 9, 2014

"Ricky Decker is a totally ripped muscle stud whose bulging arms are busy pitching hay in the barn--until Derek Atlas shows up. With giant, hairy pecs, massive biceps, and legs like tree trunks, Derek's physique is literally jaw-dropping: Ricky sinks to his knees and inhales Derek's big, veiny cock all the way down to the massive, low hanging balls. The sun glistens on the spit coating Derek's cock as he facefucks Ricky, who can't resist whipping out his own dick to stroke. Reclining on the golden hay, Ricky points his stiff pole at Derek, who goes in for a deep-throating, spit-dripping blowjob. When he can't bear to wait another second, Derek throws Ricky's legs up into the air and thrusts his cock in Ricky's hole with ball-slapping intensity. Sweat drips from their bodies in the scorching sun. Ricky takes Derek's hard cock doggy style and it brings them both to the point of no return: Derek shoots a massive, multi-spurting load across Ricky's abs, and Ricky jerks out thick, white ropes of cum."

WATCH Saddle Up, Scene 1 Starring Derek Atlas and Ricky Decker






















Derek Atlas and Brett Beckham BAREBACK

December 17, 2015

"Body Builder hunk Derek Atlas barebacks and then gives a facial of hot jizz to tattoo dream boat Brett Beckham. "











Derek Atlas Makes His Bareback Debut With Cooper Dang

November 21, 2015

"Derek Atlas is all man. Just pure unadulterated straight masculine muscle. It is so hot to see him in his element. I am so glad that he has come back. It has been a couple of years, but Derek’s body is as tight as ever. And we decided to pair him up with gay Vietnamese sex pot, Cooper Dang for his bareback return. The chemistry is off the charts and these two started to make out in their bathing suits. Next up these two took the heat to the bedroom and began to get naked. These two nude men were standing there erect and ready for more. Derek started it off by sucking on Cooper, but Cooper was soon to follow and return to favor. Once Derek rimmed Cooper nice and slick, he was able to try barebacking for the first time. He loved it, of course. And Cooper loved having that raw dick pound him deeper and deeper. They fucked in every position imaginable, and finally Derek fucked Cooper so hard, he shot all over himself followed by Derek’s huge load that all went deep inside of Cooper’s hole."









Cooper-dang-gets-barebacked-by-derek-atlas_024 Cooper-dang-gets-barebacked-by-derek-atlas_036

Derek Atlas and Kurtis Wolfe

August 29, 2013

"Kurtis Wolfe has done some stuff with a dude before, but never in front of a camera. And he was eager and excited to get started. I had previously asked Kurtis what type of guy he liked. He said he liked muscular guys like him. I knew he was going to like Derek Atlas. When Derek arrived at the Studio, you could feel the sparks ignite between them. Kurtis was a very happy man. Once we got to the set, Derek was most accommodating to make sure that Kurtis did not feel nervous. And once the cameras started to roll, all nerves left Kurtis and he pounced on Derek. Their kissing was electric. And they soon stripped down and started pawing at their chiseled bodies. Derek went down on Kurtis first. He pulled down his underwear, and his fat cock sprung forth and slapped Derek right in the face. After some good deep throat action, Kurtis pushed Derek down and pulled off his underwear. Derek was rock hard. As Kurtis put his mouth around Derek, it was very obvious that he had done this before. He deep throated it with ease, and suddenly his eyes started to roll back in his head. Kurtis was in ecstasy as he let Derek slide his dick in and out of his mouth. Next Kurtis moved down to his butt and got his hole wet and ready. Then he stuck it in. Derek yelled out, since it had been a while. He was tight. But Kurtis was ready to loosen him up. He pounded Derek on his back and doggie style and finally he let Derek ride him. Derek shot his nut all over Kurtis, hitting him in the chest. Kurtis pulled out and pulled the dick towards him so that he could suck out the last drops of cum. This sent Kurtis over the edge and he jizzed all over Derek and his hot bubble butt. The two breathlessly kissed. I think we found a new star in Kurtis. I cannot wait for him to come back."











Diego Sans, Dante Ferraro and Derek Atlas

July 27, 2012

"What could be hotter than some smokin hot Randy Blue 3D action. Well here it is coming at ya with three of our hottest Ds, Diego Sans, Dante Ferraro and Derek Atlas. Under a picturesque waterfall Derek has cock on both sides and is doing his best to keep his hungry mouth pleasing both stiff rods. And while basking in the warm waters Dante takes the opportunity to bury his face in two of the hottest asses he has ever seen while Derek and Diego make out like horny blowfish. I could go on describing every single thing in this video but you really just have to watch it. Suffice to say that seeing these three hunks fucking each other in the train formation will make you wetter than the waterfall they are fucking beside. And that is just the beginning. Once things get going all the hot hardcore three way action is just too hot to even describe."










Braden Charron and Derek Atlas

June 25, 2012

"Braden Charron and Derek Atlas are two mountains of muscle. When both want to top the other how do you decide who wins. They decided to have an arm wrestling match and watching two biceps the size of bowling balls battle it out is quite something. The two of them make out and you just cannot help but notice the beautiful contrast between Braden with his totally smooth muscle and Derek with that nice dusting of brow fur that covers his rock hard pecs and chiseled abs. Once Braden got the better of Derek he could not wait to get started. After mutual blowjobs Braden gets the nice big Derek bubble butt ready with his tongue then gently works his huge throbbing cock deep inside. Braden then pounds Derrek nine ways to Sunday and just does not quit until Derek spills a huge thick load all over his furry stomach."






Derek Atlas and Bryce Tucker

May 15, 2012

"When you go to the Cum and Go Sperm Depository and the guy at the counter is none other than hot, horny and hung bodybuilder Derek Atlas, would you really need any further inspiration to make a deposit? That's what was going through the mind of Bryce Tucker as he approached the counter. Both of them have amazing smooth muscular jock bodies and big thick cocks so you know this is going to be amazing. Derek fucks Bryce's hot ass like there's no tomorrow and Bryce is so hot for Derek it's a wonder he doesn't spill his seed all over the place soon after it all starts. But luckily he holds off because there's a lot more hardcore action to be had. But all studs must cum before they go and Derek manages to get one nice hot load from Bryce, even though it's not how he normally collects it. Then again, with a stud like Bryce, maybe it is."




BryceDerek2 BryceDerek16

BryceDerek23 BryceDerek24

BryceDerek42 BryceDerek47

Eric Pryor, Caleb Strong, Derek Atlas and Paul Wagner

October 28, 2011

"It was a hot and steamy Halloween night when Eric Pryor set out to have a little fun. His friend Caleb Strong had invited him out to a Halloween party with his fuck buddies Derek Atlas and Paul Wagner. But they never made it to that party. Instead, they invited Eric back to Caleb's house for an all hallows' eve orgy. Deciding that group sex would be a lot more fun than a party, Eric arrived at Caleb's house with a raging hard on. But something seemed a little off. The three gorgeous hunks looked so hot, all big hard muscle and sexual heat. The next thing he knew, Eric was surrounded by roaming hands, touching and feeling every inch of his body. It must have been freezing in Caleb's house before he got there because all three of them were cold to the touch, but Eric didn't care, he had enough heat for all of them. Mouths and lips nibbled and licked their way down his body and eventually found their way around his huge rock hard dick. He was getting it from both ends and after a while he couldn't tell who was doing what and he didn't care. Still, in the few moments of clarity through the sexual haze of this hardcore gang bang he couldn't shake that there was something not quite right. And he was correct. And little did he know that he was soon to find out exactly how not right things were."







Derek Atlas

June 29, 2011

"You know when you hear the name Derek Atlas what to expect. You know you're gonna see one of the hottest muscle studs you've ever seen. His beefy body gleaming with beads of sweat as he lifts the heaviest weights at the gym. He looks you right in the eye as he flexes and his biceps become two mountains of muscle. We filmed his debut solo by a pool because of the way the water reflected off every rounded curve of his rock hard body. At 6 foot 220 pounds he looks like someone you'd hate to run into in a dark alley but would love to bump into in a bathhouse. When he's down on all fours and smacking a pair of firm round globes that house a deliciously hungry hole you'll find your jaw somewhere around your knees and a creamy spot of precum in your shorts. Well, providing you don't already have your cock in your hand pumping away at the sight of this smokin' hot muscleman beating his meat about to shoot a load all over the landscape of his chiseled torso."




_MG_0335 _MG_0517

_MG_0590 _MG_0636

Derek Atlas

December 2011

"Mythic muscle-stud Derek Atlas (Atlas Shrugged, he ain’t. Where do you think he got that name - Ayn Rand? Derek was christened during his stint at Randy Blue!) Still, he’s part of an elite 1%, and who can help it if the 99% are illegally camped out to demand his massive hindquarters #occupymyface?

In fashion-speak, the see-through fabric of Derek’s barely-there g-string is called diaphanous. In Paragon-speak, diaphanous means: rip that fucking fabric off immediately! We must (and so must you) admire Derek’s musky man-scent, the tumescent rise of his cock, the juicy thighs, multiple tats, pillow lips, bulging bod, and hooded eyes vaguely reminiscent of an ethnic, male version of silent star Talullah Bankhead.

Derek is a country boy, who dabbles (as hung and horny country boys are wont to do) in porn. All for a good cause: his huge gym, er, facility he’s expanding. Expansion is something this muscle stud excels at. For more, scour his website where you can watch him (wait for it...) get fingered for the very first time!

When we learned our end of the year muse was giving us a Christmas bonus of his famed DNA pudding all over our Penthouse… what did we do? We called in an additional cameraman. And let’s just gush – we needed them both!"

00 10

04 09

IMG_4318 IMG_4405

Derek Atlas & Patrick Rouge: Serviced

August 31, 2011

"Derek has done a lot of modeling and some video work, as well as live cam stuff.

At the time of filming this, he said it was the first time he has had his dick sucked "on film." I run many months ahead so as I write this knowing it will be a while before it airs, I suspect he will have gone far beyond a simple BJ as he drums up financing for his own website.

So I am just gonna run with it being his first time "on film" (those are "finger quotes" and it cracks me up 'cuz surely he has had his dick sucked 'off cam' when he specifically says "on cam." ;-) )

Regardless, he was still nervous about performing. If he could keep it hard, and of course, or having someone else make you nut adds a lot of pressure. It is always easier to do it yourself onto someone's face or other body part.

Derek spent little time looking at the video and stays hard though most of it. He is a big muscle dude all snuggled in to get his cock sucked, and I love the way he writhes around in ecstasy as Patrick Rouge blows him with expertise.

Patrick also loves eating ass and was in piggy heaven as he got to rim Derek's muscle butt every which way.

Patrick is horny and Derek didn't mind if he took his cock out, but alas, was not going to help his new buddy out.

No worries though. After Patrick makes him blow his load, he rolls over and snuggles in next to Derek and shoots a foot or so into the air.

This is a VERY hot Serviced video and I love watching these beefy/hairy guys go at it!"
















Derek Atlas: Solo

August 22, 2011

"Derek is a full-time fashion and muscle fitness model, and has been making the rounds doing some adult work. At the time of filming he had only done a couple solos, but no real guy-on-guy...on camera.

But he agreed to receive head, so next week we get to see this big muscle stud get some seriously good Servicing.

This week, you get to see a "take" on a masturbatory skills.

So if you are a fan of Derek's and have been waiting to see him on ChaosMen, or he is totally new to you, either way, you will enjoy how amazing he is at showing his body to us.

This is one seriously hot dude.

Can't wait to see him sit on someone's face! ;-)"










Derek Atlas

"Derek Atlas has been quite popular and busy ever since his porn debut here in February 2011. For a hunk that intends to do it all, top to bottom, giving up his tight end is not a matter of if, but when. This is a rehearsal to get his behind ready for the luckiest princes."


Derek Atlas

Derek Atlas

"Hardbody Hunk"

August 15, 2011

"Hardbody hunk Derek Atlas works up a sweat in his first solo video. He loves to show off his muscle, hairy pecs and spreading his hairy asshole. After putting on a little posing and flexing routine he gets down on the bed for some cock stroking and shoots cum load all over himself and then hit the shower to clean himself off. Watch his full video on and jerk off with him."

Frank The Tank vs Derek Atlas

Frank The Tank vs Derek Atlas

"Naked Battle"

June 25, 2011

"Frank The Tank takes on his toughest challenge. Newcomer Derek Atlas has been watching Frank's every moves and is ready to take the throne as the next muscle worship superstar. Frank his new challenger in naked wrestling battle. Watch these two muscle hunks stripped down naked and battle each other in a push ups, bear hugs, shoulder press competition before working the mat exposing their muscle cock and ass."

Derek Atlas Bound and Stripped

Derek Atlas

Bound and Stripped

June 14, 2011

"6 foot tall 215lbs muscle hunk Derek Atlas has just won his first national wrestling championship. Returning to his hotel room for some rest and relaxation the wrestling jock found himself attack by a mask intruder. Knock out and Derek is bound and strapped to the bed spread eagle style as the intruder began working on his muscle body. With his blue tight wrestling singlets on the intruder squirts body oil and slowly put his hands underneath the singlet and molesting Derek's hairy muscle chest and armpits then proceed to the feet. The intruder then cut and rips off the singlets exposing the wrestling jock’s muscle cock and continues to abuse and take advantage of his muscle victim."

Derek Atlas Bound and Tickled

Derek Atlas

Bound and Tickled

August 27, 2011

"Muscle hunk Derek Atlas agrees to take on a tickling challenge. We start off with him giving a short strip show as he slowly removes all his clothes until he is completely naked. The tickling ninja then ties him down on the bed with both arms and legs spread out exposing his hairy muscle arm pits and balls. Wasting no time the tickling ninja proceed to work on his pits, side and feet with his hands, a brush and then move on to the tickling stick as the muscle hunk struggles in laughter."

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