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Shaun Standridge
Anthony Marmon


ALIAS: Hector Washington
SITES: Finest Black Men, Muscle Worship, MuscleHunks, USAMuscle

MuscleHunks Hector Washington


Hector Washington

"Hector's Booty Call"

"You asked, we delivered. We knew we'd missed the boat somehow when e-mail after e-mail came in asking for IMAGE GALLERIES the amazing BUTT MAN himself, Hector Washington. Seems no one can get quite enough of the shapely rock-hard glutes that make the posterior of Mr. Washington such a work of art. How does he build that butt, anyway? Squats? Lunges? Who cares? It's classic bodybuilder butt and it's comin' atcha in Hector's NEW IMAGE GALLERIES!"



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Anthony Marmon

2006 NPC Junior National Championships

"Every year, the Junior National Championships delivers an incredible array of new and up-and-coming bodybuilding talent from across the nation. The Evening Show is the grand finale of this competition, where the top five competitors from each weight-class perform their choreographed posing routines for the frenzied audience. Class trophies and overall competition awards are also presented during the evening show. Presented with both wide shots and close-up cameras, we bring you a viewing experience that rivals a front-row seat."