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ALIASES: Angelo Brada, Angelo Cruz, Angelo Marks, Honza Pichak, Just Angelo, Mark
SITES: Badpuppy, Club Inferno Dungeon, Cocksure Men, Falcon Studios, Hot House, Jake Cruise, Kristen Bjorn, Legend Men, Male Reality, ManAvenue, SG4GE, TitanMen



June 4, 2019

"Mark's always gotten lots of attention from his massively large, long feet. But what he really enjoys is sucking the toes of a man just after he gets off work, while his hosiery is still hot and his feet sore and in need of attention.

When men get foot jobs from Mark, they always come back for more!

See more of Mark at FootFriends."






Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Buff Boys, Scene 4

Starring Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

July 11, 2015

"Ennio is at the gym toning is arms while Just Angelo watches from the side. That entire arm pumping Ennio was doing also got a big something else hard."

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo
Legend Men Angelo Just

Angelo Just

HEIGHT 6' 4", 193 cm
WEIGHT 225 lbs., 102.3 kg
HAIR Shaved head
LENGTH 9 inches, 22.9 cm
GIRTH 7 inches, 17.8 cm
CUT Deliciously Uncut
SMOOTH When shaved
HAIRY If I let it grow
BOXERS Boxer briefs
BRIEFS Sometimes
NECH 16.5 in, 41.9 cm
CHEST 46 in, 116.8 cm
BICEP 16.5 in, 41.9 cm
WAIST 35 in, 88.9 cm
QUADS 25 in, 63.5 cm
CALVES 16.5 in, 41.9 cm
A.K.A. Just Angelo

LOAD Better than average
TOP 90%
TURN ON Having sex in front of a mirror
BLOW JOB Getting head is always hot
PORN I like to watch porn and make porn
KNOWN FOR My big uncut cock
SWINGER Absolutely

CITY Miami
SPORT Track and field
PROFESSION Model and escort
THING TO DO I love to dance
COLOR Blue and red
BEST FEATURE I say my overall symmetry
CHEAT MEAL Mexican food
HOMETOWN A small town in Czech Republic

Comments from Ron Lloyd:

"Angelo was referred to me by fellow Legend Man JR Bronson. They have worked together in the porn industry.

I'm not typically known for shooting established porn actors, but Angelo really caught my attention. He's very handsome and his physique is perfectly proportioned, including his big thick uncut cock.

Normally he shaves most of his body hair, but I talked him into going natural for our shoot. I'm sure you'll agree it looks good on him."


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Adam Rupert & Just AngeloAdam Rupert & Honza Pichak

July 6, 2013

"Adam Rupert is back, and this time around, he's seducing Honza Pichak (being billed as Just Angelo) who last appeared on Badpuppy in October 2007. And yes, everything does get better with age. Holy six pack, Batman! As we've previously seen, Adam is quite sensual in his seductions, and Honza experiences this first hand with Adam's soft kisses all over his body. With both sporting some rather hard wood almost instantly, you can tell that these guys were into it & each other."

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Angelo Massaged

Angelo Massaged

February 22, 2013

"Angelo shot a straight scene a few months ago, in Prague, for my Straight Guys for Gay Eyes website. I heard he was coming to LA so I invited him for a massage. Angelo is looking better then ever. He's absolutely huge at 6' 4" and his muscles are RIPPED! The huge doesn't end with height, his cock is massively thick and long. But it's his blue bedroom eyes and soft plump lips that make me sigh.

I didn't wait until Angelo was on the table before I began licking and sucking him. He then layed down and I applied massage oil, gently gliding my hands over his muscles. His back, shoulders, legs and bubble butt received plenty of attention. Almost as much attention as his big, thick cock got. Angelo was rock hard and his dick felt huge inside my mouth. I sucked and stroked Angelo's rod until he spit his thick load all over my hand. I lapped up his tasty offering as Angelo drifted off to sweet dreams."

Phenix Saint and Angelo

Phenix Saint and Angelo

January 4, 2013

"Phenix Saint and Angelo have astounding, muscular physiques. Phenix quickly strips muscle-stud Angelo out of his clothes. Angelo's pouty lips pucker as Phenix swallows his thick, uncut cock. Angelo grows inside Phenix's talented mouth until he's rock-hard at his full, impressive mass. Phenix drops his pants revealing his sweet, sexy ass and beautiful dick. Angelo drops to his knees and sucks Phenix down to his balls. Both stallions are horny as hell and are ready to flip fuck! Phenix is the first to spread his cheeks and take Angelo's thick meat. "You're splitting me in half!" Phenix screams as Angelo stuffs him from behind. Payback time and Phenix lays back on the bed so Angelo can sit his bubble-butt down on his hard cock. Phenix continues to throttle Angelo's sweet hole until Angelo sprays his sweet load onto his own stomach. Phenix Saint adds to the mess, cuming onto Angelo's cock and abs."

Phenix Saint and Angelo

Phenix Saint and Angelo

Phenix Saint and Angelo

Phenix Saint and Angelo

Phenix Saint and Angelo

Trenton Ducati & Angelo

December 7, 2012

"Angelo has traveled all the way from Prague to film here in sunny Los Angeles. Trenton Ducati is looking forward to giving him a warm welcome! Trenton gets down on his knees and is already raging hard as he sucks Angelo's uncut cock. He beats his meat while Angelo's cock grows in his mouth. The two studs rub their cocks together before Angelo drops down to get force-fed Trenton Ducati's rock-hard dick. While getting gagged with Trenton's rod, Angelo reaches around and fingers Trenton's ass getting it ready for his huge cock. A couple of ass licks and then Angelo is balls deep in Trenton's hot-hole. Trenton begs for it harder and Angelo thrusts away as hard as he can. A true power bottom, Trenton's ass gobbles up every inch with ease. With Angelo still stuffing his hole, Trenton pumps away at his cock until he pops all over his ripped abs. Trenton Ducati eats his own cum, and then takes a second load onto his tight stomach."

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16 17














Angelo MarksAngelo Marks

June 10, 2011

Age: 24
Sign: Leo
Height: 6' 04"
Weight: 231 lbs.
Cock: 8"
Eyes : Brown

"Those lips! Those eyes! That body! It's the sum of those parts that makes us love every inch of Angelo Marks. When his playmate unbuttons his shirt, she reveals one of the most perfectly-sculpted chests you'll ever see. It gets even better when his jeans and underwear come off. Angelo's cock is a thing of beauty. It falls out of the briefs semi-erect and is instantly slurped and swallowed. Angelo's considerable assets also include a round tight ass and the camera moves in close as his friend alternates between cock-sucking and a rim job. Angelo then moves into the driver's seat. After eating some pussy, he shifts into fuck-mode and once you see him drill his partner you'll know why the word "bang" is associated with fucking. There are so many great shots where you can see Angelo's body flexing as he fucks, but the shot you'll really remember is the cum shot he lets loose."
Angelo Marks

Angelo Marks

Angelo Marks

Angelo Marks

Angelo Marks

Angelo Marks

Strangers in Prague, Scene 5

Starring Angelo, Diego Lauzen, and Wagner Vittoria

September 10, 2013

"Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen are truly enjoying their holiday in Prague. While out seeing the sights they spot a hot guy on the street and exchange extended glances with this hot guy. Trying to find their way on the map Angelo offers some assistance and directs them straight to his apartment. How convenient. Soon the jeans are undone and the massive pieces of meat are set free. Wagner is the first to taste the musk of Angelo’s 9 inch uncut cock and is very eager to share this monster cock with his partner. Both men devour and swallow Angelo’s cock as it fills their throats and mouths completely. Sucking away at Angelo’s huge cock individually and together, Wagner and Diego worship this huge cock as an idol of great pleasure. Angelo then takes pleasure in sucking on his guests huge, uncut cocks, each eager to feed their host with all that they have. Wagner climbs onto the bed on his hands and knees as his partner Diego mounts him from on top with his hard cock grinding against his hungry hole. Angelo jumps at the opportunity and begins fucking Diego’s hole with his wet tongue. He works his way from Diego’s tight hole to his cock and back to his awaiting hole. Angelo then mounts Wagner and pounds his huge cock deep inside of Wagner as Wagner moans in approval. Diego is then treated to the mammoth cock penetrating his hole and filling his ass with total pleasure. Angelo goes back and forth from one lover to the other, filling each with the same passion and pleasure. Wagner lays Diego on his side and takes him from behind as the lovers share the pleasures of sucking on Angelo’s throbbing cock. Angelo spews his huge load all over Diego’s face and lips and then feeds his juicy cock to Angelo. Wagner explodes his hot load all over Diego’s tight balls as Angelo continues sucking away at his cock. Wagner then takes his cum drenched cock and penetrates Diego again as Diego shoots his load all over Angelo’s face. A 3-way we all pray to have!"














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Angelo, Mattias Solich, Adam Rupert

Casting Couch #298

Featuring Angelo, Mattias Solich, Adam Rupert

June 20, 2013

"Angelo has just returned home from the clubs with a hot couple that he picked up. The guys strip down and jump right into an oral triangle, where no cock is left unserviced. Having a cock in your mouth and your cock in another mouth proves to be sensory overload for Mattias, as his lover services his huge ball sac he erupts his huge load of cum while sucking Angelo. Mattias moves into position so that his lover can continue sucking his cock and Angelo comes in from behind and penetrates his hot pink hole. Angelo is enthralled with Mattias’ hot pink hole that it sucks the cum right out of his cock. Adam then moves in to take his lover’s ass nice and deep. Angelo positions himself so that Mattias can swallow his cock and be fucked at the same time. It is a sweet treat to watch Adam’s balls slap up against his lover’s pink ass as Mattias swallows Angelo’s meaty cock. Adam also finds himself under the enchantment of Mattias’ gifted pink hole and unleashes his creamy load all over his lover’s ass. When was the last time you picked up a hot couple?"

Angelo, Mattias Solich, Adam Rupert

Angelo, Mattias Solich, Adam Rupert

Angelo, Mattias Solich, Adam Rupert

Angelo, Mattias Solich, Adam Rupert

Angelo, Mattias Solich, Adam Rupert
Hole Busters 9, Scene 2
Starring Angelo and Trenton Ducati
Club Inferno Dungeon

April 22, 2013

"Trenton Ducati's hungry hole just can't wait for Angelo to get out of the shower. He takes a thick dildo and works it into his ass and bounces up and down on it until Angelo comes out and catches him in the act. Angelo smacks Trenton's ass and pushes him back on the bed to take over. He pumps his fuck-buddy's bubble-butt with the huge toy until he notices Trenton's cock growing in his jock. Both muscular studs strip naked and Angelo returns to busting Trenton's hole, but this time he sucks his thick curved cock at the same time. Trenton blows first then Angelo stands up and shoots his load all over Trenton's washboard abs."

WATCH Hole Busters 9, Scene 2 Starring Angelo and Trenton Ducati

Hole Busters 8, Scene 5
Angelo and Chris Daniels
Club Inferno Dungeon

March 25, 2013

"Muscular giant Angelo towers over Chris Daniels who lies on his back with his furry hole in the air. Using a giant lube-filled syringe, Angelo preps Chris' hole for a foot-long fake dong. He grabs the butt-toy and shoves it deep in Chris' ass as far as it can go. The hardcore hole-busting makes Angelo's thick uncut cock hard. He pulls out his massive meat and jacks off as Chris gets on all fours to receive an inflatable dildo. Angelo strokes with one hand and works Chris' ass with the blow-up anal probe with the other. Like a true ass-pig, Chris reaches around to inflate the toy while it's securely planted in his hole. Angelo continues beating off until he shoots a hot load."


Musclebound, Scene 4

Angelo and JR Bronson
Falcon Studios

September 6, 2013

"Six-foot-four and shaved from top to toe, Angelo is a pale tower of muscle. His nine-inch cock is too big for his workout shorts, poking its sheathed head out inch by inch. That suits JR Bronson, another slab of muscle, just fine. He holds it while Angelo does his crunches, then sucks it afterwards. Knowing exactly what he wants, JR demands, "Eat my ass. Spit on it." He's limber enough from exercising that he can spread his legs real wide for Angelo's tongue. JR's sphincter is about the only muscle he hasn't exercised yet, so he straddles a bench and enlists the aid of Angelo's cock. JR's abs and obliques ripple as Angelo slams into him again and again, first on his feet, then on his back. Spurts of jism erupt from JR's cock, landing first on one hard thigh, then another, as his cock bounces from side to side. Angelo completes the final lap to orgasm by fucking JR's face until his body trembles and his balls heave. He spews his passion out on JR's face and mouth, then laps it all up." WATCH Musclebound, Scene 4 Starring Angelo and JR Bronson




















Buck Naked, Scene 3

Angelo and Marcus Ruhl
Falcon Studios

July 26, 2013

"Angelo and Marcus Ruhl fill the screen with muscle after ripped muscle. As day breaks, they stand caressing each other. Their sweet kisses are soft and tender for such massive studs. Skin-tight boxer briefs hide little — you can trace the muscles from Angelo’s abs to his knees. You even see the veins in his cum gutters. Marcus strips Angelo’s briefs off to engulf his cock in a warm mouth. Lots of saliva makes a good seal, and Marcus’ mouth makes popping sounds every time Angelo’s cock comes out. Marcus’ magnificent ass demands to be held, and Angelo expertly kneads his glutes while driving his tongue repeatedly into the musky center. And, Angelo’s huge 9+ inches demands to be engulfed by Marcus’ wet hole. Light glints off Angelo’s huge biceps, jutting pecs and washboard abs as he plows hungrily into Marcus. When they switch to missionary position, you see the contrast of Angelo’s smooth torso and Marcus’ unwaxed one. The pummeling continues until they shoot sticky dual loads, cock-to-cock." WATCH Buck Naked, Scene 3 Starring Angelo and Marcus Ruhl
















Saddle Up, Scene 6

Angelo and Ricky Decker
Hot House Video

November 27, 2014

"Angelo's supposed to be watering the field, but he turns his hose on Ricky Decker instead. Soaking wet, they fondle each other's hard bodies. Ricky pulls Angelo's thick cock out and starts sucking, his lips stretching to their limit. Angelo sinks to his knees and gives Ricky an intense deep-throating, which really gets Ricky wanting more. Leaning against the wooden fence for support, Ricky presents his inviting ass to Angelo. Without missing a beat, Angelo gets right to work on Ricky's eager hole, and the two horny men fuck energetically, first on the fence, then with Ricky reclining on a giant tire. Thick white rivers of cum explode from both their hoses when they reach a scorching climax."

WATCH Saddle Up, Scene 6 Starring Angelo and Ricky Decker














Hard Time, Scene 2

Alexander Gustavo and Angelo
Hot House Video

December 30, 2013

"Alexander Gustavo has been taken into custody and turned over to officer Angelo who has a very unique indoctrination process for new prisoners. The 6'4' muscular cop forces Gustavo onto his knees and uses his nightstick to persuade the young stud to suck his huge uncut cock. Gustavo protests at first but judging from the sloppy deep throat blow job he gives Angelo it's pretty obvious he's done this before. After gagging on his captor's giant meat Alexander gets on the desk and surrenders his tight hole to Angelo's probing tongue. Angelo alternates between eating out Alexander's hot ass and sucking his long, thick, pierced cock then flips him over onto his back and shoves his cock in the kid's ass. He fucks him deep then kicks back on the desk so Alexander can hop on his massive tool and bounce up and down. Alexander squeezes a load out of Angelo's dick with his tight ass and attempts to get his nut but Angelo won't give him the satisfaction. Instead he spits in his face, slaps him and drags him off to his cell."

WATCH Hard Time, Scene 2 Starring Alexander Gustavo and Angelo





















My Doctor Sucks, Scene 1 Starring Angelo and Brandon Jones


My Doctor Sucks, Scene 1

Angelo and Brandon Jones
Hot House Video

April 8, 2013

"Angelo reports to Dr. Brandon Jones complaining of a sore throat. After a brief exam Dr. Jones determines that Angelo's suffering from a swollen gag reflex - but not to worry - he's got the treatment bulging in his scrubs. Angelo hesitates but Dr. Jones coaxes his muscular patient onto his knees and whips out his thick uncut cock. Angelo dutifully takes the big tool into his mouth and Dr. Jones fucks his face until his gag reflex loosens up. But the doctor's work has just begun; he orders Angelo to strip and lie back so he can suck his patient's mammoth cock. After some deep-throat action Dr. Jones lubes up Angelo's thick shaft and mounts the stallion for a wild ride. He bounces up and down on Angelo's dick then gets on his back so the giant stud can go even deeper. Dr. Jones blows his load first then Angelo pulls out and shoots a thick stream of hot cum all over his doctor's washboard stomach."

WATCH My Doctor Sucks, Scene 1 Starring Angelo and Brandon Jones

















The Sub, Scene 2

Starring Angelo and Rick Van Sant
Hot House Video

February 11, 2013

"Twisted fetish superstar Rick Van Sant's screams are muffled by a ball-gag as he struggles against the restraints that have him shackled to a wrought-iron cage. He's been chained to stand spread eagle over a rim-seat with a menacing 2' long dildo secured to the lid so that when he sits back the entire thing goes straight up his ass. Angelo, a 6'2' muscular dom, comes in and finds Rick enjoying the ride. He lifts the lid of the rim seat and fucks him with the dildo then forces Rick onto his knees so he can feed him his 9' dick. The cock-hungry sub nearly gags on the mammoth tool but manages to give Angelo the juicy blow job he demands. As soon as Rick stops for a breather Angelo throws him on his back and plows his hole with his rock-hard cock. With his monster buried deep in Rick's hole Angelo reaches down to jack off the squirming bottom. Angelo pulls out and they both jack and blow their loads all over Rick's abs."

WATCH The Sub, Scene 2 Starring Angelo and Rick Van Sant


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Angelo and Trenton Ducati
Live Show Archives
Hot House Video

March 27, 2013

"Muscular hunks Angelo and Trenton Ducati reveal a lot more than their rock-hard bodies and huge cocks in their live show. Angelo, an import from Bel Ami, tells us that Trenton was his first scene partner in the USA. He also reveals that this live show will be his final performance before returning home to the Czech Republic, making Trenton his last US scene partner as well. The reunion heats up immediately as both studs strip out of their clothes to reveal giant hardons. After some mutual muscle worship and cock sucking Angelo flips Trenton over to give him a farewell fuck. Angelo pulls out and they take turns helping each other out. Trenton jacks off and blows then sticks his finger up Angelo's ass while he beats off then shoots his load all over his buddy's chest. That's quite a send off!"

Angelo and Chris Daniels
Live Show Archives
Hot House Video

February 13, 2013

"Chris Daniels is one helluva cock sucker! After chatting with the live audience Angelo and Chris start to make out then Angelo releases his 9' uncut monster and Chris swallows it hole!. Sucking cock makes Chris' dick hard so Angelo gives him some head but Chris can't wait to get back down on his knees so Angelo can fuck his face. Next Angelo turns his attention to Chris' fat bubble-butt. The Czech stud bends him over to lick his ass and jack Chris' big dick until Chris takes over. He gets on his back and offers his hole to Angelo who fucks him hard. After fucking they go back to cock sucking and jacking off until they both blow."

Spark Plug
Angelo Brada, Marco Phoenix & Ron Sykora

"Tall and handsome Ron Sykora pulls a car into the shop where hot Marco Phoenix is already working. The two look under the hood but soon get distracted, grinding on each other, stripping each other out of their overalls, kissing and tonguing each other’s muscled pits. Marco sits on the car’s bumper while Ron feasts on his meaty uncut cock. Ron stands up and feeds the kneeling Marco his thick dick; before long, Ron’s stroking his cock and shooting hot jizz all over Marco’s ripped, smooth pecs. Marco then pumps his fist around his cock and shoots a hot load all over himself. Ron lies back on a dolly and pulls his legs apart so Marco can dive face first between his muscular ass cheeks. Muscle stud Angelo Brada shows up, pulls out his cock and stuffs in down Ron’s throat; Angelo then lies back and throws his muscular legs over Ron’s shoulders while Ron rims him and Marco drives his cock down his throat. Angelo fucks Ron while Marco crams his dick down his throat. Marco pulls on a rubber, lubes up, and splits Ron’s beefy ass in two with his big dick while Angelo face fucks Ron. Ron kneels and offers up his beefy butt to Angelo, who piledrives his cock into Ron’s ass while Marco throatfucks Ron. Ron squats on the floor while Marco and Angelo stroke their cocks, sending two huge volleys of hot cum all over Ron’s hard pecs while Ron jacks off until he shoots his spunk all over the garage floor."
House Call
Angelo Brada, Martin Hod & Ron Sykora

"After Jay and Marco have drained each other’s balls dry, Jay fantasizes while watching porn; the sexed-up trio of Martin Hod, handsome Ron Sykora and rugged Angelo Brada show up in his fantasies for a smokin’ hot threeway, drilling each other’s asses, sucking cock and ultimately soaking things down in spunk and sweat."

Angelo Cruz

"We received alot of emails about Angelo after you guys watched him fuck Tomm in ManAvenue's "Meathead and Muscle" video. So what better way to enjoy your weekend by watching him beat that big meat stick hanging between his legs. This muscle guy has everything I normally crave in a man - an impressive body, some hair covering his frame, a bit of an attitude and the already mentioned big meat stick. Watch him cross into the "wrong side of the tracks", get naked and hard, do some posing and flexing and blow his load in the woods. Enjoy Angelo and his big meat stick."






Tomm and Angelo

Meathead and Muscle

Featuring Tomm and Angelo

August 26, 2011

"Resident ManAvenue studmeat, Tomm, has been hanging out with straight muscle head Angelo Cruz trying to get some of his ass. Angelo was having nothing to do with that. However, "I will fuck you!" Angelo told Tomm recently at the gym. So these 2 head back home to consummate the deal.

These 2 muscle meatheads start by admiring each others bodies and slowly work their way down to each others nipples and hard cocks. Angelo seems to be really turned on my Tomm's slightly furry chest and lingers a while while slipping his hand down into Tomm's briefs.

After some mutual muscle worship, Angelo pokes his finger around Tomm's asshole, probing and making room for his huge dick. After fucking while standing up, Angelo finally flips Tomm over, spreads his huge legs in the air and fucks him until they both cum. MMMM...meathead and muscle !!! My kind of diet."

Tomm and Angelo

Tomm and Angelo

Tomm and Angelo