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Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Deep Soak

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler
Gods of Men at

March 25, 2014

"Dan Broughton tops Tyson Tyler's fine ass in Deep Soak, the newest scene from Gods Of Men. The guys start out sharing a warm bath before heading back to the bedroom to enjoy each other's hot bodies."

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Rent Boy Club Part 2

Featuring Paul Walker and Tyson Tyler
Men of UK at

May 14, 2013

"Part 2 of MEN.COM's Rent Boy Club features Tyson Tyler's personal initiation by club leader Paul Walker. After some rough foreplay, Paul gets his dick serviced by Tyson's mouth before slamming his cock fast and deep in to his ass."

WATCH Rent Boy Club Part 2 Featuring Paul Walker and Tyson Tyler on MALE ACCESS

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RentBoyClubPart2 (3)

RentBoyClubPart2 (1)

RentBoyClubPart2 (4)

RentBoyClubPart2 (5)

RentBoyClubPart2 (6)

RentBoyClubPart2 (7)

RentBoyClubPart2 (8)

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RentBoyClubPart2 (10)
Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

"Bigger Is Definitely Better"

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

July 16, 2013

"This time around Tyson Tyler hooks up with Christian Power who has been preparing for competition. They meet in the washroom as Tyson is taking a relaxing bath and Christian is anxious for his post-workout shower. Once under the shower-head, Christian’s intense training of late really shows. His abs are rippling and he is more cut than ever, as his physique exposes every bulging muscle. What a site!

It isn’t long before the guys are playing with their own cocks. A few strokes later, Tyson joins Christian in the shower and gets on his knees to give our bodybuilder an eager blow job. Christian wanted to reciprocate, so they move into the living space where our big guy takes on Tyson’s challenging 10” uncut cock. During the photo shoot that preceded the actual taping of the scene, daylight provided us with an amazing backdrop. Christian is on his knees, in a praying position, as he sucks on Tyson boner. In the background there’s a nearby church steeple, one of many in Montreal, which gives this shoot a heavenly feel. You almost feel there will be a godly descent. During the actual videotaping, darkness had however set in.

The guys then moved onto the bed where they continued sucking on each other’s cocks in a 69 position. Christian was first to get at Tyson’s ass, as our British visitor moved into position to ride his partner’s cock. Tyson can take a mean fucking from a guy who has a huge dick of his own. But Christian’s 8” tool pales in comparison to Tyson hefty 10 incher.

Our bodybuilder likes things big. And in this case, it was only natural for him to give up his ass next. Set on all fours on a living room armchair, Christian took Tyson’s cock like a champ. He was nervous at first and kept pretty still to minimize the shock, but he soon got into the groove and Tyson gave him a pretty intense fucking. From this position, they then moved onto the edge of the couch, where Christian stood tall, bending only his upper body, to take it up the ass again. Tyson was really enjoying this position and he was pretty revved up by fucking a guy certainly as tall as him, but twice his body size. This turned him on and it didn’t take him long to pull out, strip off the condom and spread his load all over Christian’s ass. He then sat down on the couch to watch Christian shoot his load on its armrest.

Tyson then grinned and bent down to lick up Christian’s bright white load off the dark leather piece of furniture. This was Tyson’s last blast during his Montreal stay. He headed out of the town the next day, and by his own admission, hopes to make his way back here to get a larger sampling of the hot guys this City offers."

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

Tyson Tyler and Christian Power

"Make That a Large Please!"

Tyson Tyler and Felix Brazeau

July 12, 2013

"Pink Balls everywhere! This was Tyson Tyler's first time in Montreal and Felix Brazeau decided to take him around the Gay Village to get a taste of the city's hospitality. Tyson was overwhelmed by the bevy of hot guys and by how Montreal decks out the Village for the summer months. In fact, from May to September, Ste-Catherine Street, the main drag in the Gay Village, is closed to vehicular traffic on a stretch of almost 1 mile long, as restaurant, cafe and bars set up exterior store-front patios under a 14 block rooftop stringing together over 200,000 pink balls.

Among the hot guys that Tyson was spotting was none other than his scene partner of the day, Felix Brazeau. It was interesting to have these two talking as Felix's English is pretty decent, but we thought that being accustomed to English Canadian and American accents, he would struggle with Tyson's Manchester intonations. No such problem as they chatted comfortably, and ultimately, the language of sex prevailed!

Felix was both intimidated and excited about Tyson's 10" dick. So it wasn't long before the conversation focused on our guest's massive uncut tool. This was clearly Felix's largest dick ever and he appeared up to the challenge of taking it up his butt. In fact, I think that this massive stick made him even more eager. After their walk in the Village and chat in the park, they headed to the loft and went out on the deck to get things going. In a matter of seconds, Felix was on his knees sucking away at Tyson's ebony dick, making great efforts at deep-throating his way as far as he could. They moved to the chaise lounge to give Tyson full access to Felix's stiff rod. Loving every second of this servicing, Felix moved in to straddle the chaise and started face fucking Tyson's mouth. Tyson was quick to move in sync. The cock sucking was intense and so was the heat outdoors. So the guys moved inside.

After some kissing and mutual jacking off by the jukebox, Tyson bent Felix over the back of the sofa and started playing with his partner's butt hole, prepping it for his cock. He then shoved his dick into Felix's ass and started fucking him intensely. Felix didn't miss a beat and joined in Tyson's rhythm. You could tell by our French Canadian's facial expressions that his ass was taking a beating.

Tyson then stopped and pushed Felix over to the other side of the sofa as he moved to join him. Our friendly Brit then sat down and had his bottom man sit on his tool. Felix was bravely taking it all in. Felix's ass loves a good fucking and he was keen to unload. He wanted Tyson to drop his load on top of his own, so the guys moved into position and each came on after the other, mixing their baby batter as one. Next on Tyson's Montreal hit list is Christian Power!! Stay tuned."




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Tyson Tyler

August 1, 2012

"Tyson Tyler is a hot find for us. This 24 year old dark and sexy dude is a country boy with a love for the city, and with that kind of sense of adventure we know he's going to be eager! We find out a lot about him in this interview, including how hung and horny he is. But then it's time for the real good stuff and Tyson shows us how he likes to use his big dick when he's flying solo!"

Tyson Tyler Jerking Off

Tyson Tyler Jerking Off

Tyson Tyler Jerking Off

Tyson Tyler Jerking Off

Tyson Tyler Jerking Off

Tyson Tyler Jerking Off

Tyson Tyler

July 19, 2012

"Standing at 6 foot 2, handsome black lad Tyson has an awesome body, strong & muscular, and a good 8.5 inches, uncut dick to match. He shows off his hard muscles and thick throbbing meat in different positions before shooting a thick heavy load over the camera."

Hard Brit Lads Tyson Tyler

Hard Brit Lads Tyson Tyler

Hard Brit Lads Tyson Tyler Hard Brit Lads Tyson Tyler

Hard Brit Lads Tyson Tyler Hard Brit Lads Tyson Tyler
Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

After Glow, Scene 3

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler
Hot House Video

February 19, 2015

"With his godlike physique and his tight, willing hole, Johnny V is one of the hottest power bottoms ever, and he's giving top stud Tyson Tyler full access! With a giant yellow dildo -- ribbed for his pleasure! -- Tyson makes sure that Johnny's hole gets a good workout. If there's anything Johnny likes as much as bottoming, it's sucking dick, and he gives Tyson a blowjob for the ages! Tyson returns the favor, and spit drips like a waterfall off Johnny's huge cock and balls. The foreplay has both of them craving the ultimate sexual satisfaction, and Tyson delivers his ramrod to Johnny's clenching hole for a pummeling doggy style fuck. Sweat shines on Tyson's washboard abs and his muscular pecs as he delivers his spectacular cock to Johnny's ass. Craving even deeper penetration, Johnny squats down and rides Tyson's big, meaty cock while jerking himself off. Johnny shoots his huge load while he's still getting fucked, and after Tyson empties his balls they exchange a final, passionate kiss."

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Johnny V and Tyson Tyler

Fuck Hole, Scene 5

Starring Dario Beck and Tyson Tyler
Raging Stallion Studios

June 5, 2015

"Lovers of hot ass play will rejoice with this sexy display of intense sexual chemistry. But first, Tyson Tyler and Dario Beck play with each other's stiff cocks, as the dynamic duo exchanges juicy blowjobs. Tyson is so turned on by Dario that he decides to explore his body further, taking a big black dildo and sensually probing Dario's hairy hole. Tyson drills in slow, deep strokes. Dario's moans make Tyson's hole tingle, aching to be stimulated. The two handsome hunks discover a way to mutually satisfy each other by getting on their hands and knees and mount opposite ends of a double-headed dildo. It disappears when the horny studs press their ass cheeks together in mutual lust for anal pleasure. Then it's Dario's turn to take charge of the dildo. Tyson hooks a booted leg over Dario's shoulder and jacks his rock hard cock with furious intent as Dario rams his hole with increasing speed. Tyson shoots across his taut stomach and Dario jumps up to squirt his own load onto Tyson's welcoming face. Tyson sucks the last drops out, earning a spunky kiss."

WATCH Fuck Hole, Scene 5 Featuring Dario Beck and Tyson Tyler

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Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Fuck Hole, Scene 3

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran
Raging Stallion Studios

May 8, 2015

"Sean Duran is an edgy stud with badass tattoos and a confident swagger that manifests right away as he leans back on his elbows to confidently watch Tyson Tyler suck him with vigor. The oral service makes Sean's nipples are glass-cutting hard and his stomach crunches in reflexive pleasure. After enjoying the warmth of Tyson's hungry mouth, Sean eats Tyson's sweet fuck hole like an animal. Once it's lubed and basted with saliva, Sean's cock slides in swiftly as he can't wait to feel Tyson's ass swallow and engulf his dick. Sean powerfully pumps his cock into Tyson ass. After an energized first round, Tyson flips onto his back so the two studs can explore every inch of their flesh with even more steamy intimacy. The new position showcases Tyson's high, round bubble-butt and beads of stick sweat collect in the hollow of his throat as his ass clenches hard around Sean's driving shaft. In an explosive climax, Sean grabs Tyson's cock and it spews white juice onto Sean's chiseled chest and abs. Sean pulls out his cock and then feeds his load to Tyson."

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Into Darkness, Scene 4

Race Cooper, Tyson Tyler, Shawn Wolfe, Dato Foland, Boomer Banks, Trelino
Raging Stallion Studios

July 25, 2014

"Six intertwined, sweating bodies slither and crawl across each other. Every man finds a partner for fucking. Tyson Tyler plows Shawn Wolfe, adding lots of pelvic gyrations. Trelino's ass belongs to Dato Foland and Race Cooper rides the big fantastic of Boomer Banks' foot of schlong. The bouncing buns and throbbing cocks blend new and familiar faces with skin of every color. The grunting and groaning kick up the heat level. Ultimately, the energy focuses on Shawn, whose inviting ass becomes a black hole, sucking in every cock in sight in a champion gang bang. The men circle 'round. While waiting for their turn at Shawn's ass. Shawn is in a cock trance taking every one inside -- one after the other -- reveling in the pleasure. After each has their turn on Shawn, his mouth welcomes every load. As he takes each one, he jacks off. He can't tell which is pounding faster, his heart or his fist. His eyes roll back into his head as he explodes his built up load, drenching his furry torso in spooge." WATCH Into Darkness, Scene 4
















Into Darkness, Scene 3

Trelino, Tyson Tyler, Dato Foland
Raging Stallion Studios

July 11, 2014

"Trelino is a handsome young fellow, clean-shaven and smooth, with caramel-colored skin nearly free of ink. He's leaning into a large box, while Tyson Tyler and Dato Foland knead his glutes and tongue his hole. Trelino's hole has them full of sexual energy that has to go to the next level. Tyson and Dato take time to attend to the demands of their throbbing cocks: Dato lies on his back and Tyson lowers his twitching hole onto Dato's projectile. He slams down hard repeatedly, his balls crashing into Dato's at the bottom of every plunge. This exchange has them even more charged up, and they quickly turn their attention back to Trelino, whose grin widens to make room for Tyson's cock in his mouth while Dato's cock fills his hole. Tyson rocks his hips, forcing his cock ever deeper down Trelino's throat, while Dato's fills his ass. Trelino's reward is a cocktail of Tyson's cum and cock juice followed by the quick release of his load and Dato's that settles into the concavities of his abs." WATCH Into Darkness, Scene 3
















Into Darkness, Scene 2

Shawn Wolfe, Dato Foland, Boomer Banks, Trelino, Tyson Tyler
Raging Stallion Studios

July 7, 2014

"The air is saturated with pheromones, with only candles to hold back the dark. Boomer Banks lies in a large white circle inscribed on the floor, his head and feet touching the edges. His huge cock, dead center, points skyward. Shawn Wolfe, Trelino, Tyson Tyler and Dato Foland converge and a feeding frenzy ensues. Their four butts run the gamut of skin tone from pale white to dark chocolate. They pass Boomer's cock back and forth for a taste of its massiveness. Those awaiting their turn stroke his balls, or kiss ... Boomer, or each other. The sounds of man sex are everywhere: slurping, grunting, groaning, and dirty talking. Imprisoned on his back, Boomer reaches out with his hands and finds two cocks to stroke. The group separates, Boomer getting sucked by Tyson while Shawn and Trelino put their mouths together in a tube for Dato to fuck. In this vast tangle of happily naked flesh and mouths crammed with cock concludes when everyone shoots their loads." WATCH Into Darkness, Scene 2



















Man Power, Scene 4

Starring Landon Conrad and Tyson Tyler
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

May 26, 2014

"Landon Conrad and Tyson Tyler are lip locked in an embrace. Landon's perfectly chiseled muscles pulse against Tyson's glistening skin. Tyson can't resist going down on Landon's thick rock hard rod. He opens his throat wide for him and devours every inch like a champion. Landon bends Tyson over, to get at that sweet, perfectly round, smooth ass. Landon grasps and slurps like he's never had it so good. Untamed, he takes Tyson's ass and probes it deep with his manly circumference-- First by letting Tyson ride it. Tyson gallops on that horse meat like it was a race to finish, then Landon takes over and dominates Tyson on his backside. Landon pulls Tyson's legs wide and plunges into the deep, pumping harder and harder until he can't hold back any longer. Tyson sucks out the cum explosion before finally releasing his own load all over the sweat drenched floor."

WATCH Man Power, Scene 4 Starring Landon Conrad and Tyson Tyler

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