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Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens

Raw & Ready, Scene 2

Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens - Lads Fucking Dads
Lucas Entertainment

June 5, 2015

"Sean Duran showed his boy toys Armond Rizzo and Rafael Lords through demonstration how to properly have bareback sex. Now it’s their turn to show off all of the new skills they have acquired. Sean invites two buddies over -- Pedro Andreas and Matt Stevens. These hulking muscle daddies are usually on top, but not this time around. Sean’s boys are ready to fuck… I just hope Matt and Pedro are prepared. These guys might be small, but they can deliver a pounding without a problem."

Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens

Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens

Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens

Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens

Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens

Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens

Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens Armond Rizzo, Rafael Lords, Pedro Andreas, Matt Stevens
Steven Richards Barebacks Matt Stevens

Steven Richards Barebacks Matt Stevens

February 26, 2015

"The energy is off the charts between hairy muscle studs Stevens Richards and Matt Stevens. Matt gets on all 4's and starts sucking Steven's huge cock while Steven fingers Matt's hole. Matt enjoys every second of it and Steven wastes no time penetrating his hole bareback. He fucks Matt hard before Matt sucks Steven's cock, tasting his own ass juice. They go back and fuck doggy-style. Steven slides his long raw cock into Matt's wet hole. Matt moans as Steven thrust his raw cock, bareback, in and out of his ass. Steven switches it up by fucking sideways, pounding Matt's ass bareback in every angle. Matt takes a break from getting plowed and deep throats Steven's massive pole, gagging on the huge pecker before eagerly riding the raw rod. They go back and forth before Matt turns around, rides Steven's thick meat, and bounces his hairy ass ecstatically. Matt hops off and shoots his thick wad into Steven's mouth, making his cum drip from chin to chest. Matt takes a taste of his own cum when he kisses Steven. Steven Richards blasts his load on Matt Stevens ass checks. He shoves this dripping, wet shaft back inside for a few more thrusts before laying on top of Matt for a sexy kiss."

Steven Richards Barebacks Matt Stevens

Steven Richards Barebacks Matt Stevens Steven Richards Barebacks Matt Stevens

Steven Richards Barebacks Matt Stevens

Steven Richards Barebacks Matt Stevens

Steven Richards Barebacks Matt Stevens Steven Richards Barebacks Matt Stevens

Porn Star Matt Stevens Tickled Naked

January 24, 2014

"Matt Stevens has done a few shoots for MyFriendsFeet now and we all always have a great time whenever he's with us. Matt has broadened his kinky horizons quite a bit thus far, but in this video he really went out on a limb. Being tied up and tickle tortured by an expert is never an undaunting experience, but Matt ended up loving it and he is SO ticklish!"













Matt Stevens & Cameron Kincade Get Off On Foot Worship

December 5, 2013

"Matt and Cameron Kincade finally hooked up and Cameron heard a rumor that Matt was into feet and socks, so he went right for Matt's socks. Soon Matt was worshiping Cameron's dress socks too. It wasn't long before the socks and the clothes were off. Cameron sucked Matt's toes to get him off and then Matt offered his amazing soles for Cameron to fuck. He blew a big load all over Matt's bare feet."
















Matt Steven's Size 10 Bare Feet & Flip Flops

November 27, 2013

"Mature, masculine gay porn star Matt Stevens shows off his gorgeous size 10 feet in photos at MyFriendsFeet and we couldn't be happier that he was willing to grace MFF with his presence. Matt is one of the hottest men in gay porn and with that comes a great professionalism. He knows exactly how to entertain us by teasing incessantly before baring his perfect size 10s. Matt is a hunk and a half, that's for sure!"






Butch Dixon Drake Jaden and Matt Stevens

Drake Jaden and Matt Stevens

November 18, 2013

"Drake enjoys a quiet afternoon snack at home and it quickly turns into an "afternoon delight" when Matt, his favorite muscle daddy bear, stops by for a tasty treat. Both of these mouthwatering studs are super hairy and bulging with hard muscles and big rigid cocks. It doesn't take long and these buff buddies are chowing down on each other's rock hard dicks. Matt then makes a meal out of Drake's delicious ass. With Drake's ass lubed-up with his spit, Matt bends him over the kitchen counter and slides his cock into the hilt. But Matt wants his hairy ass filled with cock too and Drake is happy to oblige."


An Intimate Thank You

Cameron Kincade and Matt Stevens
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

October 29, 2013

"Beefy tasty Matt Stevens is back with us getting his grove on with sexy stud Cameron Kincade. Cameron has a major foot fetish and just can't get enough of Matt's sexy feet. He licks, sucks and basically makes some sweet love to them manly feet. Alpha male Matt takes full control of this man and uses every available hole to his bidding. Cum watch some hot sexy feet action with a dab of rimming and some sexy fucking to top it all off. Enjoy!"

WATCH An Intimate Thank You featuring Cameron Kincade and Matt Stevens















"Man, You Look Good"

Matt Stevens and Rich Kelly
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

August 20, 2013

"Man, don’t these two hairy beefy hunks look damn good? Matt and Rich love to admire each other on the couch before they get to business. Both of these manly men love to glide their fingers through each other’s silky hairy chests. These two men are looking good and they are ready to show you some hard pounding, cock sucking and hair pulling good times. Two tall men under one roof bare naked fucking every hole each one has to offer. Rich loves to eat Matt's ass while his cock is being gulped on. These two bulky men have a strong connection together and you can see it in every position and every kiss which makes the scene even more enjoyable to stroke your cock off too. Enjoy!"

"Let's Stay In Instead"

Matt Stevens and Steven Ponce
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

July 2, 2013

"As Matthew Stevens makes his way to the bathroom for a shower, his boyfriend, Matthew Stevens, snatches his towel right off! Their plan this morning was to have lunch in the park, but the sight of Matthew's half-bare body has given Steven a different idea.

Matthew knows what's up right away, and being the horn dog he is, plays right along with Steven's advances. A morning fuck is exactly what Matthew needs and his boyfriend's big dick is the only thing that'll get the job done. First, Matthew's getting a nice taste of Steven's massive erection. Then Steven's returning the favor by slurping hard on Matthew's fat cock. After some super hot 69 action, Steven slides his pulsating meat into Matthew's tight hole and fucks him like a sex-starved animal. Watch these lovers treat each other's bodies like wonderlands as they make the most of a romantic morning. Enjoy!"

High Performance Men Jeremy Stevens and Matt Stevens

"Bedroom Romp"

Jeremy Stevens and Matt Stevens
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

July 2, 2013

"High Performance Men presents Matt Stevens & Jeremy Stevens (no relation) in this very hot and passionate Bedroom Romp! From the moment these two met each other, they could barely keep their hands off each other and we knew that this was going to be one hot scene to film. Starting out with a scorching hot make out session, it does not take Matt very long to reveal Jeremy's rock hard throbbing cock. He wastes no time in wrapping his lips around Jeremy's thick long shaft as he does his best to deep throat this massive cock. Jeremy buries his face into Matt's hairy armpits and after taking in his scent, he begins licking on his pit hair before working his way down to Matt's groin and taking his cock deep down his throat. He soon has Matt rolled up with his legs over his head as he drives his tongue deep into Matt's beautiful hairy ass. After getting his ass all wet, he puts on a condom and drives his cock deep into Matt's ass while Matt groans in pure delight. With every thrust of Jeremy's massive cock in his ass, Matt's facial reactions and guttural moaning show he is loving every inch of Jeremy. Matt is then bent over the edge of the bed as Jeremy drives his cock even deeper into Matt's ass. He then lies on his back and Matt lowers his ass down onto Jeremy's cock and gives him a ride he soon will not forget. So turned on, Matt blows a thick creamy load of cum all over Jeremy's tight hairy abs. Jeremy then returns the favor and blows a super load of cum all over Matt's hairy chest. The two collapse onto each other, out of breath and give each other a deep kiss. Enjoy!"

High Performance Men Drake Jaden and Matt Stevens

"Dirty Sexy Jocks"

Drake Jaden and Matt Stevens
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

May 14, 2013

"High Performance Men is pleased to present Matt Stevens & Drake Jaden in DIRTY SEXY JOCKS. This is Matt's first time appearing at HPM and the pairing of these two came to fruition when Drake introduced us to Matt in hopes he could shoot with him. Both have a fetish for locker rooms and jock straps, so it was a no brainer to pair them up. The two begin with a deep passionate kiss that is aggressive and soft all at once. Soon their clothes come off to reveal both of their beautiful asses framed by their jock straps. Matt is soon on his knees taking Drake's massive cock all the way down his throat. His sucking skills are impressive and by the sounds Drake makes, he approves. Drake then returns the favor and deep throats Matt's cock before turning him around and sticking his tongue deep into Matt's ass. Matt grinds his ass on Drake's face and love every moment of the rim job. Matt then puts Drake on his back and buries his face deep into Drake's ass. He rolls him up as he tongues his ass deep and as he does so, Drake is sucking the end of his own cock for some hot auto-fellatio action as he tastes his own pre-cum. Matt then drives his cock deep and hard into Drake's ass and fucks him hard. Drake then put's Matt up against the lockers as he drives his huge cock deep inside Matt's beautiful ass. Matt loves every moment of Drake's cock in his ass and then lies on his stomach as Drake pile drives his ass even deeper. Unable to hold back any longer, Drake pulls out and Matt flips over to take Drake's load all over this muscled hairy chest. Drake then grabs a glass dildo out of the locker and drives it deep into Matt's ass while Matt strokes his cock and sucks the remaining cum out of Drake's cock. He tells Drake to suck his cock some more and he unloads a massive load of cum inside Drake's mouth. Drake let's the cum ooze out of his mouth down Matt's cock before sharing the remaining cum in a deep tongue swapping kiss with Matt."

Matt Stevens & Alexander Greene

Matt Stevens & Alexander Greene

October 18, 2013

"Coach Matt Stevens is drawing formations on the board for the next game. He is upset Alexander Greene lost the match today, but Alexander knows how to make it up to him. They get closer and kiss. They pull each other's shirts off revealing daddy Matt's chiseled, tanned chest and Alexander's smooth, athletic torso. Alexander goes down on Matt. He sucks Matt's hard cock through the side of his jockstrap. Coach returns the favor and deep throats Alexander's massive rod. Alexander cock slaps his coach before bending over to get his ass eaten. He begs to be fucked and Matt slides his cock in with ease. Matt pounds Alexander hard until they switch positions. Alexander slams his third leg against Matt's ass. He penetrates Matt's tight hole and thrusts powerfully. Alexander lays down so his coach can ride his thick pole. Matt Stevens bounces on the dick, shooting a thick load on young Alexander's chest. Alexander Greene releases a huge load on Matt's face. Losing had never been this much fun."

Matt Stevens & Alexander Greene

Hard Play, Scene 1

Starring Dirk Caber and Matt Stevens
TitanMen | Titan Rough

February 6, 2014

"Sitting in a chair with his cock at attention, Dirk Caber feasts on hairy muscle man Matt Stevens—a shaved-headed hunk brandishing clippers. Dirk buries his salt-and-pepper beard to the base of Matt’s thick cock. “Ready for your haircut?” asks Matt, who starts to buzz the sucker’s head. Dirk continues to feast, his hair falling to the floor by his leather boots. Dirk looks up and smiles, Matt’s hard cock grazing his bicep. Matt puts cream on Dirk’s head and uses a razor to shave the stubble. Dirk jacks, then sucks Matt some more before he gets his own thick dick swallowed. Dirk bends down for a kiss, grabbing Matt’s ass—which he then eats. Dirk slides his cock in (“Fuck that hole!” yells Matt), reaching his arms around to rub the bottom’s pecs. Matt sits down on the verbal Dirk (“Slide all the way up and down!”), the top reaching around again to feel the hunk’s bod. Matt releases his load, then gets behind Dirk to rub his nips and kiss him as the top squirts."

Rf27_scene01_004 Rf27_scene01_005

Rf27_scene01_006 Rf27_scene01_007