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Well Suited

Starring Maikel Cash and Robbie Rojo

March 24, 2017

Well Suited Starring Maikel Cash and Robbie Rojo


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WellSuited_07 WellSuited_08

WellSuited_09 WellSuited_10

WellSuited_11 WellSuited_12

WellSuited_13 WellSuited_14





Blurred Lines

Starring Dario Beck and Maikel Cash

April 8, 2016

"Latino stunner Maikel Cash gets some devastating news from work and finds himself all alone at a bar, with no job and drowning his sorrows in booze. But Maikel underestimates the close bond he’s forged with his work colleagues, especially one in particular - Dario Beck who tracks him down to lend him some moral support, and a friendly hand. Although Dario’s hand gets a little more than just ‘friendly’ when Maikel has a few too many and passes out. Against his better judgement Dario’s hand slowly wanders up Maikel’s thigh, and straight to the inviting bulge in his suit trousers. And as much as he knows that taking advantage of his wasted friend is wrong, the situation just turns him on so much and with his heart racing, he unzips Maikel’s trousers to see what he’s packing underneath. Dario gets to work on sleeping Maikel’s delicious uncut dick, licking it and sucking it slowly, trying his best no to wake his friend so as to enjoy the moment for as long as he can. But he shouldn’t have worried because when Maikel finally comes round and sees his colleague sucking on his hard dick, he grabs Dario turns him around with his face against the wall and the fuck play truly begins."








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The Beef Next Door

Starring Dominique Hansson and Maikel Cash

June 12, 2015

"Six foot something Dutch beefcake, Dominique Hansson is so impressive he can be forgiven for being a bit blonde now and again. When he accidentally locks himself not only out of his own hotel room, but also manages to do the same to traveling executive Maikel Cash, Maikel has two options: either fight like a man, or fuck like a man. With Dominique dressed only in a towel around his waist, the second option is the easier, and infinitely more satisfying. The vulnerability of the naked stacked hunk against the formality and power of the suited man make this a classic Menatplay dynamic. The suited businessman, used to being in control, soon has the hunk of beef down on his knees lapping at at his cock like an eager puppy. As Maikel slaps his dick on Dominique's tongue, Dominique looks up to him waiting for the queue for what he can do next to pleasure Maikel so Maikel pummels his muscular ass then finally sits back and lets Dominique ride his cock until he shoots his man juice!"


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Beefnextdoor_8 beefnextdoor_9

beefnextdoor_10 Beefnextdoor_11

Beefnextdoor_12 beefnextdoor_13

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Denis Vega and Maikel Cash

"Vega's Vice"

Starring Denis Vega and Maikel Cash

January 2, 2015

"So its 2015 and to welcome in the New Year with a good hard BANG we’ve created a jackpot scene by putting two of our hottest men from 2014 together in true MENATPLAY suited style. Denis Vega takes a gamble on the gaming machines and ends up with a whole lot of cash.... Maikel Cash that is, with his fat cock deep inside him. This is the first time we’ve seen Maikel suited up and its a transformation that he himself admitted made him feel elite and powerful. He was so turned on by the potent power of the suit that he slams Denis up against the fruit machine to deliver Denis’ winning hard Cash in person. But the best is yet to come when Maikel strips Mr. Vega and has him ride his dick while he sits back and enjoys a glass of alcohol. Its Maikel’s self assured cockiness coupled with seeing stunner Denis Vega service him while completely naked, that makes this scene the perfect antecdote to the holiday comedown . Click on the play button above, pop your cork, and lets all christen the new year with a nice thick stream of our sticky juices! Happy New Year from everyone at MENATPLAY XXX"

Denis Vega and Maikel Cash

Denis Vega and Maikel Cash

Denis Vega and Maikel Cash

Denis Vega and Maikel Cash

Denis Vega and Maikel Cash

Denis Vega and Maikel Cash Denis Vega and Maikel Cash

Denis Vega and Maikel Cash Denis Vega and Maikel Cash
Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

"Dr. Dani Examines Maikel"

Starring Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

July 17, 2014

"We’ve had some iconic doctors on Menatplay over the years. Who can forget the the examinations of the smooth talking Dr Richards? Or the cool straight Doctor Stevens, who loved to find any excuse to shove his dick in his patients mouth or ass. Each Doctor brought a different character, delivering their medical ‘examinations’ in their own unique way.

But we haven’t had any medical probings since 2010 So Menatplay Medicals returns with a brand new doctor opening up his clinic for us all to witness. Dr Dani Robles has a whole new more subtle approach . The quiet, seemingly shy Doctor doesn’t manipulate his patients like the practitioners of the past but instead leads them to his eager suited ass because in contrast to the last 2 this resident doctor loves to take cock deep!

And he’s in luck this week with specimen Maikel Cash. Watch Dr Dani’s expression as he undresses Maikel to reveal his stunning juicy pecks and then of course he gets to the perfectly formed cock, which Michael wraps in the silk tie of his sexy be-suited doctor as Dani eagerly licks and sucks. And when its full and throbbing, it’s Dr Dani who recives an injection of medication via a thick pumping cock. Suddenly I’m not feeling very well, get me an appointment with Dr. Dani now!!"

Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

Dani Robles and Maikel Cash Dani Robles and Maikel Cash
Gentlemen 08: Power Play, Scene 4 Toby Dutch Rides Maikel Cash's Dick
Lucas Entertainment
July 8, 2013

"Strong, good-looking men are respected far more than anyone else in the corporate world, so competing businessmen Maikel Cash and Toby Dutch know that they have to keep up with one another in both work and appearance. They’re enemies while working, but they also check each other out constantly while working out at the same gym. But their locker room interaction today turns heated. Maikel Cash’s company is currently earning more than Toby’s, and the sexual dynamic between them proves as much. So when Toby drops to his knees and services Maikel’s cock with his hungry bitch lips and tongue, it’s obvious who is superior. And when he turns around to received Maikel’s cock deep in his ass, Toby knows what he’s got to do to keep up with the big dogs. He takes his fucking like a champ, and Maikel is a total top that knows how to deliver a pounding, so there’s no room for weakness!"




LVP155_04_Maikel_Cash_Toby_Dutch_06 LVP155_04_Maikel_Cash_Toby_Dutch_07
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