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Luke Milan, Hugh Hunter, Dimitri Kane

"I Need Big Cock"

Luke Milan, Hugh Hunter, Dimitri Kane
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks
June 4, 2015

"Ever since Dimitri Kane and Luke Milan hooked up he can't stop thinking about Luke's big fat cock. The men he's been hooking up with lately just can't compete with Luke's yummy dick. As the two sit and discuss their issues Hugh Hunter walks in and begins to undress. Luke and Dimitri look on in awe as Hugh drops his shorts and is only wearing a jockstrap. Dimitri sees the big cock and is very excited and thinks this guy could be the one. Hugh notices that they are staring at him intensely so he turns around and whips his cock out for both of them to suck. They begin to service Hugh and touch his film muscled up body. Hugh then gets on his knees and shoves both of their cocks into his mouth sucking and slurping the big dicks. He wants to be fucked and so bends over so they can take turns on his soft round ass. The three way gets intense with lots of hard fucking sucking and a messy sticky ending all over Hugh's firm sexy chest."

Luke Milan, Hugh Hunter, Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan, Hugh Hunter, Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan, Hugh Hunter, Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan, Hugh Hunter, Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan, Hugh Hunter, Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan, Hugh Hunter, Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan, Hugh Hunter, Dimitri Kane Luke Milan, Hugh Hunter, Dimitri Kane
Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane

"Every Last Inch"

Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

May 28, 2015

"Dimitri Kane is out enjoying the view on the lake when Luke comes up asking him for directions to the dorm rooms. It just so happens that Dimitri lives there and is headed that way right now. They both head off to the dorms and Luke gets invited in and immediately they both begin to kiss and rub each other's bodies. It was an unexpected encounter but Dimitri hasn't been laid in some time and Luke is a hung of a man ready to pounce his tight ass. Luke has a really thick cock and Dimitri has a long dick but he gets bent over and fucked hard by Luke. After some long hard pounding they lie side by side and watch each other stroke their cocks until one by one they blow their heavy loads on their chest. Enjoy!"

Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane

Luke Milan and Dimitri Kane

"Pacifico Rom"

Dominic Pacifico and Luke Milan
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

November 4, 2010

"Finally old enough to bring over to the dark side, Dominic Pacifico makes his MenOver30 debut. We've waited a long time to have this hung hottie on our site and he's here to help us welcome 25 year old Luke Milan. Luke is chillin on the couch catching up on the latest webisode on his iPhone when Dominic walks in and grins "Well, you have one right here." They slowly undress each other as they make out and Dominic soon stands to give Luke better access at that cock. Luke pulls down Dominic's briefs and then starts to suck on his rock hard cock. Dominic moans as he gets that cock worshipped. Dominic then kneels to return the favor as he strips Luke's jeans off. Luke's thick cock is throbbing in anticipation. Luke holds his meaty dick at the base while Dominic goes up and down on his dick like he's bobbing for apples. Dominic then bends him over to get some of that ass. He slides his tongue deep inside that hole as Luke writhes in ecstasy. Dominic then suits up and starts teasing that hole until it gives way. His thick cock slides into Luke's smooth ass as Dominic starts to fuck him. Dominic then puts Luke on his back; holding those legs in the air as he slides back in for more. Dominic then sits back on the chair as Luke straddles him and impales himself on that dick. He starts to ride him in a reverse cowgirl as Dominic holds him by the waist and helps bounce him on his dick. "Awww yeah!" Dominic groans as Luke grinds that hot ass down on his meat. Luke's riding that cock faster and it sends them both over the edge. They dismount and sit side by side to jack themselves off. Dominic is the first to cum as he drenches his abs and chest. Luke follows suit as he explodes all over himself." Visit 1 Gay Pass for all-in-one access!









"Massage Call"

Wolfie Blue and Luke Milan
NextDoorWorld | NextDoorBuddies

October 10, 2014

"For Wolfie Blue, working with high profile athletes is nothing new. As the owner/operator of a massage business, he comes in contact with sore jocks all the time, so when he arrives at Luke Milan's new crib, he isn't taken back by the compound or the nice amenities. Pretty much the only thing that's giving him any hesitation is the sense that Luke might want more than just a basic massage. Wolfie, professional that he is, begins to soothe Luke's tight back and neck, noticing that Luke seems to be carrying an undue amount of stress. Priding himself on being a full service masseusse, Wolfie seeks to alleviate Luke's tense state, grabbing his cock and slowly working it into his mouth as Luke not only does not interject, but seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself. Wolfie keeps going with even more deliberate intent, sucking off the head and smacking the shaft against the side of his face, as he feels Luke getting harder and harder by the minute. Luke seizes upon the opportunity and bends Wolfie over his massage table, pounding him from behind as Wolfie just clenches and takes every last inch. Luke fucks like a machine, grabbing Wolfie and flipping him over, rocking his world missionary before letting Wolfie ride him to submission, before pulling out and blasting Wolfie right in the face with his hot, pent up load. Just what he needed! Enjoy!"

Luke Milan and Mike Gaite

"My Sister's Husband"

Luke Milan and Mike Gaite
NextDoorBuddies at

September 4, 2014

"For Luke Milan, it's just a typical weekend: wife is off running errands, and Luke has just finished some yard work outside. As he comes in to shower, a ring of the door bell distracts him and he opens the door to find his wife's brother, Mike Gaite. Mike comes over all the time, since he and his sister are pretty close, but lately Luke gets the sense that Mike's interest is not entirely familial. As Luke showers, Mike waits in the living room, and when Luke joins him fresh and clean, Mike's strategy goes into effect, as he begins to seduce Luke. Luke is pensive, but curious. He's never been with a man but there's something about Mike that has him considering it, and as Mike begins to gag on his cock, Luke realizes he's made the right decision. Luke pushes Mike's head down deeper onto his rod, choking Mike with his meatstick as he fingers Mike's waiting ass. Mike strips out of his shorts and perches himself on the sofa, clutching it's back as Luke slowly enters from behind, a look of satisfied pleasure on Mike's face as Luke's cock slides inside him. Luke, rumored to be a fucking machine, pounds Mike from behind, beneath, on top and every way in between as Mike just closes his eyes and takes it in, before falling to his knees and taking a blast from Luke's cock straight to the face, confirming for himself what his sister has told him about Luke's prowess. Enjoy!"

Luke Milan and Mike Gaite

Luke Milan and Mike Gaite

Luke Milan and Mike Gaite

Luke Milan and Mike Gaite

Luke Milan and Mike Gaite

Tailored Fit

James Huntsman and Luke Milan
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

May 16, 2013

"Donning fine men's garments is an experience every gentleman should enjoy. James Huntsman has found himself in a position to have a renown tailor visit him at his home. Luke Milan has an expert's eye for fashion. He can analyze individual male forms and arrange a custom outfit to suit any occasion. Luke is more than happy to analyze James's form.

Luke suggests James strip down to his underwear to try on some of the options. Once James disrobes, the thought occurs to Luke that he may very well be able to trick James into taking off his undies, thereby become completely nude. Luke would certainly like to see how James is hung, just for his own naughty enjoyment. From there, there could be an opportunity to seduce the young man. Luke concocts a story about a matching pair of underwear James should try. Without any coaxing, James is wearing his birthday suit. Luke finds an excuse to bend down near the enormous dick, and takes it in his mouth. James can't believe his tailor is sucking his fat cock. But he's certainly not stopping him! Luke is a true dick fiend, made evident by the manner in which he ravenously slurps James. Watch him take good care of the whole package as Luke jerks his own meat too. Then see Luke lay back so his client can fuck his sweet ass nice and hard. James isn't the usual customer, with his very well built physique. His strong muscles work hard to ram Luke's tender hole. Then Luke is climbing on top for a nice, intense ride. You'll love seeing these two hot guys work on finding the perfect fit! Enjoy!"

WATCH Tailored Fit Featuring James Huntsman and Luke Milan


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36367_06 36367_08

36367_09 36367_12









"Close Quarters"

Mario Torrez & Luke Milan

April 11, 2013

"Mario Torrez and Luke Milan have been friends for some time now, regularly hanging out or dining together. Given the time they spend, it comes as no surprise to find out the Luke has a secret crush on his friend, and lately it seems that his urges are becoming more and more pronounced. So while Mario naps one afternoon, Luke wrestles with the decision to make a move on his friend. Apprehensive at first, he subtly begins to play with Mario's legs and feet, before ultimately working his way up to Mario's crotch. Mario wakes up while Luke is mid-perv and Luke is visibly embarrassed, but it quickly turns to excitement when he realizes that Mario enjoys it and he should continue. So he does, pulling off Mario's underwear and taking his cock deep into his mouth. Mario turns the tables on him, returning the the favor and then licking Luke's ass in preparation. Once it's nice and lubed up, Mario shoves his cock inside of Luke as he screams in delight and pleasure. Pumping him from behind, Luke lets out an ecstatic moan as Mario continues to pound him from behind, pulling out to cum only after Luke has already sprayed himself with a jizzbomb that was quite some time in the making. Enjoy!"








35347_042 35347_049

Luke Milan

April 1, 2013

"Don't be fooled by Luke Milan's modest act. Beyond his claims of being a mellow, reserved individual, there lies a bevy of secrets betraying his inner freak. He stretches out in front of a full length mirror, his body reflected in all its naked glory, and right away one finds it hard to believe he is shy or quiet in any way. Running his hands up the side of his thighs, he pulls his shirt up over his head and reclines on the bed, wrapping his fingers around his throbbing member and spreading his legs to finger himself as he strokes away. Closing his eyes and throwing his head back into the pillow, he bites his lower lip as he plunges two fingers inside his hole, his pre-cum teasing out before he rocks his legs back even wider and lets loose with a gushing load that shows no restraint, as he closes his eyes and runs his hands down his quivering legs. Enjoy!"

Luke Milan Worshiped by Link

July 19, 2013

"Link was very fortunate in this MyFriendsFeet video, getting to worship super hot hunk Luke Milan's sexy feet. Link loves his job at MFF, as he gets to suck on the feet of some of the hottest men around. Luke Milan is certainly no exception. He kicked back so Link could worship his dress socks and big, sweaty feet and Link did a great job!"

Luke Milan Gets Off to Foot and Sock Worship with Link Luke Milan Gets Off to Foot and Sock Worship with Link Luke Milan Gets Off to Foot and Sock Worship with Link
Luke Milan Gets Off to Foot and Sock Worship with Link Luke Milan Gets Off to Foot and Sock Worship with Link Luke Milan Gets Off to Foot and Sock Worship with Link

Luke Milan Tickled Naked

June 22, 2013

"Adorable lean hunk Luke Milan gets tied to the MyFriendsFeet tickle table and tickle tortured. Dev and myself were more than willing to do the honors. Luke is a cocky boy, so we wanted to see if we could break him down a bit. It worked. Luke didn't think we could make him squirm but we certainly did that and more. His lean physique and big feet sure are ticklish!"

Luke Milan Tickled Naked

Luke Milan Tickled Naked

Luke Milan Tickled Naked

Luke Milan Tickled Naked

Luke Milan Tickled Naked

Luke Milan Tickled Naked

Luke Milan Tickled Naked

Luke Milan Tickled Naked
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2 Little Piggies

Featuring J.R., Luke Milan, and Ricky Sinz
Drill My Hole at

October 13, 2011

"Luke and J.R are country boys with nothing to do and a bag full of apples. Bored stiff Luke challenges J.R to a throwing contest, whoever can hit the tree across the road with an apple wins. Soon they even get bored of that and the game turns into who can hit the first car that passes by. Unfortunately the next car isn't even a car at all, it's a truck, a truck driven by Ricky Sinz no less. The apple is tossed hitting the truck dead on, breaks squeal and Ricky explodes from the truck raging. The boys take one look at Ricky and realize they threw one apple too many and run for the woods. Ricky isn't one to give up a chase and follows them into the woods, catches up with them and tackles them both to the ground. Luke and J.R are covered in dirt from being tackled, but Ricky isn't finished with these two little piggies."

pigs_02 pigs_04




Luke Milan and Boston Miles

"Lovely Sex Session"

Luke Milan and Boston Miles
Gay Creeps at

April 10, 2012

"Luke Milan looked so yummy in bed that Boston Miles just wanted to taste his body! Boston gently kissed Luke. As the passion climbed, Boston's lips are all over Luke's hot body. Boston got more aggressive and shoved Luke's thick cock down his throat. Luke really liked that!"

Luke Milan and Boston Miles

Luke Milan and Boston Miles

Luke Milan and Boston Miles

Luke Milan and Boston Miles

Luke Milan and Boston Miles

Luke Milan and Boston Miles

Luke Milan and Boston Miles
Luke Milan and Luke Hass

"Large Dong Duke Out"

Luke Milan and Luke Hass
Damn Thats Big at

April 4, 2012

"Luke Milan called out Luke Hass, claiming he had the bigger dick. Hass took up the challenge and came over to hold up his reputation. After comparing the two large cocks, Hass won the competition by an inch. Hass then claimed Milan's sweet ass as his prize."

Luke Milan and Luke Hass

Luke Milan and Luke Hass

Luke Milan and Luke Hass

Landon Conrad and Luke Milan (2)

March 1, 2013

"Bound jock Luke Milan is securely tied on his back with his legs up in the air and his ass exposed for us to get a good look at. Super stud Landon Conrad enters and has his chance to molest the helpless jock Luke by chowing down on his tight hole. Landon then plows Luke’s muscled butt until he finally lets the jock free to shoot his hot steamy cum."


Landon Conrad and Luke Milan

February 8, 2013

"Bound jock Luke Milan is passed out while having been tied up and left on the floor beneath Landon Conrad… Who is also tied up on his knees and trying to get free. Luke finally wakes up and Landon tells him to wiggle closer so he can untie him. After some major struggling, Landon manages to untie Luke’s feet. However, before Landon will untie Luke’s hand he demands a blow job first. Luke really has no choice but to suck Landon’s cock and then let Landon suck his own 9 inch piece of man meat before he can finally be untied."

Landon Conrad and Luke Milan

Alpine Wood - Part 2, Scene 5

Chris Bines, Kaleb Klark, and Luke Milan
Falcon Studios

July 11, 2014

"Chris Bines' game of pool is enhanced by by his crack, which peeks out above his waistband every time he bends over to shoot. While Luke Milan decides which balls to target on his next turn, Kaleb Klark walks in, a towel around his waist. He's probably on his way to the hot tub, but Chris grabs the towel and yanks. Kaleb is caught between fright and flight, frozen in his tracks as his family jewels become the cue and balls of Chris and Luke's ongoing game. Chris calls him a 'nice little dish.' Kaleb is young and sexy, with smooth, pale skin and thighs made to squeeze you. Putting their mouths together, Luke and Chris quickly bring him to erection and to gushing orgasm. Kaleb continues to wherever he was headed, while Chris and Luke, fully aroused now themselves, suck and fuck up a storm. Chris reveals what lies beneath that enticing crack, and Luke impales it. Then, Chris flips Luke onto his back and returns the fuck. Luke clamps onto his balls and huge gobs of spunk jet out of his cock. A few more thrusts, and Chris pours a load onto Luke's abs." WATCH Alpine Wood - Part 2, Scene 5 Starring Chris Bines, Kaleb Klark, and Luke Milan
















Alpine Wood - Part 1, Scene 1

Angel Rock, Jimmy Durano, and Luke Milan
Falcon Studios

May 5, 2014

"Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a hot tub: Jimmy Durano, Luke Milan and Angel Rock. Steam and roiling waters conceal everything but their heads and muscular shoulders as the horny studs cluster in a tight triangle to make out and explore each other's hard bodies. Exiting the balmy waters, they wrap white towels around themselves, but their roaring hard ons cause the towels to fall to the floor. Lips gravitate to cocks; hips swivel and grind. When Luke seals his lips around a cock and applies deep suction, his cheeks grow hollow. He drops to his knees and stuffs two cocks in his mouth at once. Luke and Jimmy put their mouths together around Angel's cock, then Angel grabs Luke's untended meat and feeds it to Jimmy, getting it fed right back to him. Hands double the stimulation. Everyone's face is dripping with saliva and precum. Jimmy and Angel bathe Luke's face in a deluge of jism. Luke grabs his balls, squeezes violently and shoots his load onto his abs." WATCH Alpine Wood - Part 1, Scene 1 Starring Angel Rock, Jimmy Durano, and Luke Milan














Jessy Ares and Luke Milan

Suck My Cock! Vol 5, Scene 6

Jessy Ares and Luke Milan
Falcon Studios

September 12, 2012

"Luke Milan and Jesse Ares crush each other’s lips with kisses as they shed their clothing. When Luke’s shorts are all that remains between them and total nudity, Jesse kneels to slip them off. That bulge extending halfway to Luke’s right knee is his cock, and the dimensions are awesome. Grabbing Luke’s balls, Jesse stretches his jaw and inhales, sucking until Luke’s breath comes in short gasps. Swapping places, Luke wraps his lips around Jesse’s cock, slobbering as Jesse face-fucks him. Luke’s cheekbones stand out in sharp relief as saliva cascades down his chin and onto his barely hairy chest. Jesse, sporting a full chest of fur, only intensifies his thrusts. His low-hanging balls are next to be sucked into the black hole of Luke’s mouth. Luke is gripping his own cock in two fists and there’s room for one more. As Luke begins foaming at the mouth, Jesse jumps onto his chair, planting a knee on each of Luke’s shoulders and fucking that foaming orifice. Jesse’s back is slick with sweat and his buns are perfect globes. So much saliva and pre-cum drips down Luke’s chin and chest, you wonder if Jesse came in his mouth. Crushing his balls in his fist, Luke blasts spooge all over himself as Jess unloads simultaneously onto Luke’s spit-drenched chest."

Luke Milan and Tanner Wayne

Sit Tight 2, Scene 2

Luke Milan and Tanner Wayne
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

October 30, 2013

"Swept away in raunchy kisses, taut Luke Milan and hairy-chested Tanner Wayne don't make it into the bedroom before Luke's shorts come off and his shockingly massive meat swings into view. Tanner swallows it whole, deep-throating the monster piece with avid slurps. Luke pulls Tanner off his cockmeat, and makes a meal of his buddy's rosy pink ass. Back on his feet, Tanner braces himself against the door frame and Luke pounds his cock into Tanner's lush ass. Tanner once again pulls himself off the near relentless ass attack, throws Luke on a sofa, and vigorously slides his stout fuckstick into Luke's hot hole. The flip is so surprising that Luke's cum soon shoots over his torso, decorating his nipples and pooling in the hollow of his neck. With Luke biting his nipple, Tanner whips up his own spunk and lets it fly. Spent, the couple collapses into a satiated cuddle."

Cabin Fever - Part 2, Scene 2

Featuring Lee Paine and Luke Milan
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

December 21, 2012

"Lee Paine and Luke Milan are snug in their bed feeling too frisky to go to sleep. They makeout before Lee pulls the covers down to feed on Luke's big juicy cock. He savors the tasty slab of meat making his partner moan and gasp with pleasure. Luke soon wants his turn to feast, and he begins to slurp down on his bedmate. He feeds on Lee's cock, letting the pole slide lovingly through his lips and creating a sexual charge that they're both feeling. Lee starts to rim Luke's asshole, licking the pucker and juicing it up with his spit. Then with Luke's legs up and spread apart, Lee fucks him hard. They continue screwing with Luke bouncing up and down on his buddy's cock. The excitement intensifies as Lee thrusts his hips. Luke strokes his dick as he continues riding and after squeezing out shots of jizz, he rolls off to watch Lee yank his crank until he climaxes and douses his abs with his own cum."
















Good Sports, Scene 4

Bobby Hart and Luke Milan
Hot House | Gym Dudes

April 15, 2013

"An impromptu scrimmage match turns into a heated x-rated exhibition game when Bobby Hart and Luke Milan hit the court. Luke asserts his two-point lead by forcing Bobby to his knees and shoving his giant cock down the young athlete's throat. Bobby gives his teammate one hell of a juicy blow job then offers up his tight hole to be fucked. Luke pounds Bobby hard then pushes him down on his back so Bobby's monster cock stands straight up in the air. Luke hops on and takes a ride like a champ until they both blow winning loads!"

WATCH Good Sports, Scene 4 Starring Bobby Hart and Luke Milan
















Charlie Harding Reprimands Intern Luke Milan

Gentlemen 06: Wear Me Out, Scene 3

Charlie Harding Reprimands Intern Luke Milan
Lucas Entertainment

December 31, 2012

"Luke Milan is just trying to make an honest living, but his tyrant boss Charlie Harding loves to give him a rough time every chance he gets. When Luke brings Charlie his morning coffee he spills it all over Charlie before a big meeting, forcing Charlie to take his clothes off in order to dry off. He berates Luke the entire time as he helps Charlie out of his clothes. Luke can't take his eyes off the boss's hulking build, and Charlie takes notice to it. To make up for his mistake Charlie has Luke kneel down onto his knees use his mouth on his cock; Charlie is jacked and Luke total submits his throat to the boss' service. Luke stands up and pulls down his own pants to pull out his dick, which is monstrous. Charlie plays with and sucks on it for awhile before leading him over to the sofa and eating out his hole. Luke needs to prove he's sorry for his screw up, so he agrees to submit to Charlie totally and allow him to fuck in deep and long in his ass, and the pile-driving pumping Charlie brings tests Luke's limits!"

Charlie Harding Reprimands Intern Luke Milan

Charlie Harding Reprimands Intern Luke Milan

Charlie Harding Reprimands Intern Luke Milan Charlie Harding Reprimands Intern Luke Milan

Hole Part 2, Scene 2

Bryan Cole and Luke Milan
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

November 22, 2013

"Luke Milan is naked, immobilized by plastic wrap binding him to a bed. His humongous dick is hard, but his deeply tanned muscles cannot prevail against the plastic. He's being watched by a man who is silhouetted behind a plastic curtain. The shadowed voyeur, Bryan Cole, appears to be masturbating. He pushes his way into the room and begins to massage Luke through the plastic. Bryan is smooth and muscular, with rings in both nipples, a chromium bar through the underside of his penis and a worn jockstrap. Luke cannot move but his breathing grows heavier as Bryan caresses and tongues the exposed parts of his body, slowly pushing the plastic out of the way. Bryan releases Luke's cock and sucks it. Now Luke can move his hips, which rock to fuck Bryan's face. Bryan removes the plastic covering Luke's head and sits on his face. Hardcore gay porn is flickering on the closed-circuit TV monitors on the wall. Bryan backs up until the tip of Luke's cock is poised to sunder his hole. They connect with a single synchronized movement of their hips. Luke fucks Bryan in three positions, stopping to suck him. They lie in each other's embrace, their flesh welded by sweat, and jerk out their loads."

WATCH Hole Part 2, Scene 2 Starring Bryan Cole and Luke Milan
















Hole 1, Scene 5

Adam Killian, Angel Rock, Luke Milan, Josh West, Tommy Defendi, and Trenton Ducati
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

November 8, 2013

"Business-suited Trenton Ducati was abducted on the street in broad daylight and tossed into a dark cell with a glowing monitor. Who knows how long he's been pent up there, force fed gay porn? He is bewildered and mesmerized by what he sees on this monitor: men having wild uninhibited sex. His libido has reached its breaking point. He must have a taste of what he's seeing on this monitor 24/7. The desire is getting into his head. Are the five anonymous cocks that enter his cell and orally gangbang him real or are they figments of his manic, sexual imagination? (the monster cocks belong to their unseen owners: Josh West, Adam Killian, Tommy Defendi, Angel Rock and Luke Milan) Are the loads of these massive dicks real or just a fantasy to relieve and release? No matter if this facial bukkake happens or not, Trenton's dazed state ends with his face covered with five loads, and him finally releasing a huge load of his own."

WATCH Hole 1, Scene 5 Starring Adam Killian, Angel Rock, Luke Milan, Josh West, Tommy Defendi, and Trenton Ducati