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Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad

Twin Heat, Scene 1

Featuring Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

December 19, 2012

"Landon Conrad's in hog heaven rooting around with twin sex fiends Luca Rosso and Liam Rosso. Left and right, he's got someone nipping at him, hungry to kiss, suck his dick and lick himall over. And it's just as rewarding for the feisty brothers as they jockey for position toservice their lucky playmate. Landon soon gets down to fellate the dynamic duo, his headpivoting left and right to suck down their swollen cocks. Luca and Liam then kneel side byside and bottoms up so Landon can tongue their asses, digging deep inside their holes withslurping jabs. Then they reposition themselves with Landon on his back nursing on Luca'sdick while Liam rides his pole. Their harmonized moaning continues as they get up withLandon still plowing Liam up the ass while Luca is behind him fucking his hole. Ready tocum and flanked by the rowdy Rosso bros, Landon jerks off. His hefty climax is quicklyfollowed by the explosive blasts from the twins' towers aimed at his sweaty chest."

WATCH Twin Heat, Scene 1 Featuring Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad

Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad

Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad

Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad

Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad

Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad Luca Rosso, Liam Rosso and Landon Conrad

Deep Inside Part 1, Scene 3

Featuring Landon Conrad and Mitchell Rock
Falcon Studios

October 19, 2012

"Out on the deck, Mitchell Rock's exquisite physique lies on a massage table. Landon Conrad's super star physique and his strong hands are all over Mitchell, working his hard muscle body and making him smile contentedly. They also make Mitchell rock hard. Landon may be a master masseur, but he's even more of a cock lover, and he doesn't hold back getting his mouth on Mitchell's great big, thick piece of meat. Mitchell returns the favor diving into Landon's near-perfect crotch, giving it a thorough tongue bath, before sucking in this towering tool. Landon splays the muscle-stud's legs, zoning in on the exposed asshole. He laps so deep and hungry into the smooth, loosely-ringed rosebud. Mitchell doesn't flinch when Landon slides his giant tool in his ass, but he's gasping and moaning as Landon leverages all his strength to plow into the furthest corners of the dark cavern. Landon scorches that ass 'til the heat makes both sweaty studs blast their awesome loads across Mitchell's sculpted six-pack."

WATCH Deep Inside Part 1, Scene 3 Featuring Landon Conrad and Mitchell Rock
















Summer Lust, Scene 3

Starring Landon Conrad and Bryce Star
Falcon Studios

September 21, 2012

"Falcon Exclusive Landon Conrad's making a snack in the kitchen, but thinks sturdy young Bryce Star would satisfy the hunger burgeoning in his cock so much more. With those watery blue eyes and chiseled face covered with sexy scruff, Landon's a vision to Bryce, whose All-American good looks are spiced by a turn-on full sleeve tattoo. His eyes bulge in wonder when he springs free Landon's already rock hard monster meat, and he devours the great big knob, shines it with his spit, before Landon salivates all over his ass, loosening the fresh pucker for his sudden, strong cock plunges. Sitting on the kingly cock and rocking it deep pushes Bryce over the brink, and his cum jets onto Landon's pecs. He gasps for breath, clenches his teeth in agonized determination, and his cock hurls its multiple eruptions across Bryce."

WATCH Summer Lust, Scene 3 Featuring Landon Conrad and Bryce Star

Couples, Scene 1

Featuring Landon Conrad and Trey Turner
Falcon Studios

July 20, 2012

"Falcon Studios Man of the Year, Landon Conrad, wakes up in his lavish loft with his partner, dark sexy stud, Trey Turner nibbling on his nipple. Under their covers, they're both sporting major morning wood. This is award winning cock from both parties, totaling well over 18 inches of man meat in need of morning relief. They get to it, exchanging expert blow jobs, and even get a little 69 action in before Landon buries his face deep into Trey's golden brown ass cheeks. Landon plays Trey's hole with his tongue, knowing he's going to shortly pierce it with his cock. The way Landon's cock is totally consumed by Trey's tight hole is enough to get anyone edging, and Trey knows how to ride a cock. He moans and he groans as he works his bubble ass over Landon's stunning meat, and then he bends over Landon drive it deeper. What really sends Trey over the top is laying back and spreading his legs wide so Landon can hit all the right spot. Landon rams and jams until Trey shoots a milky white load on his ripped abs and Landon pulls out shortly and sprays his jizz as well."

23147_001 23147_002

23148_002 23148_001















Body Shop, Scene 3

Featuring Erik Rhodes, Landon Conrad, Marc Dylan, and Trenton Ducati
Falcon Studios

June 8, 2012

"Trenton Ducati sneaks off into the supply room and starts jacking off. But this hiding space isn't much of a secret because Erik Rhodes makes his way back there too with the same release in mind. Catching each other with their matching hard-ons, the big-muscled, studly giants crash into one another's embrace sucking face and then sucking cock. Meanwhile, down in the shop, Marc Dylan can't keep his eyes off Landon Conrad's hunky body. Marc is so distracted that he has to unzip his co-worker's pants, pull out Landon's thick cock and gobble it down. Landon returns the favor and nurses on Marc's dick. Then with Marc standing on a hydraulic jack and elevated, Landon rims his ass. Having primed his manhole, Landon fucks Marc, working feverishly until one after the other they shoot their loads. But before Marc and Landon can catch their breath, Trenton and Erik come in from the supply closet and continue the ass assault on Marc who quickly surprises everyone with a second spray of jizz.

WATCH Body Shop, Scene 3 Featuring Erik Rhodes, Landon Conrad, Marc Dylan, and Trenton Ducati





















Falcon Studios Hungover

Hungover, Scene 1

Featuring Chris Tyler, Connor Maguire, Dylan Hauser, Jimmy Durano, Landon Conrad, Parker London, Spencer Fox
Falcon Studios

April 13, 2012

"Landon Conrad, Spencer Fox, Dylan Hauser, Jimmy Durano and Connor Maguire are all anxious to get down and party hearty before their service buddy, Chris Tyler, heads out on another deployment. With all the macho bravado and testosterone bouncing off the walls, no one, not even the pizza delivery man, is safe. Dylan is the first to sample the choice slabs of meat from the buffed-up buffet as he begins sucking on Jimmy's horsedick and Chris follows suit guzzling down Spencer's cock. And Landon and Parker London (the pizza guy) get busy quick as they trade off sucking down each other's big salamis. The man action rages on non-stop especially when Dylan adds Connor's cock to his happy meal. There's a lot more man-on-man action for all the guys to gobble up from their self-made smorgasbord. It's bottoms up for Parker London and Chris Tyler as they yield their assholes to Spencer Fox and Connor Maguire respectively, while Dylan Hauser does double duty getting fucked by Jimmy Durano in his hole and Landon Conrad down his gullet. All the debauched sensations the men are experiencing can be measured by all their moaning and groaning. The louder it gets, the more pleasurable it is. There's no limit to their shared hedonism and things get real crazy when first Dylan and then Chris get gangbanged. And to make sure Chris gets the send-off he deserves, all his friends salute him with shots of cum."

WATCH Hungover, Scene 1 Featuring Chris Tyler, Connor Maguire, Dylan Hauser, Jimmy Durano, Landon Conrad, Parker London, Spencer Fox


















Hungover, Scene 3

Featuring Landon Conrad and Parker London
Falcon Studios

March 30, 2012

"Neither Landon Conrad nor Parker London can keep their hands off the other as they quickly find themselves in another room fucking like madmen. Landon plows Parker's tight asshole fast and furious, fueled with lusty excitement as the pizza man gasps with every deep thrust. The ass assault is rugged and relentless as the two muscled studs twist into different positions ensuring that every plunge is felt and savored. Only after both men shoot their loads, do things calm down."

WATCH Hungover, Scene 3 Featuring Landon Conrad and Parker London


Members Exclusive

Featuring Landon Conrad and Angelo Marconi
Falcon Studios

March 14, 2012

"Watching TV the handsome and sexy Landon Conrad and Angelo Marconi are more interested in each other than what's on the tube. Angelo looks over at Landon with a mischievous grin and starts to rub his crotch. It doesn't take long for Landon to understand Angelo's intentions and they are making out in nothing flat. Passionate making out leads to clothes flying off, and it's not long before Angelo's pants are down and Landon has his lips wrapped around the Angelo's thick stick. Deepthroating like an oral expert and fingering Angelo's greedy hole, Landon gets Angelo moaning with excitement. It's possible that nobody looks better with a cock in his mouth than Angelo and Landon's cock is a prize. Angelo celebrates this world-class meat by taking it to the base and working it over with his mouth. Landon wants to service the Angelo's trophy hole, and he lifts his hips off the ground and goes to town while Angelo continues to swallow Landon's cock. This oral master class concludes with Angelo sitting on Landon's face leading to both of them jerking out huge creamy loads."









Point And Shoot, Scene 2

Starring Dean Monroe and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

January 27, 2012

"After the voyeuristic tour of their friends' spirited sexploits, Landon Conrad and Dean Monroe are eager to make their own video to prove they're just as capable and horny as their fellow visitors. Plus, they've got to release all the sexual tension that's been building up by watching the hot shots. Landon goes down on Dean as the camera rolls, capturing all the hot action. Landon slavishly works his lips up and down the stud's tasty meat shaft. Then, Dean takes his turn servicing his lover with equal aplomb. The two move onto the couch and get more comfortable, so Landon can munch on Dean's ass. He licks the puckered hole with his tongue jabbing the tip inside and sending Dean soaring into new heights of ecstasy. Finally with his manhole all prepped and primed, Dean climbs aboard Landon's dick and rides him. The two fuck and screw, working each other fast and furious, until they climax and cum with extreme intensity."

WATCH Point And Shoot, Scene 2 Starring Dean Monroe and Landon Conrad








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17588_010 17588_011

17588_014 17588_015

The Guys Next Door Part 2, Scene 1

Landon Conrad and Marcus Mojo
Falcon Studios

December 23, 2011

"Marcus Mojo is having a morning swim and Landon Conrad is sunning himself on the edge of the pool. A suggestive compliment from Marcus to Landon is all it takes to get the two picture-perfect studs going. After some heavy making out, Marcus pulls Landon's stiff rod out of his underwear and begins to give a cocksucking worthy of gold medals. Who wouldn't want to have this amazing piece of man flesh in his mouth? Landon wants to show off his rimming skills on Marcus's fine, sweet ass. They've traded places and Marcus sits on the edge of the pool giving Landon a perfect view. Between bouts of mad licking and probing with his tongue, Landon takes water in his mouth and spits it on Marcus's manhole until it is well prepared to take Landon's perfect cock. Marcus bends over and Landon starts hitting Marcus's spot right away. Soon, Landon's pounding away to the enjoyment and pleasure of Marcus, who flips over so we can see his ripped abs while Landon slams away. Marcus jerks a wad of jizz out while Landon's deep inside him and Landon follows suit shortly after."

WATCH Landon Conrad and Marcus Mojo in The Guys Next Door Part 2, Scene 1











16819_011 16819_014

Members Exclusive

Featuring Landon Conrad and Donny Wright
Falcon Studios

November 30, 2011

"Dark complected stud Donny Wright is sitting down and getting a spectacular hummer from light-skinned hunk Landon Conrad. Enjoying Donny's foreskin, Landon tongues it and pulls at it with his lips. The deepthroating dynamo, Landon takes all of Donny's thick inches to the base while rubbing his chest. Landon really gets into his buddy's cock and balls bobbing up and down on it and juggling the balls in his mouth when he comes up for air. Donny likes to suck on a stiff dick too, and he gets on his knees to swallow Landon's stunning, equally long cock. Donny lets Landon jam the thick rod down his throat and mouth fuck him until he's left gasping for air. Holding onto Donny's head, Landon heads for the finish line ramming and thrusting until he pulls out cover Donny's eager face with globs of jizz. Finally, Donny lays back and jerks off while Landon rubs his legs and chest, inspiring a shooting spree from Donny's uncut dick."








Landon Conrad and Jay Roberts

I Want You, Scene 4

Featuring Jay Roberts and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

November 25, 2011

Driving along a coastal road, Landon Conrad and Jay Roberts pull over to survey the horizon and snap some shots. They then continue their journey until finding a secluded spot to relax and unwind. Both men are equally handsome, big-muscled and horny as hell, and this off-road tryst is something they've been craving. They kiss as they press their hot naked chests against each other and take turns nibbling each other's tits. Landon goes down on the big man's big cock, opening wide to swallow his massive love muscle. His oral skills have Jay panting with ecstasy and which moves him to switch positions. Jay slurps up the entire length of Landon's shaft and mouths his big balls. Then ready to graduate to the next level of lusty man play, Jay sits on Landon's lap and bounces up and down on his rod with rhythmic thrusts. Even Jay's joystick swings excitedly as he's pounded. They continue fucking with Jay on his back, going faster and harder until they both finally climax and cum."

WATCH I Want You, Scene 4 Featuring Jay Roberts and Landon Conrad

Landon Conrad and Jay Roberts Landon Conrad and Jay Roberts

The Guys Next Door Part 1, Scene 2

Rod Daily, Landon Conrad, Paul Wagner, Marcus Mojo, Cody Cummings, Johnny Torque, Anthony Romero
Falcon Studios

November 2, 2011

"Tanned and stunning, Cody Cummings in all his ripped glory is standing by the hot tub handling his cock, begging for it to be taken by someone else. Cody, a beefy and sculpted stud, is shining under the sun and his rugged, handsome good looks attract Anthony Romero's hot lips. Anthony, fully naked and hard at the sight of Cody, approaches and immediately wraps his mouth around Cody's tool. He works it well as Cody enjoys the attention, but this twosome has caught the eye of another onlooker, Johnny Torque, who can't resist joining in. He's takes his cue to go down on Anthony while Anthony works Cody over. Johnny is gulping down Anthony's cock repeatedly as Cody fucks Anthony's mouth. Rising up, Johnny helps Anthony please Cody by taking turns on the big man's massive meat. Back and forth they take Cody's cock the other licking his balls and feeling his tightly muscled body. Cody is loving the attention as he pulls each hot stud's head onto his cock moaning in appreciation of the service they're giving him. Paul Wagner takes notice of what's going on outside and emerges from his room to join in the cocksucking festival. As he throats Cody, Anthony and Johnny take turns going down on Paul's thick meat. Not to be left out, Marcus Mojo has joined in on this oral orgy with each mouth taking Cody's tool deeper than the next. Paul massages Cody's thighs and chest as Marcus sucks and then takes the dick again in his mouth when Marcus lets it slip out of his. With Paul sucking, Marcus licks on Cody's balls and takes them both in his mouth to please the stud. Paul and Marcus make out and work Cody's cock between kisses. If four of the hottest men on Cody's cock wasn't enough, Landon Conrad joins the mix, taking a little solo time with Cody. While Landon slurps at the huge pole, streams of saliva drop down. Rod Daily wants part of the action too, and he joins Landon. They both take turns working Cody's meat, and Anthony returns to suck on both studs who are servicing Cody. The grunts and groans louden, calling Marcus and Johnny back to the scene. Now six studs are all working Cody's pole and each other's. This gang of seven feverishly tend to each other with raw sexual energy. Finally the frenzy builds to a crescendo as all six guys shoot one after the other, leaving only Cody to blast one huge final load."







Sc_8939_02_01 Sc_8939_02_02

Sc_8939_02_03 Sc_8939_02_04

Sc_8939_02_05 Sc_8939_02_08

Sc_8939_02_09 Sc_8939_02_10

Members Exclusive

Featuirng Landon Conrad and Cameron Foster
Falcon Studios

October 26, 2011

"As Cameron Foster lays back, Landon Conrad gives his hard cock a good workout before putting Cameron on his knees and giving Cameron's furry hole a wet tongue bath. Between gobbling up Cameron's cock and licking his sweet ass, Landon decides he needs to get in on the action too and puts Cameron down in front of him to worship Landon's fat throbbing member. Working his nipples, Landon holds Cameron's head in place while thrusting his cock into Cameron's mouth. With Cameron working Landon's huge meat and rubbing his balls, Landon can't hold back anymore and finally blasts his load onto Cameron's chest. Proud of himself, Cameron milks his cock before shooting a thick load as well."







Jocks Studios Bold Moves

Bold Moves, Scene 1

Featuring Adrian Long, Andrew Jakk, Christopher Daniels, and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

August 31, 2011

"Landon Conrad and Andrew Jakk make the moves on each other, completely losing themselves in the moment. This hot couple can feel the sexual heat churning deep within their loins as they make out with a burning passion. Sensing something's sizzling upstairs, Adrian Long sneaks up on the horny twosome and watches them from a safe distance. Andrew dives face-first into Landon's crotch and begins sucking on his big stiff cock with slow and steady slurps. Adrian's caught off-guard when Christopher Daniels quietly joins him and they start fooling around, matching the first couple's sexual gameplay blow for blow; then the intruders take off and leave. Landon continues celebrating his horn dog partner by rimming Andrew's tight asshole. After priming the puckered hole, he fucks him every which way. They finish with Andrew down on his back and Landon between his legs holding his ankles high as he charges in and out of his butthole until they both finally climax."

WATCH Bold Moves, Scene 1 Featuring Adrian Long, Andrew Jakk, Christopher Daniels, and Landon Conrad
















Falcon Studios Retreat

Retreat, Scene 3

Featuring Landon Conrad and Will Helm
Falcon Studios

August 10, 2011

"Will Helm hooks up with Landon Conrad for the perfect finish to his perfect day. They kiss and embrace, groping and then grabbing each other's cocks still under wraps and bulging inside their briefs. Landon throws Will down onto the bed and runs his tongue across his chiseled chest and down his six-pack until landing in his lap. Seizing the meaty prize in his mouth, Landon gets to work swallowing the hooded stiffy. Both men are soon reeling with ecstasy. The sexual energy escalates when Landon lays face down on his stomach to expose and yield his bubble butt for a tongue bath. Will licks and teases the hole and then after juicing it up enough, he begins to fuck it fast and furious. They twist into different positions ending with Landon flat on his back, panting hard and jerking himself off until he blows his wad. Towering over his buddy Will wanks his crank, working himself into a frenzy until he finally pops his cork and sprays loads. Exhausted but satisfied, the two seal the deal with well-deserved kisses."

WATCH Retreat, Scene 3 Landon Conrad and Will Helm

















Indiscretion, Scene 4

Featuring Christopher Daniels and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

July 22, 2011

"Chompin' at the bit, both Landon Conrad and Christopher Daniels are ready to get down'n'dirty ... but the phone rings. It's Jesse Santana calling - upset by a fight with his boyfriend - but not even a hottie's interruption is going to distract the two hunks from the real matter at hand ... so it's tough luck for him! Free to carry on as planned, Christopher is a maniac sucking Landon's rod, juicing it up with his spit and swallowing it down to the base. Landon is more than eager to respond and he sucks his Christopher's cock, eats his ass and then delivers swift dick-thrusts inside Christopher's manhole. The big blond stud bounces like a ragdoll as he rides Landon's pole, panting excitedly with every slam, plunge, prod and poke that jams his ass. Both men are drenched with sweat as they continue fucking, going faster and faster until they both bust their nuts. "

WATCH Indiscretion, Scene 4 Featuring Christopher Daniels and Landon Conrad
















Office Affairs, Scene 2

Featuring Brandon Lewis and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

June 10, 2011

"Early for his appointment, Landon Conrad settles down in the waiting room. He sits facing sexy stud Brandon Lewis and begins to fantasize about the handsome young man. 'What's under all those clothes? How big is his dick? Wouldn't it be fun running my tongue all over his body and take his big cock up my ass?' A million nasty thoughts race through his brain. Not the least bit intimidated with being scrutinized, Brandon eyes the new arrival and wonders the same lascivious thoughts. He grows increasingly stimulated and quietly giddy with the thought of lips clamped tight around big cocks sucking away madly; of tongues dipping into puckered sphincters; of thick hard dicks slamming deep inside juiced-up assholes. The two strangers mentally strip each other down, imagining how their rock-hard bodies and rippling muscles must look like; what the other man tastes like, smells like, feels like, fucks like. It's a double fantasy that has both of them sweating in their suits. There is a twitching in their loins, a thundering beating in their hearts and a craving that aches to be realized. Maybe their neckties are strangling clear thinking; but will their sexual appetites ever be fed?"

13023_002 13023_003

13023_001 13023_004

13023_005 13023_006

13023_007 13023_008

13023_009 13023_010

13023_011 13023_012











The Other Side Of Aspen VI, Scene 10

Featuring Brandon Bangs and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

May 25, 2011

"Landon Conrad and Brandon Bangs relax in a steaming hot tub amidst the sun-soaked snowcovered Aspen landscape. Landon's striking features and perfectly chiseled physique bathe in the mist like an erotic mirage...and big blond Brandon goes in for a drink of the bright lusty visage. The muscles on Landon's torso ripple with excitement as Brandon sucks his long veiny cock and the action grows steamier with every urgent uptake of cock. Before long Landon takes his turn deepthroating Brandon's uncut cock...taking his breath away and causing Brandon's jaw to drop in awe over Landon's cocksucking skills. The steamed and steamy studs switch it up again with Brandon licking Landon's balls until he finally gives into the urgency of orgasm and shoots his load. Landon settles into the heat of the whirlpool while he sucks and jacks Brandon's thick uncut cock until the boy pumps out his own thick load. Satisfied and energized the two studs seal the scene as they kiss deeply and passionately."











The Other Side Of Aspen VI, Scene 9

Featuring Landon Conrad and Shane Frost
Falcon Studios

May 20, 2011

"Shane Frost and Landon Conrad go at it with a vengeance of passion. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to witness two of the world’s finest men fucking as if they were the last two men on earth. Landon shows us why he’s the star of Aspen VI. The reverse cowboy position is so over the top that you gotta see it believe it. Shane squirms like a kitty on catnip—and who wouldn’t blow his load with Landon’s cock up his ass?"












The Other Side Of Aspen VI, Scene 5

Featuring Adam Killian, Angelo Marconi, Brandon Bangs, Gavin Waters, Landon Conrad, Roman Heart, Shane Frost, Tony Buff
Falcon Studios

April 22, 2011

"Landon Conrad strokes his cock alone in front of a fireplace. One by one all of his Aspen buddies arrive, engaging in some of the best oral sex ever observed. Ass eating and cock sucking - it's a writhing jumble of hot flesh that brings to mind the great orgies filmed by Falcon over the 40 years the company has been in business. The physical beauty of these men is astounding: Roman Heart never looked better, Tony Buff's cock dominates the room, Adam Killian looks like he owns the place. Landon Conrad's chest is chiseled and scuplted like some hot magical marble bust. Angelo Marconi shows himself to be one of the hottest muscle on earth! Gavin Waters shines with his creamy white Nordic skin, and Brandon Bangs and Shane Frost bring a young spirit to the room...a new generation of hard, demanding Aspen men."
















The Other Side Of Aspen VI, Scene 1

Featuring Cameron Adams and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

April 8, 2011

"Landon Conrad and Cameron Adams head indoors after an afternoon of skiing, hot from their workout despite the chill in the air. Inside the cabin, they strip down and give in to their mutual desires. Cameron lovingly works tongue down his buddy’s tight slope of chest like one last run down an expert run. Cameron deepthroats Landon’s thick erect cock, exciting Landon to the point of delirium. Landon drops to his knees and opens wide to fellate Cameron’s cock. He sucks it down and with every slurp and every gulp his desire for Cameron’s ass intensifies. Landon takes Cameron from behind and buries his cock deep. Before long, Cameron’s on his back and Landon thrusts deep from between Cameron’s legs. Landon quickens the pace as both men moan with exaltation. Finally Landon pulls out and both men stroke their cocks to orgasm…spurting thick streams of cum over each other."










Fleet Week 2, Scene 4

Featuring Landon Conrad and Parker Perry
Falcon Studios

March 18, 2011

"Having been away at sea for a long six months, Naval officer Landon Conrad's happy as a clam when his ship finally drops anchor in San Francisco. He dives into a gay waterhole for some R&R where hunky barkeep Parker Perry knows exactly what to do to satisfy the man in uniform. He makes headway to Landon's crotch and runs his tongue and mouth up and down and all over his already stiffened staff. Then he goes for his poop deck and rims his asshole. The men switch places so Landon can service the lucky landlubber and he swabs him from fore to aft and from stern to stern gobbling down his cock and eating out his ass. Landon then sinks his dick into Parker's asshole, fucking him so hard that all the bartender can do is scream for more. The men twist into different positions, both of them drowning in their desire for more and more pleasure. They separate to jerk themselves off, the excitement and thrill running out of control until one after the other, they shoot their loads."










Falcon Studios Hot Property

Hot Property, Scene 4

Featuring Brad Star and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

February 11, 2011

"Landon Conrad's scored big time as Brad Star eagerly snatches up the hot property. As is his custom, Landon suggests to the new homeowner that they break in the house with a celebratory suck-n-fuck. Brad welcomes the idea and they start to party hearty. Landon goes down on Brad's horsedick, making the big man swoon and coo. The randy realtor sucks cock and eats ass like the pro he is while Brad responds by fingering and playing with his ass. Brad gets his turn to nurse on Landon's dick and he savors every inch of manmeat as it slides through his clamped lips. Landon then straddles Brad, screws himself onto his stiff staff and begins to bounce up and down. His moans and groans grow louder and faster as Brad continues fucking him in different poses until both men reach their boiling point and erupt with two hefty loads."










Hot Property, Scene 1

Featuring Landon Conrad and Jake Steel
Falcon Studios

January 7, 2011

"Landon Conrad hires photographer Jake Steel to shoot some pix of the hot property he's trying to unload. But after a few snapshots throughout the residence, the real estate agent and the shutterbug stop to develop a more intimate and erotic picture of their own. Finding themselves in the master bedroom the two men quickly get to work. Jake's lips and mouth travel hungrily up and down Landon's muscled torso, tasting his sweet flesh and nibbling his jujube tits. Then he lands onto Landon's erect cock and swallows it down in continuous gulps. Before long, they fall onto the bed and Landon gets freaky in the sheets as he sucks the photographer's hefty tripod before rimming the buried aperture between his asscheeks. Jake mounts Landon, slides down onto his pole and rides him hard. They twist into different positions as Landon continues fucking Jake, the excitement and thrill accelerating with every thrust until they both shoot their loads."











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