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Big Wood, Scene 1

Featuring Chaz Riley and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

November 26, 2010

"After pissing out his campfire, Chaz Riley takes a hike. He soon comes upon Landon Conrad standing alone aboard an abandoned train trestle playing with his cock. Wow ... and Chaz wants in on that action! He swoops in and swallows Landon's woody down his gullet, knoshing hungrily away on its hefty thickness. Next it's Landon's turn to chop the big guy down to size. He falls to his knees to suck on Chaz's dick and then rim his asshole. Once Chaz's sweet sphincter is ready and slicked with spit, Landon fucks him hard. Soon both of them are all jazzed up and neither can hold back any longer. Chaz and Landon jerk themselves off excitedly and then explode with bursts of cum."









FVP201 Snap Shot

Snap Shot, Scene 4

Featuring Adam Killian, Jayden Grey, and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

July 27, 2010

"Jayden Grey continues his investigative meandering until he's surprised by Adam Killian and abducted. The ruffian drags the frightened photog to his waiting partner-in-crime, Landon Conrad. Adam forcefeeds his stiff dick into Jayden's mouth while Landon snaps away, filming the young shutterbug's humiliation. But Jayden manages to cope and soon he's got both their cocks down his throat without any resistance. The lusty threesome move and groove into different combinations sucking cock and eating ass, with the young interloper getting worked over and roughened up. Adam and Landon stuff their meatpoles into Jayden at both ends. Then they ratchet up the action by simultaneously cramming both their dicks into Jayden's ass. It's sheer pleasure despite the pain and Jayden screams his surrender. Adam then lays down. He nibbles Jayden's dick while Landon fucks him and one after the other they all climax and cum."

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Morning Wood, Scene 1

Starring Landon Conrad and Ludovic Canot
Falcon Studios

July 1, 2010

"The alarm blasts 7am rousting Landon Conrad out of bed. He readies himself for work. First a shave, then a shower before he gets dressed. Boyfriend Ludovic Canot is movin' a bit slower but finally hits the shower. Landon pokes his head in for a goodbye kiss, but the smooches trigger an urgent passion. He is pulled fully clothed into the shower, still liplocked with Ludovic, then sheds his wet clothes so his lover can suck his cock. The action progresses and Landon goes down on Ludovic. Next he begins rimming his asshole, teasing it with a series of licks and tongue jabs before he starts to screw it fiercely. In and out of the shower, from behind, sitting atop, balanced precariously against the counter, the two men fuck forcefully. Landon's pole slides in and out of Ludovic's ass like a well-oiled piston until he pulls out and showers his partner with his warm jism. Ludovic whacks his meat and finally gets his rocks off, spritzing all over the tile floor."

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White Hot, Scene 3

Featuring Josh Griffin and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

April 26, 2010

"After soaking up the sunshine outside for a spell, Landon Conrad and Josh Griffin retreat indoors for some intense R&R. Without missing a beat, they dissolve into each other's arms kissing and stroking. Josh is the first to go down and enjoy his partner's romper stomper. The curve of Landon's cock sliding easily up into his mouth produces a sensation both find hard to beat and soon the lovers trade off so they can share the experience equally. Then Josh lays back with his legs spread apart, his asshole ready to be prodded and Landon is already there pumping his thunderstick in and out. The fucking continues with Landon standing behind Josh, then with both men laying on their sides. There's no end to the ass assault and Josh wouldn't have it any other way. The pleasured pain of a thick dick up his ass soon becomes too much and he jacks himself off to climax and cum. Then he lays back with his arm around Landon and watches his friend stroke himself and finally blast his hefty load."

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Landon Fucks Dominic Pacifico

Featuring Dominic Pacifico and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios | Falcon St8Men

"When you pair up a relative newcomer with a seasoned pro and the adrenaline’s pumping, the juices are flowing ... just watch out and let ‘er rip! Landon’s second outing, this time with Dominic, will get you all twitchy and creamin’ in your jeans."

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Landon Conrad Fucks Derrek Diamond

Featuring Derrek Diamond and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios | Falcon Str8Men

"Wrapped in a hot embrace and making out like two horny teenagers, Landon and Derrek Diamond take each other on. These guys are mirror images of each other, both of them handsome, well-built and big-dicked. Derrek is the more aggressive, hungrier of the two and dives onto Landon's cock. But Landon quickly proves that his appetite is just as healthy as he gobbles up his doppelganger's pole. Then he focuses on Derrek's pinched sphincter, priming it with wet licks and tongue jabs before he tenderly slides his dick inside the crack and pumps away. Derrek's panting is loud and profound, each grunt the perfect complement to every one of Landon's penetrating thrusts. Then he lays down with his legs spread wide apart and Landon continues to pierce his hole. Derrek is drowning in carnal bliss. The sensation is so sweet and sublime that he jerks himself to climax. Landon quickly mimics his partner's actions, matching Derrek's copious load of spooge with his own hefty offering."
















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