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Going Green

Featuring Jake Steel and Jason Maddox
Str8 to Gay at

August 23, 2016

"Jason Maddox and Jake Steel are going green! What better way to start than by sharing shower time and making the most of their rock hard dicks."

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Bennett Anthony and Jake Steel

My Best Friend's Husband Part 6

Featuring Bennett Anthony and Jake Steel
Str8 to Gay at

June 16, 2015

"Bennett Anthony is waiting for his wife at couple’s therapy when he decided to open up to his therapist about a time when he was seduced by his wife’s best friend, Jake Steel. Jake finds Bennett asleep in bed with his wife passed out in the next room when he decides to make his move. Bennett fucks Jake’s load out of him before feeding him his own."

Bennett Anthony and Jake Steel

Bennett Anthony and Jake Steel

Bennett Anthony and Jake Steel

Bennett Anthony and Jake Steel

Bennett Anthony and Jake Steel

Bennett Anthony and Jake Steel

Bennett Anthony and Jake Steel

Bennett Anthony and Jake Steel

The Key Party

Featuring Jake Steel, John Magnum, Phenix Saint, Rocco Reed, Spencer Fox, Tommy Defendi
Jizz Orgy at

December 31, 2013

"On MEN.COM 2013 is going out with a bang - a 6 man gang bang called "The Key Party!" Jake Steel, John Magnum, Rocco Reed, Spencer Fox, Phenix Saint and Tommy Defendi determine their starting sex partners by putting their keys into a bowl but before long, everyone is fucking!"

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Jake Steel and Colby Jansen

The Straight To Gay Show Part 4

Featuring Colby Jansen and Jake Steel
Str8 to Gay at

June 19, 2013

Jake Steel and Colby Jansen in The Straight To Gay Show 4

Jake Steel and Colby Jansen Jake Steel and Colby Jansen

Jake Steel and Colby Jansen Jake Steel and Colby Jansen

Jake Steel and Colby Jansen Jake Steel and Colby Jansen

Jake Steel and Colby Jansen Jake Steel and Colby Jansen
Jake Steel and Rocco Reed

Thief Employee

Featuring Jake Steel and Rocco Reed
Drill My Hole at

May 24, 2013

Thief Employee Featuring Jake Steel and Rocco Reed

Jake Steel and Rocco Reed

Jake Steel and Rocco Reed

Jake Steel and Rocco Reed

Jake Steel and Rocco Reed

Jake Steel and Rocco Reed Jake Steel and Rocco Reed
WifeWoesSTGphotos (8)

Wife Woes

Featuring Jake Steel and Ryan Evans
Str8 to Gay at

April 14, 2012

"Newly wed Ryan Evans is quickly finding out that the married life isn't all that it's cracked up to be, he just isn't getting the "attention" that he use to get from his wife. Ryan needs a little time for himself and heads over to his friend's (Jake Steel) place to have a couple drinks and one thing leads to another."

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WifeWoesSTGphotos (4) WifeWoesSTGphotos (2)

WifeWoesSTGphotos (5)

WifeWoesSTGphotos (6)

WifeWoesSTGphotos (7)


WifeWoesSTGphotos (9)

WifeWoesSTGphotos (10)


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WifeWoesSTGphotos (12)

WifeWoesSTGphotos (1)

Male To Order

Featuring Jake Steel and Tyler St. James
Str8 to Gay at

August 31, 2011

"Jake Steel is in heat, he needs cock and wants it now. Cruising the local lists he finds exactly what he is looking for in Tyler St. James, a young inexperienced sculpture of sweat and muscle looking for some extra cash. Tyler's straight, but started to strip for a little extra income and decides to take Jake up on his offer to perform a private hands-off show at Jake’s home. The second Tyler walks in the door Jake knows nothing will stand in his way from getting that bulge in his mouth. Jake tells Tyler to setup in the bedroom, Tyler reluctantly agrees reminding Jake that he's only here for a dance and is a little nervous to begin with because it's his first time doing a private show. The second Tyler takes off his shirt to begin the show Jake is touching himself - Tyler is absolutely perfect. Jake must see and suck that cock NOW! Jake offers another couple hundred to turn up the heat and soon enough Tyler's 8" cut monster is unleashed and deep in Jake’s throat. Tyler has mixed feelings about this and lets Jake know, but Jake, now bobbing up and down on what has become a fence pole knows rock hard cocks don't lie - Tyler is loving it."





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Backroom Exclusives 28, Scene 4
Troy Collins and Jake Steel
Hot House Video

May 28, 2012

"Jake Steel and Troy Collins enjoy making out. They exchange quick glances and smile knowingly while they grab each other's crotches; this is called chemistry. Troy unbuttons Jake's pants and starts sucking his big cock then lies back so Jake can go down on his fat one. Jake obviously loves sucking dick but when he gets on all fours and offers up his ass it's clear he wants to get fucked. Troy mounts the young stud and pounds his hole good! Jake tugs on this dick until he blows then Troy pulls out and milks a load out of his own uncut thick one."

Road Trip Vol. 14 - Hollywood (JVP137) Scene 4
Jacob Wright, Jake Steel, Damon Audigier, J.J., Junior, & Chasen Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

"All the guys confess their weekend in Hollywood has exceeded their expectations, with JJ even thinking about making a move out west. But for now, the guys are together, ready to make the final scene a showstopper! Jacob goes down on Junior; JJ does Jake; and Damon starts sucking on Chasen. They’re all so into it that it’s hard to tell which guy is enjoying himself more. The fellas break into two groups with Junior slurping on Damon’s asscrack as he sucks Jake’s cock. Chasen is the middleman on his team with Jacob feasting on his salami while he gets to savor JJ’s joystick. The fucking frenzy then begins with Jake fucking JJ; Damon riding Chasen; and Junior putting the screws to Jacob. It’s a free-for-all as they trade partners; all of them stars rotating around the other and then climaxing big the grand finale. How better to end this road trip than with another quote; this one from Jay Leno: “If God doesn’t destroy Hollywood, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology!” Amen!"

Road Trip Vol. 14 - Hollywood (JVP137) Scene 2
Jake Steel & Chasen
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

February 23, 2010

"Jake Steel's representin' the City of Brotherly Love and Chasen's our big guy from Florida; both of them eager to make a big splash in Hollywood. It quickly becomes apparent that Jake really knows how to suck cock and all those groans and moans Chasen's making certainly proves it. He savors each sloppy lick, each run of his tongue up and down the shaft, each oral tickle of Chasen's balls. Then the guys trade places. JJ moves his hips to and fro so he can slide his dick through Chasen's lips; and the big guy knoshes on it hungrily. After a while Jake attacks Chasen's asshole, jabbing his tongue deep inside to tease and titillate. Then he mounts his partner and skewers himself onto his stiff rod to ride him hard and fast. They get up as Chasen still plugs away, fucking Jake's hole with firm and repetitive thrusts. The pain and the pleasure intensify until Chasen pulls out and cums across Jake's rump. And Jake answers with his equally impressive load."

Alexsander Freitas and Jake SteelSex Addict, Scene 3
Alexsander Freitas and Jake Steel
Lucas Entertainment

October 25, 2010

"Jake Steel is diligently working at his desk when he can’t help noticing the buff and brutally hot Alexsander Freitas making eyes at him from an adult DVD store across the street. The tattooed stud shows off his washboard abs and soon Jake’s come hither stare results in an office visitor. Alexsander strips his white collar prey at his company board room table and Jake immediately shoves the bodybuilder’s big bulge in his hungry mouth. He deep throats Alexsander’s beefy cock, unconcerned about who might walk in and see! Next he rims Alex’s masculine and muscular ass and lays him out on the table like a huge Brazilian feast. He perches his boyish white ass over the hulking top, who rises up and penetrates him in one hot thrust. Alex bangs his bottom boy like a man, bending over him doggy style and slamming his ass until he screams. He pounds the twinkish Jake until Jake shoots a creamy load across his abs!"
Alexsander Freitas and Jake Steel

Alexsander Freitas and Jake Steel

Alexsander Freitas and Jake Steel

Alexsander Freitas and Jake Steel


Featuring Jake Steel and James Jamesson
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

March 18, 2010

"The tall hunk of a man Jake Steel has blindfolded James Jameson, and he is taking his time feeling every inch of James muscular body.

Slowly, Jake caresses each muscle with tender love and care. James sits calmly letting Jake do whatever he feels like. It's a slow, hard scene. Those who respect the male body, and love to worship every part of it, will love this scene.

It's every man's dream, as James gets full service in this hot sexy scene. Enjoy!"

WATCH Blindfolded Featuring Jake Steel and James Jamesson

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Brandon Bangs & Jake Steel

February 25, 2010

"Brandon Bangs had a stressful day at the gym. He works out every day at the local gym and he is a weight trainer as well. He had to deal with a lot of bullshit from a customer and now he is back home wanting to relax. Jake Steel is relaxing on the bed reading a men's magazine when Brandon walks in. He notices that Brandon is very stressed out and could use some relief. What a good buddy Jake is by attending to Brandon's needs. Jake gives him a nice rub down and an awesome blow job. Jake even wants Brandon's big thick shaft in his tight ready hole. These two buddies love to please one another and Jake cum's like a sprinkler with Brandon's man meat deep inside his ass. Enjoy!" Check out Jake Steel at Next Door World for all-in-one access!
Christian Wilde and Jake SteelChristian Wilde and Jake Steel

November 12, 2009

"Christian Wilde was having a relaxing dip in the pool when the supple young Jake Steel came out to play. Jake thought he should wear a swimsuit, but when he sees Christian swimming in his birthday suit, he realizes the rules are off. After some playful splashing and dunking, the boys dicks perk up and Christian can't hold back. He tosses Jake up on the ledge of the pool and sucks his dick with intensity. After Jake returns the favor, he decides his asshole is due for a pounding, and Christian's cock looks like just the thing to get the job done!" Check out Jake Steel at Next Door World for all-in-one access!

Christian Wilde and Jake Steel Christian Wilde and Jake Steel

Rusty Stevens and Jake Steel

Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

October 22, 2009

"If there's one thing tight bros do, it's work out together. Jake Steel is sitting out for this lifting session, but Rusty Stevens is cranking iron at full bore. He's putting up some serious plates this time, which always gives Rusty an intense erection. Jake has noticed the chubby under Rusty's blue spandex and wants a closer look!

Rusty knows Jake's tight hole is just what the doctor ordered for a post-workout cool-down. Rusty's muscles are seriously swolt and Jake's asshole is itching for this muscle man's cock. He wants to make sure Rusty's dick is as throbbing as the rest of his body, so he sucks him off a little before getting railed on the workout bench. Drop your dumbbells gentlemen and get ready to pump those cocks to an intense workout! Enjoy!"

WATCH Rusty Stevens and Jake Steel

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Jake Steel and Brent BiscayneJake Steel and Brent Biscayne

October 1, 2009

"It's safe to say that most guys are fans of the blowjob wake-up. Brent Biscayne is one of these guys. He and Jake Steel decided to sleep in and have a lazy morning. Little did he know, Jake had sexy plans of his own! After Brent's morning boner gets some proper treatment, he returns the favor and slurps on Jake's rock hard flesh rod. These guys get hot and heavy as Brent administers a passionate pounding for which Jake's tight butthole was begging. When you don't have time to make a big breakfast, sometimes a nice cock is just as good." Check out Jake Steel at Next Door World for all-in-one access!

Jake Steel and Brent Biscayne Jake Steel and Brent Biscayne
NextDoorMale Jake SteeleJake Steel

October 5, 2009

"It's the man of Steel...Jake Steel! He's a busy guy these days, going to college and trying to stay on top of his studies. Today he's all by himself, engaging in his favorite extra-curricular activity- Jerking his cock, of course. Jake is stoked because he's jacking off in an awesome house with a perfect chair for grinding on. Watch him rub his stiffie on the fine leather while he imagines a tight hole he'd like to fuck. Then see Jake lie down for some deep tissue stroking. It's the perfect stress reliever after a week of tough finals." Check out Jake Steel at Next Door World for all-in-one access!
NextDoorMale Jake Steele

NextDoorMale Jake Steele

NextDoorMale Jake Steele NextDoorMale Jake Steele
"Baked Goods"
Mason Wyler and Jake Steel (2)

March 22, 2010

"Jake Steel is preparing Mason Wyler something special for just being himself. Jake is a great baker and he wants to excite Mason as much as possible. Mason is surprised to see Jake walk in with some yummy brownie batter. They both taste the goods and exchange it with some chocolate swapping. Sticky treats are great and Jake has more instore for Mason. These two hunks share every hole with a passionate intent. Big cocks,lots of slobbering and great butts to give any man a raging hard on. Enjoy!" Check out Jake Steel at Next Door World for all-in-one access!
Mason Wyler, Jake Steel, David Stone, Brandon Bangs

March 8, 2010

"Mason brings a few of his buddies to play with him this week. Jake Steel, Brandon Bangs, David Stone know that Mason is a cock hungry whore, so they decided to feed him all the sausage he can handle. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as these 4 studs suck, fuck and cum all over Mason and each other. VERY HOT!" Check out Jake Steel at Next Door World for all-in-one access!
Jake Steel and Mason WylerJake Steel and Mason Wyler

October 19, 2009

"It's getting pretty fucking hot in Mason Wyler's bedroom! It's because the supple, young Jake Steel has flown into Mason's web. Jake is a sweet young man with a big cock, who loves to fuck. These guys are the perfect match! Watch Jake slide his hard dick into Mason's mouth and all the way back. They even get into a little 69 action, one of Jake's favorite things. And Jake may have an innocent, fresh face, but he knows how to pound an ass and Mason gets to find out first hand. Don't miss the extreme passion between these two insatiable studs." Check out Jake Steel at Next Door World for all-in-one access!

Jake Steel and Mason Wyler Jake Steel and Mason Wyler
"Dick Tasting"
Tommy D and Jake Steel

February 5, 2010

"TommyD is back and this time Jake Steel has been kind enough to join us for some hot voyeur and BJ action. TommyD introduces the return of Jake and lets him start the scene off for all his loyal viewers. Mr. Steel and TommyD stare each other down as they strip clothing and slowly stroke their cocks making some intense eye to eye contact. Jake can only watch TommyD for so long until he decides to slowly creep up on TommyD's rock hard cock and start some wet mouth to dick tasting. Some hot BJ swapping and lots of cum with two hot men is what this scene comes down to. Enjoy!" Check out Jake Steel at Next Door World for all-in-one access!
Tommy D and Jake Steel

Tommy D and Jake Steel

Tommy D and Jake Steel

Tommy D and Jake Steel
Bo Dean and Jake Steel

Bo Dean and Jake Steel

September 3, 2010

"Even I need a Friday off every once in awhile, so this week you get to watch a different Jake in action; Jake Steel that is. He gets the pleasure of getting fucked by Bo Dean, our top model from our sister site: CockSureMen. Jake has taken some pretty big cocks before, but taking a pounding from Bo’s thick dick is still quite a feat. Watching Bo’s muscles flex and tense as he thrusts every inch into Jake’s hole is a beautiful sight to behold. Damn, watching these two hunks go at it is making me jealous! I can’t wait to get back to work :0)"

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Hay Hikers II

Dakota Rivers and Jake Steel

May 25, 2010

"It's just another beautiful day here in SoCal, perfect for a leisurely hike. Dakota Rivers and Jake Steel prefer fucking to hiking however. With that in mind they venture off the trail and into each others' pants. Dakota sucks Jake's pink cock and Jake soon returns the favor, swallowing Dakota down to his balls. With Dakota at full mast Jake bends over a fence, ass thrust into the air, ready for a pounding. Dakota slides his thick dick into Jake and begins to thrust away. They stop only to find a more comfortable spot to fuck, and find it in a hay stall nearby. Jake's hungry hole wants more, and Dakota is happy to continue giving it to him. The pleasure proves too much and Jake dribbles out a load while still getting pounded by Dakota. When Dakota's turn arrives he convulses while cumming in pure ecstasy."





Hay_Hikers_25 Hay_Hikers_27

Hay_Hikers_29 Hay_Hikers_210

Hay_Hikers_212 Hay_Hikers_213

Hay_Hikers_214 Hay_Hikers_217

Hay_Hikers_218 Hay_Hikers_219

Hay_Hikers_224 Hay_Hikers_225

The Gay Coach 3

Featuring Jake Steel, Jason Adonis and Kyler Wes

February 2, 2010

"Kyler Wes and Jake Steel's workout session becomes a cock sucking session. The two young jocks are having plenty of fun on their own when they're caught - literally - with their pants down by coach Jason Adonis. Instead of reporting them, Coach Adonis wants a piece of the action and jumps in. The three athletes get down to some hot action right there in the gym and before long, the coach has shown both younger men how it's done. Both students get fucked by the coach, but it's the blue-eyed Kyler who ends up wearing the coach's load on his tight abs."







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