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Jack Major
Hunter Page


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Daddy's Big Boy 2, Scene 2

Hunter Page and Nick Capra

November 10, 2015

"Nick Capra has hired Hunter Page to help him out with some projects around the house. Hurting himself in the garage while Nick was inside, Nick's nurturing instincts are sparked. Urging Hunter to lay down to ice his hand, Nick checks on the injured youth following a hot shower, finding him asleep. Standing in a towel, dripping wet, Nick looks him up and down, admiring the boy's tight stomach. Awakening, Hunter groggily comments on the dreamy view providing distraction from the throbbing pain in his hand.

Nick moves his hand massaging the inside of Hunter's thigh before rubbing over his houseboy's lithe frame. Hunter teases the older man as their lips move closer, touching softly as they make out. Climbing on top of Daddy, the boy's boxers bunch above the tops of his pants. Nick reaches up and grabs both his cheeks with full palms, as his worker gasps in pleasure.

Hunter pushes his pelvis into Nicks's stomach, pressing on Daddy's erect cock before sliding down Nick Capra's hairy chest to service the massively thick waiting dick, his tender lips wrapping around it, Nick pulling his head onto his girthy cock.

Tearing off Hunter's pants, Nick licks his balls before sucking the boy's long dick, flipping him onto his back. Their lips hardly leaving each other's, as Hunter feels Nick's muscular thighs, encouraging him to push into his furry hole. As he thrusts into him Nick reaches around to stroke his helper's stiff dick.

Pulling out of him, Nick cums all over his stomach as his young helper strokes his hairy chest and nipples. After watching Nick cum, Hunter brings himself over the edge, cumming all over his furry toned stomach, as Nick encourages him before kissing." WATCH Hunter Page and Nick Capra in Daddy's Big Boy 2, Scene 2












62673_04 62673_05

62673_09 62673_10

Hunter Page and Cameron Worship Each Others Feet

June 20, 2015

Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"Cameron Kincade has been driving me crazy with how much he wants to worship Hunter Page's sexy size 10 feet, so I started setting things up for a worship scene. Hunter was certainly up for it because he is totally into foot and sock worship! This time he knew as soon as Cameron started sniffing his dress socks that it was going to be an experience he will never forget. Evidence of that is when he strips down completely naked and begins stroking his big, rock hard cock. And lo and behold, Hunter starts sucking on Cameron's feet right back until they both explode in a kinky climax!"

















Hunter Page Tickled Naked

April 30, 2015

"Hunter Page is back and this time Cameron and I tied him up and tickle tortured his lean body and adorable size 10 feet. Hunter told me when I first met him that his feet are ticklish and we all know that's something a dude should never do. When I told Cameron that Hunter had ticklish feet he cracked a huge grin and we wasted no time tying the cutie to the MFF tickle chair so we could have our tickle torment way with him. Oh, and we made sure we stripped him down so he was REALLY vulnerable."





















Hunter Shows Off His Dress Socks & Bare Feet

April 21, 2015

"Hunter Page is a totally cutie. I loved his facial scruff and adorable smile from the first moment I met him. Hunter is proud of his feet and bragged about how they're a good size and how sexy they are during this photo shoot. Hunter came to the shoot dressed in some pretty nice clothes and as soon as he took his shoes off I couldn't believe my luck. He had on black and gold socks. I love those! But I think I love Hunter's big, sexy feet even more!"

Mffhq1282_hunterpage_007 Mffhq1282_hunterpage_017

Mffhq1282_hunterpage_044 Mffhq1282_hunterpage_056

Mffhq1282_hunterpage_074 Mffhq1282_hunterpage_087


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Extreme Men Part 2

Featuring Bryce Evans & Hunter Page
Drill My Hole at

September 13, 2013

"The shower Hunter Page is having with master Bryce Evans involves some hot piss play before the hardcore action begins. Hunter takes a good pounding deep in his horny twink hole."

0046 0055

ExtremeMenPart2DMH12 ExtremeMenPart2DMH03











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Going West Part 3

Featuring Chris Bines, Cooper Reed, Hunter Page, Jack King and Johnny Rapid
Jizz Orgy at

August 30, 2013

"Part 3 of's "Going West" series is a five man orgy. Johnny Rapid and Hunter Page get drilled old west style by Cooper Reed, Chris Bines & Jack King! Hunter Page is DP'd for the first time on"

0048 0036

GoingWestPart3JO05 GoingWestPart3JO10

GoingWestPart3JO11 GoingWestPart3JO12

GoingWestPart3JO13 0091




















The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear 2

Featuring Hunter Page and Tom Faulk
Big Dicks at School at

July 24, 2013

Hunter Page and Tom Faulk in The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear 2







TheBrotherhoodOfTheTravellingUnderwearPart2BDAS01 TheBrotherhoodOfTheTravellingUnderwearPart2BDAS07
Men Network - 9 Sites For The Price Of One

Men Series: Major League

MajorLeaguePart3JO (14)

Major League Part 3

Featuring Andrew Stark, Hunter Page, Johnny Rapid, Mike De Marko, and Riley Banks
Jizz Orgy at

March 15, 2013

"Sexual opportunist and talent scout Andrew Stark has four evenly matched players (Johnny Rapid, Mike De Marko, Riley Banks, Hunter Page) who all gave up their holes for a chance at the Major League. Watch Andrew pound all 4 holes to find out who gets the final spot!"


MajorLeaguePart3JO (3) MajorLeaguePart3JO (6)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (4) MajorLeaguePart3JO (5)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (1)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (2)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (7)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (8)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (9)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (10)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (11)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (12)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (13)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (15)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (16)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (17)

MajorLeaguePart3JO (18)

Jizz Shower

Featuring Hunter Page, Jack King, Jimmy Johnson, Spencer Reed, and Tommy Defendi
Jizz Orgy at

March 8, 2013

"Irresistible twink Hunter Page turns on a room full of hunks in the shower. Jimmy Johnson, Tommy Defendi, Jack King & Spencer Reed take turns fucking and sucking Hunter's ass and mouth until they shower him with hot Jizz!"

0022 0010

0001 0030


JizzShowerJO (1)

JizzShowerJO (2)

JizzShowerJO (3)

JizzShowerJO (4)

JizzShowerJO (5)

JizzShowerJO (6)

JizzShowerJO (7)

JizzShowerJO (8)

JizzShowerJO (9)

JizzShowerJO (10)

JizzShowerJO (11)

JizzShowerJO (12)

JizzShowerJO (13)

JizzShowerJO (14)

JizzShowerJO (15)
Colby Jansen and Hunter Page

Office Of Student Research

Featuring Colby Jansen and Hunter Page
Big Dicks at School at

February 6, 2013

"Hunter Page finds himself in an uncomfortable situation when school administrator Colby Jansen confronts him with some racy images taken in the school dorms! Lucky for Hunter Colby is hot and horny and totally open to working something out. Hot sucking, rimming, fucking and some great foot play ensue!"

OfficeOfStudentResearch (3)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (4)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (5)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (6)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (7)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (8)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (9)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (10)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (11)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (12)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (13)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (14)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (15)

OfficeOfStudentResearch (16)

"Wet and Wild"

Hunter Page & Austin Keys
Gay Room | Men POV

April 22, 2015

Hunter Page & Austin Keys in "Wet and Wild" at Gay Room | Men POV.

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys

Hunter Page & Austin Keys
Hunter Page & John Foster

"Tense Boyfriend"

Hunter Page & John Foster
Gay Room | Man Royale

April 9, 2015

Hunter Page & John Foster in "Tense Boyfriend" at Gay Room | Man Royale.

Hunter Page & John Foster

Hunter Page & John Foster

Hunter Page & John Foster

Hunter Page & John Foster

Hunter Page & John Foster

Hunter Page & John Foster

Hunter Page & John Foster

Hunter Page & John Foster

Hunter Page & John Foster
Andy Taylor and Hunter Page

"Our New Toy"

Starring Andy Taylor and Hunter Page
Damn Thats Big at

February 27, 2013

"Dear Diary, It's Hunter again and I just wanted to drop a line today. My sweet boyfriend, Andy Taylor bought us a brand new toy for us to enjoy. Andy is so sweet. He bought us a double-sided toy that we both can enjoy. Of course it's just a tease, but that leads us up to the real thing nicely. What a man."

Andy Taylor and Hunter Page

Andy Taylor and Hunter Page

Andy Taylor and Hunter Page

Andy Taylor and Hunter Page

Andy Taylor and Hunter Page

Andy Taylor and Hunter Page

Andy Taylor and Hunter Page

Andy Taylor and Hunter Page Andy Taylor and Hunter Page

Andy Taylor and Hunter Page Andy Taylor and Hunter Page

Special Invitation

Featuring Hunter Page and Luke Hass (2)
Gay Room | Gay Creeps

January 25, 2013

"Hunter Page gave Luke Hass a very special invitation to come and fuck anytime Luke desired. Hunter prepared himself for the big bulge that was going to be penetrating him into pleasurable bliss."






















Not So Shy

Featuring Hunter Page and Luke Hass
Gay Room | Damn Thats Big

January 16, 2013

"Hunter Page looks like a shy young man, but he is anything but that. He loves big fat cocks and has no shame in getting it. Watch this beautiful man get the dick he deserves from Luke Hass."


















Bros & Toes

Featuring Cody Cummings and Hunter Page
Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

March 27, 2013

"Hunter Page sits on the bed slowly undressing and caressing himself, sliding his pants down around his ankles and pulling the socks off his feet. Laying back on the bed Hunter watches as Cody Cummings approaches and straddles his face. Closing his eyes, he takes Cody's naked cock into his mouth as Cody runs his hands up and down Hunter's body. Hunter licks Cody's balls and starts to work his way down Cody's legs, reaching his ankles and letting his tongue dart in between Cody's toes, sucking each one individually before making his way back up to Cody's dick. Cody loves the attention, quivering from the feeling in his feet and the heat in his cock, so he grabs the back of Hunter's head and pulls it closer as Hunter gags on his meat, blowing his load on Hunter's chest as Hunter explodes all over himself in the process. Enjoy!"

WATCH Bros & Toes Featuring Cody Cummings and Hunter Page
















33000_02 33000_05

33000_066 33000_071

Just a Little Curious

Featuring Hunter Page and Kip Johnson
Pride Studios | Circle Jerk Boys

May 17, 2013

"We heard it before a zillion times; \'I have sex three to five times a week and rarely jack-off.\' But when that was said by Kip Johnson, we believed him as 26 year old tall drink of water with the rock star hair, move star face and porn star dick would make even the straightest man rethink his sexuality & before Kip departed the studio, his sexuality was updated to 'hetero-flexible' thanks to the charms of one Hunter Paige. 18 year old Hunter is 5'11\' of Southern charm with a face to match and big 'ole 8.5\' pole that never seems to go soft...especially when he took one look at Kip. But it is the way Kip returned his gaze that lead to one of the hottest straight guy goes gay encounters ever with the rules and roles out the window. Kip was waiting at his girlfriend's place when her roommate, Hunter, returned home and finally got to see what his roomie said \'was the hottest piece of man flesh on the planet\' sitting right there on the couch. Almost tongue tied looking at this A&F fantasy, \'it's too bad you're not gay\' came out of his mouth...but it's what went into his mouth next that we never saw cumming.We expected if anything, is Kip would be thinking of his girl while he let Hunter service him but what went into Hunter's mouth was not Kip's tip, but his tongue. He reached over, pulled Hunter close and proceeded to passionately kiss him complete with running his fingers through his hair, feeling his smooth, tight body and spreading his legs as Hunter's hands explored the bulge you could see from across the room. As Kip stood, he opened his pants and Hunter got on his knees, licked down Kip's six-pack, lowered his underwear and began to feast on that rapidly growing tower. With his hand on the back of Hunter's head, he guided that hungry mouth up and down his cock until Hunter took all eight inches to the base, stopping only for some remedial ball licking before returning to the prize. They took a seat on the couch and before Hunter had Kip's cock back in his mouth, Kip's hand reached over to Hunter's belly and quickly moved to a bulge that was even bigger than his own. Hunter's cock spilled out as Kip opened those jeans and wrapped those perfect lips on the throbbing pink head of Hunter's cock. He banged Hunter's cock on his tongue as he slid to his knees and looked up into Hunter's eyes. Seeing the untouched, inviting curves of Kip's ass, Hunter gave that hole a deep tongue drilling a chorus of moans emanating from Kip as he discovered his ass was more than just decorative, but a source of pleasure he had never dreamed of and I am sure Hunter never dreamed of what happens next.Rather than push him away, he handed the astounded Hunter a condom and immediately surrendered his hole as Hunter steadily worked in the tip, the shaft and by the time Hunter got down to the short and curlies, Kip was resting his moaning face on the floor and with one hand, reaching back and spreading his cheeks to Hunter could go even deeper. Flipping over onto their sides, Kip's balls were already tightening as Hunter laid behind him, raised one leg and buried that bone to the hilt again...and again...and again, leaning over for a nip suck here and quick kiss there before a final move to the chair as Kip rode that dick keeping a firm grip on his own rock hard cock. Raising himself up and down as Hunter lifted up, this fantasy turned reality fuck moved into over drive as Kip leaned back and fisted himself to a load that landed all over Hunter's chin and chest before Hunter added his own massive blast."

Duo264__26 Duo264__29

Duo264__36 Duo264__52

Duo264__57 Duo264__67

Duo264_113 Duo264_133









Hunter Page & Joey Cooper

"He's Hot!"

Hunter Page & Joey Cooper
Pride Studios | CircleJerkBoys

January 25, 2013

"We have a double dose of hotness this week as we welcome back Joey Cooper and introduce Alabama's own Hunter Page to Joey and Hunter are flipping through a skin mag looking at all the naked beefcake. "He's so hot in that pic he has me hard" says Hunter as Joey confesses that Hunter's the one that has him hard. That's all the incentive Hunter needs as he lays back; undoes his jeans and lets Joey do the rest. Joey pulls off those jeans setting Hunter's fat cock free and gets to work sucking on that big dick. He holds it with one hand as he shoves as much of it as he can down his throat. Hunter dares him to take more of it as he forces his knob even deeper into his throat. Hunter's cock is rock hard as Joey licks and savors every delicious inch of it. The start to make out as each strips the other's clothes off. Once Joey's naked Hunter bends him over and starts to explore that hot ass he'll soon own. He spreads that ass apart as he licks at his tight hole. H e slips his fingers inside that ass as Joey squirms and moans his approval. "You like those fingers?" Hunter taunts as he finger fucks that smooth hole. Hunter then gets to work sucking on Joey's cock returning the favor for a few before maneuvering into a hot 69. They now have all the cock they want at their disposal. As Hunter's sucking that cock he goes right back to fingering that ass as he gets his cock sucked. He slides his tongue in getting that hole ready for a proper fucking. He then bends Joey over and takes that ass doggy style. Joey bucks back as he gets that hot hole crammed full of cock. He can't help but jack his own boner as Hunter pumps that hole. Hunter then sits back and has Joey ride that dick taking every inch of it deep inside his horny hole. Then the party heads horizontal as Hunter takes that ass lying behind Joey. That makes Joey bust his nut all over himself. "You ready for my load?" Hunter coos as he jacks his cock off with Joey's face just below i t. Joey opens wide as Hunter sprays his thick seed sending it splattering all over Joey's smooth chest, face and open mouth. Mmmm, Mmmm, Gooooood!"

Mario Costa & Hunter Page

"Dude, Where's My Pants?"

Mario Costa & Hunter Page
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

May 29, 2013

"That handsome face would have been enough, the tight, lean body, bedroom eyes and sexy accent would have been enough, but are those fat eleven inches belonging to Mario Costa "too much?" Not here on and definitely not too much for Hunter Paige either Mario doesn't have to reach very far down to give that big ole dick a rub under any circumstances, but sitting there and seeing Hunter's purty 'lil ass cheeks outlined in his tight fitting boxer briefs, the circumstances became very clear, and so did both of their bulges. When Hunter turned around, Mario tugged down the underwear, unbuttoned the shirt and quickly engulfed Hunter's cock while Hunter removed the rest of his clothes before guiding Mario's head up and down on a pole that was growing by the lick. Mario licked his way up and down every square inch of Hunter's fat, cock meat until Hunter pulled him up, stuck his tongue in Mario's throat and hauled out Mario's joy stick. With a gasp as he laid his eye s and hands on Mario's massive meat, and with a thud, he landed on his knees and began to feast on big Cuban missile, stopping only when Mario pulled his head away for some remedial tonsil hockey now and then. Mario enjoyed the view as Hunter's cock throbbed as he fed him more cock before he bent over initiated a sixty-nine until his throbbing pole, and Hunter's puckering hole, told them both it was time to initiate something else."


Reeding the Page

Featuring Hunter Page and Spencer Reed
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

December 19, 2012

"Well, well, well, last week's hot hung hottie, Hunter Page, left quite the impression on our ExtraBigDicks members. Why with that baby face, 'Bama twang and that club dick of his we aren't surprised. Well, we love our size queens so this week we watch the 18yo Hunter become the hunted. Spencer Reed joins us this week to show Hunter how it's done.

Hunter comes over to return a drill he borrowed from Spencer. Spencer lets him in then asks him why he's always borrowing things from him. "I kind of get the feeling you want something else", he grins. Hunter is caught off guard unsure how to reply when Spencer lunges forward and slips his tongue in his mouth. That did the trick as they start to make out.

Hunter goes down on his knees as Spencer drops his shorts. Spencer moans as his cock disappears down Hunter's throat. Spencer then gets Hunter up and gets on his knees to see what Hunter's packing. His eyes light up as he hauls out Hunter's huge cock. He gets right to work nursing on that fat pole and slowly managing to deep throat every inch of it. They start to make out as Hunter joins him on the floor. Spencer then gets Hunter to lie on his back so he can get his dick wet some more. He gets that cock inside that wet mouth then leans forward to get some more dick himself. His tongue soon finds that hot hole he's after. He picks up Hunter's ass up and buries his tongue inside it. He rims that hole deep getting it ready for a lot more than his tongue.

Spencer then sits back and watches as Hunter straddles his cock and impales himself on it. He starts to ride that dick as Spencer helps him bounce him up and down on it. Back to the floor as Spencer holds Hunter's legs in the air and crams more cock up that ass. That makes Hunter's cock throb as he unloads all over his smooth abs and chest. "Aww, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!" grunts Spencer shooting his first jet flying over Hunter's head. The rest adds a second coat to Hunter's glistening abs."

43867_003 43867_007

43867_015 43867_023

43867_035 43867_052

43867_101 43867_112

43867_114 43867_119












Hunter Page

"Jiffy Pop"

Hunter Page
Pride Studios | ExtraBigDicks

December 12, 2012

"Hunter Page is making his debut this week on and we are pleased to have this hung stud in the house. Hunter is surfing the internet looking at porn and as his cock gets harder and starts to fill out his jeans he can't help but start to dry hump the chaise he's laying on. His ass grinds into the chaise below until it needs breathing room. Hunter sits up and pulls off his shirt and starts to grope his straining cock. He gets up and undoes his jeans; pulling them down to give his cock some room and is left standing sporting a tent in his sexy black briefs. He turns away from the camera and shows off his sweet ass as he pulls his briefs down just below his perfect, smooth ass. He then turns around for his unveiling and as he does his massive cock flops out of his briefs. He is naturally smooth and his body is subtly defined as his pale skin showcases his abs. His cock is more than a mouthful and he easily uses both hands at a time to pleasure it . Hunter's cock is rock hard as he lubes and strokes his dick. He playfully swings it around as he bites his sinfully full lower lip. He sits back to continue giving his fat dick the attention it deserves as his smooth balls bounce in time to his strokes. As he lays back we get a sweet view or his meat and the rest that's on the menu. His tight ass peaks out just below his nut sack as he lifts his legs and starts to explore. He closes his eyes as he slides a finger into that tight hairy hole. His legs point north as he teases that sweet spot knowing he's got what you want. Hunter then goes back to stroking his fat cock. All this stroking and fingering have him ready to blow. He moans and grunts as he finally shoots that load. He blasts jet after jet of thick cum. The initial two geysers splatter all over his face and chin, the rest of the troops land all over his chest and abs. Whew. Clean up, anyone?"


The URGE - Pound That Butt, Scene 4

Austin Wolf and Hunter Page
Hot House Video

September 3, 2015

"Delicious Hunter Page is cruising the sex club for some action when super-ripped hunk Austin Wolf, hidden in the shadows, grabs Hunter by the back of his jockstrap. Hunter goes for it and wastes no time slipping Austin's thick meat into his warm mouth. Hunter tongue's Austin's balls and gags on his shaft as he teases and fingers his own hole. Austin picks Hunter up and hoists him up onto his waste, wrapping Hunter's legs around his body and pressing his cock on Hunter's willing hole. Austin puts Hunter down on his back and burrows his face in between Hunter's furry ass cheeks. Sticking fingers and tongues into Hunter's center, Austin preps him for a rough pounding. Hunter gets spun around and gets his mouth fucked as Austin goes balls deep. Spinning Hunter around again, Austin thrusts his dick into Hunter and stuffs his jockstrap into his mouth. Changing the pace, Austin lets Hunter control the fuck and ride him. Hunter passionately bounces on Austin's rod taking every last inch. With Hunter now on all fours, Austin drills him from behind, holding Hunter in a headlock and pulling him closer as he digs deeper into his ass with his thick cock. Austin keeps pounding and wrapping his hands around Hunter's neck until he spills his load out of his huge cock. Austin pulls out and comes around to blow his wad all over Hunter's face."

WATCH The URGE - Pound That Butt, Scene 4 Starring Austin Wolf and Hunter Page















Just For You, Scene 2

Hayden Richards and Hunter Page
Falcon Studios | Guys Like Us

May 1, 2013

"Hunter Page is jacking off to his perfect fantasy man fucking him right before that dream comes true. Enter handsome Hayden Richards, who rounds the corner not expecting to see a naked guy masturbating blissfully on the staircase. They smile wide smiles, and Hayden quickly strips, his buns flexing as he ascends for an embrace. He grabs, then sucks the cock he's offered, squeezing Hunter's nuts. Hayden stands and lifts his foot onto the banister and Hunter instinctively presses his face to the crack. But Hunter's crack is the object of this fantasy, so he assumes the position � his bubble butt for the taking. Penetration is all he hoped for and more. Too na�ve to know about shaving, Hunter's hole and taint are covered with black hair. Hayden pronounces the ass sweet as he fucks it. They move to a couch and fuck in the spoons position until Hunter shoots an almost never-ending load, dumping puddle upon puddle of jizz on his tight abs then taking Hayden's load in the face."

WATCH Just For You, Scene 2 Starring Hayden Richards and Hunter Page
















Off The Hook, Scene 5

Starring Hunter Page and Lucas Knight
Colt Studios | Buckshot Productions

April 18, 2013

"Meanwhile, back at the office co-workers Lucas Knight and Hunter Page have spent most of a slow afternoon at work checking out hot guys online and fantasizing about hot sex. Worked up and rock hard they turn their lustful attention on each other, stroking their bulges and licking their lips with hungry eye contact. Sitting across from each they lower their pants, showing off and stroking their monster cocks for each other. Lucas breaks the tension and hits to his knees, slurping and sucking Hunter's big piece of boy-meat. Stripping off the last of their clothes they daringly indulge in a mutual suck-fest right in the middle of the office. Hunter’s deep throated servicing has Lucas moaning with pleasure.

The excitement of sucking cock in the office has both guys so turned on that their boy-loads cum gushing. Hunter leans back in his office chair and spills a thick load high on his chest. Lucas is right there with him as he fires off a drenching shot of steamy hot cum, and then another, and then another, spraying several impressive shots of dick juice as the sexual tension washes away in a river of nut-busting cum."

35292_001 35292_010

35292_016 35292_018

35293_006 35293_007

35293_018 35293_022


















Off The Hook, Scene 2

Starring Connor Patricks and Hunter Page
Colt Studios | Buckshot Productions

February 21, 2013

"When Hunter Page comes back to his desk he catches his co-worker Lucas Knight in the act of stroking his meat to a hot online video. After an awkward moment, he asks Lucas how he got past the office filter. Lucas shows him his filter hacking trick and Hunter is quickly off on his own internet cock-search. Hunter quickly finds a smoking hot video of handsome stud Connor Patricks. Watching Connor slowly stroke his thick tool has Hunter fantasizing about being naked and down on his knees slurping on that big cock. Hunter is packing some major meat of his own, and Connor is not one to let a big cock go un-serviced.

A long and indulgent suck-fest leads to plenty of ass play. Slurping and tonguing and exploring each other’s smooth hot butts, Lucas has Connor’s ass raised high and ready for his monster dick. Sliding and gliding his big cock in Connor’s wet boy-hole, Hunter gives his buddy a searing hot fuck. And as horny young studs often do, Connor soon wants his turn in the driver’s seat. Getting Hunter on his back Connor drills his thick dick up Hunter’s tight ass. Hunter groans as he strokes his long bone, feeling his hole stretched with Connor's big cock inside him. He shoots his hot load as Connor splits his ass in two. Seeing that cum fly makes Connor hot in a hurry. While pulling out he grabs his thick dick in hand and squeezes out a healthy jet stream of cum, He showers Hunter with his white hot load."






























Dale Cooper Tops Hunter Page's Fresh Hole

Auditions 48: Popping D.O.'s Cherry, Scene 4

Dale Cooper Tops Hunter Page's Fresh Hole
Lucas Entertainment

December 14, 2012

"Hunter Page is the perfect twink: he’s fresh out of high school and has landed at Lucas Entertainment to show off the huge cock and bubble ass he earned from his wrestling team. But better yet is the guy who is going to break him in: Dale Cooper, one of the hottest and most interest personalities to star in gay porn. He's beyond handsome, knows how to wear a hipster Brooklyn mustache, and has one of the most incredible bodies in porn today. After Adam Killian interviews the guys they start making out, the clothes come off, and Hunter can't believe how lucky he is when he sees Dale in his underwear. Hunter rubs Dale Cooper's huge dick through his orange briefs before pulling the big dick out and working it over with his lips and throat; Dale runs his hands through Hunter's thick hair and guides his head up and down. They flip and Dale settles between Hunter's legs and works on the twink's huge cock, which is so sexy to see on his slim and tight body. Hunter bends over and prepares for Dale to enter him, and when the twink bends over for Dale’s hipster cock he can't handle the penetration at first, but Dale carries on pumping and thrusting. Hunter moans and groans and as Dale fucks him he softly kisses Hunter's back, shoulders, and ass. Hunter asks Dale to fuck him until he comes, and he does just that!"

Dale Cooper Tops Hunter Page's Fresh Hole

Dale Cooper Tops Hunter Page's Fresh Hole

Dale Cooper Tops Hunter Page's Fresh Hole

Dale Cooper Tops Hunter Page's Fresh Hole Dale Cooper Tops Hunter Page's Fresh Hole