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STR8 Bait Hostel: Mysterious Encounter

Quentin Gainz and Tom Faulk
Next Door World | Next Door Originals

September 23, 2016

"With very few rooms available at the hostel, travellers Quentin Gainz and Tom Faulk are forced to share a room, even though they are total strangers. Madam Hostel has already set them up to ensure that they get acquainted with a little trickery, and as the guys get settled into their room, the Madam's plan begins to take shape. Both guys find notes under their pillows. Tom's note reaffirms his suspicions that Quentin is interested in his cock, and to his credit, Quentin's note appears to be from Tom inviting him to do just that, so when Tom falls asleep, Quentin's curiosity gets the best of him and he takes a peek under the covers, spying on Tom's nice cock resting up against his leg. Quentin takes it in his hand and slowly massages it. Tom stirs but doesn't wake, and his cock swells up semi-hard. Quentin moves his head closer to have a taste just as Tom wakes up. Petrified, Quentin freezes, and Tom asks him what he's doing. Assessing the situation, Tom realizes what's happening and taunts Quentin, asking him if he wants this cock. Quentin nods in the affirmative and Tom tells him to get started. Quentin wastes no time getting to it, downing Tom's cock in one gulp, as Tom gags him. Sitting up, Tom gets into it as Quentin strokes himself while sucking on Tom's balls. Tom rocks Quentin back up against the wall propped up on a desk as he eats Quentin's ass before sliding his cock inside his stranger roomie. Quentin takes the dick like a pro, as Tom gives him every inch of his giant cock. Tom folds Quentin over onto his side as he continues to pound away, coming close to bursting as Quentin loses his nut all over himself, before Tom blasts him with his load. Smiling in the aftermath, the guys realize that they've been set up, though neither seems to really mind, after the fact. Enjoy!" WATCH Quentin Gainz and Tom Faulk in STR8 Bait Hostel: Mysterious Encounter















Helpful Roommate

Brendan Phillips and Tom Faulk
Next Door World | Next Door Originals

September 20, 2016

"It's all set...Tom Faulk has the house to himself for the weekend and his girlfriend, Erica, is coming over for a little fun. Tom has cleaned the whole house and bought a few sex toys for them to share in having a naughty time. But then Erica calls and bails out! Tom's efforts have all been in vain. But it looks like his roommate, Brendan Phillips, had some plans change too. Now it seems they'll be home together for the weekend. And when Brendan hears Tom's girlfriend isn't coming over, he gets a few naughty ideas of his own.When Tom goes in to take a shower, Brendan leaves a Fleshjack in Tom's room as a little surprise. Tom is confused, but also curious. Brendan watches him secretly, hiding behind a door. When the time is right, Brendan sneaks up as Tom fucks the Fleshjack. He grabs the toy and begins helping Tom jack his big, hard cock. Tom is shocked and thrown completely off guard! It feels SO good to have someone else do the stroking with that thing! The sensation is too good to stop Brendan. Tom loses himself in the moment and the roomies find themselves kissing passionately. The kissing leads them to move to the bed where Brendan cranks up the heat by sucking Tom's throbbing erection. Brendan suggests that since Tom likes eating pussy, Tom should try eating his ass. Tom quickly realizes that he's been missing out. The rimming makes Brendan's tight hole hungry for dick so he bends over the bed and tells Tom to fuck him. At this point, Tom is in WAY too deep to go back now. He slides his large, hard cock into Brendan's ass and works up a nice pace. Join these dudes as they make the best of a weekend together, despite some spoiled plans. Enjoy!" WATCH Brendan Phillips and Tom Faulk in Helpful Roommate













Dirty Step-Brother

Gabriel Cross, River Elliott, and Tom Faulk
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

June 16, 2016

"As best buds Tom Faulk and River Elliott sit on the couch sharing in a little boredom induced mutual masturbation session, they don't hear Tom's step-brother Gabriel Cross come into the room. Gabriel doesn't care much for the porn on the screen, but the sight of a couple nice hard dicks in his living room definitely has his interest piqued. Sneaking up the guys, he startles them at first, but they are taken aback even further when he pulls off his shorts and joins them on the couch. Now with so much exposed man meat just prime for the taking, Gabriel has them right where he wants them, grabbing River's cock first, and then Tom's, working both like ski poles before deciding to make his bold move. He starts to go down on River, who opens his eyes to see Tom's step-brother blowing him. His eyes grow wide as he looks over at Tom, who gives him a look like, 'Who cares?' so they both go with it- River pushing Gabriel's head further down onto his huge cock as Tom continues to stroke himself off and watch. Gabriel proves to be a real cock pig, gagging himself on both of their cocks, switching from one to another as River eats his asshole in preparation for a hard pounding. Gabriel mounts River's rock hard dick and proceeds to ride the absolute fuck out of him, bouncing with reckless abandon as he begs River to fuck him harder with his straight boy dick.

Wearing River out, Gabriel sets his sites on step-brother Tom, who is also packing quite a hammer, and he proceeds to bend Gabriel over and continue the fuck fest, slapping his ass as Gabriel grabs a hold of the back of the sofa. Flipping over one more time, Gabriel sucks Tom off as River lays him down into missionary and fucks the cum right out of him, pulling out as both he and Tom blast this dirty cock fiend with a couple of loads, just as their parents can be heard pulling up outside. Enjoy!" WATCH Gabriel Cross, River Elliott, and Tom Faulk in Dirty Step-Brother

Gabriel Cross, River Elliott, and Tom Faulk in Dirty Step-Brother













How To Cruise: Park Seduction

Tom Faulk and Alex Tanner
Next Door World

January 14, 2016

"As Alex Tanner weaves his way through the forest on his morning run, everything seems serene and calm. Alex loves getting a run in this early because it makes him feel like he's the only one awake, but on this morning, he's mistaken.

Tom Faulk is also bright eyed and bushy tailed, but he's aiming to engage in a different kind of physical activity, and as Alex runs by, Tom decides he's the perfect candidate to participate.

Tom follows Alex into a rest stop, and as Alex takes a piss Tom walks up and just lays it out for him, telling Alex he wants to get his dick sucked and he knows Alex is game. Alex protests but Tom persists, breaking down Alex's weak resistance. Minutes later Alex and Tom are back at Tom's place with Alex on his knees and Tom's cock deep down his throat. Tom goads Alex, calling him a little slut as he licks Tom's shaft from tip to balls. Tom sits up and grabs Alex up onto the bed, rocking his legs high into the air and diving in tongue first towards Alex's pink hole. Tom moistens Alex up before sliding his hungry cock inside, filling Alex up from behind and showing no tenderness, fucking Alex as hard as he can.

Alex takes it like a champ, mounting Tom's cock reverse and bouncing on his rod, grinding his ass against Tom's stomach as he strokes himself. Alex's run is fine for cardio but he's really getting a good sweat going as Tom flips him over onto his back and fucks him missionary, pounding Alex so hard he cums all over himself as Tom pulls out and coats him in his sticky load. Enjoy!"













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"Sexual Tension"

Seth Santoro and Tom Faulk

June 26, 2015

"Tom Faulk has been looking forward to this all week, ever since he booked his appointment with maseusse Seth Santoro. Seth has a way of really getting to the core of Tom's tension, which is something he could really use after hitting the gym so hard lately.
Seth knows his stuff, but it also doesn't hurt that he takes a special personal interest in all of Tom's 'tight' areas.
Seth begins working the knots out of Tom's muscles, paying particular attention to the stiffness in his loins, flipping him over and discovering Tom's cock at full mast, ready for some deep attention.
Seth downs Tom's cock, climbing up on the table and straddling his face as Tom begins to tongue Seth's ass. Seth sits up and grinds on Tom's mouth while stroking his cock, then bends over once Tom is nice and ready to put it in.
Tom grabs Seth's legs and throws them over his shoulders, pounding him on the massage table as Seth moans in ecstacy, then they switch, and Seth tries to get to the deepest source of Tom's tension, fucking him from behind as Tom rides him reverse, grinding on his cock, before flipping over as Seth fucks the cum right out of him before dousing him with his own hot load. As Tom lay there covered in jizz, he realizes you just can't quantify good personal attention. Enjoy!"

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Pierce Hartman and Tom Faulk

Confessions of Seduction

Pierce Hartman and Tom Faulk
Next Door World | Next Door Originals

June 12, 2015

"In the Church, true repentance is necessary in order to keep on the path of righteousness. Father Pierce Hartman has, for years, been a guidepost for young men, directing them to God for forgiveness. Now he sits with a congregation member, Tom Faulk. Tom seeks wisdom from Father Hartman. But as the Father is finding out, Tom's not seeking exactly the type of redemption it first seems.

Tom puts a personal sex toy on the table. Off the bat, Father Hartman doesn't know what the device is. Tom explains and the good Father understands. Tom goes further by telling the Father that when he uses the toy, he fantasizes about MEN, not women as Father Hartman had assumed.

While Father Hartman leads them both in prayer, he holds Tom's hand. Just before the prayer is over, Tom stands up, grabs the Father by the head, and tells Father he saw him checking him out in the shower at the outreach camp. Father Hartman denies it, but Tom presses. He leans in to Father's face, asking if he was aroused when he gazed upon his glistening, nude body. Before the father can answer, Tom pulls his priest in for a kiss. This is too much for Father Hartman to resist. After all, he WAS checking Tom out in the shower!

Watch Father Hartman's version of service as he takes Tom's strong cock deep in his throat. And Tom returns the favor. Then comes time for the good Father to accept Tom's erection in his tight holiness. It turns out getting fucked is the perfect way to set an example of what Tom should not be doing. It's a passionate, forbidden work-up to Tom's ultimate baptism in erotic majesty." WATCH Pierce Hartman and Tom Faulk in Confessions of Seduction

















Tom Faulk and Brandon Mckale

August 13, 2012

"Tom Faulk and Brandon McKale met the night before their scene, and after the two of them talking, Tom was very excited to be Brandon's first male-on-male scene partner. Brandon and Tom please each other orally in this video - just two college dudes doing what comes naturally to them. Tom and Brandon make out, and both of them have big boners popping out of their pants in no time. Tom drops to his knees to admire Brandon's massive dick, and Toms mouth is soon wrapped around it. Tom makes love with his mouth to Brandon's cock, and Brandon admitted later it was one of the best BJs he has ever gotten. Brandon's turn comes, and Brandon is ravenous on Tom, slurping, licking, and trying to deep-throat Tom as Tom is moved by the warmth of Brandon's mouth as well as his technique. Brandon seems to absolutely love cock-sucking, especially if that cock is attached to another athletic bro like himself. Tom takes another turn before they are finished, and he cannot help himself and blows a huge load while Brandon's cock is half-way down his throat. Pretty soon Brandon shoots a big load, too, and rubs his cock all over Toms face. Hot stuff!"





Tom Faulk and Palmer Dillis

July 5, 2012

"Tom Faulk pops Palmer Dilis's cherry in this great scene. Palmer had come down to do a solo, but after meeting Tom he decided to give it a whirl. And what a trooper Palmer turns out to be. From the minute Palmer and Tom start kissing, the game is on. Tom is looking really good these days, but he looks even better with Palmer Dilis on his knees worshipping Toms dick. Tom teaches Palmer a few tricks himself, as he takes a turn slobbing on Palmer's knob. The real fun begins when Tom flips Palmer onto his knees and buries his face in Palmer's hot butt. Once Palmer is lubed up with Toms saliva, Tom wraps up and goes for the main event. As Tom eases his cock in at first, Palmer winces, but the feeling soon turns to pleasure - and Palmer is begging Tom for more, including some ass slapping! Tom gets Palmer situated on his back and continues to fuck him missionary, until Tom cannot take the feeling of Palmer's super tight butt anymore, and busts a nice load. Hot fuck!"

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Tom Faulk Fucks Alex Vaara

December 1, 2011

"Tom Faulk gives Alex Vaara a pounding in this steamy video. These two had a real connection from the first time they met, which was several months before we filmed them together. When they found out that they were paired up, they were both excited. Tom and Alex begin making out, and Alex is eager to worship Toms lean athletic body. After giving Tom some TLC, Alex goes down on Tom. Alex licks, slurps, and deep-throats his way around Toms hard cock, then the two trade places as Tom goes down on Alex. Alex and Tom enjoy each others blowjobs, and it shows! Tom is eager to get into Alex's ass, however, and soon Tom is fingering Alex - slowly loosening up his hot tight hole for what is about to come. Once Tom slaps on a condom, Alex is in for the ride of his life! Tom begins slowly at first, but after a minute or so, Toms animal nature takes over and he is a fucking machine. Drilling Alex from behind, Tom absolutely loves the feel of Alex's tight asshole surrounding his cock as it goes in and out. Flipping Alex onto his back, Tom continues to drive his dick in and out of Alex's hole. Alex has been rock hard since the minute Toms dick went in his ass, and after ten minutes of hard fucking he cannot wait any longer. Alex bursts out a huge load of cum and is followed by Tom. Hot Fuck!"

Jerry Ford Fucks Tom Faulk

September 29, 2011

"We are so excited to have Tom Faulk back for some hot man-sex! Jerry Ford gets to tap Toms beautiful ass first, and what a hot time these two studs have together. Tom and Jerry make out, rubbing up and down each others toned bods, then Tom eagerly goes down on Jerry's uncut cock, slurping it up, licking it all over, and even deepthroating Jerry's monster. Jerry returns the favor, and as he is giving Tom a hot BJ, Jerry starts playing with Toms hole. Tom starts writhing in pleasure as Jerry plays with his ass. Soon enough Tom is pressed against the wall as Jerry is pounding his sweet ass. The fucking is intense, but Tom takes to it like the stud that he is. Once Tom is nice and loosened up, he rides Jerry like a champ, and Jerry is enjoying Toms ass. Jerry puts Tom on the bed and fucks the cum out of Tom. Tom opens his mouth and awaits Jerry's juicy load right in his mouth. Jerry dumps a huge load of jizz into Tom's mouth and kisses him, satisfied with this extremely hot encounter. Hot Fuck!"


MXXX: The Hardest Ride, Scene 1

Featuring Sean Duran and Tom Faulk
NakedSword Originals

June 19, 2017

"MXXX: The Hardest Ride, Scene 1: "The Bet Is On" There’s nothing better than Texas BBQ, especially when it’s served up by the motocross hunks out at Tom Faulk’s place. Sean Duran arrives with his stripper girlfriend Ahslee (Axle Rose) and things start to go a little crazy. Shots of tequila lead to burnouts on the patio and an impromptu strip show that gives Tom an idea. He bets Sean he can fuck his girlfriend harder than he can and all three head to the moto-barn. Sean is all in for a tag-team but Ashlee flips the script… she wants to watch them get it on. Tom and Sean jokingly accept the challenge but it’s clear a little peck on the lips isn’t what Ashlee has in mind. Reluctantly they start to make out and jerk each other off. Horned up, Sean fucks Tom’s face then gets on his knees to suck his buddy’s dick. With his cock wet and hard Tom decides to give Ashlee what she really wants and slams his rock hard meat deep in Sean’s muscular ass. They fuck hard until both guys blow their loads, leaving them both drained and a bit confused. What the fuck just happened?!"

WATCH MXXX: The Hardest Ride, Scene 1 Featuring Sean Duran and Tom Faulk
































Sex Pad, Scene 5

Colt Rivers and Tom Faulk
Falcon Studios

December 28, 2015

"Colt Rivers brings skater-hunk Tom Faulk to the Sex Pad for a hot fuck. Tom has scruffy facial hair, a shaggy blond mane that cascades to his shoulders and pubes that match his flowing locks. Tom is completely content in letting Colt pig out on his juicy cock. Colt, who's smooth and athletic, swallows the whole fat cylinder expertly. Coming up for air, he lies full-length on Tom, grinding hips to hips and lets Tom suck the cock juices off his tongue. Then, Colt flips Tom onto his belly and attacks his hole with the same oral intensity. The hairiness of Tom's crack contrasts with his smooth chest and back. Colt may be in charge, but Tom's the top, and Colt makes sure his hole gets the pounding he wants. They fuck in doggie variations until Colt collapses face-down on the bed. He saves enough energy to flip over for the home stretch, planting the soles of his feet on the sides of Tom's waist and blasting a load across his abs. Tom says, 'I feel your ass grip my cock'' as he pulls out and shoots his creamy load all over Colt's face, shoving his cock in Colt's mouth for the final drops." WATCH Sex Pad, Scene 5 Starring Colt Rivers and Tom Faulk












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