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Beef N' Briefs, Scene 7

Starring John Magnum and Sebastian Rossi
Colt Studios

March 6, 2014

"A shady spot outdoors with a leather lounge chair... What better setting for a couple of hot men to share a steamy encounter? Beefy muscle pup John Magnum and chiseled stud Sebastian Rossi are stripped down to their COLT Collection briefs and locked in a passionate and hungry lip-lock. It isn't long before hot kissing leads to hot sucking as each guy takes a turn on his knees, worshiping at the altar of big, muscular, juicy cock.

John's hungry mouth works its way toward Sebastian's anxious, tight hole. Lip smacking and tongue probing gets Sebastian's twitching butt-hole ready for a thick piece of man-meat. With Sebastian on his back, Jock gives him his throbbing cock. Legs in the air Sebastian takes it long and hard. Riding it and taking it from behind, Sebastian takes everything a hard pounding top like John can dish out. Stroking his man meat Sebastian releases his gushing white gold as John just keeps on drilling. Pulling out at the last possible second John erupts, shooting his thick wad of cum all over Sebastian's satisfied ass."






















Beef N' Briefs, Scene 4

Starring John Magnum and Ray Han
Colt Studios

January 23, 2014

"Hard muscles and thick cocks come together as shirtless hunks John Magnum and Ray Han meet on the hiking trail. Stripping down to their brand new COLT Collection underwear, John in the Black Signature Jock and Ray in Black Super Low Briefs, they help themselves to the bulging meat that's packed inside. On his knees, Ray gives John a deep and satisfying blow job, slurping and sucking that long hard shaft. John gives as good as he gets and when it's his turn he chows down on Ray's oversized uncut monster like a pro. Building up steam John leans back on the park bench, Ray licking his hot hole from below as he strokes out a drenching load all over Ray's chest. Feeling that hot cum on his chest is all it takes to get Ray shooting a nut busting load."

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46439_014 46439_015





















Muscles in Leather, Scene 2

Starring Casey Williams and John Magnum
Colt Studios

May 19, 2011

"In a dimly lit play-room John Magnum enjoys the dark atmosphere as he strokes his hard cock. Decked in his leather chaps, a Y-Harness and with his thick cock in hand he is ready for some serious action. John attracts some hot company as muscled leather-man Casey Williams enters the room. Casey moves in and helps himself to a hearty mouthful of that ample meat swinging between John’s legs. Naked and rock-hard, Casey strokes his dick as he enjoys slurping on John’s big cock.

Wanting more, John turns and gets down on all fours. Casey unfastens the ass-strap of John’s harness, revealing a hot man hole ready for some attention. Licking and probing, Casey makes that hot hole twitch and beg for more. As Casey gets that tight butt all lubed up, his cock throbs, aching to split that ass apart. He slaps that hole with his cock before he slides it in. John takes every inch of that hot cock deep in his ass. From behind he takes it long and hard as Casey delivers a pounding. Wanting it deeper, John climbs up on top and rides that cock home. Jacking his oozing cock John shoots an explosive load, draining every last drop on Casey’s chest and face. Getting down on his knees John gets ready for his turn to take a load up close. Casey hammers his cock until cum starts to fly. Wave after wave of cum gushes as John takes Casey’s thick and massive load on the chest."


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12549_018 12549_021

12550_003 12550_011

12550_022 12550_025




















Ripped: No Pain All Gain, Scene 1

Starring Danny Drake and John Magnum
Colt Studios

February 25, 2010

"Muscles! Hot, naked muscles! John Magnum has his share, and then some. Shirtless and sweaty he pumps his arms on the poolside patio, pounding out the reps with HUGE dumbbells in hand. Meanwhile, as COLT Man Danny Drake is cleaning the pool, he gets a full on view of John’s hot muscled flesh. Danny gets so distracted watching those muscles work that he loses his step, falling into the pool clothes and all. Quickly, John helps his friendly admirer out of the pool, hands him a towel and takes him inside to help him out of those wet clothes.

Once out of all those wet clothes, Danny is still shivering and cold. John knows just what to do to help get this muscle stud all warmed up. As he wraps his lips around Danny’s thick juicy cock, things get HOT in a hurry. Danny’s cock springs into action and he obviously loves the hot oral worship. Heavy groping and plenty of cock sucking gets these guys all worked up and in the mood for some serious fucking.

John stuffs his massive tool deep in Danny’s hot COLT Man ass, and a searing hot fuck is just what Danny needed to get rid of that cold wet chill. And when the action reaches a boiling point the hot loads of cum start flying, and things get very wet all over again."

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Rumper Room, Scene 3

John Magnum Tops Benjamin Bradley
Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios

May 20, 2010

"Arriving home from the store, Benjamin Bradley has a new video game he just can’t wait to play. When he finds the rumper room is already in use, his buddy John Magnum offers “I’ve got something you can play with!” With a smile, Benjamin follows John to the front room where they get their naked game on.

With his rock hard body, his thick muscled ass and his rock hard cock, John gives his buddy plenty to play with alright! Benjamin literally tears into John, ripping through his underwear and helping himself to handfuls of ass and a mouthful of cock.

The play gets more serious as John buries his face into Benjamin’s sweet round ass. Benjamin feels the need for cock deep inside of him. He gets into position to take it from behind and John delivers the goods. He power fucks that ass.

Taking a long hard pounding Benjamin jacks his cock until he can’t hold back any longer. Benjamin erupts in a hot stream of cum as John drills his hot hole. John gets off watching his buddy cum with a dick in his ass. This sends him over the edge and he drains his heavy load on Benjamin’s sweat-drenched and cum-soaked skin."

John Magnum Tops Benjamin Bradley

John Magnum Tops Benjamin Bradley

John Magnum Tops Benjamin Bradley

John Magnum Tops Benjamin Bradley

John Magnum Tops Benjamin Bradley

John Magnum Tops Benjamin Bradley

John Magnum Tops Benjamin Bradley

John Magnum Tops Benjamin Bradley
John Magnum

BUCK shOts Loads of Fun - Lotus, Scene 4

John Magnum
Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios

January 21, 2010

"John Magnum does an interview and talks about how he got into the business, his favorite positions, and what's the best part about having sex. John then sits his muscular self down, and spends most of the shoot lubing up and stroking his nice thick cock for the camera."

John Magnum in Lotus, Scene 4

Lotus, Scene 1

John Magnum tops Brian Hansen
Buckshot Productions | Colt Studios

December 31, 2009

"It’s a peaceful morning in nature as Brian Hansen and John Magnum greet the day with a sensuous nude meditation. In harmony they sit side by side in the LOTUS position. Their energies flow in perfect alignment as their erect cocks throb. The sensual energy draws Brian to its source and the passions ignite as he loses himself in the rapture of cock worship. His mind and body become one as he focuses his whole being on devouring John’s fiery hot cock. Feeding off of each other, their hot bodies join in a perfect union of hungry yearning and deep throated mouthfuls of gratifying cock. Brian assumes a new position and spreading his legs he invites John to explore his inner most self. John indulges his lust for Brian’s hot hole, licking and probing as it slowly opens like a LOTUS blossom. John is inside of him as he glides his long cock deep into Brian’s eager and yearning ass. It’s a spiritual experience as these guys cum together in a mind blowing, nut busting, soul-satisfying FUCK!"

John Magnum in Lotus, Scene 4 John Magnum in Lotus, Scene 4

John Magnum in Lotus, Scene 4

John Magnum in Lotus, Scene 4

John Magnum tops Brian Hansen

John Magnum tops Brian Hansen

John Magnum tops Brian Hansen

John Magnum tops Brian Hansen

Easy Summer, Scene 5

John Magnum and Mitchell Rock
Hot House Video

October 7, 2013

"Mitchell Rock sees John Magnum sunning himself by the pool so he grabs some body oil and offers to rub down the muscular hunk. It doesn't take long for Mitchell to strip John out of his swimsuit so he can focus on his biggest muscle: 8 inches of rock-hard cock. Mitchell does his best to swallow John's fat dick to the base then stands up so John can get a mouthful of his cock. The sun beats down as the two chiseled hunks move to the pool so John can fuck Mitchell's big round ass. John makes Mitchell beg for it before he shoves his cock all the way in, pulls it completely out and shoves it in again. The brutal ass-pounding continues as Mitchell gets on his back so John can fuck him and jack him off at the same time. John, always the aggressor, slams Mitchell's ass so hard he cums then pulls his cock out and jacks a load all over Mitchell's washboard abs."

WATCH Easy Summer, Scene 5 Starring John Magnum and Mitchell Rock




















Trunks 6, Scene 2

John Magnum and JR Matthews
Hot House Video

July 12, 2011

"The Palms Springs heat makes everyone horny, especially John Magnum and JR Mathews. John knows JR is watching him from the pool so he pulls out his uncut whopper and starts stroking in the hot sun. JR slides out of the pool and goes down on John, sucking his dick until they're both so overheated they jump in the pool to cool off. JR hops up on the side of the pool and offers John his fat cock and perfect hole - it's time to fuck. John bends the chiseled redhead over and fucks him hard, doggy-style then on his back. John pulls out and goes down on JR, using his mad cock sucking skills to drain JR's load!"

Score! Game 2, Scene 4

Craig Reynolds and John Magnum
Hot House Video

June 13, 2011

"John Magnum's coaching technique involves a lot of verbal thrashing, dick-stroking, and face-fucking - a combination that works well for Craig Reynolds. After a grueling workout John rewards Craig by shoving his thick cock down his throat. As soon as Craig's dick is hard John goes down on him, but not for long. Coach John wants to plow Craig's giant bubble-butt. He mounts the giant wrestler and power-fucks his hole then lies back and thrusts Craig to ride him. Craig grabs the gymnastic rings and bounces up and down on John's cock until they both blow their loads."

Backroom Exclusives 26, Scene 2

John Magnum and Kyle Quinn
Hot House Video

June 6, 2011

"John Magnum, the team's star pitcher, blames rookie catcher Kyle Quinn for losing today's game. Kyle explains he doesn't really know the ins-and-outs of the position so John decides to show him. He orders Kyle to get on his knees and suck his big dick. John fucks Kyle's face then they switch places and John swallows Kyle's huge piece like an all-star. The true training begins when John bends over and pitches his monster-cock into Kyle's tight hole. Kyle struggles at first but eventually catches it like a pro!"

John Magnum, Kennedy Carter, Luke Riley

Sanctuary 1, Scene 2

John Magnum, Kennedy Carter, Luke Riley
Hot House Video

April 5, 2010

"John Magnum and Luke Riley find Kennedy Carter blindfolded, strapped to a bench in the Sanctuary. The muscular leather-clad studs rip off Carter's clothes and work both his holes. Magnum goes right for his ass while Riley feeds him his fat cock. Watching Carter get plowed makes Riley's hole twitch so he pushes his ass onto Magnum's massive tool. All three shoot massive loads leaving the haloed ground reeking of sex."

John Magnum, Kennedy Carter, Luke Riley John Magnum, Kennedy Carter, Luke Riley
John Magnum, Kennedy Carter, Luke Riley John Magnum, Kennedy Carter, Luke Riley
Christian Wilde, John Magnum, Rod Daily

Trust Me, I’m A Doctor, Scene 2

Christian Wilde, John Magnum, Rod Daily
Hot House Video

February 8, 2010

"Poor Christian Wilde reports to Dr. John Magnum complaining of a problem keeping his dick hard. After an initial examination Dr. Magnum calls in the ED expert, Rod Daily. Both Magnum and Daily take turns sucking Wilde's cock, getting him rock hard with ease. Part two of the exam tests Wilde's ability to stay hard. Daily jumps up on the exam table and Dr. Magnum instructs Wilde to fuck him. Eventually both patient and doctor have fucked Daily until semen samples are collected all around!"

Christian Wilde, John Magnum, Rod Daily
Christian Wilde, John Magnum, Rod Daily
Christian Wilde, John Magnum, Rod Daily
Christian Wilde, John Magnum, Rod Daily
Christian Wilde, John Magnum, Rod Daily Christian Wilde, John Magnum, Rod Daily
Lucas Entertainment

John Magnum and Samuel Colt

Lucky Fuck, Scene 5

Hairy Hunks John Magnum and Samuel Colt Flip-Fuck
Lucas Entertainment

October 24, 2011

"John Magnum might be playing a game of pool, but it’s a game of cat-and-mouse that beefy hunk Samuel Colt is interested in. He admires John from afar, and when he strolls into the bathroom, Samuel follows. John misplaces his phone (or so he wants us to think), prompting Samuel to hand it over to him. A reward is needed: Samuel’s cock is hanging out of his pants. John wastes no time dropping to his knees, swallowing the piece of meat, gagging and slobbering with each bob of his head. The bar gets hotter, so the guys take their clothes off, and even though Samuel is a big, strong top, he leans over the bar for John to top him -- a rare treat. The blond cutie with the hot, toned body digs his hard dick deep inside of Samuel, who grunts and yells for more! But John doesn’t want to be left out, so he gets down on his hands and knees like a dog on the pool table. Samuel mounts him like a sex beast and ravages his asshole. All of his thrusts and pounds lead to a strong load-busting!"

John Magnum and Samuel Colt John Magnum and Samuel Colt
John Magnum and Samuel Colt John Magnum and Samuel Colt
John Magnum and Samuel Colt John Magnum and Samuel Colt

Heat Wave 2

Sweaty Stud Bo Dean Hammers John Magnum's Ass
Lucas Entertainment

September 9, 2011

"Horny buds Bo Dean and John Magnum peel of their t-shirts and shorts and lounge on a patch of lawn in Manhattan to air out from the pounding heat. Bo has slicked-back hair and the look of a lean, muscled biker, where as John has an innocent face and a sexy, furry body. After they catch some rays, they head back to John's apartment where he shows Bo a good time: he pulls off his clothes and sucks his cock deep and hard. Bo rolls his head around and closes his eyes, loving every last slurp. John has a firm grip on Bo's piece of meat as he licks and sucks! Returning the favor, Bo leans John along an armchair and starts slurping on his prick! When John finally offers up his ass, Bo greedily slips on a condom, bends the bottom over, and rides him like a motorcycle! John closes his eyes and takes each pound as Bo fucks him with fury. They both bust their loads all over John's fuzzy stomach!"

Sweaty Stud Bo Dean Hammers John Magnum's Ass

Sweaty Stud Bo Dean Hammers John Magnum's Ass

Sweaty Stud Bo Dean Hammers John Magnum's Ass
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