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ALIAS: James
SITES: Active Duty, Broke Straight Boys, Dominic Ford, Drill My Hole, Gay Creeps, Jizz Orgy, Str8 to Gay, The Gay Office, Wank This

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Prison Shower Part 3

Featuring Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen, Jimmy Johnson, and Johnny Rapid
Jizz Orgy at Men.com

December 22, 2012

"Prison Guard Charlie Harding breaks up some trouble in the Prison Shower and calls for backup - it's a code 69. Colby Jansen & Jimmy Johnson rush in and share Johnny Rapid's ass with each other... and a night stick!"

PrisonShower3JO (2) 0093

0014 PrisonShower3JO (6)

PrisonShower3JO (10) PrisonShower3JO (14)

PrisonShower3JO (17) PrisonShower3JO (18)

PrisonShower3JO (1)


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PrisonShower3JO (15)

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PrisonShower3JO (19)

PrisonShower3JO (20)
LatrineGloryHoleDMH (6)

Latrine Glory Hole

Featuring Jimmy Johnson and Tommy Defendi
Str8 to Gay at Men.com

December 10, 2012

"Army Private Tommy Defendi gets caught sleeping late by Sergeant Jimmy Johnson and is sent to scrub the floors of the latrine. Knowing there is a convenient glory hole in the stall, Jimmy decides to go beat off his morning wood where Tommy will be able to spy his Johnson. The plan goes off without a hitch and Tommy takes Jimmy's cock in his mouth and then his ass."

LatrineGloryHoleDMH (1)

LatrineGloryHoleDMH (3)

LatrineGloryHoleDMH (5)

LatrineGloryHoleDMH (7)

LatrineGloryHoleDMH (8)

LatrineGloryHoleDMH (9)

LatrineGloryHoleDMH (10)

LatrineGloryHoleDMH (12)

LatrineGloryHoleDMH (13)

LatrineGloryHoleDMH (14)
HoldingCell (9)

Holding Cell

Featuring Jack King, Jimmy Johnson and Johnny Rapid
Drill My Hole at Men.com

December 2, 2012

"Johnny Rapid is back in custody, bored, and horny as fuck. The randy little bastard can't be blamed with hot guards like Jimmy Johnson and Jack King who don't need a lot of coaxing to get naked and fuck Johnny's incarcerated brains out."

HoldingCell (2) HoldingCell (3)

HoldingCell (5) HoldingCell (6)

HoldingCell (1)

HoldingCell (4)

HoldingCell (7)

HoldingCell (8)

HoldingCell (10)

HoldingCell (11)

HoldingCell (12)

HoldingCell (13)

HoldingCell (14)

HoldingCell (15)

HoldingCell (16)

HoldingCell (17)

HoldingCell (18)

Skinny Dipping

Featuring Andrew Blue, Brett Carter, Jimmy Johnson, Sebastian Young and Tommy Defendi
Jizz Orgy at Men.com

October 12, 2012

"Five hot guys including MEN.COM exclusives Tommy Defendi & Jimmy Johnson with Andrew Blue, Brett Carter and Sebastian Young get together for fun-in-the-sun orgy! The action kicks off in the water and ends on a boat where four of the boys fuck Andrew Blue's ass!"

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (5) SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (3)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (2) 0010

0012 0015

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (16) 0021

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (1)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (4)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (6)




SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (7)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (8)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (9)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (10)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (11)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (12)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (13)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (14)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (15)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (17)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (18)

SkinnyDippingJIZZORGY (19)

Deep Tissue

Featuring Jimmy Johnson and Logan Vaughn
Drill My Hole at Men.com

August 9, 2012

"Massage therapist Jimmy Johnson is working over Logan Vaughn's ass but gets curious what would happen if he turned the massage into an asshole finger bang session. What happens is Logan gets fucked by Jimmy's big dick!"

DeepTissueDMH (5) 0044

0057 0058

0079 DeepTissueDMH (19)


DeepTissueDMH (2)

DeepTissueDMH (3)

DeepTissueDMH (4)

DeepTissueDMH (6)

DeepTissueDMH (7)

DeepTissueDMH (8)

DeepTissueDMH (9)

DeepTissueDMH (10)

DeepTissueDMH (11)

DeepTissueDMH (12)

DeepTissueDMH (13)

DeepTissueDMH (14)

DeepTissueDMH (15)

DeepTissueDMH (16)

DeepTissueDMH (17)

DeepTissueDMH (18)

DeepTissueDMH (1)
DoorToDoorSTG (2)

Door To Door

Featuring Jimmy Johnson and Johnny Rapid
Drill My Hole at Men.com

July 15, 2012

"Johnny Rapid is going door to door to collect signatures for his anti-gay petition but realizes he's barking up the wrong tree when Jimmy Johnson tells him he's gay. When Johnny tries to leave, Jimmy decides instead to teach him a lesson."

0099 DoorToDoorSTG (1)

DoorToDoorSTG (7) DoorToDoorSTG (11)

DoorToDoorSTG (12) DoorToDoorSTG (13)

DoorToDoorSTG (14) DoorToDoorSTG (16)

DoorToDoorSTG (17) DoorToDoorSTG (18)

DoorToDoorSTG (19) DoorToDoorSTG (20)

DoorToDoorSTG (3)

DoorToDoorSTG (4)

DoorToDoorSTG (5)

DoorToDoorSTG (6)

DoorToDoorSTG (8)

DoorToDoorSTG (9)

DoorToDoorSTG (10)

DoorToDoorSTG (15)

James and Shea


April 27, 2014

Comments from Dink Flamingo:

"Today's scene features James and Shea -- and wow, does Shea get it good from James!

The gents start off in the shower, getting nice and squeaky clean before they get … nice and dirty. (Oh, I amuse myself so with the bad jokes!)

The guys kid around about working out a little bit, and start slapping each other's asses, horsing around. They help lather one another up as we get to see all of their muscles glisten under the cascading water. (Shea is just glorious under the water -- his pec muscles are amazing. His abs are awesome too. Oh hell, he just has a great body.)

Shea starts jerking James as the guys start to get down to business. Shea drops to his knees and starts blowing James under the shower. James reacts strongly, vocally, as he tells Shea how much he likes the attention his cock is getting.

The guys switch it up a little bit, and James moves over to the side of the tub -- which is also helpful so that poor Shea doesn't drown under all that water in the shower. Heh.

"I wanna see that fucking ass," James moans to Shea, who jumps up to show him his rear. James start slapping his butt around, telling him how he "can't wait" to bend him over and fuck him. "You ready for that big dick?" James asks. "Yeah," Shea says. James jokes back at him, "You don't sound too excited!" Ha!

Next thing you know, James is deep inside Shea, telling him how his ass is "so tight!" Shea and James are moaning and groaning like cats in heat -- if you like aural sex, you're gonna get a kick out of this scene.

When Shea sits atop James dick and goes for a ride, it's pretty amazing. He bounces along, with his dick waving around in the air, swinging back and forth as he drives his ass farther and farther down James' dick.

Wait until the end of the scene, when Shea shoots his load *while* being fucked by James … and then when James shoots, it goes flying all over Shea's stomach. Awesome!

When all is said and done, the guys are chatting with director Kaden, and Kaden says "welcome back!" to Shea, saying how we sure did miss him here at Active Duty. And I know I'm glad to see his smiling face (and rocking body) back in front of the camera."

Active Duty James and Shea007

Active Duty James and Shea008

Active Duty James and Shea017

Active Duty James and Shea022

Active Duty James and Shea034

Active Duty James and Shea040

Active Duty James and Shea046

Active Duty James and Shea049

James, Niko & Tito


April 20, 2014

"Active Duty's Niko and Tito pair up with "new to them" recruit James for a sizzling threeway. Director Kaden excuses himself, telling the guys to let the "magic" happen. It isn't long before the guys are buck naked, sucking one another, and James is barking out orders to Niko and Tito. These fellas waste no time whatsoever. Tito services James, while Niko blows Tito. Eventually, things switch up a bit so that Tito is blowing both James and Niko. Next, James lays down and lets both Niko and Tito go to town on his thick rod. Tito stands up and gets his tool near James', and then Niko is able to blow both guys at the same time, fitting both in his mouth. Hot!

Next it's time for the action, and Niko is more than ready! He gets on his hands and knees, shoving his rear in the air to James, who mans him from behind. Niko is busy sucking Tito while he's bottoming. Then, it's Tito's turn to take Niko for a spin, as he slurps down James. Another position change, as it's time for Niko to sit on James and go for a ride...but wait, Tito wants more. He's back to pounding Niko, eventually working his way up to an explosive finish that he unloads on Niko's chest. Then, James shoots all over Niko's face. Dang! The guys close out the scene with a bit of chit chat, and that's a wrap!

Niko keeps slamming into him until Tito can't take it any more and explodes high into the air and all over his chest with Niko still inside him. Niko keeps on going until it's his turn, and then he pulls out and sprays all over Tito. When all is said and done, Tito tells Kaden that he was impressed by Niko's performance, and, Niko says he's down for Tito to top him."












James and Niko


April 13, 2014

"Active Duty's new-to-them recruit James returns for a duo with Niko. Kaden is manning the camera and tells us that the guys just recently finished a three way with Tito (something we'll see soon). This time, we're getting to see James and Niko all alone. The guys joke around about how Niko "filed a request" to get some one-on-one time with James before Kaden leaves to let them get comfortable.

After little more playful banter, the jeans and shirts come off and we get a look at their nice bodies and meaty thighs. James hoists out his big thick one from his boxers and Niko goes to town. James doesn't hesitate with his vocalizations, telling Niko just how good of a BJ he gives and complimenting his amazing rump. "Show the camera!" James tells Niko, and yanks him around so that Niko's rear is facing the camera. James slaps his rod against Niko's cheeks, telling him how he can't wait to be in that hole. He'll get his chance soon enough, but not before a bit more oral action.

I won't give away too much here, but a full half of the 30-minute-long video is taken up by sex. Clearly, James was ready and willing. With Niko face down in the bed, and James planted behind him, the guys work up a vigorous rhythm that I swear almost breaks the bed. Eventually the guys shoot their loads all over Niko's chest and by the time it's all over, "Wowsers" is the word that's used to describe what just happened."











April 9, 2014

"'I don't know!...I'm about to jack off I think!" and that's how Active Duty starts the debut solo of of new-to-them recruit James. This big muscular stud is 6' tall, weighs in at 203 lbs and has a nice frame with an amazing rear. He's also one of those guys that's way more sexy when he's in motion. His still photos don't do him justice.

We open on a scene that Dink Flamingo directed, and we're smack dab in the middle of a little story where Dink and James (who you may know as Jimmy with other studios) are chatting about his offers and Dink's fame in the industry. Dink is excited to work with James, who's a total card and they got a long great. If you love hearing Dink blab away with the guys then you're gonna' enjoy this video. Maybe Dink will even be the one to bring this straight virgin, whose only ever been top, across the line.

Dink shoots this scene a bit like an "if you were there." Basically, he's behind the camera talking dirty, telling James to slap his face with his rod and to shove it down his throat and so forth. All the while, his package is front and center in the frame, and he's slapping it around, swinging it back and forth. Trust me, it's hot. Plus, James' voice is super sexy when he's growing and grunting at the camera. Wait until the end when Dink has to take matters into his own hands- literally. It's hilarious."


James-01 James-05

James-08 James-11

James-12 James-16

James-17 James-20

"Tickled Pink"

Jake Jammer and Jimmy Johnson
Gay Creeps at GayRoom.com

November 19, 2013

"For Jake Jammer and his stud of a roommate Jimmy Johnson, a long, hard day at the office turns into a long hard evening at home."












Jimmy Johnson's Shower Jerk Off


April 4, 2014

"Jimmy Johnson is simply hot here on this shower scene. Take a look at this hunky guy getting horny while he goes for a shower and does a playful mood by roughly jerking off his big stiff cock." Check Jimmy Johnson's Shower Jerk Off

Jimmy-Johnson-Wank-This_6b 7b

Jimmy-Johnson-Wank-This_8b Jimmy-Johnson-Wank-This_11b

Jimmy-Johnson-Wank-This_13b Jimmy-Johnson-Wank-This_16b

Jimmy Johnson Fucks Ty Tucker


April 12, 2012

"Jimmy Johnson and Ty Tucker both make their premieres on DominicFord.com this week, and prove how awesome and how flexible they actually are! The scene is hot, steamy and athletic! You won't believe the positions these two find themselves in. Yum!

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com."

Broke Straight Boys

Jimmy Johnson and Connor


December 8, 2011

"Our most popular redhead, Connor, is back on the bed today, along with always confident Jimmy. Today, Connor is going to be getting his cherry popped, thanks to Jimmy's big dick. The two boys chatted back and forth as Connor stood up and stripped off naked, turning around and showing off his ass for the camera. Jimmy followed suit until he was left standing, playing with his dick through the grey boxers. Connor and Jimmy kept back chatting each other even as they worked their cocks up. Surprisingly, Connor got his dick rock hard first, which meant Jimmy had to give head first.

Shucking off his undies, Jimmy lay down on the bed next to Connor and slid the cock in between his straight boy lips. Even after all this time, it was obvious that Jimmy hadn't lost any of his cock sucking skills. However, as always, Jimmy managed to make a fuss about having to give head but Connor just sat back and enjoyed the feel of a hot, wet mouth surrounding his cock. Sucking on just the very tip of Connor's dick, Jimmy panted and puffed and spluttered as he got re-acquainted with the taste of cock. Not soon enough for Jimmy, it was Connor's turn to return the favor. Jimmy sat back against the headboard as Connor slid down so his face was in line with Jimmy's dick. Right away, it was easy to see that Connor was giving an excellent blowjob as Jimmy was panting in pleasure almost instantly. When Jimmy pushed down on the back of Connor's head, Connor just took it in stride and continued to lavish the thick cock with attention. Jimmy was enjoying the blowjob so much, he decided to help Connor out by giving him a little neck and shoulders massage as Connor got busy with his dick.

As Connor bobbed up and down, Jimmy dared him to go all the way down, Connor instantly complying. Even though he choked, Connor got almost all the dick down his throat. All too soon, it was time for the main event. Jimmy rolled on the condom and lubed up his dick as he discussed positions with Connor. Deciding on doggy style first, Connor got down on his knees and elbows while Jimmy knelt behind him. With slow, gentle thrusts, Jimmy worked his cock into Connor's virgin tight ass. Slow and steady, Jimmy started fucking Connor. 'Feel alright?' asked Jimmy, Connor replying that it felt good and that Jimmy could go a little harder. Reaching behind himself, Connor parted his ass so that Jimmy could get his dick in even further. Face planted in the mattress, it was clear that Connor was getting off on the feel of a dick all the way up his straight boy ass.

Speeding up, Jimmy's hips were snapping back and forth as he rode Connor's ass hard. 'Feel good?' Jimmy demanded, Connor just grunting his approval. Connor, wanting to feel every inch of Jimmy's thick cock, reached around and grabbed hold of Jimmy's leg, pulling him in as close as possible. By now, both the boys were perspiring from all their hard work, the sweat dripping down their chests and running down their faces. Connor flipped over onto his back with Jimmy kneeling between his wide spread legs. Directing his dick forward, Jimmy thrust back home in one go. This new position was much easier for Connor as he was able to jerk himself off as he was getting fucked. 'You like it slow or fast better?' Jimmy asked, instantly slowing down when Connor said that he preferred it slower. However, Jimmy, caught up in the wonderful feel of a tight ass surrounding his dick, was unable to stick to the slower pace and picked it back up again after only a minute or two. All the while, Connor leisurely stroked his own cock.

With Jimmy still fucking his ass, Connor shot his load all over his stomach and shaved pubes. Pulling out, Jimmy tugged on his own cock and only a moment later, cum dribbled down onto Connor's cock and balls."







Broke Straight Boys



"Welcome to the new look Broke Straight Boys. The newest boy to appear on the BSB futon is Jimmy. We found Jimmy, who was tall, dark haired and buffed, down by the beach who was visiting some friends while on vacation. As Jimmy and I chatted about how much money he makes at his job, I offered him $100 if he would come back to the studio with me and jerk off on camera, however, I told him I would pay him $50 if he showed me his cock right then and there. Sure enough, Jimmy undid his bathers and pulled out his cock, showing off his close cropped pubes as he did so. Jimmy then questioned the amount I was going to pay him to jerk off on camera and I confirmed that it was indeed going to be $100 and after barely a second or two to think it over, Jimmy was ready to go.

Back at the BSB studio, Jimmy sat down on the futon, still clad in only his bathers, whereupon we started chatting, Jimmy revealing that he had a son and wanted to make some money to pay bills. As we talked about his girlfriend and other things, Jimmy said that he had never done anything with another guy before. Jimmy decided that he wanted more than $100 to jerk off in front of the camera but I told him to get naked first to see if he was worth it, handing him a $100 note to entice him to strip off. Standing up and taking off his board shorts, Jimmy said $150 was worth getting naked for at least. Naked, Jimmy turned around, showing off his well rounded ass to the camera for the BSB members benefit, revealing that his cock, when hard, was around 7.5 inches.

Sitting back down on the futon, Jimmy said he would jerk off for extra cash but I told him that I only had another $100 on me, however, Jimmy was happy with that because he could put the whole $250 towards his back rent. Watching the straight porn playing on the tv, Jimmy played roughly with his cock as he worked on getting hard. Jimmy alternately tugged on his cock and rubbed a hand over the shaft before squeezing his balls as he concentrated on the porn. However, it didn't take long for Jimmy to start to harden, he showed off a pretty neat trick where his cock would twitch back and forth on its own.

Admitting that it was difficult to get fully hard in such a different environment, Jimmy somewhat reluctantly pulled his knees up to show his ass hole to the camera when I asked him to. I offered Jimmy an extra $20 to finger his asshole and after a very brief protest, Jimmy wet a finger and rubbed it over his asshole, all the while, he kept jerking himself off. Standing up again, Jimmy spread his legs wide and continued putting in some hard wrist action. He had such a nice ass, I got Jimmy to turn around again and show it off. I asked him if he had ever had anyone lick his ass, a girl or even a guy but Jimmy replied with a resounding no. Jimmy was getting a tad frustrated by how long it was taking him to get completely hard, although, from what I could see in the camera, his cock was looking pretty good. He sat down again, jerking himself off in hard strokes, even using both hands at times to get himself closer to release. Breaking off for a moment to coat his cock with more lube, Jimmy was certainly working up a sweat. Desperate for the full $250, Jimmy concentrated on what he could do with the extra money and stroked himself all the harder. As the sweat rolled down his face, Jimmy indicated that he was getting close to cumming. Only a moment later, cum spurted over his stomach and dribbled down his side. I offered him $20 to eat some of his own cum but he refused so I upped the price until I got to $60 upon which Jimmy said he would eat a fingertip full. Dabbing his fingertip into the pool of cum on his stomach, Jimmy put it into his mouth, sticking out his tongue so I could see it on his tongue. All up, Jimmy made $330 for an afternoons work. Not bad for a straight boy."















Street Trade

Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Fanz, and Sebastian Young
Rascal Video

"It's a jungle on the rough and gritty streets of Miami; and these rent-boys do whatever it takes for them to survive. Nothing is taboo and nothing is off limits. The bills have got to get paid somehow.

Superstar Spencer Reed leads a superstar team of filthy street trade; including Samuel Colt, Jimmy Fanz, Jimmy Johnson, Krys Perez, Chris Porter, Marxel Rios, Lucas Vitello, and the spectacular bad-boy Sebastian Young."




Jimmy_fanz_4__player Jimmy_fanz_5__player
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