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Gabriel Clark (2)
Gabriel Clark


ALIAS: Gabriel Lenfant
SITES: CockyBoys, Colt Studios, Drill My Hole, Falcon Studios, Gods of Men, Jizz Orgy, Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Raunch, Maskurbate, Masqulin, Men of Montreal, Men of UK, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Hookups, Next Door Male, Next Door Studios, Raging Stallion Studios, Trystan Bull, You Love Jack

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Raging Stallion Studios Truck Loads

Truck Loads, Scene 5

Featuring Gabriel Clark, Marcus Kage, and Windom Gold
Raging Stallion Studios

September 9, 2022

"Exhausted truck drivers Markus Kage and Gabriel Clark are taking a much-needed break from the weeks of Freedom Convoy protests when they start chatting with Windom Gold about experimenting with guys while out on the road. The conversation sees their curiosities and cocks grow with both men soon allowing Windom to suck off their raw trucker cocks. Gabriel even tries swallowing some dick himself before moving down to Windom's ass to rim and bareback his smooth hole. Without giving the bottom a break to breathe, both Gabriel and Markus fill up Windom at both ends as each rotates between his mouth and ass. Riding Markus' hairy cock is finally what gets Windom to blow his load right before he drops to his knees and opens his mouth for the fresh cream of these straight strangers."

WATCH Truck Loads, Scene 5 Featuring Gabriel Clark, Marcus Kage, and Windom Gold















Raging Stallion Studios Fuck Me Fast & Furious

Fuck Me Fast & Furious, Scene 4

Featuring Gabriel Clark and Travis Connor
Raging Stallion Studios

January 21, 2022

"Mechanic Travis Connor just caught Gabriel Clark sabotaging his team's racecar. To escape Travis' wrath, Gabriel drops to his knees in the middle of his rival's auto shop and starts servicing his long cock and meaty ass. Gabriel gets lost between his smooth cheeks before standing up to bareback the 6'4' blue collar stud. The top's big dick slides in and out of Travis as the grunting bottom commands Mechanic Travis Connor just caught Gabriel Clark sabotaging his team's race car. To escape Travis' wrath, Gabriel drops to his knees in the middle of his rival's auto shop and starts servicing his long cock and meaty ass. Gabriel gets lost between his smooth cheeks before standing up to bareback the 6'4' blue collar stud. The top's big dick slides in and out of Travis as the grunting bottom commands Gabriel to fuck his ass harder. More than happy to fuck his enemy with more strength, Gabriel slams the accelerator and goes full speed until he's pulling out to blow all over Travis' hairy muscles. The cum-covered bottom then blasts out a thick mess as Gabriel toys with his used hole and leans down to lick up all of his loose seed."

WATCH Fuck Me Fast & Furious, Scene 4 Featuring Gabriel Clark and Travis Connor
















Winter Skyy Riders, Scene 5

Featuring Gabriel Clark, Skyy Knox, and Tayler Tash
Falcon Studios

April 15, 2022

"Snowmobiling studs Skyy Knox and Gabriel Clark just went behind a random building for a public quickie without realizing that horny security guard Tayler Tash was monitoring the area. After walking up on Skyy who has a mouth full of Gabriel, Tayler takes both men inside and begins to pump Skyy full of his meat. Tayler barebacks Skyy's muscular ass and only pulls out for Gabriel to suck him off to get a tease of what Skyy's hole tastes like. With both tops sitting on the snowmobile, Skyy gets a workout as he repeatedly moves back and forth between sitting on each of their hard cocks. A few more pumps into Skyy has Gabriel busting a nut right before Skyy unloads some cum for Gabriel to lick up, and Tayler finishes all over Skyy's face."

WATCH Winter Skyy Riders, Scene 5 Featuring Gabriel Clark, Skyy Knox, and Tayler Tash
















Skyy Riders, Scene 5

Featuring Ace Quinn, Darenger McCarthy, and Gabriel Clark
Falcon Studios

November 19, 2021

"After taking a spin on Gabriel Clark's ATV with Ace Quinn, Darenger McCarthy notices that Ace may have enjoyed their test ride in the great outdoors a little too much. With his massive boner clearly visible through his pants, Ace happily drops to his knees in the middle of the woods to service both of his friends. Gigantic muscle man Darenger quickly turns his attention to Ace's beefy bubble butt and with the help of Gabriel, stuffs the horny bottom at both ends. Now laying on top of the ATV with his legs spread open wide, Ace moans in delight as these two hung studs take turns barebacking his hole and covering his naked body in their seed. After Ace blows his own load, the cum-covered muscle bottom and his two naked pals ride off satisfied into the sunset on their ATV fuck machine."

WATCH Skyy Riders, Scene 5 Featuring Ace Quinn, Darenger McCarthy, and Gabriel Clark
















Into The Woods, Scene 1

Featuring Gabriel Clark, Jeremy London, Thyle Knoxx
Falcon Studios

December 4, 2020

"Jeremy London and Thyle Knoxx are hiking thru the woods when they stumble on Gabriel Clark working shirtless in his barn. After showing them around, Gabriel goes to find a saw and leaves the couple in the barn. Thyle goes for it and grabs Jeremy's bulge. Gabriel notices them having some fun thru a crack in the barn wall and whips out his cock while he watches. Thyle and Jeremy know they're being watched, so Thyle gets down to suck his man's cock while their new friend watches. Thyle is hungry for cock and invites Gabriel over to join them so he can suck both their dicks. Soon, Gabriel is on his knees eating Jeremy's ass while Thyle sucks his cock. All three take turns tasting each other's cocks before Thyle slides his meat into Jeremy's ass bareback. While Thyle fucks Jeremy, Gabriel gets to the back of the fuck-train and slides his dick in Thyle's hole. It's a cock-riding, hole-stretching frenzy in the woods that ends with Gabriel taking two loads in his mouth before spilling his own spunk on the forest floor."

WATCH & DOWNLOAD Into The Woods, Scene 1 Featuring Gabriel Clark, Jeremy London, Thyle Knoxx
















Gabriel Clark, Ben Rose, Emilio Calabria

December 12, 2014

"US Thanksgiving Weekend...

Football is a great excuse to bring guys together for a little competitive spirit. Indeed, for four days on the last weekend of November, it is almost non-stop football playing on American networks.

So, why bother stuffing a turkey when you can stuff one or two of your buddies and give thanks that they are there. Well this is exactly what Gabriel Clark, Emilio Calabria & Ben Rose had in mind (or was it?!) when they stripped naked, bonded and watched Thursday's match up in nothing else but their birthday suits, asses in the air and dicks dangling.

Who was this game's winner? We will let you be the judge of this one. It's all a matter of perspective. Would you rather be a wide receiver, a line backer or a tight end."















Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

"David Does Goliath"

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

January 24, 2014

"Gabriel Clark arrived for his shoot with Christian Power admitting that this was the biggest guy ever that he had performed with. He was a bit intimidated by fucking a mountain of muscle that weighs 100 lbs more than he does. For his part, Christian knew that Gabriel was well equipped and a forceful top. He hadn't bottomed in a while so he was clearly jittery. But, both were in good spirits and you can see during their opening conversation that sex was the main focus of their attention. Gabriel was describing in detail how he wanted to eat out Christian's ass and Christian was telling Gabriel the positions he wanted to try out. Coincidentally, he wanted to try pile driving, Gabriel's favorite position... This was promising. Then, Gabriel wanted to get into some muscle worship and so he sat behind Christian on the back of the couch and worked away on his upper chest and biceps... He even pounced on his bottom's pecs, but nothing moved it was so hard!

From idle chit-chat the guys then started kissing, but with all the sex talk they had, it wasn't long before Gabriel pushed Christian onto his back and dove for his cock. Pretty quickly they stripped off their clothes, Gabriel then stood on the couch while Christian sat down and in went Gabriel's cock to Christian's mouth.

Both guys have similar sized dicks. And both were sporting some pretty stiff boners. Gabriel was fixated on eating out Christian's ass before shoving his cock into it, so they got up and kissed for a bit before Gabriel asserted his top man position and pushed Christian onto his knees on the couch. Christian remarked that Gabriel 'wanted to play rough'... And, in dove Gabriel with his tongue. When it came time for shove his stiff cock up Christian's ass, it was obvious that our bodybuilder was finding this painful. He actually said 'Oh Fuck' when his ass lips were pierced by our top's 8.5 incher. It took a while for Christian to feel more comfortable and, actually, every time Gabriel and he changed fucking positions it seemed that he was wincing and squirming. He admitted afterwards that he needed to give his ass more attention in the future.

You'll notice during the shoot that some background noise made its way into the shoot. There were kids in the hotel corridor that were playing not far from the room. It distracted the guys, and at one point Christian got up, went to the room's door entrance, opened it, poked outside the door in the buff with a boner and hollered 'Hey! Pipe it down!' Then... Dead silence in the room and from the kids ensued. He shut the door and we all suddenly laughed and got back to the action. The kids were only momentarily destabilized by this mountain of muscle in the nude hollering at them, as they got back to their horseplay about two minutes later...

Gabriel was kinda enjoying finding himself in the position of topping such a massive piece of man. And, it isn't always easy finding positions where we get a good shot of Christian getting fucked. His ass cheeks are so big!! But Gabriel's dick size more than made up. So, for the finale, we got a clear view as the guys got into a spooning position. Gabriel was pumping and he soon shot all over Christian's butt cheek. He then moved into position lying down to get what he loves best... cum! Gabriel was on his back, Christian hovering above. Gabe started sucking the big guy as he got ready to unload into Gabe's waiting mouth. Gabriel lapped it up, got up and kissed Christian. As they wrapped things up, Gabriel suggested they do a repeat at some point. To which Christian stated that he would be the one in the driver's seat. Gabriel's 'Yeah right' answer didn't seem to indicate that such a thing would happen... We'll eventually find out."

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark Christian Power and Gabriel Clark

Christian Power and Gabriel Clark
Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

"Pile Driving On The River Bank"

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

September 6, 2013

"A few weeks ago we visited the cottage of a fan of Men of Montreal to shoot a couple of scenes. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm with a light breeze along the edge of the mighty St-Lawrence River. We thought it would be a great idea to team up two seasoned models and when we suggested to Gabriel Clark that he shoot with Alexy Tyler, and to Alexy that he shoot with Gabriel, the two were thrilled. Once we got to the cottage, both were keen on taking a swim in the calm waters and were just as keen about getting nasty together. So what better way to meet both their needs than by getting them to make out in the river.

While the guys were swimming around, they started getting frisky and boners started to edge out of the water. After playing with each other's cock and balls, they then got into some mutual cock-sucking. The water might have been a bit cool, but things between these two were obviously heating up.

Gabriel then challenged his partner to a race to the dock and the winner would be the top. Was it Gabriel's swimming skills that were better or simply Alexy's deliberate desire to serve up his ass to such a power top, we don't know; but Alexy didn't seem disappointed in any way to lose the race.Once on the dock, the guys really got going, rimming, sucking and... obviously fucking their way to orgasm. It was cool to see how the two were so attentive to each other's needs. They just seemed to know what each other wanted. They were in sync. It was particularly hot to see Alexy ride Gabriel's cock on the lounge chair, then to see Gabriel plow his partner's ass, pressing Alexy back and forth against the dock's guardrail. At one point, we were afraid it might give way... All went well though and the look of contentment on Alexy's face told the story of a very happy bottom.

Gabriel loves to pile drive a hot ass, so it was normal that this was how the two would ready up to shoot. Gabriel did such a good job at opening Alexy's ass up on the lounge chair and against the guardrail, that when he plowed into Alexy's ass on the deck floor it went in like a breeze. We could see that Alexy was getting close. So, Gabriel laid him flat down on the floor and continued to fuck his bottom boy, talking dirty to him as he was getting closer and closer to shoot. This took Alexy over the edge. With Gabriel's cock still in his ass, he released a nice thick load. Gabriel didn't waste time and started sucking on his Alexy's now spent but very sensitive dick, lapping up his mate's white jizz.

Gabriel then went back to pile driving Alexy's ass to get himself ready to shoot. Once he pulled out, he knelt down and shot another one of his notoriously huge loads in Alexy's face, mouth, and tongue, and well beyond his head. Alexy returned the favour of sucking his partner's knob. They then kissed and swapped the oozing cum out of each other's mouths.

On the ride back to Montreal, these two hit it off pretty well, chatting non stop. I'm guessing this first encounter won't be their last."

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler

Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler Gabriel Clark and Alexy Tyler
Gabriel Clark and Marko Lebeau
"A Reunion To Remember"

August 13, 2013

"Marko Lebeau & Gabriel Clark have been friends ever since they both started doing porn some 3 years ago. After doing a scene together back then for one of the major studios, they each continued with porn, but went down different paths. So the time was right for a rematch. Gabriel has become quite the power top since his first days in porn and Marko quite the bottom cub. Yet, he did seem to be a bit anxious about the pounding he was going to get from a dick that he felt had grown a full inch since he last took it.

There was no scripting this scene. Experienced as they are, and comfortable with one another, both guys just let loose and got into some intense sex play. We all know how Gabriel loves to suck and fuck and it’s no secret that Marko can take a pretty good pounding. So, after chatting for a few minutes, they just went at it.

Gabriel was the first to chow down on his partner, sucking Marko’s very stiff boner and eating out his ass with the intensity he’s known for. Gabriel loves sex and when he is on a set, his eagerness gives you the impression that he is going at it for the very first time.

After a good ass-eating, Marko’s hole was further pried open by some hot finger fucking. This was Gabriel’s final move before plunging his dick deep inside Marko’s hairy asshole. Our famous, if not infamous power top quickly got into his stride, pounding Marko pretty hard, even hopping onto the couch with both feet to get deeper into his ass.

It was then Gabriel’s turn for a rimming. He moved onto the edge of the couch where Marko, lying on his back, was able to nip away at his partner’s butt hole. From this vantage point we could see that Marko’s usually hairy chest was suddenly clean-shaven. As it turns out, a few days before shooting, a friend of Marko’s caused quite the surprise by shaving our cub’s chest while he was sleeping. Whether Marko was drunk when the guy did this, we don’t know. Marko isn’t saying. But we all got a pretty good laugh noticing Marko’s awkward smile.

Marko couldn’t get any harder while eating Gabriel’s ass. And, seeing such a rock hard dick and being the cock pig that he is, Gabriel quickly took his ass out from above Marko’s tongue and went down once more onto his partner’s cock. Both guys were getting pretty cranked, sporting rock hard boners that wouldn’t wilt.

Gabriel wanted to fuck some ass one more time and moved Marko onto his back on the edge of the couch, knelt in front of him and poked his piece of meat deep into his bottom’s ass hole and went to town! He was getting close to coming and quickly pulled out when he was ready to shoot a huge load all over Marko’s shaven chest.

It didn’t take long for Marko to crank out his own cum shot. On his knees Gabriel went as he opened his mouth to take Marko’s load, to suck him dry and to lick his fingers clean. He was like a kid in a candy store. Once he was done, Gabriel got up and they kissed. All smiles, Marko then led Gabriel to the shower so they could clean up."


A Fuck Fest!

Featuring Archer Quan and Gabriel Clark

November 6, 2012

"Gabriel Clark and Archer Quan were simply unstoppable. The sexual energy between them was overflowing from the get go. True to form, Gabriel's uncut cock was having a pounding good time. And, Archer had quite a mouthful, gagging abundantly as Gabe was deep throating him aggressively.After some masterful rimming work, Gabriel prepped Archer's hole with a glass dildo, readying him for the notorious Gabriel Fuck. At times, Archer looked like the pounding was hitting too hard. But the smile on his face with each break in filming told a different story. After the shoot, he mentioned that he had been looking forward to taking on Gabe's cock.This scene's finale includes a sturdy sling. After a good face fuck by Gabe, he blindfolded Archer, munched on his nipples and went to town on his ass. The rattling sounds of chains told the full story of the fuck fest Gabriel had.Ramping up to shoot, he unloads all over Archer's cock and balls, only to see Archer scoop up and swallow some of his hot cum. Not one to be upstaged, Gabe gobbled some up himself and then moved in for a good cum swap. Archer then moved out of the sling, geared up and then gave Gabriel a taste of his own medicine."

30126_005 30126_007

30126_013 30126_027

30126_030 30126_031










Casting Couch

Featuring Trystan Bull and Gabriel Lenfant
Next Door Studios | Trystan Bull

May 2, 2011

"Trystan Bull is casting for his new Vampire film, and it seems that lately the potential actors are all wrong. It is starting to frustrate him. Enter Gabriel Lenfant. Gabriel has a perfect look and build for the part. To be honest, his acting is a little suspect, but what he lacks in natural acting abilities he makes up for in hunger and desire. It seems Gabriel will do anything to get this part, a predicament Trystan intends to use to his advantage. And it turns out, if Gabriel's sucking abilities are any evidence, he'll make a perfect vampire. Enjoy!"

WATCH Trystan Bull and Gabriel Lenfant














12498_005 12498_006

12498_009 12498_010

12498_024 12498_025
Gabriel Lenfant (2)Gabriel Lenfant (2)
NextDoorWorld: NextDoorMale

November 7, 2011

"Gabriel Lenfant is bringing a full case of sex and swagger to this solo shoot in the gym. His steely gaze and meaty cock are ready for action, and his sultry demeanor are ready for temptation. Watch as he bends, stretches and works it all out for you in the gym, moving from bench to yoga mat to exercise ball, before finally cumming all over himself inverted and ass up. This is one time you won't mind being stuck at the gym."
Gabriel LenfantGabriel Lenfant
"Rainy Afternoon"
NextDoorWorld: NextDoorMale

December 27, 2010

"Gabriel Lenfant is a lover of nature and the outdoors. He's hanging inside for a while a brief downpour cleans the air. And while he's inside, he's stroking his firm, meaty dick for you and waiving his round ass around a bit. Gabriel very much enjoys pleasuring himself and he knows you want to see this action. Don't miss this sexy hunk playing with his erect cock and then rejoicing outside as the sun peeks through the clouds again. Enjoy!"
Gabriel Lenfant Gabriel Lenfant

Deep Penetration

Featuring Dominic F. and Gabriel Lenfant
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

September 16, 2010

"During a lunch break on our last shoot, the guys noticed that two of our models, Gabriel & Dominic (Dominic Valentine) were missing. After walking around the property, we spotted the two getting pretty hot and heavy around the back of the house. Instead of interrupting their fun, we decided to grab the cameras, load a fresh tape and capture their action for your viewing pleasure. So be prepared to watch these two ripped hunks suck, fuck and cum all over each other. Very hot! Enjoy!"

WATCH Deep Penetration Featuring Dominic F. and Gabriel Lenfant












8233_010 8233_014

8233_020 8233_023
Gabriel Lenfant & Vandal VyxenGabriel Lenfant & Vandal Vyxen
"Rough Sex"
NextDoorWorld: NextDoorHookups

September 30, 2010

"Some like vanilla sex, and some like it rough. Gabriel Lenfant & Vandal Vyxen are two people who like it rough, kinky and crazy. When Gabriel wants to fuck, it's time to fuck, even if it means chasing his lady Vandal across the yard and nearly tackling her. Of course she loves the chase and gets turned on by the rough sex play. After aggressively yanking off each others clothes, Vandal services Gabriel's fat cock before bending over and receiving a pounding from her man before getting back on her knees and taking his massive load into her mouth. Enjoy!"
Gabriel Lenfant & Vandal Vyxen

Gabriel Lenfant & Vandal Vyxen

Gabriel Lenfant & Vandal Vyxen

Gabriel Lenfant & Vandal Vyxen
Lucas Raunch Exclusive
Uncut Canadian Pornstar Gabriel Lenfant Worships Male Feet and Sucks Toes
Lucas Raunch

December 22, 2011

"Hot, gay Canadian pornstar Gabriel Lenfant finds a random guy off the streets named Nicolas Dawn, strips off his shoes and socks, and digs into the hot guys ripe feet and toes. Gabriel is exploiting the man for his foot fetish -- he doesn’t even bother showing his face on camera! Gabriel uses his lips and tongue to worship Nicolas’ male feet and gets so excited from the fetish play that he strips off his shirt and undoes his pants. Gabriel manipulates Nicolas’ feet, running them along his toned and worked out chest before lubing up and using them to jerk of his cock. Gabriel’s foreskin and shaft are treated to a rough foot-job: the Canadian hunk even fucks Nicolas’ feet!"
Gabriel Lenfant and Jessie Colter Piss, Suck, and FuckHard & Wet, Scene 1
Gabriel Lenfant and Jessie Colter Piss, Suck, and Fuck
Lucas Raunch

August 3, 2011

"Rising porn star Jessie Colter dominates the camera without inhibition. He’s an unabashed power-bottom who leaves everyone breathless with every thrust and pound he takes. Here in “HARD & WET” he’s paired with the gorgeous and sexy Gabriel Lenfant, and their sexy agenda is clear: lots and lots of piggish and raunchy play! The devilish duo begins with torrents of piss; Jessie is on his knees as Gabriel pulls down his jockstrap and lets loose his hot, golden stream. Jessie loves piss in the mouth, and he loves spitting it back onto Gabriel even more! They switch spots, putting Jessie on top, showering Gabriel’s handsome face with a river of filth. The highlight of the scene explodes on the screen when Jessie hops on Gabriel’s dick and riding him to completion, all with continuous showers of piss while they fuck!"
Gabriel LenfantBackdoor, Scene 5
Passionate Flip-Fucking with Jonathan Agassi and Gabriel Lenfant‏
Lucas Entertainment

August 5, 2011

"Jonathan Agassi’s journey through the back door into the nameless city’s sultry underworld of intense sex is too much for him to handle. He enters into a scenario of his own, and his partner is none other than Gabriel Lenfant, a gorgeous Canadian native with a bright face and an amazing body. From the beginning, Gabriel dominates Jonathan’s ass by shaving off all of its hair. Jonathan couldn’t be more excited: he moans with approving gasps the entire time. After Gabriel is done, he feeds his dick to Jonathan, who gobbles it up with his signature passion for a hot cock. But what Gabriel really wants to do is test out Jonathan’s newly smooth hole, and with the Israeli sex fiend on his back and legs up in the air, Gabriel digs deep into his hole. Both Jonathan and Gabriel demonstrate their versatility as they reverse roles and Jonathan pumps Gabriel, who takes his top’s cock with cries of pleasure until they both cum! And outside of the fantasy, Jonathan finishes himself off in the lost and looming shadows of the backdoor."
Studly Pals Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau Flip-FuckAuditions 40: Rafael Carreras' Uncut Canada, Scene 3
Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau Flip-Fuck
Lucas Entertainment

June 24, 2011

"Canadian natives Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau -- who are friends outside of the porn business -- talk about their lives, careers, and fuck fantasies before stripping off their clothes and having some hot fun themselves. Gabriel -- who used to work as a stripper and has the body and looks to prove it -- starts out by tasting and licking the adorable and burly Marko’s nipples, who can’t get enough of it. Marko yearns for Gabriel’s cock in his mouth, so he sits back and lets him swallow his meat deep. He even spits on it for some extra lubrication! These buddies swap blowjobs for awhile before Gabiel penetrates Marko’s ass. In fact, Marko sits down on Gabriel and rides him -- all the while, his uncut cock flops around with each moan and thrust! Soon it’s Gabriel’s turn, and he’s getting fucked hard by Marko, who turns out to be a power top! When they finish, they drop impressive white loads all over each other!"

Studly Pals Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau Flip-Fuck

Studly Pals Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau Flip-Fuck

Studly Pals Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau Flip-Fuck

Studly Pals Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau Flip-Fuck

Studly Pals Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau Flip-Fuck

Studly Pals Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau Flip-Fuck

Gentlemen 02: Power Professionals, Scene 2

Starring Gabriel Lenfant and Nick Ford
Lucas Entertainment

June 10, 2011

"Taking up residence in a posh apartment, the suave Gabriel Lenfant and Nick Ford sneak away from the office for some passionate romance. They grab one another's finely tailored suits and smack lips, making out with intertwined tongues. Nick's hands remain frisky the entire time, and he coaxes out Gabriel's uncut dick and sucks on it until he's rock hard. Nick's cock is next: Gabriel pushes Nick to the sofa and unleashes his member. Nick loves playing with Gabriel's mouth, teasing his tongue with the head of his prick. Both Gabriel and Nick are quiet gentleman: they swap oral and rimjobs with low and passionate moans. But Nick wants all of Gabriel: he bends the gorgeous brunette over the sofa and invades his ass, pounding him with intense lust. While Gabriel is still wearing his dress shirt and vest, Nick tears off all of his clothes and fucks Gabriel completely nude. Nick is a versatile lover, though, so he doesn't resist as Gabriel flips him onto the sofa and slips his huge erect dick inside. A key moment is when Nick lowers himself onto Gabriel's cock and rides him to ecstasy. They both cum in each others mouths and passionately kiss to finish their tryst."

LVP107_Gabriel_Lenfant_03 LVP107_Gabriel_Lenfant_08

LVP107_Gabriel_Lenfant_01 LVP107_Gabriel_Lenfant_02

LVP107_Gabriel_Lenfant_06 LVP107_Gabriel_Lenfant_07

LVP107_Gabriel_Lenfant_04 LVP107_Gabriel_Lenfant_05

LVP107_02_Nick_Ford_Gabriel_Lenfant_09 LVP107_02_Nick_Ford_Gabriel_Lenfant_10

LVP107_02_Nick_Ford_Gabriel_Lenfant_12 LVP107_02_Nick_Ford_Gabriel_Lenfant_08









Hard Wood, Scene 5

Starring Brenden Cage and Gabriel Lenfant
Colt Studios

November 11, 2010

"Tucked away in a cozy cabin bedroom, COLT Man Brenden Cage is sprawled out naked on the bed, rock hard and lovingly stroking his fat cock. Soon he is joined on the bed by an eager playmate, Gabriel Lenfant. Gabriel crawls onto the bed and immediately makes his way toward that fat, glistening cock. With passion he devours that cock, letting his hands and mouth explore freely, finding his way up and down the full length of Brenden’s hard body, finding his way to a lip locked and passionate kiss. Fully aroused, Brenden comes back at Gabriel with an equal passion and hunger, eagerly using his hands, his lips, and his hard cock to give his partner the full one-on-one sexual experience. Taking turns, giving dedicated mutual cock worship, these guys tune in and lose themselves in each other.

Passionate kissing and heavy grinding lead the way as Gabriel drives his cock deep into Brenden’s hot ass. On his back, Brenden takes it deep and long as he strokes a steady flow of precum from his throbbing hot cock. Gabriel delivers with long and slow deep fuck sesssion, giving Brenden everything he’s got. Getting his ass drilled sends Brended into overload. Jacking his cock he explodes. Hot cum shoots everywhere, giving Gabriel the last spark he needs to blow his fuse. Cock in hand he drenches himself in a thick and creamy load of cum."

8657_08 8657_09

8660_001 8660_003

8660_009 8660_015

8660_011 8660_023

8660_021 8660_029



















Featuring Manuel Deboxer and Gabriel Clark

May 26, 2015

"Gabriel was browsing through some ads while talking to a friend on the phone. Not looking for anything specific, he stumbled across what might be the most unbelievable ad... 'Handyman, well-equipped, experienced and versatile, for various jobs. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call for a free estimate.' Gabriel immediately called without even thinking about what he needed to repair. When Manuel Deboxer showed up and found out that he came over for nothing, Gabriel had to think of something to make it up to him..."

WATCH Handyman Featuring Manuel Deboxer and Gabriel Clark
















A Long Awaited Fuck

Featuring Manuel Deboxer and Gabriel Clark

February 10, 2015

"I've tried for a long time to match these two celeb Quebec pornstars for a fuck session. Both were very busy, shooting everywhere in the States and in Europe. Now finally our worlds collide. Gabriel Clark and Manuel Deboxer, in the same room together, how can this not be hot! In minutes, they were all over each other. The action never stopped, even in between takes. I tried to capture the most I could. Since both are versatile, we decided to flip a coin and Gabriel won and decided to fuck Manuel. In revenge, if there is an encore, Deboxer will have the honor to fuck his mate. Gabriel Clark is known to perform intense fucking. Manuel knew but had no idea to what extent! Without a doubt this is the most intense fuck scene I had the privilege to shoot. Definitely, a long awaited fuck."

WATCH A Long Awaited Fuck Featuring Manuel Deboxer and Gabriel Clark
















Heartthrob Worship

Featuring Gabriel and Pascal

December 23, 2010

"Heartthrob Gabriel gets his body worshipped from head to toe..."





















October 29, 2010

"Gabriel is one very hot charismatic dude. He is 23 y.o. and has a natural muscular hairy body. He stays in shape doing martial arts, not so much a gym dude. He has a girlfriend but they are both very open about this. Lucky Us!!! Some hot boys were making repairs during the shooting (you can even hear them in the video). It really added to the excitement... Reality Show at its best !!!"












Ethan Clarke

" Gabriel is into to cum. He'll take it any way he can get it but he's quick to admit that he prefers it fresh from his own massive uncut cock! He drops his pants and slowly teases the camera with his uncut 7 inch French-Canadian cock. He's got a cocky jock attitude that doesn't quit until he's splattering his own delicious load all over his perfect six pack! True to his word, he reaches down and gobbles up every drop of that delicious stuff!"

Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark
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