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MuscleHunks Franco Ferrara


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"Franco Ferraro is featured on stage in the Mr. Santos NABBA Brasil contest and we get a good look at his powerfully-built and well-oiled body. Franco flexes and poses and shows off all his hours of hard work. Then he returns to his hotel suite to give us a more private and intimate show in all his naked glory. He sits back on his bed with his thickly-muscled legs spread wide and he worships his manhood. He heads into a hot shower to keep things moving towards their steamy conclusion."



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Franco Ferrara (2)

"It was a pretty gloomy day when we put bodybuilder Franco Ferrara on a rooftop to do some pumping and posing. It didn't take long before this Brazilian god brightened up the day. As he flexes, he's joined by Jeff Fleming and Samuel Vieira, both wearing tight-fitting shorts. Together, these three muscle hunks show off every inch of their beautifully strong bodies in a posedown. We particularly liked watching them doing push-ups on the wall, what a perfect view of three massive bubble butts thrusting in the air. It wasn't such a gloomy day after all."




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MuscleHunks Franco Ferrara


Featuring Franco Ferrara

"Bodybuilding Champion Franco Ferrara has won a lot of contests. Why? Easy. He's always ripped. Always hard. ALWAYS hard. And we mean it. So you shouldn't be too surprised when this serious South American competitor rips off the posing trunks and shows you what inspires a true champion - not to mention his audience! Watch for Franco's video, due in Spring 2006 from Dynamite Studios!"





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CONTEST HISTORY 2019 NPC Victor Martinez Legends Championships Light Heavyweight (1st)
Masters Over 50 (1st)


2019 NPC Salt City Showdown Heavyweight (2nd)


2019 NPC Los Angeles Grand Prix Middleweight (1st)
Masters Over 40 (1st)


2018 NPC Tournament of Champions Middleweight (2nd)
Novice Heavyweight (1st)
Masters Over 40 (1st)


2015 Arnold Amateur Brazil



FATHER AND SON: Brazilian Bodybuilder Marilandio Ponchet and IFBB Pro Hygor Ponchet