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ALIASES: Cameron, Foster
SITES: Big Dicks At School, Cocksure Men, Cody Cummings, Corbin Fisher, Drill My Hole, Dylan Lucas, Falcon Studios, Hot House, Jizz Orgy, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Hookups, Next Door Male, Next Door Studios, Rod Daily, Sean Cody, SG4GE, Str8 to Gay

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Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand

"I Could Get Used To This"

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand
Pride Studios / Dylan Lucas

March 25, 2015

"Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand aren't too worried when they're hotel room only has one bed. They've crashed in each other's bed before. But on this vacation, something is different and when they reach the end, they can't help but wonder what it would be like to be more than just friends. Enjoy!"

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand

Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand Cameron Foster and Darius Ferdynand
Brady Jensen and Cameron Foster

Brady Jensen and Cameron Foster

"Sex on the Set"

June 28, 2011

"Brady Jensen and Cameron Foster work up quite a sweat as they help our very own Jake Cruise put the set together at the Cocksure Men studio (that's Jake giving the guys directions.) They are both incredibly buff, with broad shoulders, huge biceps and great pecs. Once the set is finished, Jake tells Brady and Cameron to start kissing. Cameron works his way down Brady's upper body and onto his cock. Brady then gets on his knees to swallow Cameron's dick. The guys strip down and Cameron bends over and takes Brady's rock hard dick up his ass. The fucking continues with Cameron getting plowed on his back. Cameron shoots a huge load while riding Brady, the cum dripping down his stomach and all over Brady's legs. The cameraman gets one last shot as Brady rubs his dick in the load he shot all over Cameron. It's a wrap!"

Brady Jensen and Cameron Foster

Brady Jensen and Cameron Foster

Riley Price & Cameron Foster

"About Last Night"

April 29, 2011

"Ever wake up with someone and you can't remember what the two of you did the night before? That's the dilemma facing Cameron Foster when morning comes and he finds a naked (and very hot) stud in his bed. Riley Price isn't buying this temporary amnesia and sets out to jog Cameron's memory by having sex all over again. The sheet's pulled back to reveal two beautifully-toned bodies along with two rock hard dicks. Riley goes down on Cameron's cock with gusto. Next, our duo gets into mutual rim jobs before Cameron takes Riley's greased pole up his ass for an extended fuck session. They wrap up the fun with a dose of side-by-side masturbation. Hard to believe anyone will "forget" seeing this video!"


Cameron Foster Solo


March 22, 2011

"Under our lemon tree we find a hulking blond muscle stud by the name of Cameron Foster. Cameron just can't keep his hands off himself. Cameron's so horny, he decides to jerk off right then and there. He works his big tool in front of our wood shed, all the while feeling every rippling inch of muscle on his torso. He lingers awhile on his bulging biceps and his perfectly round ass. He strokes his cock up and down, eventually kicking away his tight jeans and getting himself primed to pump it out. Cameron breathes hard when splatters a hot load of cum onto the ground, fertilizing our lemon tree."

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Cameron Foster and Darcy Tyler


February 25, 2011

"Cameron Foster is a super cute, collegiate, frat guy type. This 21-year-old from Arizona lifts weights pretty much every day and it shows. His upper body is a work of art, with wide shoulders, huge pecs and bulging biceps. Darcy Tyler wastes no time getting Cameron shirtless and pantsless. She gets him hard through his underwear, then pulls out his boner for a good oral once over. Darcy gets Cameron on all fours on the bed, then rims his beautiful hairy ass. Cameron turns around and gives Darcy an oral treat. With her cha cha nice and wet, Cameron teases it with the head of his cock before plowing in. Then it's off to the races with Cameron and Darcy fucking in all the positions you can imagine. Ending up in missionary, Cameron pulls out and shoots his splooge on Darcy's belly. Darcy has a taste before Cameron bends over for a kiss."

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Cameron & Jake


March 12, 2010

"So Cameron loved getting fucked by Trevor. But I suspect his "devirginized" asshole was a little sore because it took a while before he was up for a return trip!

We also hadn't seen Jake in a while. He's been busy in the gym and it shows — he gets more buff each time I see him!

Cameron and Jake made an adorable couple. There's nothing like two muscle studs fucking!"

Cameron & Trevor


December 26, 2009

"When we first met Cameron, he said that he enjoyed having multiple girlfriends at one time.

Whenever I hear that, I always know that the guy I'm talking to is a total horn dog!

Cameron plays it all shy and sweet, and I think he definitely uses that to his advantage.

You should have seen the look on his face when I asked him if he wanted to get fucked!

Thankfully, he said yes... and Trevor got to take his cherry!

Sean Cody Cameron



November 11, 2009

"I don't like being alone," Cameron told us.

He was referring to the fact that, although he's kind of quiet, he's very social and likes to have people around all the time.

"I've never lived by myself," he said. "I've always had friends or family around."

He's 19, and currently lives with two other guys in an apartment near the university he attends.

"It's pretty wild," he said. "At least one of us always has a girl there."

They've gotten comfortable with that and the girls don't seem to mind.

"You don't have a system? Like hanging a sock on the doorknob?"

"No we don't really care," he said. "I'll come home and my buddy will be fucking some chick in the next room. It's no big deal."

Cameron likes to take his turn bringing girls home as well.

"Usually I have four girlfriends at a time, so I'm never worried about not having a girlfriend!"

Sean Cody Cameron

Sean Cody Cameron

Sean Cody Cameron Sean Cody Cameron
Cameron Foster and Logan StevensRoommates, Scene 2
Cameron Foster and Logan Stevens
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

March 22, 2012

"Cameron Foster is snoozing on the couch looking as delicious as sin to his mischievous roommate. Logan Stevens plants a big dildo between the sleeping blond’s thighs and just as he’s about to scribble a moustache on his buddy’s face, Cameron wakes up. They goof around a bit before Cameron surrenders to the sexual hijinks and starts to suck on his assailant’s cock. He works his mouth and tongue vigorously up and down the rigid length of Logan’s tasty meat. The bearded prankster then takes his turn nursing on Cameron’s dick. Before long, he’s got the dildo in hand and quickly stuffs it up his partner’s asshole. Cameron pants with excitement and soon wants the real thing, so Logan fucks him fast and furious, churning in and out from behind. Then they’re down with Cameron on his back with Logan standing between his outstretched legs still plugging his hole until the both finally cum."

Cameron Foster and Trevor KnightPoint And Shoot, Scene 4
Cameron Foster and Trevor Knight
Falcon Studios

February 10, 2012

"Trevor Knight is also caught on camera out and about filming the wondrous and quirky city sites when he finds Cameron Foster shooting some hoops. Trevor is so turned-on with the handsome hunk and his exquisitely muscled body that he invites him back to the apartment for a special photo shoot. Cameron is either naive or just playing it dumb as he agrees to all of Trevor's demands and before long he's buck naked with his delicious bubble butt in the air, serving his ass to the horny photographer for lunch. Trevor wastes no time making the most of his good fortune as he greedily rims then fucks the golden boy's hole. Riding Trevor's cock, Cameron bounces up and down, moaning loudly and yanking his own love muscle until he finally busts his nut. Then he lays back and lets Trevor cream all over him with his milky load."

Cameron Foster and Roman HeartCameron Foster and Roman Heart
Members Exclusive
Falcon Studios

December 7, 2011

"The sexy blond Cameron Foster is lying back on the floor and the sexy Roman Heart is sucking away on his hot cock. Roman can’t get enough of Cameron’s meat, and he loves sucking cock so much that he slurps and gulps repeatedly on Cameron’s swollen tool. Enjoying the talents of Roman’s hungry mouth, Cameron moans with appreciation. Really getting into Cameron’s tool has Roman rock hard and in need of servicing. He moves up to push up position and starts to fuck Cameron’s mouth. Cameron takes it like a champ and flips over so Roman can get on his knees to control the mouth action, swallowing every inch of Roman’s cock, spitting on it and jerking it at the same time, then licking the head and shaft repeatedly, until Roman finishes the work by jerking out a juicy load. Cameron is in need of release after the hot blow job and he beats his meat until it gushes a milky load."


Members Exclusive

Landon Conrad and Cameron Foster
Falcon Studios

October 26, 2011

"As Cameron Foster lays back, Landon Conrad gives his hard cock a good workout before putting Cameron on his knees and giving Cameron's furry hole a wet tongue bath. Between gobbling up Cameron's cock and licking his sweet ass, Landon decides he needs to get in on the action too and puts Cameron down in front of him to worship Landon's fat throbbing member. Working his nipples, Landon holds Cameron's head in place while thrusting his cock into Cameron's mouth. With Cameron working Landon's huge meat and rubbing his balls, Landon can't hold back anymore and finally blasts his load onto Cameron's chest. Proud of himself, Cameron milks his cock before shooting a thick load as well."






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Blind Lust

Blind Lust, Scene 2

Starring Cameron Foster and Cliff Jensen
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

September 21, 2011

"Jesse Santana watches his two buddies, Cliff Jensen, a huge-cocked tattooed hottie and Cameron Foster, a statuesque blonde hearthrob. They're both blindfolded and stunning Cameron fumbles around near a picnic table until he follows Cliff's voice and finds him. Keeping the blindfolds on as Mason, the host, instructed, they have no idea what the other one looks like, so they feel each other's tight hot bodies clad only in underwear. Feeling the hard, thick dick underneath Cliff's underwear, Cameron goes right for the goods and pulls them down so he can give Cliff a wet and wild blowjob blindly pleasuring Cliff until they can't wait any longer to see what they're working with. They like what they see, and Cliff returns the oral favor while he strokes his big boy. He can't wait any longer because he wants to plant his massive trunk in the waiting hole of Cameron. Laying back on the picnic table, Cameron gives his perfectly round ass to Cliff, who know how to pound the hot stud well ramming his wood deeper and deeper into Cameron. The table top gets even more use when Cameron gets on all fours and serves his ass doggie style. Cliff slams it home as Cameron's hole devours this prize-winning cock. These studs work each other out until they both decided to lay back on the picnic table and serve up two hot loads to go!"












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Cruise Control, Scene 4

Cameron Foster and Chris Daniels
Hot House Video

October 17, 2011

"Skateboarder Cameron Foster hits Cruise Alley and comes face-to-face with his buddy Chris Daniels. Chris tells Cameron he won't tell his girlfriend he caught him out cruising for cock if Cameron sucks his dick. Cameron eagerly agrees to the deal and falls to his knees to devour Chris' 9-incher. The muscular hunks strip naked and Chris goes down on Cameron before bending him over and fucking his big round ass. Chris hammers Cameron hard while Cameron jacks off and blows his load. When Chris pulls out he gets his nut then sends the young stud back to his girlfriend."

Cameron Foster and Johnny TorqueBackroom Exclusives 27, Scene 1
Cameron Foster and Johnny Torque
Hot House Video

September 26, 2011

"Cameron Foster goes a few rounds with the punching bag while Johnny Torque works out his arms with the dumbbells. The sexual tension builds when they hit the free weights. Cameron coaxes Johnny out of his shirt who accidentally brushes up against Cameron's growing bulge. Cameron gets on his knees to worship Johnny's biggest muscle then kicks back on the bench press to get a juicy blow job. When Cameron throws his meaty legs up in the air to show off his perfectly furry, tight hole Johnny dives right in and fucks him hard! The muscular studs fuck all over the gym until they both milk thick loads out of their hard cocks."

Cameron Foster and Johnny Torque
Cameron Foster and Johnny Torque
Cameron Foster and Johnny Torque
Cameron Foster and Johnny Torque
Cameron Foster and Johnny Torque
Cameron Foster and Johnny Torque
Cameron Foster and Johnny Torque

Cameron Foster and Parker Perry
Live Show Archives
Hot House Video

July 11, 2011

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