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Jacob Ladder
Angelo Marconi


ALIAS: Gabe Solis
SITES: Cocksure Men, Dominic Ford, Falcon Studios, Fisting Central, Gentlemens Closet, High Performance Men, Hot House, Jimmy Z Productions, Lucas Entertainment, Men Over 30, My Friends Feet, NakedSword, Nasty Daddy, Paragon Men, Pride Studios, Raging Stallion


Swallowing Daddy

Featuring Angelo Marconi and Tex Davidson

February 22, 2018

"Stunning Angelo Marconi gets fuck raw by hot daddy Tex Davidson, of course he all his cum."

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858A4078 858A4089

858A4125 858A4141

858A4157 858A4171

858A4220 858A4227









After Work

Featuring Mitch Vaughn and Angelo Marconi

"After work Angelo finally gets the chance to worship Mitch Vaughn. The two still in suits from work slowly undress and reveal themselves. Angelo goes to his knees and swallows Mitch’s feet and licks his sheer socks from the soles to the toes. Mitch manhandles Angelo. Feeling satisfied Mitch dismisses his servant…"

Mitch Vaughn and Angelo Marconi Mitch Vaughn and Angelo Marconi

Mitch Vaughn and Angelo Marconi

Mitch Vaughn and Angelo Marconi

Mitch Vaughn and Angelo Marconi
Jimmy Z Productions Trenton Ducati and Angelo Marconi


Come Watch Us

Featuring Angelo Marconi and Trenton Ducati

April 6, 2014

"What better way to spend the day than to watch two guys enjoy each others muscles and have a hot fuck session. Trenton Ducati and Angelo Marconi invite us to be voyeurs and they seem to get turned on knowing we are watching. They kiss and lick each others bodies and take their time sucking each others cocks. Angelo's beefy ass gets some special attention from Trenton's fingers and tongue as he loosens it up for his thick cock. Trenton's muscles are pumped as he fucks Angelo's ass till they both cum."









Trenton_angelo_watch036_ Trenton_angelo_watch045_

Angelo's Socks & Bare Feet

August 19, 2019

"Angelo has great feet. His wide size 11 feet are so smooth yet masculine, just like his sexy chest. In his office attire and navy blue dress socks, he is the vision of the boss that oozes testosterone. You know his socks smell great as he pulls his shoes off his hard-working feet. Then the socks come off one by one so that you can get a close-up look of his toes and soles. He loves having his feet serviced after a long day, but who is going to massage his feet?"










Angelo's Size 11 Bare Feet Worshiped

March 15, 2014

"If there was one term MyFriendsFeet could use to describe Angelo it would be 'Alpha Male'. In every sense of the term. From his gorgeous face to his sensational tanned physique Angelo is the ultimate stud. And he certainly knows how to dominate a foot worshiper too. He sits on the couch and shoves his sexy size 11 feet right down into the face and mouth of his worshiper!"

Angelo's Size 11 Bare Feet Worshiped

Angelo's Size 11 Bare Feet Worshiped

Angelo's Size 11 Bare Feet Worshiped

Angelo's Size 11 Bare Feet Worshiped

Angelo's Size 11 Bare Feet Worshiped

Angelo's Size 11 Bare Feet Worshiped

Angelo's Size 11 Bare Feet Worshiped
Angelo Marconi's Dress Socks & Bare Feet Worshiped

Angelo Marconi Worship

Angelo Marconi's Dress Socks & Bare Feet Worshiped

December 15, 2012

"Angelo Marconi is definitely the type of man who commands attention. Dev loves Italians studs with big feet and Angelo has a pair of size 11s for him to get down and worship. The fact that Dev can be such a great foot slave is part of the reason we have him around MyFriendsFeet. This muscular dude can worship feet like no other and Angelo certainly found that out. And being Italian he certainly had no trouble telling Dev what to do. From shoving his sweaty socks into his face to making him clean his dirty feet with his mouth and tongue!"

01 02 03

04 05 06

07 08 09
Angelo Marconi Tickled

Angelo Marconi Tickled

December 1, 2012

"Italian Stud Angelo Marconi is very used to having his own way and dominating situations, but we changed that in this MyFriendsFeet video by tying him and tickling him to insanity. Angelo is a big, muscular dude, so it's a good thing we were able to tie him to the tickle table. Even Dev, as big as he is, wouldn't have been able to control Angelo if he had have gotten loose. He He. He and I took Angelo on a tickle torturing ride he won't soon forget, working his ribs, body and size 11 feet with our deft fingers and tickle toys!"

01 02 03

04 05 06

07 08 09

10 11 12

Angelo Marconi's Wide Size 11 Bare Feet & Flip-Flops

November 22, 2012

"I absolutely lose it over Italian men. They're so damn sexy! Angelo Marconi is certainly no exception, either. He showed off his perfect size 11 bare feet and flip flops in this MyFriendsFeet photo shoot for us. Like most Italian men, Angelo does love to show off his feet. It might be a European thing, but regardless, we love it and he loved posing them for us to get horny over!"






Angelo Marconi's Wide Size 11 Bare Feet & Flip-Flops 60
Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi

Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi

December 20, 2013

"Everyone is out of the office except Alessandro Del Toro and Angelo Marconi. Alessandro wants to do a different kind of overtime. He reaches for Angelo's cock. Angelo pulls down his jeans, and Alessandro immediately sucks his rod. They take their shirts off and Alessandro kisses Angelo's muscular chest. Alessandro sits in the office chair and lets Angelo go to work on his uncut dick. Angelo sits on the desk so Alessandro can suck his cock. He turns around and puts his leg up so he can eat his sweet hole. Alessandro plays with his hole, licking and fingering it. He plows into Angelo with his thick man meat. Angelo begs for more as Alessandro takes longer, deeper strokes. They make out and Alessandro worships Angelo's physique. Alessandro lays on the floor and Angelo sits on his thick rod. Angelo's hole stretches with each bounce. Alessandro drills Angelo, taking control from the bottom. Angelo faces forward and rides slowly, teasing Alessandro's throbbing cock. They go from the floor to the tabletop position and Alessandro pile drives his ass. Angelo Marconi gets up and shoots a hot load on Alessandro's face. Alessandro Del Toro releases a thick load on Angelo's cock and lower abs. He sucks Angelo's cock clean and they kiss."

Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi

Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi

Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi

Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi

Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi

Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi

Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi Alessandro Del Toro & Angelo Marconi

Angelo Marconi & Brock Avery

July 12, 2013

"Things get hot and steamy in the locker room showers when Angelo Marconi and Brock Avery begin showering. They make our passionately and can't keep their hands off of each others hot muscular bodies. They lather each other up and wash clean while they stroke their cocks. Brock kisses Angelo's neck and chest and quickly works his way down to Angelo's rock hard uncut cock. After getting Angelo's cock hard Brock bends Angelo over and rims his tight hole. Brock squeezes his thick hung cock into Angelo's tight ass, doggy style. Angelo flips over, lays on his back, pulls his legs into his chest and let's Brock pound him long and hard. Brock is relentless and jackhammers his cock in and out of Angelo Marconi's ass until Angelo shoots his thick load on his own abs. Brock Avery pulls his dick out of Angelo's ass and let's Angelo suck the cum out of his dick; Brock cums on his rock hard abs."

2 3

4 6

7 8

9 11

12 13

17 18

20 21











Warehouse Fuck

Featuring Angelo Marconi and Fabio Stallone
Pride Studios | High Performance Men

January 8, 2013

"High Performance Men is pleased to bring together two powerhouse men Angelo Marconi and Fabio Stallone in WAREHOUSE FUCK. Angelo and Fabio begin with kissing and groping each other until there hard cocks cannot be restrained by their jock-straps. Angelo wastes no time in getting on his knees and taking the entire length of Fabio's massive uncut cock down his throat. Fabio face fucks Angelo resulting in a lot of spit and slobber that ads to both their excitement. Soon Fabio is on his knees returning the favor to Angelo's hard uncut cock. He then turns Angelo around and pushes him face down and ass up as he buries his face deep in Angelo's beautiful ass. Angelo moans and begs Fabio to eat his ass and get it ready to be fucked. Fabio then waists no time in standing Angelo up so he can plow his ass with his massive cock from behind. Angelo loves the pounding and begs for Fabio to fuck him harder. Fabio then lies down on the ground so that Angelo can ride is cock and continues to fuck him like the Itallian Stallion that he is. With Angelo on the ground and on his back, Fabio fucks his ass so hard and deep that Angelo cannot hold back any longer as he shoots a nice thick load of cum all over his stomach. Fabio then shoots a nice big load all over Angelo's cock and balls. This is one fucking hot pairing! Enjoy!"

WATCH Warehouse Fuck Featuring Angelo Marconi and Fabio Stallone









29768_06 29768_07

29768_08 29768_09

29768_13 29768_15

Dick Delivery

Featuring Andrew Blue & Angelo Marconi
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

November 15, 2012

"Angelo Marconi is back on after popular demand. Angelo is 33 years old and from Los Angeles. Angelo is smooth, ripped, sexy and definitely turned up the heat, just as the temperatures were beginning to dip, with his steamy debut solo last month. We've been bombarded by requests to see more and that's just what you're gonna get today. Back from the past is a local native we haven't seen in a few years, Andrew Blue. Andrew is home waiting for his food to be delivered when he hears a knock on the door. It's Angelo in jeans and a tight tee. "Damn you look good' Andrew gushes 'if I eat healthy will I look like you?" Angelo grins as he mumbles a 'maybe' as Andrew starts to feel his chest. Angelo isn't about to stop him as Andrew lands on his knees and starts to fumble with his pants. Andrew soon has Angelo's growing cock out of his pants and inside his mouth. Angelo moans as he gets that dick of his sucked. Andrew then stands up and drops his shorts jeans and hauls out his fat cock. Angelo is more than willing to return that favor as he wraps his lips around Andrew's thick cock. Andrew fucks his face for a bit before sitting back and getting comfortable as Angelo makes a meal out of his thick dick. Once Angelo is ready to get that dick 'delivered' he gets on all four; arches his back and moans "Fuck me". He spreads those muscular cheeks wide open as he plays with his hole teasing Andrew. Andrew gets in on that action as he kneels behind that ass and starts to finger that hole. "I don't want you teasing me' Angelo coos, 'I want you inside me!" Angelo doesn't have to be told twice as he presses his rock hard cock against that hole and slides inside. He gets that dick all the way inside that hot as and starts to tap that ass doggy style. Andrew then gets Angelo to bend over on the chaise and slides his dick back inside that hungry ass. Angelo can't contain his desire as he just begs Andrew for more. Missionary is next as he puts Angelo on hi s back and gets busy fucking that ass hard and deep. Angelo can't help but jack off as that fat dick slams into his prostate. He unloads all over his chiseled abs as Andrew fucks him deep. Andrew then pulls out and busts his own load, sending jet after jet of thick cum splattering all over Angelo's lean, cum-soaked navel."







Mo30-angelo3 019

Working It Out

Featuring Angelo Marconi
Pride Studios | MenOver30

October 4, 2012

"Today on we have a sexy 34yo beefy daddy from South America by the name of Angelo Marconi. Angelo is working on his pecs doing push ups in his room. Once he's done he realizes his pecs aren't the only muscles getting larger. He rolls over onto his back and slips his hand into his shorts. His cock is growing as it comes to life wanting attention. Angelo strips out of his tank top and shorts and gets to work on his cock. He writhes in ecstasy as he strokes his aching cock. His body is naturally smooth and he puts in a lot of time at the gym. He strokes his dick fast as his balls bounce around. As he jerks with one hand his other hand makes its way to his smooth ass. He starts to finger that smooth hole as he rubs his hole with his finger tip making him moan for more. He slides that thick finger deep inside that ass making him moan and groan loving the pleasure it gives him. He lies back against the couch as he continues to jerk his dick. He then stands up to give us a better view of everything he has to offer. He knows that hot ass of his is what makes men the weakest, so he gets on his knees and bends forward. He spreads those muscular cheeks apart before burying his fingers deep into that snatch. He loves getting that hole stretched and it makes his cock throb with anticipation. Once he feels that load getting closet he gets on his feet and jerks his dick off faster. He finally unloads, blasting his thick cum all over, sending thick strands of thick white glue splattering all over the chaise below."

Mo30-angelo3 003

Mo30-angelo3 010

Mo30-angelo3 012

Mo30-angelo3 015

Mo30-angelo3 018

Mo30-angelo3 008 Mo30-angelo3 014

Mo30-angelo3 021 Mo30-angelo3 024

Deep Inside Part 1, Scene 2

Starring Angelo Marconi and Paddy O'Brian
Falcon Studios

October 12, 2012

"Things are getting mighty steamy in that glassed-in shower as beefy Angelo Marconi soaps up his monster cock. Blazing Paddy O’Brian rambles in with his gleaming white cock pointed straight up, and demands an exchanged frenzy of cocksucking and ass fucking that drives the passionate pair from the shower onto the deck and into the bedroom. They kiss furiously, too, lips and tongues disappearing as the men meld together. Angelo’s spit smears across his face as he downs every inch of Paddy’s immense tool. He deep throats it ‘til he gags. Paddy calls him “Greedy,” and slams Angelo’s ass like he’s gonna dynamite the gaping glory hole. Angelo takes it like the bruiser bottom he is, quivering, begging for more, holding on for the ride of his life. Sweat pours down Paddy’s body. He’s possessed, tripling the speed of his cocks depth charge in Angelo’s more than eager hole. The sheer velocity of fuck decimates Angelo, and screaming, they both explode, shooting shrapnel of cum everywhere."

WATCH Deep Inside Part 1, Scene 2 Starring Angelo Marconi and Paddy O'Brian

Angelo Marconi and Paddy O'Brian











27656_003 27656_005

27656_007 27656_015

Couples, Scene 2

Starring Topher DiMaggio and Angelo Marconi
Falcon Studios

July 6, 2012

"Topher DiMaggio is finishing rinsing some dishes when his man Angelo Marconi walks in. These hot Latin lovers can't keep their hands off each other. Who could if they were coupled with either of these dark-skinned, passionate men? We're not sure if there's anyone in the world who loves cock more than Angelo, and he is quickly on his knees swallowing Topher's sizable stick. The only thing that Angelo might like more than cock is having his ass worked over, and Topher knows how to deliver a mean rim job. Each time Topher comes up for air, Angelo fingers himself preparing for the real treat he wants up there: Topher's stiff thick dick. Their kitchen counter gets a workout with Angelo using it to position himself in every way to get the maximum impact of his man's meat. Topher serves it up and delivers it deep until Angelo blows a thick load onto his abs, which sends Topher over the top spraying cum all over the kitchen counter."

WATCH Couples, Scene 2 Starring Topher DiMaggio and Angelo Marconi

23144_001 23144_002

23144_003 23144_004

23144_005 23144_006

23144_007 23144_009

23144_012 23144_013






Picture Perfect, Scene 3

Starring Angelo Marconi and Jimmy Durano
Falcon Studios

May 11, 2012

"The director gives Angelo Marconi and Jimmy Durano the roles of two, lust-driven lovers, pushing each other to their sexual limits. The two quickly become entangled in each other kissing, licking and rubbing all over. Obsessed with his partner's cock, Angelo nurses on it greedily. This excites Jimmy and propels him to get into position so they 69. Jimmy works his way to Angelo's asshole, dipping his finger and then his tongue inside the hot moist hole. Wanting more, Angelo impales himself on Jimmy's erection and they start fucking. The ass-drilling continues and intensifies as they maneuver into Angelo's favorite position -- on his back. Beating his meat as he's getting plugged even harder, Angelo squeezes out a hefty load. Then, Jimmy finally pulls out and shoots his wad all over an exhausted Angelo."

WATCH Picture Perfect, Scene 3 Starring Angelo Marconi and Jimmy Durano













19956_006 19956_008

Members Exclusive

Starring Landon Conrad and Angelo Marconi
Falcon Studios

March 14, 2012

"Watching TV the handsome and sexy Landon Conrad and Angelo Marconi are more interested in each other than what's on the tube. Angelo looks over at Landon with a mischievous grin and starts to rub his crotch. It doesn't take long for Landon to understand Angelo's intentions and they are making out in nothing flat. Passionate making out leads to clothes flying off, and it's not long before Angelo's pants are down and Landon has his lips wrapped around the Angelo's thick stick. Deepthroating like an oral expert and fingering Angelo's greedy hole, Landon gets Angelo moaning with excitement. It's possible that nobody looks better with a cock in his mouth than Angelo and Landon's cock is a prize. Angelo celebrates this world-class meat by taking it to the base and working it over with his mouth. Landon wants to service the Angelo's trophy hole, and he lifts his hips off the ground and goes to town while Angelo continues to swallow Landon's cock. This oral master class concludes with Angelo sitting on Landon's face leading to both of them jerking out huge creamy loads."







18641_007 18641_009
Angelo Marconi and Adrian Long

I Want You, Scene 2

Starring Angelo Marconi and Adrian Long
Falcon Studios

December 2, 2011

"Adrian Long and Angelo Marconi are blissfully picnicking in the warm afternoon, feeding each other some juicy grapes and then eagerly feeding on each other. They slip out of their shirts as they continue lip locked with desire. They continue and slide out of their pants to finally free their swollen cocks. The mandhandling commences, and Angelo greedily feasts on his lover's salami. The tight muscles of Adrian's pecs and his washboard abs strain and relax registering the exhilaration he's feeling as he face fucks his handsome mate. Adrian attacks Angelo's ass, rimming the puckered hole and deftly jamming fingers and his thumb deep inside. Ready for more, Angelo mounts Adrian and skewers himself onto his hefty meatpole. They fuck, both of them moaning with pleasure, as Adrian pumps in and out nonstop. They continue screwing doggie-style and then with Angelo down on his back, working faster and faster until neither can hold back and they both blow their wads."

WATCH I Want You, Scene 2 Starring Angelo Marconi and Adrian Long

Angelo Marconi and Adrian Long

Angelo Marconi and Adrian Long

Angelo Marconi and Adrian Long

Angelo Marconi and Adrian Long

Angelo Marconi and Adrian Long

Members Exclusive

Angelo Marconi and Donny Wright
Falcon Studios

October 19, 2011

"Driven inside by the heat of the day, Angelo Marconi and Donny Wright have nothing better to do but get each other off. Stroking each other's uncut cocks and kissing deeply, they're hard and ready to go. Donny kisses his way down Angelo's muscular chest to his throbbing member. Taking it down his throat in one swift movement, Donny swallows Angelo's cock whole and proceeds to milk it with his mouth. Donny is getting seriously turned on by Angelo's meat in his mouth, but his needs sucking too. Donny flips Angelo over onto the couch and feeds Angelo his thick rod, and Angelo takes every inch. Gagging and choking on Donny's tool as it get rammed in his mouth, Angelo takes it like a champ. Then, Angelo rolls Donny onto his back and continues to work his cock until Donny can't hold back and shoots a massive load onto his furry belly right before Angelo drops a hot load of his own."


15259_002 15259_003

15259_005 15259_006

What Goes Around, Scene 4

Starring Angelo Marconi and Jeremy Bilding
Falcon Studios

July 8, 2011

"After a hard workout at the gym, Jeremy Bilding picks up a new 'training' partner, Angelo Marconi, in the locker room. They go back to Jeremy's place to continue their 'workout'. Jeremy tongue gets warmed up by working out Angelo's firm ass. Jeremy licks and spits on Angelo's hole, finally fucking it with his tongue. Angelo moans and pulls his ass cheek back so the stud can eat him out deep and well. Perched on an Eames chair in the window of Jeremy penthouse, Angelo's hole is completely soaked. Jeremy wants him all wet so he flips the Latin stud over and works his cock. Never satisfied, Angelo wants to return the favor and he moves Jeremy into a position where he can work over Jeremy's thick cock with his mouth. Soon Jeremy is working Angelo's mouth, jamming his cock against the back of Angelo's throat. The intensity builds and Jeremy bends Angelo over the chair and rams his hard cock deep inside. Angelo, the consummate bottom, rocks back and forth from the thrusts. They move to the sofa and Angelo straddles Jeremy who thrusts his cock deep inside Angelo. Finally, Angelo gets on his back, allowing his hole to get pounded until both studs explode their man seed all over Angelo's tanned belly."







Sc_8405_04_002 Sc_8405_04_007

Sc_8405_04_008 Sc_8405_04_010

What Goes Around, Scene 5

Starring Erik Rhodes and Angelo Marconi
Falcon Studios

June 17, 2011

"Angelo arrives home to find clothes all over the floor and his boyfriend Erik Rhodes fresh from the shower. 'What happened here'? Angelo asks. Erik deflects the question by telling him how happy he is to see him and how he wants to get down to business. Erik leaves no time for talking, making out with his boyfriend and pushing Angelo's mouth down to his hard cut cock. Angelo forgets all about the strewn clothes with the massive meat in his face; gulping and gagging on it and finally soaking it with his saliva. Erik fucks Angelo throat like a pro, then pushes Angelo onto the bed, working over Angelo's cock and ass with his wet mouth. Erik readies Angelo's hole for his thick cock and plunges his man meat deep inside the bubbled ass. Erik pounds Angelo's hole like a fuck machine. Erik then positions Angelo on all fours and slams him from behind, pounding deeper and harder until gobs of milky white cum soak Angelo's leg and sheets. Erik pulls out and dumps his hot man juice all over Angelo's back. The two collapse on the bed and fall into 'Une Petite Mort'. What goes around... cum's around..."

WATCH What Goes Around, Scene 5 Starring Erik Rhodes and Angelo Marconi










13170_001 13170_005

13170_006 13170_008

13170_009 13170_015

The Other Side Of Aspen VI, Scene 7

Featuring Adam Killian and Angelo Marconi
Falcon Studios

May 6, 2011

"In front of the enormous hearth, musclestuds Angelo Marconi and Adam Killian fan the flames of their unquenched desire. Ripped inked Adam Killian takes tanned tight sculpted stud Angelo from behind...introducing Angelo's ass to Adam's thick stiff prick. Adam pumps his cock deep and fast, stretching and sating Angelo's hole. The two overheated studs lose themselves in their they meld from one position to another and finally work themselves into the frenzy of orgasm as stream after stream of hot cum signals their satisfaction."











The Other Side Of Aspen VI, Scene 5

Featuring Adam Killian, Angelo Marconi, Brandon Bangs, Gavin Waters, Landon Conrad, Roman Heart, Shane Frost, Tony Buff
Falcon Studios

April 22, 2011

"Landon Conrad strokes his cock alone in front of a fireplace. One by one all of his Aspen buddies arrive, engaging in some of the best oral sex ever observed. Ass eating and cock sucking - it's a writhing jumble of hot flesh that brings to mind the great orgies filmed by Falcon over the 40 years the company has been in business. The physical beauty of these men is astounding: Roman Heart never looked better, Tony Buff's cock dominates the room, Adam Killian looks like he owns the place. Landon Conrad's chest is chiseled and scuplted like some hot magical marble bust. Angelo Marconi shows himself to be one of the hottest muscle on earth! Gavin Waters shines with his creamy white Nordic skin, and Brandon Bangs and Shane Frost bring a young spirit to the room...a new generation of hard, demanding Aspen men."















Colby Keller and Angelo Marconi

The Other Side Of Aspen VI, Scene 2

Colby Keller and Angelo Marconi
Falcon Studios

April 15, 2011

"It may be cold outside, but things inside are certainly heating up as Colby Keller and Angelo Marconi get busy inside their mountain cabin. Angelo gets a firm grip on Colby's cock still pouched inside his thermals and rubs it playfully before pulling it out to play. Angelo lets his tongue loose on a slalom run starting from Colby's lips, down his chest and belly until he finally crash lands in his groin, coming face to face with his towering cock. Angelo slides his lips around his partner's hefty tool and sucks it down hard, lubing it up with spit for a smooth slick slide down his throat. Colby pumps his hips back and forth... fucking Angelo's face and enjoying the sounds of Angelo trying to take it all the way down. Angelo continues licking and sucking the big cock until his efforts are finally rewarded with a hot shower of cum. Finally Angelo jacks himself off until he blasts his load all over Colby's chest."

Colby Keller and Angelo Marconi

Members Exclusive

Tom Wolfe Fucks Angelo Marconi
Falcon Studuios

July 27, 2012

"Businessman Tom Wolfe has cleared his calendar for a morning tryst with hunky associate Angelo Marconi. The two get down to business with Angelo nibbling Tom’s tits and kissing his hairy torso. He then reaches inside the big guy’s trousers to free his cock and sucks it all the way down, almost gagging on its enormity. Before long, Tom is greedily rimming Angelo’s hot tight hole, his tongue digging deep inside the crack. Having primed and prepped it sufficiently, Tom is up for a bigger merger and he fucks Angelo’s ass, working his thick cock in faster and harder with every forceful thrust. Begging for more, Angelo climbs aboard and rides his colleague’s tool. They twist into different positions and continue screwing until Angelo blasts his load across his abs. Tom withdraws and seals the deal shooting his load up across his exhausted partner’s pecs."

Hot House Pumped

Pumped, Scene 3

Angelo Marconi and Connor Maguire
Hot House Video

November 18, 2013

"Pumped muscle-stud Connor Maguire finds Angelo Marconi ass-up and ready for action. The smoking-hot ginger goes in to get a taste of Marconi's big bubble-butt then crawls up and shoves his huge cock down the sexy hunk's throat. Maguire grabs Marconi by the back of the head and pumps his face, forcing the handsome stud to gag on his thick rod. Now rock hard, Maguire stands up to fuck Marconi's tight hole. He uses every muscle to drive his dick deep into the Latin hunk's ass then kicks back so Marconi can hop on fuck himself with Maguire's massive cock. Marconi jacks off and cums all over Maguire's furry abs and chest then Maguire pulls out and shoots on Marconi's huge smooth ass."

WATCH Pumped, Scene 3 Starring Angelo Marconi and Connor Maguire















51561_04 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi
Raging Stallion Studios

June 20, 2014

"Cleaning the steel meat-cutting tables, Angelo Marconi polishes the surfaces. When he bends over, his low-riding jeans reveal a prime butt-crack that grabs the attention of Jimmy Durano. Jimmy pops a boner that he massages through his leather work apron until it's bigger than a pork tenderloin. Angelo looks up to see Jimmy's throbbing invitation and swallows the choice cut of meat. Holding his hard meat in his gloved hand, Jimmy packs Angelo's throat until the juices run clear. Wanting a crack at Angelo's crack, Jimmy pushes his jeans down lower and bends him over the shining table. Planting his cock like a hotdog in a bun, Jimmy lets Angelo sample the full length and girth of the sausage that's about to spear him. He lubes the hole with his tongue, then forges ahead in a single quick thrust. Angelo's balls are trussed in a leather thong to help seal in the juices until he's ready to burst. Then he splats a big puddle of scalding hot man juice on his belly, taking Jimmy's hot load in his mouth and face."

51561_02 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

51561_05 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

51561_07 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

51561_10 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

51561_11 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

51561_12 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

51561_13 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

51561_15 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

51561_01 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3 51561_03 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

51561_06 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3 51561_08 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

51561_09 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3 51561_14 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2, Scene 3

San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 1, Scene 1

Angelo Marconi and Boomer Banks
Raging Stallion Studios

April 18, 2014

"Free-ranging and ass-fed. That sums up the salami of Boomer Banks. He's slapping it on the palm of his hand, watching it grow, knowing that Angelo Marconi is lurking behind one of the hanging slabs of beef in the meat locker where they work. Angelo emerges with his mouth open. First, a helping of tongue, then he's ready for a different serving of meat. Boomer's massive sausage is but a single swallow for Angelo's skilled throat. Angelo's balls are trussed in rawhide and his prime rump is ready to eat. His fingers and Boomer's tongue compete for space in the tight chute, and Boomer whets his appetite by licking the ass juice off Angelo's fingers. Angelo has no problem accommodating such a massive slab of meat and his cock thickens perceptibly. He grabs onto an overhead meat hook to stabilize himself as Boomer slams into him, tenderizing his hole. Thick streams of cum cement their spent bodies in a seal of approval." WATCH Angelo Marconi and Boomer Banks in San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 1, Scene 1










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Raging Stallion: Throb

Throb, Scene 1

Alex Marte and Angelo Marconi
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

July 23, 2013

"Bodybuilder Alex Marte is a mountain of muscle covered in fur and ink, with a big, uncut cock that's hard and ready. We see him in the act of feeding it to cock-hungry Angelo Marconi. Lying on his tummy, Angelo stretches his mouth wide to accommodate Alex's lunges without gagging. Streams of saliva flow from Angelo's mouth as he works to swallow every inch. Alex helps by grabbing the back of Angelo's neck to immobilize it as he continues to pulverize Angelo's throat. Angelo gives his jaws a rest by chewing Alex's balls, then it's time for a change-up. Using his tongue as if it were a paintbrush, Alex goes to work on Angelo's hole. He adds some kissing and probing before surrendering to Angelo's command to 'fuck me.' Angelo slams his buttocks onto Alex's cock cowboy style, whacking his fat balls against Alex's washboard abs on each down stroke. Then they race loudly to the finish in a standing fuck. Few bottoms can withstand the impact of hundreds of pounds of muscle driving a cock into their hole like Angelo can. Alex pastes a thick load all over Angelo's face and licks it off as Angelo spends his cum on the floor."

WATCH Throb, Scene 1 Starring Alex Marte and Angelo Marconi
















Militia, Scene 1

Angelo Marconi and Jessy Ares
Raging Stallion Studios

June 21, 2013

"Jessy Ares and Angelo Marconi have their dukes up, but when Angelo lets his guard down, he gets bussed instead of bashed. Jessy darts in for a kiss and Angelo's open-mouthed response lights their fires. Their tattered wife beaters are ready for the rag bin anyway, but Jessy cements that fate when he shreds them. Skin meets skin. Angelo and Jessy clasp each other in a bear hug, pressing the smooth muscles of Angelo's chest to Jessy's hairy pecs. Jessy is leading the charge. He pushes Angelo's camo fatigues to the ground and a hard cock springs out. Angelo does the same, quickly kneeling to gulp down the freed shaft in his mouth and hold Jessy's balls in his fist. Spit and sweat pour down like rain. Jessy drills Angelo's hole with two fingers and Angelo adds two fingers of his own. Then Jessy slides his salami up Angelo's chute, cheered on by Angelo’s words, 'fuck that ass.' Angelo flips onto his back. Jessy quickens the pace and intensity of his pelvic thrusts. Both flooded with endorphins, orgasm overtakes them. Angelo spurts massive amounts of jism onto his treasure trail matched by Jessy's uncut cock spewing on to Angelo's thighs."

WATCH Militia, Scene 1 Starring Angelo Marconi and Jessy Ares
















Explosive, Scene 4

Featuring Angelo Marconi and Fabio Stallone
Raging Stallion Studios

October 1, 2012

"Angelo Marconi may be the bottom, but he's the power kind. He's a real firebrand when he takes charge of macho hunk Fabio Stallone, stripping him to reveal the big man's broad pecs and robust, clean-shaven torso. He drops to his knees and devours Fabio's classic sausage-it's a weighty, truly fat hunk of Italian salami, its swollen head is just crawling out of the loose foreskin that Angelo sucks in. He gives the mighty man-meat a wet and sloppy deep-throating, bashing his face full-up against Adam's groin. You know where Angelo's going with this- his deliciously smooth ass is yawning open in eager expectation of Fabio's lavish rimming. Angelo has to hold on for his life when Fabio slams that terrorizing chunk of meat in there again and again-just the type of rough housing Angelo revels in. It makes him blast a cherry bomb load on his stomach, with Fabio's blowout landing right on top."

WATCH Explosive, Scene 4 Featuring Angelo Marconi and Fabio Stallone






















All Access, Scene 2

Angelo Marconi and Samuel Colt
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

July 8, 2011

"Samuel Colt and Angelo Marconi are in the Hard Friction studio ready to show off their bulging muscles and hard cocks for the Live audience. They stand naked, kissing and exploring each other's hard bodies and throbbing cocks. Angelo is ready to suck some cock and gives Samuel a spit-soaked blowjob before lying back to get his turn from Samuel. Angelo's dick is rock hard as Samuel licks and sucks it while rubbing down his ripped abs and massive pecs. He then spreads Angelo's legs wide and goes to work on his hole. Angelo is really turned on and fingers himself as Samuel tongues his hot hole. Samuel's cock needs more attention, so he climbs up on Angelo and fucks his face push-up style while Angelo hold his legs. These two muscle men are strong! Angelo is a hungry cocksucker and swallows down Samuel's cock and both balls! The audience wants to see some fucking and these two studs do not disappoint. Samuel pounds Angelo's hot ass in three positions while rimming and fingering him until both studs blow their creamy white loads."

He's Got A Big Package, Scene 4

Starring Angelo Marconi and Bo Dean
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

July 1, 2011

"Inked maintenance man, Bo Dean, and warehouse manager, Angelo Marconi, can't keep their hands off of each other, making out when the other workers aren't around. Angelo loves gulping up Bo's huge,lapping at it with his hungry mouth and taking it deep in his throat.Angelo can't get enough cock and he takes it any way he can,allowing his saliva to coat the massive tool nearly gagging and looking up to be assured that he's pleasing his employee. Angelo lifts his boot up on some boxes and asking for that cock to fill another hole, and Bo takes his chance to give it to his boss, every last inch jabbing into Angelo's tight, sweet hole. Bending over, Angelo wants more, and Bo grabs on to his hips and starts ramming. 'Yeah,deeper!' moans Angelo, and Bo spreads those cheeks and drives his dick further. Up on the boxes, Angelo lays on his side to take that meat every way possible and Bo delivers his package express style as far as he possibly can, motivating Angelo to deliver a shipment of cum as Bo pulls out to cream Angelo's perfectly round ass."

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Hoodies, Scene 5

Starring Angelo Marconi and Jessie Colter

June 18, 2013

"Angelo Marconi and Jessie Colter are making out in the shadows. Angelo's hands squeeze Jessie's nipples while each of Jessie's hands is strokes a different hard cock. They toss their sole garment, a hoodie, aside. Now they are naked ... and surrounded by dildos. Like the prince looking for the foot that fits the glass slipper, Jessie and Angelo test the toys. Is this one too short? Is this one fat enough? One by one they try the array of toys, taking time to suck each other's cocks. Jessie uses a purple one on Angelo; Angelo steadies an especially fat one while Jessie works his buns around it, his wide shoulders and muscular back arching and twisting to accommodate the silicone plug in his hole. Finally they kneel side-by-side. Their thighs are spread wide, their sweaty torsos heaving and buns clenching and sliding over the dildo that's the perfect fit, that will bring them to a spattering climax."

WATCH Hoodies, Scene 5 Starring Angelo Marconi and Jessie Colter








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Hoodies, Scene 1

Starring Angelo Marconi and Jessie Colter

April 9, 2013

"Jessie Colter visits his favorite playground, but the chain link fence around it does not enclose monkey bars or a swing. Sitting on a bench in a dark corner, the guy with black gloves wearing the hoodie is Angelo Marconi, and the toys he brought to play with are made to slide inside your dick. Jessie unzips his own hoodie, then his pants, to display a tanned chest with a furry treasure trail that ends where play begins: at the tip of his hard cock. Angelo intensifies Jessie's arousal by sucking him, stroking his cock and massaging his balls while Jessie inserts a long surgical steel sound, then a 20-inch silicone nail into his urethra. Jessie's feral groans split the air as cum flies out from his spent cock, then Angelo pulls a hardon out of his own jeans and jacks out a load to match Jessie's."

WATCH Hoodies, Scene 1 Starring Angelo Marconi and Jessie Colter










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Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Kings of New York Season 2, Scene 3

Jimmy Durano’s Thick Uncut Cock Tests Angelo Marconi’s Limits
Lucas Entertainment

October 4, 2013

"Michael Musto may be down after being let go from the Village Voice, but he’s certainly not out! He’s looking for a comeback, and he’s going to find it by writing a story about a nightclub that made his career when he was still a budding wordsmith. Hardcore gay porn stars Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi have since taken the club over, and their reopening turns into an opportunity for Michael and a huge success for the power couple. They celebrate the next morning from their high-rise apartment bedroom after sipping coffee on the balcony. Though Angelo is a hulking wall of man, he’s a submissive lover who yearns for nothing more than feeling his boyfriend deep inside his huge bubble butt. He gets Jimmy’s uncut Latin cock nice and hard by massaging the shaft and foreskin with his lips and tongue. Angelo proves his bottoming nature by hopping up and down on Jimmy’s cock before rolling over onto his stomach. In his favorite position, Jimmy pounds and jackhammers Angelo without mercy!"

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2

Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2 Jimmy Durano and Angelo Marconi from Kings of New York Season 2
Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal, Scene

LE Exclusive Vito and Rafael Invade Angelo's Ass
Lucas Entertainment

August 30, 2013

"Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras traveled all the way to New York City from South America in order to make a business deal with Vito Gallo that will make them all a fortune. But Angelo is a horny son of a bitch who turns the deal into a sexual fantasy by telling the sex-crazed Rafael Carreras that Vito wants to close the deal with some steamy man sex! Vito is taken off guard, but it also doesn’t take him much to go with the flow in the end. Angelo and Rafael move in on the tall, sexy Italian top! There’s only one problem -- Rafael and Vito are both tops and Angelo is all bottom. Okay, maybe it’s not such a problem when Rafael and Vito find out they can both fit their cocks inside Angelo at the same time!"

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras in Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal

Pagan Seance - Angelo Marconi & Landon Stone

November 1, 2012

"It's October 31st, and while most people are celebrating Halloween, we are celebrating the Pagan festival of Samhain. In this scene, Landon Stone summons a spirit at midnight to fulfill his every carnal desire. The spirit (Angelo Marconi) appears mysteriously and begins to satisfy Landon's needs, letting Landon worship his body (which is perfect beyond humanly possible). Landon then fucks Angelo until they both climax in the final moments before Angelo must return to the spirit world. This scene is a must-see! Watch the full movie at"

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Grindhouse Episode 2

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox
NakedSword Originals

October 25, 2012

"Trenton Ducati may run the hottest show in San Francisco, but he still can't escape his past.

In this case, Angelo Marconi, a shadowy prison pal who comes to the club looking for repayment of an old loan. Trenton doesn't have the cash on hand, so he applies for an extension using handsome Australian dancer Woody Fox as collateral. Angelo is tempted by Woody's sexy voice and fit young body, but it's the Aussie's huge veiny dick that really seals the deal. Turns out there IS sex in the champagne room after all, and it's Angelo who wants his cork popped — with plenty of fizz. But just as the two collapse into a pile of sweat and flesh, a surprise guest walks in — and the real debauchery begins!"

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox
Paragon Men Gabe Solis

Gabe Solis

Paragon Men

December 2009

"Hearthrob alert! Gabe Solis and his soap star good looks turn up the heat this winter!

Gabe is truly a model with two sides! He’s tattooed only on the back of his bronzed body, so he gives distinct looks depending on the pose. Behind the camera (and in front of it) we appreciate versatility!

This tanned muscle man loves Spain, soccer, and sushi. Oh, he also masturbates twice a day! Gabe’s definitely a sexual animal, but what turns him on the most is kissing. And who wouldn’t want to kiss that sly, sexy smile?

He also trims his body hair, but doesn’t go crazy. Thankfully, because his pubic hair has us begging for more! Hey Gabe, wanna kiss?"

Paragon Men Gabe Solis

Paragon Men Gabe Solis Paragon Men Gabe Solis

Paragon Men Gabe Solis Paragon Men Gabe Solis

Paragon Men Gabe Solis Paragon Men Gabe Solis