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Rikk York


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Loaded: Muscle Fuck!, Scene 5

Featuring Jesse Zeppelin, Rikk York, and Sharok
Raging Stallion Studios

April 24, 2020

"The only thing better than two hung horny hotties is three, and Rikk York, Jesse Zeppelin and Sharok were born to bone. Sharok and Rikk look almost like brothers and they happily take turns on each other's gorgeous cocks and fuck-holes, rimming, sucking and barebacking with abandon while servicing and riding the mighty meat of Jesse Zeppelin. Jesse takes his time plowing the asses of these inked, hairy fuckpigs and hosing them down with cum while they also shoot huge loads. "

WATCH Loaded: Muscle Fuck!, Scene 5 Featuring Jesse Zeppelin, Rikk York, and Sharok















Raging Stallion Studios Get A Room

Get A Room, Scene 6

Featuring Rikk York and Riley Mitchel
Raging Stallion Studios

February 21, 2020

"Both totally vers, hung and ready for a bareback fuck-fest, Rikk York and Riley Mitchel, are both hot as hell, inked bearded muscle men going at it on the patio outside one of CCBC's many colorful rooms. Rikk bends Riley over a chaise to get at that beefy bubble butt and hungry hairy hole on his tongue, rimming and tonguing him till Riley is wet, sloppy and craving Rikk's dick. Rikk delivers gladly, after a blowjob by Riley gets him throbbing and ready. Riley rides him with a slutty smirk, then attacks Rikk's hairy haunches with ass eating vigor, priming him for a public, pile-driving pounding that makes them explode in a cum drenched finale."

WATCH Get A Room, Scene 6 Featuring Rikk York and Riley Mitchel















Raging Stallion Studios Get A Room

Get A Room, Scene 4

Featuring Jaxx Maxim and Rikk York
Raging Stallion Studios

February 7, 2020

"When the midday sun rises, it's nice to cool off in one of CCBC's comfortable air-conditioned rooms, furnished with leather couches and big beds and ample playing areas for two horny tattooed fuckers like Rikk York and Jaxx Maxim. These studs know how to make out and work up slowly to the main event, with lots of passionate kissing and stroking, sucking and caressing to prolong their pleasure and desire. Swapping blowjobs then rimming Rikk's beautiful hairy muscle-butt gets Jaxx's massive cock as stiff as steel and he skillfully uses it to really open Rikk up and make him squirm and squirt some more, with an intense prostate pounding that leads to a semen soaked finish!"

WATCH Get A Room, Scene 4 Featuring Jaxx Maxim and Rikk York

















Clothing Optional, Scene 3

Starring Pierce Paris and Rikk York
Raging Stallion Studios

February 2, 2018

"Pierce Paris is waiting patiently in the dungeon next to the sling when Rikk York enters his lair. Pierce likes what he sees in the hairy stud and takes control as he cuffs Rikk's hands behind his back. Pierce can sense that Rikk wants things a little rough and grabs a riding crop and a flog to spank Rikk's round hairy ass. Rikk eats it up and loves the flogging as he moans out with each lash from Pierce's strong, muscled arms. All the action makes Pierce hard as hell and he uses Rikk's hungry face like a hole. Rikk gets face-fucked balls deep down his throat before Pierce throws him in the sling with his legs in the air. Pierce starts out slow with a dildo up Rikk's tight ass to open it up and builds to using his throbbing monster cock. 'You're such a dirty little fucking slut,' Pierce tells Rikk as his dick slams into the hole in front of him. Pierce keeps up a steady pace with his jumbo sized cock as Rikk rocks his world swinging back and forth in the sling. Pierce wants his cock serviced one last time and pulls Rikk out of the sling. After slamming his busted hole one last time, he fucks Rikks's face for the last time and busts a nut all over Rikk's wide-open mouth. The taste of Pierce on his lips puts Rikk over the edge and he lets loose to dump a massive load of jizz all over the floor."

WATCH Clothing Optional, Scene 3 Starring Pierce Paris and Rikk York









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92956_03 92956_04

92956_05 92956_06
24 Hour Boner

24 Hour Boner, Scene 6

Starring Nate Stetson and Rikk York
Raging Stallion Studios

January 8, 2018

"With all the action that's been going on in the store today, Rikk York finds the place a wreck and is trying to clean the place up. He's still horny from drinking a boner elixir earlier and customer Nate Stetson enters to catch him playing with his throbbing hard-on. Nate agrees to help Rikk out, and the two start making out on the store floor. Nate doesn't let the foreplay go on for long before he takes his position with his mouth open in front of Rikk's thick, uncut cock. Rikk loves the feeling of Nate's warm, giving mouth and face fucks the stranger as he grows harder inside Nate's throat. Rikk needs to take a taste of Nate and the two switch it up to let Nate get a feel for the inside of Rikk's hungry mouth. Rikk pays special attention to every inch of Nate's thick cock and big smooth balls as he licks, slobbers and sucks with all his might. All of Rikk's expertise pays off and he gets the payload he's been craving as Nate blows his load all over Rikk's beard. As Rikk laps it up, he can't help but let loose himself and dumps his balls all over the store floor."

WATCH 24 Hour Boner, Scene 6 Starring Nate Stetson and Rikk York

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92437_03 92437_04

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92437_12 92437_14







24 Hour Boner


24 Hour Boner, Scene 1

Starring Rikk York and Teddy Torres
Raging Stallion Studios

December 15, 2017

"Hunky Rikk York can barely keep his eyes open while working at the 24-hour convenience store. To stay awake, he guzzles down what he thinks is an energy drink. It turns out to be a boner elixir and it works instantly. In the meantime, delivery guy Teddy Torres is stacking boxes in the storage room when Rikk walks in with his dick in his hand. Teddy takes one look at the thick, uncut cock in Rikk's meaty fist and immediately gets on his knees to help relieve Rikk. Teddy is hungry for cock and wraps his warm lips around Rikk's big one to take it all the way down his throat. Rikk can see that Teddy has a raging hard-on and returns the favor. When Teddy can't get any harder, he bends Rikk over and after priming his hairy asshole with spit for lube, he rams his monster cock all the way into the muscle stud. Rikk gets railed deep and then realizes he still has a boner to reduce. He throws Teddy down on the table and slides his throbbing rod into the hairy hunk. Rikk pounds away until both of them let loose and dump their milky loads all over Teddy's furry stomach."

WATCH 24 Hour Boner, Scene 1 Starring Rikk York and Teddy Torres

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92231_03 92231_04

92231_06 92231_11










TSA Checkpoint, Scene 1

Starring Daymin Voss and Rikk York
Raging Stallion Studios

November 10, 2017

"Daymin Voss is a TSA agent and when Rikk York comes through security to get to his flight, he sets off the alarms several times. Daymin decides to subject Rikk to a full body search. It doesn't go well for the traveler when Daymin finds some contraband in Rikk's 'loose sloppy hole'. The agent decides to explore a little further because he wants to make sure there's nothing else up Rikk's big hairy ass and gets in deep with his gloved hands. To be absolutely sure, Daymin gets on his knees and sticks his tongue all the way into Rikk's hairy hole. When Daymin doesn't find any more unnatural objects shoved up Rikk's ass, he unbuckles his pants and has Rikk suck his way to freedom. Rikk's magic mouth gets Daymin horned up and soon the commuter is balls deep inside the TSA agent's tight muscle hole. Rikk pounds away until Daymin is ready to teach his suspect the final lesson of the day. Daymin mounts up and slams Rikk's fuzzy ass with his massive cock until he sets off Rikk's explosive device. Daymin takes his job seriously and won't let Rikk through security until he slathers the guilty traveler with some TSA approval."

WATCH TSA Checkpoint, Scene 1 Starring Daymin Voss and Rikk York

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91711_001 91711_002

91711_003 91711_007

91711_008 91711_018












Trapped, Scene 5

Starring Damian Taylor, Rikk York, and Seth Santoro
Raging Stallion Studios

October 27, 2017

"Rikk York has a dilemma. He's camping in the woods with Seth Santoro and Damian Taylor and he can't decide which one to fuck. Rather than make the decision himself, he lets the guys do their work to let the action play out naturally. Damien is hungry for dick and gets down on his knees in front of both Rick and Seth to suck their big hard cocks. Damien and Seth make out as they get their dicks serviced by the horny stud. Seth wants to play the cock sucking game too and soon joins Damien on his knees to share Rikk's throbbing dick. Each dude takes a side and opens his mouth wide to let Rikk take control and fuck their lips. All the attention feels amazing on Rikk's cock and he takes matters into his own hands. He bends Damien over a patio chair and slips his thick dick all the way into the tight ass in front of him. Seth cheers the guys on and jerks his own meat before getting down to lick Rikk's hairy ass. He gets the ass lubed up and then stands to slide his cock deep inside. Rikk takes the dick like a pro and sucks on Damien's pole as Seth pounds away. Rikk's asshole feels amazing enveloping his cock, and after a nice long fuck session, Seth pulls out and blows all over Rikk's fuzzy butt. Watching all the action around him is more than Damien can handle and he busts a load right into Rikk's open mouth. One taste of Damien's jizz is all it takes for Rikk to let loose and return the favor by blasting all over Damien's beard and in his mouth. After all the fun, Seth and Rick get lost on a hike and stumble across Tegan and Colby outside. Something doesn't sit right with Seth. Will he recognize Tegan and will he be able to help him before it's too late?"

WATCH Trapped, Scene 5 Starring Damian Taylor, Rikk York, and Seth Santoro

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91333_05 91333_06

91333_03 91333_04









Gun Show

Gun Show, Scene 3

Starring Rikk York and Sean Duran
Raging Stallion Studios

July 28, 2017

"Second Amendment activist Sean Duran is handing out right wing literature at the 'Gun Show' and sets his sights on Rikk York. Sean tries explaining to Rikk that 'cry-baby liberals are gonna take away all our guns!' Rikk likes what he sees in Sean and offers to talk about Sean's concerns in a more private setting. The minute they get alone, Rikk makes his moves on the tatted stud and goes in to give him a kiss. Sean protests at first, not understanding what the hell is going on. Rikk calms Sean's little conservative brain by telling him to relax and by reaching into his bulging camouflage pants to rub his growing chub. It only takes a second for Sean to whip out his dick and peel off his Ted Nugent vintage Tee. Rikk isn't quiet about sucking on Sean's hot rod and gags and spits as he slobbers all over it. The guys are within ear shot of the gun booth owner who keeps turning around to see if what he's hearing is real. He sneaks over to get a better listen as Rikk bends over and gets his asshole eaten out by Republican Sean and his not-so-conservative ass licking tongue. When Sean is sure he could fit the barrel of a Glock 17 firmly all the way up Rikk's butt, he splays the muscle jock over a container with his legs in the air and inserts his weapon of choice. It's a beautiful thing to see two horny studs fucking in front of a rack of guns at a public show, and both hung dudes are getting off to the idea. All the guns surrounding them and the sensation of Rikk's tight ass enveloping his giant cock is all that Sean can handle. He pulls his meat out and dumps his load all over Rikk's hot ass. After all the action, Sean is thirsty and needs to taste what's inside Rikk's loaded pistol. He gets under Rikk's big hairy dick and opens his mouth to get every drop that Rikk has in his emptied-out chamber."

WATCH Gun Show, Scene 3 Starring Rikk York and Sean Duran

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Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!

Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!, Scene 3

Starring Manuel Skye and Rikk York
Raging Stallion Studios

June 30, 2017

"Rikk York is smoking a cigarette next to a barrel fire in a seedy alleyway. He isn't wearing anything but a leather vest and big black boots. Dirty muscle daddy, Manuel Skye, approaches the hung stud and rubs his cock through his jockstrap as he gives Rikk a peek at his giant, meaty sack. The two muscled up hunks start making out and rubbing beards until Rikk squats down and takes Manuel's big boner down his open throat. Manuel's low hanging balls swing between his legs as he face fucks Rikk's greedy mouth. Rikk needs his hairy asshole serviced and spreads his cheeks to let the daddy get all the way into the pink with his fingers and long, experienced tongue. Leaning back, Manuel savors Rikk sitting on his throbbing pole. Manuel takes over and pounds the stud's hairy bubble butt, stretching him to the limits. Rikk bounces and grunts as every last inch of the monster cock goes in and out of his tight body. Spreading his legs as far as they'll go, Rikk lies back as Manuel stands above him and keeps a relentless steady pace of thrusting his pelvis deep into the hairy hunk. After all the ass reaming, the guys jack their cocks together. Manuel is the first to let loose and shoots a whooper of a load that hits his own face and sticks in Rikk's big, black beard. They kiss and share Manuel's load as Rikk's dick oozes thick, white cum into his hand and all over his fuzzy crotch. Manuel rubs the sticky jizz into Rikk's hairy chest and they continue kissing and swapping cum as they rub their drenched bodies together."

WATCH Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!, Scene 3 Starring Manuel Skye and Rikk York

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89485_002 89485_003

89485_005 89485_03












Drive Thru

Drive Thru, Scene 1

Starring Michael Roman and Rikk York
Raging Stallion Studios

May 12, 2017

"Rikk York mans the 'Drive Thru' as orders flow in. At the window, Rikk notices scruffy hunk Michael Roman outside staring and touching himself in Rikk's clear view. Rikk takes one last order and heads out to take the trash where he happily runs into Michael. Instantly, Michael grabs Rikk and starts tearing clothes off. Rikk hits the ground and dives straight down on Michael's fat cock. Mid blowjob, Rikk gets another order but puts it off on someone else. Michael returns the oral favor with a sopping wet hummer and slick rim job. The two take it inside and Michael enters Rikk on the counter. After taking it from behind, Rikk lies back on the counter and gets pounded deep. Michael keeps pounding until Rikk unleashes a hot load onto his hairy abs. Michael shoots his spunk all over Rikk's hairy ass."

WATCH Drive Thru, Scene 1 Starring Michael Roman and Rikk York

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88644_03 88644_04

88644_05 88644_06










High n' Tight, Scene 1

Starring Jackson Grant, Mick Stallone and Rikk York
Raging Stallion Studios

February 24, 2017

"Leatherman barber Rikk York is working on a 'High n' Tight' cut for his client, Mick Stallone. They make conversation about where to go out and what the local guys are like. Rikk's assistant, Jackson Grant, overhears the conversation and shares a knowing glance with Mick through the mirror. Jackson pulls up his shirt and starts stroking his cock. 'Again?' Rikk says. Pulling back the barber smock, reveals that Mick has already started stroking himself. Jackson comes over and goes down on Mick's hard cock. Joining in, Rikk thrusts his hard cock down Mick's throat. Jackson makes out with Rikk as Mick switches to sucking Jackson's cock. Jackson stands as Rikk and Mick both kneel and suck on his meat, lick his balls, and make out with each other. Rikk gets on the barber's chair so Mick can rim Rikk's hairy ass. It's time for the boss to get what he wants: Jackson fucks Rikk's face while Mick stands up and plows Rikk's hairy hole with his hard cock. Switching out the chair for a bench, Rikk lays down and has Jackson sit on his cock. Mick watches while feeding Rikk his cock. Straddling Rikk's face, Mick makes out with Jackson as Rikk continues thrusting his cock up into Jackson's tight hole. Rikk spreads Mick's asshole and shoves his tongue between Mick's cheeks. Jackson and Mick blow their loads at the same time, shooting their hot, white cum onto Rikk's hairy abs. Mick makes out with Rikk as Rikk strokes himself and lets loose with his own stream of sticky jizz."

WATCH High n' Tight, Scene 1 Starring Jackson Grant, Mick Stallone and Rikk York

87535_01 87535_02

87535_03 87535_006

87535_04 87535_05

87535_10 87535_15









Alex Del Toro Barebacks Rikk York


July 3, 2015

"Latin studs Alex Del Toro and Rikk York kiss passionately in a covered patio. Rikk jerks his stiff cock while kissing Alex. Rikk gets on his knees and reveals Alex's cock. Rikk deep throats his cock as Alex grabs the back of his head. Rikk stands, letting Alex get a turn at his 7 1/2 inch cock. Rikk gets on all fours on the couch and Alex stuffs his face deep inside Rikk's ass. Now that Rikk's hole is nice and wet, Alex barebacks his ass doggy-style with his uncut, raw cock. Alex sits on the couch and Rikk sits on his raw dick bareback. You can tell Rikk is a power bottom by the way he slams his ass deep into the base of Alex's thick cock. They change position to missionary. Alex rams his huge raw cock inside his hole. Rikk yells to fuck his hole and Alex doesn't hesitate, barebacking him aggressively. They go back to fucking doggy-style, making Alex pull out and jerk his load onto Rikk's ass cheeks. Alex slides his raw, wet cock back in Rikk's hole several times. Rikk shoots a huge load all over Alex's face. Alex Del Toro sucks Rikk York's cock dry before they finish with a kiss."

"Frisbee Fuck"

Nico Duvall & Rikk York

February 4, 2015

"Rikk and Nico have some fun with their frisbee before heading back for a fun fuck session..."

Nico Duvall & Rikk York

Nico Duvall & Rikk York

Nico Duvall & Rikk York

Nico Duvall & Rikk York

Nico Duvall & Rikk York

Nico Duvall & Rikk York

Nico Duvall & Rikk York

Nico Duvall & Rikk York
Rikk York and Hugh Hunter


Rikk York and Hugh Hunter
Pride Studios | MenOver30

April 24, 2015

"Rikk York and Hugh Hunter are out shopping for new undies at their favorite shop in down town. They grab a few pairs and head to the dressing room to try them on one by one. They watch each other trying on undies and they both get hard. You can hear customers walking around the store so they get inside the dressing room from prying eyes and start to suck and fuck. Eventually the action creeps out of the dress room but they still are far enough back where they can't be seen fucking and cumming all over each other. Enjoy!"

Rikk York and Hugh Hunter

Rikk York and Hugh Hunter

Rikk York and Hugh Hunter

Rikk York and Hugh Hunter

Rikk York and Hugh Hunter Rikk York and Hugh Hunter

Rikk York and Hugh Hunter Rikk York and Hugh Hunter

"Sleepy Head"

Rikk York & Johnny Hazzard
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

March 6, 2015

"Rikk woke up this morning and Johnny wasn't in bed next to him so he walks downstairs and heads to the fridge for some juice. As he's drinking the juice he notices the TV is one and there is Johnny passed out on the couch again. Rikk quietly walks over to him and slightly brushes up against him waking him up with kisses. They both begin to make out and Rikk quickly pulls Johnny's cock out and takes it into his mouth for a wet early morning BJ. Johnny who is still waking up is extremely relaxed as Rikk services him balls deep. Johnny finally wakes up and has Rikk fuck him in multiple positions and his favorite which is being bent over the couch and rammed deep. Enjoy!"

"Well Worth The Wait"

Alessio Romero & Rikk York
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

February 20, 2015

"Rikk is newly single and still fresh out of his last relationship and wants to take things slow. Alessio and he have been seeing each other for a few weeks now and Alessio wants to take it up a notch and expresses his feelings to Rikk. Rikk is comfortable with it and so after their stroll in the downtown area they head back home. They head straight to the bedroom where Alessio begins to make out with him as they explore each other's bodies for the first time. New love always begins great but the key to happiness is to keep that love strong and committed which both of these two have. Alessio treats him like a king paying close attention to every sensual spot on Rikk's body. Once the foreplay has been covered Alessio goes deep into Rikk as they passionately enjoy each other's bodies and intimacy. The sex can only last so long but the ender is lovely and to hell with heartbreaks. Enjoy!"

"House Chores"

Matt Stevens and Rikk York
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

February 6, 2015

"Matt and Rikk are cleaning house before Rikk's mom shows up to visit. Rikk is very nervous and wants to make sure everything is in place and clean to perfection. Matt is less concerned about cleaning and more focused on getting naked and fucking. Matt starts to tempt Rikk by pulling on his cock and kissing him. Rikk denies it at first but Matt is very persistent and eventually gets his way. They both blow each other and do a great flip flop taking turns fucking and sucking one another. They are in a hurry to bust nuts before his mom shows up and luckily they cream just in time and have a few more minutes to clean up and put everything back in order. Enjoy!"

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

"Love & Lather"

Rikk York and Damien Crosse
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

July 22, 2014

"Rikk has a surprise waiting for Damien and he has no clue as to what it is except that it requires him to wear a robe. Rikk has spent a good amount of time setting up a nice warm intimate bath with Champagne and strawberries. Rikk has Damien's eyes covered as they slowly walk up to the bath. Damien is eager to see what the surprise is and finally Rikk reveals it to him. He takes a couple steps back and can't believe his eyes. Damien begins to passionately make out with Rikk in amazement as they both let their robes drop to the ground. They slowly get into the bath and begin feeding one another strawberries while sipping on some bubbly. The intimacy is through the roof with these two as Damien takes Rikk's hard throbbing cock into his mouth. Both of them eager to please and lathered up in soap with champagne dripping down their chests they take turns pouring the bubbly all over their hard dicks and sucking them clean. Damien is ready for desert and dives his face deep into Rikk's smooth hairy hole licking and sucking every part of his round ass. The heat is on as these two suck and fuck each other to the fullest extent. Eventually Damien is on top of the counter laid out on his back while Rikk pounds deep inside him. Lots of water, suds, fruit, kissing and some hot intimate fucking that will spark your imagination to do the same for your loved one. Enjoy!"

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Rikk York and Damien Crosse

Dirty Talk

Featuring Landon Conrad and Rikk York
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

June 3, 2014

"Landon Conrad is off work and checking out a popular gay chat site and starts talking with one of the models who just happens to be Rikk. They begin with lots of dirty talk over the phones, teasing one another and eventually Landon tells him to get his ass over to where he is. Once they connect in person the dirty talk exceeds all expectations and they can't handle the energy pulsing between them. Landon pushes Rikk into the warehouse and vigorously they start making out and he pushes Rikk down to his knees. Rikk gulps his massive cock and balls each and every time while Landon face fucks him. Landon finally gets a taste of that sweet ass they've been talking about all day and he face dives in licking and spitting to get it nice and lubed up for his thick dick. Once his throbbing dick is inside Rikk it's no holds barred as Landon uses him as his personal fuck toy. Towards the end they let loose all the pent up energy in the form of milky sweet cum and then Landon wakes up and realizes he can hear Rikk on the phone still asking if he should come on over.. it was all a fucking dream, but a damn good one. Enjoy!"

WATCH Dirty Talk Featuring Landon Conrad and Rikk York
















"The Lawnmower Man"

Rikk York and Mickey Collins
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

March 25, 2014

"Mickey is home for lunch during a crazy day at the office. He has no time to spare, but when he sees the lawn boy shirtless and sweaty, all other priorities are put on hold. He whips his dick out, and when Rick notices, his chores are put on hold too. He sucks daddy Mickey's hard cock before getting his ass eaten and fucked. I bet the neighbors hear the grunting and moans coming from both these studs in this hot backyard fuck."

"Easing the Strain"

Steven Ponce and Rikk York
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

March 11, 2014

"Today these lovely men are easing the pain with a small rub down and the lucky man is Steven who pulled his shoulder last week. Rikk has been practicing massage therapy in his spare time so he thought he could help out and ohhhh did he help out all right. The hairy red head of a man loves to gobble up the cock from this sexy dark stud. He can't get enough from deep throating Rikk's cock so he opens his tight red haired ass for a nice pounding. Rikk doesn't even think twice and goes hard and deep while Steven rides it like the Wild West. Cum check this sexy ginger blow a hot load all over his chest and then make out with Rikk for an epic closing. Enjoy!"

"My Vent Needs A Cleaning"

Rikk York and Scott Harbor
Pride Studios / Men Over 30

January 14, 2014

"Scott has another broken vent and for some reason he always calls a friend over to help but the vent never gets fixed and eventually he ends up with a cock deep in his ass. Lucky for Rikk he was chosen for the job but he could only pat attention to Scott's big ass. Knowing why he was invited over Rikk wasted no time getting those clothes off Scott's milky body. Now they can break out the toys and Scott was super eager to have his butt plug finally inserted into his hairy hole. Rikk slowly inserts the pink plug into his eager hole. After some butt play Rikk's cock is throbbing so hard that he needs a warm mouth and tight warm ass to get off. Back aches, not today, but cum loads over balls next to a fucked hole, Yes Please!! Enjoy!"

"A Puerto Rican & Cuban Cocktail"

Angel Rock and Rikk York
Pride Studios / Extra Big Dicks

February 5, 2014

"The Puerto Rican and Cuban mix have arrived and they are waiting for nobody. These sexy hunks come out of the gate kissing and ready to suck. You can hear their sexy accents and even some foreign language during the steamy sex and ohh is it mouthwatering. They both couldn't wait to pull their cocks out and get some deep intimate kissing in. There is no holding back with these two beefy men. Angel has a beautiful thick cock that he uses to fuck Rikk nice and hard. His ass was tight before but I'm sure now that little hole can take a mean pounding. If you love sexy mixed men with a high capacity for taking a thick cock than drop your pants and pull your cock out for some steamy sexy fun. Enjoy!"

"Feet Socks Jocks"

Christopher Daniels and Rikk York
Pride Studios / High Performance Men

December 24, 2013

"HighPerformanceMen.com presents Christopher Daniels and porn newcomer Rikk York in FEET, SOCKS & JOCKS! Christopher and Rikk are in the locker room after their workouts and it does not take long for them to realize they both have the same dirty thoughts running through their minds. Lips locked together, the two explore each other's bodies with their hands and tongues. Christopher buries his face in Rikk's smelly armpit and takes a deep sniff before licking the sweat off all the hair. He then works his way down and pulls Rikk's shorts off revealing his jock-strap. First he works Rikk's cock through the jock-strap and then pulls it out as he deep throats every inch of his cock. Rikk cannot get enough of Christopher's mouth and tongue as he thrusts his cock deeper down Christopher's throat. The two then find themselves in a 69 as they deep throat each other's cocks. Soon, Christopher has his tongue lapping at Rikk's hairy ass. Rikk then rolls Christopher up and returns the favor as he spits and buries his tongue deep into Christopher's ass. Christopher has Rikk bend over the bench as he eats his hairy ass some more and then has him sit down on the bench as his tongue travels down his leg to his foot. Christopher removes Rikk's shoe and begins sucking and licking his foot with the sock on at first. He removes the sock and then goes to town on Rikk's foot. Licking the foot from the heel all the way to the toes. He begins sucking on Rikk's toes and one-by-one he inserts all of them into his mouth. Christopher is now sucking all of Rikk's toes in his mouth all at once and both are loving every moment of this foot worship. Christopher then sucks Rikk's cock some more before putting a condom on it and opening up his ass for Rikk to fuck. Rikk drives his cock deep into Christopher's ass and fucks him hard and deep. Rikk then finds himself on his back as Christopher drives his cock deep up his hairy ass. As Christopher fucks Rikk deeper and deeper he also pulls Rikk's foot to his mouth as he does his best to deep throat every single toe. Christopher then pulls Rikk up and fucks him Doggie style until he cannot hold back any longer and pulls out and shoots a nice load all over Rikk's hairy chest. He then bends over and laps up his own cum and shares some with Rikk in a deep kiss. Rikk, who has been jacking his own cock, cannot hold back either and Christopher positions himself under Rikk's cock as a huge load of white creamy cum goes into Christopher's mouth. He then bends down and licks up some of his own cum and the two share some cum swapping in a deep kiss. ENJOY!"

Brief Buddies: Flip-Flopping with Jake Marshall and Rikk

Brief Buddies: Flip-Flopping with Jake Marshall and Rikk

Starring Tony Daniels and Tim Kelly

December 18, 2013

"Damn, these two men are good looking and, damn, they've got great bods and, damn, those juicy pieces of meat and holes... Jake and Rikk really enjoy each other in this hot scene where they suck for days and take turns fucking each other all afternoon. I wish I had been there to lick up those juicy loads. Damn..."

Brief Buddies: Flip-Flopping with Jake Marshall and Rikk

Brief Buddies: Flip-Flopping with Jake Marshall and Rikk

Brief Buddies: Flip-Flopping with Jake Marshall and Rikk

Brief Buddies: Flip-Flopping with Jake Marshall and Rikk

Brief Buddies: Flip-Flopping with Jake Marshall and Rikk

Brief Buddies: Flip-Flopping with Jake Marshall and Rikk

Brief Buddies: Flip-Flopping with Jake Marshall and Rikk

Brief Buddies: Flip-Flopping with Jake Marshall and Rikk

Bait: Rikk York and Straight: Chad

Featuring Chad Taylor and Rikk York

October 22, 2020

"Welcome back to another studio version of BaitBuddies.com!

Rikk York is back and he's looking just as sexy as the last time he was here! He's the perfect specimen of tall, dark, and handsome, with a killer ass and big dick!

Chad Taylor is this week's straight guy and this married hunk is here to make some money! He says that his wife costs a lot so he tries to keep her happy but he also needs to keep himself happy... So, he came here to fuck another woman because he gets tired of the same ol' pussy, plus his wife won't let him fuck her in the ass! Oh well, her loss!

After Caruso has both guys get hard, he steps out to check on the girl. Unfortunately, she won't be showing up today but Caruso does have another option... If both guys will have sex with each other then he will double their pay. Chad wasn't having it at all... But, after Caruso and Rikk reminded him of the money and the fact that he hasn't busted a nut, Chad finally caved in and agreed to go gay for pay!"

















Aaron Slate and Rikk

"The Dumber the Better"

Aaron Slate and Rikk

November 14, 2013

"That's what Rikk (short of Ricardo), a straight beefy, hot Latino hunk tells us - he loves white girls and 'the dumber, the better'. We think he means the more compliant the better... just get on your back, let me fuck the crap out of your pussy and keep your mouth shut. Our returning Bait boy, Aaron hears all this and is smiling from ear to ear, because as soon as he can, he'll be on his back getting the crap fucked out of his pussy by Rikk and he can't wait. We have a pretty good idea that once you see Rikk in action, you might want to line up right behind Aaron. After the guys go through their preliminary screen test to make sure they 'qualify' to fuck on cam, Caruso breaks the news - there's no girl to be had - so their only option to make money is to have sex with each other or go home as broke as they came. Rikk lets Caruso know right away ''it's not really my thing'', but it doesn't take long for us to talk him into at least trying. So, Aaron grabs the Latino hunk's almost 8'' plantain shaped cock and starts stroking it and Rikk just says, to nobody in particular ''this is so weird'' referring to the first time another dude, other than his family doctor ever touched his cock. The sex escalates rapidly, Rikk takes his turn stroking Aaron's thick cock and then Aaron shows Rikk what a gay blow job is like. Rikk returns the favor and hesitates at first, but catches on pretty quickly - Aaron tells Caruso that it's pretty good for a first time cocksucker. Aaron is so turned on that he goes in for a kiss which Rikk initially turns away from - it appears that he's embarrassed to kiss another dude in a sexual manner. But, with some pushing from Caruso the boys start making out like they were on their first date. Once Caruso moves them on to the fucking portion of the ''seduction'' Aaron hops on Rikk's cock and literally absorbs it up his tight hole as Rikk throws his head back as he experiences for the first time how hot and tight another dude's butthole can be. You can see that Aaron is in total ecstasy from the first moment of penetration and that he's totally into Rikk, exploring his body with his hands when the pleasure isn't too overwhelming for him to do so. He also grabs Rikk's head and pulls him for some kissing - a couple of times while his ass continues to get pounded. Rikk then puts Aaron on his back just like he does with those dumb bitches, shoves his dick into Aaron's boy pussy and fucks that dude like the big, straight, pussy loving, beefy hunk he is - just like Aaron likes it. Whenever Aaron opens his eyes, they are completely focused on his hot Latino lover, he caresses Rikk's body and pulls him in for a harder fuck until he finally jacks like a madman and shoots his load. Rikk then gets on his knees and jacks a stream of hot, Latino cum onto Aaron, catches his breath and leans down and in the moment, gives Aaron a kiss on the lips! Caruso asks Aaron how it was and he's in such a state of post orgasmic ecstasy from his man fuck that he's actually speechless. The boys then get into the shower to clean off all that sweat, saliva and cum... and you can see the rest in ''After the Shoot''. Enjoy!"

Aaron Slate and Rikk

Aaron Slate and Rikk

Aaron Slate and Rikk

Aaron Slate and Rikk

Aaron Slate and Rikk

Aaron Slate and Rikk

Aaron Slate and Rikk

Aaron Slate and Rikk

Big Bad Wolf, Scene 3

Drew Sebastian, Dolan Wolf, Rikk York
Club Inferno Dungeon

June 30, 2014

"Dolan Wolf and Drew Sebastian are locked in a deep-fist 69. These pros know just what it takes to hit the sweet spot and really dig around in their partner's sloppy holes to find it. The two studs are so lost in the moment that they don't notice they're being watched by Rikk York. York plays with himself for a few minutes on the sidelines before coming in and taking over for Sebastian. The thought of a fresh hand up his butt has Dolan whipping out his rock hard cock to stroke along as Rikk begins to probe his hole. Dolan really kicks back and enjoys the workout and it's not long before Rikk whips his own cock out to jack along with his free hand. Rikk works his partner into a frenzy as Dolan cries for him to punch the cum out of him. Rikk works his hole until Dolan's cock explodes then leaves his hand in until he gets himself off."

Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex

Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex, Scene 4

Rikk York Takes A Bareback Butt Fucking From Dylan James
Featuring Dylan James and Rikk York
Lucas Entertainment

November 23, 2015

"Dylan James is just as hungry as Sergeant Miles is -- these military men can’t help themselves! Rikk York is perfect for Dylan since he loves a good cock-sucking challenge himself, and man, does he swallow every inch Dylan gives him. It’s clear Dylan James is worked up by Rikk’s energy: he gives the bottom’s hole a deep-cleaning with his tongue before inviting him to take a seat on his lap… and yes, that involves inserting all nine inches of Dylan into Rikk York’s ass bareback. Is he intimidated? Not at all -- Rikk loves a challenge."

LVP224_Dylan_James_05 LVP224_Dylan_James_06

LVP224_Dylan_James_07 LVP224_Dylan_James_08

LVP224_Rikk_York_03 LVP224_Rikk_York_04

LVP224_Rikk_York_05 LVP224_Rikk_York_06

LVP224_Rikk_York_07 LVP224_Rikk_York_08

LVP224_Rikk_York_09 LVP224_Rikk_York_02

LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_01 LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_02

LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_04 LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_05

LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_06 LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_08


Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas

Hung As Fuck, Scene 3

Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas
Lucas Entertainment

July 17, 2015

"Now that’s a sight I could get used to: Pedro Andreas is sitting back with his hard-on saluting northward for Rikk York to get to work on. I’m used to seeing Rikk on his Twitter account where he comes off as a no-bullshit top. But he’s taking plenty of bullshit from Pedro Andreas in this scene: sucking his cock, only to get fucked, and then right back to sucking cock all over again. (Yes fans -- that means ass to mouth!) I just hope Rikk York is ready, because Pedro Andreas has plenty of raw dick to give!"

Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas

Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas

Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas

Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas

Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas

Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas

Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas Rikk York Gives Up His Hole To Pedro Andreas
Rikk York And Logan Stone Have Raw Sex

Raw & Ready, Scene 4

Rikk York And Logan Stone Have Raw Sex
Lucas Entertainment

June 8, 2015

"Pay attention now, all you fans of ass-to-mouth. There’s an incredible fellatio shot in this scene at 29:30. It’s after Logan Stone gets done pounding Rikk York in Sean Duran’s summertime getaway. Logan creams in Rikk’s ass and pulls out -- this prompts Rikk to drop to his knees and gently nurse on Logan’s cock, making sure not a single drop of his raw load is wasted. That’s just a taste of what these two lean hunks bring to this sexual encounter."

Rikk York And Logan Stone Have Raw Sex

Rikk York And Logan Stone Have Raw Sex

Rikk York And Logan Stone Have Raw Sex Rikk York And Logan Stone Have Raw Sex

Rikk York And Logan Stone Have Raw Sex Rikk York And Logan Stone Have Raw Sex
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