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Ivy League Part 2

Featuring Theo Ford & Jay Roberts
Men of UK at Men.com

April 21, 2015

"Theo Ford doesn’t like the way his boyfriend Jay Roberts is being treated at the University, so he decides to show him his true worth. The two passionately suck each other’s dicks before Jay tells Theo to fuck him over the desk. Jay screams as Theo slams his ass hard, doggy-style. Jay demands Theo go even harder as Theo wraps his hand around Jay’s thick cock and pummels his eager hole to Jay ‘s delight."

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford & Jay Roberts
Jay Roberts & Rogan Richards

Jerking on the Job

Featuring Jay Roberts & Rogan Richards
Men of UK at Men.com

June 10, 2014

"When Rogan Richards busts Jay Roberts jerking his big dick to Men.com at the office, things get hot. Rogan strips down and turns Jay fantasy into the hottest reality possible."

Jay Roberts & Rogan Richards

Jay Roberts & Rogan Richards

Jay Roberts & Rogan Richards 0021

Jay Roberts & Rogan Richards Jay Roberts & Rogan Richards

Jay Roberts & Rogan Richards Jay Roberts & Rogan Richards

In The Dog House

Featuring Harley Everett and Jay Roberts
The Gay Office at Men.com

June 3, 2014

"Jay Roberts & Harley Everett aren't having so much success in their jobs. The boys get called into the office to talk about their work and when they're left alone can't help getting naked and fucking. Harley's horny ass gets pounded hard by Jay's big hard dick."

0051 InTheDogHouseTGO08

0089 InTheDogHouseTGO17

















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Strangers Passing

Featuring Jay Roberts and Woody Fox
Gods of Men at Men.com

February 10, 2014

"Woody Fox arrives at Jay Robert's hotel room and finds him naked, ready for sex. The action is slow and sensual but thoroughly satisfying."











StrangersPassingGOM08 StrangersPassingGOM13
Men Network - 9 Sites For The Price Of One

Men Series: Cruising Men Series: Cruising

Gabriel Clark & Jay Roberts

Cruising Part 1

Featuring Gabriel Clark & Jay Roberts
Men of UK at Men.com

February 8, 2014

"'Cruising' is a new MEN.COM series where Gabriel Clark shares anonymous gay sex stories. Part one finds Gabriel in the gym using only body and eye contact to seduce Jay Roberts. Jay gets pounded deep and hard!"





CruisingMOUK05 CruisingMOUK09

CruisingMOUK10 CruisingMOUK12

CruisingMOUK16 CruisingMOUK17
Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Foreign Exchange

Featuring Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci (2)
Men of UK at Men.com

January 21, 2014

"Mike Colucci is a foreign exchange worker starting his first day at the office. Jay Roberts has him naked and taking his big dick by noon!"

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci

Jay Roberts & Mike Colucci
Hotelx-top Hotelx-bottom

Men Network Hotel X

Hotel X Part 1

Featuring Dato Foland & Jay Roberts
The Gay Office at Men.com

December 7, 2013

"Damien Crosse used his job as a concierge to secretly watch hot action in a room of a hotel he calls "Hotel X". Hunky Dato Foland was a regular customer who brought his amazing fuck friends to Hotel X for intense encounters. Jay Roberts bottoms hard for Dato's big dick."

WATCH Hotel X Part 1 Featuring Dato Foland & Jay Roberts on Male Access




















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Sdoae-top Sdoae-bottom


Secret Diary of An Escort Part 4

Featuring Jay Roberts and Valentino Medici
Men of UK at Men.com

November 23, 2013

"Jay Roberts is a high profile escort with a true passion for his occupation. Secret Diary of an Escort (Part 4) is a story about his sexy encounter with a client named Valentino Medici. Jay fucks Valentino's ass hard and deep!"

SecretDiaryOfAnEscortPart4MOUK04 0029

SecretDiaryOfAnEscortPart4MOUK02 0040

SecretDiaryOfAnEscortPart4MOUK05 SecretDiaryOfAnEscortPart4MOUK07

SecretDiaryOfAnEscortPart4MOUK08 SecretDiaryOfAnEscortPart4MOUK10

SecretDiaryOfAnEscortPart4MOUK11 0081










Shaft Lane 2

Featuring Jay Roberts and Marco Rubi
Men of UK at Men.com

November 20, 2013

"On Shaft Lane the drama never ends. Jay Roberts & Marco Rubi gossip about the conflict between Paddy O'Brian & Landon Conrad (Shaft Lane Part 3) before having some gossip worthy sex themselves. In Marco's first scene on MEN.COM, he gets fucked in his tight ass by Jay."

ShaftLanePart2MOUK04 ShaftLanePart2MOUK05

ShaftLanePart2MOUK01 ShaftLanePart2MOUK01

ShaftLanePart2MOUK07 ShaftLanePart2MOUK08

ShaftLanePart2MOUK09 ShaftLanePart2MOUK10

ShaftLanePart2MOUK13 ShaftLanePart2MOUK14

0094 ShaftLanePart2MOUK17





Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares

Unexpected Revenge

Featuring Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares
The Gay Office at Men.com

July 29, 2013

"A disgruntled model plays a phone prank on photographer Jay Roberts causing him to lash out at his employer. A very understand boss, Jesse Ares, easily forgives but takes the opportunity to fuck his photographers juicy ass!"

Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares

Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares

Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares

Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares

Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares

Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares

Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares

Pay Up

Featuring Damien Crosse and Jay Roberts
Men of UK at Men.com

July 16, 2013

"Jay Roberts finds himself with an unexpected £600 repair for his vehicle but not enough cash to cover the bill. The mechanic, hot & horny Damien Crosse, is going to get Jay to pay up one way or another and gets the ball rolling by getting his dick sucked! A simple blowjob doesn't go quite far enough and Damien flips Jay around, bends him over and fucks him hard and deep before covering Jay in a hot load of cum."


0014 PayUpMOUK03



0092 PayUpMOUK14







TheDisciplinaryMOUK (1)

The Disciplinary

Featuring Jay Roberts and Taylor Scott
Men of UK at Men.com

January 15, 2013

"Taylor Scott seems to have some performance issue on the job and has been called to Jay Roberts' office to talk about it. Jay agrees to let Taylor off with a warning - and a hard dick in his ass - if he can keep it quiet!"

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (2)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (3)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (4)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (5)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (6)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (7)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (8)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (9)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (10)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (11)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (12)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (13)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (14)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (15)

TheDisciplinaryMOUK (16)
The Drill Sergeant

The Drill Sergeant Part 3

Featuring Dean Monroe, Jay Roberts, Paddy O'Brian, Paul Walker, Scott Hunter
Men of UK at Men.com

December 25, 2012

"Drill Sergeant Paul Walker is joined by Sergeant Paddy O'Brian in the third episode of "The Drill Sergeant". And it's an orgy! Dean Monroe and super hot Scott Hunter are the bottoms for Paddy, Paul & Jay Roberts!"

WATCH The Drill Sergeant Part 3 Featuring Dean Monroe, Jay Roberts, Paddy O'Brian, Paul Walker, and Scott Hunter on Male Access

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (1)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (2)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (3)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (4)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (5)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (6)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (7)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (8)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (9)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (10)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (11)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (12)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (13)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (14)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (15)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (16)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (17)

TheDrillSergeant3MOUK (18)

The Boss's Son

Featuring Diesel O Green and Jay Roberts
Men of UK at Men.com

December 7, 2012

6 new scenes to welcome Men Of UK, Men.com's newest site!

5_TheBosssSon (1) 5_TheBosssSon (2)_Landscape

5_TheBosssSon (3) 5_TheBosssSon (4)

5_TheBosssSon (5)

The Good Boy

Featuring Jay Roberts and Mike Colucci
Drill My Hole at Men.com

November 25, 2012

"Mike Colucci plays slave to master Jay Roberts in a sensual masked fantasy for MEN.COM's "Drill My Hole" niche site. Mike's amazing bubble butt is fucked hard and long by Jay's amazing 8" cock.

TheGoodBoyDMH (1) 0025

TheGoodBoyDMH (2)

TheGoodBoyDMH (3)

TheGoodBoyDMH (4)

TheGoodBoyDMH (5)

TheGoodBoyDMH (6)

TheGoodBoyDMH (7)

TheGoodBoyDMH (8)

TheGoodBoyDMH (9)

TheGoodBoyDMH (10)

TheGoodBoyDMH (11)

TheGoodBoyDMH (12)

TheGoodBoyDMH (13)


TheGoodBoyDMH (14)

TheGoodBoyDMH (15)

Bashed And Furious 3

Featuring Jay Roberts and Paddy O'Brian
Men of UK at Men.com

October 18, 2012

"Episode 3 of the MEN.COM series "Bashed & Furious" begins with Jay Roberts bound and ready to do anything. Paddy O'Brian gives him his dick to suck before untying him for an intense suck and fuck in an abandoned warehouse!"

WATCH Bashed And Furious Part 3 Featuring Jay Roberts and Paddy O'Brian on Male Access

BashedAndFurious3DMH (4)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (1)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (2)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (3)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (5)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (6)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (7)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (8)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (9)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (10)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (11)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (12)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (13)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (14)

BashedAndFurious3DMH (15)

California Boys, Scene 5

Adrian Long and Jay Roberts
Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios

March 1, 2012

"Sitting side by side on the couch, handsome studs Jay Roberts and Adrian Long can’t resist each other. Passionately kissing and groping their hard bulges the clothes begin to come off as they lose themselves in each other.

Jay licks and nibbles every inch of Adrian’s fit muscular torso as he slowly unwraps that present between Adrian’s legs. More kissing, more stripping, more licking and stroking… all leading up to a whole lot of sucking. Taking turns the devour each other’s thick and meaty, uncut cocks.

As their balls swell to bursting they sit side by side on the couch, stroking and showing off their hard pieces of meat for each other. Jay plays with his juicy foreskin as Adrian pumps his cock with both hands.

Once again Adrian gets down between Jay’s legs and dives in on Jay’s hot munch-able ass. Legs in the air Jay strokes his pole as Adrian tongue fucks his hot hole.

Stroking in tandem, their cocks start to gush. Jay lets out a hot jet stream of cum, shooting a hot white load high on his chest. Adrian keeps the cum flow gushing as he immediately follows Jay with a high flying and cum drenching load of his own."

California Boys, Scene 3

Jay Roberts and Steve Vex
Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios

February 9, 2012

"Waking up with a hot stud in your bed is always a good thing. Two hot studs waking up to each other, that’s just heaven. Sexy muscle-boys Steve Vex and Jay Roberts roll around naked in bed before coming together for some passionate and intimate kissing. The covers are pushed away as Jay licks and kisses his way down Steve’s ripped body, making his way slowly down to that hard piece of morning wood between Steve’s legs. Sucking, stroking and kissing the morning away they settle in for a hot 69 mutual suck-fest. Steve gets an ample mouthful of Jay’s thick uncut meat as Jay swallows every inch of Steve’s long hard cock.

Ready for some serious fucking, Jay climbs up on Steve’s thick cock and slides it in his hot hole. Jay sits back and takes it deep, grinding his ass on Steve’s cock and groaning with pleasure he leans in often for some intense kissing.

Steve wants to drill that ass even deeper. He gets Jay on his back off the edge of the bed and splits that ass apart with his throbbing dick, giving Jay a hard pounding. Stroking his big dick while his ass gets drilled Jay unloads. A thick white creamy batch of cum squirts from his swollen dick as Steve continues to pound his hot hole. Steven then pulls out and strokes out a big load, drenching Jay’s torso with a second heaping helping of hot white cum."
Landon Conrad and Jay RobertsI Want You, Scene 4
Landon Conrad and Jay Roberts
Falcon Studios

November 25, 2011

"Driving along a coastal road, Landon Conrad and Jay Roberts pull over to survey the horizon and snap some shots. They then continue their journey until finding a secluded spot to relax and unwind. Both men are equally handsome, big-muscled and horny as hell, and this off-road tryst is something they've been craving. They kiss as they press their hot naked chests against each other and take turns nibbling each other's tits. Landon goes down on the big man’s big cock, opening wide to swallow his massive love muscle. His oral skills have Jay panting with ecstasy and which moves him to switch positions. Jay slurps up the entire length of Landon's shaft and mouths his big balls. Then ready to graduate to the next level of lusty man play, Jay sits on Landon's lap and bounces up and down on his rod with rhythmic thrusts. Even Jay's joystick swings excitedly as he's pounded. They continue fucking with Jay on his back, going faster and harder until they both finally climax and cum."
Landon Conrad and Jay Roberts Landon Conrad and Jay Roberts
Nasty Fuckers, Scene 1
Jay Roberts and Parker Perry
Monster Bang Video

April 30, 2012

"Lip-locked and sporting humongous boners, Jay Roberts and Parker Perry work each other over as they grapple and grope. Parker gets on his knees and opens wide to consume Jay's uncut prick, sucking it in deep and chewing on the fleshy foreskin. Jay throws Parker down,determined to show his partner a wilder side. He begins fellating Parker's major league meat aggressively then chows on his hairy ass with licks and slurps so aggressive that the poor guy's quivering with excitement. Then Jay fucks Parker fast and furious like a well-oiled machine. And whether he's getting sucked or getting fucked, all Perry can do is moan and groan, begging for more. They continue fucking with Parker riding Jay's cock and jerking off. After he shoots, he jumps off and watches Jay pump out his load all over. The studs end the scene just as they began, locked at the lips and ready for more."

House Call, Scene 1

Featuring Jay Roberts & Marco Blaze

May 5, 2019

"Dark haired, handsome and hard-bodied Jay Roberts is watching porn, kinda bored and horny, when he decides to order up some fun online in the form of muscular internet escort stud Marco Blaze. When Marco shows up, the guys head to the bathroom, rip each other’s clothes off, soap each other up in the shower and hungrily suck each other’s enormously fat cocks until they both blast huge loads on each other’s muscled pecs. Still hot and hard, they move to the bedroom where Jay props himself up on all fours and Marco dives face first into his beefy musclebutt, tonguing and fingering Jay’s fuckhole to get him ready for his massive condomed cock. Marco mounts Jay like a bull and fucks him in multiple positions before pulling out and blasting his load all over Jay’s hairy crack; Jay then strokes his uncut cock and shoots jets of hot cum all over himself. Once Marco leaves, Jay is still steaming hot, so sits on the couch in his bathrobe and rubs out another load while porn plays in the background."











TitanMen Intuition

Intuition, Scene 1

Featuring Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares

December 5, 2011

"In front of a bright blue sky, dark-haired beauties Jessy Ares and Jay Roberts kiss by the pool as they bulge inside their bathing suits. After taking a dip, the two towel off and grind their muscles before Jessy dives his tongue deep into Jay’s hole. Jay turns around, flicking his nipples as he feeds his big uncut cock to Jessy. The tall stud spits down, getting Jessy to gag as his own mammoth meat throbs. Jay whips his dick on Jessy’s tongue, then grabs his hair and plows away as a spit-filled froth builds up. The two stroke out their loads, then dive into the pool before Jay get bent over a loveseat. Tight-abbed Jessy slides his dick in, working up a nice rhythm as he spits on Jay’s back and rubs it in. The bottom begs Jessy to “Go deep!” as forceful thrusts take over. On his back, Jay’s big pecs shake as he gets rammed, his face captured in an expression of ecstasy. The bottom jacks out another load before Jessy shoots a wad on his chest, a kiss closing the all-star pairing."















Brad Kalvo and Jay Roberts

Brad Kalvo and Jay Roberts


December 20, 2011

"Chiseled and furry Brad Kalvo has smooth and chiseled Jay Roberts to play with. Both hunks can't help but admire each others sculpted physics and, of course, their BIG dicks. Brad is the first to take a knee and a mouthful. Jay shoves as much of his thick meat down Brad's throat as he can handle. Brad then gets his rock hard cock serviced by Jay. They take turns getting comfy on the couch and having their assholes eaten out. The butt buffet gets each stud ready to fuck! Brad eases himself inside Jay's hole and starts pounding away. It doesn't matter if it's behind, on-top, or below, Jay loves taking every inch of big Brad deep inside him. With Brad still parked firmly in his ass, Jay sprays a huge cumshot all over himself. Brad follows him up, dropping a thick load of his own on Jay's cock and abs. Brad has a lick and gives Jay a sensual kiss. Hot!"

JR Matthews and Jay Roberts

JR Matthews and Jay Roberts


November 8, 2011

"JR Matthews and Jay Roberts have astounding bodies that look chiseled from stone. If that weren't enough the gods have given them both big, thick cocks. Thank the heavens we get to see these two passionately kiss, suck, rim and fuck. JR and Jay love every moment together. Whether it's his mouth or his ass JR loves Jay's cock inside him and Jay loves to feed it to him. Jay pounds JR's ass hard and in several positions. JR loves getting fucked so much that he cums all over his hard abs with Jay still banging away in him. Seeing JR cum excites Jay and he sprays his load all over JR. Exhausted, Jay falls on top of JR and they kiss to mark the end of one hell of a hot fuck."
Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky (Jay Roberts) and Robert Rezavy


"Ivan and Robert couldn't be more different. Ivan is built like a swimmer - tall, lean and dark-haired. Robert is more the wrestler type - shorter, stocky and muscular, and blonde. But they have two very important things in common - they make each other hot and they're both excellent cock suckers. They get each other so worked up it's hard to tell who's the top and who's the bottom. Ultimately, it's Robert pounding away at Ivan, showing off his fabulous butt cheeks in the process. The action never lets up, until their near-simultaneous cum shots that drench Robert's chest. Looks like they weren't so different after all."

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Ivan Sky and Robert Rezavy

Loosen Up

Starring Dato Foland and Jay Roberts

August 5, 2016

"As head of University, Professor Roberts’ job is to keep a close eye on his students to make sure they behave around campus. But let's be honest when they look as good as Dato Foland this may not be such a hard task after all. Unfortunately for Jay, Dato knows full well that the professor has a soft spot for him and he uses this to his advantage to get his own way - and up till now its worked pretty well for him. And even though today Jay decides to stand firm against the handsome student's charms, his body unconsciously reacts as soon as Dato gets near him, sending a rush of blood straight to his cock. Before he knows it Jay is dropping to his knees and swallowing Dato’s uncut meat, ALL the way to the back of his throat. Dato then helps the uptight professor to loosen up completely, ripping away his constricting suit and getting to work on his muscular ass. After getting fucked from behind Jay wants to take control and rides Dato’s dick, bouncing up and down and feeling every single last inch of rock-hard student-cock deep inside him until they both literally explode in a hot, cum shower."

Loosen Up

Loosen_01 Loosen_03

Loosen_05 Loosen_06

Loosen_07 Loosen_10

Loosen_11 Loosen_12

Loosen_21 Loosen_22






Wet Hot

Starring Hector De Silva and Jay Roberts

July 8, 2016

"JAY ROBERTS makes his long awaited return to MENATPLAY, and he’s looking better than ever. With hints of grey in his hair and the kind of sex appeal and masculinity that only a more mature man can exude, Jay is back and ready to prove that this time he’s here to stay. And with Jay's return we also bring back another MENATPLAY favourite - Wet Play.

With the sun burning high in the sky, Jay is in the mood for a relaxing swim. But when he sees just how xxx Hector De Silva looks all dressed up in his sharp suit his mind quickly turns to other, more filthy thoughts, and unfortunately for Hector’s new suit these thoughts involve him been thrown into the pool, clothes and all!

But on the bright side however, Hector is in for a full servicing from Jay.. starting with a mind blowing blow-job, followed by a deep dick-riding pool side. And the cherry on this triple-x cake - Jay giving us a big, juicy cum shower all over Hector’s tie! A definite must-see for hardcore MENATPLAY fans!"


WetHot_01 Wethot_04

Wethot_08 Wethot_09

Wethot_10 Wethot_11

Wethot_12 Wethot_14

Wethot_17 Wethot_18




On The Tiles

Starring Jay Roberts and Logan Moore

August 29, 2014

"JAY ROBERTS is back on MENATPLAY with European beauty of the moment LOGAN MOORE. After an intense gym session which has left Jay pumped and sweaty, he heads to shower to cool himself down. But seeing the blue-eyed beauty in the changing room does little to relax his muscles and as much as he tries he can’t keep his eyes of the enigmatic stranger. Luckily for him it becomes clear that the chemistry is mutual, as Logan is equally taken by Jay and especially by his fat, uncut dick swinging as he walks to the shower. Logan watches intently as Jay showers slowly working his hands down from his chest to his abs and finally to his hardening dick. Pretty soon Jay is rock hard and Logan finds the invitation impossible to resist and waking in the shower fully suited for an intense and erotic encounter - kissing, sucking and rimming each other passionately. Logan then turns around giving up his smooth ass and practically begging for Jay to fuck him deep and hard. A Wet Hot scene for lovers of wet suit play! So hot infact that you might need a shower to cool down - just make sure you keep your suit on!"


Onthetiles_01 Onthetiles_03

Onthetiles_04 Onthetiles_05

Onthetiles_06 Onthetiles_07

Onthetiles_08 Onthetiles_10

Onthetiles_12 Onthetiles_13

Onthetiles_14 Onthetiles_15

Onthetiles_16 Onthetiles_17










Starring Alec Hills, Eliad Anastos and Jay Roberts

September 30, 2011

"Another days work in the MAP studios and the actors are all prepped, suited up and ready to go for yet another hot scene. But once the director shouts 'Action!', the camera's start rolling, the temperature on set starts to rise very quickly and Jay and newcomer Eliad Anastos get into their roles. But its not just the actors that are getting hot under the collar, as Eliad spots one the cameramen getting aroused and touching his hardening cock. And being the tease that he his, Eliad does his best to turn him on and make him even more nervous by giving him looks and even grabbing his packet when he's filming a close up shot. But here at MAP were known not to be camera shy and Alec the cameraman lets Eliad take his dick out and suck it whilst he gets his ass fucked hard by Jay from behind. By now everyone is so turned on that the scene turns into an impromptu threesome and the Director decides to throw the original script out the window and keep the cameras rolling. Wise move really as it turned into one of the hottest MAP scenes in recent months, with both guys shooting their hot loads over Jay's suit."


Action_Aff_01 Action_Aff_02

Action_Aff_03 Action_Aff_04

Action_Aff_05 Action_Aff_06

Action_Aff_07 Action_Aff_08






Abducted "Abducted"
Starring Jay Roberts

May 6, 2011

"When Jay Roberts wakes up in a strange office, hands bound to a chair and a blindfold on his face he quickly realizes something is seriously wrong, with blurry images of the stranger he'd met at the bar, flashing across his mind. But its not till the booming voice of his abductor calls his name over the PA, and starts giving him instructions that he realizes exactly who he's dealing with. As the instructions get more and more sexual and extreme, Jay is unsure whether to comply and give his abductor what he wants to see or risk the consequences. But eventually Jay gives in and gives the voyeuristic stranger exactly the show that he wants, working his perfect ass deep and hard with the massive dildo until he shoots his hot load all over the desk."

Hole in One

Starring Jay Roberts and Max Duran

December 23, 2010

"There's a new guy on the block and no sooner has Jay Roberts spotted him than he is back to his old, and trying to get into his suit trousers before anyone else in the office. This time the target is sexy spanish hunk Max Duran, but this one is no wall flower as Jay soon finds out. Max is not afraid to get down and dirty... down on his knees (to be more precise) sucking Jay's meaty cock and eating out his ass hungrily before fucking him over the reception sofa. The chemistry between these two guys is off the charts!"


HoleinoneAff_2 HoleinoneAff_3

HoleinoneAff_4 HoleinoneAff_5

HoleinoneAff_6 HoleinoneAff_7

HoleinoneAff_8 HoleinoneAff_9







The Wedding Part 2: Perfect Fit

Starring Hugo Martin and Jay Roberts

November 26, 2010

"The biggest wedding scandal of the year continues to unfold as we find out the reasons behind Hugo Martin's last minute nerves.. and exactly why does he recognise Jay Roberts from the amongst the congregation. And finally he realises - only a couple of weeks before Jay had come to his office for a suit fitting and things had gotten a bit out of hand. And its not surprising with the stunning Hugo having to strip in front of his eyes, Jay finds it too much too resist and makes a move on the handsome groom to be. So by the end of the meeting it was Jay that was getting fitted with something, and that's Hugo's big cock."


Perfectfit_01 Perfectfit_02

Perfectfit_03 Perfectfit_04

Perfectfit_07 Perfectfit_08

Perfectfit_09 Perfectfit_10

Perfectfit_11 Perfectfit_12

Perfectfit_13 Perfectfit_05

Perfectfit_06 Perfectfit_14







Record and Play

Starring Jay Roberts and Steven Daigle

July 30, 2010

"Menatplay welcomes Gay Rodeo Champ, and ex Big Brother USA contestant turned porn star Steven Daigle to the world of office sex. Steven's handsome boyish good looks and tight body look super hot in a light grey suit as he tries to film an induction video for Menatplay Enterprises. However, the horny cameramen Jay Roberts cannot resist Steven's good looks and has other things on his mind! "Are you getting a hard on?" Steven says noticing Jay's expanding trouser crotch. The two get into it hard and fast, revealing their swollen cocks through their trouser flies, sucking and licking each others cocks and balls. The suits are stripped off and the cowboy dives his cowpoke in between Jay's sweet butt cheeks, riding him like a Billy Bronco and with camcorder in hand, they never miss a second on the sizzling action."


StevenDaigle_Aff3 StevenDaigle_Aff4

StevenDaigle_Aff1 StevenDaigle_Aff2

StevenDaigle_Aff6 StevenDaigle_Aff7

StevenDaigle_Aff8 StevenDaigle_Aff9

StevenDaigle_Aff10 StevenDaigle_Aff11

StevenDaigle_Aff12 StevenDaigle_Aff13

StevenDaigle_Aff14 StevenDaigle_Aff15

StevenDaigle_Aff16 StevenDaigle_Aff17

StevenDaigle_Aff18 StevenDaigle_Aff19

Marco's Welcome

Starring Marco Wilson & Jay Roberts

August 28, 2009

"A new employee's arrival at the office could signal various things... new talent, fresh ideas, potential competition. But in Marco Wilson's case the expectation has been mounting and Jay Roberts sees only hot new meat! And he'll be damned if he lets anyone gets their hands, or mouth, on the sexy new guy on the block. So shamelessly pays him a welcome while hes barely even unpacked to welcome him in and be the first to ride his big uncut cock.""

MarcosWelcome1 MarcosWelcome4

MarcosWelcome5 MarcosWelcome6

MarcosWelcome7 MarcosWelcome8

MarcosWelcome9 MarcosWelcome11

MarcosWelcome13 MarcosWelcome14

MarcosWelcome16 MarcosWelcome17

MarcosWelcome18 MarcosWelcome19





Double Take

Starring Fernando Mangiatti, Fabrizio Mangiatti & Jay Roberts

May 1, 2008

"For the Mangiatti twins, mistaken identity are part of their day to day especially at their job as hotel porters. But when these misunderstandings leads to verbal abuse from a demanding guest they have to draw the line and clear things up. But unable to communicate this just leads to further confusion, as the twins mistake an apologetic tip with a 'service fee' and as usual they casually take their thick uncut dicks out and push their guest to his knees in warm up for a double Mangiatti ass fucking. And with two brothers' cocks pushed in his mouth who is he to say no?"

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Next Door Male Jay RobertsJay Roberts

August 31, 2009

"Jay Roberts has a full day ahead of him. He likes to start off with a nice hot shower to soothe his aching muscles. He's sore from playing tennis yesterday and needs to let off some tension. It's no coincidence that his dick is chubby when he steps into the shower. Jay always likes to stroke off just a little bit in there. But he likes to finish himself off somewhere much more secret. Jay enjoys visiting his hidden sanctuary in the woods whenever he has time. This is where he feels closest to nature. It's here that he jerks his large cock so fiercely that it explodes, shooting his juices into the wild. Join Jay as he gives you a candid look at his wilderness masturbation station. Enjoy!" See more of Jay Roberts

Next Door Male Jay Roberts Next Door Male Jay Roberts
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