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ALIAS: Micah Alexis
SITES: Legend Men, Lucas Entertainment

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Hitting It Raw, Scene 4

Michael DelRay Takes It In The Butt From Dylan James
Featuring Dylan James, Michael DelRay
Lucas Entertainment

December 7, 2015

"Michael DelRay has the look of a wise-cracking smart ass with plenty of attitude… which is why it’s so satisfying watching Lucas Entertainment exclusive beefcake Dylan James bend him over and pork him in the butt bareback. Michael is a lean guy with a huge cock, but it’s his hole that gets used in this encounter."


LVP225_04_Dylan_James_Michael_Del_Rey_01 LVP225_04_Dylan_James_Michael_Del_Rey_03

LVP225_04_Dylan_James_Michael_Del_Rey_05 LVP225_04_Dylan_James_Michael_Del_Rey_06

LVP225_04_Dylan_James_Michael_Del_Rey_07 LVP223_Michael_Del_Rey_09





Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex

Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex, Scene 4

Rikk York Takes A Bareback Butt Fucking From Dylan James
Featuring Dylan James and Rikk York
Lucas Entertainment

November 23, 2015

"Dylan James is just as hungry as Sergeant Miles is -- these military men can’t help themselves! Rikk York is perfect for Dylan since he loves a good cock-sucking challenge himself, and man, does he swallow every inch Dylan gives him. It’s clear Dylan James is worked up by Rikk’s energy: he gives the bottom’s hole a deep-cleaning with his tongue before inviting him to take a seat on his lap… and yes, that involves inserting all nine inches of Dylan into Rikk York’s ass bareback. Is he intimidated? Not at all -- Rikk loves a challenge."

LVP224_Dylan_James_05 LVP224_Dylan_James_06

LVP224_Dylan_James_07 LVP224_Dylan_James_08

LVP224_Rikk_York_03 LVP224_Rikk_York_04

LVP224_Rikk_York_05 LVP224_Rikk_York_06

LVP224_Rikk_York_07 LVP224_Rikk_York_08

LVP224_Rikk_York_09 LVP224_Rikk_York_02

LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_01 LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_02

LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_04 LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_05

LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_06 LVP224_04_Dylan_James_Rikk_York_08



Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex, Scene 3

Sergeant Miles Gags On Dylan James’ Nine-Inch Cock
Featuring Dylan James and Sergeant Miles
Lucas Entertainment

November 20, 2015

"Let’s hope that Xavier Jacobs isn’t the jealous type and his fun with Sergeant Miles was purely carnal. Because Sergeant is moving his sexual appetite over to Dylan James, and I’m pretty sure I know why. You see, Sergeant is a bit of a fellatio enthusiast: this guy loves sucking cock, and it’s apparent in his scenes (especially the one with Michael Lachlan from the movie “Saluting Sergeant”). Well, he’s in for a treat, and so are you, because Dylan’s cock is very long and very smooth -- it’s practically genetically engineered to perform oral sex on. “Slobber” is a word that comes to mind when Sergeant finally earns his reward and gets between Dylan’s legs: the strands of saliva have never been more real in a gay porn scene than they are here. Something else equally real: the tomato-red hue Sergeant Miles’ face turns when he’s sucking and gagging on Dylan James. It’s the perfect precursor to their bareback butt fucking."

LVP224_Dylan_James_03 LVP224_Dylan_James_04

LVP224_Sergeant_Miles_01 LVP224_Sergeant_Miles_02

LVP224_Sergeant_Miles_03 LVP224_Sergeant_Miles_04

LVP224_Sergeant_Miles_05 LVP224_Sergeant_Miles_06

LVP224_Sergeant_Miles_07 LVP224_Sergeant_Miles_08

LVP224_03_Dylan_James_Sergeant_Miles_01 LVP224_03_Dylan_James_Sergeant_Miles_02

LVP224_03_Dylan_James_Sergeant_Miles_05 LVP224_03_Dylan_James_Sergeant_Miles_06







Ass Blasters, Scene 1

Jonah Fontana Gives His Latin Ass Up To Dylan James
Featuring Dylan James and Jonah Fontana
Lucas Entertainment

October 30, 2015

"If you have a particular appetite for juicy asses, then this encounter between Dylan James and Jonah Fontana will appeal to you in particular. Jonah really has a body you can sink your teeth into -- and his dashingly handsome face pulls it all together. Dylan is well aware of this, and judging from the action at 43:45, he enjoys the toy he’s been given to play with and rough up. I like emphasizing that Dylan is skilled in the pornographic art of versatility, but when he uses that big dick to fuck an ass it’s a real sight to see -- check out the example at 43:45. And an extra note on juicy asses -- there in an awesome shot of his buns at 07:47; you get a great view of Dylan’s butt right before he pushes Jonah on the bed for some rimming."










Hole Wreckers, Scene 3

Alpha-Male Dylan James Gives His Ass To Ashton Summers
Featuring Ashton Summers and Dylan James
Lucas Entertainment

October 23, 2015

"It’s been said before, and it’s going to be said again: Dylan James and Ashton Summers can never get enough action. After Dylan is finished with Hugh and Ashton leaves Alex tiredly panting in sweat and cum they move on to experience one another for the first time. Dylan wastes little time reaching into Ashton’s shorts and pulling out his big, throbbing uncut cock. These guys really go for it -- their dicks are raging, and Ashton lets the camera know how much he loves having an alpha-male jock like Dylan James bottom for him!"

LVP222_Dylan_James_02 LVP222_Ashton_Summers_01

LVP222_Ashton_Summers_07 LVP222_Ashton_Summers_03

LVP222_Ashton_Summers_05 LVP222_Ashton_Summers_06

LVP222_Ashton_Summers_02 LVP222_Ashton_Summers_08










Hole Wreckers, Scene 1

Dylan James And Hugh Hunter Fuck Rough And Raw
Featuring Dylan James and Hugh Hunter
Lucas Entertainment

October 16, 2015

"Two hot muscular guys roughhousing in their underwear -- sign me up! That’s exactly what’s going on with Dylan James, who can’t hold back from grinding on Hugh Hunter (who both fill out their Andrew Christian underwear beautifully, might I add). It’s only natural that screwing around like this would give daddy-hunk Hugh a boner, and Dylan doesn’t restrain himself from pulling the hard piece of meat out of his underwear and sucking on it for a while. Both Dylan James and Hugh Hunter are versatile guys in bed, and the fucking really gets rough around 41:45 -- check it out for yourself!"

LVP222_Dylan_James_03 LVP222_Dylan_James_04

LVP222_Dylan_James_05 LVP222_Dylan_James_06











Raw DVD, Scene 3

Dylan James And Valentino Medici | Alpha-Male Flip Fucking
Featuring Dylan James and Valentino Medici
Lucas Entertainment

August 28, 2015

"Where the bears are I want to be! Valentino Medici makes his first appearance in this set of scenes (which will be collected in the upcoming Raw DVD film) and he’s showing off his goods to Dylan James. These two have matching body types -- they’re well muscled and rock solid in their builds -- which shows when they start fucking each other, because it’s apparent they’re not afraid of breaking anything. Dylan had fun bottoming completely for Viktor Rom before, but he’s got some frustrations he wants to work out, and Valentino is more than happy to get on all fours and give him his hole to pound. It’s a great session between two awesome Lucas Entertainment exclusive models!"

LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici_02 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici_09

LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici_04 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici_05






Raw DVD, Scene 1

Viktor Rom Pounds Dylan James’ Ass
Featuring Dylan James and Viktor Rom
Lucas Entertainment

August 21, 2015

"It’s been said before on the Lucas Blog (by me) that Viktor Rom is a total top -- not to mention why that makes him appealing in this world filled with bottoms. Dylan James agrees with me: Dylan is versatile, but liked the idea of Viktor taking his ass for a ride from start to finish. Why not relax and enjoy a full-service job? Viktor does not disappoint him: he starts with a foot rub that turns quickly into a strip show (Dylan can’t hide his excitement when he sees Viktor’s beautiful uncut Latin cock pop out of his shorts). Dylan’s jaw gets a workout in between the raw pounding action."

LVP218_Dylan_James_01 LVP218_Dylan_James_02

LVP218_Dylan_James_03 LVP218_Dylan_James_04

LVP218_Dylan_James_05 LVP218_Dylan_James_06

LVP218_Dylan_James_07 LVP218_Dylan_James_08

LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_01 LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_02

LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_03 LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_04

LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_06 LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_10

LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_08 LVP218_01_Dylan_James_Viktor_Rom_09






Ink, Sweat, Cum, Scene 3

Adam Killian Takes A Load From Dylan James
Featuring Adam Killian and Dylan James
Lucas Entertainment

May 22, 2015

"Adam Killian returns to Lucas Entertainment, and the bait was none other than Dylan James. It’s no surprise: Adam has a soft spot for muscled jocks, and Dylan certainly fits it. They both go after each other from the start, but if you check out the scene as early as 1:50 Dylan is already on his knees sucking on Adam’s fat cock -- and he’s very good about making eye contact with the man he is servicing. Adam is known as the quintessential ass man in gay porn: he loves showing his buns off, and Dylan loves reveling in them as he eats out Adam’s ass, as seen at 11:40 -- and you even get to see Adam shake his moneymaker. Adam’s cock samples Dylan’s hole, but it’s a fucking from Dylan he really wants, and he doesn’t fail to deliver."

LVP211_Adam_Killian_01 LVP211_Adam_Killian_02

LVP211_Adam_Killian_03 LVP211_Dylan_James_01

LVP211_Dylan_James_02 LVP211_Dylan_James_03

LVP211_Dylan_James_04 LVP211_Dylan_James_07




LVP211_03_Adam_Killian_Dylan_James_02 LVP211_03_Adam_Killian_Dylan_James_00

LVP211_03_Adam_Killian_Dylan_James_04 LVP211_03_Adam_Killian_Dylan_James_05

LVP211_03_Adam_Killian_Dylan_James_06 LVP211_03_Adam_Killian_Dylan_James_07

LVP211_03_Adam_Killian_Dylan_James_09 LVP211_03_Adam_Killian_Dylan_James_12





Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 4

Dylan James Joins Joey Pele And Isaac Eliad In A Six-Man Bareback Orgy
Featuring Bruno Fox, Dylan James, Isaac Eliad, Joey Pele, Josh Milk, Max Schutler
Lucas Entertainment

May 15, 2015

"Dylan James joins Joey Pele and Isaac Eliad in what has grown to be a six-man orgy. We had five before, but the cast alongside Dylan, Joey, and Isaac now includes Josh Milk and Max Schutler, and Bruno Fox sticks around to taste the new meat as well. And let’s be upfront about something in this scene you won’t want to miss: there’s a row of asses ready for a licking. Isaac, Max, and Josh have their holes pointed up in the air for the tongues of Dylan, Joey, and Bruno. You cannot miss this rimming portion, which begins at 11:30. And what starts out as some harmless ass licking turns into an incredible line up of fucking, and all six guys fulfill their roles beautifully!"










Michael Lachlan: Raw Aussie Stud, Scene 4

Michael Lachlan Returns To Suck And Fuck Raw With Dylan James
Featuring Dylan James and Michael Lachlan
Lucas Entertainment

April 17, 2015

"It’s been about one year since we’ve last seen Michael Lachlan in a Lucas Entertainment scene: he was one of the first breakthrough performers when the studio went bareback, and he’s been sorely missed since his last scene debuted. But he’s now come out of retirement, and I like to think it has something to do with Dylan James, our new exclusive model and all-around macho hunk. Both Michael Lachlan and Dylan James love sex and embrace their versatility: giving and receiving raw oral and anal sex is something they both can’t get enough of, and none of that enthusiasm is lost in this scene. But if you think I’m going to give away all of the details, you’re wrong. You’re going to have to watch it to see what these two are capable of together."

LVP209_04_Michael_Lachlan_Dylan_James_01 LVP209_04_Michael_Lachlan_Dylan_James_02

Cover_image LVP209_04_Michael_Lachlan_Dylan_James_06

LVP209_04_Michael_Lachlan_Dylan_James_07 LVP209_04_Michael_Lachlan_Dylan_James_13









Michael Lachlan: Raw Aussie Stud, Scene 3

Dylan James And Logan Rogue Double Team Dmitry Osten
Featuring Dmitry Osten, Dylan James and Logan Rogue
Lucas Entertainment

April 27, 2015

"Question: Can Dylan James, Logan Rogue, or Dmitry Osten ever get enough bareback action? Answer: Nope. In his first scene Dmitry Osten was with two guys (Tomas Brand and Rocco Steele) and in his second he finds himself in the same situation, but this time it’s with Tomas’ partner Logan and Dylan. It’s apparent now that Dmitry is going to be a go-to needy bottom. That’s not said lightly: check out 15:20 and see him get double-teamed bareback. But my favorite part personally? Look at 28:00 -- Dylan pounds the hell out of Dmitry (this isn’t porn hyperbole -- he really does) until he shoots his raw load. Is there any wonder why Dylan James was signed as an exclusive after seeing him in action like that?"

LVP209_Dylan_James_02 LVP209_Dylan_James_03

LVP209_Dylan_James_04 LVP209_Dylan_James_05









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