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Christopher Daniels


ALIAS: Casey Daniels
SITES: Big Dicks At School, Bound Jocks, Cocksure Men, Drill My Hole, Falcon Studios, Gay Room, Gods of Men, High Performance Men, Hot House, Jizz Orgy, Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Raunch, ManHandled, Men at Play, My Friends Feet, Men of UK, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Studios, Paragon Men, Raging Stallion, Str8 to Gay, Samuel OToole, The Gay Office, TitanMen, Zeb Atlas

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Christopher Daniels and Tony Orion Christopher Daniels and Tony Orion (2)

November 15, 2013

"Tony Orion just can't get enough of bound jock Christopher Daniel's pretty pink hole. Christopher is bound on his back securely to the weight bench with his legs in the air. Tony eats the ginger jock's ass until they both are moaning in ecstasy. Then Tony takes his hard cock out and fucks the helpless jock's hole until he blows his load!"
Christopher Daniels and Tony OrionChristopher Daniels and Tony Orion

November 1, 2013

"Tony Orion is into submissive red heads so he jumped at the chance to control bound jock Christopher Daniels. Christopher is on his knees with his hands cinched way up his back and is ordered to cross the room to suck Tony's massive cock. Then the jock is thrown over the weight bench with his exposed ass in the air so Tony can go to town on his pretty pink hole. Tony slaps and chows down hard on Christopher's ass and gets him ready for the brutal pounding to come."


Christopher Daniels' Dirty Socks & Size 12 Feet


April 14, 2015

"Gorgeous redheaded stud Christopher Daniels hung out with me again recently and like always, he wanted to show off his sensational size 12 feet. Of course, he showed up with dirty white socks on and I loved it. Christopher loves to tease, whether it be with his superb body or amazing feet. Check out the huge, mischievous grin on his stunning face for proof of that!"

Mffhq1281_christopherdaniels_011 Mffhq1281_christopherdaniels_020

Mffhq1281_christopherdaniels_033 Mffhq1281_christopherdaniels_056

Mffhq1281_christopherdaniels_073 Mffhq1281_christopherdaniels_087





Christopher Daniels Tickled While Tied Up


February 7, 2014

"It was high time MyFriendsFeet got gorgeous redheaded gay porn star Christopher Daniels in the tickle chair and of course as we see here, they succeeded. Christopher was a bit leery of the whole concept at first, his nervousness showing as he was strapped into the chair. The hot man is very ticklish, to say the least. His tickler took it easy on him at first. At first!"













Christopher Daniels' Size 12 Bare Feet


January 29, 2014

Christopher Daniels is amazing. He's tall with a hairy chest, hairy legs and big sexy feet. His soles are perfect and MyFriendsFeet would expect nothing less from a top rated gay porn star. Christopher looks SO hot with a beard on his face too. Talk about a manly man! MyFriendsFeet and everyone else were so blessed when Mr. Daniels got in front of the camera to show off his gorgeous size 12 bare feet!

Mffhq1226_christopherdaniels_010 Mffhq1226_christopherdaniels_016

Mffhq1226_christopherdaniels_028 Mffhq1226_christopherdaniels_049





Christopher Daniels' Socks & Feet Worshiped


December 14, 2013

"Link (a.k.a. Lance Hart) and Christopher Daniels have had a long week, and there's no better way to relax for both of them than some foot and sock worship. Link loves to give and Christopher loves to get his sexy size 12's worshiped. It turns him on so much that he shoots a big load in this sensational MyFriendsFeet video while Link goes to town on his toes!"
















3XMan Sling

Starring Dirk Caber, Logan Rogue & Christopher Daniels

September 27, 2013

"After his last visit to the sex club, it seems that Logan Rogue's appetite for sleazy sex has been awakened. And this week he makes a return to the dark dungeon in search for some hot, sleazy men to get used and abused by. He soon comes across leather clad, muscle daddy Dirk caber who pushes him to his knees to service his hard cock. Logan sucks obediently, swallowing every inch of that delicious, thick meat. Dirk then throws him on the sling, restraining his arms, blindfolding him and ripping open the back of his suit trousers to expose his smooth, hungry hole which he rims and eats, getting it nice and moist for a seriously hard sling fucking. Much to Logan's pleasure, as well as that of a sexy stranger standing by, stroking his hard dick and enjoying the sleazy show. Dirk invites the suited stranger to fuck Logan's ass, both of them now taking turns to tag fuck their suited sex slave who has no idea who's fucking him or even how many dicks are fucking him, till they remove his blindfold and surprise him with a double cum shower all over his body and face."


3mansling_18 3mansling_20

3mansling_21 3mansling_22

3mansling_23 3mansling_24

















Allen Silver, Christopher Daniels and Will Swagger

April 16, 2013

"These three men represent three different decades along with three distinct 'flavors' with Allen being the 'Vanilla,' Will Swagger being the 'Chocolate' and Christopher being the 'Strawberry' in this tasty three way. The sex they share with each other is a true celebration of gay male sexuality. At 51 years of age, Allen Silver is in his sexual prime and along with his life partner Will Swagger (44) they pair up with the hunky Christopher Daniels (33) for some hot action. They start out in the pool naked where they are all embraced in a deep kiss. Will soon has Christopher's hard cock deep down his throat as Christopher sucks on Allen's cock. The sucking in the pool goes back in forth for a bit before all three move inside to continue things on their bed. Will and Christopher continue with the sucking as Allen urges them both into a hot 69 session. Christopher then finds his face buried deep in Will's ass while Allen deep throats Christopher's cock to the hilt. While Christopher is rimming Will, Allen begins rimming Christopher and the three switch back and forth eating each other's asses. Soon, Will slides his ass down on Christopher's long cock and rides him hard and deep as Allen sits on Christopher's face. The two switch positions and Christopher continues to fuck long and deep. Allen then bends Will over the side of the bed and begins fucking him as Christoper inserts his big cock into Allen's ass. All three grind and fuck in a hot train position before climbing back on the bed. Will continues to ride Christopher's cock until he cannot hold back any longer and shoots a nice big load of cum all over his stomach and chest. Allen feeds the cum to both Will and Christopher which turns Christopher on so much that he shoots a big load of cum all over Will's face and mouth. All three swap Christopher's cum for a bit before Allen tells Will to show him his ass as he blows a nice load all over Will's bubble butt. Exhausted, all three embrace in a deep kiss spent from all the hot action. Enjoy!"
Kevin Crows and Christopher Daniels"Off The Wall"
Kevin Crows and Christopher Daniels

February 2, 2012

"Have you ever seen something cryptic written on a bathroom wall? Maybe something vaguely dirty? Like a crudely drawn penis or a man's spread asshole? Kevin Crows has. Now he's found himself in that situation, but with a strange addition. There's a hole in the stall wall along with the odd writings. Kevin sees the initials 'CD.' He's about to find out that Christopher Daniels is lurking in the stall, stroking his meat, waiting for a baffled guy to do some investigating.

When Kevin peeps into the hole, he gets the picture. Soon he's slurping hard and sensuously on Christopher's strong dick. Christopher is a well built, blonde man with a passion for sex with strangers in strange places. He's glad to have Kevin to share this gloriously depraved moment. After Kevin sticks his own raging hard cock through the hole for Christopher to enjoy and reciprocate, Christopher emerges from the stall, ready for that throbber to plow his ass. You'll certainly like seeing these incredibly hot hunks getting very passionate in this sexy bathroom bone down. Enjoy!" Next Door World for all-in-one access!

Dungeon Delight

Tyler Torro and Christopher Daniels
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

June 23, 2011

"When Tyler Torro decided he wanted a dungeon built in his garage, he knew wanted the best. Word around all the hot domination circles is that Christopher Daniels is the top dungeon designer in the biz. So Tyler commissioned Mr. Daniels to convert the space into a dark, creepy dungeon, complete with chain-link fence, bondage cross, whips, leather, and handcuffs. Tyler can't wait to try it out!

In fact, he's so eager to christen his new facilities that he's imagining what it would be like to chain up this Mr. Daniels! He imagines this muscular, skilled craftsman bound by cuffs, sucking a large, meaty cock. Then he imagines fucking Mr. Daniels's tight asshole on the padded chair. But it could never actually happen. Professional young men like this don't let their clients cum all over them after a hard pounding. Or do they?! Enjoy!" WATCH Tyler Torro and Christopher Daniels in Dungeon Delight




Tony Newport and Christopher Daniels"Dungeon Repair"
Tony Newport and Christopher Daniels

May 19, 2011

"Fixing dungeons for a living, Tony Newport has seen some pretty kinky shit. He's seen the aftermath of all kinds of carnage, but never has he seen a place as trashed as Christopher Daniel's dungeon. And this isn't the first time either. It makes Tony wonder, 'What the hell is this guy into?' Well he's about to find out. Seems Christopher has been thinking about Tony as well, so when Tony exhibits a certain curiosity as to the goings on around the house, Christopher sees his opportunity to have a little fun. In no time at all, the two of them are fucking and sucking all over the place. Turns out Tony knows more than just how to fix these toys. Enjoy!" Visit Next Door World for all-in-one access!
Tony Newport and Christopher Daniels

Tony Newport and Christopher Daniels

Tony Newport and Christopher Daniels

Tony Newport and Christopher Daniels
Samuel OToole & Christopher Daniels

The Soothing Touch

Featuring Christopher Daniels and Samuel O'Toole
Next Door Studios | Samuel OToole

May 17, 2011

"Samuel O'Toole knows the only way to relax after a week of hitting the gym. That's why he's visiting Christopher Daniels, a tall, muscular man well known for his magic rub-down technique. Samuel has heard very good things about this handsome masseur. He wants to find out if Christopher really has what it takes to help him blow off some steam.

Christopher's method is rather unique. He always starts by finding out where his clients' tension centers are most tight. Samuel has had some trouble in his ass muscles lately, an area in which Christopher is an expert. He's handling Sammy's tender cheeks with care, working his skilled hands over Sammy's meaty ass and around his crack. When Samuel turns over, Christopher is not surprised to see Samuel's fat cock has become erect and quite hard. He assures Samuel 'It happens all the time.' Christopher's special massage includes a portion of gentle dick stroking, followed by soothing fellatio. Samuel opts for the deluxe package, which means Christopher will be receiving a hard pounding in the ass from Samuel and his massive hard-on. This is really the way to go if you need to relieve a substantial amount of tension. Enjoy!"

WATCH The Soothing Touch Featuring Christopher Daniels and Samuel O'Toole
















Christopher Daniels


July 2012

"Professional dancers work hard and plie hard. Sometimes they piss on former Paragon Men like Parker London – at least that’s what we caught sexy Christopher Daniels doing in a fetish film! Christopher has been a ballet star all his life, and it’s with that kind of focus, determination and drive that he performs a starring role in our XXX PH... um, spread? Hell yeah!

Christopher likes to sweat. He doesn’t mind if you sweat with him either. Stare into marvelous blue Spanish pool tile eyes. The beard, as ginger as Italian stucco. Drip onto his long slick dick – perched on his porcelain stomach.

Pas de deux – or trois or dix, Chris has done ‘em all! He’s from Nevada – home of winning slots. Having won tours all across the world – this sexy, sleek stud with the come gutters is used to being on stage. That’s why he’s single – Chris isn’t used to interacting or making the first move. Will someone break down the fourth wall? He’ll be waiting on the Lazy Susan – blindfolded.

In the meantime, admire his masterful moves once again – on the Paragon pedestal!"


Intimate Seduction

Featuring Christopher Daniels and Luke Hass
Gay Room | Damn Thats Big

March 10, 2012

"Christopher Daniels had a very special surprise for his favorite big cock. He wanted to romance his way into his lover's (Luke Hass) pants. Little did he know, he could have skipped all the lovey-dovey stuff and gotten straight to the fucking! "


























Chris Daniels and Connor MaguireChris Daniels and Connor Maguire

July 12, 2011

"In the first "Gym Jam," which proved to be a big hit with Cocksure Men members, two workout buddies trade in bench presses and squatting for sucking and fucking once they get a taste of each other's hard body. In "Gym Jam II," hottie Connor Maguire is trying to focus on weight training but can't stop fantasizing about muscle stud Chris Daniels, who is pumping iron nearby. We get to see what he's thinking in one erotic scene after another. First, there's Connor deep-throating Chris's throbbing hard-on. Then they press their naked bodies against each other as they French kiss before Connor settles onto a weight bench so Chris can give him a blow job. Their gym proves to be the perfect location for rimming and, finally, fucking. Chris takes Connor's man meat up his ass until he pulls out and blows his load all over Chris. Conner is then rewarded with Chris' load blown right into his face."
Chris Daniels and Connor Maguire Chris Daniels and Connor Maguire

Chris Daniels and Connor Maguire Chris Daniels and Connor Maguire

Chris Daniels and Connor Maguire Chris Daniels and Connor Maguire

Brady Jensen & Christopher Daniels


January 4, 2011

"How many blonds does it take to screw in a hot and nasty video? In this case, two! Cocksuremen favorite Brady Jensen is back and this time we've paired him up with Chris Daniels, another golden-haired hunk. This duo starts with lots of deep-kissing before breaking free long enough to strip down to their briefs, giving us an unobstructed view of their flawless bodies. Brady is then treated to expert oral service as Chris opens wide and takes his buddy's cock all the way down (look Ma, no gag reflex!). Brady returns the favor and the shots of these guys 69ing will keep you warm at night. The assplay starts with a little lip lubrication before Brady's thick cock is suited up for Chris's hungry hole. We saved the best for last though as Brady slips free just in time to spew a huge load into Chris's open mouth. Maybe it's true about blonds having more fun."

1 6

10 12

14 36

49 50







"Chris on Zeb's Audition"

"Christopher Daniels claims to be a power bottom so Zeb Atlas invite him over for a poolside audition and put that tight ass to the test..."
Zeb Atlas and Christopher Daniels Zeb Atlas and Christopher Daniels
Zeb Atlas and Christopher Daniels Zeb Atlas and Christopher Daniels
Zeb Atlas and Christopher Daniels Zeb Atlas and Christopher Daniels
Zeb Atlas and Christopher Daniels Zeb Atlas and Christopher Daniels

Sektor 9 Part 2, Scene 2

Starring Chris Daniels and Marc Dylan
Hot House

January 16, 2012

"Chris Daniels has the hottest mouth in Sektor 9; he loves to service hot guys before he fucks them. When Chris sees Marc Dylan hanging in a sling with his round bubble-butt, big dick, and fat nuts in the air, he can't resist. He gets on his knees and shows off his skills, alternately bobbing up and down on Marc's cock and eating his ass. Using his own thick spit as lube he slides a finger in Marc's tight hole, getting him ready to take his 9-inches. Chris slams his huge cock in Marc's ass and fucks the hell out of him. Ready to cum, Chris drags Marc out of the sling and straddles his face, shoving his thick meat down the hungry bottom's throat. Chris shoots thick ropes of jizz all over Marc's washboard abs then goes down and sucks a load out of him. Thoroughly fucked in both holes, Marc explodes streams of hot cum."

WATCH Sektor 9 Part 2, Scene 2 Starring Chris Daniels and Marc Dylan


17575_001 17575_002

17575_003 17575_005

17575_007 17575_008

17575_010 17575_012

17575_013 17575_014




Cruise Control, Scene 4
Cameron Foster and Chris Daniels
Hot House Video

October 17, 2011

"Skateboarder Cameron Foster hits Cruise Alley and comes face-to-face with his buddy Chris Daniels. Chris tells Cameron he won't tell his girlfriend he caught him out cruising for cock if Cameron sucks his dick. Cameron eagerly agrees to the deal and falls to his knees to devour Chris' 9-incher. The muscular hunks strip naked and Chris goes down on Cameron before bending him over and fucking his big round ass. Chris hammers Cameron hard while Cameron jacks off and blows his load. When Chris pulls out he gets his nut then sends the young stud back to his girlfriend."
Lucas Entertainment

Sebastian Young Fucks Christopher Daniels Ass RawSebastian Young Fucks Christopher Daniels' Ass Raw
Exclusive Web Scene
Lucas Entertainment

July 18, 2014

"This has been a long time coming: Sebastian Young has only ever worked with Lucas Entertainment once, and even then it was Lucas Raunch, which doesn’t have as wide a reach because not everyone likes piss mixed with their porn. Fear not, however -- Sebastian returns to rail Christopher Daniels up his ass bareback! While we can’t brag that this is Sebastian’s bareback debut, we can brag that we captured some amazing footage of Sebastian doing what he does best: fucking another guy up the ass hard and raw!"
Sebastian Young Fucks Christopher Daniels Ass Raw

Sebastian Young Fucks Christopher Daniels Ass Raw

Sebastian Young Fucks Christopher Daniels Ass Raw Sebastian Young Fucks Christopher Daniels Ass Raw

Sebastian Young Fucks Christopher Daniels Ass Raw Sebastian Young Fucks Christopher Daniels Ass Raw
Name Your Fetish, Scene 3
Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Suck Each Other's Feet
Lucas Raunch

November 28, 2013

"Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens return to Lucas Raunch, but this time they are not strutting their stuff in stockings -- they are instead admiring each others feet and toes, and what better way to do this but with their hands, lips, and tongues? It's not just Chris and Jeremy -- once they are finished, Shay and Dominic Pacifico do the same, and so does Michael Lucas and Franco Ferarri! It's been a long time since Lucas Raunch has returned to the foot fetish, so if you love feet don't miss this scene!"
Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Fuck in PantiesPantyHos, Scene 4
Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Fuck in Panties
Lucas Raunch

October 18, 2012

"Jeremy Stevens and Christopher Daniels are pals and bros out in the open, but they both share a dirty fetish they don’t let anyone else know about: they like to treat one another like ladies while they’re fucking each other. Chris is the first to strip off his clothes while Jeremy watches -- he hands him a pair of panties and stockings that he slips right on. Jeremy is next, and he has a killer body; his muscles and cock fit into his pair of stockings like a hand fitting a glove. Chris drops to his knees and worships Jeremy’s cock through the black fabric s before pulling it out and sucking him slow and deep. Jeremy gets hard quick, and after slipping on a condom he bends Chris over the sofa and teaches him that masculinity and femininity combined make for one aggressive top! Afterwards Jeremy hops on his back and throws his lovely legs up in the air with his ass exposed. Chris slides into his hole and pounds him out until they both blow their loads!"
Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Fuck in Panties

Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Fuck in Panties

Dripping Wet 4, Scene 2

Starring Christopher Daniels and Dean Monroe
Falcon Studios

December 28, 2012

"Blond stud Christopher Daniels is drifting on a raft when the stunning Dean Monroe pulls him in for a kiss. Sly Dean, sporting slicked-back hair and a full manicured beard, slips a finger in Christopher's ass while slipping his tongue into Christopher's mouth. Daniels arches his back and nods, 'go for it.' Dean takes a moment to survey his prey, letting one hand run down Christopher's thigh while the other circles his furry chest. Grabbing Christopher's hard shaft, Dean rubs the head around his nose and mouth before sucking it.Christopher needs to get fucked. Now. They seek dry ground and without further foreplay, Daniels settles his hole onto Monroe's upright cock. Loads of saliva are exchanged, whether it's Dean lubricating the cock he's sucking or Christopher spitting into Dean's mouth while he gets poled. The pace changes when Christopher dismounts and his face seeks out the musty cleavage of Dean's buns. It's Dean's turn to get fucked. Christopher spears him from behind, using more spit for lube. Six-packs ripple in unison until Dean suddenly rights himself, releasing a burst of cum that triggers Daniels to do likewise, then lap the gooey stickiness off the hairs on Dean's chest."

WATCH Dripping Wet 4, Scene 2 Starring Christopher Daniels and Dean Monroe

29577_01 29577_08

29577_11 29577_14











D.O. and Christopher Daniels

I Want You, Scene 1

D.O. and Christopher Daniels
Falcon Studios

November 18, 2011

"A good white wine is enough to give D.O. and Christopher Daniels license to get drunk on lust. A few sips of the juice leads to heavy man kisses followed quickly with Christopher removing the pants of D.O. so he can suck his enormous cock. With his swarthy good looks, chiseled torso and sturdy erection, D.O. is a paragon of male beauty inspiring his fair-haired lover to feed greedily. Wanting to amp up the excitement, D.O. reaches over to play with Christopher's ass, slapping the firm cheeks and probing the sensitive hole. Christopher then climbs atop the table and hunkers down, his ass exposed and twitching for D.O. to prime with tongue jabs and finger pokes. D.O. pours wine down through his partner's butt cheeks and drinks the liquid up as it courses pass the hole. Soon the men are fucking, first with Christopher on top riding D.O.'s big boner, then missionary style with the moaning blond's legs spread far apart and his toes clenched tight until one after the other they both shoot their loads."

D.O. and Christopher Daniels D.O. and Christopher Daniels

Indiscretion, Scene 4

Featuring Christopher Daniels and Landon Conrad
Falcon Studios

July 22, 2011

"Chompin' at the bit, both Landon Conrad and Christopher Daniels are ready to get down'n'dirty ... but the phone rings. It's Jesse Santana calling - upset by a fight with his boyfriend - but not even a hottie's interruption is going to distract the two hunks from the real matter at hand ... so it's tough luck for him! Free to carry on as planned, Christopher is a maniac sucking Landon's rod, juicing it up with his spit and swallowing it down to the base. Landon is more than eager to respond and he sucks his Christopher's cock, eats his ass and then delivers swift dick-thrusts inside Christopher's manhole. The big blond stud bounces like a ragdoll as he rides Landon's pole, panting excitedly with every slam, plunge, prod and poke that jams his ass. Both men are drenched with sweat as they continue fucking, going faster and faster until they both bust their nuts. "

WATCH Indiscretion, Scene 4 Featuring Christopher Daniels and Landon Conrad















Christopher Daniels and Adrian Long

Bold Moves, Scene 2

Christopher Daniels and Adrian Long
Jocks Studios | Falcon Studios

August 2, 2011

"After getting turned on by each other and by watching their buddies go at it, Adrian Long and Christopher Daniels can't contain their sexual attraction any longer. They started with each other while they were aroused by their voyeuristic adventure, but now they have time alone. Adrian resumes sucking Christopher's dick. Both of them are feeling energetic and sexually frisky. Christopher begins munching on Adrian's asshole, letting his tongue dig as far up through the tight crack to tickle the sensitive tissue. Rimming becomes fucking as Christopher hits it with his boy toy, fucking him from down under and from behind, putting Adrian through the ringer. Needing a break, Adrian sits collapsed on the floor as his rough'n'ready beau stands over him. With dick in hand, Christopher jerks himself off until he splashes Adrian's mug with his cum. Not to be outdone, Adrian strokes himself fast and furious until he finally busts his nut."

Christopher Daniels and Adrian Long Christopher Daniels and Adrian Long

Christopher Daniels and Adrian Long Christopher Daniels and Adrian Long

Lowdown Dirty, Scene 3

Christopher Daniels and Johnny Parker
Raging Stallion Studios | Monster Bang Productions

June 25, 2013

"Christopher Daniels has furry Johnny Parker in a half nelson. With Johnny immobilized, Daniels works his jeans off, grabs his junk and tongue-fucks his face. Johnny welcomes the tongue-lunges with an open mouth and reaches back in search of a hard on. Christopher makes Johnny's cock and balls disappear down his gullet. No matter how stuffed his mouth is, Christopher can extend his tongue to add a lick and a swirl. Now he jams a finger up Johnny's butt. Johnny rises to his toes with a sharp intake of breath. Now it's his turn to reciprocate. Christopher lies back, presenting his lean, hard body. From neck to pubes, he's all gracefully rolling muscle. Christopher sucks Johnny's fingers while getting blown, then draws his knees up to his armpits and uses two hands to spread his glutes. Johnny is drawn to the musky crack and his tongue darts out, competing with Christopher's fingers to prepare it for fucking. In a flash, Johnny plunges his cock in. Christopher rides him hard; rivulets of sweat run down his treasure trail. When they switch positions, they trades roles, so Johnny's meaty buns are being plowed by Christopher. Excitedly each cums in the other's mouth."

WATCH Lowdown Dirty, Scene 3 Starring Christopher Daniels and Johnny Parker















Powerload, Scene 3

Christopher Daniels and Shawn Wolfe
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

May 21, 2013

"Sexy blond Christopher Daniels is hungry, and furry, charismatic Shawn Wolfe wants to serve him a filling of tongue and cock. They are in synch from the start with Christopher on his back, jacking his iron-hard cock while Shawn leans over, swirling his tongue around Christopher's mouth. Shawn replaces his tongue by slowly fucking Christopher's throat with his hefty meat. Shawn grabs hold of Christopher's cock while Chris clenches and fingers his own hole in anticipation of it being filled. Shawn literally embraces the globes of Christopher's buttocks, spreading them, kissing them and driving his tongue into the crack. The sexual excitement reaches its high point and Christopher drives his needy hole onto Shawn's cock. Shawn's jaw goes slack in disbelief at the squeezing, grinding, gripping force of the hole clamped onto his meat. They end in the position they began, with Christopher spewing his load onto his belly while Shawn squirts in Chris' mouth and across the room."

WATCH Powerload, Scene 3 Starring Christopher Daniels and Shawn Wolfe















House Rules, Scene 3

Adam Champ & Christopher Daniels

November 12, 2014
"Melting into each other, light-skinned blond Christopher Daniels locks lips with tan and beefy Adam Champ. Christopher slides his hand up Adam’s shirt, rubbing his massive hairy body. His hand on Adam’s bulge, Christopher buries his face inside Adam’s pit, licking and sniffing it. Adam is enraptured, staring at his worshipper. The two kiss as a spit strand connects their lips, Christopher squeezing Adam’s huge pec before slurping his uncut cock—Adam’s foreskin sliding up to get nibbled. Adam reaches for the sucker’s ass, which he soon fingers and munches as Christopher’s eyes roll up in pleasure. Adam fucks him from behind, gripping the bottom’s shoulder as he goes faster—his dark pubes slamming against the bottom’s strawberry blond ass hair. Christopher sits on the top, Adam reaching around to stroke him as they take turns doing the work. They kiss, hands all over each other before Christopher gets on his back for more (“It’s all yours!”). Adam slams it, his massive pecs quivering before they release their loads."

Hsrl_scene03_Adam_Champ_001 Hsrl_scene03_Adam_Champ_002

Hsrl_scene03_Christopher_Daniels_001 Hsrl_scene03_Christopher_Daniels_002

hsrl_scene03_Champ_Daniels_001 Adam Champ & Christopher Daniels

hsrl_scene03_Champ_Daniels_002 Adam Champ & Christopher Daniels




hsrl_scene03_Champ_Daniels_008 Adam Champ & Christopher Daniels


hsrl_scene03_Champ_Daniels_013 Adam Champ & Christopher Daniels


hsrl_scene03_Champ_Daniels_015 Adam Champ & Christopher Daniels


hsrl_scene03_Champ_Daniels_017 Adam Champ & Christopher Daniels




Resort, Scene 2

Starring Christopher Daniels and Jay Bentley

September 24, 2013

"In a resort room, blond Christopher Daniels drops to his knees to feast on Jay Bentley—the sucker wrapping his bearded lips tightly around the jock’s shaft. Jay’s smooth muscle pecs twitch as he gets sucked, Christopher gulping as he plants his lips to the base. He comes up for air, spit dropping from his mouth. Jay fucks his face before Christopher sits back on the couch, Jay licking his bright pink sac (“Suck those balls, baby! That’s good!”). Christopher grabs his own balls and tugs them as Jay sucks his cock, spit dripping down. Jay bends over the couch, offering his smooth hole to Christopher—who buries his beard in deep before sliding his dick in, Jay staying hard. Jay gets on his back, his stomach tight as he gets it slow and deep. Jay rests his foot on Christopher’s pec, the top putting his hand over it. Jay then sits all the way down on the sweaty top, their hands stacked on Christopher’s pec in another romantic shot before the two squirt."


















Grind, Scene 3

Starring Caleb Colton, Christopher Daniels, and Collin Stone

March 26, 2013

"Slumped in a chair, scruffy-faced Christopher Daniels stares at bearded bad boy Collin Stone—his back getting tattooed by Caleb Colton. Christopher rubs his bulge and then starts stroking his cock, blond pubes jutting out of his jeans—prompting a smile from Collin, who gets hornier by the second. Christopher walks over to feed Collin, who plants his lips at the base of Christopher’s groin and keeps it there in an impressive deep-throat display. Christopher holds Collin down by his neck, spit soon dripping down his sac. Caleb rubs his bulge as he watches, flashing his killer smile at Christopher. The two are soon feeding Collin, who works his way back and forth sucking their big cocks, spit covering his chest. They kiss above him, Caleb then eating Collin as he continues to suck. Christopher plows Collin, slapping the bottom’s ass as low shots capture his banging balls. Collin then fucks him back, the two soon squirting on Christopher."


Grnd_scene03_007 Grnd_scene03_008

Grnd_scene03_009 Grnd_scene03_010

Grnd_scene03_011 Grnd_scene03_013













Powerstroke: Scene 1
Christopher Daniels & Caleb Colton

August 7, 2012

"With his blond hair spiked up, bearded Christopher Daniels locks lips with buzz-cut stud Caleb Colton. The tattooed Caleb soon has his lips around Christopher’s hot pink shaft, working it up as constant kisses interrupt him. Christopher leans down and reaches for Caleb’s ass as his smooth balls get tongued, soon turning the sucker around to eat and finger his hole. The top slides inside, his blond bush slamming against the hot bottom’s ass. His forehead scrunched tight with each thrust, Caleb moans as Christopher’s chiseled stomach tightens as he fucks. The sweaty bottom sits down on Christopher, grinding his ass tight as he bounces—with Christopher then taking control from below, pump fucking the stud(“Take it!”) as a gorgeous close-up shows off his shaft. Turning the bottom over, Christopher continues to ram as he spits down on the bottom’s cock, which bobs back and forth before the two release their loads."
Christopher Daniels & Caleb Colton
Christopher Daniels & Caleb Colton
Christopher Daniels & Caleb Colton
Christopher Daniels & Caleb Colton
Christopher Daniels & Caleb Colton

Surveillance, Scene 3

Starring Christopher Daniels, Dario Beck, Spencer Reed, and Trenton Ducati

January 26, 2012

"In the loading dock, dark-haired Trenton Ducati can't contain his excitement for massive Spencer Reed: "Gimmie that cock, man!" Spencer offers his thick slab, Trenton's big cock throbbing as he slurps. Spencer returns the favor, the chiseled Trenton whipping his dick in the eager sucker's face. The two kiss as their cocks graze, then jack off -- all of the action being watched via video by stroking security guard Dario Beck. He is joined by blond co-worker Christopher Daniels, who nurses Dario's juicy slab and nibbles his foreskin. The two kiss as their cocks throb, Christopher's pulsing piece hitting Dario's meat. Dario sucks his hung bud before the two squirt -- then head to the loading dock. Spencer is fucking Trenton's muscle ass from behind, the bottom's cock hard as a rock. Dario soon shoves his dick in Trenton's ass as Spencer and Christopher engage in some sensual (and spit-filled) deep kissing, their arms and mouths all over each other as their chemistry builds throughout the scene. Dario then gets on his back, the three studs taking turns fucking his ass in an unforgettable gang bang that ends with his hairy body coated in cum."




















Intuition, Scene 2

Starring Casey Daniels, Enzo Rimenez & Marten Scholz

"In front of lush greenery, dark and handsome Enzo Rimenez is flanked by blond Casey Daniels and scruffy-haired Marten Scholz. As Casey kisses Enzo, Marten buries his face in Enzo's groin -- soon slurping on the stud's banana-arched dick as his own uncut beast throbs. Marten works his way to Casey's cock, a long and thick slab aching for attention. Enzo then drops to his knees, going back and forth as the two kiss above. The moaning stud shows off his skill, deep-throating a breathless. The three kiss and stroke, a drop of Casey's cum hitting Marten's bush as they squirt. Casey sucks them again before sitting down on Enzo's cock, his ass tightening up. The top fucks Casey from behind, the bottom's mouth busy with Marten's ass and cock. Casey sits down on Marten, a hot close-up catching the penetration. Marten then fucks him from behind, the deep and slow thrusts eliciting loud moans. Enzo gets another crack at the bottom's ass, the two tops soon squirting on him before Casey gets a kiss while stroking out his second load."









Featuring Anthony London & Christopher Daniels

November 24, 2012

"Christopher Daniels met someone online and didn't know what to expect. Anthony London shows up in his motorcycle gear. If you're into gear, leather worship, spit, sloppy wet kissing and hot guys at play, then this is your scene."

















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