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Skyy Knox Gets DP'd by Jack Hunter & Brandon Jones

Featuring Brandon Jones, Jack Hunter & Skyy Knox

March 11, 2017

"Skyy Knox has always want to take on two partners at once and Brandon Jones and Jack Hunter are ready to indulge him. From double penetration to two men filling his mouth with their cum, Skyy is ready to experience it all.

Jack takes the lead, slowly kissing Skyy before passing him to Brandon. Skyy finds himself laid out on the bed where Jack and Brandon are quick to undress him so they can taste every inch of him. Sucking his cock, Jack can't resist rimming and fingering Sky's hole.

Skyy is eager to take both cocks in his mouth at once. Jack and Brandon have him on his knees, tasting both of them one at a time and then both at once. Skyy's mouth gets both Jack and Brandon rock hard and soon they lead him back to the bed where they can taste his cock and hole before bending him over.

Jack enters Skyy while Brandon slides his massive cock deep inside Jack until all three are moaning with pleasure. With Skyy ready for his double penetration, he straddles Jack while Brandon takes him from behind. Filled with two rock hard cocks, Skyy can barely contain himself as he takes both cocks deeply, but he wants more control.

As Jack and Brandon lie back on the bed, Skyy slides his hole over both cocks, riding them as they thrust back and fill him completely. Flipping him over, Jack enters Skyy while Brandon strokes his cock over Sky's face. Skyy writhes in pleasure and cums all over his own stomach which only turns on Brandon and Jack more. The pair stroke their cocks over Skyy's face until they both blow their loads into his open mouth, fulfilling Sky's ultimate fantasy."





















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Img_8544-22 Img_8569-24

Brandon Jones Fucks Dustin Holloway

May 5, 2016

"There's a shy, attractive quality about Dustin Holloway that makes him so adorably sexy. Those gorgeous blue eyes, his dark hair, that smooth skin outlining the perfect amount of muscles. And then there's his thousand-watt smile that can make any guy weak at the knees. So when you realize how hungry he is to get fucked, and how open he is about it, he just becomes all the more enticing. Setting him up with the similarly kinky yet brutally aggressive Brandon Jones was the right choice -- there were immediate sparks in the air, and Dustin couldn't wait to get his hands, mouth, and ass around every inch of Brandon's cock.

Dustin approached Brandon with all the eagerness of a first-timing high school boyfriend, but there was nothing amateur about his technique. Dustin quickly peeled off Brandon's jeans and engulfed his entire uncut cock within seconds, hastily bobbing up and down on it like an ice cream cone. Dustin then sat on the floor and let Brandon give him an equally hot blowjob, and with Brandon's mouth in such close proximity to his hole, Dustin easily stood up a couple feet allowing Brandon to slide underneath and rim him.

Primed and ready to get pounded, Dustin got on his feet and took all of Brandon's cock with ease. Brandon drilled Dustin from behind like a jack-hammer while Dustin propped his hands against the wall making these cutely contorted facial expressions -- easily a signature of his. With Dustin in complete ecstacy, Brandon positioned Dustin on the floor so he could really nail him deep. With his eyes rolling into the back of his head, Dustin was reaching the point of no return. So for the grand finale, Brandon laid Dustin on the bed for a proper climax in standard missionary. This led to Dustin's big blue eyes opening wide, his lips morphing from a smile to a perfect "O," just barely moaning out the words, "I'm gonna come!" before shooting his load with Brandon still inside him. Brandon was so turned on by the work-out he'd given Dustin that he quickly came on Dustin's torso not long after -- the perfect ending to a perfect match!"







IMG_0148 IMG_0191

IMG_0267 IMG_0276

IMG_0434 IMG_0474

IMG_0505 IMG_0531
Mike Gaite Fucks Brandon Jones


The Domination of Brandon Jones by Mike Gaite

Featuring Brandon Jones and Mike Gaite

September 4, 2015

"With most of our CockyBoys based in New York, it's always refreshing to catch a glimpse of the nightlife scene with our boys in Montreal. Brandon Jones has become somewhat of a Québécois CockyBoy staple recently, and now we finally get to peek inside his personal life. He's a bartender at a popular bar with fellow CockyBoy stud Gabriel Clark, so you know he's picked up some pretty hot guys. Enter Mike Gaite, a sweet-talker who turned surprisingly aggressive very quickly. The boys didn't even make it out of the club before they were half naked and making out.

This scene is intense! Mike hastily led Brandon back to his hotel room, both their shirts still off, and quickly stripped to their jocks where Mike proved to be one of the most burly, built, scruffy, and brutal tops we've seen in a while. He shoved Brandon down to his crotch where Brandon engulfed the entirety of Mike's cock. Mike then sucked, rimmed, fingered, and then full-on fucked Brandon hard up against the wall. It all happened so fast! But Mike made sure to prolong the fucking part of it all as much as possible.

Mike literally tossed Brandon onto his bed, peeled off his jockstrap (yes, it was still on!) and quickly commenced pounding him doggy-style after another quick rimming. Brandon was moaning like crazy, barely able to catch his breath, as Mike fucked and kissed him gently at first but then abruptly and mercilessly drilled him like a jackrabbit. After that, Mike flipped Brandon over and continued plowing him in missionary, making sure to catch his every facial expression. With Mike's muscular body thrusting hard in front of him, it wasn't long before Brandon shot his load. Mike surprised him with a hard, sensual kiss before jerking a geiser out of his rock hard rod right onto Brandon's torso shortly after. Mike Gaite is pure sexual adrenaline, and Brandon was completely spent!"












IMG_5761 IMG_5860

IMG_5879 IMG_5900

IMG_6028 IMG_6103
Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

July 31, 2015

"The thing about versatile guys is they're up for anything! They know what feels good when they're both fucking and getting fucked, so you could say they're true masters of the art of gay sex. Put two vers guys together, and you've got one explosively hot sexual feast! Darius Ferdynand and Brandon Jones fucked and sucked each other in so many different ways, there wasn't one hot button unpressed, one rousing fetish unexplored.

Brandon started off sucking Darius' famously humongous uncut cock no sooner than Darius returned the favor and sucked off Brandon. But Brandon still wanted more of Darius' cock, so he went back for round two -- giving Darius another blowjob which quickly turned into a rimjob. Darius wanted to do him one over, though, and then primed Brandon's hole with his tongue for the first fuck. Darius almost immediately went in for the kill -- fucking Brandon hard doggy-style.

Brandon turned the tables again though, flipped Darius on his side, and spoon-fucked him until he was moaning for a completely different reason than before! Darius thought he'd try one last time to dominate Brandon though -- at which undoubtedly he succeeded -- by standing him up and plowing him up against the wall with urgency. But it wasn't until Brandon turned around, pushed Darius back on the bed, and drilled him face-to-face that finally pushed Darius over the edge. After Darius shot his load on his own perfect torso, Brandon came not long after... closing the deal with one very erotic final kiss."

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck

Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck Brandon Jones & Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck


Gabriel Clark Pummels Brandon Jones

Featuring Brandon Jones & Gabriel Clark

November 7, 2011

"The other day I did some research online and it turns out that the terms "Gabriel Clark" and "cum-eating-pig" are now officially synonyms in the online dictionary of gay porn. Quite frankly, I wasn't surprised at all. In his entire career over here at Cockyboys Gabriel Clark has guzzled more cum than I've ever seen anyone else do in their lifetime. And I've seen some pretty damn greedy hungry pig bottoms out there, trust me! And all that, combined with his amazing top skills make Gabriel the total catch. When the fucking began I could tell that Brandon was really enjoying himself. He was so happy that his turn to take Gabriel's cock had finally cum! But little did that poor bottom boy know what he was in store for! After about half an hour of merciless fucking and total domination of his hole I could tell by the expression on Brandon's face that he had been taken way past the point where his fantasy ended and he was in that space where all of Gabriel Clark's bottoms go and never come back from. So I would like to officially apologize to Brandon right here, right now and say that I am terribly (not) sorry for what I put him through and that I really hope his hole is recovering well (so we can do all that to it again soon!!)- cockyboys style!!"

Brandon-gabriel-03 Brandon-gabriel-05

Brandon-gabriel-04 Brandon-gabriel-07

Brandon-gabriel-12 Brandon-gabriel-14

Brandon-gabriel-15 Brandon-gabriel-17

Brandon-gabriel-19 Brandon-gabriel-22

Brandon-gabriel-24 Brandon-gabriel-35











Cockstar, Scene 4

Brandon Jones and Luke Adams
Falcon Studios

February 23, 2015

"Luke Adam's clothing can't disguise the hot, muscular body it conceals. All is revealed when Brandon Jones wraps him in an embrace and peels off the layers. Luke's cock, already at max hardness, practically pops into Brandon's mouth, leaving his fat, lazily hanging balls to bump against Brandon's chin. Brandon is equally hard, and Luke is hot to suck him. Luke swallows the entire shaft, then mashes his tongue into Brandon's nut sack. They kiss and repeat. Luke wraps a hand around Brandon's cock and sucks harder and faster, adding firm strokes to increase the buildup of cum in Brandon's balls. Brandon's breaths grow short; he shouts as he squirts multiple blasts of cum into Luke's face and mouth. With Brandon's load still dripping from his pecs, Luke strokes himself and pumps a load across Brandon's lips. They lick it up together, kissing and sharing the taste."






56553_01 56553_02

56553_04 56553_05

56553_06 56553_08

56553_09 56553_11

56553_12 56553_15

Cockstar, Scene 2

Alexander Gustavo and Brandon Jones
Falcon Studios

January 30, 2015

"Brandon Jones backs Alexander Gustavo up against the wall, making out and groping each other. Clothes come off, revealing smooth, muscled torsos and hard cocks. Brandon curls his tongue around Alexander's foreskin and eagerly swallows his cock. Lifting Alexander's hips, Brandon burrows his tongue deep into the crack of Alexander's ass. Alexander pivots to suck Brandon's cock, then opens up his tight ass for Brandon to fuck him hard and deep. Sitting on Brandon's cock, Alexander works his broad shoulders and muscular back to achieve the deepest, most intense penetration. Brandon is supercharged with pheromones and testosterone, and he swings Alexander around as if he were weightless. Without ever releasing Brandon's cock, Alexander discharges giant spurts of cum. Brandon helps him squeeze out the last drop before adding his own load to Alexander's jizz-covered abs."
















Turn It Up, Scene 4

Brandon Jones and Chris Bines
Falcon Studios | Falcon Edge

September 5, 2014

"Chris Bines and Brandon Jones' matching briefs are stretched to transparency by ball, buns and bursting cocks. They kiss and grope, further stretching and torturing the fabric of those undies until they finally come off. With no further flesh barriers, Chris leans down to inhale Brandon's cock, sucking until the juices run down the shafts and over Brandon's nuts. Chris' back is angled so that his slightly furry buns wave an inviting notice. Brandon notices. He grabs Chris' hairy pecs in both hands, wraps his tongue around Chris' cock like a flagpole in the wind, then spins Chris around and drives his tongue into those buns. An invitation to 'fuck me good' results in Brandon's cock plowing the depths of Chris' hole. Brandon's ass has needs, too, so they flip and fuck again. When Brandon shoots thick gobs of cum across his flat stomach, Chris scoops it up, uses it to lube his cock, and jacks an even thicker load all over Brandon's face." WATCH Turn It Up, Scene 4 Starring Brandon Jones and Chris Bines















Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming

Alpine Wood Part 2, Scene 4

Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming
Falcon Studios

July 7, 2014

"Water cascading from the shower head over Kayden Fleming's body illuminates every meaty muscle and Kayden's roaming hands direct your attention to all his erogenous zones. Brandon Jones is lurking around the corner, massaging his crotch as he watches Kayden stroke his soapy pud. With a nod, Kayden invites Brandon to join him, and Brandon jumps in, clothes and all. Kayden's girth stretches Brandon's lips to the max. With moist lips, he wraps his tongue around the head of Kayden's cock, giving it several swirls before allowing his mouth to enclose it. Brandon punishes his throat swallowing that mass of meat while pulling out his own hard cock. Kayden erupts like a geyser in Brandon's face and mouth while Brandon jerks his load over his wet jeans."

Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming

Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming

Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming

Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming

Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming

Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming

Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming

Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming Brandon Jones and Kayden Fleming

Alpine Wood - Part 2, Scene 2

Landon Conrad and Brandon Jones
Falcon Studios

June 20, 2014

"Sometimes a guy makes your dick so hard, you can't wait to get naked, even if you're not in completely private surroundings. That's how it is for Landon Conrad and Brandon Jones, who only make it halfway down the stairs before the clothes come off. Brandon wraps his long legs around Landon's torso as if to draw him as close as possible and prevent escape. Not that Landon has anywhere he'd rather be. Panting and salivating, they inhale each other's cocks. Landon's shoulders are bulked with muscle and erect nipples project from his broad and hairy chest. Brandon is slim and smooth, with a tawny, tight hole that's a magnet for Landon's tongue. But it's cock that Brandon wants pistoning his hole, so he leaps on Landon's lap and bounces lustily. Landon palms Brandon's flat tummy and grinds into him until sweat rains down his flanks. When Landon's about to cum, Brandon detaches himself and sucks on Landon's balls, fingering himself and jacking himself until they both explode, spooge flying in all directions."













50246_004 50246_008

Alumni, Scene 4

Brandon Jones and Cooper Reed
Falcon Studios

November 1, 2013

"Brandon Jones invites his muscle-bound boyfriend, Cooper Reed, to his class reunion because he wants to show him off. Cooper agrees ... as long as he gets to fuck Brandon the next morning. Brandon is out in the yard when Cooper exacts payment by dropping his jeans and offering his uncut cock. Brandon's oral fixation makes Cooper's cock disappear, repeatedly. Brandon beats his meat while he sucks and rims his boyfriend, putting his talented tongue and lips to work where they have the greatest effect. Two naked bodies, sexually oblivious to the world, and summer sun -- the combination is unbeatable. By the time Cooper's cock is firmly lodged in Brandon's hole we see his smooth, wide-at-the-shoulder, narrow-at-the-hip torso with the rippling abs. They generate enough heat through friction and number of positions to set the grass on fire. Brandon's cumshot is an intense eruption, while Cooper does Brandon the favor of cumming on his face and kissing it clean." WATCH Alumni, Scene 4 Starring Brandon Jones and Cooper Reed













Falcon Studios: Rub Me Right

Rub Me Right, Scene 1

Brandon Jones and Jimmy Durano
Falcon Studios | Guys Like Us

June 21, 2013

"Jimmy Durano strides hard and naked into Brandon Jones' bedroom, his erection preceding him. When he announces 'I'm horny,' Brandon perks up and crosses the bed on his knees until his mouth connects with flesh. It's somewhere around Jimmy's collarbone, but Brandon licks, kisses and nibbles his way south: over the pec, past the nipple and through the abs until he clasps his mouth around Jimmy's cock. As the intensity of the face-fucking increases, Brandon begins to hump the mattress. The movement of Brandon's ass catches Jimmy's attention. Brandon is face down on the bed, clawing the fabric, raising his ripe and eager buns, and looking smolderingly over his shoulder, as if to say 'what's stopping you?' Next thing Jimmy's tongue is in Brandon's hole. He needs an extra hand to slap, to squeeze, to spread those smooth, tan buns, to finger Brandon's hole. Brandon solves the problem by impaling himself on Jimmy's monster cock until they both shoot heavy loads across Brandon's slender and ripped torso. Brandon takes the final edge of Jimmy's horniness by sucking his cock clean."

WATCH Rub Me Right, Scene 1 Starring Brandon Jones and Jimmy Durano
















Horseplay, Scene 2

Brandon Jones, Dylan Knight, Mike De Marko
Hot House | Gym Dudes

August 4, 2014

"There's nothing like a bit of sweaty summertime soccer to get temperatures and dicks rising. Brandon Jones, Mike De Marko and Dylan Knight start kicking the ball around for a bit of fun, and before long they're down to their jockstraps. Dylan gets down on his knees to service Brandon and Mike's cocks at the same time. Then Mike gets on all fours and sucks Brandon's cock while Dylan fills Mike's ass from behind. The slap of Dylan's hand makes Mike's ass turn red, and it makes Mike even more cock-hungry. Brandon and Dylan take turns plowing Mike's eager hole. Sweat drips off their skin, and their balls hang low in the summer heat. After taking several turns stretching out Mike's hole, Dylan shoots his load onto Mike's ass. Dylan's cum is soon mixed with Brandon's, and their dual ejaculations coat Mike's ass in a sticky glaze. Mike flips over and jerks out a massive, satisfied load as Brandon and Dylan finger his hole."

WATCH Horseplay, Scene 2 Starring Brandon Jones, Dylan Knight, and Mike De Marko
















Heatstroke, Scene 2

Brandon Jones and Johnny Ryder
Hot House Video

July 1, 2013

"Johnny Ryder spends the afternoon doing his two favorite things: swimming and fucking his boyfriend Brandon Jones. The muscular hunk jumps out of the pool and goes to his room where he finds Brandon asleep and naked on the bed. Johnny wakes him by massaging Brandon's big bubble-butt and sucking on his fat uncut cock. Now wide awake, Brandon pushes Johnny onto his back so he can feast on Ryder's big dick. The juicy blow job drives Johnny to the edge but he's not ready to blow yet; he needs to get his fuck on. He throws Brandon on all fours and eats his ass then stands up and shoves his hard cock deep into his lover's hungry hole. Johnny fucks a load out of Brandon then drains his nuts all over Brandon's washboard abs."

WATCH Heatstroke, Scene 2 Starring Brandon Jones and Johnny Ryder
















My Doctor Sucks, Scene 3

Angel Rock, Brandon Jones, and Lance Luciano
Hot House Video

May 6, 2013

"Lance Luciano reports to the ER in tears; he can't achieve an erection. Nurse Brandon Jones assures the young Latino stud that everything will be fine because Dr. Angel Rock specializes in that area. After a preliminary exam Dr. Rock calls Nurse Jones into the room to help Lance relax by probing his tight hole with a huge dildo. Dr. Rock moves in to massage Lance's cock and determines the the therapy is working. In his professional opinion the only way to get Lance's cock rock hard is by sucking on it. Both Rock and Jones take turns swallowing the patient's huge monster to the base which makes Dr. Rock's dick hard. He strips out of his scrubs and shoves his thick cock down Lance's throat. While the doctor's distracted Nurse Jones climbs up on the patient's hard cock for a ride. Dr. Rock sees what's going on and moves behind Lance to fuck him while he's fucking Jones. The 3-way fuck train continues until Rock pulls out and fucks Nurse Jones in his tight ass. Finally all three grab their hard cocks and jack off, shooting their loads all over patient Luciano's chest and abs."

WATCH My Doctor Sucks, Scene 3 Starring Angel Rock, Brandon Jones, and Lance Luciano
















My Doctor Sucks, Scene 1 Starring Angelo and Brandon Jones


My Doctor Sucks, Scene 1

Angelo and Brandon Jones
Hot House Video

April 8, 2013

"Angelo reports to Dr. Brandon Jones complaining of a sore throat. After a brief exam Dr. Jones determines that Angelo's suffering from a swollen gag reflex - but not to worry - he's got the treatment bulging in his scrubs. Angelo hesitates but Dr. Jones coaxes his muscular patient onto his knees and whips out his thick uncut cock. Angelo dutifully takes the big tool into his mouth and Dr. Jones fucks his face until his gag reflex loosens up. But the doctor's work has just begun; he orders Angelo to strip and lie back so he can suck his patient's mammoth cock. After some deep-throat action Dr. Jones lubes up Angelo's thick shaft and mounts the stallion for a wild ride. He bounces up and down on Angelo's dick then gets on his back so the giant stud can go even deeper. Dr. Jones blows his load first then Angelo pulls out and shoots a thick stream of hot cum all over his doctor's washboard stomach."

WATCH My Doctor Sucks, Scene 1 Starring Angelo and Brandon Jones

















Hole Busters 9, Scene 5

Featuring Brandon Jones and Landon Conrad
Club Inferno Dungeon

June 3, 2013

"Furry muscle-hunk Landon Conrad pulls out his toolbox full of toys to bust Brandon Jones' hole. Brandon lies on his back with his ass in Landon's face and begs to be plowed by the first dildo, a foot-long whopper with a handle. Landon fucks him hard then orders him on his knees for more hole-busting action. Landon selects a thicker heavier fake cock to stretch his young buddy's hole wide open and prepares him for the giant inflatable. All the ass play makes both studs hard so they pull out their dicks and jack off while Landon power-fucks Brandon's tight hole. Brandon yanks a load out of his own cock followed by Landon who stands up and shoots all over Brandon's washboard abs."

WATCH Hole Busters 9, Scene 5 Featuring Brandon Jones and Landon Conrad
















Safe House

Starring Brandon Jones and Paul Wagner

March 29, 2013

"Bruno Knight makes his Directorial debut with Safe House for After many successful years in front of the camera he's now decided to make a return to porn except this time the only thing he's sitting on is the Director's chair. Detective Paul Wagner is investigating the case of Brandon Jones, a street kid who's fallen on the wrong side of the tracks and straight into the grip of an underground prostitution ring. After hearing the truth during an interrogation Wagner decides to take Brandon to a safe house, promising to keep him safe, but only in return for a few favours. Wagner takes out his dick and forces Brandon to prove his blowjob skills, fucking his throat deep and hard. And Brandon obediently swallows every inch of his fat dick all the way to the base. Wagner then flips Brandon around to eats his smooth, tight hole getting it nice and wet before giving it a hard fucking face down on the bed, pushing his head down against the pillow. And once he's done with the boy, he unloads all over Brandon's face who compliantly takes every last drop."


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LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_16

Cabin Retreat, Scene 2

Brandon Jones and Jordano Santoro Flip-Fuck Each Other
Lucas Entertainment

May 7, 2012

"While the rest of the guys staying at the cabin go out exploring the chilly Canadian wilderness, Brandon Jones and Jordano Santoro decide to stay behind and play pool in the cabin. After Jordano and Brandon realize that they have the entire place to themselves, they put down the pool cues and begin exploring each other’s bodies while locking lips and throating their tongues. Brandon’s body is killer and he loves showing it off when beefcake Jordano and he peel their garments off. Kneeling before Jordano’s muscular body, Brandon opens wide to enthusiastically suck his cock. Brandon leans back and flexes his body and thick uncut cock, inviting Jordano to see what he can do with it. Jordano sucks on Brandon and plays with his foreskin before pushing him onto the couch and eating out his ass. Brandon and Jordano move back over to the pool table and Brandon lets his tongue loose on Jordano’s own hole before he bends the muscle man over completely and starts fucking him up his ass; it’s the first time Brandon has ever topped on film! Brandon is aggressive with Jordano completely at his mercy: he thrusts and pounds while the bottom takes deep breathes and accepts Brandon’s girth into his ass! The hot guys switch positions and Jordano takes control of Brandon; it’s well known that Brandon can take a dick like a true pro, and when Jordano pins him on his back and grabs hold of his thighs, he pounds the bottom until they both cum!"

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_02

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_03

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_04

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_05

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_06

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_07

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_08

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_09

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_01 LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_11

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_10 LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_12

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_13 LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_14

LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_15 LVP126_02_Brandon Jones_Jordano_Santoro_17
Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones

Backdoor, Scene 2

Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones
Lucas Entertainment

July 4, 2011

"Jonathan Agassi’s journey into the dark and sexy underbelly of the nameless city continues as he discovers a cabaret owned by the tall and broodingly handsome Adrian Long. He’s giving Brandon Long one chance to prove himself as a performer. Brandon begins with a slinky and gyrating dance, showing off his incredibly lean body, wearing only a jockstrap. His dance wins him more than a spot in Adrian’s club: Brandon lures Adrian to him, who covers his tight, sexy body with wet kisses. Soon the club turns into the pair’s private room: Adrian looses all of his clothes and Brandon tears off his jockstrap. Brandon, a loyal bottom, takes care of Adrian’s needs: he bobs up and down on Adrian’s uncut dick and surrenders his ass to a wet and sloppy rimjob. Brandon’s audition culminates with Adrian taking his ass on the stage, fucking him deeply in a variety of positions, the hottest of which is when Brandon sits on top of and rides Adrian. To finish, Adrian busts his gooey seed into Brandon’s lapping mouth."

Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones

Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones

Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones

Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones

Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones

Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones

Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones

Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones Adrian Long Pounds Real-Life Boyfriend Brandon Jones
Mega Porn Star Pierre Fitch Hammers Brandon Jones

Mega Porn Star Pierre Fitch Hammers Brandon Jones

All Star Studs, Scene 1

Mega Porn Star Pierre Fitch Hammers Brandon Jones
Lucas Entertainment

July 25, 2011

"Pierre Fitch, a popular fixture in the gay porn industry, returns to the camera for Lucas Entertainment as he cruises the streets of Montreal. He can barely contain himself when he lays eyes on the slender cutie, Brandon Jones, who seduces Pierre back to his apartment for a hot hook-up. Brandon is a bottom who loves to perform for his top: he uses his killer body as a weapon of pleasure to satisfy the guy he’s with in every way. Pierre is sporting the skater look -- he’s showing off his tattoos, wearing a black wife-beater, and even has the off-center baseball cap. When he and Brandon tear into each other with an intense and wet session of kissing, the boys get heated up and swap blowjobs. But the sex reaches its level of intensity when Brandon flips around in different positions, opening his ass up for Pierre. As the porn star bangs Brandon, the bottom’s rocking abs tighten and clench as he’s taking every inch of dick!"

Mega Porn Star Pierre Fitch Hammers Brandon Jones

Mega Porn Star Pierre Fitch Hammers Brandon Jones

Mega Porn Star Pierre Fitch Hammers Brandon Jones

Mega Porn Star Pierre Fitch Hammers Brandon Jones

Mega Porn Star Pierre Fitch Hammers Brandon Jones

Mega Porn Star Pierre Fitch Hammers Brandon Jones
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