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Special Skills Required

Featuring Jackson Cooper and Rod Peterson
Next Door Studios | Next Door Raw

October 24, 2018

"Jackson Cooper has been fucking up at work lately, but luckily for him, boss man Rod Peterson is in need of someone who doesn't mind doing some fucking at work. Rod has an inclination that Jackson is just the guy for the job he needs done, and when Jackson wraps his lips around Rod's hard on, he realizes he's chosen correctly. After returning the favor, Rod decides to see if Jackson is flexible enough to handle different positions, and Jackson truly shines, as he bends over and takes Rod's rod before mounting him and giving him the ride of his life. They nearly break the furniture in Rod's office as Jackson shows how hard of a worker he really can be. Rod erupts and empties himself all over Jackson's hole as Jackson shoots an impressive load all over himself, leaving Rod very impressed with Jackson's abilities going forward with the company. Job well done! Enjoy!"

WATCH Special Skills Required Featuring Jackson Cooper and Rod Peterson


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96857_04 96857_05











The Pastor's Son

Ian Levine and Rod Peterson
Next Door Twink | Next Door World

November 4, 2015

"As Ian sits with his hands folded and eyes closed, Pastor Peterson finishes up Sunday morning service with a prayer. The Pastor's son, Rod Peterson, sits behind Ian, over his left shoulder. Ian has the strange feeling that eyes are on him during the final moments of the prayer. He turns around slightly and notices Rod is staring at him intently.

When the prayer wraps up and the congregation filters out into the foyer, Ian goes into the bathroom to relieve himself. Rod sees this as an opportunity. He hurries everyone out into the garden and locks the door to the sanctuary. When Ian emerges, he and Rod are alone. Ian asks Rod about the stares during the service.

The night before, Ian thought he was sending someone from an anonymous chat room nudes of himself, along with a message about how much he'd like to have sex with a man. It turns out, however, the anonymous guy was actually Rod, the Pastor's son! Rod works his way up to telling Ian that it was him, and Ian is completely shocked. But Rod has been planning to make Ian feel at ease.

He starts by telling Ian that the two of them have the same inclinations. Rod moves in close and the two kiss passionately. Soon they're sitting on a pew, making out and undressing each other. Ian doesn't waste much time before going down and taking Rod's dick into his mouth. Wow, Rod's hard cock tastes better than he could have imagined. Rod can't believe the church goody-two-shoes is slobbing his knob!

Next, Rod gets a taste of Ian's fine dick. Then he turns him around and licks his sweet hole. He gets it nice and wet for what's next -- Rod's big, throbbing erection. Rod slides it in carefully at first, then works up to a good, hard pounding. After slamming Ian from behind for a while, Rod lays down on the pew and lets Ian take a ride. Watch Ian and Rod connect on a brand new level for the first time as they discover how much fun church activities can really be!" WATCH Ian Levine and Rod Peterson in The Pastor's Son












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She Hired Me

Markie More and Rod Peterson
Next Door Buddies | Next Door World

October 29, 2015

"As Markie More goes about his usual morning routine, prying eyes are watching. It seems Markie's wife doesn't think he's being honest with her, so she's hired Rod to find out whether or not Markie is into guys. As Rod snoops around, Markie hops into the shower. Rod pays special attention to Markie's physique as he watches his subject shower, and as Markie begins to get dressed, Rob's curiosity gets the best of him as he tries to sneak a little closer to get a better view, and that's when Markie catches him.

To Markie's credit, he handles it in stride, and instead of freaking out, he calmly questions Rod as to his purpose. When he finds out that Rod has been hired by his wife, he figures the best way to teach her a lesson is to turn the tables, and sensing Rod's enticement, he lures Rob closer until the two of them are lip locked in embrace.

Rod pushes Markie onto the bed and begins to kiss down his chest, making his way to Markie's cock. Rod sucks it down in one mouthful, bobbing up and down on Markie's dick as Markie pushes his head further down the shaft. Rod flips Markie over and proceeds to tongue his ass, fantasizing about what it will feel like to fuck Markie's sweet hole.

Moments later, fantasy becomes reality as Rod hits Markie from behind. Markie's eyes roll back into his head as Rod continues to pound away, and then the guys switch, and Markie lines up behind Rod's muscular physique, remarking that if his wife thought he was gay she shouldn't have sent such a hot private dick.

Markie slips inside of Rod and then the flip over and Rod grinds and rides Markie's hard dick until he spits his load all over his client, as Markie pulls out and sprays him down with the evidence of Markie's guilt. As they lay there sweating, Rod promises not to tell Markie's wife anything, but Markie has had all the confirmation he needs.

'Nah, make sure to tell her everything that happened,' he says with a cum drenched smile. Enjoy!" WATCH Markie More and Rod Peterson in She Hired Me


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Breakfast Sausage

Alexander Gustavo and Rod Peterson
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

October 8, 2015

"Rod Peterson is such a sweet, loving boyfriend. He woke up early this morning to make breakfast for his beau, Alexander Gustavo. When Alexander sees the lovely spread, his heart is filled with love. When he tastes Rod's delicious cooking, his mouth is filled with flavor. And when he shows his appreciation, his ass gets filled with cock!

Once finished eating, Alexander thanks his man, and tells him to join him in the bedroom in about 5 minutes for a surprise. When Rod comes to him, Alexander is laying nude on their bed, stroking his big, hard dick. 'Look at THAT big breakfast sausage!' Rod says with delight. They kiss, and Rod makes his way down Alexander's body, finally wrapping his mouth around Alexander's throbbing meat.

They look deep into each other's eyes as Rod takes that cock down his throat. Then Rod goes to his knees so Alexander can have a helping of HIS special breakfast sausage. And boy is there plenty to go around! Alexander slurps Rod's erection for a while before they move into a 69ish position where Alexander gives Rod's tight hole a nice, thorough tonguing.

Next, Alexander stands up and inserts his throbbing dong into Rod's sweet ass. He bangs his lover good and hard. Rod loves feeling his man fuck him without mercy. The amazing feeling makes Alexander's own ass hungry to be slammed, so Rod lays down and Alexander climbs on top of him for an intense ride. Finally, they switch and Alexander takes to his back so Rod can really deliver a fast, hard fucking. This leads them both to the peak of ecstasy together. Join them and experience how these true lovers celebrate their passion for one another by indulging in some serious breakfast sausage!" WATCH Alexander Gustavo and Rod Peterson in Breakfast Sausage

Kink Men


Straight Jock Begs to Cum with a Dildo in his Ass

Featuring Rod Pederson

April 12, 2016

"Van and Sebastian find straight hottie Rod Peterson waiting for them in one of the Armory's bedrooms. Wasting no time, they tie bind him to the windows and wrap his eyes with a blindfold. They remove the clothes from his muscled body and start stroking his dick. After edging his gorgeous dick repeatedly, they place him in front of a mirror to watch himself with a man's hands and mouth all over his cock. Rod goes wild as he girds against the ropes and begs to cum. Sebastian and Van move his straight ass to the bed and bend him over for a dildo fucking. Rod grants control to the two as they wrap him in tight canvas straps and torment his throbbing dick with more and more edges. Finally, the stud is allowed to cum, but not before a vigorous tickling of his vulnerable feet. Covered in cum, Rod squirms in the straps as Van and Sebastian get back to tickling him all over."














Kink Men

MenOnEdge Rod Peterson

College Jock Gets a Crash Course in Edging While Bound to the Urinals

Featuring Rod Pederson

May 26, 2015

"Rod Peterson may look like your typical straight jock, but he still takes his education seriously. As Rod pours through his anatomy homework, Sebastian comes by the reading room and starts perving on him. Annoyed by Sebastian's advances, Rod retreats to a secluded bathroom. Just when Rod thinks he's finally alone, Sebastian tackles the stud and binds him in the center of the room. Rod is jerked, blown, massaged by hitachis and fucked with a plunger, but never allowed to cum. His muscles bulge under the ropes, moaning louder with each successive edge. Sebastian moves Rod over to the urinals as Rod's boner rages. Rod has his feet worshipped and cock worked with a vibrating cock sleeve, making a mess all over himself as he drools from the ball gag. Sebastian finally feels generous enough to let the stud blow his load, but not without having the straight boy taste his own cum."

MenOnEdge Rod Peterson

MenOnEdge Rod Peterson

MenOnEdge Rod Peterson

MenOnEdge Rod Peterson

MenOnEdge Rod Peterson

MenOnEdge Rod Peterson

MenOnEdge Rod Peterson

MenOnEdge Rod Peterson
Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

"You First"

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

March 19, 2015

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson in "You First" at Man Royale...

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson

Kevin Summers & Rod Peterson
Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

"Morning Wood"

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

March 11, 2015

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton in "Morning Wood" at Men POV

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Rod Peterson & Brenner Bolton

Armani & Brannon: RAW

May 22, 2015

"Armani is back after taking a couple months off to be with a new girlfriend. It happens all the time. They get serious, then things go awry, and then they are hopefully back to filming. To Armani's credit, he did say chances were high he would be back, but wanted to give the relationship his total focus.

Speaking of returns, Brannon returns to the table. He did his Serviced video on the table, but I wanted a video where he was getting his prostate massaged as well as his throat. Time to pound that muscle ass!

I knew Armani would have the sensual energy to pull it off. He is little unsure about the massage part, as well as giving head, but once he is on top of Brannon, making him suck his cock, he is in more familiar territory. Armani can be super passive and mighty dominant!

I continue to have Brannon be a passive bottom. Seems to suit him, and the boy never complains.

Armani is also a great a top. His curved cock is great for shooting and I think his size made it so Brannon was enjoying getting fucked. I didn't spot him putting his 'hand to thigh' trying to stop Armani from going to deep. Well, maybe once or twice when Armani is power fucking him while standing.

Making Brannon cum is easy too. Armani found just the right speed and depth to push the load out of Brannon. Armani unloads one squirt in the air, then buries the rest inside Brannon!

It is great to have Armani back in the saddle again!"












Brannon & Theon: RAW

April 17, 2015

"Theon is back!

Theon took some time off for knee surgery, so he was super ready to dive back into having sex with dudes. He was never fussy about performing, but needed a break to get his knee worked on, and of course to get back into shape. Though from the sound of it, weeks after the surgery he was back in the gym, in a wheel chair!

Both Brannon and Theon seem to be better at bottoming, so I was a little concerned starting this shoot. I had them set to flip-flop, but Theon seemed to be doing just fine topping, so we ran with it.

They look amazing together, both tan and muscles ripplin'!

So it was nice to see his thick cock back in action, splitting Brannon in two! Brannon can handle a thick one, but on this day it took him some time to adjust to Theon's girth. Lots of 'Ouchie Faces' as he struggles to accommodate his cock! He finally got loosened-up but he was also having one of those days where he would get hard and just want to cum. That was yet another reason we kept him as a bottom. He was worried between takes he would just cum as soon as he got hard and started fucking Theon.

Unlike some of the other guys, once he blows his load, he is down for the count!

Which made it ridiculously easy for the Theon to fuck the cum out of him!

After seeing the major load he busted, I thought it would be hot to see Theon add his own load to it. Theon does his best to nut in a timely manner, but Brannon's load is just starting to dry out when he gets there. Theon adds his own huge load to on top all over Brannon cock and stomach!

I love seeing all that cum coating Brannon's hot body!"











Brannon & Palmer: RAW

February 13, 2015

"When Brannon came on board, I had a laundry list of the guys I wanted to pair him with. Palmer was right up there on that list. Both are about the same height and their sculpted bodies look amazing together!

Both guys just finished a physique show, but thankfully Palmer did not opt to do the spray tan. Even Brannon opted out of the spray tan they do for those shows. So Palmer is a pale echo of Brannon's bed tan, both with fantastic bodies and cocks! I am just glad no one showed up orange!

We started the video with some oil and body worship and it quickly turned into some mutual cock sucking. Brannon's skills are improving. He is still not a pro, but then Palmer is not either. They both looked evenly matched in this department. The suck each other in a 69 and Palmer gives us a great showcase moment of Brannon perfect hairy hole!

I wanted to have Palmer to try bottoming again, just to see how he was. Palmer starts by fucking Brannon and the energy is really good. Then Palmer takes a turn being ass rammed, and you can tell he is just getting through it, though his cock woke up a couple times. Brannon was not staying terribly hard as a top, so we switched it back, and everyone was back to be happy.

So Palmer is likely going to be all top, and I suspect will mostly have Brannon bottom. He did fine in other videos, but if there is a dominate guy on set, Brannon seems to not mind letting the other dude have his way with him.

Brannon also was pleased he came while getting fucked. That's the second time for him, and I think he is gonna be addicted to it!

And Palmer gives yet another amazing breeding!"


















Brannon & Cooper Reed: RAW

January 23, 2015

"When Brannon first came in to do some videos for ChaosMen, I took one look at him and knew he would look amazing with Cooper Reed. Sure enough the two of them look awesome together! Both are tan, shredded, and ready to fuck some muscle ass!

I was not sure how Brannon was at bottoming, so I set this up as a flip-flop video, just in case he struggled to get fucked. Well, of course he did just fine, and Cooper ends up fucking him most of the video.

Brannon still seems to need to be guided, which is no problem for Cooper who likes to be in charge. Cooper is used to new guys, so he just takes the lead if the other guy won't. Brannon starts by sucking on Cooper's cock.

Cooper returns the favor then bends Brannon over the bed, to rim his hole and gets it all slicked up to stuff his cock in. I thought Brannon would have to stop as Cooper slid it in, but he toughed it out and road through the initial pain. Before long he was loving getting ass-rammed!

After Cooper had his way with Brannon's ass, he tosses him down and climbs on top of him. He then proceeds to milk Brannon's cock with his ass. Cooper rides him like a pro, jerking his cock with Brannon deep inside of him.

Brannon said he had not cum while getting fucked, or at least he didn't remember doing it. So we made that our mission. Cooper fucks him until he is spilling his load, and you can tell the orgasm is really intense.

Cooper nuts all over Brannon's hairy hole. He uses his finger to slide globs of jizz deep into his ass!"
















Brannon & Dorian Ferro: RAW

January 2, 2015

"This is Brannon's first full-sex scene at ChaosMen, and I was not sure what to expect. He has done full sex scenes before, so I didn't know what I was up against.

He is a little more passive than I thought he would be, but that didn't stop Dorian Ferro from being a bossy bottom! Though once Brannon gets upright, he does just fine taking control and power fucking him!

Dorian starts by showing his oral skills, and you can tell Brannon is totally enjoying himself. There is some hot kissing, and eventually Brannon gives some head back. He is not nearly as accomplished as I had hoped, so next round, going to give him some lessons beforehand! ;-)

As I said, Brannon seemed passive, so Dorian climbs on top and milks his cock with his ass. Truly Dorian is an amazing bottom. Brannon seems amazed and is all smiles as Dorian works his cock with true skill.

These two look amazing together. They both have awesome bodies, their skin tones match beautifully! It is hard to tell where one ends the other begins!"












Brannon & Brenner: Serviced

November 25, 2014

"I thought I would let Brenner Bolton try his hand at a massage with a happy ending.

Brenner, of course, loves a guy with hot muscles, and is most impressed when guys have big pecs. So he really was into rubbing on Brannon!

Not sure if Brannon has done a massage table themed video before, but he took to it like a duck to water. The body worship is not just restricted to muscles, as there is some toe tonguing too!

Nice thing about Brannon is he is happy to give head back, but Brenner is all about sucking his cock and licking his hole. He has his face buried deep, so you know he loved eating his muscle ass!

We get a little bit of Brannon fucking Brenner's face/throat, but the angle was a little off, and Brannon's cock is standing completely at attention. He pulls out and unloads his cum on to Brenner's face. Normally Brenner is all about eating cum, but I think he was focusing on pulling his load out at the same time, and nuts with Brannon's load dripping on his face!"















Brannon: Solo

November 17, 2014

"Brannon has done video work before, and when he was submitted as 'available' I started having visions of all the great guys I could pair him with.

He has a rockin' body, and based on his previous work, seems fully versatile. I thought Cooper Reed and Gavin Sevin would look great with him, so it is likely he will be back in the near future to do full scenes with at the very least Cooper Reed.

I did want to get him in first for a solo and oral to check out his energy and camera skills. As you know, I shoot with multiple cameras, and I never know just how adept experienced guys are at dealing with cameras at every turn. Plus I get to gauge his energy and make sure he is right for Team Chaos. He was awesome, and can't wait to see him in full action!

As you can tell from this solo, he is quite comfortable in front of the camera, and is a very polished performer.

Next week he will get a nice massage from Brenner, so stay tuned for that next week!"

1494_chaosmen_brannon_solo_hires_002 1494_chaosmen_brannon_solo_hires_007

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1494_chaosmen_brannon_solo_hires_022 1494_chaosmen_brannon_solo_hires_024

1494_chaosmen_brannon_solo_hires_042 1494_chaosmen_brannon_solo_hires_052

1494_chaosmen_brannon_solo_hires_066 1494_chaosmen_brannon_solo_hires_070





Alec Hudson

August 12, 2014

"Alec Hudson has one of those bodies that make you do a double take. I had him work out in our gym and build up a sweat. After pumping the weights for a bit, he got all nice and sweaty and began to strip down. Each article of clothing he removed, revealed another hot body part muscled to perfection. His abs are killer and biceps are bulging like crazy. There was another noticeable bulge, the one in his pants. He pulled out his hard dick and started to stroke it. He turned around and showed off his perfect tight ass and his sweet pink hole. He then sat down on the work out bench and began to pound on his pecker faster. He then shot a white stream of cum all over his leg. That is how you work it out. Want to see this adonis in all of his glory. Then come to where we have gay porn streaming at your fingertips."

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