Norman Cox a.k.a. Franco Llamas
Derrick Dime (1)
Jordan A


ALIAS: Jordan A
SITES: ChaosMen, Hot House Video, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Studios



Featuring Jordan A, Justin Star, and Lucas Knight
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

April 30, 2015

"Cat burglars Jordan and Lucas Knight have found themselves a pretty nice mark to case out, and they are all set to make their move. Discussing an entrance strategy, they are surprised by security guard Justin Star, who is just out making his daily rounds. Justin suspects that the two guys are up to no good so he takes them back to his 'office' Upon arrival, the would-be burglars discover that Justin doesn't have an office, just an old men's room with a bench and a stall. Justin sits back on the bench and gives them an expectant look.

'What are we supposed to do?' Jordan asks, to which Officer Star just answers with a look.

With that, the two robbers reluctantly continue their cover as lovers, and Officer Star sits back and takes it all in. Jordan starts by dropping to his knees, taking Lucas' cock into his mouth and beginning to suck it. Lucas is surprised by his unintentional hard on, but decides to go with it, and the next thing he knows, he's on his kness, sucking off not only his cohort, but also the security guard as well, who has decided that watching is only half as much fun as participating. With that, both Jordan and Justin take turns pounding Lucas' sweet ass, as Lucas' giant cock bobs up and down. Fucked three or four different ways, Lucas is ready to explode, riding Jordan while Justin watches, and he launches an epic cumshot sprays the 'office' before taking both of the other guys' loads as they cum all over him.Once satisfied, Officer Star returns to his shift, and our two criminals get a firsthand lesson to the potential pratfalls of a life of crime. Enjoy!"

WATCH Busted! Featuring Jordan A, Justin Star, and Lucas Knight


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Parole Distractions

Brock Avery and Jordan A
Next Door World |

April 2, 2015

"No matter how hard he tries, parole officer, Brock Avery, can't please his parolee, Jordan. After trying everything he could to keep Jordan from being tempted to smoke weed, Jordan's most recent drug test came back positive for the pot.

When Jordan comes into Brock's office, Brock is obviously distressed by the news. But instead of being apologetic, Jordan has a very belligerent attitude. Brock is shocked. But Jordan doesn't back down. When Brock tells him he'll be going back to the slammer, Jordan scoffs and pulls Brock over the table so Brock's face is right by the crotch of Jordan's sweatpants. Brock protests, but he quickly realizes there's no use in resisting. Brock knows where this is going, and fat, luscious dicks are Brock's weakness. He takes Jordan's enormous erection in his mouth and allows Jordan to intensely bob his head back and forth, still while laying accross his desk. After some of this passionate, completely inappropriate sucking, Jordan pulls Brock to his feet, takes Brock's pants down and shoves his swollen cock into Officer Avery's tight, plump ass. Brock cannot BELIEVE Jordan if fucking him, right in the middle of a probation meeting. The move to a couch in the office for a little 69ing, just before Brock sits down on Jordan's thick boner for a nice ride.

Join them to see if Jordan can fuck his way out of another trip back to the big house. ENJOY!" WATCH Brock Avery and Jordan A in Parole Distractions

Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand

Hungry for Irish

Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand
Next Door World / Next Door Buddies

March 19, 2015

"As St. Patrick's Day rolls around, Jordan is getting into the mood with a little bit of naughty reveling, as he lay on the bed blindfolded in his favorite pair of briefs, massaging his 8' cock in the afternoon sun. Unbeknownst to him, he's got a secret admirer looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and Darius Ferdynand is not to be deterred. Seeing his Irish hunk laid out on the bed, Darius takes the opportunity to show his holiday affection, first gently kissing Jordan's neck and chest, and then slowly peeling off his briefs and sucking the tip of his fully erect cock.

Darius removes Jordan's blindfold and Jordan finds him standing over him, his cock wagging in Jordan's face, and he bends his knees and lowers his ass onto Jordan's mouth, sitting on his face as Jordan tongues his hole. Jordan gets good and worked up to put a little lot of Irish into Darius, and Darius is more than ready as Jordan bends him over and begins his mighty thrusts. Darius jacks himself feverishly as Jordan pounds away, covering himself in his own explosion as Jordan pulls out and blasts him with a thick load of his own. No need to be green with envy this holiday. Enjoy!" WATCH Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand in Hungry for Irish


Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand

Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand

Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand

Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand

Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand

Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand

Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand

Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand

Jordan A and Darius Ferdynand

Buddies Casting: Jordan

Featuring Jordan A and Markie More
Next Door Studios | Next Door Casting

March 10, 2015

"Red headed Jordan is the epitome of the strong, silent type. A no nonsense kind of guy, this 8' ginger likes to just get 'straight to pounding', so Markie More has no need to be coy. Diving right into Jordan's pants, Markie unearths Jordan's massive hard cock and begins to try and down it, which is no small task. Markie chokes Jordan's dick halfway down, slobbering on the shaft as Jordan looks down at him, then the guys switch and Jordan falls to his knees, taking Markie in whole before shoving him down on the futon and diving right in to tongue his ass. Markie lay face down, legs spread as Jordan shoves his face into Markie's hole, wetting it up for penetration. Jordan enters Markie from behind, and immediately Markie realizes this is no average cock, as Jordan fills Markie up without even going all in. Jordan pumps and prods Markie from behind before flipping him over and taking him missionary, then letting Markie take a ride on the Jordan's big red rod, before blasting him with a thick and creamy man sized load. Will it be enough to come back, though? That's up to you. Enjoy!"

WATCH Buddies Casting: Jordan Featuring Jordan A and Markie More

Buddies Casting: Jordan Featuring Jordan A and Markie More

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Skuff: Rough Trade 2, Scene 3

Jordan and Micah Brandt
Hot House Video

November 17, 2016

"Micah Brandt is eagerly awaiting someone to come in and fill his hole with another cock. We don't know how long he's been there. He could be 10 dicks in by the time Jordan approaches and takes the bait. Micah entices him arching his back, serving up his hole in partially tore underwear with 'FUCK ME' written on them. Jordan eagerly obliges and tears those tighty whities into oblivion. He wants nothing in the way of getting at Micah's perfect ass. He goes primal and tears into Micah's hole face first attacking it. He spits on it heavily, teases it, and rims that hole as Micah is moaning and begging for more. He's in Jordan's able hands now. He offered up the goods and now he's strapped in for the ride of what's to come. After Jordan feels adequately satisfied lubing up Micah's hole with spit, he rams his 9' cock all the way to the pubes opening Micah right up. He's relentless in his fucking. Even after Micah cums uncontrollably, Jordan keeps pounding away. Micah cums again and Jordan isn't done until he says he's done. He lays Micah flat and fucks him deeper and deeper past the point of pleasure and pain. When he's satisfied, he offers up his sweaty hole for Micah to take in, pleasing his dom and getting off on the experience. Micah cums a third time. Jordan fucks Micah's mouth and shoots a big load on his face and down his throat. Jordan leaves that used fuck hole behind and heads off to his next conquest leaving Micah to hop up on the platform waiting to get filled up by the next hot stranger."















Skuff: Rough Trade 1, Scene 2

Brendan Phillips and Jordan
Hot House Video

October 13, 2016

"Tattooed, ginger-haired Jordan teases Brendan Phillips with a black leather riding crop. Brendan is tied up and blindfolded, totally vulnerable to Jordan's whims. Exposing Brendan's ass, framed perfectly by a black leather jock, Jordan lets loose with the crop, leaving pink marks across Brendan's left cheek. Unzipping the pouch of his leather jockstrap, Jordan reveals his massive, throbbing cock, and Jordan gets down on his knees to deliver oral service. Thrusting into Brendan's face, Jordan's low-hanging balls swing back and forth in the air. Brendan uses his sword-swallowing skills to deep throat Jordan's meat, impaling his throat with the shaft, then using his tongue to spread thick saliva across Jordan's cock. Bending Brendan over, Jordan dives tongue-first into Brendan's hole. As sweat drips down their bodies, Jordan spits on Brendan's ass and lubes it up. Standing up, Jordan uses the tip of his cock to tease Brendan's hole, then slides in with dominant, assertive thrusts. Jordan's hand grabs the back of Brendan's jockstrap, guiding the muscular stud even deeper onto Jordan's cock. Brendan's perfect ass bounces with the impact of Jordan's deep pounding. They relocate to a heavy duty sling, and Jordan gives Brendan the ride of his life. Stroking his cock, Brendan gasps in awe of Jordan's powerful fucking. Reaching the point of no return, Jordan pulls out and jerks off a juicy load that splashes across Brendan's ass. As Jordan watches, Brendan strokes out his own thick, white cum."










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Submissive, Scene 3

Brandon Moore and Jordan
Hot House Video

March 12, 2015

"Brandon Moore has a clean-cut look but a raunchy mind that is driven wild when he gets his tight hole stretched. Jordan has just the right instrument and is fully intent on fulfilling Brandon's fantasies. He slams a massive dildo in and out of Brandon's ass. After thoroughly bulldozing Brandon's hole, Jordan unleashes his grade A meat and explores the depths of Brandon's juicy throat with it as he moans with pleasure. Brandon then excitedly gives up his ass, arching his back so Jordan can ram him from behind. After their passionate doggy-style session, Brandon lays out on his back and spreads his legs while Jordan delivers his hard cock from a new angle. Brandon jerks himself off until he explodes and shoots cum all over his sweaty stomach. As Jordan approaches climax he yanks his rod out of Brandon's hole and sprays his load onto Brandon's crotch."

WATCH Submissive, Scene 3 Starring Brandon Moore and Jordan











Hot House: Submissive

Submissive, Scene 2

Jimmy Durano, Jordan, and Theo Ford
Hot House Video

March 5, 2015

"When it comes to sucking cock, Theo Ford is greedy--the more cock the better! And the olive-skinned stud is uninhibited when it comes to satisfying his urges. He eagerly milks muscle hunk Jimmy Durano's thick tool as Jordan looks on waiting to get his turn with lust in his eyes. Jimmy is happy to share Theo's warm, wet throat and offers up his sexy cocksucker to Jordan. While Theo services Jordan's cock, Jimmy ferociously rims Theo's fine ass before mounting him from behind and delivering a rhythmic pounding for the ages. After the hot fuck session, Theo gets on his back and splays his legs up in the air, as Jordan gets ready to complete the tag team on Theo's ass. Jimmy dives into Theo's ass with his cock for an encore fucking. The fuckfest culminates with all three men stroking their dicks to noisy eruptions onto Theo's ripped body."

WATCH Submissive, Scene 2 Starring Jimmy Durano, Jordan, and Theo Ford













Griffin Barrows & Jordan Cleary RAW

May 15, 2015

Comments from Bryan:

"I think this video is another example of the energy that can happen when pairing a straight guy with a gay guy.

Jordan is usually quietly intense, very focused, and certainly not very verbal when he is with another straight guys. He enjoys having anyone worship his cock, but today he really ramped up on the energy and a LOT of verbal. After he watches Griffin deep throat his cock, he took the chance to really drill a dude's throat. It think when they work with a gay guy, they give themselves permission to say and do all the things that they know will turn them on, whereas with another straight guy, they are afraid they will offend them.

And there is not some hot 'offending' action happening in this video!

For the ass fucking, it took a bit for Griffin to accommodate Jordan's cock , but once he was in, he let Jordan know that he was good go full-speed ahead. Normally Griffin will stay hard for a nice gentle fucking, but today he was more into being dominated and just getting the his ass fucked hard!

Jordan's cock still makes him cum, though you can tell he changed his angle and speed to try to hit Griffin's prostate just right!

A different angle on Jordan' creampie too! Kind of side shot, where you don't see the cum hitting the hole like a splat target, but you know he is unloading. He gets his cock inside him to unload the rest of his seed, and his cock is not just spasming, but jumping up and down as he dumps his load deep inside of Griffin.

LOTS of great energy in this one, and if you like a little Ginger action, it is extra special listening to a bossy Ginger make a dude take his cock!"







Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW

Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW

January 9, 2015

Comments from Bryan:

"Byron took some time off to have his newest edition to his family. As soon as things got settled his wife was pushing him out to go have some fun making some extra cash. He has a new job, new location, and seems a lot less stressed. Also I knew I could get him to take a rather large cock, so I had a perfect dude for him.

Jordan pretty much has the same thing going on. Still married and helping run his dad's biz. His wife too seems to get-off seeing him fuck other guys, so I really thought these two would be great together.

Byron's cock sucking skills are not equal to Jordan's girth. But he gives it his best shot. Jordan isn't much better, so this is part where you realize they are in fact straight and just trying their best. Ironically, both stay bone hard, so despite their inability to really throat a cock, they seem to have kept each other happy.

After some 69'ing they get down to some serious fucking. Byron CAN take a huge cock! He barely lets out a whimper as Jordan slides it in. It is just astounding to see it split Byron in two! I think Jordan's cock is even bigger?!

The best part is watching them spoon fuck. This is a hard positon and Jordan has got it down. Byron's cock is so hard, it is leaking pre-cum. The dude really likes to be fucked!

Since getting fucked turns him on so much, I figured we could have Jordan make him cum. Jordan is such a Power Top. He likely could just fuck for hours. Jordan reaches with his hand and starts stroking him, all the while hammering his hole. He beats the load out of him, and Byron is in complete ecstasy!

Jordan squirts a shot of jizz on his hole, the pushes his cock in to unload. His cock does some amazing pulsing and twitching as it pumps his load inside him.


Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW

Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW

Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW

Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW

Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW

Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW

Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW

Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW

Byron & Jordan Cleary: RAW
Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

July 12, 2013

"Both these guys wanted to try doing a Pure video. Tatum had been working out really hard, so wanted to do some showcasing, while Jordan liked the idea of being part of a new theme.

I was worried Jordan might be a bit "stiff" when it came to oiling up another dude, but the week before he had done a scene with Theon, and based on his stellar performance, I knew he had natural instincts to get intimate with another dude.

He starts by oiling up Tatum, who quickly gets aroused from the sensual handling. Fans of cock showing through underwear will be really pleased.

After jerking Tatum's cock, Tatum climbs on up and coats Jordan in oil, showcasing his hard cock and red pubes through his underwear. Not one to leave a hard cock on its own, Tatum quickly begins sucking on Jordan's knob.

As I mentioned in Jordan's video with Theon, he wasn't too sure about sucking a guy, but he clearly has gotten over it, though I did worry the oil might make it more of a challenge. So far I have not had a single complaint from the guys about the crazy amount of oil, and most have gotten turned-on by this simple addition. (Tatum did get some in one of his contact lens and performed a portion of the shoot blurry in one eye, but we stopped and cleaned it out.)

Tatum shows what an eager bottom he is just by how hard his cock stays while being fucked. Despite a few leg cramps from some squatting action, his cock stays upright as he bounces up and down on Jordan's fat dick.

Jordan fucks the cum out of Tatum, then spills his seed all over his hole, ramming it in for good measure!

These guys did a great job working the the oil, the couch, and each other!"

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary & Tatum: Pure

Jordan Cleary: Solo

June 10, 2013

Comments from Bryan:

"Jordan has a day job doing upholstery, and a couple nights a week, he dances at a local gay club (Atlanta). He is straight, but with all the guys coming on to him, he is getting to be a bit more flexible in his thinking.

He has had been with the same girl for a year, and I think they might be married. She is the one who put him up to dancing, and she also seems flexible in her thinking. I love it when these guy's girls pimp them out!

I did wait a bit to have him grow out his pubes for Ginger fans. Like most straight guys and dancers, he shaves it all off. Of course he found after growing it out that it was indeed a lot more popular while he was on stage. Pretty sure he wont be trimming the carpet again.

This is a dang good solo as he is very comfortable being naked and showing-off for the camera. I tossed in a FleshJack to give him something new to play with, and his fat cock looks amazing going in and out. He had to slow down a couple times or risk nutting too soon.

I even like his cumshot, cool angles, and he nuts in such a way we get a nice clear shot of his dick spitting up DNA.

Jordan will be back next week to play in G:hOle with Aries, and it is likely he will be back to do more with a dude."



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